Broadcasting Telecasting (Apr-Jun 1958)

Record Details:

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MADELEINE CARROLL] BOB CONSIDINE MARLENE DIETRICH DAVE GARROWAY GEORGE GOBEL IRVING R. LEVINE ART LINKLETTER DON RUSSELL RAV SCHERER GROUCHO TEDI THURMAN ALEX OREIER PETER HACKES Robert Mccormick POSITIVE APPROACH TO THE "TOP 40" For advertising to adults with discretionary money to spend, you're in more rewarding company with radio personalities like these forty, than with "the top 40 (or 30 or 20) tunes." Radio programming based on juke-box fads may attract a fervent audience -but the chances are good that the fervor is strictly for the beat. The personalities and programs shown here represent varied, balanced radio programming of interest to a more mature and thoughtful market (and, it's safe to say, a lot more solvent) . If you sell white buckskin shoes and bubble-gum, by all means use a juke-box station. But for soap and cars and other products, you want the cream market -the customers with money to buy. This is the audience attracted to stations affiliated with THE NBC RADIO NETWORK IgMMf