Broadcasting (Apr - June 1960)

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X X y Attention \ advertisers! \ Piel’s Beer is sponsoring \ INTERPOL CALLING, ) starring Charles Korvin as Inspector Paul Duval on New York’s WPIX, Sunday nights at 10:30. Now Interpol’s story, which the public has been reading about in Reader’s Digest and other magazines and newspapers, comes to J television ... / great, Bert. Just \ like you and me, INTERPOL CALLING \ i and Piel’s make a ^ * sure-fire selling • I combination. And if I may • . make one small pun, j \ both Duval and Piel’s I y always keep their * \ heads ... in any J situation. \ V / INTERPOL CAIIIW the new television series that Bert, Harry, B/itz-Weinhard, Pfeiffer’s, Labatts, Miller High Life, Santa Fe Winery and so many other kinds of advertisers are buying, buying, buying! INDEPENDENT TELEVISION CORPORATION 488 Madison Ave. • N. Y. 22 • PLaza 5-2100 ITC OF CANADA, LTD. 100 University Ave. • Toronto 1, Ont. • EMpire 2-1166 ©1960 PIEL BROS., BROOKLYN, N. Y. OPEN MIKE CWA offers rebuttal editor: The Communications Workers of America is seriously concerned by misstatements of fact and erroneous editorial conclusions contained in two items concerning our union in the May 9 issue of Broadcasting magazine. An item on the Closed Circuit page (page 5) alleged that CWA . . . “has been tinged with radicals in the past. . . .” The statement is simply untrue as anybody who knows our union would have been able to tell you. This statement is resented by both the members and officers of CWA. Secondly, the same item implied that CWA was prepared to raid other AFLCIO affiliates which have bargaining rights at the present time with a number of radio and television stations. This is untrue. CWA is not a raiding union. We fully adhere to the no-raiding provisions of the AFL-CIO constitution and of the more specific AFLCIO no-raiding agreement. CWA looks for its expansion among workers presently unorganized, or those now belonging to so-called independent unions, or those in still existing company unions who have no adequate trade union bargaining power. On page 82 (May 9 issue), a story entitled “Telephone union gets foot in tv’s door” contains a number of other inaccuracies. CWA has no members employed by Western Union or by RCA Communications Inc. CWA furthermore does not represent radio operators aboard U.S. merchant ships. It is obvious the writer has confused CWA with a number of other unions. It is unfortunate that your magazine’s writer could not have taken a little more time to get the facts straight. Perhaps Broadcasting magazine is correct when it describes CWA as “rough, tough, strongly entrenched”; many telephone company officials with whom we deal tell us they find us dedicated to the interests of our members, but also reasonable and responsible and concerned with furthering the best interests of the entire community. — J. A. Beirne, President, Communications Workers of America, Washington. ■M BROADCASTING SUBSCRIPTION PRICES: Annual subscription for 52 weekly issues $7.00. Annual subscription including Yearbook Number $11.00. Add $1.00 per year for Canadian and foreign postage. Subscriber's occupation required. Regular issues 35* per copy; Yearbook Number $4.00 per copy. SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS AND ADDRESS CHANGES: Send to BROADCASTING Circulation Dept., 1735 DeSales St., N.W., Washington 6, D.C. On changes, please include both old and new addresses. BROADCASTING PUBLICATIONS INC. President Sol Taishoff Vice President Maury Long Vice President Edwin H. James Secretary H. H. Tash Treasurer B. T. Taishoff Comptroller Irving C. Miller Asst. Sec.-Treas. . Lawrence B. Taishoff BROADCASTING THE BUSINESSWEEKLY OF TELEVISION AND RADIO Executive and publication headquarters: Broadcasting ■ Telecasting Bldg., 1735 DeSales St., N.W., Washington 6, D.C. Telephone: Metropolitan 8-1022. Editor and Publisher Sol Taishoff Managing Editor Edwin H. James Editorial Director (New York) Rufus Crater Senior Editors: J. Frank Beatty, Bruce Robertson (Hollywood), Fred Fitzgerald, Earl B. Abrams, Lawrence Christopher. Associate Editors: Harold Hopkins, Dawson Nail. Staff Writers: George Darlington, Malcolm Oettinger, Leo Janos, Sid Sussman, Richard Calistri; Editorial Assistants: Bob Forbes, Patricia Funk, Secretary to the Publisher: Gladys Hall BUSINESS V.P. & General Manager Maury Long Assistant to the Publisher: Lawrence B. Taishoff Sales Manager: Winfield Levi (New York) Southern Sales Manager Ed Seller* Production Manager George L. Dant Traffic Manager Harry Steven* Classified Advertising Doris Kelly Advertising Assistants: Merilyn Bean, John Henner, Ada Michael. Comptroller Irving C. Miller Assistant Auditor Eunice Weston Secretary to Gen. Mgr. . . Eleanor Schadi CIRCULATION & READER'S SERVICE Subscription Manager . . . Frank N. Gentile Circulation Assistants: Charles Browne, Gerry Cleary, David Cusick, Christine Harageones, Edith Woo. Director of Publications John P. Cosgrove BUREAUS New York: 444 Madison Ave., Zone 22, Plaza 5-8354. Editorial Editorial Director Rufus Crater Bureau News Manager. . Donald V. West Associate Editor David W. Berlyn N.Y. Features Editor. . .Rocco Famighetti Assistant Editor Jacqueline Eagle Staff Writers: Richard Erickson, Diane Halbert Business Sales Manager Winfield R. Levi Sales Service Mgr.. . Eleanor R. Manning Eastern Sales Manager. Kenneth Cowan Advertising Assistants: Donna Trolinger Chicago: 360 N. Michigan Ave., Zone 1, Central 6-4115. Midwest News Editor John Osbon Midwest Sales Mgr.: Warren W. Middleton Assistant Barbara Kolar Hollywood: 6253 Hollywood Blvd., Zone 28, Hollywood 3-3148. Senior Editor Bruce Robertson Western Sales Manager Bill Merritt Assistant Virginia Strieker Toronto: 11 Burton Road, Zone 10, Hudson 9-2694. Correspondent: James Montagnes. BROADCASTING* Magazine was founded in 1931 by Broadcasting Publications Inc., using the title: BROADCASTING* — The News Magazine of the Fifth Estate Broadcast Advertising* was acquired in 1932, Broadcast Reporter in 1933 and Telecast* in 1953. Broadcasting ■ Telecasting* * Reg. U. S. Patent Office Copyright 1960 by Broadcasting Publications Inc. BROADCASTING, May 23, 1960