Broadcasting (Apr - June 1960)

Record Details:

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World’s Fastest Jetliner — holder of ocean-to-ocean transcontinental commercial airliner speed record . . . averaging 667 miles an hour. Interchange Routes Delta was first in the world to fly this unchallenged Champion of the Jets. Convair 880’s, together with a fleet of magnificent DC-8’s, are expanding Delta’s pattern of jet service the length and breadth of its system. Cruising at 615 mph, the 880 out-distances all other jetliners while boasting the quietest cabin of any 4-engine jet. Delta’s 880 is the most advanced airliner of our time. Delta DC-8 and Convair 880 Jet Service Routes tothe west coast we now or by July 1. The air line with the BIG JETS BROADCASTING, June 6, 1960