Broadcasting Telecasting (Jul-Sep 1963)

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What brewers spent on TV in 1962 Television advertising accounted for 55.9% of total media expenditures in 1962 by the 10 leading brewers (determined by total product sales) — a 4.8% increase over the previous year, according to Television Bureau of Advertising. Gross time expenditures by the ten top brewers amounted to $35,966,987 compared with $29,307,877 for the same firms in 1961. Total media space and time billings for the group rose to $64,386,511 from $57,313,306. For the second consecutive year Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. ranked first in both total advertising and television billings. Gross time expenditures by the company increased to $8,984,876 last year from $5,409,588 in 1961. Falstaff Brewing Corp., which ranked second in television advertising, increased its billings to $6,016, 174 from $3,816,143, boosting its television share to 73.9% from 69.5%. Falstaff led the group in network expenditures while Schlitz was heaviest in spot TV. Anheuser-Busch, third in total tv expenditures, was second high in spot TV buying with an outlay of more than $5.5 million in 1962. Pabst and Canadian Breweries also were heaving in TV spot. 1962 TOP 10 BREWERS* (TOTAL PRODUCT SALES) MAJOR MEDIA ADVERTISING EXPENDITURES GROSS TIME AND SPACE Jos. Schlitz Brewing Falstaff Brewing Anheuser-Busch Pabst Brewing Canadian Breweries (Carting) P. Ballantine & Sons Theo. Hamm Brewing F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Miller Brewing Liebmann Breweries Totals Sources: Network TV: TVB/LNA-BAR Spot TV: TVB/Rorabaugh Magazines: PIB * Distributors excluded Total TV Magazines Newspapers Outdoor Total %TV $ 8,984,876 $2,179,555 $ 473,841 $ 2,585,688 $14,223,960 63.2 6,016,174 420,786 158,879 1,548,077 8,143,916 73.9 5,467,288 2,080,616 916,364 4,625,936 13,090,203 41.8 4,600,094 22,033 587,015 1,752,894 6,962,036 66.1 3,901,557 637,152 485,135 716,024 5,739,868 66.8 2,216,143 482,614 805,973 962,840 4,467,570 49.6 2,059,875 490,961 1,437,167 3,988,003 51.7 1,806,490 148,344 845,391 2,800,225 64.5 634,080 940,348 1,115,357 2,689,785 23.6 280,410 126,828 1,323,237 550,470 2,280,945 12.3 $35,966,987 $6,889,931 $6,505,106 $15,024,487 $64,386,511 55.9 Newspapers: Bureau of Advertising Outdoor: Outdoor Advertising, Inc. Sales: Modern Brewery Age Network Spot Schlitz Brewing $2,382,126 $6,991,400 Falstaff Brewing 3,415,614 2,794,360 Anheuser-Busch 546,138 5,577,190 Pabst Brewing 212,764 4,475,430 Canadian Breweries 166,317 4,419,330 P. Ballantine 985,613 1,230,530 Hamm Brewing 248,975 1,881,600 Schaefer Brewing 1,895,450 C. Schmidt & Sons 1,837,620 Stroh Brewery 1,690,300 Sources: Network: TvB/LNA-BAR; Spot: TvB-Rorabaugh 1962 BREWERS AND DISTRIBUTORS TV GROSS TIME BILLINGS Total TV $9,373,526 6,209,974 6,113,328 4,688,194 4,585,647 2,216,143 2,130,575 1,895,450 1,837,620 1,690.300 Pearl Brewing Drewrys Ltd., U. S. A. Duquesne Brewing Lucky Lager Brewing George Wiedermann Brewing National Brewing Miller Brewing Narragansett Brewing Burger Brewing Liebmann Breweries Network Spot Total TV 12,463 1,279,730 1,292,193 1,005,850 1,005,850 979,740 979,740 972,340 972,340 19,947 810,720 830,667 124,957 649,400 774,357 665,530 665,530 18,681 558,490 577,171 297,130 297,130 280,410 280,410 pulling power of retail advertising "symptom number one" of the numerous ailments from which it is suffering. "Symptom number two," Mr. Marcus went on, "is that retail advertising doesn't do a very good job of image building . . . this leads to symptom three: retail advertising is for the most part dull, uninteresting, unexciting and ugly." Mr. Marcus directed his clinical analysis of retail towards its use of newspaper space, noting that "while retailing has made some use of radio and a slight use of TV ... the bulk of retail advertising budget has gone into newspapers." Gardner expands in West A broadcast buying operation will be established by the Hollywood office of Gardner Advertising Co. for purchase of spot radio and television schedules in the Pacific and Mountain States. Buying operations will btgin Aug. 1 when Ralph Neugebauer, media supervisor in the St. Louis office, will be transferred to the West Coast. Business briefly . . . General Mills Inc. will sponsor NBCTV's 15-minute pre-All-Star baseball game show, All-Star Scouting Report (Tuesday, July 9, 12:30-12:45 p.m. EDT). The show, packaged by Tel Ra Productions, will feature action film clips of all-star players. Agency: Knox Reeves Advertising, Minneapolis. Zenith Radio Corp. and Amana Refrigeration Inc. will sponsor NBC-TV's color television coverage of the World Series of Golf, Sept. 7 and 8 (4:30-6 p.m. EDT both days) from Akron, Ohio. The tournament pits the winners of four tournaments — the U. S. Open, the Masters, the British Open, and the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) events — in competition for a $50,000 first prize. Zenith's agency is Foote, Cone & Belding and Amana's agency is MacFarland, Aveyard & Co., both New York. Gulf Oil Corp. through Young & Rubicam will sponsor NBC-TV special on the coronation of Pope Paul VI, Thursday, July 4 (7:30-8:30 p.m.). Stephen F. Whitman & Son, Bala Cynwyd, Pa. (chocolates), through N. W. Ayer, Philadelphia, has bought 18 commercials a week for 35 weeks on ABC Radio beginning today (July 1). Network spots — divided equally into min 36 (BROADCAST ADVERTISING) BROADCASTING, July 1, 1963