Broadway and Hollywood "Movies" (Jan - Nov 1933)

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A Happy New Year WITH real, heartfelt sincerity the editorial and business staff of Broadway and Hollywood “Movies” wishes you, one and all, a most happy and prosperous New Year. And that wish is meant for YOU, — whether this modest little greeting reaches a humble reader who buys tha publication from the carts in a London byway, or a Hollywood star whose income is always rated in six figures. It is a long gap to bridge, but we know we are reaching every layer of the social strata by which the motion picture industry lives. News from every quarter of the globe brings tidings of increased business activity, — particularly in the amusement world. New theatres are being built by the scores and motion picture houses, formerly closed because of sub-normal business conditions, are re-opening by the thousands. Every trade journal is replete writh stories of new ventures in the world of the photographic drama, — of expeditions being outfitted for far off scenes, — of new palaces of entertainment, such as the RKO Roxy in New York City opening, — and of lavish sums of money again being invested in productions. Possibly not all of the investments are wise ; at no time will all of them be wisely made, but it is our feeling that as the scroll of Time is rolled up there will be a noticeable tendency on the part of producers and exhibitors to cooperate to the end that the greatest number of people will be gainfully employed in the industry and the largest number of people served at the various theatres throughout this nation, — with the best pictures. That is the trend right now; if you doubt it, — go to the picture theatre right in your own neighborhood, tonight! You will find the sound recording better, the quality of the picture and story improved, and the photography considerably above the average of what the cinema offered a few years back. With your cooperation and support 1933 will be the greatest year the American motion picture industry has ever witnessed. And by YOU, I refer to everyone working, directly or indirectly, for the “movies” and to those who pay admission to see them. A. R. Roberts, Editor JANUARY, 1933 Katharine Hepburn 1 Cover by Leonard Kissell January Birthdays 4 Tallulah Bankhead , Peggy Shannon and Kay Francis A Happy New Year 5 Editorial by A, R. Roberts Hepburn’s “Hop” 9 By Alma R. Roberts Roar, Lion, Roar! (Part 2) .... 11 By Jerome K. Whiteley What Do We Applaud in Pictures? 13 By I. W. Ullman (Part 2) Waffles for Breakfast 14 By Ann Dvorak Charles Laughton 15 By Dr. Abbuh Randlaw Fast Life 18 An M-G-M Short Story America’s Prettiest High School Girl 21 Evelyn Kelly, Winner King and Queen 22 March and Hayes Florida’s Fairest 25 By Helen Harrison Six Hours to Live ( Part 2) 27 By Gaston Barteaux Balocnacy 29 Three Pages of Fun Reviews and PreViews 32 36 Illustrated Reviews The Sign of the Cross 34 The Picture of the Month Love Me, Love My Pekinese!. . . 38 Evans, Carver and Knapp The News Reel 39 The “ Inside Stuff” The Month’s Mail 44 Sorted by Dorothy Jordan The Casting Office 45 Are You a “ Double ” Splits and Splices 47 Births, Marriages, Divorces Broadway’s Best Bets 52 Reviewing the “ Legitimate ” Bits From the Hits 53 By Fred Morgan Vol. Ill, No. 8 BROADWAY AND HOLLYWOOD “MOVIES” January, 1933 Published every month. Entered at Second Class Matter, April 14, 1930, at the Post Office, New York, N. Y., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Ten cents “ *1-20 per year's subscription. 2 years, $2.00. Canada and foreign subscriptions, $3.00 Published by the Edgewood Publishing Co., Inc., -Otii floor, 14S0 Broadway, New York City. Telephone: PEnnsylvanla 6-6950. I. W. Ullman, President and Managing Editor, Walter W. Hubbard, -wcretary, A. R. Roberts, Editor. Copyright 1932 by the publishers, all rights reserved. Not responsible for lossof unsolicited mss., interviews, drawings' or photographs. Western Representative: Mary A. Roberts, 2975 Leeward Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Branch office, care of Kable News Co., Mt. Morris, 111..