Camera secrets of Hollywood : simplified photography for the home picture maker (1931)

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Very active at the present time, Mr. Bruce has just com- pleted another year's product for the motion picture screens of the world, in his Outdoor Talking Pictures which are distri- buted by Paramount, and in the making of these pictures and in those Avhich for many years were released under the banner of Educational Film Exchanges, his travels have carried him to almost every country of the world, and to the most interest- ing scenic parts of the United States. His formula of making pictures is of particular value to the newcomer to movie-making. He always tried to make a painting where the average cameraman would just get a picture. The great point to the success of Bruce, the camera artist, is that he has definitely proven that anyone, with a liking for photography and observing only a few simple rules, can make just as good pictures as the highest paid technical cameraman who is photographing the stars and the dramas of the great Movie capital. PAT DOWLING Who YYrites from the Inside of the Movie Studios Pat Dowling, co-author with Robert C. Bruce of "Camera Secrets of Hollywood 1 ' is a practical-minded and experienced studio executive who has assisted in furnishing to the amateur movie maker some useful pointers in filming. It is through the observance of some non-technical and common-garden-variety of principles that the amateur movie camerman can make qual- ity pictures and thus get just twice the enjoyment and satisfac- tion out of his hobby, and also have the elements in his films which will make him proud to turn over to his youngsters many years later. Dowling, who is now the producer of commercial and adver- tising films for Metropolitan Sound Studios in Hollywood, has spent the last eighteen years actively working in various branches of studio activity. For many years he was associated [133 1