Canadian Film Digest Year Book (1978)

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We'te lookin’ good! Performing Rights Organization of Canada Limited, formerly BMI Canada Limited, is this country’s largest performing rights organization. We have affiliated with us more than 9,300 writers, composers and music publishers. It is our job to license and collect performance royalties from the ‘‘users”’ of music — such as film theatres, arenas, clubs, broadcasters, concert halls. These royalties are then distributed to the people who create music: the writers, composers and publishers. Through international agreements we also license in Canada music from outside our borders. Take last year, for example. Variety has issued its list of ‘‘Big Rental Films of 1977’. This reflects the films’ U.S. and Canadian rentals accruing to the distributors. Of the top 13 on the list, we mention 11 here: Star Wars Close Encounters of the Rocky Third Kind Smokey and the Bandit In Search of Noah’s Ark A Star Is Born The Spy Who Loved Me King Kong Oh, God The Deep A Bridge Too Far Recognize any titles? We do! We license in Canada all or some of the music in each one. CANADA PERFORMING RIGHTS ORGANIZATION OF CANADA LIMITED (formerly BMI Canada Limited) 2001 rue Université, ste 1140 41 Valleybrook Drive 1462 West Pender Street Montréal, P.Q. H3A 2A6 Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2S6 Vancouver, B.C. V6G 2S2 (514) 849-3294 (416) 445-8700 (604) 688-7851