Canadian Film Digest Year Book (1978)

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-¥ 1978 fest WEARBOOK INCORPORATING the CANADIAN MOVING PICTURE DIGEST, founded in 1915, the CANADIAN FILM WEEKLY, founded in 1941, and the CANADIAN PROFESSIONAL FILM DIRECTORY. Publisher N. A. TAYLOR Editor PATRICIA THOMPSON Director of Advertising RICHARD BERGER Editorial Assistant JOCELYN DRAINIE Typesetting & Assembly BETTERBACK Ltd. Film Publications of Canada Limited 175 Bloor St. East Toronto, Ont. M4W 1E1 (416) 923-6050 Hard cover — $15 per copy Paperback — $10 per copy ISSN 0316-5515 EXHIBITION Box Office Statistics 3 Exhibition Personnel 12 Provincial Theatre Associations 16 Refreshment Equipment/Suppliers 16 Theatre Equipment/Suppliers 17 Film Classification 22 Indoor Theatres 29 Drive-Ins 47 DISTRIBUTION 35mm/16mm Distributors 55 Independent Booking Companies 66 Film Cartage and Delivery 67 PRODUCTION Producers 73 Studios 84 Equipment Sales and Rentals 84 Laboratories/Sound Transfer and Mixing 89 Editing 92 Special Effects 92 Music for Films 93 Independent Casting Directors 93 TV & FILM CBC 97 CTV 99 OECA 100 GOVERNMENT Canada Council 103 Canadian Film Development Corporation 104 National Film Archives 105 National Film Board 105 Ontario Arts Council 106 Secretary of State 107 Provincial Film Units/Provincial Arts Administrators 108 UNIONS, GUILDS & ASSOCIATIONS 113 FILM COURSES/ 121 INSTITUTES/ 123 CO-OPS/123 PUBLICATIONS 124 AWARDS & FESTIVALS ACTRA Awards 127 Canadian Film Awards 128 CFTA Awards 129 CFE/CSC Awards 130 Festival International Du Cinema En 16mm De Montreal 130 Festival of Festivals 130 International Animated Film Festival 130 World Film Festival of Canada 130 ACADEMY AWARDS i131 FILMS IN PRODUCTION & RELEASE 135 —