Canadian Film Digest Year Book (1978)

Record Details:

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SEE eee DIRECTORY Canadian Association of Motion Picture Producers 140 Canadian Film Editors Guild 143 Canadian Film and Television Association 148 Canadian Society of Cinematographers 153 Directors Guild of Canada 159 Talent Agents 168 Film Timing and Conversion Charts 170 Motion Picture Technical Terms in Five Languages 177 ADVERTISERS Adfilms 85 Alberta Department of Business Development and Tourism 111 All-Can Holdings (OBC) Allied Artists Pictures 20 Ambassador Film Distributors 58 Astral Films 86 Belgian Art Studios 53 Bellevue Film Distributors 14 Best Theatre Supply 15 Betterback 120 BMI — See PRO Canadian Chair Services 53 Canadian Federation of Film Societies 106 Canadian Film Awards 126 Canadian Film Development Corporation 82 Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre 68 Canadian Odeon Theatres 13 CAPAC — Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada 94 W. Carsen Co. 28 Jack Chisholm Films 130 Cine Agence 183 Cine Audio 8 Cine Books 68 Cine-Parc Screens 109 Cinepix 64 Cine Quebec 77 Cinera 134 Coca Cola 184 Columbia Pictures of Canada 174 Consolidated Insurance Agencies 134 Consolidated Theatre Services 119 Danton Films 107 Sandra Duncan, Make-up Artist 85 Emerson Screen Productions 149 Emery Air Freight 106 Famous Players Theatres 21 Film Arts 172 Film Effects 173 Film Festivals Bureau, Secretary of State 102 Film Opticals of Canada 65 Filmworld 171 Wayne Finucan Productions 77 General Sound and Theatre Equipment 18/19 Peter Gerretsen Productions 169 Grafilm Productions 68 Harlequin Films 77 Karen Hazzard Casting 77 House of Canterbury Productions 133 International Film Distributors 142 International Tele-film Enterprises 20 Kinetic Film Enterprises 68 Kingsway Film Equipment 78 Kodak Canada 138 Landmark Cinemas of Canada 27 Marden Film Distributors 118 Mavety Film Delivery 137 Mirak Film Services 108 Mirrophonic Sound / Quinn Labs 141 Bill Morgan, sma 167 MS Art Services 65 MTM Equipment Rentals 149 Multiplex Cinemas of Canada 64 National Film Board of Canada 54 New World-Mutual Pictures of Canada 57 Ontario Ministry of Industry and Tourism 110 Paramount Films Distribution (Canada) 101/(IBC) Pepsi-Cola Canada 28 Performer Payroll Services 100 PFA Labs 105 Premier Operating Corporation 52 PRO — Performing Rights Organization of Canada (formerly BMI Canada) (IFC) Quinn Labs / Mirrophonic Sound 141 Representative Films 167 Rutherford Photo 78 Saguenay Films 65 Sapphire Staging 78 Screen International 124 Service Confections 26 Linda Shapiro, Publicist 91 Showbill Magazine 125 Derek Smith Limited 170 Steko Motion Pictures 93 Chris Stone Audio Productions 91 Super Pufft Popcorn 26 The Talent Group 85 A Talent Search 168 Theatre Confections 51 Theatre Screen Ads 8 Theatre Screen Services 25 Transworld Custom Brokers 130 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 10/11 Twinex Century Theatres Corporation 4 United Artists 69-72 Universal Films (Canada) 60/61 Victoria Film Services 183 VTR Productions 85 Wamer Brothers Distributing (Canada) 112 Henry Weiner Ltd. — see Transworld Custom Brokers William F. White Limited 81 Robert Wylam, Film Director 167