Canadian Film Digest Year Book (1978)

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Exhibition Box Office Statistics Exhibition Personnel Provincial Theatre Associations Refreshment Equipment/Suppliers Theatre Equipment/Suppliers Film Classification Indoor Theatres Drive-Ins BOX OFFICE STATISTICS (From Statistics Canada) TABLE 1 ion pi i f which 1,129 were regular motion picture theatres (1,173 i 1,438 motion picture theatres (1,488 in 1975) o wh X | Loe) aap eeee theatres (315 in 1975). Receipts from admissions (excluding taxes) amounted to $223.9 ae. = in 55 9% r the amount of $211.4 million reported in 1975. Receipts from regular motion Picture theatres accounte = 85 Bee aes Amusement taxes increased by 5.0% to $16.1 million from $15.4 million in 1975. The number of pai e (eo) admissions was reported at 95.4 million, a decrease of 1.7% from 1975. Net Receipts Amusement Paid = ee Boece Taxes Admissions $68,694,321 $13,583,324 219,289,424 we Bee 77,419,472 12,563,737 229,312,348 seed 1,801 82,707,762 11,444,668 231,746,881 a 1,808 90,986,110 11,373,629 239,132,227 1982 1,843 98,851,349 12,308,148 247,732,717 1 ’ 100,889,361 12,760,235 241,182,726 dees Bee 97,012,140 12,098,922 218,508,653 eee 1.950 86,373,652 10,264,183 184,968,467 ee 1.349 80,666,267 8,674,890 162,859,006 ee 1.716 76,486,177 7,815,204 146,755,828