Celluloid : the film to-day (1931)

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246 CELLULOID Dialogue . . . Vincent Lawrence Camera . . . Victor Milner Recording Apparatus . Western Electric With Jack Buchanan, Jeannette MacDonald, Zasu Pitts and Claude MacAllister. Adapted from " The Blue Coast " by Hans Muellor and " Monsieur Beaucaire " by Booth Tarkington and Evelyn Sutherland. *Morder Dimitri Karazamov , Der. (German) 1931 Production Direction . Camera Sound Camera Design Music Recording Apparatus Terra Fedor Otzep Fridl Behn-Grund Hans Birkhoflfer Wilhelm Reichter Dr. Karol Rathaus Tobis-Klangfilm With Fritz Kortner, Anna Sten, Fritz Rasp, Bernhard Minetti and Max Pohl. From the book " The Brothers Karazamov " by Dostoievski. Sous les toits de Paris Production Direction Scenario Camera Design Music Songs Sound Editor Production Manager Recording Apparatus (French) 1929-30 Films Sonores Tobis-Paris Rene Clair Rene Clair G. Perinal and C. Raullet Lazare Meerson Armand Bernard R. Moretti and R. Razelles R. Le Haneff Franck Clifford Tobis-Klangfilm With Pola Illery as Pola, Albert Prejean as Albert, and Edmond Greville as Louis. Distributed in England by Wardour Films.