Celluloid : the film to-day (1931)

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APPENDIX 249 *Westfront 19 18. (German) 1930 Production Direction . Scenario Camera Design Production Manager Recording Apparatus Nero G. W. Pabst Vajda Fritz Arno Wagner and Charles Metain Erno Metzner Leo Meyer Tobis-Klangfilm With Fritz Kampers, Gustav Dissl, Claus Clausen and H. Mobis. Adapted from the book " Vier von der Infanterie " by Ernst Johannseri. (German) 1929 . Sokal . G. W. Pabst and Dr. Arnold Fanck . Dr. Arnold Fanck and Lad Vayda . Hans Schneeberger, Richard Angst and Sepp Allgeier Design . . . Erno Metzner Recording Apparatus . Tobis-Klangfilm With Gustav Dissl, Leni Riefenstahl and Ernst Peterson. Distributed in England by Universal. *Zwei Herzen 1m f Ta\t. (German) 1930 Production . . Superfilm Geza von Bolvary W. Reisch and F. Schultz Willi Goldberger Robert Neppach Robert Stolz Recording Apparatus . Tobis-Klangfilm With Walther Janssen, Gretl Theimer, Willi Forst and Irene Eisinger. White Hell of Pitz Palu. Production Direction . Scenario Camera Direction Scenario Camera Design Music