Censored : the private life of the movie (1930)

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FOREWORD Much of the onslaught against censorship of all kinds has been conducted by crusaders saying, "We do not believe in any sort of cen- sorship at any time." That is a fine, brave stand and a logical one as well, but unfortu- nately not always true. Even the most ad- vanced thinker can generally be affrighted by some obscene display to such a point that he will abandon his principles and admit, "Well, yes, that I would suppress." Only very staunch souls are capable of living up to the Vol- tairean slogan. We do not really wish to die for opinions which we despise. I am myself a member of the school which asks for the abolition of all censorship. Yet I will admit that I can be backed into corners where certain exhibits worry me. Moreover, I am aware that very many peo- ple do not wish to go to the length of granting v