Censored : the private life of the movie (1930)

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FOREWORD complete freedom even to blatant obscenity. It is not unreasonable that some common ground should be found for an alliance be- tween those who fight censorship on principle and the much greater number who oppose merely its follies. After all it would be a little academic to protest against a censorship so liberal that it simply remained in office and never deleted anything. Even the stalwarts, I think, would not be violently passionate against a censorship carried on by a little group composed of the wisest persons in the world. If unable to get my motion pictures and talkies straight, I would not be wholly in- censed to receive only such films as were li- censed by Havelock Ellis and John Dewey. Of course, some have argued that a stupid censorship is better than a wise one since fools will soon destroy themselves. This might be true if the cutting were done openly but most of us are quite unaware of what has been taken out of the picture which we witness in its garbled form. Censorship is not the whole trouble. Part of it is the censors. Pare Lorentz and Morris L. Ernst have vi