Cine-film projection : a practical manual for users of all types of 16-mm. and narrow gauge film pro (1952)

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Fig. 11 JOINING TWO-CORE CABLE A Cut away half the outer cover as shown, and then cut the inner wires so that one is longer than the other. Remove as little of the inner insulation as possible. B Splice and solder the wires together, but be careful to match the colours of the inner insulation. Test the joins by pulling before taping them. C If the outer covering has been correctly cut it should now be possible to fit the ends together without any part of the join exposed. It must now be covered by insulation tape, and bound as tightly as possible. Next roll the join between your hands to make the tape stick properly. The finished join may be further protected by a coating of paint, especially if it is to be used out of doors. 55