Cine-film projection : a practical manual for users of all types of 16-mm. and narrow gauge film pro (1952)

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PROJECTOR, "X* VOLTS D.C MOTOk AND LAMP A.C. AMPLIFIER. Fig. 13 AN ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF CONNECTING TO D.C. 'A* marks the point at which a resistance could be connected if required, and 'B' where a transformer could. Check your operators' instructions to see if lamp and motor switches are to be worked simultaneously. of more or less powerful converters are, of course, available for use with specific equipment. Spools and Containers Spools should not be used if they are bent or rusty, and should always be perfectly clean, straight and smooth. When a spool is slightly bent and it has to be used at once, the film should be twisted once so that its edges do not touch the sides of the spool. Bending the spool back into shape is best done by hand, and without the use of any instrument liable to scratch. Spool tins should be fitted with bevelled edges, or with a simple device for easy opening. Many spools are damaged because the operator has not been able to open the tin without the aid of a screwdriver, thus endangering both the spool and film within. 58