Cine-film projection : a practical manual for users of all types of 16-mm. and narrow gauge film pro (1952)

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Projector Stands Stands should be quite rigid and stable, and not of the kind which will fall over if someone happens to brush against the projector. There are quite a few stands of the collapsible kind, but avoid those made unusable through the loss of a single screw. If possible, get one which will remain standing even though all the screws are removed or loosened, and see that the top plat- form dimensions are larger than the lateral dimensions of your projector. For static shows a solid wooden one should be made, perhaps incorporating a stand for the projectionist as well, and so made that he can easily reach the topmost spool. For professional use, a stand measuring at least four feet in height should be used. If a higher stand is purchased do make sure that you will be able to reach the top spool-arm. And if you are giving shows in other peoples' homes you will need a stand which has rubber feet, otherwise you might perhaps damage the linoleum or carpet. Stands which have adjustable feet are very helpful, but it is not necessary to get one with an adjustable platform. The projector should be tilted—not the platform. If the platform is tilted the vibration from the mechanism and motor will slowly move the projector about and perhaps even cause it to fall off. Keep the platform level for safety. 59