The cinema 1952 (1952)

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CONTENTS Introduction 7 British Screen-writing 9 Chance of a Lifetime 11 Introduced by Bernard Miles Great Expectations 19 Introduced by David Lean The Lavender Hill Mob 30 Introduced by T. E. B. Clarke Kind Hearts and Coronets 52 Introduced by Robert Hamer The Third Man 67 Introduced by Carol Reed Secret People 88 Introduced by Thorold Dickinson The Story of Comock the Eskimo 100 Robert Flaherty Robert Flaherty 126 Roger Manvell Tour Critic— Right or Wrong! 130 Roger Manvell; Gavin Lambert; Jack Beddington Film and Society 152 J. A. Wilson The Twelve Apostles 158 Sergei Eisenstein Television Prospect 174 Michael Clarke Substance into Shadow 188 Karel Reisz From The World's Studios 206 John Gillett