The cinema : 1952 (1952)

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From the World's Studios Compiled by John Gillett, Librarian of the British Film Academy The purpose of the following notes is to give readers an impression of the trends in contemporary film-making in some twenty-four countries. The choice of titles to include and exclude must be, to a certain extent, a personal one, but the compiler has endeavoured to mention those films which seem typical of the present development of each country*s industry. It is, of course, impossible to have seen all the films listed, and it should not be assumed that every title is of equal importance. The output of some of the smaller countries consists almost entirely of short films ; in this case, however, only feature films have been included, or, occa- sionally, feature-length documentaries. Very little is generally heard of the work of countries out- side ' the Big Five*; it is hoped that this list will be of use to those wishing to learn more of the film* s outer fringes. BRAZIL Caigara- Produced by Alberto Cavalcanti. Cavalcanti's first production in Brazil concerns an orphan girl who marries an island fisherman. The film is remarkable for a fine sense of local background. CHILE El Paso Maldito —Directed by Fred Matter. A melodrama of love and jealousy, reminiscent,