The cinema : 1952 (1952)

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FROM THE WORLDS STUDIOS 207 times, of Lorca's Blood Wedding, and including many authentic glimpses of life among the Chilean 'huasos' (cattle-herders). CHINA Liberated China- Directed by Sergei Gerasimov and Sui Sao-Bin. A feature length colour documentary made by a Chi- nese and Soviet unit. Politically very controversial, but it contains much interesting material. A number of recent Chinese films have dealt with various phases of the war against the Japanese. CZECHOSLOVAKIA The Abyss of Death -Directed by Jifi Slavicek. A further addition to the series of films dealing with the fighting against the German army. The Gay Contest -Directed by Milos Makovec. A comedy about the popularizing of physical culture. The Girl at the Wheel -Directed by Jifi Sequens. The story of a small village and a girl who becomes a tractor driver. Herald of Dawn -Directed by Vaclav Krska. A biographical drama concerning the Czech inventor Josef Bozek and his steam-car. New Warriors Will Arise- Directed by Jifi Weiss. A story depicting life in a Czech village at the end of the nineteenth century, from the novel by Zapotocky. Victorious Wings -Directed by Cenek Duba. A sports film dealing with the activities of a gliding club.