The cinema : 1952 (1952)

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212 THE CINEMA Produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan in Italy, it is the story of a small war orphan and his sick donkey. No Resting Plage, with Michael Gough and Eithne Dunne - Directed by Paul Rotha. This story of a group of Irish tinkers was the first fiction film to be made by Paul Rotha, previously known for his outstanding documentaries. An Outcast of the Islands, with Trevor Howard and Kerima - Directed by Carol Reed. Made partly in Ceylon, the film is an adaptation of Conrad's adventure story of the same name. Scrooge, with Alastair Sim - Directed by Brian Desmond- Hurst. A new version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, with Alastair Sim as the much-tormented miser. Secret People, with Valentina Cortes a and Serge Reggiani - Directed by Thorold Dickinson. A story concerning the activities of underground agents before the war. One of the few recent British films to use distinguished European players. The Sound Barrier, with Ralph Richardson and Ann Todd - Directed by David Lean. An air story concerning attempts to unravel the mys- teries of supersonic speed. Where No Vultures Fly, with Anthony Steel and Dinah Sheridan - Directed by Harry Watt. Changing his location from Australia to Africa, Harry Watt's spectacular film was made on 'safari' there. White Corridors, with James Donald and Googie Withers - Directed by Pat Jackson. A hospital melodrama, with a fine sense of medical background. Jackson's first film since his return from America.