The cinema and the public: a critical analysis of the origin, constitution, and control of the British Film Institute (1934)

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The CINEMA and the PUBLIC To the Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin, M.P., Lord President of the Council. I. THE CINEMATOGRAPH FUND. My Lord President, The Cinematograph Fund set up under The Sunday- Entertainments Act, 1932, has now been in existence for a year ; and the Privy Council, which was charged with its administration, will no doubt shortly be con- sidering the allocation of the money which has already accumulated.* As some of the problems involved are of considerable public importance, I am venturing respectfully to lay before you a number of facts and considerations regarding them. The Fund, you will recollect, was set up under Clause 2 of the Act " for the purpose of encouraging the use and development of the cinematograph as a * The figure which you gave in the House of Commons on November 30th, 1933, was £2,480 12s. 2d., and this will no doubt by this time have been considerably augmented by subsequent payments by local authorities out of Sunday cinema receipts. It has been estimated that something like £8,000 will ultimately be available for the Fund each year Page 9