The cinema and the public: a critical analysis of the origin, constitution, and control of the British Film Institute (1934)

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to be of British nationality or shall cease for any cause to be a Member of the Institute or shall (not being already a Member) fail to become a Member of the Institute within the said period of 21 days he shall ipso facto cease to be a Member of the Council." " Art. 21. The Members of the Council nominated by the Cinematograph Exhibitors' Association, the Kinematograph Renters' Society, the Federation of British Industries and the Commission on Educational and Cultural Films respectively shall retain office for such period as those bodies respectively shall determine, but any such Member of the Council may at any time be removed from office by direction in writing of the body appointing him whereupon he shall cease to be a Member of the Council, and such body may nominate another person as a Member of the Council in his place. If and when the functions of the said Commission shall cease, the three members of the Council nominated by that body shall thereupon be deemed to have been appointed by the Royal Society of Teachers, the Association of Education Committees and the British Institute of Adult Education respectively and such Society, Association and Institute thenceforth shall have respectively the same rights of removing from office the person so deemed to have been appointed by each of them and of nominating another person in his place as are before conferred upon the said Commission. The individual Members to be deemed to have been appointed by the said Society, Association and Institute respectively shall be determined by the Council. The co-opted Members shall retire at the Ordinary General Meeting, to be held in the year 1934, and (save as regards the Chairman) their successors shall be elected at that meeting and annually at each succeeding Ordinary General Meeting. A retiring Member shall be eligible for re-appointment. The Members of the Council to Page 42