Cinematographic annual : 1930 (1930)

Record Details:

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FEARLESS SILENT SUPER-FILM CAMERA A new universal camera for modern conditions. Scientifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern Gnematographer. This new camera is the only one which can be used for BOTH the new wide Super-film and 35mm. film. It is designed to fill all the needs of the profession today, as well as the future. This camera is presented as the last word in design, construction, workmanship and materials. Our factory is now in full production on Fearless Silent Super-Film Cameras for the new Standard 65 mm. SuperFilm. Our, production plans call for one camera per week. FEARLESS CAMERA COMPANY 7160 Santa Monica Boulevard Hollywood, California Telephone: GRanite 7111 Cable Address: "Fearcamco' tAdv. 3]