Cinematographic annual : 1930 (1930)

Record Details:

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"Atmcspheric Shots" of the West Indies are one of our specialties. Many motion picture producers of America and England have saved time and money by having their "atmospheric shots" done by us. Why Not Let Us Do Yours? We also make " EDUCATION ALS" on order. Have just finished one for the Health Department of the Government of Venezuela. We have the finest equipment for motion picture work in the West Indies For anything cinematographic in the West Indies Wire or Cable The Tucker Picture Co Port of Spain, Trinidad, B. W. I. Cable address — Tuckerfilm — Bentley's Code We have the largest laboratory in Hollywood devoted to COMPOSITE CINEMATOGRAPHY specia I izi ng in Williams Shots a Telephone Call will bring you immediate service. We have unlimited facilities and modern equipment. COMPOSITE LABORATORIES 8111 Santa Monica Boulevard HOLLYWOOD Telephone OXford 1611 CALIFORNIA [Adv. 5]