Cinema News and Property Gazette (1913)

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Mak. ii 5, [913. THE CI N KM A. 33 DOINGS IN THEATRE LAND. THEATRES UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND OPENING. For the benefit of the trade in general, we shall publish under this heading a specially compiled list of new theatres under construction and about to be opened, with names of the proprietors and managers, where they can be ascertained. We need hardly point out that this list will be of great service in enabling the new proprietors, film manufacturers, renters and dealers in apparatus to get into touch with one another. HALLS ABOUT TO BE OPENED HALLS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. —Cont. Name and Ahuki ss I'KOI'RIETORS. Name and Address. Court Cinema, Skinnergate, Darlington. King's Hall Ficturedrome, High St., Newcastle. Proprietor. (Manager, W. J. Kadwell.) Messrs. Pendleton. HALLS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Name and Address. Proprietors. Picture House, Market Place and Union St., Dewsbury. Cinema, The Quay, Pembroke Dewsbury Picture House, Ltd. Picture Palace, Wakefield Kd., Normanton. Picture Hall, Tottington, near Bury. Cinema, Dudley Rd., Brierley Hill. Fleur de Lis Theatie, High St., Bedwellty. Picturedrome, High St., Golborne. Cinema, Beaufort Kd., Hastings. Picture House, Argyll St., Dunoon. Cinema, Grey St., Newcastle. Picture Palace, Trent Bridge. Picture House, Norwich St., E. Dereham. Cinema, Clifton St., Roath. Regent Hall, Mansfield Rd., Nottingham. Picture Palace, Trent Bridge, Nottingham (on site of Kiralfy's Exhibition). Mr. Forbes. Eagle Picturedrome Co., Ltd. Dunoon Picture House Co. Provincial Cine Theatres, Ltd. MILAN FEATURE-FILMS. THE LAST RAY OF SUNSHINE. A DRAMA OF HUMAN INTEREST. COSTLY AND CORRECT COSTUMES. MAGNIFICENT SETTING. REALISTIC ACTING. UNRIVALLED PHOTOGRAPHIC QUALITY. Approx. Length 1,837 ft. Released April 10th. THE CRY OF A STRICKEN HEART. Approx. Length 2,030 ft. Released April 17th. A FASCINATING STORY REALISTICALLY TOLD. N.B.— DON'T FORGET OUR GREAT DETECTIVE STORY PICTURE THE STOLEN JEWELS. Released April 3rd. PASSED BY THE BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CENSORS. THE GENERAL FILM AGENCY (S) 58, DEAN STREET, LONDON, W. Telephone. GERRARD 94. Telegrams: "WIL^RAMS. LONDON"