New York Clipper (Jul 1862)

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^-..l I. :. ■ NEW tpaE,' ip?,,jlTIit;;5;'.ie6&:; ■ IM - the ^b«d wheio Emms, ilmoat Ibreat^eu^lll k^U;on«Ttoid'lavlota iontaat '«rllli<arwoadaii ptttttloAiWhia! " -^^^^ " 7 Mine. :. l m*r-' - ..■»■ 14 . : THBl. VNIOITt p OO'fi'ioBXO ixS •VHO BX . LOUIS SBOO, . •* , ""^"^, ■ > 01 BBOTHOii DOW Qiilte vltb cooie Joltt w, one and til, 'ITnlled we mnat don^ner, bat divided we mnat itU; 4)01 Am Is for the VnioB, end we bare » giUuit drew, ' We'TeriUad it, tnd we loTeJt, 'tis the Bed, the VUte and Bine. oeoaoB—Htimhfortie'Ualen,- • H1lR^ toitb* TTolon, ■ Bnimii'fbrtheUiilbii, ' And the Bed, the White ud Blae; bu eomiiT li the ^p, Tos eee. and • nllent yeiMl, too, Ihd winmiiy he » ptwima he, wUt/rbneof her bold crew; And when the foei(if llbertrtUi nohlq ship (v*U, Let lUbnTe heetis deiptoe fhtilt i^.wMte'ei thej roMjfWtSL ..0B0»TO-7,- ^, ' ,y.' EMb man, whete'r hie itetlon be, when datr** votoe commuilB, Should tiM Ua'sttnd udlend ataind, id the.'o6mmoh o«iue de- mands;- ltadhewho>ikaIkstott*Uor'shii]la, oibldeslntSkTbelow, - IbJreluiik 01 lope, aoon end hla.hope, udMOsehlm'endleks woe. , Ohobto— ■'■ ■ Ob, deer end glorloTu'ootuitrr; ihall Itistions ^nrn thr laws ? Bbsll freedom^ swordbe wielded to (OBtaln dlsnnliijifs.osnset . Unful the glorloaa burner; wave Upn>tidlr.infhe:breaie; ' ■ nie emblem of otur ooontiy's might,' on landand^on'the ■ Ohoiot— ' ' ■ "V--V '■ . "-'^V Andle who shona his coniitfj'a tag; ant iUe* ikm.^ Invader, Is but a traitor in Us hearti-whoie oohdadt.wonld degrade her; Let him who'swelU rebdllon's ory paste and refieot on .thee, jApatriot'aprldewbtadMtiSehlssTrordta'aiilketorUbert;. .. , ';. ' oiiowai- ' ' . ■ 1 ShiilBrothers In th7 barren flelda be alain bj brother's hand) Shall fathers ralae their arms in blood, against onr natlre land ' Che banner df oar Union ahall yet more glorlons be,/ /LbMOonUghtofgloiyandagaMetolibertgr. . ^ ' CBoaus— • Oh I Colombia, dear, thy Eagle alis enthroned in redms jiaf llabt, Ihy fluatll] wayea o'er hill and dale, triiimiihant In the llAh); Xhs enudams.of onr glory-^bome bo prondJly in the wais-^ < 'Ila'^ hope of every'^Mman, the gkoUoa stripes and staia. - '•• ' tj — Oho«o»:^ " ' - - ,6hl'theineteorli^of'Ttplongmayitwaveinpclde, . , I TQ (Ul the world ho^ pobly, onoe onr fathers fooAht and died; ' Ilffibrave can only bear it.tnd a goardlas It ahjjf be'. . :. ■ ■tg|)ttiMe whp'Won and earned the right to bout of liberty. '' ' . . ■■ OHohuar- tunjied- fly-y^ja- c 1 . alarsi, was Mras with bewlldnmento . ••Emmai'ru^l be, "I loved you mnlly—fondly.. xon made nc lovejoit, anftl was piondln the enjoyment of yoor'ldfve; b°at yqq. UrM of ;tte.-'.' At laat yoo apumed me £rom yoar'presonce, and I gvrore to be krenged. Uy time la oome. Thla ditj ydor loyei' was hanged—yes, bang4d llke:a dognpon the sdaflold; yon, ybnr{ self, have onljr reooveted from an lUneae prodaoed by the premal tare birth of my ohlld, and n«it yonr b'OBbaiid ahall wttnesa hoW loan enjoy myseltinyoar ariu; and then—batno'nviner." . I "Ob, meroy, mer^.-Vrederlofc I this is faarfol; bat spare m^, this Indignity, and I will comply with aU else yon wish.'? ' 1 "Uoroy—not* Sid yon show meroy to me when, oarrled away by yoor follies, yon left me for the anon of Hoy^ard, the morj derer f Did von ehow any meroy to him i^heD, in the very hoot he dledi yon became the wife of another 7" . ' . In spite of her prayers and entreaties, he olaspM bc^ In his arms, and with endearing words so soothed her that; In' spite of the fut of her hosband lying looUng at her, her fiery pasalons aasnmed their sway, and with apparent delight she resigned her- self to Bred Johnson's embraces. Strange and revoIUiig: speotar cle, to'seieawlfeinthe presensoof her newly weddsdnasbAia giving herself Hp almost witboot reslatuice to the'arms of another, while the old man groaned with agony, like a baffled HeVi sad straggled ImpotenUyIn his tUTTioixilease himself from his bonds. ■ ■, ■ It might have ^n aboni foor o'clock in the mornlnjg wheal Emma snddonly awoke as from a troubled dream. There was a ohilllness In the room and -an awful silence, as she • discovered thft'heroompanlon had left her side, and that no one remained' in the room bat herself and the old man, aUS lying on the floor, By the dki light of a^hamber lamp, whloh rendered things scaicfly visible, she lay atill fbr a little Ume; bat an nndeflned terror crept over her as her eyes tamed lb>m tlme to time od that reonmbent fignre, At bat she could bear the feeling nq loiuer, aind leaping £rom her conoh, apsroaohed her bnsband: Bat who can desonbe her horror when she fonnd him dead, and so OQld that he moat have lain so for some boors. Hewasan'l bonnd.'and the gtt( . taken from his month,. This had plainly: bedn the work of Johnson; bat there were'no marks of viblenM on the body. He had died in a fit bronght on by his exolted temper (and no wonder, each a trial woud have killed almoali any man). • ■ . | Emma soon alarmed the honae, and It was soon spread abroad: that Ollphant had died on his nnptial cotaoh; and ;nany and on- rioos were the speonlatlons as to Its exaot natare. ..The account glveft oat wag, that feeling indisposed, he had risen from hla bed and fallen to the gicnnd. Only two ever knew the real 'hls.i toiy of the sfEair, and they were too much Interested in keeping: ltseoret,todlvalgethepartleu]ars. ' On opening his will. It was foond that on the very day of his marriage, he had made a will leaving everytiilng he oopld to dis- tant relations, thos leaving his widow nothing bat what she was barely allowed by the law. * I Jamea Littleton was partially restored to health, Irat ahatteredj in both health ahd fortune, be was entirely dependent now npom bladanghterforamaintenance. Theiroironmstanoeawoaldnot' permit them to live in the eame style they had hitherto done,! and BO tbey moved into an humbler domioUe. Their establish-; mentwas redaced In a correapondinx degree, the only two bf heri domestics remaining, being her maid and Tred. Johpaon, .who in- aiated on remaining- by Emma in each a manhor that she dare not refose him. .^e was of consldorabls nge, however, in aaaist- ing ner almost helpless parent. No sooner were they settled in their new. habltaUOD, than he gave Emma to understand :ibat iairshoitId-«8 tally hi Boms bravely in its Inf^oy amii Ohobos- ' Kit iriff, 'Alii* 8, imi . ' '. •i ' • ^ ^ , It'MHifftf'wSnl I goacd this fiag of oaxt, the aarkest hoars.:.. THE FAST YOUNa MAN. HIS UT8TBBI01TS ADTENT0BE6 WITH k DA8HINO HAftCBlOIIESS. . . A.THBHiUNa BTOBX OF VA.isT:«A.irD FAVOt,I,IFB, .Km paittenlariy In the Cittts of Ritv Tork anl Bnioklyii, ' t/Mai • Vlyld Vortraltan of Beont latrigUN In High. Utt; ud of .iQdi^ht OrglM 1a' 'Water ittMt) and Xlhdrtd XoMlltlai,' wasRSN KonssL't wB.nn mw rou btsna. OHAfTEB XXL;, ..*'•■' BsunaUtUetonhad rewveredftomher niness.ani Ula mar- ^ betjreenher and Walter OlSSIitWas onbuS waU known tl^it her fSatherwas immensely rioh. and'^Ihat mere love of gain oould not have IndnoedhM^^SrtiM hendf toS mta ofl enoiqgh to be h(ur grandfith«" toeotSaM!h«iTOr aallgonerallya on such woaslon., was mulSyfcXIS to be aoIn -Ite of.aUetoS to bSSlt™ «,a5!1.^'«SS?'™i'"^" •«eontionofHowafi and Hoaan, that an immense array of cairiages aiaemblad «l th^ doots 0? Qrsoe Ohnrob, fpr it viS'Bm^^^TSS^Ti.n^ bemdetennlned on,previous to the appohitminfof feetoof 2d^«t.?S,?!i.M' '"'S bwoiSaSgabrid. 'on th?U tta Umost at the same h6nr as hor former lover wak to «niilb> a".4^^?' 'S' Ollphant, with ahnoat flendisn^rtt iS^fiud ftat A alteraUon bo made In the programme, andWt weht on hS''«'SvV tao'ttat the fair imgbiS^'^i^ar^l^ had MjthtoB in common with the inalonutor to tte ToSaha » SSrl?^;! ?.rf: ?™di> h<* paramour; bat aU thlniis mnst hawMi end, and >t hwt tho oeremony was.fljSshod.Td tte loaig-teo^^Bf^'i.^J^"!'^^^^ Whoie^ughtor^ld^^ted iL'i'ff he obnokled to hio5Bl?!5iK SSfi!!"'' hanghtjr disdato, and. roii he behoil « fe ttought of, tho rttoful that his Ulnearafforaoa hi; a ofber ancient lord and nJ^S. Si^te^S however, in bis doslre. Tho broker'?JSin i!''*" *^ baulked, « every tongue, and OUphuilMRS™!?'"'^ «■» SoaldSme^rlSSS PaS'SlXuTote .*? >«JMldwss preparing hoTii wUro for thl'XMlt ^5:° tbe'altoraUon.and that It waa hw hiSSiJlS^W ttontojaas tho nlaUt In tto house, and "he"oh£!.W mlS*: S* WB r<'^«"'«' herself to hor fate, and wh.^ou^i,.!^.'''';? P«Wd. she.^th the boat grace she ooild a«um^ old UbSHlno, gloatlDg.ovS^Sio oli^lS t^J^^' tremblingh^dsprocieodedtodUinb?hto' g«»a BMceiy at him, and whoso oonntonanoe,dlatortedwfh CJy toJ tbioat & 5 yo"? »M. ■'ho sel^ ^a5ii2 i.T5IJJi;°'"""l'^ baokwarda on tbefloor,.andpro• «Wtag bhntrt? upon him, tl^tened him with Insist dea^ h»;««TSd.. Hs ften bonnTand gaggadUm aeooroly.ud they, jmnst renew their connection, and she, deprlvBd of all' other sforoee of comfort to the meantime, gave full < sway to .her desli^, and that they might the mora readily todnlge to.thelr amoars,ahe consented, at his command, to dismlse even her maid,' and ftom thenceforth they lived almost as manand wife, flie only parties who nbtv visited them were the Count and' Countess D'OrBay,'Who had made good their title to both eetatesi and honors of their anoeators. Their kto'd "hearto sympathized wilh'the.tallrm old man'ln his misfortunes, and with bis dangh-' tstv.ihe companion of the Counteas'jiohool days. :Eimns,:Whlloj she enVled her friends' happinelis, yras'fartoo giill^ and degrad- 6d a being to.b^ ,nMioh.moved by tbair attenUons; on the con-! ttary, her matU)^'t(iwatda them were so constrained, that they ^ finally gave np.'aeeiiig her, the more partlovlarly as Uie advent of 1 an he(r to their weal^k -very Soon after, engrossed all their at- tention., ' ■'. . James Littleton did hot long snrvivf his misfortunes, he grad-' nally sanK'and died as hi had lived, qagerly panning the phan- tom of happtoeaa by the aounlfement or wealth, for though disa- bled l)>body«nd mind, his bnstoessiubits adhetM 1' ' ~ ¥*^9^i«j>^'[¥VJ«U>iM4baMe<w^ fnUfeMt,.'Who,:with;»jhlike ef th?flsger,'Could manuVihe market almost aa he plosaed^.' ' .: " ' Xatt wfthont a friend In. ttub world, she now be<flme the aUve of ,iyedetiok JobnspD, who socoeoded lit gaining Suob an toBa- enoeoTor her that she consented to become his wife. From that day, however, th^ little' bapptoess she had was destroyed. Be gave fti)I:sway to a temperament natoially sensasi and. vlclone, and beoame, in a:short lime, a dmnken Vagabond.' * Wearied md dlsgnsted by snoh's life, Emma foUnd protection tihder an Eng- lish gentleman, whom she casually mot, ahd finally left with him for bu native land, where a feir years afterwards she died to pov- ertrandextreme.wretehedness. . ' Fred Johnson may be seen sny day, loafing aronhd the -bar- rooms and rum-holes np-town, on the constant hunt for that^ gtffig (Hf.Uquor from'a fHend, whloh neither his own «ti«nn^i nori ue tender mercies of the. salopn-keeper can enablehlmtoob-i tain.. Like a good many others, he lived boon hU "shape,'-' and' like them, Ua end wiU, In aU likelihood, be an 'IgnoihJnioasi deatU.' •■ T 1' . • ■ 1 \ . oHAPTEB xxn; %i,«l6.Iteieard—TJii Blcodj Sehomtr—TU Vmbrdiii 'tftnder^Tln ■ DUmmi BniiiA—A fight inBoMtm 'Baif—DeaH'af BurJii'and ■ Downy Jim,' . ■ i ■; "v ' ■ ■ A rewud of s^ thotisutd' dollars each was now offered for the oapturd! of Burk^ and Downy Jim, and nnmerons,were''the'at- tompts;:made to ;aaoertato their whereabonts and get hold of them. 'Th^y wen.I(K>ked for to all directions bnt'the rlghtone, and foV.a'lohf time themiist clever deteotives were baffled- to th^ammpta tfiilay thelr'hands npon them, They had lalmost given np the ohaqe to deepalr. ahd the tiut of the bnrglai^' exis- tanoe had slmost been fbrgotton, when an oventoci;urTed'which brought them ag^ prominently before the publio, - OneiUomtogtheharborjiollae fannd'a email schooner drllt- tog down the East Biver to an apparently helpless condition. No one at>peared on deok or at her helm. On boarding her,.not a aonl was discovered, bat the decks and cabto were plentlftiUy sprinkled with blood, whloh to many places was''nbt yet dir. 6ne'was also half full of trater, having'had a hole bored toher bottom with the apparent totentlon of slnktog her, 'but tUs by some moans had got choked up, and stopped the sow of water She was immediately hauled toto a dook near the Fulton • Ferry, andacloae examination made of eveiythlng that could lead to any trace of tho clroamstanecs which had brought her toto siioh a predicament. .The lo(kera had evidently been all ransacked, and olothtog, which had apparently belongod to the oaptato, was itrewn about Ainong tho lattorwas discovered a top coat, to the pockets of which was roond a Jewel case marked with the name of "Obra Orabamo,',' and was sapposod to be part of tho proceeda of the robbery oommlttod on thenightof the murder, lloreovor, the obat was IdenUfibd as being proeisoly elmilar to one worn by Burke at the time of his escape from the officers on their 'way to tho Toombs, A few dsys after this, tho body of a sea-flirtog man was washed ashore on ^off Island, .whose featuros and head wore entirely disfigured, 'Bavins ~ boon, 'to sll appoaranoes, emaahed almoat ,to plooes, aa If axe, otherwise, the body was to good prea()r7aUon, 'I'speis found npon him proved htoi to have been tho caploto of the schooner ploxed up by the Touoo, Olroumstancca poutod out so strongly that Burke and kiorgan wore at the trattom of this tragedy, that the reVrard was oblarned to fifteen hundred dollara aplooo for their .capture, dead or alTve, and all expenses to be pa^d'incurred in the operation. , Not long oftor thia, thQte^appeared to the streets of Ncn-Tovk a wretched looktog n|an, whoso sile employment appeared to bb apendtofthla time and ;niohey to the lowoat and vflest dens, his ostensible occupation botog that of a mender of old an^n41as, ^How hd suocoeaed to earning a dime It would bave poezlod the shrowdeat flnanoter to giioss, as thelo'oallUos ho ohoiefor the purpose of plytog hia vocation vrere the most unllkel^-ho could have filed npon, beatdos whloh,-hls oonttouel drunk would baVo been sufflclont to disable hto^fKim bandUcg bis utonalls. One or two Jobs he sncocedod to gelting, he bungled so outragooualy that tho articles ho manipuiatod upon yfon ton times worse at the end thanat thoboglnittog of the repairs. Ho not uni^ auently foil into the bands of the police, but, somehow or'othor; Iways managod to relieve himself ,from their altontlons with very little trouble. In spite of hlg povorty^tilcken appoaranoe,, he nover seomod to want a few oonta to his pocket Be. never asked crodlt, and his always paying cosh made hlmawelcomo onatomor wherever ho wont, (or, altor a few glasses, he' wotdd- retire Into a comer, and, making hlmaolf as comfortable as olr^ oniustanoes would permit, sleep off the fumes of liquor, and wake up in an-hour or two to drink agato, ■ With an old battored wlde-awiO^o bat drawn over his face, it would havo been dlfflonlt to get a aattslaetoty view of bis foaluros, but'oloso bbae'rvor >mlght bavo notlced that bis eyes possessed'a brllUinbyand shupness which lulled, to some eiUnt, bis' muddled appeaN' anon, abd' that while bo rested himaelf toUl 'ktods.of comers, I he kept wlthto oaishot of any nartles converstog about, and that If anything of mere.than uanal totereat turned up, ho took care inot to lose a syllable of'tho story. ' : ; It,was while lounging about the bar-ioom of a hovel to Worth stnet one eveiUngiuat bla attonllon was called to the entrance jof anttipie bf nitn 'ahd a woman, who vrere reOo^ihlMd by the |i*>>w>rdu old aoq.'nUntanoie, and, at their riqneati' were con. ,aaotedtoto^ lituw-iMm. While the ba^keepar tnU hnpplyto^ »b«ii irtthiSirBieyde«lred,"tho •mtrelbfTfifltJ - * aeparated the -tMnt.fTOm the back part of the store, land; ssttltog! Umieir down for a.comibrtable snooze, took.up.a pc^tlotf ;rhlon ^nrald enable hjtoto overh'ear.plaiidy, all tttat went'ob ,oa tUt) nthai side of the bbamls. >..-.- • ' ■ '■ '^i ' >Tbe three parkas who were ibvored 'with such select accommo- dation, were of the Jewish persusslon. .One, an old mai^ibend- inlander the weight bfyeoi^t the remalntogtwo wbre .yonhg, 'hndapparently'rdatodtoeaohother. ' '''-^ .■VWeiL Benlamto, my acn,''said the old man,.*;wbat la this yoawlth? 70U say twohnndred dollars for thes^ diamonds. Itlato^mtach—tooniaoh;'andbesldee, how do I h^ow that yo\i .-ei^o fly theia honestly f", - ■ • ' ■■ . vNevormtod that,^re^ed,the yoang one, ■'yon:needn't'be pa^onlar abohttbat AU I.know Is, tfyonwon't bnythem;l Wn-easlly get others that will, Snd rU nottde a cint leas." ' .,"> ifluine Oott, It is tob mubh moaey; end then the risk—it la a graatrlik—ImlghtloseitaU; sayonehnndredapd'twenty." ir TJNot a cent leas thsin two hundred; that is the price my friend fixed for them,'and It'a little enonglL' Why they ars tvorlh three tlmea that". .'"..:.■..• .-.t " . • '.,!'.Ahl yoartrlend,whQlathat7 What for-yonr friend notsell thtm himself f" "' ^Beirnbthere; hehas'left townand la aotog to'Eorope.' I advanced htoi.mbney on them, and he told me'tb seO them. )tow,that'a .aU about it; so,.fork; out qalo)[, or you'll lose, ithe pijince." « " ' Thoold 'jetr'igaito examtocd thb diamonds'most mtoutoly. Tbey were contatoed to a' massive bracelet of ^gieat; beanty, and mnst B4 the yonng man said,,havebeenot8re|it valoe. After InspeotlaB them fou'shbrt time, ho took dnt a, well filled pocket book, tLiid taktog Am itaprtoted paper, heperased it fpr'at minate, and then turning to'nis companion, saldi '''1 . <jU7 young friend,'! mil. bay this bracelet on'|one.condftlon.| I know that thla is only port of a aet'and if. yon can tell me' whire'Ioan get the'remalntog part-I will give yoii what yoa aik,i ^dfiltydolSrtb<!Slde8." . ■ ^5 •,...■ .'.;: .. The young m^ and his companion w&lapered together, for a- fevaeccnds, and'thsii he replied: . , ...'AWe agretf'to your terms, but only on tills' condition, that jfUt^ea never to reveal from whence you got Uie tofbnnatlon."; 'U will do that with ploasnre, but beware how yon ^attempt to cheat an old mkn like me; if yon do, I will revenge myself',' : .Xbe'oonversatlenwaa now carried on in such a toneof volco' ,^t it was toaudlble to the Uatener at the paitltloD, but tbrongh a v^ry sUgbt crack to thq boards, he could observe the;bsTgun condodea, andtheoldman receive a paper on which an address ,or same of some kind had been written. Shortly afterwards- thfrtwo younger ones left, the old man remalntog bahtod,: He soon mads preparations for lea'ring also; but before he conld do sOi^the mender of old umbrellas had left the premises. Wrap- himself carefully up, the old Jew mado his way down to ^ast street, thence to CAnal, and up to Thompton street to' his'own house, to gato an entranoe to whibb be had to pa^a up ik dark alley-way to a court yard remote from the etreet and to ute :xiear of the block fkctog on the sidewalk. He had nearly reached bja deaUnstlon, when, wllhont a' moment'a warning, he Was foued to tho ground. Us coat torn optn, and his pockets ilfie4. A19W moments later the uptbrgUa mender emerged from the obionrlty of the place, and with - hasty steps fled from the spot ■ ■ pie old Jew.was not long to comtog to hla senses, and fright- fdUwas his rage when ho discovered his loss. He-at once attslb- btaS it to the youth'who had sold him the diamonds; but he was too'exhausted and fMgbtoned to puisne bis inquiries further thstnlsht. For speolM reasons, he knew'well be dare not report the robbery at the police station; that was the last place to the world where he would have wished to And bis woJlof.. ,H;,spont antoteDsely miserable night, And by daylight was niaktog prep- arationa to hunt nphia'loat valuables, wbeh.'tohia dollgnt and snrprlso, the, old woman who took care of his house banded him a packet which contatoed everytbtog but the ellp of paper.. In its^laoe-was'a note to the foUowtog effect:-"Uiuess youdeslro to loso yonz liberty, and your all, yon will keep the bracelet tUl vou hear, from me agato; but refrain, on the peril of your life, •milk endeavottog to set the ^motoder of the set, or from 'trabtog.the parUee to whose possession they are." Blen:ied,"One ,wh(> knows' jou." . Contented to regato .his loss so easily, and ^donvtoced. that Jie -was .to the power of one sgatost whom hf conld contend but hopelessly, h^ subsided toto nla nsual mode 'tit life, though not without considerable RrumbUng at having '"^wn away tSO which' he ndfiht hav« saved. In fact,' he ovef-ieaohedhl]iuielf,'and felt.toi) tlmea worse than If he been cheated to his lace by anothef, a trlok .which it would 'e bean cotialdMbly aifflenlttoperform. ' ' "" alte ni.o(m.,of-tt Mg,$ajfeWi>JlM^^ . _f,««1ii«l«nrbr®BKlHBMlgfiPSSvS^ togr Ua'fignre to the delightful vlbtolty of NoHK . , Utreeta, BetUnffrftBgyrUh pertinanoeoas fknior toto bair-iwins and sallor'a (bo^Mln^ lipasas.: .'Seepln* toto one of ' U(« lattar about anpper ome, he,beheld a nombsr of aalldr*seated round'a toble enjoytog their eventogmeaL' The voice of one of theae men seemed to have a pebolar effect npon him; for he instantly though silently, entered the room, and with been semttoy anrveyed the. occupants. His glances satisfied him that he had mat^th some one thathe desired to see, and a smile of blnmph passed over his fade as be was about to retreat from' the apart- ment; but oa he advanced towards the door, a .sailor against whom ha accidentally mbbed, turned quickly round, knodUng hla bat off, and carsed htoi for a clumsy lubber. The action, however, was more disastrous, than antloipated, "fbr with one blow the sailor was knocked head over he^, and the mender of old nmbrellas, who thus displayed such an amount of muscle,-picked up bis covering and bolted from the plsca befbro the asfosliihed orowd could Intervene to prevent him. The floored bine Jacket admitted that he had oangbt a crab that time; and calling up all' hands to splice the mato brace, soon regatoed bis good humor over a glass of mm., .. Upon twbof ihe xrow, however, this aflUrhad a different effect 'Bxchangingbasty glanceswith each othcr,.(hey'Ieftthe room, and after Autioualy looking ahoat to soe If "1110 coast wss olear, w«Dt toto the street and wslked smarOy down towarda the wharves; but ftom a boose on the opposite aide they had .been closely observed by the'nmbrella mender; who'.now'latthls hiding place, and followed them at a distance: 'This/ one of them managed to aaoertato; and oommuntoatod'lt to his com- panion. , ■ ' 1 , -"1 "Ouise him Burke," said ho, "he is on onr trabk. Iknewhis ouised mag as soon as I set my 'eyes 'on it Biker may^a .clever chap but be can't hold a candle'when I'm there, that'a sure." , . ', , . ■ ;; "Blast him, he most have seen thrbngh all our toggery, and depend upon it he is on the lay for na no« about that achooner; but who in thunder oould have blowednpon ns'toblmr That Jew cove wouldn't he,dare not" ledgad that two snch idfan'had been shipped ai ikw days bslbn The whole lartypioceddedfo thsforeoasUeand thelunwaa sommoned on deck. - They'sodii' made tb^ aiipearance, btt what' waa the consternation' of Burke ahd lUbrgan, wheo they aaw Dlker whom they fulaied they-had mads foodforfiahM. They saw tbatthelr eato'was'neatly hopeless, and thatni. ronndadby armed men, there was Uttls bbance of escape; They had made up tbeb;mtods, however, never to be'teken alive, aid as If by inntnal consent, tbey diewptsitols and commenced to blata awayatDlkerandhls aids. -The sthiggte, however, was not a very long one, a ball find by' Bfat'ke took effect to' one of the Harbor Policeman's body. This - so enraged his comrsdes, that they closed to open thorn,' and shot them down like do^. Boilt of them received aeveral balls; Jim Uorgan was killed on the spot, and-Burke Itogered osly for an hoar or twa' DIker had <a loflg conversation with him, though the natui'e of it did not transpii^. Dtkerretnmed to NewTorkwith tho bodies of the barglara, and received the largest absrc of the rewatd,-a part 9( It-havlng been reaerved for tho Beaton police. He afterwards icettred from Uls pnfesston as detective, and setttognp' a' hpase to' a flasUoC able lociaity, lived to great style. The money and' Jewels Ab]«n from - Uadam Qrahame were never heard of^' bat ill 'natbred meddlesome people would say that Dlker knew more about them than he chose to acknowledge. .'' ' ' '.'' . ' Bho^ after the above occurrences, the old Jew, mtibli to hia dellshCrecelved a notification that he was at' liberty to do with his diamond bracelet as he chose. BOt little remains to be told. On arranging the aiHiiiMc late Allen Boward bv the authorlUca, It was found that ambe ma yonth he had lived, to New Tork under a feigned nicuAwd uaper^Ibft byhim.]^roved thathe wotfconnected wit&lU isii nla a{ater Jolia. Iii bet, that they wero bla neareat heiiirfflB laTge amonntof money and proporbr which'he left fell towihm bands, i'em\ifieratihg them somewhat for the peisecution,Piey had'Anfferod at his hands.' With the money. Die went totoiriid- neM and to a fiwyepis. auuldsed on immense fortune. HdSto hp'or bis sister ever mamed, but resided with each other to'thfr end of their diys. '-": ' '^"/77 ' Oarl Eosmer, wlth'his ti^o sisters, returned to the West, w^ian they settled down. He got i wife, and they got husbands,'ana are d otog what they*a»n to'the way bf multiplying and repUsf^h- tog.tbe-earth. , .-. .. . " - After undergotog a decent probation of widowhood, Ada, this ^larohloness, .wss led to tbe-alter by. Oeorge Hanlngtoni the' niarrlBge waa perfonbM with much deremony and great magirilt- !ceac4! Among thegneste werotheConnt and Countess D'Oiaay, who were now ss-Knoh lionized by, as formerly they had beta e'xclndedflcome ' ' This animal is addom taken alive. And is rarely seen : by himt- ers, on oeconnt of ito shy and nocturnal faablls—for it - faaaii-la ^ks on the ^hltdree range, nnmberins from fire to twontr-flve .n.tUe pack. Between the wolf and Jactal 'toalze, it is - ytt dU- ttoct from both to shape and color, resembling rather a dotiie, rough-coated dog. Ito ears are long and ern^t, ite llmbara^ massive, and Ite' taU'bushy, and tipped with blaok. It has ■ slonchlng gait, drawn loins, broad, nalry-fbet and a maty zed color. The coat la of mixed hair and wool—the first anmilatud) and the last a slaty red, ,whloh blends with it toto a general ibxy aitem^' 'Ifi'^e-'cbld season the wool predominates ovartu hair. ' Besides IhbtewHd dogs; Dr, Hamilton mentions a "shin- nal,'" or red dog, to' the Southem Deocan, whloh "£a8tens..ttsslf by etirprlse'on the tiger's neck, and kills him." ' '- The 4Ud dog.begins his prowl for'food at sunset; to the das- time he )ilait vei)r cloae. A sort of ehrill bark ieepi the paw together,'br .calls npstragglera. Their prey is whatever they can Euiprlse or overtake, great or small; and the nattvos constantly assent th'sl^they will chase and kill the tiger himseU. Mr.lllleft afflrmB;'ttf hla owh'knbirtedge, that the tlgera leave a Jungly whloh the wild dogs have entered. The ny]slian,tbe sambnt, and the-wild boar,- certainly fSll to them. Bdd'as. they'ar<> noisy and gregarious, and perhapa a primeval sibok of ths men fnininti. quadruped, they yet avoid the faceot man^'Bt- most core. They seek to attack,all other animals, even'tooag tlvlty;. bat the caged wild dog' baddles toto the remotest pomer cfblsde'nnpontheapproachof bis keeper. Ur.;Hbdgsbn kept some in Cfmfinement, whloh were ss wild and shy after t«i months' fading as at ilrst It would almost seem ihat,they may have descended from some primal race of escaped domeetlo di and reloto'the instfliat of runaway slaves, aoqollM,'H^I ' faafce8,:bmv:av^ even perontdhias iand'4tu31K' SM aptored^.'It Irsald^^by them. The deeq'and antelope, aiia wild andwOms - lmflilaM',sometlnes,aiicoimib,.bat ar^ " )f^e]W,ddbg,lftheqnamW^^ "Anyhow," eald Downy Jim, ''Its np nss at^jl^ytog ihopotot now,',he'8 here and no mialake, bnt ourse me if ever ne oite awav agin." . . . -' , ■ - . . ' They how entered a low wooden building standing at the head of one of the wharves. It 'was about two stories to height and projected over the water to each- a manner, that by the uok or sides there was no method of egress, the oidy aveniu belnii the door fiuitog the street It wasby this Ume tfetttog 'duk?abd betog after the hon^ when the . numerous woi^en retire lW>m the laboie of the day, the, streete to thla locsllty were entirely deserted.. -Dlker, who was quite to the dark as to whether or not he had been recognised, oonUnued 01, detenntoed to have a look, at any rate, at the locality where hp' had noticed hla birds disappear. With cautious steps, and watchful eye, he theroforo advanced, andnoepod for a moment toto tho obsotirity of-tho paaaage whloh led wlthto. With cat-like stealth, he entered a fewateps, and to anpthor moment his armawere pinioned from behtod, ^d his throat seized by some one in front, who, oom* pressed his throat with such hearty good will, that he gradnally sank toto a state of insensibility, and slipped to the ground. Be awoke to consciousness to time to find himself betog tbrtist from a wtodow, and with'a ciy, down he wont Into doon water. Thla waa prodnoUvo of ono gbod result; it refreshed and bronght him entirely to his senses, and betoa an exmrt swltomer, he struck out (n a vesture for a landing not far off; where ho'observed the glimmer of a lamp. He was about emergtog from tho briny uempnt, when a oonplo of mon pasatog the spot, csught his eye. These wore his old onemles, and thrusting his hand toto bis breast, he drew his revolver, but to his moitlficnllon diacoverod that the barrel was filled with mad and water. Bather than run tho rlik of miaatog fire; an event which he knew would bring ; dcatmctlon upon blm at once if they heard it, ho permitted them ' to paas on and then agato, as on a former occasion, began to dog them to spite of bis dripping ocndltlon; Iho dame at stake wss too great to give up lightly. Ho had not far to go, however, aa .they Soon turned down towards tho long wharf, when, balling a ^pat they ware rowed off, and he loat sight of Uem. Not a soul- Plld ha soe to make any toqufrles ot, so he hsstened away to get jdiTototbtog, . I < No longer to need of dlsgnlse, Dlker, the do'teoUro, riiWiinuieU of the tags to which bo had maaqueraded fbr aome time past, and dreastog himself decently, srmed himself thoronghly and ;rethmed to Bioad stnet where he made his cay to tho offloe of ^e Harbor Polloo, and by means of voucbera which he biionBht Ifrdm New York, was offered all the aasistence be might desue^ 'Here be also loamed'ihat then won two shipa only lytog to the 'bay, one.whichwas Jost about to sail and another which had .come to but the day before.' Jt wassurmised-thatBilrkeand. Jim had probably gone on board the former, and a well armed nbat'sprew was dotalledto convey Biker to thb vessel, and; if' {necessary, aid to tho capton. It was near midnight en the ex- Bedltton atarted, for this ilmewas chosen as being more likely ^•i^ord an easy victory by taking them by surprise,' In Half an axftu the vessel was nachod, and by the aid of a ladder hanging- hvar;the ildb, Biker andhUf a dozen'men got aafely. endeck. '•(e:t]Miy-met a sekman who had evidently been napjwg'Pn hit ~Mh;.and dealitog at once to seethe chief ofiMr on'bOWd; ir wereoobdlicrtedto the cabtoahdr to(n>diiosd;to tha/fliMv PUW'.ilu da»l»Ui llslntf onahore. HaM Vi«MtteiM «» ihab; >l«itint« atatedaadbytb* dsMtiptlon glvsaUnii'Sj^ullSMV fdFtbelPbE groond add a fcir st2ri '"lie aiUre aooonnt' is, the* IKMt themselves sB about-tho animal they havs'dlscbvbted, ae I hat some one or more meet Um to whstover direction' he sedSr to run ott. Bnccnntered on all sides, he stands stIU or oh^roM, while the dogs, dosing to, shed water upon their bnaby talla tpd whisk it toto bis lowered lace. The application Is acrid and bUt- tortog to a degree,.and a drop to the eyea deprlvea the'pny,'tbr 4 tlmo, of ito alght; and while It ateggers, or runs helplesuy sbont the wild dogs f^ten upon neck, Bmk, and wllnen, taring the-yet sllve and'straggling crcatare toto bleeding moalhlBls. Tho narration sounds apooryphal, and no poalUve cbservationl confirm it; bat the piaottce of the sknnk, and of sll thsT<witB; seems somewhat analagous. to "Betocke-Jaobs;'.' tooj than if this very same method deaprtb^ as. thennly one by which Itoy< nardo'veiooniM the wolf to stogie combat ' ' ' . iU>Vi:NT17IUl 'WITH AN, BUkPHAmF.' ' '-' In lU'f or'48,'nras'ihe supeitotendrat-of a'obboa-iiat es&te'- belongtog to. Hr. Armltage,' sitoated'abont twelve miles i^bm K#-, gombu. Atoguiab elephant did some Injury to the estate (it uat time; andTone day, beartog that it waa then on tfael pISBtait' tlon,'^'Hri litodsay, wso was proprietor of the'Adtbihing jite- perty, and myseU; aoeompanled by seven or eight pebpls'of:th» nelghbprtoB Tillage, went out cairying with ns six rifles, loaded aiid printed. We cohtlnned to walk along a path whloh, near one of ite tuma, had some bushes on one aide. We had calon- Uted to come up with the brute where it'bad been seen half an hourbetbn; but no sooner had one of oui men, who was wane- tog foremoat seen the animal, at a distance ot aome fifteen or twenfy Stthbms, than he exclaimed, "Thenl" and Immefliataly took to bis heels, and we all followed tils exempts. Thedephaal did not see us until we had run aome flReen or twenty paMf flram the spot when we turned, when he gave us oliase,'scr<att- ing firlghtililly aa he came .on. The Englishman mlnSged W dlmb a tree, and the reat of my companions did ths same t ai (ot, myself, I could not although I made one or two snpeilrofnan .ef- forts. Bnt there was notlmptobelost- The elephant was run* ntog at me. With his trunk bent down to a onrve towalMa t^ "' rund. At this critical moment Ur. Ltodsay held cut his foot mo, by which, with the help of tho brosohos of ths tre^ whloh wen three or fonr feet above my head, I managed to sorsmbte :np to a tiranbh.' The dophant came dIreoU/toths tree and attempted to force it down, but ho conld not He'flrtt colled his trunk aronnd the stem, and pulled at it with aU'hlV might but withno effect -He then appUed hla head to the tree, and pushed It for several mtoutca, but'with no better speoess.-. He then tnmpled with his feet sll the projecting toots, ma^ag - ak he did so, several thnes round and round the tree,'lanv. fiiiltog to all this, and seetog a pile of timber, whloh I had law cut, ataahortdlatanoe from nB,he removed it all (tbSitt-ax plocee), and one at a Umo, to the root of the tree, and piled Ihiam' up to regular -bnstoess-likemanner; then, placing his hlfdfsat on this pUe, he'ralsod the fon port bf his body, and reaohed,pt)l|; his trunk, but stUl ho conld not. touch as, as we weib too above blm. The BngUshman then fired, and the ball took effert apmewhoro on tho depbant's head^ bat did not kill blm; it mads him ooly the'mon forioua.. The nbxt abot, howaier, levsllsd him to the ground. I afterwarda brought the skull of tha antmat t9 Colombo, and it is still totbe seen at thf home c< 'Hr, A^ mitsge. ' ' ' • ' ' ' ' . , . ,: ■ I. .. - •• .'■■ SFOBOEOMiHStHBTiitiKf.—A geiitleman fiomBaglaiid.(Ml. lates an aneodoto pf Hr. Bpargeoa that la too'good to be ust The gnat preacher, to illtisaate "personal effort" one day told. ]a story ofa "Tankee" who boasted thathe oodd whip the entite' iEnsllsh nation;" vAnd'how oould yaudoIt"sddabyaft&dtt.- "Why," aold the Totakee, "I'woald take one Englishman at'a'< time, ihen another, and sp.on, nntUall wero whipped,!' At ths doss of the serpion, there oame a tall, solomn-looVlng man, who-j bailed from the SUIb'of Ifstoe, and presented to Ur, Ssnrgeon" a Mttor oftotao^aatlon; Boon Hr: e^nraoon addressed ue new-i^ bhcsn.'sttt" "llnewa Tsnkee,that did that once,"wu'thsr ,roply. "A^d whkt was Us name;" Ur,Bpurgeon asked. "Ths I. — T„..v,—, ..^^ 5._ y^^^ heaid'Of ■ andallOMd ,.'.c:.t^i Topiy, "ana wnat was nis name ?" ur, Bpurgoon as name, air, 'Was Oeorge Washtogton: perhaps yon hai Uml" Ur.Spniseaa Jotoed to-ihe heartyiangh,! that the Tankee was too much (or him. > .. ItAUiBFoBKBsA-A few of the pigs aoon--hen wuiTi. ither flit pig-like erektnre*; but the neater part of thsifi.^ mormons boar-like moastsn, some while, some blaok, aotte: ery haio> sortowlthgdis, some without; aUof thwu»» ""^ it,'lbi6s-lt, itQo roondif( (righte.wste tasks were' ^Ucal-lookins bmlos In'^'SSl^.Miii.'i [▼4Wi of the ChineM br«»d/theJjaM4» thf loMy Tal d'Amo; Ott nostfbnnldahlMI iioMcSfmiaM^ BS»,o#th«sa1mrteiw»»W«a%^ lhonteoi£tliigth«lrM«ifi«aH«ad IcofartafMtaiUt, .