New York Clipper (Jul 1862)

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A/. TO OOIlRBBP9WI>B''"* ft■ t a tie Irt bM«iBU> pOMd It to tho M bue- ■ -^SkiUfetd no rtoiito retnni lo Uid W baao, O^tmtan the ;/5S«sSSngttSbiUontb»Mpnthtoout HowliKf ...... ' SHwto b«togi«itout»tUtfu«; UiepUyep nimliig to tho .'l^SbuBCBueatobefoiccd from bU btM; ooDMOQantl;, cor" , could _ _ >''• hi!ratt««wiih'th«'b«ji tobe jntont. Hjd the b^ bean mnght fcStoSr. uia puied to tte l»tb»ee before (ha plajer bid been «Su to nlnrn to It. <r/f<r ibe cetcb bad been mde, both would ^SSra^eea oot: hid the b»U been Mogbt Mi/the bonnd.the -^Sw nnnloa'tbe baaetronld btvebeenodiged tohayebeen ASBliri.«hUevff Us bwe. Ibe pUy ttm, Intho cau jon aUode ZTtoflddOMbdl to3dbtaa,tbnB enanrlDg (be pbjtr being !SBli Oai.'«At(ii< lie nennAy rf hit .being loucM, dso glTlng ■ 'Swwpf paWBg Uie tWber out by npUOy pitching the biU to : ;MlkfMa'A«Biad. lerion TiUey, Oil,—L An ^PV^i^^ laade 1 ||t£t, lading jont oppohbbt foiwud, end tempting JSiiiie-jeiizttm nnguracd) to etilke or Ictn towaide —ilbii nioaient (foi'lt la a momcnlaiy more lUogether) flMi.the ^tioMes Bomowbat oiitalde, an^ then glTe adilTlng ' ' ' 'at'an angle of abontfoTtj-fire degree*,'10 that the V rff»i« .<hfnA of the oononealon with jou opponent li met upon 'Saiiiepn^ Joint of jont ttnimb and the tXlid Joint o( jmi 1 , . flndox •i. A ftlnt la any dodging motion of yonr head or hand, jour adTcnaiy becomes Inflnenoed to alter bis goard or ur (cooidlnglf .' 3. A croeecoiuitei can hardly be called • jf iWf^oaft'inflUAn, a*. It iB very apt to degenerate Into a mere Tanitl'blow.. It -may, however, aomettanee be employed by the -|M«tboiert;wli(AtlmB lp ehort dnilng 'in-l)gh&^^^ laitui 'tfeoBntaliiigjdoroppdDent'B left with yonrrlgbt—or UailglH '«Uh>'yoia;'Ian,'in1heiunBl-way, yon nn the iiak of offering a 'iMod Uow tb CDuike a aort of pany, miUl yon baie Ume to atcp ObiSnaditblkeontftiTaudiiqntre. Ibis klqd of swing blow is >il3te «n£ilratfbr ibe moment; bot, ir MiqiMiltly rea^ . VMU'■taiBb''1ta ompli^er as a mere Bonce, on a muonlar jB(HpbIe...SIUl. aa an oeoatlonal eipedlanV a timely arois-'k,flna jioof of good lUIl. > guimtoLDn, Baltimore IIaryland>-"9f < answerlog in yonr t iaraa the anUolned qncstloiis, yon will mnoh oblige (sretal itUtiieadcni of ibe Clutmb: Teaterday, Jons 20, a raoa ro«betw«en*greyhon6 named flryybeard, and a te.m. aaifaiyland,«neffllleheats,beetSlnb, Frerloiutottaraee, '■T.'Uftl'L. &toS'ihat the grey hone wlna the race. Thanale- iaitdvleOaih'eipartlcs that bewm payotcr the moon as the JoAaea on the stand dedde. I,, then atlpiiIstM within the pree- aaoL bnt not within the hearbg or SnowlRAa of the siake- ■pioy .!., -mia, T;, <hAt ihe kona mat mlhena. Qroybeard wina Oatwo Int beats; the br. m. UUylandwina the third and • jbnib baita, after whfih Oroybeard, being in alanflaringcon- " 4tii«ta. is wliiidnira, and the Jodges on tbo stand award the rioe ' Vto;lhe brom mar*. T.olalnathat by Ihswllhdnvsl of jaaril; the hones did sot go the race, aa they went bn( foor kiniteadof flm.'*"WbowinaT or ia tbe betdrawnt"....'.. Jk'TOa the' money. Id withdrawing ftom the race, it waa tan- ;to'tD aoknowtedgnent of defeat on the part of Oroy- .■tSdjjnd.flO.theJndgea csnaldered it The bones «d go the a; or the Jndgta wonld not haTe awarded the stakes to Uaiy- ft^ip u>.) Btnnot clalm.tbe shot, tbe decision to t>e left to the jflump;'to please declae S was not a coont, Iftf^niirf thie xnlji'expresaly atlpnlatee that some olhigr ball than ° fkil-fttti.wbIA the ooe bell Is In contact, most Jim be played on .. J»^iipiistUiit8>'o(mnt According to a efarlct cosatraotfon of the ' 'jnjh^ alBO,tlletsci of D. first playing on the cnablon woold bate : 'glpiWQfd the oonnt; bnt this last reason is erldenlly not the in. - <j^itonof tbeframenofthe role, andltwUlnodanbtbealtaied ]b.'Umit ot.lnt playing on the oaabion. WiablDgton, D. O.-l. In bis ilgbt wUh TobnHonissey. ■aaiian was seconded by Aaron Jones and Johnny Hacker. X A -jMAod-is. not allowed tocondnct bis nan to the soratah; the jstddpU mdst proceed to the mart, nnaaslsted, and the seconds Biut-remaln In their comers tintll the Tonnd Is dosed, when Mt^'oSA oirry their man In, or aislat him in any other,wayi .V''V<io,i>-J, QyraedB«, Uol— 1. 'Wo know of Slone In the cdty fbr '',jiaKi''9;'Xhej>lM to Import would be In'the nelgbbaihood of ' ■ tBUf^^OAvf^ yoti wrote to baa been obliged to anepead yiA^tloa.. Its former editor reqneata u to reply Ihroogh onr r B,|I. P., CedarBapJda, la.—1. AH right on.flie vftitfai^ yoor letter. 1. TepobUshed no Pio^aiin wsyearorlast 3. The.tlme staied'to hSTe been mademayl SaWbly hare been Correct, bat we ahonld heallata befbro boC- iBiii>nlt/; •, , ■ ■ ^ 'ui.'^wT.VVhlladdpbla.—The dtte of the nbe between niahlon . wpdPi^na at Oimden.K. T.; that yon refer to, was Hay », ISlt, ^jabion Winning In^two straighttaeala.' .Siom thailxiTe yon can aiAe ybar own oalcolatlons. .'-:iau.iaa JnHE.—Tour bestplan wonldtetojolti soine amateur '' naMatlon or accept aome snbordlnato capad^ ln k tbetin; bnt AoL' ttkegood advice aa to whether yon'poateas the nonlred ZSnilqqalldciUons.' • ;■ . ' '. *-^Suiiinaii;,' 'BranlTord, 17:—ll-Wa..diai)ld be pfeUed to heiir ftian yon whenever it may salt yonr conTenanos to write, a. Mbas vsry according-to' qndity.^'-AjUreM'a Uos to VMh k ■»PBd,}(ewIo*. nvi■iPi:^u.i^^^L■:rf;:f. .'j^/iliam PimiaiuEiB,—TsidiieeBnlUytui dl^ unyin .VUlljglit'wlth H^Coy; he ^aaIn bisoonien'howsTeiS as. adviser, .'Sqague liOy (inlle a nqn^ of.'hintf, of which the latter.took^ .stSpilW^ Philadelphia.—TonrfkUne wonM beaa lOnb to get fU ' M' abnodant liveE diet as anythlig iriB know; ot -j ITIt ahtibld die .'jBMit;Jiowe'fer,'don'toharg« the catastropboto onr^OMonal" rimdf fii^oH BMi»n:^v»tboii<Mw9>^^ity«!a!.'tBd •*Ml'erih"'<rfawryaeicrlptloB.ta thta gMi.«i4'in«t«)*61Iiof the Waataa WoiU. Rota Temp^ knooked down ih» tastlona tothe>rnrtiiotohln.liotllii«Viniib^^^ itUL lowto lapMliig the sBae dlatanoe;woln«s's teiun ii supposed to kave ahown the greatest^bnnt of speed in trotting, and nnning half a mUe; Ooiunodaie TandkrUlt's "eoople" are al8<idown for achieving vosden on tho Aiad; ,and everything- bat was pre- snmed to hall tarn New Tork; bnt we knook under at'Iaat, And a porlbrioanos achieved last week "takes.the rag off the hifK and iiroc!aimath«"operstor"the list nag of the Hmse, and a bead and sbonUera above every oOierftstciaft in the "oiilversal Tank'ea nation," OWAbe'aa'tnimp^'V* w»oof theboys. Last we^ he made the ran item 'Wi^ingion to.'West Point in eleven honrs, the dlstanoe being - abont .three' hrindred mUee. Bnt if ■ this la ejnildered 'i!wt,v^hat',sliaJlwo lay of the liotumtrlpl Leaving West Point at 10 :io A. It, of tbe'JJthi he reached T^aab- ington «ti ««l P. U, same day, the time ,oeflqj,led,stoppagc» inolnded, being eight hom :and7o^^nMnn«««^tte.VMrt <^ on r«crd / He also made the ron ftom Ksw Iwk to .Waihlngton In seven honn and twenty mliinteii I - Whether I^. Abe trained forthe'featornoWweibavonot be«m advised; bnt oneof onr frlends'informansthathe]ookedwall,aiidappe»redtobavenoen. peritaon»««shabonthlm;.ifan>ihlDg,he seemed to beallWe (oe'flnelr drawn.' Abe took his bireathliigs nnflpr thevigHant eyo of Mocmian, one of <he bert railroad eeconda in eUttonoo, and the fine style in whloh the latter brought bis man to the eontch at .West Point, reflsola mncherodltnpon theabBlUes of that gen- Abe's stamina ia MnaiiaWo, bnt bow he managed to poll thrangh snceesilblly.Is a matter of wonder, evontothe. sporting fralemlty.l'TTe hope flriend Uncota may be induced to repeattl»eperfoimanee.' Itlithonghtthat if two-thlrds of the dergy [will nlgn a reqnfst for him to,dioi^ open the trai^ again,' he win acqnlMdh and fhe.proeeeda can beAevolsd to the benefit of the' Fliiladelpbla Tohmteer Bafreahmcnt Saloons. It Is well nnderstood that ACm is averse to ill puUlp dlsjdaya; and while he makes nsa of'the railroad track fbr his own iCforeation, mere- ly, hewonld not 'ottJeot to a charitable dlipUy Of speed, provided the clergy slgnliy|tlialr deklrtf that be ahbiild; do M.' .'We hojie, therefar^1ihat onr ikat dargymen.wltl'glva' tlie' biatter their serloss eonaMentlon, and nnlto In a call'iQoa oar Ohrlstlan friend and Cellow oonntryman, Abe -Uneolnl: Cliaritylaaa'en- nobllng virtae;ltiB a pearl of great price; andwhUaitls^wn out In many aasea by'tfie necesaltlfls.of tho tlinss, there ar« some few instances where the idndly {ifBMs;of tbe elargy are naciMsary totts iprcp^ de'Veiopmcnt.. I,et .Abe inpeat'iiisfkst time table, theiffore, aadwewih-ever pray. .Okar thetrackOirtliegreat ran (wad) flitter; Tbm OBamoKHiv;—nu)t'wasaIond blast Ttan Elng gave Haoe, (pnbUahed',tn*Iaitt'.:%eek,'s Ciain) and the oham^bn evidently wtncea^miaa the castlgatlan. (see.Ifua'a reply in another column).*. From thi time those men tlnlahed their eon- test for the champlonsblp, we have fUt sattsfled that there had been* tittle bargaining between the two, and that E^gwuln* dnced to "hold oil;" by promises of «exlilbitloa money." AH has not been "serene" of late, andUaoe's Mjndoot towards Elng exasperated the latter, and earned' him to spoik on^ and claim another'^cfaanoe fbr the belt As we snrmlsed, tlie "onknown' abdicates,' for a supposed ebnsiaerstlon of.tSS, Usee olfering. Brettle ^tbat amoont to "hanl oB,'^ which. It appears, he has done,.'and Hlngand Uace win .probably liava another boot for that belt," of which vre have beard so snich alnoe .Tom Beyers and Jofai/O. Heenan oontanded tar it A match'ttatween Uaoe ind Zing has very likely been made ere this, and the two wQ ait' once see the necessity of msUng good preparation for the event; for the flghti preanmlng the men will come together, ought tote a sUshlag aHair. BIx months wOI probably elapaebetwsen the making of the iDateh 'and lhe''flgbt,'and both men s^III have ample time to get themselvM in fix. King, we heiir,.is not in the best iieilih at^reaent, tmt nnder- the practiced asd aknUoI eye of lack KsDonald, who win, we are inforioigd, take him' in bjtnd.he'sbonldenter thszing In'^gobd-iMUs.Haoa'a Mends win hays to held a: tight rain on hlm< Cor lie has been aomawbat loose in hla habits 'since he took'up with the'alrons. bq^^ss. ibejtwoosght to inake,a,cipl.tal dltplay,,and ,B both an win, the. iflgb t win te Mvare.:' The ;Wini>w' lu j Heenan.'and this win tovest Qfe Haee'itnd' King matiih with ad- ditionai.iiiterest'. In the mnntime, the Banlcia Boy aeema to be mtking good progresa in Ireland, where his exUbitlona have been largely attended, and where .honors have been lavished npbn tiie "Tonng American^" We. expect to learn, daring the •nanlng year, that the belt has changed hands, and ihiat it has gone out of theposaesslan pf 'IIace, and psiised Into the keeping of Xing or Eeonan, or perhaps both. ne bllUard match of 1,100 wlntoA at the Werleanfoqrb^ atth.u.i—^ . . ftCoUondsr'acWsbraeed tloooniUot^ Kotillltla.i enoototberespec^v i^^ajf (he one oiPhelan iesi beln'g', so to speak, tbe anna of iiest baa been manifested In refer- enoo to ueiwim^ve merits of tho tw6 playan.lo both New 'Tork'and Boston, and ocnaiaerable discnsalon ensned, bnt so fkr L we can lesm, bnt few bets of largeamonnti were made, neither nartr beliifl over conlldont of their tnvlue'i sQCeeaa. On the 22d bit. John Seory, who originally haued-from the .West, bnt of lato tooa'tod at the saloon of Ux. Christopher. 0>ConhQr, in 14th etreet, In this dtr, left with that gentl^an and a few^ltlehdi for Dos- too whore (hey arrived In duo 'atasos. - Deery ttadbeon praotlo- Ing'oonalderabiy of late, bnt principally with thoae'to,whom he bad to give odds to'glve him work enough' to do, whlolL in bur hnmble oplolon, is sot the beet sott of drill, practice with ^D^e-' rior or equol players being much to be preferred, partloularly.ln bis otse, IB hu.etyle is dashing and brilliant, but rather too haz- ardous for match playing for money. Experionco and defeat may, however, havo tho eifeot of co^ebUi^g this defect, atleoatit Is to be hoped so, whloh, with tho suMuIng of (he over eqthu- Blam and conlldenco of yontb,'may,resuIt In making him a elnb- bom opponent, If not the peer of many of onr beist playen. 'William Qoldthwett, like Doety, Is a young and pronilslng player, both being about of ago and of the same age. Befint made his repatatlon, we bollove, at Troy, in this ^tate, tbo young one taking sombof tho old boys by surprise in bis oxoeatloii with the cae. Be snbseqaentlr migrated to Boston, and for some'time post has been connected 'with thtjVlnoken Billiard Saltfon there. Ho appears to have given tho gaUb great study, and being possessed of excellent nerve, plays very cautiously and steady, or what In OMrtlhg parlance Is termed "a winning gomor" as is evinced b; the victory.oil this occasion. A considerable gathering of ptoral nent billiard players assombled at Allston Hall to witness tho enoountor, and soon alter eight o'dock P. U. greeted the youlhfol bhamplons .with mnoh-applause as they mado their eiUree, In about twenty minutes after,'all-proHmlnaries having been aoangod, 0. 0- Conner took his>eoat aa umpire fbr Deery, B. HaU acted in tho same capacity for Qcddthwalt; and Qeorgn Howe being mutnolly eboeen aa reforoe, the twain approached Ibe table and strung for load and.oboica of balls, wblf^ privileges wera wonbySecty. He foiled to make a count on hil Ores flrtt Innings, but Oolduiwalt flrsi acored 3, and on bis second play 18, bloaing the' latter mn by going into tho pocket off the white. Peer; made a'mlss on hlB third play, but on his next inulogs scored 5. At the end of tbe 8th innings, Uie game stood U for Deery and S8 for (Hldthwalt, when the former, by a handsome run of 60, placed hImieU considerably'^ead. The greater port of this ran was made by earoming on ^e white and one red, Beery inanaglng in a skllinl manner to bring them together and afterwards to keep them eo. He Iblled to foUow up bis success, however, and Ooldthwalt again went ahead on bis twelfth pjay, making three succeeslve mns of 23, U and 31. On us sixteenth play, Deery placed himself ahead of bis oppo- nent by a ran of 83, but tho latter ^Ireotly after 'made runs of '21 and 23 and regained his former advoiiced position, whloh he sue- seeded in maintaining through the remainder of the game. Both players mode somaexcellentBhotshi theearlystagoof the game, whloh were applAodod by tbo oadlonoe notwithstanding a rwiueat made at the commencoment that they wonld refrain from manifestations of approval or disapproval, but It was not until bis tsth Innings that Ooldthwalt exhibited anything really re- markable. .1^ a splenaid run gf 116 he scored. SOS points, whUe Deery's side stood at 377. This little olrcamstance advanced the Boston stock considerably, and odds of SO to 10 were freely offer- ed on'OoIdUiwalt, and as freely taken by the Kew Torksrs. On the SOtb innings, tbo score stood as foDows:—Deery, 316; Qbldthwait, 301. The players kept about the same distance from eaoh .other up to the 6tth innings, ^hen Ooldthwalt by a fan of iX acored 537, and pUced himself 80 ahead. Doery afterwards gained, and at tbe doee of 'the soventh hundred, was but seven pplnto tMblnd. On his SOlIi limlngs, when ho had scored eo<,and waBonly2S behind, he got two of the balls, Ibe white and the red. In the Jaw of the pocket, and Ooldthwalt failed to oxtrioato them or count Deery then took his play again, bnt after mak. Ing two afaota, "ftoze"^ to one of the other balls, and could not count" The lulls remained in the same position, and. had not thlsacddent ooourred, he could undoubtedly have made a very 'ragrun, Ooldthwalt soon after ran 99, the boat run of tho ame. Ooldthwalt gradually went ahead, and at the dose of lis 138th Innings, when be made bis next boat run—Si—be stood 1316, and 208 ahead. Deery dosed up a portion of this gap by a handsome mn of 79 points, but again fell .behind, and at Uio cloaeof the 162d innings.'whenthflsametermlnatedttbsscore stood aa foUowa: Deery, 1370; Ooldthwalt,' 1(00. The laKor lacked 81 whence ran out Jost before tho dose of tho gamo, a little dispute sroae in reference to a "foul shot" claimed by Deery, and aa the nmplrea oould not agree upon tbe matter, it was decided In bis (avorbya"toss-np.^' The question in dis- pute ms whether or not Ooldthwalt played beiore the bslla stopped rolling, and as he lost bla play by tbe "toss-up," he was prevented from finishing Hie game aooner than he did. n> aooaz. i > BAOn^a MXAB PHIL&DXLPBU. oouvTHWiiT. I niKBr. oouMnwarr. 8M.aml.ntaL Onn^lUoI. >(feunt.ntol OmU.I|j(al. ,■^^^SlpM«j■Ib'D|^-^WJ^^ you son^ 'a iseesurythatcme jiuwiuu-w VU.UV ••uv w« uvuiy. iMou, no mailer which* ^;Tov;i[ciri)rt'ia too late to belSonsldered hews.., ..•Oboi'A.'.'S^, XoweU,KoBa—1. Book^forwarded.-, a.;The work, «Bderitti».tltIcs named. Is theaame; o(> wblch'we can forward a ::teSf,ffr:\moi<>Om. ' v ■••.. ;.■ .-■. ' ■•! _ ' •^<;8.i';^ebeo,;d; TH.—Vi are' iorry; butwo hav? set (ha nam- J.lAMnliiilag caEsebnUVdy,dther.ot-lOth vubuna/of previoua )mt!i^mi»jc.z:\-- 'j-^ /. ,- ' ^MjL B.V;fort De]avrare.'.pA* 'stated' ipfii't^'ilM thrn Uagi ^^mi^-^: ■ .,:i;vvi.'■:■-. :'■':■■'< '' '■iT-^'$.> Bast teiington.—As ths gsnilanian named is vren ao- 'oBrintsdvtth thebdy,.perbaps'IiawlU'inakesome'msBtloa'cf ■tbe««eev;'r^,r .■ .'■■■'>'"',.'::<:^.'/.'V:'";; WiBiiiL't'Tot^htol^Thanks; WeUinii^]ilks.(b;li«tf'frnBpar "j«au;A:v,;/'''vV •'-■i ■' •■' :; ' -r'i -'-'vv^ ,■^ 5S}i^..',,.*,,'v:y;-, .. i-,. • I, :-»'ri','^"v '.-;--\v.c. i-V ■Hrir«ir.,<,Haven,—Ubst.of, yp^r, iteias,',«lreaa]iv4o print. pti^^ifft.tttf^naaSi. -,; ; -^v ■ ;-j/,'Bdtlniore,—We regret'osr'tBabDlty (o .Atrnish'-ytin' •iWiio.pywi you'require. .'■•i:!-.-.' i;. • 'Sj-'p^,'" : > 7^1iijpostbiL^^-<AolennuaeJlafl^ 3Wliruai3r-18,1^2.-,' | :'/ Oil^.ii., Hew Bivon, Oi-^It is a was ^imrt of •'MSle,(list is ' ;.Ciama BusiB, Bochester, N. T.i-Ws: bnva' ae knowlbdge of .Ai^iitdlvidtialieicepttbraughhlsadveirtlseinaut:" ' ' P/.'Phlladelpbla.—We are not at 'preiMnt'.iiMsed of .'hls .;^i«h{IMsboiita. ' ■ , ' ..V '.liK.k E..'Dansviilo, H, T—At presen^'we do not esn'to.cBiter . . '"^- ''^ 'i;,'-.;' vr.'^ ' ';!uvini'PJttsi)iu^ sujp|p«Bed''ba^Cmffi)}r.tha .|''jNl>elsMin^1fh»e.toj^^ ', ;^,'., .;';' •;.,■ .,•.<;;-,;>; •.■;■' >'> /du'sroatilltlca,—Should yonioomplete'the'atorr,wa'iiilght 'fln^M>dt'we cannot riegotUto for ino^ ' IplVttato'ne. .. . _ , .:, . , , , .ffiU.tf0ira£'.'|r„T,—A.mlle.haa never been.rms'In one' : .wtH',i>t(li nor taa-a-half mile ever.l)eep run at the same rate.' 'r, .'"^BOMttntt-CiDoinnatl^-^HcoilBn 'has'fongbt'but twd nilMbBtr ' JbfttbM'MUjg with John ' " V'i,,^i.'.<t.,i^uiiLjirib '-.' l«lphli.^B'e two trays andafln wto. f/i^^iJjffiJVj^^* manuakrlpt was not prds<it*al''-'V' ■ '^ %' ' "''V ^sS3^?V ?^^ '..'/ ■ ' '""^pWfSojfBf^^ %i:<ftiii6iid Jjjlnlfli''-'?,.. ; ^ie^rt >r.Yt>e,lste lUlliud /nlatb^,- played M.-'th^^ |i^'iiitth Tdt,^by whloh it wCiibi »i&vid Su'lMt ,KBix.A9ELPBia BioB.-EIsswhere vreglTe n xepbilbf seteral imdngevents whichtrahsplMdat Phll^clphlatast'vreel^under the'direbtton of aHr.'Oasaldy.'. iwken aliogelher, the atCilr waa not a success, pecnnlarlly or othenrlae, the risoalpts at 'the gate b«iing';iji^tosmaB fbr>'"race ineetldg,"'and hot at an. ejjW to the eicpedatlona formed by those moat directly iiiteresled.: ipie weather waa somewhat against the success of thb speculation; it iS'lrn'e; bnt evrahsd it been otherwise, we . do hot belleye tlie thing wolalid'hivo ambnntod .to much, everything .bonsidered Ootten up udder - better auspices, it is probable the* attendance wonU bave been'better; bnt as Phlladelphlasa have much knowledgt -^ ^r. .Cas4ldy,lttanotsarprlslng'tha( tbe aflhir passed off ad cddly.. The raceSi with one or two cxcep- UodSi 'were only mediocre, whlla.tlie time recorded has bean beaten by less, distinguished horses, on-more common oocsslons. Tbe.oontesta didi not create any degree of enthnalaam among the spectators, ^d a note cold assemblage is sddom seen upbn arace triibk. Tliere wak very'll^tle tnteresti even among regular tiMtes, and the betting was extnmely limited. We refer the reader to n ^port of the proceedings, 'to be.fband in onr tarf departnumt' ^. ' ^ - " ' ... . .; Sibiii'Pat,— In another part of this issue of the OuiFinwin be found an Inteiesling account oMhe great Derby Dijr, In Bsg- Und, from the pen o^ our correspondent, Ned Jsmes, Oolng lb and retamin'g ftom the races, thi) coarse, shows, andalghto of on Idndje, inddeDta,. and alnjost evorytblng^cbimccted <rtth the day atBpsom Downs, ire gnphlcdly dc^^li^bybnrpa^respondimt. Ws'have beforfi nil maiherutlcio.bD.'the^ ia spaeoh delivered in tondcm; by'Ur, Train. Hb gives a teirlble 'iu(p<Mare of the vibes ooimeetedyith^^ and plfch'es into aO^blaiiias vritb ununal.aeverliy, Aa our own oorrespondent d»^ sb^tM the sppearinfe'of thlnga as be saw fhem, wiihost aord- tctnglQpon' the nibje^' itmayhbt be oniiff place to'puTillsh'lb'. CVaIn'a.)rib.W<}f|;the Derby in our. nexti lo that our readen may read for. themjielves, snd form their , own opinions obneernlng Englaiid's grbit' turf holiday: ': iSi, Tialii'a Speech on the Derbv wm appear. IninextweUiVip^^ . I.. 0 9.. 0 :■».. l»j .-«.. ».. e.. 0 .«.. * .7.. 0 8. * 1» 9. M 10..U ji:. 0* u:. 0 IB., ot M.- 0 U..10 It..82t 47.. 0 18.. a U.. SO.. 31.. 33.. «.. 28.. 38.-. 27.. 28.. 2«.. 80.. n.. 82,. as- st.. St.. .87 - A Bta Biui^'lUTOD.-ItappearV by.the Boston. Jfoidil of tlie3tth tdt, tbM ui'oth)rb|g bUllordmatch has tMeii made, of irhlbkthofoitovrtng'are'th'epar'lien]Bra>- : ■/'Bpston getiUetaian loia a wagerofnod6'with'a N«w7ork gen- tlsnlab;lhat^ecodd name a player jrhowonld beat anyone that id •■• the MewVbrSer-might nensiUie match-to conalstof the'tall. n"iS American four bUlgiihb, ib« bSt In twenfy-bne gamcaof ooe^ houdred.points eaoh, The 9oqdltlbn«|,,were tbaf Mew Tork :thonId<«afaio<bU-,man at boce, and (bat Boston should have isafeaty-flvb days Ih which tb tii'odnco,bls, thb match to be '.pUtredTln Boston st ttb end of ninety days. The ten^ wore ob- abaed'to, and a forfeit <'of tlOOv^os nut ap,.whereopon thb Kew- Torkbr, somewhat to the aurprlso of U^oie ptesent, namod Whl ' aoldlhwU,t ''" ' , '. ■ ' ■. ■.' ■■J, •'■ .7 .-. ■• "■ • ' ''' • ■ ' ■ • , •• "■• ".By the above Itwotald 'aeem that doiathwalt is more akOfiil iHiil<lhi>',onetlii^ andltfbr, WhO' Mli|ttiiBoitbn'Dln,sdeott 'T^ , . 'i .iriM . iun>:Suians o» Wiiia:<-As<ir«go io pra^ ihoie si* an lN>ria.orn)gfo)k'«b<jut, in ((tfbrrace'to a'fiig batUa/at iifclunoa'd. bdiaqnti'ailipiWa^i'sVi^^^^ 'U^-,oci)jMnbtion' in, tiia^newt, aii'd eah'.' sympatUsoB pdi ' itdbu . ahotli'i^r,- |bV 0 9 0 0 a a 7' 98* 1 - 0 a OS 9 A 30 I B .u..n a.. 1 <s>.-o M..10,. 0. 46,. S i7.. 1 <B..13 <e..l9t 80-. 8( El.. It S2,.llf 83.. 1* 8«,. 0 C6..4t E6.. 1 VI.. f «.. » M,.'4* CO.. a 81.. 8t li «8.. .1 ' <s..a3 ta.. 0 lo" 8 48 . 1^ ■ 8 i 0 18 , 0 : •. .» u 11 -,13. ; 78' . .00 • 90- ee 90 . w - 110 111 :.lt4 - 1<A IM ita -MS U8 ' 110 ' 117 in m< m 184 ' - 184 188 190 ■ • 310 316-. : .318 ■■■I- . 335-. ;'..'- 380- > 28» ■■- asa ■2S9 . •m 38T lef ■■■ m ' m ■}- -■■ 380-' -' sai-'^ T- .394-V.I- 813' ■ ■' : 817 ')!• ■<■ . 828'. 83»--'. gag 878 ::■ . ' .-,■877 •888 :808>^V;'; . 40t : ■.■.<o» 401 '■.tU:- ■, 9 - »..: 0 . u . 8»' » . 0 ' 18 IS- 91 8 9 -i : 4 8 :■■ '94 ■■ . » 19 1 0:;, 0 ■ »■.', .■I 10 3 10 r,ai 11 ai : 91 as 88 88 61. TB 97 108 119 lie ue Its 148 166 147 ,187. 187 171 171 183 184 194' 7s;! 0 • 79.. 0 • 80.. S»* 81.. 1. 81,: 1 83.. 0 84.. 1 86:. 1 88.. 0 87.. 4 88.. 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'I 139.{'6V"1108: ' ' 180..84'-1140 'm;.':8 '1148 ' ';, 182..'2' 1148 183.. 6» UM 184:. 8t 1II8~ lB8j; 0 USB ' 186..:9.<11U0 -, , 187. .18 - im - ' 188:;U ,U84 . . UOKWi'JllBO' a 14 88.' •8' 874 874 8*1 892 906 911 B14 , 917 910 910 IDO .910 910 ■ 978 ■Ml II 1010 Of 1040 0 1040 13S, 1S6 127. 0 67 '■ e % •18 .'.I,- 84* I 42', ■■■ 9- -• 1' .. 1189. U2.'.12t 'lilOl 148..V0*'.; ' 448 -■•' •-• a ' '889 148...'Of <.U0r 404 -' . / ' '01 -689 144..82f .1388 ' 467 !' V-81 ■ 870, Wr. r 1288 618 .43 818 146,';. 1'^^.1988 622 • • " 01'' ,818 147.'. 8 ,1219 638 - : Oe '^eiB 14B;I 8'. 12604' 639 .: 8s: " 818 -iiS.iyt :iain. 629 , ' 0* .018 1601 ; 1264' 613 - ".a: 888 ISl.v 8:1347 699 ' . '4t \:66T lea.i 8 .1979, »HiB8-lforfait, ■ . • ■ t f ochet bff the wbtto baIl-2 fbrfelt I Pocket off'the,M, or'^Itbout touohliig any balt-^-a'forfelt. 1044 1044 1014 UU :uie i" It^B 1230 1347 13681 .lin .136» 1278 1270 :1818 1831 1833 1864 Ian 1876 , 1877 0:,'m; a 187! 8 1883 6 ; 1888 1801 1888'. 1413 1411 1410 1410 ,1409 1 The Mew York speouUtors ooncomed in those Philadelphia il^ did all inthelrpowor, apparbntly, to draw out tbe people w ensure a flnanclal.success; but tbe result was a "barren eh'ow!! Omnlhusos and roll rood oars flaunted muslin'signs, <<lAtti races at Suffolk Park,'.' but thoy carried very few paaaecito. Indood. We were on thb ground to see in what manner races" were to be conducted, and to note the degree of success iT tending them, A less.llvbly or onthuslastlo assemb1|igb wo nerti before saw upon a race track. Wo bate aeen vAaUymorogpM at a camp' meeting. At a llLerfll callmate.we do jiot think tlitn wore more tlAi ou'e thpuRand spectators in- 'attondance, thi majority of- tMe being the regular t'a'rf'AaMli'es, mbnibf when wero "aclders,"'at half a dollar admission. The stands, at ou dollar a pop, contained, we .should Judge, about three huidrel persons, of whom forty or flfly were ladles, There waa no lib about any of them; everything wos duU and spiritless, and scoih one In ten knew anything kbont'borsos.' Tho village ot Darin about throb quarters of a mile from the track, doubtlesa eipeciai to reap coneldorable profit fro.)n "the races," and, aU'aottiot "traps'* were -i'geared up" and pnt In requisition to conTo parties to the track, on thoii arrival by rail at Darby. Some bl omnlbneea that bad been condemned years ago wero broBtbt out and mado to.^o service once more. They were shaky am leaky In every part and how jiboy gotto tho track ■wlthoutepllllik Uiolrflve cent psssongers was a puzzle to us; but thoy usdJ 'em, sore. The proflta derived by the Darbyltes were extreoil limited, however, and hardly pald for digging up tbe vebioles v horsos used in "tho conveyance." Tho-"Bell" tavern, oneU' Institution, did a fair trade, Supplying flie travollors, golngfa and coming from the races, ■with' "drinks,"'and such Uko "•■ tertalnment for man and beast." There wore two races down for the opening day, a race ormlh heata, and a single dash'of: two' miles. For the first evetallB following were a4.vertlsed to contend for the prizes, viz.^—^ '• > B A Alexander, b f Aim darki by-LeUngton, dom Kilty 01ail» . -Olenooe: , : .f B A Alexander, b f Bayflower, by Lexington, dam Bayloallls Imp Torksbire. i , - R A Aloiander. b o Norton, by leilngton, dam KovlOB, ty Olencoe. Hon. Zeb Ward and W F Jones, b e 'Blondin, by Imp Soveretgi, dam by Olencoe. - : v ;., Cotonel Campbell, oh o, by Wagner, dtm-Fanny-pampbeDitir Olencoe. •■'..;i,<" ,.- , ■ ' ■ ' .-j Colonel .CampbeU, ch .e by Wagner, dam Uary Taylor, byiq Bovarelgn. -' A J Minor, oh 0 West'Boxbnry, by Balfb'wnle, dam Columbia, Olancoa, • ■ •' . .' „• ,. A J Ulnor, 'b e Bimahlne, by Balnnhile, dam Imp Comfort M IrlahBlrdcatober;- ■' P 0 Bosh, br f Oaprioleuse, by Zanonl, dam Madonna, by Ib). Torkabire.' . ■ Oapt T O Beiore, bh-f by Brown Dick, dam Isabella, by DoBtoiL' . Out of tlilB formidable looking lot "on paper," throe maoiged to come to the scorib viz,: West Boibary, Blondin, and Ospit, deuse. '-West Boibury woe the' favorite in what Utile betUn'g there was, although the "green backs" turned ap very sUm tor s race meeHng. They got off pretty well together, and Blondia went to the tore, CapiioIeuaefQilowingr with the favorite bidlig bis tlbie.'. After the eecoM quarter bad been reached, West Boi- bury let out going peat Caprioleuse without much trouble, aid forcing Blondin to bis speed; the two made a pretty race on tin (bird quarter,' but on coming home, the pace began to tell oe Blondin, and West Boxbnry went abeadi crossing the score ti« or thrcs lengths in advance, and wtonlng' the h^t lnl:19X, Caprioloueo was nowhere. Tho second beat waa but a repoUlIon of the first except that the pace was slower. It was evident thil West Boxbnry could .win without a great deal of dllBoalty. - n« foUbwing Is a summo^:— BnrroLB Pibx.— Uonday, June 33.—Bunning stake for thm year olds, .mile heata in threo; )200'sabscriptloD, S60 forfeit;'dl or more entries to fill the stake; secoild best to reoelve back kfe stake; track to add tZSOJf two or mora start A 3 Minor, ch o West Boxbnry, by Balrownle,. dom.Colam. bik; by Olencoe 1T Hqn.Eeb Word and W.F Jonea,b o Blondm,by,Mp Eove-' 'reign,dam by.Olencoe i ....w.. 3 S F C Baeb, f Capridense, by. Zmonl, dam VtAimt, by Imp Yorkshire i 3 8 Tlme:-1:19K; l^OK. The second evenf waa more aatlsfactory t]u# the first, and at, fordsd inore amusement to the spectators.' ' It was aaloglBdash of two miles, or.twb dronlte of the track. The advertised entiles all showed, at the 'score,' and with their.'Jooklus, made a.veif. prettydlsplay.' 'The following were entered:— ^' ' Dr J W Weldon, b m BetUe Word, five yoorA'oId. Dress, red onl maroen. , » , ■ ■ j. ■ ■ O IilAaiS, g'g Throm Rebky aged.* .Dnss,^piirplD'and.wfalla; John M Olay.nti m Bla D, ^v^teart.cold. ■ Dress, 'bjtae,;]M|aff|(' A J Minor, br coU BunshiiiB, three yebni bld^ -Drogs,'bIire as8 white stripe. P 0 Baeh, b h Trovatoro, six yoara old. Drees, ro^ and .bide. Zob Ward, ob h Pope Bwlgart, five ^'ears old. Pre'es, red, ptbk and white. EUa D, was the favorite in the pool betting {for there vras lel mucb.ln.any othor way,) and Pope Bwlgart next, They got awar allin'aheapi'.and. Tbioganeck was the first to draw out leadhi| the string, but oloeely pressed by Bettio Word and Trovator«,tti others tralllSg out, with Bunsblne lo the rear. There seemed to be very little change until the.tbird quarter had been reached when Trovatcre began to eilge up,.and a aplrited race cnsned be- tween TbrogBUBch and Trovatore,.lho latter passing the stand i trifle in front'. The "tallets," at- tho start' were now worklii their way up, and Pope Swigart'.pasBcd tbe "favorite," Blla D., whllo Buneblne mado play for a better place; Throgsneck not began to fell babk, and he was poaeed by Pope Swigon, who no* challenged Trovatore for first place. SunsUno koptup with Iki pace, and now held third place; the others liilllbg' bock. Tron-. tore, pressed hard by Fppo, was unable to maintain the lead. Its on tbe home etretoh the latter oamo with a rash, edged In fioBi of Trovatore; oind oroesed thescoro nearly a length nnead, makli| tho two miles. In :3:43K.' Sunshine was a good third, BllaS. Throgenecki and Bettio Ward winding up. It waB,a veryjiret^ race, and made up for lock of intercBt In tno flrsf lowtogta'a summary:— , ' Bahe DAT.—Daab of two mUes, .purse of 1360. Z Wardls. s h PopoBwlgart 6 yeara old P 0 Bush's b h Invatoro, 6 " " .,-, A JUinor'a boBuneblne, 8 ■• ■• ., . John MOUy'sbm EllaO, 6 ■• ••. ^.^ OhorleS'0 Iiloyd's a e Throgsneck,, - - DrJWWeldon'sbinBatUoWard,6yrs... • t Time-U:43K.' - ' , The race'wsa dosed about 4 o'clock; at which time raln 'btna to iUli.and the spectators hastily mode their way to tho ysriev ponvbyancej,' by wbibb they 'retumed'to tho olty. Tiken 0)1" ' Ik 0 '83 ■ 0» 81 . .'beb^.g'alnod 6t and Ooldthwalt 80 by mlasBs ana ioBses [belr.averagbl^niUngb were:;D«ory, 7Ol-Tlj-Ooldthwalt'O 30-71 Tho fbUbinllR U the state of the sooreiat tpe periods apedBodi ■ Oojdthwatb . Osery;, . •. .• -GoTdthwaiti 'Doery, Att)o'eloek,'.t Atu ;da .., Atll..drt-w. At 13 db^ ;dia .018 ..141... 816 61S, At 1 o'clock. >.'. 1347 AtlM do . .(.(1818;! AtlK'dO '..;.1888 Ata~ do, v<,11448 lost' r 1160 Kami -mo no first event ThbfW' .,1 ..9 . ..8 .-.4 . ; ..8 . ,:dist.. eethor,'the opening was anything but'oncouraglng to'lhb spi itorS ingotUngupthe meetliig; .nr Mondny Is conersUy a hbS-' day In Phlladdnhia, we wore a.KUIe snrprieed to ond such a bUB' attondance, and so little osthustaam. If tho track bad to gin; $3IIO,.as sot downln Ibe-pro giMn mo,' the.Vtrbbk" muet havelcia' soma out of'pocket when thl^oceeds canb to be divided, Ik ••housa," .or, bar;^id: not do avoty brlBktibdo. for tbooNin seemed inote dry of fonds, than thirsty, BtboRi)' DAT.—Tubaday, Juno 34, was thb tlmb onnouncod A> the eecond day's radbg, but'heavy sbowors sot lii on Tueidit raotnlDg, rendering.'racing pliogothor out ot the qucstlii; Towards noon the rain ceased, but tboTOnds and track ^vfieB fivory.bad'conilitio|), and'a' post{ionombnt until tbe foUowlM day.fros'tbo result- Wednisday did nbt look Tory favoriM; occasibnol showers; falling'throughout ;tbo morning. AtW nooii,-howaYor, th^'sofa ;began to.break through tho olbu'di^ W at tbta tlme^ tho woather" gave evidences of a dear up', andjU gotter-up of-thb Ifacos determined to resume thorn. rJ!- Two races wero down for tbo' second <fKf: a raoeoCtvo4V hoata, fo/apurao of t800,.and a rabiybf mile bonta, fora "law'- watch." . JuBt Aboat 1 o'clook, another heavy sbowor cameiA prevontlng a number of . persons from visiting tho track. Hff wbrcsqmethrfoor'four hundrod spebtatomInattendanu,,!^ the' --•"J - .. . ... >.> all, a track,'Judges, borsoB) apoctators, gnmblors, boer-Bellois^ _!,' presented'a very woQ-beabno oppcaraticb. A few UdleM**. on the jMvbrbd stand, and were thus partially under eholteiw* tho weather, but the "Adders,", and "free Bollois," hod to tu*. thlnia rough, and w8t jacketa wore' Uio result' It was a qilciW*' .whojaer It would net bo better to-postoone tbo raocs allogethw, for;,ihe aspect of eSUi^s was very dls^nraalng, indeed. At Iw Tbe game was.idooDladbd at.ix o'olbdi) Oddthwilt wlniUng byaao.poiats...... ■ .Aij ^ •■ -i .'• l-'Theiairttest runs mtl«4ar<if> the gams by Ooldthwalt wero' 88iBl,99;byD«ery,68,B7r6«,7*,' .'''.,..-.:,, i .';.:-,■.: : '.'> i ■ /' ., ' -''"'V .', BMim":u.''potiii)miiB<!,'--^A' r^ .Is'.to.'ijjte plaoe.a^Og* 'd^]it|rg, )t^. T.,:ODitbe^arth'of jaly,' tt.irhieii pH^es are to bp 'diatribuM.^t<> .^t ameiiat ef;|8«0j^'';iie d(&U«^;^!'^gd|^'btl^^, horsbs and Jockiss "held np" until (ho sbowor bad passbd, wli9 theywere cdlod up for the raco, 1110 traok was vory."Iobfi'!."''"- mud wosplCnUfUl. Throe antmaU wero ontorcd for tho rac tw^-mileboata, vis,; Idlewlld, Avaliinchb, and Woat Boibury.^ eeemed to bo a eettlod thing that Idlowlld would "rako down porsimonB." Tbo racowaa devoid of Hilorentj the fovorlto, IJJ wild, taking tbo lead from tho etart, nnd keeping It 111 Ibo on! > notlmobol^a prtssod t)y olthbr'oftboolliertiyr' Roxbury loading Avalanche, and'coming lo Bccbud, TlmeOf wi winner, 2i07, which wsh voiy slbw, It will bo noen, oftor afl'' had boeu'led to'oxpeqt from tho reputation of the wimori b", tho dirty state of the tAack'miist be taken Into cbnfldoiallon,"! githor with the faottlutdolthor of lUo otbor nulmols oobW tJI the winner lo her epcod. WostllOxbury Was now wllha'*" wm tho conteBt, loai^og tho aecond boat to bo oontcstortby iw- wild and Avolanoho, but astlle latter mado b\1c1i apoorsbowj'. the Orat heat it was evident how Oib rade would Iwn'.f.'jS' Avalanche, doubtless, waa merely kept In to glvb.tbenpeoux lome ortof Bhowfor thdr money.''On getting thoAlgnaiwrij atart Idlowlld shot ahead, and Bo^obntlnued dilring luo'^v; ocoaslonolly easing up to glvoAVulancheia'bbnnoo tot'cduQe'V gap,- and give a UtUe ictoroat to tho ruiiiilhg; but tbo on one sldr,.Idluwlld winning Uio beat and mcb In 1:W- event affordu'd no aport whatovor,' to tbo spoctaters,'' A few. laraobbnged htmrtson "pool boUlnii" :188:ud 2oo,'WeetBbxbury/4r tlO imd '$U,and K^^'^m «[nl<Bt.nothtog;."If'the oom^oiIy'Mras dull' uU' thb first«*K, twos allU more so on the seoond, and this foells0.«ai i