New York Clipper (Jul 1862)

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W Y O OR C L I P P E ir„«, ,--, f^ttkUA HUlM It la ifonrtMn mllMinlkiiig inaioli. trMned. for the. nutoh »i tl)« Momun Armi, toShm, irlth J. Bmllb, h^hgWatiendtd, Juau Ulluwu bOfn,(t2Ht artB* id aoMei, on JnlySU, UW; Ii Bit Sin. In belght, ud sboat ■n hb in velaht.' Ela flnt performanM «u u 1899. iriUi» Enlce, Trhomne defeatod eully; tben HitohlHi'for ilOjkilde. Ktiut BoUer two jnlimtos' ataiijln ten milea, foi.'tU « ^de^ nf won uiUt. ' Ha reooived t7 forfeit ftom Brown, of Hmuer> Id- boat HoUne, four.mllea, £30•aide; won .'tbt three mllM _^'at TolTorbuaptoD; beaten by Bpoonor,.foiirteen.mllea, Rhmin I). UO a aide, at Weat Brompton; von .^bunplon'a tit. at aurett-lone, Uajr 36. For tbe preaent mahOl'be.tralned wr Qtmtl'a, and waa In Tei; good oohdlUon, - Be waa at- ijedtob/Ohailea Bantam,of Oamberwell. A\long timewaa t to waate before a tefaroe coold be ohoaen, bnt eventually Mr. ittt waa mntoaUy chosen: to aot. The betting. wa* rather ^ at tbe commoucement, bnt aa the competlton travelled on hdr JODitioy, the odds ihifted abont, flpt ac odda.bfl Miles, and jieD OD'-Spooner. Abont lulf-paat six, the men 'cams to the «loh, prepared to aloit on their way, and aaUlles took off bis Itbe waal6adly oheored bjrbis psTtlzafas.Nrho mastered In force. He was In magniflcent oondltlon, every mosole fUiily In view, and lua delicate white skin liavlng that flash on the surftee whloh always shows on tbe well- 1 athlete. On xeceivlDg the word to go, he daahed otr .,m. a good long stride, and at a tremendous pace, covering at IgiitdM yards In the allotted 60 seo. The condition of Bpoonor na erlUonlly aoannod, and it was decided rinn. con, that .he was lot up to the mark, and, althongh thin, his mnsoles and tendons, rUdh heietofore bod been like iron and eteel, were most deold- In s flacdd state. Bis sUn, from the dark hue, looked r, bat there was s total absence of that "bloom" whloh bis . opponeot showed In snoh perfeotlon. On receiving the ^oioBe started after mllos In his well-known sMe, receiving "a loketiiig" from Uiles' Mends Arom CamberweU, lie. UUes da- the flist mile gained a trifle, and accomplished the distance |{n f min: 18 gee, Bpooner being three hnndred and sixty yard* behind, having token 7 mlu. 26 seo. to accomplish the some dis- tance. The aeccnd mUo'wos occomplished byboih at eiaotly the same pace and time—Miles taUng 16 mln. 10 teo.,S(Ooner It mlp.<17 leo, In the tUid mile Bpooner made tiq> or. three of bJa grand rashes, and gained considerably each ttme, so that notfflthitanding all llllea' exertions, he had gained back the time lott in the flist mile, and they passed the third mile scratch IU eiaotly 33 mln. 10 Sep., Bpooner being theminate given, in the I rear. Dnring tbe fourth mile, Bpooner, who was -frarmlr r» oelTsd by Miles fHenda, sained fonrteon seconds on the Bnxton lid, having been only 30 mln. 68 sec, UUes tsJilng 31 mln. 13 (M. to travene the tame groond. Spooner grsdaolly gained during tbe 6lh mile, and both showed some "loll" and extTao^ dliaiT walking. Miles' snnd style being mnoh admired, while it WIS (he oU game regarding Bpooner. The greater proportion of the speotatora "didn't seem to like It" (his style)—at the same nine that his gamonosa and endurance were the tueme of odmi- niUon. . The time taken for the accomplishment of this part of ilia distance was—Spooner, 88 mln. 46 seo.; Miles, SOmin. 31 m; the foimer havhig gainod21seo.' Dnring the sixth mile, lha match was gamely contested, the time made being flrat-rate, ^ner having been M min/4I see. accompliablng bis twenty- four laps; MUee, 47 mln. 33 seo., and leading Bpooner by 13 seo., or. about flfty-flve yaida. The halfMlistance, seven miles, was ttnedbyall who could sport a "turnip," and.waa "walked by HDes, who was leading by twenty-five yards. In 66 mln 48 sec.; Sooner having acoompliahed the same distance In 64 mln. 66 wo. In the eighth mile, Mllee made aome flne, good, rattling iparla, which widened the gap between him and apOoner, who now began to labor in his acUon, and to dwell In- Us stride to nuh u extent, that UUes led bv forty yards in Ihour 4 mln. 1} sea: SkKMinartahlnglhoiirSmlnlSseo. In tbe flnt lap of the ninth mile. Miles again spurted, and.gra4Bally left 8poouer in the rear, ao that he was leading by ffity yards, whloh was In- oeased to 4 hnndred at the' half-mile, when Bpooner, who had been reeling for aome sards, staggered on the tnrf, and would have lUlen if he had not been supported. Miles, of course, stoo- ped, and walked tho remainder of the distance at his lelsun lbs time taken up to the eight miles and a half, by Miles, was 1 hour 8 mln. 17 aeo. Miles, of oonree, received a perfect ovaUon as the vlolor of the Champion, with whom, it is whispered, a match at evens for one hour will soon J>e concluded. Spooner waa mnch.ont up at Us defeat, and attributes the aametoan attack ot plearlsy from which he had been suffering ss late as a fbrinlgbt since.. a' Twslvx Milis VoiEDto Uatob.— On Taesday, June 10 a twdvemiles walking match came off on the'Aston Gross grounds In thepresence or a fur assemblage, l>etween the veteran Coleman' of Birmbigham, and Bmalley, acomporative novice, fW>m Bowdlov Forest, ^le match was for <10 a side. It will be remembered that these voong men have previously mot (April 29 last) to con- teod twenty miles, for a similar amount, whenOoloman, who Is forty-two years of sge, had to succumb to Us mftre youthful tonce, entered Into the present Wloh.. At half-piat two, the men, sttended by their respective trainers, came to the scratch, and at once started at an easy pace, Coleman, in his usual pretty aWle, taking the lead, Bmalley only a few yards In the ^£^!!l^.'^jrSL'^'^^''^J'-S.^ «8 "eo; second, V*a^ U. tec; third, 28 mln 8 seo. In.Tti iecond Jai> of ibe fourth Inil^ Bmalley took the lead, but was unable (o ie«p ItTor more than 100 yordis, when Coleman again advanced to the post of honor, cdbpletlng tho fourth mileln 88 nnn 10 aoo. TTtthin twenty yards of the oomplellon of the fifth mile; Bmalley again put on the steam, which he appeared to have power of doing at eeasuro, and passed Coleman, amidst inunenae ohaering from s friends; this appeared, to have on Inspiring effect, ae from this time he took ^eoldod lead, being dear fSty raids in ad- vance at five and a half miles. From this point ue grtdnolly gained-ground, and at thb eighth mile, or two-thirds of the dis- tance, be was leading by half a lap (of which there were nine^- alx, lees thirty vards, to be traversed). The time now consumed by the leading man was 1 hoar 17 mln 31 sec. FMm this stage. It was evident, bar sooldent, that Bn^slley must carry off the lautds, aa Coleman, as in his previous race, began to limp wUh Us left, which, when he came on the ground, bandaged up, and he expressed bis fears that It would provfe treadierous. Btlll, he persevered against the fktes. Us star evidently not being In the ascendant, but when nine miles and five lop's bod been' traversed, Bmalley being 160 yards In odvonce, and seeing that his ohancewos hopeless, he wisely gave'in, bis feet bleeding poraselv. Time, 1 hoar 84 mln. As Coleman admitted himself Moles, Bmalley did not require much petsnosion to halL The matoh gave general satisfaction, as itwould be impossible for two men to walk more fUrly heel and toe. Coleman, althongh defeated; Is not lowered in pnbUo estimation, as it must be admitted that Bmalley his greatly'Improved in stylo and condi- tion since bis lost encounter, and youth will alvrays be served. Ohb' TaovBiro Uilis in Cm i'HousuiD Houbd.— Rlohard ' Monks (the TTarwlokshiie Antelope) completed his great task at the West London giounda, on Thursdaiy, uune 13, having walked his. last mile at five o'clock A. M., in the prosence of a tidy arlnkllng, who warmly congratulated the veteran at the dose of gduaqultand protnoted undertaking. This, arduous enter- prise wanommenced-.on Thursday, May 1. . Slnoe then, until the present time, ocoupTlog no less a time than alxweeks, short , of eight hours, at tho strike oC each and every hour, has Monks lUUinlly performed his ollotted tahk of walking a mile. He has sallgred much daring tho match.trom sore feet, and at times has been much overpowored with sleep, but, with great gamenesa and peieovorance, he eventually overcame all those diffloulUes. . Iba oonree he performod tho match, on,'was one set apart ftom the regular running gronnd, and measures 161 yards in oiioum- foienoe. walked twdve ttmoa round for the mile, besides twenty-seven yards to and from bis resting phtce, making 1,860 yards, beiog 106 yards above tho mile. Every mile he waued on an average abont 3,020 strides; this multiplied by lOOO produces the extraordinary number of 3,020,000 strides. During the match, (Monks was never able to take more thkn forty-five^nutei' rest at a timo. Monks is turned Ibrty-four years of age, and bos been btfore the pubUo as a pedestrian for the lost nlseteon years. Boring thot tlmo ho has run and defeated most of tho besV men of tbe day, ot various distances; ond will now run any man llv mg, 100 miles, for any sum from i6 to £100 a sldo. WAuma Matoh aouvst TiuE-T-Aocording to anuouncement, dames Daley, of Orovosend, came to thai^crotch on Monday OMnlnR, June 9, ot throo P. H., to walk Us 100 miles match in twentv bourt, 'When tho word "go".was given be dashod off in bl^aatliu style, doing the fltat tUrtv mllos in flve.hoors, and so hp'oVton inaaoh agoUantnlaunorUllJhe finish, coimpletlng tbe diatanc« in nineteen hours and ten minutes. He Is a native of Qrovesend, and twenty-two years of ogel .Theniatohoame off 5?™ O«nunohi' .beftirO at loost slxto^n ot^^iieventeen thousand peisopsi.. ■ ■'-' • i' . . "' ■ '•■ • ■ .. . .^AOSHTB.' . . ;I?„^Sf?l?;ii,?3'^jil^'i?*^^^^^^^ numerouriy ?nd ff^rtw«a«ohed^to^e-*;tS^^^ . ^^ ^Z^^^ ''ss?' ?' ^ ?«t 'Tent, VwiolwlU. viithj (lopiporaUve eoso,. This took^ploco on May 37, and sn opinion appeared to nrevaU ttatthS^KSat Sf tSS motib Sght hi some rfeme bo owiM to irwood botog hLa^ gOOdoondlBon to m.eetauoh apowerluiorDoneit ni Mr nvkn proved hlmaelf to be, and thot by toklnVaflSrcinid'Z,«^"»?»»? £im|Kaf fit, he wouliyot makeaWhVfT'to court, both were warmly greeted, each apptorinn inlSSfuent oondlHon ond Spirits. Tho play was commeiMdTwn^r b»u pasttwco'dook. Vi.Vji'mta&thomtii^TT^^^l^^^: Kwood tofk Uio leod, being ot flrtt 4 to 3, then ^ t<?3, ^d thSS after sovord exohonios and-some fine-pUyonbbth sides w« ahead at 11.' Mr. DySo hi Us next "honf in" reiohed 18 whT(Si Bobit was datned; after a most eoverely-contested aoo. fartiAoA tere filling to ntum the next eervloo. Mr. D;kobeo^?uT / Krwdod got in sgtiln,' and the gome brought to 11 an, eetimd . , Won by Erwood, Mr. Ujrke falling to tetum throe acrvlcos follow. . . Ipg.. First gamo to bwood. Both wont ver; confldcnilv to Work In tho.spocnd, each doing botUo with iho utmost. vIroF:. but Hot until the olghth "handln"on either Rlde'vraiatheioU j>Msoor«d,' Uri Djko made the Drat, and Brwbbd th«<t(i(ion( Tbi severity of the plar in the early part oT thia gome ha4 girioot eiitet on the.reault of the mot^,' 'Brirood althonghpiarlng gome, l^i^ulred vxteen •.■hahis in" fof hun to 'make ten aoes, his opponent obfalhtng^fivc, to which be added oile,hnd then Mr. Dyke flhlshed the-gome.; The.thlrd game;after tb rtheexel Erwood hod .aod* toaejprerlons oije;.wos nearijr.a gift tb Mr. Dyke. ,For thAz/oifrth gome,,it opptated. Erwood hod,been reservlnff .Unt^elf, ond very Bplendrdly'he ployed,, both were pvonat 9, Er#09d-was 10 to 6,11 fo 7, tben U:ali;"anil lloll, ot wUoh point Mr. Dvke went in and won. ThrSe gomes td one. ^the fifth and lost gome, Mr. Dyk6's ploy turpasted anything 'perhops that wos.ever vrltnesecd otthe gomeofladutn Eirwood served the moet.dlflloult servloea," and made some of his flnttt Uls, but all his efforts and kU)] wen unavoillna, and it may truly be sold that he could not live vrith.hls opponent In this game. Thus the'retnm match waswon by Mr. Dyke, foaagames ) one.. The .play ..was far superior to that in thi first notch, wUch may be occounted for, In consequence Of more time being token by the pUkyers to recover thomselvce between the soes onS between eocn gome, arcot oxdtement prevailed daring the motob, eooh of the contepding genUemen'receiving rounds of oppUuae dnring tho ploy. At tiw conduslon, o very handsobie amount was raised ond pressnted to the loseri.there being, in o veryshorttime, litUeleaatljlta£60subsoriboi ThefoUoTringIs the score OS iUprogressedifiesdi gome:-'-'^'' .. -'. Mr. Dyke won the'eecond^gome: Oto O, Ot<)0, OtoO,Oto 0, 0 to 0. O to 0, O-to 0, 1 to 0, 2 to 1, 6 to 3, 9 to 3, 8 to 3. .8 to 8, 9 to 6,10 to 4,10 to 6,161) 6. t ■■ . • Third: — Ito0,4to0,8to0, 6tol,fito3,9to8,18to 8, 13 to «t IBio S, 18fo$,14to3,16t48. ■■: , . Fourth: '.>■ Ito0,ltol,lto3,8to8, 8to 8, 8to^, 8 too, 5toT,6to», 7 to 10,10 to 11, la to U, 16 to 13.. Fifth: . W.- 3to0,Sto0,6toO,Ttol,Uto3,i8tolflSto'4. . . . bwood won flnt gain<: . '...,'.' 0to0,0toa,4toa,7*oa,7to4,9to6,l0to 6,11 teJ, 11 to 7, lltoU;set3toO, . . a^EAT OJKOKET MATOH IN ENflL—.^. TBI Two Bi^ryXRS.—Whlt-Mondur—The Two i|leveJS--4ioid's Oround—these were ibt wotahwords of upmrds .of 6,000 people oh Monday, Jnne 9. - This wot thcr twelfth match played by the two Elevens. Of these -the All £n(^d Eleven, or "Old 'uiis,'' OS they ore tamlliorlT to'nned, hod won 6, and The United 4 (3 were dani), so sddltlond iitferest,was centered is the 1843 contest. .There were-some noteworthy changes id the composi- tion, of the. Elevens this year—Oeorge Porr (bortltis finger) 'could not,' ond 'B. 0. Tlnley did not ^y for the All-EngUnd Eleven, Bowbolhom and Tbewlls (two. Torkshlre colia) ploying In their steod; and for the United Eleven Soger Iddlson ployed, and Tom Bewell, Jnn., did "hot, The'All-Qiglond lean was oaptatoedby George Anderson, and the UUted by WlsdeO, who Lwon the toss, and at a quarter post twelve on Mondoy began the batting withMortlook ond Bennett to the bowUng of'WUlsher and Jackson. Mortiock mode a leg hit for 8 offJockson and a single, when he -was easily cought by cover slip, and then it waa that Carpentor, with the United score at 8 runs only, went in; and grandly,—nay, wonderfully—did:h«.'bat He commenced with 0 superb offdrive for 4 from Jackson, ond then lost the compony of Bennett, who wos bowled by o brilliont break-back from Willsher. Iddlson then went to the fore, played In good form, scored three 3'b, and then a boll from \|tllsher broke in a foot fh>m the wicket, pitohed on to Iddison's foot, ond from thence to bis wicket; and then a jheer greeted "Old Ben" os be wended bis way to the wicket Brifllth plavtd badly, and wos deservedly bowled. Another cheer' honored the appearance of Cof^, who, however,' mods nothing, being well conght by Wlllsher in the slip.. Omndy—"the redoubtable Jemmy QrSndy," next faced Carpenter, who wos batting srandl^. "The redoubt- able" mode two singles and o splendid forward drive for S from Wlllsher, whenjio -was caught by long stop, the United acore' betog at that time 63. Tbe most wonderfU wicket-keeper th^ world ever sow, Lochyer, then faced Carpenter, but so fine oniT brbe wos the bowline, and excellent the flddlng, that Utile could be done until.after dinner, then (naturally), gewng a trifle loose, the bowling was Ut a bit, and Jockson gave up toHoyward, who In 0 few overs need Mr. Tom np, but not until he hoil accred 21 by 0 spanking drive for 6 from Wlllsher, a leg Ut for 4 from Jookson, three 3's, ond half-a-dozen singles. Tbe score hod been more thon doubled while Lockyer and Carpenter had been together, being raised from 63 up to 100. The remaining Unlteds foUed to stay with Carpenter, wbb' by one of tht moat mosterly exUbitlons of defence and Ut ever shown by cricketer, made 68 nms (not out), pia was a wondertOl Innings. The IwwUng of Wlllsher, Jackson, and HoywardwostoirlficoUy ftotandtoaalngly true. This vroa ably seconded by the finest flddlng everseln, jujd the score attained by Corpenter rendered the more brlUlant .This memorable Inn^ of Us was the flnest eten Ae ever played: It comprised flve 4'o (four leg Uta and a drive), three 3'o, hm 3'6 s^ShTtttllt^iSSwS^ssiSflisfea bowling and flddhig; In fact, their bowling ond Oorpenter's hotting was one of Uie most flnished exUbltions of flnt-dass cricket ever given on Lord's "or any other gronnd,". The United's innings finished at 128, and their 'wloketo fell In this - • the first for 8 runs, second for 10, third for 3*, fourth for lor 41, sixth for ni'seventh for 106, eighth for 180, ninth . onaientffTor ize. Tbe All Bnglondera sent ln.iwo.oalhiL Bowbolhom and ThewUs, to commenoe their .bottlDg to the twwUng ofAtldnson andOofi^. Tho oolla pUyod ■leslUjr, and took a deal of getUng'ont, Ibewlls being at lost ran out by a flne bit of fleldtog between iddlson at cover ellp and Lockyer at the wicket; and shortly after I«okyer wonderfully stumped out Bowbolhom. 'Twks a dose—very doee thing. Bowbolhom ployed vrith great care ond steodlness; he made fifteen b; a fine drive from Audnson for 4, two a's, and three ehigles. Hiayword also mode 16 by o square leg hit for 4 irom Caflyn, o drive for 8 flrom Atkinson, a 3, and seven oinglea. . The first doj'a ploy closed with three of All Englutd's wickets down for 43 runs. On Tuesday, the old gronud was even more thronged than on Mondoy; 8,000 visitors at Ittsst were present that day, but the cricket was less brilliant Daft played O/Bne. innings of 3S by three 4's, four S's, ond 13 singles; Daft Ut all roundManllfDlly. Anderson mode a 4, a 3, a 3, and a deuce of singles; and then by a bad Ut to lUd wicket was caught out; and whenthe^E^- land Eleven score stood at 177, Jackson, the . lost of the Eleven, joined Blepbenson, and these two crooked owoy too rare tune. Atkinson cowled straight enougb. ond so did Wlsden, Iddlson, aad Bennett; but with the exception of Bennett's mediums, it wos "the some sort of thing over ond over sgoln," there was no real change in It Coflyn bowled bodly, and the resnit of it oil was thoi the All Englond Eleven's flnt uinlnge resched 203 runs, Atkinson' having finely bowled Torront Wubher, and Jackson. |The la'.ter mode 19 very quickly, by a splendid drive trim Atkin- son for 6, ttoni the some bowler for 4, three S's, and one slngls, and B. H, Btephenson, who went In No, 6, took his hot out for 70, got by downright herd UtUng, by a rottUng flne leg- UtforS'fNm Coilyn, five 4's (8 leg-Uts and 2 drives), two 8's, eight 3's, and 23 singles, With o majority of 77 rans oaolnst them; the UUted began their second innings, with Bennett and IMortlookto the bowling of Wlllsher and Bayword, ond wonder- fully wen they bowled. The mon of Kent wos well caught at the wlckot, and the renowned Surrey.long-etop l>owled by.o shootor, and then, vrith the score at 16, Coipentor was faeed by Iddlson, and the Oridiet oil . round beoomo a perfect treat Beven oven were bowled vrithonta ran being scored, the bowling was beau tifol.'the defence deflaint, and ue fiddlng faultless. .Willsher bowled eight soccassive maiden oven, but at lost the potlence and fine sUll of Oorpentor ond Iddlson told, they got o slight hold, ond the score moved up; Oorpentor mode a a ond o 6, off Wlllshor, who then gave it up to. Jockson, vrhoae second over wos fotal to Iddlson, who hod seen twenty-seven oven bowled while aoorlijg six singles only. Oorpentor and Qrlfflth 'qnioUy wiped off the seTen^-seven runs sgelnst the Uhlted, one over of : Jookson's being Ut by QrU&th for o 2 ond o 6, ond by Oatpentor .fora4—or eleven runs off one over; they vt on twelve runs, when Hoyword gave up to Torront who bowled Corpenter off Us pod; his 89 was another flneflsplay of A 1 Ulting, made by a grand drive from Willsher foW, four'4[s, Rix2'e, and six singles.' .Qrlfflth Wont for 26, quickly and welt made up by a drive of 6 ifMm Jackson, two 8's four 2X and. six singlos. Eookyer made 31, by four 4'B (out-drive, lynd twoaqaare'*leg-hIts), two a'e, and' one single, and wos then Iwwled by Torront, who'ilad prevloasly bowled John Llllywblte'and Ooffyti, bowling :fouT wlaets in ton oven. The seoond'day's ploy-then dosed with .the Unltodhav- Ing scored 134, or forty-seven runs «>n, andi-tonly two wickets' to foil, the matdi oppooring to most people a ^'to tho England Eleven. ■ • . ' On Wednesday It turned out quite diflbrent, Old tbe 1,000 look- on-on at Lord's'OtouDd that day. enjoyed somo of the moat ex- troordinory Cridtet ever ploved. Orundv was qniokly disposed of In tbesUp, sindAtklnaon ahdybo'irlod by Wlllsher, thoDnltod 'ae6ond Innlius flnlshing at 139, leoviiig only 63 ranafoi' England ito win, and "Ihe ju'dgos^' set them down to'-moke thom with the 'loss of two< or (at the most) three wlokols; "nettbey." Heavy rain fell during the night, and the ball "bit" Wlllsher and Row- '.bowthom went In to bit and Atkinson and "Old Bon" to prevent thom, if they could, by their bowling, and so they did to a most 'oitraordinary tune. Ench United comhienoad by bowUni maiden.' Atkinson, sent In'another maiden, and from' Qrlfllth's next over Wllaher wos o and b—a wlckot got boforo A. tun wos scored. -Doft took the vooont wlckot, scored a Bh>gle,an41narlf- flth'B tbird Over ho dean bowled Kowbotbom. In tho next, or, fourth over of Atkinson, he bowlod diwn tbo leg etamp of Doft's .wlckot, and from tho following over, or OrUBth's fo\itt&,1Ioyward wos oought mid on by Iddlson. Hefe wos on dtoroUon; talk of tho uncOTtalntT of tho Uw; "boh,"'It's certainty itself to oirlcket Eight overs only bowled, for one run, and four suohwIok«te as WUshor's, Rowbothom's, Doft's,'and Baywortl'sgot It waa won- derful, and wUl ever.remoln ono of "The OurloalUea of Orioket" But this was not all; Btophonson-tho arcot '70-not-out Blophen- son-^mo, ond wos forthwith viotlmKed by Old Ben for. two elU' oles ond flve vriokots. The great All England Eleven were'acta-, allv down for sUruns; ••think of that Master Brook I" . ThewIIa was irandty • 'snapped'' at tho wicked by the "man at the atmhp,'.' •and tte Blxth of Englond went for 14 runs only. Otoko snd An. donon thon got togothor, another heavy diawer fell, stopping nloTi out again, iho United'^ good luck left fhemi the score was upto 38. dinner, and after that Anderson hit owoy superbly: his flne, frei, manly stylo wos evoked to «ho ftJl by the mat, omorgeifdyt^ThoiJlli-torkBhlreman grattflod^ill by Us gMot JjotUngr bo out ofle for 8 from AtUnson, then drove Old Bei^f4t, 8„the{ made a brooe of ringlet, and fOUowed thom up by o deuce * .',. ■•'»..• V" ' •• ■ . • ■■' .' -■ •» • \ lofdrivM-tporklera-oneftameaah bowler; then Chrke eat dni for ^from Atkinson. Andengn bronght'the score up to 60 bra '*°%?n'^ *° "4uore leg far.8,.andaieo, ateiaoUyfonr o'olb&i ,wod tUs greet matdi fbr fS zuim by a One on drive foriiM "i!?^ ^ England were viators by three wicket*. Oat S,' ^"i!'^'^" motobes now ployed All England have won six' The lUplted have won four, and two have been diavm. Mr. 0. H. Dark, [as uroal, gonotously gave the use of the mouhd flree of charge, fand the money token ot the gate was on Monday, £133 lOe.; onTnes- doy, £138;on Wodncaday, £19 8.; total, £279 18*.; exceeding 1661 ,recelpts ot£00. ThMUlawinglsthefonscoreofthemoteh:- .UpE UNTIED ELeVeN. ' * ,'Btoond Inning*. , First W. MorUock 0 ' Jackson 7.?f^''..,. i a. Bennett b Wlllsher -. 3 IB. Corpenter not ont 88 .iB.IddIaonb Wlllsher 8 ,0. Orlfflth b Willsher 0 ,W. Caflyn 0 Wlllsher b Jack- ' : son 0 :J. Qrandy 0 Tsrrant b WID-. • 1 sher '...■;...'..,■..;.' 7 t. Lockyer o Cesar b Hoywordil (John LIUywUte b Bayword.: 1 J. Wlsden b Wlllsher. :... 7 .O. Atkinson run out... <.'..,0 iByea 6, leg bye« 9. ,..•.'......'. 14 Totol .iatf bWiOshari::...' ...,,4 0 Stephefltonb Hoyward .',.'.11 bTarrant..... ..''.',.89 b Jookson....'. ......t b Jocuod;........'. 36 .bTotrant,. i pjocfcaodb WUUher..,. v.;;'0 h Ikirant^.......:.,... ,'.'21 bTarrant..../.' 0 not but;;;.i..',..,.'. la b'WflUher.. 1 Bye* 4> leg byes 8;'..::.: g ^ Total.. .1,'..!. .laJ ' THE'Aiii Roland 'EisTEN.".'- First Inning^.., > SeoondThnlng*. 7. Bowbotbam's I«okyer b U'Ja'';^ '.'. ..:'.;. .'..16 KThowUarun out.J.i'..;.','. 8' IB. Dafts LookyerbBeflneH..86 !r.;Hayward 0 Wladjin k L'ff "i; • '• -••••-•.-.' i 16 O. H, Stephenson not cint70 !A. OUrk,lb.wb Iddlson .V,. 7 ij. Ctesor 0 Lockyer b Bennett' 8 .0.' Anderson 0 Iddlson b'Ben- ; nett ......11 tJ-.TorrtntbAtkinson....... 8 ;b.. WlllsherttAlUnson...... a J. Jackson b AtUnto.......19 pye*4, le^byes4, wide 1.... 9, I!otal.. ./.aS 'bOrimth.......; oXoqkyerb Atldnson.' b AtWniwp..... 0 fddison b GrliBth.... oandbariiBih........ not out...... '.:.;, ... 0 ... .4 ... 1 ... 0 ... a ...16 not out......'.., ...jj 0 and b OililUb... p Bye*4,l^by*l.... j; ToUl Umplies-aeo.OhotteTtonandltoytton. Sooreis^Tom. Beams and 2. C. Tinley. .; , A.Q UAilb B; ' BEIF7 B.A.OE'FOB £300; '"iTO ■ ■ . ' THE OHAHPIOHIBHIP OF THE CLYDE. , The great aUfl race for £300 and the ChampionsUp of the Clyde, whloh bos been looked forward to -with oonslderable inter- torest took ploce on the Gyde on Tuesday, Jane 10, the compett- iton being Bbbert Campbell and Danoan OamerOii, both of Olaa- gow.. About fo^r montba ago,.Cameron challenged CampbsIlTto ,row him for £300 and the OhomplohsUp ot the O^de, a chdlenge .^Uoh waa:|lrdmptly accepted b> Campbell, who at that moment locoupled the-prond position of "Champion of Scottish rowan." The.-roa* wos fixed to come off on the 1st of Hoy lost Onrread- may nmember, however, that owing to the ill health of Came- ron, or ITom some other- cause, he <Ud not compete, (though he put in an appearance,) and Compbell rowed over the coarse. Af- ter some altercation, it woa flnoUy agreed ttiot the race shoold be rowed on Jnne 10-, Mr. J. B. M'Nelll, secretary to the Qlosgow Begotto Clilb, being nomed referee. On arriving at the oonne, whleb wos l^m Oarmole LlgbtsUp to the ^ke, nearly opposite Dnnglosa, a diatance of abont fonr milea, very little time wu lost in preponotion. , The men stepped into their tiny orafi, and with- out much preliminary paddling, at once took (heir position-^ Cameron to tiA eouth, and Campbell to the north. At this mo- ment, the betting, wUoh o dor or two beforo hod been 6 to 4 on Campbell, was 6 to 4 on CompoelL Locking at the men, the op- peoroncoof Compbell was the most admired, though a number wen very songuine oboat Oomeron; ond both were loudly cheer- ed ond encouroged by their respective enpporten. All things being ready, the signal gun was -flred, and the stort .madeTlt wos one of tbe most level description. Cameron had the lead ,after a few atrokcs, but proved himself qolto onable' to retain It After a abort time, Campbell quIeUy cnpt away from Comeron, though the letter exerted himself to tho utmost Though the :excltementwos greet for tbe flrstholf-mlleof therace,lteoon aabaided. It being evident that Campbell waa the better as be hod managed not only to pass Cameron, but to keep oheod of him with comparative ease, '^en oppoaile Dumbarton Castle Campboll was fully a boat's .length ln.advonce of Cameron, and frotn that point ne Inore aBed his distan ce regnl arlrond steady -£lin'£A7ElB 'antagonist, Compbell kepi up tUi vritUulDOyuilsof the goal, when he proved himself to be quite fresh and lively by putting on 0 epurt, wUoh Inoreosed Us distohce fron^Oomeron to thirteen or fourteen lengths, ot wUch he came in victor in beoutlfol style, omld the loud cheen of 0 large number of scecta- ton. •Otanvrm OMllMd pretty.muoh-rohrortpd w h w u m yTacS' wos over. Although greet Intorest was fdt in the reanlt of the ocsk- the amount of meney (hat changed liands on the event did ot Iw very loige, o* the connottoa was genenlly prevo- mt that C^pl>e)J woa;Uie man to clolm tha stokes. -The race of Ibur miles was oompleted in ai min.47,sedL Okmpbell, tbe'now Chomplon of the Clyde, le thirty-six, while Us opponent is only twen^-fonryekra of age; .. ' . / ~~~'~'^~* WBEBTLIHO. OaAHSioiisBip WazsTLiNa at Hooxhbi Wiox.— Among other (aporte at these grounds, on the WUtenntido holldaye, wrestling lokes 0 front position. As vre have pot space for fall parUoulan, Sve content cunelves with giving the result of the flnol folia at the jrarious welghte, wUdi took place on June O.and 10. For the light weights In the Ciimberlond and Weatmordond style, list 'was the limit, onid then were 16 entries, Feothentone and TlfSn securing the opportunity to contest for the final fUl. Aocording (to the naod cohdiUons, they hod to play th% best two foils out of 'three, and'lhe superb style in wUch tney tolled , and oounter. foiled eoob other, proved that they were Ae masters of the potote. 'Atlbngtb, dtbongh' Tiffin had been able to repeotodly ond effectually check Us man, Featherstons got him at on od- vantage, and ulttmatdy threw hin^ in fopttal style. After "a. breather," the champions ogoln came tcaether, when another spirited bout ensued. Tiffin, having lost the flnt fall, was con- t{ous In Us ploy, but n()t oU the Judgment of this flne taottolsn proveosulBoient to cope with the superior' merit of his antago- nist, for FeaOiei^tone gained the second -fhll in the same mas- terly monner as he hod the first; so that as Feothentone hod won the first polnte, he beoome the winner of the first 'prize, TUBn receiving the .second, Booper, *i the third best mon, toUhg the next prize. For the heavy welghto, some stylo, there were twelve entries, the final foils being oont4)nded for by Wilkinson .and BrunskelL These men hod to'play upon theiisasl ettpulatod oondiUonsi viz., the l>est. two falls out of three.' Tbe matoh on the pott of both wai vely keenly contested ond ended in Wilkinson obtain- ing the flnt ond second fdls, In superb style, so that he nbw became the wlimerof .tbo flrst prize, Branskell taking second money, ond Feothentone third, end with this bout ended the wnetUiig in the Cnmberlond and Westmoreland fasUon. CbrnunKond J7e»n£lyl&—When the oOelols. Heson. Book and Boberts, hod token up their poslUons hi tbe ring, there wos the oldfomilior ohollenge of "Bote, bote," wUoh was at once re- sponded to. J. Meneer (0) and F. Qlnn (0): These men were the flnt to enter the Ilsto to open the play, when Meneer speed- ily disposed of Us antegonist, throwing him by the "bearing toe." J. Ueneer (0) ond 8. Pope (D): Tbebemen eiUbited a deal of skill, and played to time vrithout either t>elng able to 'goin the advontege, when Meneer left bis antagonlat to hold the ring. J. Pope (D) and J, Boscombe (0): Another «i««>»<Tm bout, the competitors, irom thi skill they displayed, proved .so nloe^ balonoea In point of artistic merit that neither succeeded In gaining the puU, therefore tlined. J. Beacombe (0) ond J. Big- gins m): There was some splendid play shown Detween these men, out dthough BescoAbe tried some of the cleverest moves,, yethe vraa not wle to cost_hls man, so that thoy played to time. mfavorof Big- Pom, OUBimlnaVmTWikburiTSMi^lr^ • • ''»*°™"«^- ^?t'''L*?2?°"?™«™^withaobnfii5Sm of Ihe ilhghvpJoy,, Wyatt(D)ondMay(0>- ThMfrnW^*^ , were UieinSfoade who entored the liri, wh^n^^^ ;pIayte,thiSi'^jn*n;fhnn fliShlpe. ^Avlc^^^^,„^ (Norfolk): This fufwia'soonwon by Wyott, w% Si.'S'hSSS cleverly with tha^ook over the.knee, so Sut W«S -beiiSiuS .tenth stondard made,, ond the flr^ of the second dl^'S^' ^ larporJOand Horwiok: After some very spirited pliy fitS- jthrew Us man with the bearlngftoe, and was mod^the (standard on the roll for donWe play. T. Bartloy (0) andIteS2 (Ireland): BarUpy dlsposadof U* qan wlUi the utmost eu^^ was made a atandaid. thia ooifiplstaig the list of donble^TaT making a dozen. , ' »— .DouSe Ptoy._T. BartItyyO),and Cniamings: These man had-a, keen struggle for superiorflgr, the bU ultlniately bdngwonln^ ;Baitley m mkgniflcent stylo,. ao that he now become the flnrt-' imade of the treble ployert. 3, Blade (D) and W. Harper: Shte jwas a flne matoh, but SUde ^the Devon ohomplon) of lost s? Icseded to sendtog bis ontagoiOrt down In beoaflfol style, so that 5f?*nS?W second &ebto idoyer. , Wy^tt (D) and Peore* iP): The fkn was gatoedbyWyatt, alter a slashing boat; h»WB» ■now soode the tiihrd trebb pUyor, Meneer (0) and HlgginsrAn- !(0).and Pops (D): this loll wos.obtotoed.Ur Besoombo, whbb*. came the flith treble phiver. Blonkburn tt) and Cummlngham' '^l' M*7 '^^ ^iit> which ended Ih'Onmminghmt gvlngUs baok to his opponent, and thus teAnlnoted the doouia: r ^^jwi ^--T. Bartloy (0).and Mei^jet: :(q): Ai^ ■ flii»: M(Ai.of Devon, so that this mode Blade odd maoj Final (uSa> aieneer (OVand Wyatt (D): The conditions oftte pUy now W«r* .the iKist two .fkUaout of three, when, after a floe akblUtton of Hdence, Meneer gained the flnt two Ms to suoousl6a' 'Houed l^.iJ^ (?)'• el»mplons, whohad toMotettdfor S?iSJ?*^iJ^^"™"**''8 best two fUfi out of thm: :«o jsUlfally did ttey play, however, ttiot tiierawos no pioQeet of lelther obtaining the desired odvontoge before the eTeninoMMt Jo. wu^oreit was ogreed by the compettton totosaftrthe«t nniloh wos won by Meneer, so tb«t he now become entitled to ieoaive tte flnt prite. Blade taking the second, Wyatt the third.. rland Bartloy, (who received a badfcfrom Illackbum) coming la r murth. ■ . .. . . T'., TBonno Uuoh.— A six miles trotting motoh, between Ife. ^pnnell's (of Edinburgh) b g Lord Clyde, ISst 101b, and Hr.. ^atson!*(of Olosgow) ohmlOstl^, cameoff onTdesdaj.. Unne, U,orer the raoecourse at Musselburgh, Mr. Connell staUnc ' ae odds of £100 to £76 on Us horse. Lord Clyde hodlnapra- mons match beoton the'more eosUr, and this dronmstonoejio jdoubt toduced him to loy the obovelong odds on his horee. Lordi I2^**v'7!**''l*"' ^ owner's son, while the more hadMSTT iGompbdl for her steersmon. Betting: 6 to 4 on Lord Clyde onA w ■SSJS'^S^v *l* ?"J^,*°- completion oif.tbe .flrrtromid,Ndlbniko, Lord Clyde ohnostlmmediotdy oftewatd* doing too some thing. They kept pretty close together forth» flnt three rounds of tte coune, tiler wUdi Lo^f Clyde, whoa» Iridar seezned uBoble to keep him properly to his work, bnkft 'several times, when Nell shot oheod, ond continued to inoreosA her advantage to the flniah, vrinntog v^ eaaily by abont fifty lengths. Lord Clyde was far Item betog in so good casdltiOBi as his opponent, nor was he so Judidoudy riddenT, ftoom.—On Tuesday, June 10, the flnt of the two matohef ; » i?*^"" S^^SP Parkinson and Ferguson, took place at the Queen Victoria, rtepney, to the preseneiof a large OM^, Ing, Fsrgnson took a strong lead, wUch he niototoined iuitll'th» iseoMKesohed 84, at whloh potot Parkinson mode it atie. Agaliif' .reigoBOn want oheod, and It, looked any odds upon Iilni7bnt ' jPorHnson gradually overhauled him, and eventnaUy won, le*^ ring 61 to Ferguson's 69. • '. -• . CHAnnoH Tbbnis Match.— The match between H, Bain inA' 'Mr. E: Tompkins waa resumed on the 10th June, at the T«nnl« Court to the Haynutrket Three sete wen commenced, but ofily one was flnished; flnt drown, second won very deverly by Tompkins, third dnwn, thus leovihg the match six sew to TompUns, sad four to Sure. The motoh wlU be agotorenmed OBIO KET., milTABir, TBA'TEIXINai AND BOATOTCI,, FLANNEL BHIBT8.I ■iimiri' tUTV. 10-tf A. BANXIH ac 00., No. 96 BOWEBT,. .. ' . I ■ '■ ' ' ■ ■ AND So. 186 JUn'H: AVEN UB, COt,m St.' , ' ■ .r.-|- f ^ , : : i. \ ORIOKBT, AROHBIRT, BA8B BAU^ 'ohd 'ottSir Oame#. lmn|anentofor.thaabove,suahasBAIlABATBiWIOX. - BTB; BABESPBWB and ABBOWS, TABOETS, BELTS, kO-TSit, wdl OS Chessmen,' Cheqnen, Bogotdles, TivoUs, 'Flsylng Cords, Dominoes, Dice ond Cupe, and a great variety of uelol gomea—1 pohstuitly 0 good supnly-Tonhond ond for sole iit modentoprioai.' ' JO- Ooulognes and prices- con be hod on appUoatton. A fldr- BlBoounttodeolen. 0. F. A, BINBiaEB, \ Mm * ' . 160 Broodway (up stain),'N.T.. I ORIOKBT, ORnSBT, ORIOKBT. The largest best ond .dieopasi stook ot OrliAet Imdements !■ the' United Stote*, con t>e found at - J. PABSEB'S, GermantowD, Philod'L, Pa. : Ust of prices sent gratis.. Lawsof Cricket, ec«sto>or60oeati. per doa. Poet pold. : . ■ Mt» '„ < OsoKOLA vs. ArL-TIiimD.—lA motoh was ployed iMtwMa''<!»- Bnt Eleven of .these two Phlladelphia'dabs at nimonnt -tUk^ on the'Uthlnstt in which the Osceola dub were tbiHiimi bf_ two ram, vrith on* wicket to.go down. We appud. tbe'*<are:->..; i •■' ... .AMi UNltED. ^ Fust Innings. J. Higgtos and W. Joyce: This bout torminated gins, who throw his man In splendid stylo with the cross beov*. J. Hiigtoa (D) and J. Blade (0): As HIgglns woa left to bold the ring,he was opposed by Blade (th* Ohomplon. of Devonshire), .when, in a 'fine and noUy oxdtlng bout they ployed, to time, thero iMlng no odvontase gatood on the part of either. HIgglns now become the flrst of tho ooqipeUton placed on the roll fbr . i DouMe Play.—J. Blade (D) ondTucker: The boat between these mon ifos contested In tho most spirited -manner. Blade flnolly suoceodtog in nasstog his opponent with the "homenng." i. Blade (D) and J. Meneer (0): These , men nowt>ecame opposed to eaoh other, and, as may be anUoipoted b«m their well-caown and oft-lested skill, tho bout pndaeed. maoh Interest Thoy .ployed Id a truly sotentlfld and spirited manner, without any ad- vantage being obtotood: so.os neithor, when "time" was called, 'bod golncd tho foil, they retired from the ring, and wore placed ;on l£o roll for doublo playen. J. BoacMnbo,(0) and May (0); Beacombe, .who hod bezore contended, nOw come ogolnst 'opponent whom hU Maim, after a spbllod struggle, with tho "flytog more." W.Hoipor (0) endB.Tape (D)iThe bout bo- '.twcon these mon terminated In theu ptonngtotlme. O. Onm- midga (D) and B. Ttfit (D)l As Tap4 hadbeon left > hold tho rtog, ho wos mot byOummiogs, who threw Us man in superior .order by the beoring, toe. . G. OonuUngs (D) and 0- Oliver (D): iThls.fall was gotood by OummlngS; Oliver, who hod contended with bU ontoaonist with mufih . spirit xvodvtog a completoi "shaker" to the.system. Pope'ohd Opoy: The ploy between those rtlon Vos of a Ugbly toterosllnA and exoltlng description, but there wo* no odvantoge gaifled, so that the compeltton .timed, and Pope woa mode another double ployer. Qummlnghom !(D) ondOpay;.'niia bout soon ended in fawr of ,OnnmiIngaoa), ,who throw his' mon splendidly fh>m the hiAe. Cnmmtoghom (P) and Peoroa (D): After a fine sjblrited dlsptor, Peoroe was thiown"ln'mosterly style, so thot Oammlnghoto now becaime another double player. Blackburn (L) ond Pkoroe (O): These mon timed' otter Jiovhig a sloshing host Bladibnin (t) and ^Hugo (0) I'Hore odmlrobl* ployiond tho f^. a«iLQsd))y Slaok- barn, who tentbistnkh to grast with the fore Up^. l^ixotm) and luscopbeiiThese iteo, after eiUbitlng. nitioh lUUaiploy, IWa^t AlnybDodso;!...... 6 E.Pharos out.......'..-.. 6 Eimmerling run out. • 8 Eingb.Dodson.4 Spangle run'out 1 HlrklLJOhhjg.'.'..',. 1 ^lerb Johns....' 3 bftridges wm. Alreynin'out I ' WUIlamB DDodson-. 1 bBull... run ont.. bDodion b Johns., ran ont.. bBun BmlngB... .. 1- .. 9 .:. 8 ,.. a ... I .;.'» bBuS.. ; 01 oattdbBin ....:.... S. Morganb Johns.'.... 0 notoot,.... Lyneh'notout...'„; 0 b'Johns.-....,.....^.-......,J: Byes S, wldes 13 .18 Bye* 8, leg byes 2, wldM,8.. 1 Total.....!...! ...48 Ttttd ............,..8T" ' ' ■ 080B0LA." FintlsnlDg*. BecondlDBlnga, Clark ton cut. ."V; 0 oKirkb Wm'marilflg I- Vaughn run ont 0 oPhorobZlmmerUag I. b6dsbh'b 'B''B|iuigIerb Zim- I .merllng 0 uobnarfin.oat.-; 1 BnUmnont:... 4 Bridjre* 0 Morganb Zlnune^ , Hie....."... .T»........... a BublMrdaRlrfcbAlrey.... .1 biellsr.....:..'..» 'oPharobZiinmorilsg.' ron'out.. BloanbAirey.....'.U.- 1 Duncani^otout....' ......... 8 Darling run oat ..... 0 Hanoook b'SSimmerllng •' 0 pyes 10, wlda|8 18 ran -out.......... ran oat v ; .. not out lbwb(») ....... 'not out b zinimerling.... Bye* 6, wide* 30.. Total... a , 0.. ■ .Total., ; OBio««t,AiTonoict6,O.W.-T»imiOov«ii7.Tw<J»J« BOH.—Thia miateh come off on the Toronto ground* on ™J'"'f liiot The play of HMsn..BeII, Monwood, Oam^ and Oofflnj, OB the part of the eatrlion, a^d of Joseph, Bogsrt »iii-£>*SP^ Of Ue College, vraa really splendid. The fdlo^ig H *.i»»oj«».. oftheseore:—. . mi^tmk Qorrison-Ptost Innings, 91; Second Innings, w--™J'i";^', ; Trinity CoDeger-Flrstliinlngs, B3| Beoond Inning*, nOtplayea - out, 80..^Tot*lllS. . 1 Ouom AX DoBBT.-Xhto viUogo to Dfl*w*r» <'0'iIJ?>»«J rotes a crioket dub, wUch.was organised on '««i?''£L2n: oallod the PaaUme Olub. Ito ofllcen are, PieaWwi S^tsfSsr VJoe-Presldant, Louis P. Walkto; Boaretoiy, W. H. UWBtjW, Htm rank highla the gaino of crioket Ihisi playing ff*""** If* a. N, Bunting's esUto, oonvoUently locotod near the vliuge. Oaioin AT fiauroz, N. B.-A cricket matdi was Ii)ay«<.^n*.^ on the I7th nit, between theoffioen 6f the garrisonwdthenjoi.. One Innings on eaoh side-was ployed only, tho garrlaoa ioanng a87l'liSidlhofleotbut37. OnelnBtaBsatt!iatriae»W*s**mMB a* tb'O'fleetcored to ploy, we should think. - , . ..... " . ,. .lea 'the: ' OoouKSAT BBiimoBSi'Q. 'W.—A main of oooki'waa the aist Jiwe, at Brintfbrd/tor $26. between oo(iQ«nMf B. ondl. H.B. B.,mM,and some owned btV^Vfl»*«f«! ■porting gent*. West Brentford pr oved vlo towii». , i..-. William Powell on the Itahdl ; Bia Havb—Mr. , — ■plehdld etrihii orfl*h to the Gtahd Biver,/«*r Onvof «UoVa pike, weighed 18U* *d|1 mr uolieaiAleiigtt;