New York Clipper (Jul 1862)

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iSjWaSm'gMiM; l«iffWinonieT.Mr.^_„ — r- oS li .AndwuSn PoMwm-i-inattmon 3| .Bedloy T. MMien- ii-oie "priii'moMT': fflW gtmai'bktaS>a<>n r. are«)i WOB one, Duoon—Ur. Dst- U 08.. .'4* ■..v,'jri;- !) t';'! , - . - r Xtti«(i)b>Ein<n<^i)iraf'i8b-/ :The game I eodlpM, ftm '"Ul BIMLi: ' milts. .•a..,ev-u . aa-- it •4'.list«'-i' 17....1$- ■*3.i5- -.''i8-;f. M... ao. 'AiitlftliNfl^;ii>.or<3i : as .\a;';;-»:';; 'U • ■ ar as :i^»j|!rtK'.:»> [M ^" '19" .fcivr.'a)? ii.i'Sa i'^as^ .?«a;u.ft ae - aa tf(»ii:'tee.t ■ ..80 - a* u: u 17.-.U IS..18 It.. 9 aoj.i» ai.. e a3..a8 as.^io <at'.'.3o as.'! s Bluk.' iSto 8 la 19 •19 ■ IW ■■■■ 18' s» 8 ■■80 V ■19- 33 ' 18- It to 16 ^8 W ide-lia«koiul«l> BIUklmri)tl«<'B<ltl«DbiM^1omoD«a; 8ohn- dM!». Limb—L»nib'l(;yi'Ore«nT.;01iInnory—oiw.di»>»»i-g«noi Bar. Hr. fialtei« Col«-^Ie 1 gasie; Yonng Bumali-^BiD- "^.ifffi"*^ be 8«cn'. that font ue almdy thrown ont In tbs ToorsAinflnt. ' ■ ■■ Ehoioimkhtii vob Next 7ni(-.-UpiiD>T.—UieHti. Hanuth and «Owon, at th* Bt deorga'a;" LoowontibJj aajw^reen, Bt. Qeorm'sTBUilnlta and Blaokbane, I>aiidon Cbeaa qhd>, TdIidat.— Uontgr«dlen and Btolnltz, London Oheas Olob; Deacon and BlaoKbnrne.Xondon pbeu Clab; Bamea and, Loo- wenthal, Bt Oeorgo'e ObBBB dub. .. ■ „• „. v , ■Wbbmisdat.— Lord Oiemome and Mr. Deacon,.8l.<leprge 8 OhMB Olali; Blaok'bnirio and loeviantlia], Bt Jame^', jwo o'lMoot. .THOT«DiT.-Haonah and BtoWt», Ixindon Ohera Olnbj Owen andFaa]Ben,Bt.°Cleoige's;'Dean and McDonnell, Cigar DWan; Boby and Loewenflial, Cigar Divan. _ , , • •-. FMDiT.-Deacon and SlelnUi; Bt George's (Hioas Clnb, BiTdBBAT,—Deiacbn and Montgredlen, London Oheaa Club; Panlam;«na Hl»bUjiirne, Bt Geoigele; Owen antl Hannab, St Jainea'." ■'■> i* » *" ■'".i ■ 'We iniut reierve ohr orlUqne on lue.vmoiir perforinancea nntll another occasion,' merely obeerylng for the preaent that some iftli'e games have been highly interesting. .; imoiig' the Tl8ltCT«: present during.the week we maymenUon Messrs. Kipi^g,'Bpark, aib80D, and OUlam, the Honorary Beo- retarles of the Manchester, Uverpool, ^dtabprgh,.and Worce- «ler Oheaa'01iibs.V Amona the foreign .^Tlsltors were M. de BlTlere,andthaOh67aUor-deBt Bon.--■ -.'i-- ■ . . , Bl«norDabols,^the Champion of Italian Chess, Is ixpected^ In town to-day. We^ have Jnat heard' that Mr. MoDonnell won In the grand Tournament with Mr. Blaokbnme.—£re, /line 32. But Iopiz.— In concloslon, and'as an Ulnstratlon of his Inter- esting'lt«m of last week, our. contributor says:—"Ii send you a coiipu of 'openings' that ocourred to merecently whloh,.thvugh thefare no^g whan.complete Ulnatrate well the strong podtloh attalnabl/s.hli.tlte Attack when the Defence Is wewy .co.hdiipted,^ U. even'ionly. ^iroagh a momentary tnad- Verience. a8.'.a3(i).i8(a). 34 18 as » " 19 •8 31 ■IT- 16 ' la 8 '.W M 19 ' W ■'■■36 -•■'ir. ■• u ^*8teyiiiH nii 'ntfleaTes off'pUy he(l9;Wft says ''BUck wlnB.' 'lj^|I|Kwdyoaa.sho^aiia^ds. Por nUi'. 17 U 9 ■;.3o > .0)-; i-aa* 36 '.■■«i : :ti',\:ii.. J^^^ IVAl'.'l x.^i ^V?i5:',:-,:it '/ ^^i/W^'L ::ai).; DlttWDt^ 8a..a6 88,'.'S0f' 84..38 8s:.A' 8« . .46 ■ S7..aB as- so- li 39 31 9 U 9 ' 14-: IT 81 10.: •Va,.. 16^ la I- sa..aa... S3..9S. 84..11 so..39 as . - 39 " ■ '*•..,■ :!■■ ..38 ." . /36.;j; 'OltWIU U 9 U IT 31 36 lo 8 16. IB aa [ tike e!b P:wlth Kt, Defence nj ~)^0,ip^9r.pieces forthe.Bi '-"--1^ p, aoS, shows .that the:Ds- fT.~.4BX**(<*) V8 ..... iWMwfflBtmgettherbeltejioMne.. . . . - (o) If 8..P to Q 8d. Ihe.Definoe.gets "abont an eqT>*l game," w^Ich however, 1) hotter than- Jit does In the leading game, 9„KtXBP W..BX.Q* ll;;KtXKB Kt'XB Xt-KB3,. ia..PtoQ8 1S..P-QB8 15..qEt-<li, fce. SBtoEta' BXKt . IK) TblslBFhllldor'smj>ve; llopalanl plays 10..&toklt8th, giving the Attack thesu^rlor game In slew moves-rBandbOok, p. J8t. '.^ . ,', ■ 1 ■ u\ Instead of this daring foray of the Kt, the Oermsn ifand- « plays la: K Kt to Q 8d. fliua:- ' BoiinRo;4-I>on'tb»afinMofkUttl«vidieping on the d ntar ftirU: and never punish them foMndalglDa In'lt; ym(\ ■earen Whtfihu endowed them ao-'larae^-Mth asUnititt TheasmnaihsvtiTent In aome way, snf hotter the' glowtL. llttU romping Imparts°to the ■ cheeks than a distorted toSki pallldbrow. Boalthlaoneofthegreatastofb1e<slnn,|-'' a good share of physical eierolse can aeonre this toe Let them romp, then, even If they do make some notie,' !„, their dresses ocoaSlonaUy, a;id lead yon to cry oat, ><a4 what shall r dot" ' Tes, let thi lu romp I Bober Umea wtQIt by and by. Life brings Its cares soon enongh to all, aniw ohUdren beliappy while they are yonng. Ood made thenkS ■ ■ ' tnwarlF'- —- — ■ " taclk plays 1 ia..EKttoQ;8 18.,KtPX P.;' i4:.Ehi8B a Pito KB 6 KtP,X P 'QB^KlS U..QBto EtI QKttoQa l<t^a \ QB-Ksa,and I positions are equd. {j 1 This advanoe of tiB according to tbe highest rules of art (t) If he take P with B, Attack draws by «f Kt. (I) This Enlgl)t can now come np and anlah, the aflUr. UJBN, SIAMinERS AND THINGlj Hf BNOIiAND, ^ AB BEEN ST AN AMEBI0A5;' 'WBRTBl HTPBTWlTiT TOB THE NEW XOBK^ilLipPSIl, BY EDWIN JAMEa ' ' NEVr aBRIES—NUUBEtl:. TUlBTEEir. JAMEB- ABOENDB THE HOMVMENT. On ajeinariably low piece of gronnd. insjpproprlat44y named e.'w.b; l..PtoK4 a::x st-B s' 8..KB-Kt 6 4..P-QB8' S..KBxEt4- 8..P-Q1 • 7..BPXP B-Oastlss Mr. Eelser, PtoKi : :QKt-B3 P-Q.9. 'F.^B8 ..EtPXB- K.BXP. ^ QB-St« ' .Q-EBa E.~W.B. Mr. Eelser. ' 9,,QtoherB.4K.toQa&ad * PXP K8 . her 4 'heiyB4 Q-Et8 E-QBsq.iDd Lthen exobanged Queens, won. two pawns, foroed a Book foraE.t,(»le<-ana soored.the portCe ei%.;;[l?...Kttb'K'8tJi:; .H^^^pbitt . , E,.'W,B..' .l..PU>K*. ■ a.:siK^8 S.'.EG^EtB .4..Pr<J,t .:. s..q'p><.p P, Blbliardso'n; B'fo'E'4::,.. OKt-BD .'. KEb-BS ■,. KBtXP " P-Q:4 • 6MPXEmjxuiEKtX'* T.'.C«aiee'. . P-EB,4' .,E,W..Bi : ' P, Blchardeon. 8.:KBtoEaa4-EBtoSa .9..XEt-Q,4 . qiS-Oa . 10..KBXK.- . KtPXB ■ U,.A-SB9 .P^B4 ia..^H)B6 EBxEt 13:.QXEBX E.'hlsBs(i U.'.q XB3dP,andthenpshot .was thst.'I afterwards T/on Q B'P, ,Q ;i P, and<K B P, exchanged alllhepleceSi'andthe Pawns went on to glory. .. BlHIOMA"ii«.^33-6-. ■ - ' "FouBrBPBizi PMBtsv.'.^Bx'Wib.MiTbBKaoir, Esq. 'Bttrmm PnUal Jieduoe.' > the;tompUar.i»llI be plaiiefl wlth the sbove oo'rreotloni " gets gut Us next edltl<m,of,blandaia, he kw>'< give WsKvSlc ' -YodrSi'to;,: . — afrhls.B'Sq, h6r,4,. .■ K4, ' QBIj; QSe, QB.Sd, CjltfiiJ';'/.:;- voBmoir no. ia^voi^ x. ^.•Bt;i[. ■Hi BiJiMHm' . . i i:. - THB BOthPOBirioit ::.,; oy^MadEB.'. atQEt4,KB80 and , <i% QS,. EB3, Q:.Ete, QB8, EBIth, BhHk Pawns at Q B 4, and Q B 8th. 'While to play'and ^■ve mate'l^'foor moves.' m fiss in X' - :iJwf5v7.r>^ . . . '•• .'''WhttetomoTiPand win, '.-.V; * its i/'.y' ■: 1-. : ■. ', ■ ^ ,;! >■>■; o;^ ;.'••. ■ 'f^j^i^i/fB. ;pjlk|BiB!S< ifiinWsEII lUBY iBUliil. AND W: B. E. jCrrMaiiy. r V ; .'.. !- .White—W. B..E. / T ._4i:„ . .... aa 18 '.93 ■S. -1. . r°^r'''^r-^'''' t>.If/:}^'i^i1j!:l'.,1 , ifit 'jA- If r I r'-' ' '- ■ - ■••ristiiri happy, and wur should t>arents tbwarl His plans? We tsi believe In a doll chlldhood,.bnt In cheerfulness in yoDlhi oheerfDlness In age. ■OBEEK MomHTAIM BOY AM) P. M. BABWIOH. ' has be«n dMtd'^RS^Ufonbrfie^Wi^rds of'tLe Bristol of thft UBrltlsb^bsanlSsoclltlain'nnld last year, with torllwonifaijgrWoxId'S'Oozfffress.^:The'''adhea Bubi ltBer,'wlII<receiTe aoot>» of the bbok^ The voli^e itreyond anyiiivce'deAt in'superior cbeks.pfobleqs. ''''I meetl^.whloh.oUclteil'the masterly pHze'p^ for some time formed oar series of enigmas.'. u4us oonneoH'on:repeat'<'the'annonncement thatowit r,«r problems,-from all parts otitheirorld, have been en-: _ fMiNfe various prices st the ..World's Songnas', aoAposenr SNm-augoat every nation.swelling.this long rolL .This Is a' ■"■•"■'14 jRioiiess,.eioeeaing the most eangolse expectatlohs of idU))Ct«e; , .^sUi may he tako..th6 Championship of tho U'^WOffips-here, each. In'his own peculiar department.' IDBdhiaresohodiiHT. t^idmam qui meruit, fenU. jEsiTiheconqaoror In ttie great.toumament 'Just :at)llti,0^ejle U Jitgtnu, )ias 'vlalte^ Boms, and played a 'tft^tmisli^th Signer Dubois, the ohamplpn of Italy. 'The iI(jny)}!||^,r!D.VOi,.dnv^^ - ' Viiiixkmna Obier, Esq,, so India, where his contests' '^th some of ihe leading Brahmin., players .eiolted mush atton- ■WMtSSv^ tiyUg hlsSUll ynth^bmi of ihe'leadthg English; '^bah*litlmf lai ntojni'Wiile,'': mth Ur, ;Bur0en,(tjrp matoh- rSffiKik'tUj^'diflit'-lo'thM;' I (oar to four;, and with. Hetx 'IioewentiiiU('reoelv- ix^Ai'^. njose'.resdllA will, efiabte .;qs to: 'Wlilto'tb play'and give mato In live moves. . 'oAMB!:'i^:p.. •.3 3e..",'\ i'artu between .our contributor E. UoOoteheonand Mr. Wm, BiohardMn. ./■ ''■■!' 'I . BISa'B BI'S OiMBIT.. .■ ' Defefice,'' McOatthoon: ■ •. Attack; ' ' Blobardaon. iKPtoK* ■ 3.:P.EB4 ' 8..KEt'B8 4..KB-B4 . .6.->.T-4}4 . ' .e.JOasUes ''i: T«P-q:B8 ■ ,8..P-Q»' "■• 9..Q-St8 - 16..O X StP- U..EB4t6 ' ia..EBXEt: 13.. 0-113(6) 14..EEt-Eaq ,&\J^j^g^^;6f Mr Onions oomj^rllig^-.tlio. '(jb^ngth.of; 'wtiU the beat Earopeans and An^erlouis.. ;t th'e Bt.Tameis! c' Blch.!!Of cburso' aaV In arms, and tilts. Its. and trials of st^nglh, and. farlilshlng np',bf anq'or^ ii^^^,M)^y,a:prepaTAtt((il qi&'9^^ for .the great 6i;«'v.-irt't i'-''':',■.■'.>',■'./.' '. " i " . " . ■'•.,'/ '■. ■ ' ^^■fjiii^iiBkiJ/iTltipiTAlL'.. t'it<ilS8 .covQvtBia.; ','.!! ^etit/'OUoas; OougroU blds fiUr,t6prdy<>>^ any;0f l(a.prpd:ou)skors. It;ha8: sxotte4 the ,gTfktef^ tt pbtyin Eu^Uiidi .lint thi^fnghililt Eq'oP^ r part of .tae.'wbrld wherf Q^houls puyed; .anajwe „ i9,'iitai4;tluijt tlins'fif^tbp cjajbrtsofxllfo oomml^ 'ttfeiKled 'mtit thti uunost succesa. '1|he;ihatonesn. inrnj^i^ent^L'^ommencod oh Mon^y iMtiisUd. it , i'Aw«r& fitjtfi-iiVyffi at the.various MotnfpolUan ithiUttj^^t aU'of i^hjujb jpi'e,at(o)idaiicf )iti .been nom^tis' i^cTu'-'iaio Maiid' Toiirn^jpt WAS pi^iim^a )D,0^eeS:(&\]th> betw^o%Mf:<Montgrpdl.ei),;tj^e> FtfiM&t of 01al>,rtlMl!..BaViMvi(V'-'Vi'-! ' 'i .■^ti; >'..,'ii /•'/•..,'• 1 i.t i« t.-ii —-) between ^{MS-Ciabt . . , , tho,ihlrtt,rt h, bftwoen Msesri;/'I4t9nlgf«4lmw<9W ri:- - ! Tth,.thtM^amoi(>^rsjC^yM-Tljro.i^tbi) London, be* -'^iLOreen inaBlackbilrab^ ie,j$tl^;iir.'4Ii«l^^ and —1. l.,ooth^i^^)^jlw mO^. .wtfo'/Myed ^af itiiVl^iidQi^^S^be (a) We have alwayS'found-ltthe hardest of hard work to make atudents believe ihatthe two previoTa moves, this, aniL the fol- lowing one, against the fdnn'of attack here adopted, arethe best possible.' ■ •■ ■■■■I ' ." ■■ , ; . : .' (6) He w<iU'(I)i'pbor'ontof-th6-way P,'bat considering the nAmber or moves It coals, and the Qtteeh kept sadly wandering about, "pays dear tcrt the whistle"—aa we have eomewhore seen It forcibly expressed ;'^hs "wins a sprat bat loaifs a whale." ,.'' 1(c)''All this Is'gdlilg' straight to the nlark—no dabbllngln aide Isanes.''■■ .'■'../".i .":'i'. '■••' '' •;'■ - • ,. ; '(t) The beginning ofswell o6nduoted fconntorattack.-> 'e) He has Dot small choice of moves, now. ' •• ('?) ByIn.terposing'theB.hegirouldabvlpnslyhaveloetapleoe. .'to Xhls:"(l)U'he^T his antagonist. I ..';!'•,.i.. .. i • . .11. 'I'- it .'. ..' . '' '■' .•.aijj'N.'^ ■''' !. ,'■' ..-"i' W'ell contested 'aAd tnetraottv^rKAhet^eod'ttinhi Bmie and B[lr8olifoW;-^J/«)i'»'X(ft.-..'v-rJ:'^^ "J''- ■;','.V ■ .; i.'&.i". PtoK4 ■EPXP PL.EEt4< -lEB^Eta '•QB.>E'3 : QB'StS 'QIEt^a' XKI^-E'S . 'P-Q B 8 • >;<JB'.XB'' P-ESt'8' P-E B 6 the Attack,' Defence, Blchardson; . McOatcheon. 16.,EtPXP EtPxP ISi'.EBXT' EB-Etsq(d) 1T.VEB-Kt3 P-KB4 .l».'!a'herB4 ■QB-Et4 19'..Q-Bt4 ' P-QB4 ao. .PXP«nj»l(e)tf:Et 8 -f- 31..E-Bsq(/) BP 93.;P-^IE4 Flih'''6treet Hill, standa,.the celebral , ™ erected between 1161 and ITSS,' to.Mtnmemorate the' great lire in 1666. I waited some months for a dear day,'so as to have a good view from the top, but notuntll qulto recently has this phe-' nomencn—a sunshiny day in London—presented Itaelt The monoment la near London Bridge, where I first pat up on reach- ing England^ the location of .which Is now pretty generally known to those who read these cftmmon-place letters, so there Is no need of further words on that score. Outside, at the base. Is a speoUnen 'Mbas-r^Uef ecolptun representing something or other with k lot of Latin uhdenieath, but as my edncatlon doesn't ex- tend in that dbectlon. It is more fhiH. 1 can toll what the euper- scriptlon means: one eign, however, was 'as plain aa a pike staff, to wit "Chuge, 3d each person," (howlng that however fond the Sngllsh Aay be of dabbling In dead langu'ages so fkr as statues and the like are concemed, they take goo^care to be explicit In money.matten; for my own part, I can see no earthly use in thla i Mnchantfor foreign tongues in preference to their own,'unless fa a bargain t between; the Oovemmenf and Profelsota of Lan-: [uages, because everybody is aware liowanxlonfe:folks are to. mow what this or that sentence stands for when it Is in an nn-. known or uncommon lingo, and as a matter of course people go : to studying such things under a professor, or hunt up-the various: dictionaries—all of'Which In the end comesoutof a manlafor . quoting Dutch, Irish, or .Japanese in such every-day concetq^ fs the penny newspaper:. This, however; Isn't getting upthe monu- ment is it? Torosums the subject: I ehelled out thrm new, pennies, (thoy only weigh a fourth part of the old ones, which were exactly an ounce; or sixteen equivalent to apound,) gave the counteiidgn and commenced the onerous task or ascending 314 steps, going round and round for at leaet fifteen mlnutea be- fore reaching Its summit, stopping to rest six times. 'When aa high as the law allows one to go, I drew a long breath and shont- ed out"Alabamal"'Just the moment my pumped out lungs would admit of the word; don't "go for to think" there's any eecesh about me for doing this, because Alabama means f'Here I rest I" and there I did rest in earnest From base to summit lis height Is 309 feet, making us, for the time being, quite high up In' the world—I say "us" for the reason there were three sailors, two yoang,I>utoh swells, and, would yon believe It, two hand, some feminines. (It is quite surprising to see how daring Eng. Ueh lassies are—<A<y make no bones about showing a dean stock. Ins: or one wonldn'.^ think so to observe them penhed up out- side a etege, on each side the driver—a very common occurrence Just now on the Exldbttlon 'bueses.) Compilers of Onlde Books very correctly say that, providing you have no time to tany, by loing up thla monument and gazing around on a fine day, it la letter than a week apent in walking the atreeis, as on a^lne day al^ the principal bulldliigs are very consplcaous, from Bt'Paol'a Cathedral to the Houses of Parliament a good honi^ walk be- low. . I see no reason for disbelief In their asserttons, liiiid if it ever ahould happen any of you have to pass through London, don't mias going up the monument In conseqnence of a ladr throwing herselffrom off the top some years ago, the authorities . J.enLBtMMlily.Cfiliatnict*'!! flTinnnnua-hlgh-nlllMe'reoadrsome- raurieet higher than the others, and since then this temptation to take a Jump haa been remedied. It's a dosty helipit to look from, and with the very.strong breeze while we were there, the old concern seemed to sway to and fro Uke a big chimney under the weather—and the more a person Imagined It rooked, the more it appeared to, and notwlihlng to hurt anybody In the street by tailing on them, we voted unanimously to adjourn nearer tho earth. There Is one thing, however, you will see up there thathad never figured befor«,namely: an Ameriean shield, with an asgle and two fiags aboveit and underneath this dapb- nent'snameas lain'ss UfS.alloatdiuti.l&'th'e.plaiterwIthone of Original Jaoobs'7f cent .pen'kUIf«»-thBt'a worth coming to London for alone, ain't lit. The descent was aoeompllshed In short order by the otheis; while I took the' trouble to count the eteps Just f9r fun, because my Oulde says 34S; there are, how- ever, but 314—quite sufficient for general pulses, and more tool A brief desoristlon, and we can'affOTd to dismiss this Tower of Modem Babylon. It Is a fluted column of the Doric order, 303 feet .high; diameter at base, IS feet; cone at the top with ito blazing urn of gilt brass, 43 feel, and was' erected by Sir Christopher Wren. , • ■ ' \ ' ' I ETE-BOBEB IN DBUBY LANE! Drury Lane, from ito bel^g so often mentioned In the Cup- m's Inlmlteble, unapproachable the^oal page, Is perhaps more ftmlllar than any other lane or street in London; many no doubt Imagine Drury Lane Theatre' cocuples a great portion of theUhe,' and also think It a very choice'neighborhood.' Alkiwifae todl» pel these illusions. In tlra flfst place, except about six Teet' Of dead wall, there Is no'part of^thjs theatre that honors this dliuy tboroughOre with Its nlstrionlo and venerable prestige; onue contrary. Its grand Cront and principal entrance leln B^dgea street while Bussal aireet has the great: claim tpon Old Drury, from the fkct of Ite extending'In a oofittnnous.'lint the whole length of said street—here we have the gallery entarances, or cheap parts of the house'/: which I generally manege to find' out before all others. Add now, after steting-that Dion Bouolcaull (he's dropped the'*r" in his name since-leaving America) has recently. leaaed the theatre, and' engaged'Madame'Celeste aa leading lady In lils. sensaUoh original translations, we will let Old Drury pass to the background. With reference to ite clasal- callty, how you have all been taken In, to be sure? Just one promenade up and down, would give a stranger more insight Into tbs drunken, vagabofadUfe led by oertein wretched-looking, dis- solute creatores disgracing the name of woman, than living about Brompton or Plmll<!o:for years: it Is hard to give these shamoleBa females a proper name—though not exactly ptottitutes, they cer- tainly cannot .be..oalled respectable women; their grand, beset- ting ain, la a bcaviagfor drink,'and to tho loss of ev<Sy household comfortt they seemto t>e for everln,a sUte of'semi-lntoxloatloh; GOVRAVO'S IjIBRART OF BOHUnOB, HELEtr OF TBOY—oAirio Exxnt ' Howard loved ^den 'vritli that rapt devotion 'Which bums the oheek and Undies In the eyi And makes'the breast h'eave like the tnmuloiiV : Whtir the'Bontb winds have ddng Ite lullab}; , 'An^'Hdeli fdt the self-same sweet emotion ' 'OfmosfboMatlebUss. Bhewonder'dwhyl ^' ■ ' . Their souls were kindred, and by Heaven singled' ; - To gilds together and become coAimlngled. in eye that kindles with tho light of Intelllgonoe (s oerlaliilirii attno&ve; but how much more docs Ik become so if the /I been purified bv aOlTBACD'B Itellon Medicated Boap ttm plea, tan, freckles, Bunban,,8allownei9s,: redness, chaps, cracks, moth, ringworm, or othor like disfigurement*. Tli veDouB Boap is of such a soothing daturo that no cimpi.. earth can'compare with It for purposes of the nurserj; \ buoyancy, nnlud with tho foaslbiltv of Ite use in either b salt vrater, make it Invaluable to bathers. GOUBAUO'B I '.BubtOe possess the extraordinary property of quickly uu superfluous hair fr^bi any port of tho body, without in'f degreehOurlngthemostdeUcatoskln. GODBAUD'SBil ranve forces the hair to grow on bald places, prevente It b ing out cures dandruff, and makes haish, stiff, fazzly htir, b tifilly soft silky ana glossy. OOUBATID'S Liquid' Tm ' Bouge Imparts a superior and permanent rose color to pi and cheeks. QOUBADD'B Lily White la a delicious cos&i Instantly giving a pure, llfo-lUe whiteness to thefiesk^. RAUD'B Liquid Havr Dye Is warranted to change rcdor gr to a beautiful brown or Jet black the instant It is applied, ^ staining the akin. * , BEWABE OF CODNTERFEITB. The gen^e coemetlcs and preparations of DB. FEUX'jL EAXTD.can ' only be had genuine at hla Depot 4C3 Broadwiy]^ atfiTWalkeratreet . '.' . .. ■' Agents—Callendar fc'Co.i.Third, and Walnut streelti.L^ ] ihia; 3. B. "Bates, 130 Washington street BoBton;'BUBa,'.( ;leld.4c. BXBP E,SV-B8' :B-EB4 3T.,QSt-Qa 38.'.Q-hBrHt4 resigned. 'XP E Et-Q4 BXB9<lP IM P-K 7 QR-Qeq Q-EB7,and LLIAK.D TABLES: • an '.. COMBDfATIOlI CD8HI0H& • ' Protected by Letters Patent dated Feb. 19, ISUr Oet SX UK I DeoTiriSSTi Jan. U, 1BS3; Nor, 16,1S6S; Match 39,18ll|lli< | Beptemberat, 1800. Tho recent Improvemonte in these Tables make thsm i passed in the world. 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' . 1M| S[lrsolifBU:-^J/e<l'<'Xi ''( >'■;■,"', ' '' ''/ eu.viQ,'oj eiKWv''UHaj8ijia<i:?5v ..»:*:'i^*tf;,'i^'9^ fl.'.K-hlsH'sa'r.E .io.AX^-'Irt w I'kSb 8, ia'.:o£B;7;tij.;.l^ .^^.ja?. ,;,,Q'KMI,fr ... ii$;,:xB-ii^ ~.'Et-E« li,.'^iUe,:'> Mitiohfeld' .QBX'P BrB7 + -, .. .P-EE4 , ItsqEr-Btt A Kt^a,','',.':E*<(n :, B-ft3'^'..'.:B'X.'B' ■ B;.'..';S-hia Be - . 'K'sq ?|.^.3; :t^E,s.. ._,B-ta .SWEKta.' 3S..llUE'Et3 ;St...Sr£h4 . 4l;iEt:EB4 ihlabnlariM ii.jKt-KBl} B-SB6 PrK BB. . . R-EB8 .> B-K B8 .. P-EKtp(k) -E-Et8<-.: ; . B-EBT'^ -;^ :;;'PtOB4 ? ''Pt44+' •:.' Et-QB'3(|y QeI*8'~. Kt-KBJ V EM)4tand' where the money.oomes from to keep up this'incessant gin goz- zllug Is a^mystery to all but thomselyegv^bonnetleas; barefooted, and with', scarcely suffiol^t olothlngto cover theiy unvnashed bo- dies, they.reveVday alter day and mght alter night like' so many heatlieiis,'(to 'ase the mildest term ppssiblo,) .with'no other' ob^ Jett but pdiBonlng themselves and ooUdrcn by pouring down .the oheapestandrottonbststuff over manutictured. Itteapltlable 8lghi'to.note,'n6t only ths middle agod, but. young 'girls,"(manyj too,'wltb InZikhte at the breast) thus recklpssly ruining soul and body, vrlth 'no ambition beyond where their nqxt glass may come from; ', they hang almutibo filthy courts and gin mllla, when not inside, like ,fO'many leeohes,'Wlth..bloatod face and blaod.ehot eyes, the Irory'picture of inlsery. . Of necessity, little harmony exlato'bqttroonJhem.whtn maddeqod by.drtnk, andc as a natural censeqitnicerfe'maJe.'iMio fights are the rule Instead of exception -^Indeed/one In .erery^dozen either has a. black eyo or an ugly woundpusiereB .up by apolico surgeon, for It'U certain Hey dont pay a doctor If tho^ know lt ThAo thlngB are sd common,' that Londoners'never think of noUoIng what would bo consid- ered so disgraceful wl^ you, and Ood forbid the day ever should come when Americans oan.look on similar scenes with }i^o Indlf' ferehoe. . Now I don't mean to say thteo wretohod people live in Drury Lane, for there are hundreds of ve'ry,lnapacUcb) storekeep^ 'ersand tradesmen who ocbupy nearly nil we'ehopa.oxcopt "splnt vault8,"^AS they oall 'em—but they may:be se'oiinanglng around thesB pnVUo' houses so much, that but few hojiis of tho day or night are spent lu'tbtlr rookeries diiwn.tho ta)an'y.alI6ys,'()0tirls, ohtl'passages ;brafiohlng out of .!Dr^ Lone, and it lAjnres tho regular trade °pt thoVfaeUhbbrKood sadly.' In these ,romarks I stete hothUg 'bat gospel truth, and .^b' to give no cause for cavilling! It U'MrhapsaspainAilformitbw'rub arlt willbete some that read (bis In print, but as tho result ft praotlbal obsor. vatlons among a'class of whom little Is looirhcd from tUe writings of-wealthy tibvellers, tourlste,' atad ^'blghi3aUty".antforspl con safely give th'ese fkcte to the .world 'without foor of cbntradloUon, Drury Lanb t^nfmanccB at Bro'ad'stl'c'et'ahd'ruh(l into Wyoh street-where the' piymplb Theatre' sltu'nlea'.' ^^jipept the nu- morous llqU&r stores and.coffeb:Sli6pli, tbo^ie a'reno ^xtraordlna' ty buildings TMrth.Uedtlbnitlg'. :iW;/ch'btrect1s iw of'disrepute ble houses, dltfuls^,as ;dgar atbfii'on aAailUr 'styje totho Canalstreotconunf.otNow.Yprk':'the ilfeetltsblf is.ctberwlte insigntfioant', exceptllaSr'S cohvonlobt MiUef 'to ',tha 'qverorowded^ Strand fbr vehloloss ■ barring .onb Uttle tpac3>. .midday, thore ls rooni fo'r Only^onS cirt at a tUne, An3 It Is a rich. eight to 'watch .tho ' rattllng ipbeH put'on lieM Wka'tlotto'ttot caught In this smalliap, and thnsAsve to wdit until those coming yp. kn opito- slte'dlrectlbn'liiiive'jpasBodby. Boili'eUfa)bs'S'mullsh,'stu'bborn driter wUl cause a d^y of many uilnulbs' q/ refosiiiB to back out when be Is dissp^led In giuing 't6 th« dbfnble.^dtti flrrt .thBB's the tlme.M.bew Britishers awear |,.'!//:i''.''. ;f: ^^>Whj'.tl^.iieikilM'4<;£noTni ..MtltMifflo's.tefenos:' va twver ««ldaphleWi»«i,'; \.''T'*',-'v'. •'ttii' •' • '■■ ■ Il' :? ■'. l|dopt«oU:'^The,TariaUonte Intetaitina, Oheiit.Initntttor,' .k. --^ In narrating the clr«nmtl«;naes.of:a recent siilcii^ out; thfAapers simtiiBt.bBiUIH.'.belilj: dei^'dSa b*iha«r, the unlHd&kte!'#ai<'h4d', dxhlb]i«d^ •Uisanl^^'/''"' ■'' " ' "■'■-••-?^' -^'''' '' '''- ™ ' ""r^ ■•■■■;:■ . ..fl'n ri' :^.fi'v";:«','>'^«;!,.v>'»1.£:SE .gjibf^iJ^sad of.tlne-j#i^7.cnt. VAtbli behind' : . :-'.-'^.';. 'jl^ji "TiO YbtJ'i-WANT ■WHISKER^ 'OB itoDS ., xy. C^?"—In 1B69 Ifiret asked this question. . iTwail Bweted by numerous people; and I ask if any of them over In my .Qngabht to fall lii doing all I claimed for it; namely: tl Would obmpel the'Beard or Mouateohe to grow upon the emoi est fate wltmn six weeks from the first sppllcation.' Like all i oesaflil Inventors, I have had, to'contend with a boat .of imlli some of whom even go so' Jhr as to copy my tdvertlsem HoMter, troth is mlglity, and vlU prevail; and you, m; bi loss friends, will find that my Onguent Is'the .only thing tbit4 reallyfo)xe Uid' Beard'to. grow, andtvlll'.'Beitherstainorlr^ the sMh. I send it to'anjr part of tUtf (traintry; free !of pes _ for'tl./ [9-lts]' Bi'O. OBAHAH; No. 100 Nasbaustreet N,t| FDN FOR THE MILLION I The Laijghftble A* ven'turee of Messrs; BBOWN,-,JONES, oni) ROBINS Showing where they went, and how tMwbiit what the; i andhowthqy dldlt; wltUnbariy aoo tn'bst thriUlnglx Comli)' gravings.. Price 36 ceute, ' FBED PAItSELLS It BRO., '.'; ■ ■ Boxaass P. 0., N. y.'wl Copies mailed to any address, free of postego. Bond aM den to the above address.' ' t4F| TOST PUBLISHED—Price 6; oeot6r-A NeWj^ of CULYEB'WELL'B celebrated' Lecture , on the'. BtM Yonth;. thoir Oonseqnenoesi Treatmont andlCurd; - HalleVp paid, on'receipt'of price. Also,.<'061^oi^roll'a:OrcctaT Single and Married ufe." Prioe 38 oenti.> Addreaa - 9-Om* OH. EUKE & C9., 1^7Bowery, N. Y., POBtbesll TV/riCHbSCOflO^ SCAHP ''PiNe;-;^Coatilnlng 'M ill token from Natore—Fionoh ImfbrteUons. Bent In* envelopes. Price ta.80^throe'fOr tO.' P.O. Box 1180, N. T'(,r ■ . ,,; ■; ■ Bays Ae 6 cent MSithBrpof- ,.;,.:^-,'/./'.:.^, .KAravAiiqHi™^'^ ■.. Tb4 Sen&tloii.NoVelette,'lBnt by InAll for Tii<'0£iii«,'l>l ' ^'', .; *,' • .'.pAY;.Th■eA^^^h()^PnhllliliB^, Now Uavsn,' Agont^y^mtod..-,: y- ;.;: ;,, .' :;•;;.' ^7: ^QOLDtfiRB I "or,any othor mftnii ofttf'loani I .ls3/WAYiT0 •'fflNatoardSi byBindllig'th'olr'WdrtM'Sl three otatBlbnp. to W L, CRAIWRD; WtsliliMton P. C-i'ia ington.D.C. Bojstrylt.youwlUbOBiir*ttfllf*1t.- '. *', '■'''' ' ■."■"' ':■"■ "*.'" IDP.OKS- .LOTB,. AS: IfSU.*Ii;-U!MftVogul!i..H Xj XtoB.. ,N^.<t«\id.'prw'tbsd,' .:.:; JtiHN ATOHieOJii vjW-3rii««,/:.:-..'.;.;,. . 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