New York Clipper (May 1863)

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^AttiBDA*, mir «s, lies.;; MWDoTet lib «rt»ortJ»»i7Uf ""^ %SMi«&'oi|yi«'(Bip^ (BdbwSrlptlDDfbTetDonthijjn BDbiHii^foTfinMitu. 100 ■lS*aMS, «» «imiim.M 09 anbdf a«h(.. >.90O0 ^fTrny ^-»■;■> . l a til cM«eIn tafiiicb. ' ' ^- ' - ■ . ' Mldst4^arte«tlo soUc«i ft«m oUi«r MMfi^ taooijbersted In SacnonalT. ia oaiti per lino: ■ lltwMlJeasatloD, ^lU,hav- SSLj H' i*'*** te'tdraitUsmaBto «h«tt'vtld for tbrteor dz BBBtU in aavmot. Si^ of pnbUotUon, Ta^xUy of ve«b- ; . fui^mtitrit^nna tiHtmntt, tUmtioa In tfas laiQe fartbktlrMk, 'ifeoiulMtli «■ byllondur monilns^tt'Utast, or Bttatdkylf .; 'f^' j^AmiTUlOonTBoUoii of .tUf olQl). VUoIi iiMtf6T:lti Out piotoofion of g«me ud fUk la .imz flh^fe, t|il ■wtia u ■ : afl6iA ui«pppitanltT tor t wold inta^^ b{>l<iinoii ;n*i^ . . ^Mipiitoilntf UiBwlb. M wdl w9 o^' iporitn' ganwtl, i» t»bk* ' ^tuf/tt' Siiffilo, on' th«'2d, tUIi/knd itti of Jiine. The' ^to- '. yo^'^^Mb ', tDi sUm Blioatliig: fo](. stiiea; Moond iMj /' iyatniijlty), tteowlng the fly,>od''bip ttiootlngrthlia'd&y ' (J[iitttiidt9)iifaoottDBviffld tin t£«t >U '. ftivf,'.u-:|iitdUgBDt mdetsUadlDg of tbe vktloiu eT«nta, taS Ur4dit'10ibeta,'ttrlngmoUTue,for'>^rIiieci{tlB.. En- 'IM, tt. Bntnhoo'fMi to ))e added ind dMdedi on« baU iddod to'tho' flnt"prlz«,'«nd' th* balUico to' be glTon m • JSu.; Hftol Sbooliiig, with'op«n (labia, Btngle budt bir tlimlM to tiWM inldieai dlaUno*.» yuda; 10 aboli, (triil lli^'t»'k'8ir««pitakeaoftSeMlL , U'K U.; BUs SnooUng foe TelMcope ud Tuget gonii-rdla- ;M'iii>d<,'wlth reit;'tsb.i at'option of 8hoo{er;.10 ihols itatfM^tofifTite ottlV): «nlitnoe fe«, (5, to b« tddn IbC wldod u abbva. ' -. BfA" knd Pistol SbooUng op^ to in 'coaen.. > ' tt«''<MnT«ntl6n Trill meet it tht loomi of the 'Tousm "(bBtATaiBP.K.! when all matt«n; f r bualneu will b« .trans- :Tyi^I ■ .,,Biooin>.bAT. J..: MViilL.ilf Tbrowlng; wltU alhgle-hand, for a price M (IS. ,; ai u'A. K.. State Trap Shoot. Sides fo-be obotonon the ' Kdne bat uembere of organized dobi in this State, or : •ofiitiUleU'gataa, will be allowed to ah'oOL The matoh to be at ' SOn^w^^rda eaob, and to be goveraed by tbe culea ot.the <<IlinMT>B Oltib," of Bnflalo, Ohaige of sbot, l)j oonoes, TBm>naT. 'janaenTioB itti^tw.TOBk iauniil,' jUrat^ men are wanted.' 'Wb^ say* '•iiiii',''' .Wbsn'Han aaserts Uie sanguine swsgri ''battlefbtthetlgbt,. . '^L' ' AttdnntoJasiloelend tbetrznlflbt. .- By',theia,ltshdUdbee'eroul .' we d6 reortilt the mlabtr boat' '.Wbo'ttalton meet, wlo bleed, tnd ilt, . Aiid'galnatUattltevletotyl , ' ^hdwbb, If wdfaeed BOldleis tnie . " ' THeiocs of the t/ti, the White, andBlde,) ' Can better fill the post, than those Unar'd to training and to blows i ' Bnbh lids, who, apt at "glvs and take." .' ' Trom fotmen are not lUte to break. Snob men we see before at now ' (Hark well.tbat firm and tranqoll brawl) . 'wllhstrangtbdeTelop'd, BOlenoe, too, ' And vpln&k" enongb to bear them tbio'. , As yet no other weapons, save The'slmple ones that Nature gSTe^.. Are theln; bat they win soon evince^ VNffl others, deadllar, they'll ne'er wlnoe.: IheObamplonOobtam shows bls aUU, '. . ' Btanda onUBgaard/andbltsatwin., . : portrays the art that all shotld knoWi . Tho'many wonld not hare It so— The so«sU'd "aalnti," with ftaes lon^, .. ynut preaoh 'gUnstwar, and'say 'tfs wtongt And many, too, beitde, are here. To whom the'aadlenoe glTa their oheer,' *I«tiunatseaBtoarToToeasWeB, .'. Bat blend it with the mighty sw^ . That, as'each boat is fonghvwe near ' Boond thro'tht Theatre, land and oleatt 'For this we know, and fearless orge,, . ' Mte'aU'thatnmpaatOantoinspIarge, . ' wben,tnllantBOldlenarer<qtilr'd, . - ' The but ate those the BIng hath'sqolrd. - 60, >>faen the boys have done their task, And In tbepabllo sohahlne biak,, .' And mntlo lends its oheerlnasoand, '. 'WokingteiponBee all around, I,et the demand gofortb, that, yet, A tone la play'd, weHe'er fbiget— , ^oh^ save the poorest living noodle, Tlay'd 'With all honors—"Yankee Doodle." f === V.),^ '.' TO OOliABSFOIIDaSTI.'. ^.' MnxitK^r^it Obau Editor has ie(^*d^ agiilii .ib th* bll and • all' oonespoBdenoei, either for bim dr tiOs depaitmeni sbAdld fir the preient seaaon be dliested "(Jx^mii OiBoi, 9 'AanstMe^N.XOity.". ...„-_,.-.. ': .((JaxSu A^ dniAna—The two problem* of yonn, so long miss- tfd flame to light onoarretom, and we to-day, with a sUgCt transposIUoirof portion, to obviate a flaw.' The other we'wlihto tetomwltha snggesUonortwoi wUlyonotUatthe lofflM, or send yoar addreu t ' '^I'SoRmiyr,'! Army of the Potomao.—Tows leeelvtd; We win look aboat among -Ine- l>ook honaes, and let yoa know by mall what we oaq'flnd for.yoo, In addluAn to what we have onrselVes. ' }6raUoLiik.'T^Acoept ov thankli for pains takahln out half. ■■■ ■ ••. ■____>;■ ■ ITIO'B'A vH »V.8 8X. . A Problem iii the'^orld's Oongresji Tonmey. ' i "jvfl .adwiFwi" '' ■ . ' ■ ka, .QB, KBSd. atQA KKtA Kfi(4,.9Xt|^ QXkS,, Q9, t KtSd. ' ; %hIt«t«piayaqdjityematelBth^ ntraaiitf fees to be added and divided, pn nut. Open- to all ' 'CbmerS'lfbr trap ehootlng, at IS single birds' eaoh.' Shot, la :«lmies;;31: yards rise, 80 yards bonodaiy.' An entries to be Asddt Mfore shooting commences. AU .'tles to be shot off tt S tftiglp birds esoh. Bbonldthe flret Ave birds notdeolde the tie, :'0BOnbtrd<than beebotoffat 30 yards rise, Bhoold there ^ /feim be'a tie, B jards ahall be added to the rise for leach succeed- ' fa|hstrlng Af S olrds; the matoh to be shot aooiirdlng to the rales otuf ."FoBisTXB Olvb." Umpires and referee to be ohosen : Wthe iironnd. ' ■ An'tner'aame day, the eltlzens of BnfEtIa 'wffl offer a prize -anedal to be shot for, at 10 double rises, (20 birds) 21 yards rlae, . Ud yards boundary; shot, IK oaneei. The same to be shot for 5rm«'mainber from eaob ornttilzed olub In the State of Hew okk,'andwhoihaU be a letUlont of the State; the names aad ■o6i«d of all the eontesltnta to be engraved on the medal before iMlng pTMented to the winner. Ties to be ihot off at atrlnga of L Cdftublerlses. ;.v .the shore Is oajonlated to afford. aU the ojiportanttles that .Mold be wished, for the exhlblUon of individual (UU with the trlg^,or6d and line, as well as for a good time with kindred ■ports, and we hope that the weather mSy be fkvorabl^, the at- teadan<leltrge,.the birds atrong on the wing, and the flan reg- ' vlitlaaiseii; and the sport and dinner,'the aoDroe of oTctt grti- iflqitlon (ball. The offloenofthe convention are, Prealdent, Chcrlea H. Baswtll, of Mew Zork; Tlce Presidents, 0. W. Hatch- taAii,_af TIUos, and J.'Haywood, Jr,, of Boohester; Beorelarlea, ' O. B.'Whlt«taeid, of Kew York, ml Prank Bldway, of Boflalo. '! Par the further enllghteoment of the'knights, of the trigger ttiAugUoat the cttonuy; we fat's give the vttry explicit tiuea Mtraplihooling of the Forester. Olub, of BoSelo, whiob, U for swlblngelae/wesbonld Uketoseeodimted by aU oinba InaU ■ettlonajfet. theaakeof aonlform coae,wbloh Is mnoh to be ■ MriA''-:- ':■■'■ ■ ■ ■ ' BULES POB TBAP SHOOTJNO. Soia I—Bisa aim BooHDanns-'—Blae for sliigle birds to b« 31 '^wda, and for doable birds 18 yards. The boondarlee shaU be asyards'for tingle birds; tnd 100 yards for double birds; the dloanee to be measured fhtrn the trap. Bnu It-M3ooBQia.-^When a person la at the score and ready to> ehoot be Is to oaU ''pall,'; and should the trap be sprung wrSfabat his having 'given the 'wbrd, he may take th; bird or sot; tn^llf he Shoot, the bird shan be d)arged to bloL Hie party at tte score moat not leave it (oshoot. The,party at the score aatst hold thetnttof hlsgan below his elbow, aotll the bird s; any Infraction of this role,'the bird or birds uhaUbe FOimoir iT».«-.vei. .. .'.tiT B, Hnnis, asq.. ' Un-Oam* between' Heasrt. Hnn and Lasai, : BLAOE.—[Bines,] P.B.OBIiBB 'Ho. ^81. '. gx OHisi i. oaa^, '.; BLAOX. Sma m-^BmiKa of Bmna—A bird most bo on the wing «henbhotat^ When a party at the score oalla "pnU" and the Urdfllel,~ltBhi]lbeoonalderedaolrd- AU cohtlngenoles, mlss- flifel'noii^eiplosloii of cap, gOn not tooked, tio., to., at the risk oflht party abooUng. > JhiM'lTrfBcoavmraa or Bmna.—Aaeiton ehaU be appointed Wthe Mfeiee to bring In the bUds ts they are ebot; be shaU In •fFoaseA^jtUi dUectly np to theblrd and tak; It without lulury; .«>d.,ln o^of d9ubc,lutadlt to the Judgoefor their decision. Vtfbird' shall' count after It has flown butalde of the bounds, avm it It af te'rWards' diet at the trap. Should a bird alight upon ^ t^fM/houte^ or any other resting pbice within the bounds, affkr'w has been shot at, the person appolntedto brlsglntbe . ItlMs/.'Shillptraceed Immediately to'the spot, and if theblrd doei'aot^ fall, without any extraneous mease being used, such ■sithiiowlng'dods, stonee, sticks, or using poles, to., within «d«>e'tailnatu fron^the time It alights, it ahalf be scotiad' a miss, . 'BoxaT.—Koperson shall shoot at'a'blrd except the member «sIIe&to'the score, aod'asyperson dring at a bird, either eaco- sUktt'''ii ''■P or oage, or'flylbs within the tMunds, shall be sneiPOlIe dollar for the use of tho olub.. Mti Vt—Ko single-barreled gnn to be tUowod in any match, ■ar aify dogs permitted in the enoloturo. niiil.'VIL-in doable shooting, if but one bird flies, and but anerbainl U Itred. the peiiaon shooting may claim another bird, iNttmusV' go btok to the 31 yards or slnglo-blrd distance. If ■either Urd'flks, the pirty shooting is entiuod to two more, and ifb6th birds fly and be kills both,'with either barrel, he most '•htiotittwaOther birds,' ; • ' BtiuKYin.—In two,three,or five-trap ehoollng, thedlstanoe . iMtweea et^'of the two or three traps shsU he olgnt yards, asd tiettraieit the flVe trape,llto yards. ' Btrtl ZC—The chargs for trap Shooting than not exceed the IbHaMng'limits: Powder.anIlml(od; shot, l^^'oz,; gonstobe loaded hroin a obarger Ibmlshed by Ihe'club. . BCH X—It shall bo tho duty of the President, 'Vice President,. ' aatf members of the Board of DlnwUon, either or all of whom ' present at any trap shooting of the club, toenforoe the n]«t:«f the dab, and to repo;f the flnoi of anfmember violating . the Mine to the Treasurer. BouXLt-Two Judges and a referee shsU bo tppolnted before ahMUwoommktnoosi the retbroe's.deolsloo shall be flnaL — ■■ ,i,Pox':Qtn)r.—HUy efforts have at different periods , been nide thUslde IhO water,iboth in thla country and In Otntda, to ea|ahUsh'(h~e exolUng English sport of fox-hunting; bat, is Is ,tooir«llknswn; toonsr.or.ltt«rallsnohefforts htvo been aban- donedi.the^reaaoniwliy needing, in' general, no reoapltulatlon. ' .JiiJnleUheirfilloremay be'aaolgned to a "oomblnatlon of an- toward,{olMi)inilanaesi'' But-we are^'pletsed' to have to ,V*Aj|T4)aW^'f)!lt<>*'>Moated fox-hunt, ending in anally exclltlng 'Ciu'.S9(MiitfnVilay't sport'vThe partlclpontswere aome- high .'.Old^boys.ofdfllo^ bf Her HeOesty's SOth Begt,, stationed atTk^ >D^tb;>0,,wt,'iod :<cme. enthnsItsllo sports of the same place. '~eoMasMil was tba .ttb Inet., the puoe of- "meet" eome five i^yBroihf'Toronto.'' After a very spirited mu'the flrst fox got iijof tO'Iils punruus, and sfter-an hoar In.fnll'cry. ot. IhtiUiAfter, a routing dinner, toasts, and ■ gay dolngi ■dyii^other.Beysird WIS etarted on the tnck ss though a Uab-pressureeDglnehad boca adJneted to his iDtematI Wi.^e'.aooompanlment of a brakersan. In about tbree- ouitiiHV.ofaii.boui'be was brought to "the death." All htndt U'hlgn nfils^ ooirgmtulated etch other on to suooestfol a drat ■ttsmptferseveril years to revive to thrillloga sport; and In ' ig ln •Miilug'.glasi^ oiptosscd the highestconSdenaeIn '"'toentoy, and.'eveu.lnlnoretsed perfeoUoo, • repott- AtX bad given SO much pleaauro In ilaeltasd awlik- snob gIatrliig t«mInlsoen«li of'fye olden time.". _ KMUiiD.'HAiraBeeinetita havi been made for mitobes ihaii f^any ptevloaa year.' The two eler- UMteneStof the''wluott^ P^tad, in Hay 2d. at .Tba AUBsgUnd'Elsvahi'iloii'tiiiali' drat m^lob'^ sgalbtt bf PQdtey.aifd DMrfdet tnl yay,il, iBoladeSff-.K, .JBarWaga, a DotrtiHi, - , tfetkhe, artliUbiXMiMr,^ Udf«ltTa.-^'>'"'" • '^i ''-' DBABATIP ASV OTHKR 8KBTCHK8. WEW SSBIIB.—irtrkSBB ■SIX; T"''""* 'JOBstUOS VOB VBX VXW TtXMK dUfnii ' BT.<X)L T.yUJ«toH inOW. ,. . ; ■: miitAU ABBOT. , ^ BomlnEngiahdl Jnnel3tb(iTEK>; liiadehls flnt appearance on the stsge, ln 1809, attha Baymarket Theatre, I«ndon,'aa Frederlok, .ln "Lover's Tows.'.'. Uads his debut on the Am^rloan stage at the Park Tbeatre,.Mew Tork|'as Beverly, In "3%e Otoester.'! • . ; ''; ■ ' . Traveled thnragbout the TTnlted States aa'a <'star." Appeared' In Philadelphia, Oatober IB, I83S, at the Ohettnut, as HamleL ' Died at UB residence Jn Vew Tork, Jime 1st, 1818, of an attack of apoplexy; ho was. seized with a fit while performing, at the Park Theatre, and was removed to hla boose, where he died in a ftwdsys; ■.'••'•' 'He left a large ftmlly In. England, and "a yonhg wife In New Tork. He.waa considered.acIever,."genteeleomedlan," but a very bad tragedian. Jn England he was. content to Ul the posi- tion of "walking genUSman," UBS. ELIZABETH BBASBHAT ABBOT- i 'Wife of 'ffllllam Abboi Ualden name. Hiss Xolold.. Vis born In Chester, Orange ooonty. Slate of New Tork. Hade her dehjfiln 1834, at the'Franklin Theatre, Cbitham tqaare, New Xork, under the management of Dlnneford, as a member of the obornt; from here the went to the Bowery for one aeason then to the Park, on the Sthof June, 1811, and continued a member as long as It existed, She vltlt«d Boston profetslonilly, for a tea- son, asd twice allied herself to the Philadelphia thtalres. She was one year, with Barton, In the Ohamben Street Theatre, Hew Tork, and four or five eeatons at the Brotdway. Pint appeared In PhUadelpbla, December Id, 1818, as Oertiade, In f'Htmlet," for the l)«nefit of Edwin Forrest, at the 'Walnut. . Her last pro- feaalonal .es'gtgementa were with Thomte Barry, In Boston In 1813, Bbe matiied 'Wlllltm Abbot, an actor of great merl^asd one of the most perfeot gentlemen that ever lived. Died in Orange oonnty. Hew Tork, on. 'WednAday, IBth DecemlHr, ISBS:.' Un. Abbot lived and died without reproach.' Shovres an honqt, to hei sex, and an ornament to the profession. ~.- ..^ -r ■ JOSEPH P. BBELSFOBD, Bom In PhUadelpbla. Usde bis first appearance in hla native dty, June 71b, I8S0, at the Aroh Street Theatre, tfi Bollt, in "Pisarro," for the benefit of T. a. 'Booth. In ISSl, was a mem- ber of the Plttaborgh'Theatre: Died liT Mi)W -Toik; Tuesdsy morning, Angoit 8th. ISM, fkoA Iqjurles received while bsthlng with some friends.. .. , Ur> Brelsford wanted poUih to Jtndsr hlii a good general actor. Els iityle wss rough at itlmas, and, therefore, in many parts which required a certain degree of gentle beating, he nude ui nnfavorable innretalon.. He' needed-smtothlng down atid the acqalaltlonof a mannerwblch had fewer atperitles than those whloh were visible In his delineations. Tet; there was good atuff In.Ur. B., and he had an appreolatlTe Iptalleol^ whloh rarely led him astray.. BIB WILLIAU DOH; BABT. Bom in Scotland, in 1826; made hit detiit on thsAmericafl itage at the Broadway Theftlre, Hew Tork, In'Hovenber, ISSO, at Ooualn Joe, in VBongb Diamond;" made his dehiC ii^ Phlladet pbia, Hov. 31it, I8S0, at the .Walnut, as Sir Oharles Coldstream, In "Uaed Up," and OouslU'Jos, In October, '67, ho waa married at the ^urlsb ehnroh of Bt, Uarylebono, to Ulsa Emily Bandera, whoee celebrity as a comlo (ctress his been widely tpreid in the United States, as,well as tho provinolaltownt of Entrttnd, where the bad tnen for a oon- tiderable time tsaoolsted with Sir William In his starring engage- ments, He soon after left for Bouthtnipton. . During bis stay at Hobirt Town he bad baen prevented by de- blUty from taking auy leading part in theatrical bnilntts, al- though he tnttalnod teveral cbaraotori wlth groat effect In the burlesque of "Eenllworib," the part of Queen Elizabeth was aastgnod to bIm, and his reluctance to disappoint the public ln> dated him to appear at tho first repBeeonlatlon of this piece, although, as he slated to bis endlcncs, be bad to dng himself from his bed to do eo. This wasiils last appearance. - On Isav- Ing the theatre on Bitarday, he was seized with a violent attack of -the malady from which he subeeqnentlj; died, and from that timo contlauod in a very precarioos condition. Daring the at>senca of Lady Don, a great chonge took plaoo In the condition of the patient, and on her.retum the fint words that greeted her were, that Sir Wllllom was mnoh worse.' Al- thongn perfectly conaoions, and sble to tske leave of thesorrow- ihg wife and few attached Mends that were about his bedside, be was evldpntly sinking, lady Don adminlstored the list offlees of affection to blm; and in her arme he peaoab^ expired, dropping out of lifelike an inrsnt sinking Into alumber. - ' Died at Tasmania, Australia, In Uarob, 1803, from disease of t)ie throat He was burled very privately at Hobarttown, AOs. ttalla-. Hs had no children, and there oro'-no helra, so that the' title ends with blm. His wife, formerly UIss Emily Sinden, lioinedlatelv left for England.' Sir.'William was remarkably hiDdsome, being six feet, four inohes high, and proporilonably well mode, and if he could not lay claim to the title of a flnt clast 'sctor, he . could boaatfin a pre-eminent, degree, of tbit hippy fkonlty whloh enables the posaessor to catch, ai ones, it any peculiarity of manner In those Idto whoso society he may be thrown, and:rendere blm a desired companion in a convivial party, where, Uko Torick, he can constantly keep his. tsblo In a roar, . BIr.Wllllim Don's death was, we believe, the result of disease of the larynx, coupled with great general debility. no trueteetof Sir Wllllaifi Don have , publltbed a statement by which it appears that, f^om the 3Ist of Janntry, 18tl,.to.ths leih of Harsh, 1803, Sir WUllim and Lkdy made from tb«tr eU' gsgoments In AuelMla the sum of £18,833 Is. Od.YsbonttSliOOO), ihe.namt>er of penons attendtog their entertainments btlng eaU. mited at 230,031. . .» ' A Tsoi ow ram FatBiow .Oodbsb.— A trat at two 'hdle hsits; under the auaplcoe of Ibe Fteblon Pl^tture Oronnd AisDOlattoni took place on that Long Itltnd triok, on the lilh IntL, between Lady Uorrtaon and Bbtrk, three other bones that nere entered, having been drawn.' Ledy'Morrleon was tho 'favorlto'in the betting before tho start attlmflattwo to one, and f^lly realised th» confidence ultord In her, by winning' in' Arc Mralght heMs, It Is predicted (bat tho twenties mnit be Miehed by the lady's ootppetltpra thli teaton. If they eipeotto beat her, We append asummary of tHetret;— ). ' ■ ' ; Tottdly/ ttay 13', pane No. li, IIOO, t«fo'mUehetis, In hortieM, VUllam Woodruff eotoi'edbraLsdyUorrlspn,. ' Z>,MacesnteredbgShark.. ' Bt'waodruirentered b g Nutwood'....^, : 'EtFiJotite'enteredsgHlmMeDick. '/. B.^(«LailgtiVn entered bgTlolor Smafinel,. "'■■'w*: ■ ■- ''■'■''■ ■v>;;irt*<risat;>.;;.?^!^ " . ::«M«iidHMt(.^....,3:M WHITE. . ' White to play and give mate in four moves. . '.'.OASBI ,ITo.. 881. . ' A highly ItitorestlBg and Instmottve Utile poiMa In the lata aatehDetween Berr Stelnlta and Signer Dubois.—J^ra. - 'Svins o'aicBiT svanD,'' - Attack, Stoinita. AtlMk, Btolnllz. l..PtoE« 3..EKt-Ba S..KB-B4 l..P-QEt4 P-^Kt" Defence, ' Dubois, PtoKi . Q.Kt-BS XB-Bi B-QXtS " Et-B 4 Et-B3(b) P-4H P.^3 Q B X Xt Q P y Et QBXKtP Q-XEt4 . IBXKB qXtXB KKtXP B 11-OastIes 13-.QB-Be lS-.Q-h'er8 14..QxQKt 1B..QPX P U..QEt-BB IT-.tJ-X a 1B-,Q-XB8 lB..KtPXQ Defbsce, Dubois. . ' QBtoXtS Q-XXtS QXQB Castles- QXKldP QB-K8 'her B 4 B-§4 20..QXt-home(c)QB-Be, and Herr Btelnltz resigned. (a) Der Lass teoommends P to Q B 4th, and gives the follow- ing analysis:— S..PtoQB4 PtoQB4 I 8..KXttoB8 QXttoXS '«..P-QX«> . QXt-42S I 9.,P-KS,.and: the Attack has t..KEtXP ft-KB8-.'....,|./ . the.Sittwgame.' , Thli, however;'is not qalto (anoIuatve, 'i^;it appear* that the Detemfe, by playlng'B.. P to Q B Sd, instead of to B 4th, wouU ob- tain ah even ganre. Thla latter move Is. recommended'by Ur. Boden, aqd we qulto oononr In his opinion that It la supenor to B.-P to <JB 4th, «.?.:- . , B,. ' PtoQBS I 8..QtoherKt8QtoZa a..PtoQB.8 P-Q8 «..QB-KtS PrX&S T..P-43 EXI^BS ll0..1t-KB4,wUhsnevengBme. (b) This defence la to l>e found in some of iftx Lange's games. The "Handbuoh" recommends Q to X B 3d, end the mllowlng Is the eximlnstion of recent anthon:— UBiiiiui.wBs.iiiovKitis hot asd AooEiTAiiog^ ,.', ■BI*(fc-<l,Jt'B,■■■■.^.^'■■-'- ■.-::i,m»a Aeeeptantj 13,. « 10'. U It . '. .9 . vmn mad positi^ ' ''. OF STDB<>E8. BLAOX; THBl ST. NIOHOIiAS-BOWUnO ROOU, No, roadway,'(under the .Preioott House,) is the only perfest nS BAIXMH In Haw Tork. Tha Manager forTtblrteen kad charge sf the Tr . . fowling Boom at t^e AatorHonse.- Uqaors, and Olgan of ibe best qnaUty. PETE aALLAOHZB, Proprietor; I 4iMf OLIPPBB BBADBIS, Ho. '40 EAST BBOADWAT.—P and Easy every Monday asd Satorday evenings, with that ex j ilto songAer, Old Bnx Tovn in ths Chair. The best Wlifes, uqaors. Ales, and Olgus, constantly on bond. The I prietora wlU do their , utmost to promote the comfort of t honoring them with a can. ' " Dick Bollywood and Hike Doney always at home to give 1 sosBlnthevtofElalf-Defenoe. ' d4-tf DIOX & BnOEHX HOLTWOOD, Proprleton, ] PHOTO GRAPHS OF JOH^ 0. BEEHAN In dtlzens i and flghUng costume. 98 cents each, and suit pott paid by W. WBMTSS, STB Broadway, N.I. -r- r~ SFbiaTB>IAII*S HAli<, C<v-Wood and Third streets, - : Pittsburgh, BT JOHNNT MAOEET ft JOBNHT LOUDON, Sparring every Satorday Night S-Ut^ | A LITXLT WTTT. AT ST. LOOIB. ' Ed. Oums—With your permission I will give yon thep tioulan of a little mill which I .witnessed between two Tenfe of this oily CO Sunday afternoon laatbsok of Lafayette Pa£| The'lMlllgerente were named John Haas, a youth of 18, welghlatl about IK llM,; snd Lawrence Franks, a cavalry sergeant iHSM Ingly 14 yean old, and weighing at least ISO IIm. Batberil big dlionpanoy, you win say, both in age ant elze, Frtskil txiln^at leaat a head and shoulden taUer thanhlssdvensiyl :They bad qaarreUed aboat one of Oermanla's fklr danghten atil ball, and determined to settle the love afltir aooordlngto 'tlal approved rules of the ring, whloh was much more aenilDle thi3| a retort to the mardenus wespons of the duello; Over t«>| hundred persons wore pntent to witness the gladiatorial dls-l f)lay, and among the spectatore conld bo seen a'very fair eprlsk.! Ing of the softer sex, who appeared to enjoy the olblr hugeir. I But to the fight ^ I At a quarter after 3 o'JBk the ring was fbrmf d, fropes, stoktL I ste.,.bdng dlapented wim); at half-past 3 o'clock the partleal Reeled, and took their poaltlon for the flnt round, Frankal led off with a itlnger on the right Jaw, which woe handsomely I returned by Haas on the rlbt, and after a few rattling exchanges, I in which bothL displayed more wUl than science. Bias got one on I the' bread-btsket which sent Franks to a sitting position on thai sward. The round lasted three minutes. I At the oaU of time for tho second round both parties displayed I the utmoet alacrity in getting to the centre. The sergesntl sawed away-with bis arms, and danced areund the little one I like a professor of the TerpslchoiCn art oceoalonoUy wlnUngl or noddlnff at some friend among the spectetora as much ss tol say, "iratah me fix this feUow's flmt for him, wlU yon." Tbsl Utile one, with a ttubbem determlnttlon flaeblng from his eyes,.| foUowed his sdvertary's every move, and finally succeeded Isl getting a very pretty one home on the-soldier's snuff-box, fori whloh be received an nolyntnmon thorigh) Uitener, wbl^l made him shake his head Uke a spaniel Jnit out of the water. I This round listed.exactly thirty mlnates, during whloh time It I wsulve and take, bat a great deal more take than give on tl»| piVof the Utile one, allhongh ha did succeed In getung in tvi^l or three body blows and a nasty one on the nose; bat for theie, I he received seversl ugly onescnthe right ear, whloh appcarei I to be the soldier's favorite mark, any quantity qn the ribs, and I one on the note, which braught the cliret in a coplons strssn. | The round terminated by the soldier catoblng the little one br I QtoXB8 X-B sq best P-^8 .QPXXt 10.-KBtoQ8 BX 11-.P-XB4 BX U..BPXP, with a^dsolded superiority in podUon. 8..P-Q4 B„X|xXt , Ths foregoing ^alysls tending to show ths inferiority of this defence, however, strikes ns ss radically defective; as we have found that the D^enoe, at the Sth mov^ has a resonroe hlth'erto annolioed by Chess writers. Ths move we refer to Is 8.. K B to .Q lib, and, after much soraHny» we have come to the conclusion uat this movs affords the second pisyer a most potent reply to the Attack's taking K P with Xt, after forolng away the Q Kt. [Thte is the move we noticed a few weeks since as one newly dltoovend by Herr Loewenthsl in thte itbuL. We shaU Isave it for a week or two for the contlderatlon and examination of Amer- ican amatoun, and then lay before them Herr L's analysis, which la now before ns.—En. Ouma. CHEQUERS OR DRAUGHTS. Bloox Qijn,-EniTOB0uppiBt^Whenaboy, I practised what wasciUedthe ",Block aimB"-no plecea vrere to be placed to they could be Jumped, and if one faUed to play his pieces, he '^iL*"?." P*?I**''y V^yoi' ths 2d ptayer Invariablt won. Aur •'Onriotlty" Is one of the positions. Lest ths gentleman who formed the "poalsh" of plecea may fall to obtain or reooUect the moves, I forward the required solution, ss foUowi: ivhii.1 ■ni.-fc ^ White. the hair, and endeavoHjagto get his head In obanoery, whM L they were immediately separated by order of the referee, anA I each man sent to his comer. ' The tbird round was a repetition of the preoeding one, ths^ soldier having it nearly aU bit own way from the atert, his sliS' giving blm such an advastege as to ensble him to get homo co Haas without any apparent stmggle. After hitting, countering, and sparring around for fifteen mlnates, l>oth ahowlng evidences of fttlgne, the left side of the Ultle one't face being considerably puffed ap and two streams of 'the ruby trickUng from his nose,, the soldier, without a mark on his face, though considerably blown, made a sudden rally, struck out with his lelt and right,. gettlDg both home on the nob, and dealt a ewlnging back bandec nom the right on tho side of the head, which tamed the UtUt' one half war round; but he recovered inttently, and gathering- hlmialfup'forwqik, tentiuoha lifter on the spot where tbS' but of the cavalry man's tword utuiUy reate, that the bold, dragoon Immediately expr^taed a desire to have a reaUng speU, - and when told by the referee that ho would have to go on with: the'fight, he exclaimed, "I get sun stroke," and rotlndfrcm. the ring with his second. In our opinion the only sun he was afraid of being etmok by was old Haas*. Ths fight listed fijRy minutes, a^d the pluck and endnraoe dliplaysd by yonng Haw entitled him to the regard and esteem of the "beauty" in whos^. behalf he toek up the ganntlet. CoBonHiiir. Bt Louis, Mo., Msy S, . ■ ORIGKET. White, l.,34 to 20 a..33 18 8..25' 4..29 6;.27 6.^31 T-..28 33 VS 34 ' 17 31 Black. 13 to 18- 10 > IB 7 . IB 10 9 10 18 ' IB.! 18 10; 8.-83 ' 10..38 ii..a7 Ui.81 18..80 37 14 '18 33. ■ 37 38 Black. 8 7 1 .0 a 8 4 PEiusxiraij May 9, '03.. 9 6 13 . f NOBODT, Black. l-.Ilto IB 3. -9 I 8.. B , 4. -14- B.:u ifl-.19 . .7i-18 ■ 8..18' 9-10. 10..14 lU 8 '13.V4' 18., 8 .' Hi. 1\ 4B:.10 „ t8..13..x'-l« 17.'. 8,8 14 ' :9 18 19 38 18 ■28 14 33 n 8 '. 13, ' 10 'IB - OABIBI 96. Or;Vdv ZI. Fnm Drammohd's Ijiitd EdlHon. "Whitei,'. 93 to 19 39 17 19 .98 80 98 - 39 33 '■.37 83 i.'34: cit 98 91 18 ,'•■■16', 98 E 23 ' 93 18 18 .•97 '98 90 '98 99 ;'-34 17 18 19.. 8 3d., a ai.v e 93.,18 38..IS 3i:'.io 2{..3a 3e..26 37.;81 3S..9d' '39'.'. 1 :80..91 81.M0 82..U 8|..18 BlaOk.' 8 to 19 18' d 10 ■17 33 IB 36 ,81; '99(a) 17 14 . IB ''38 Drain], White. 18 . 9. 17 to 14 14 9 6 18 1y 10 .10 '9. • 0 1 "8. 9 :'U 10; (a)'Ande^oh'iSsMndWboh, (Brvi(^^ drawn, SQiiimpif oyposmoM-iTo, s^yoi. 'Xi. ■V'^i-'-V'v ^;■-•;•^i■,B^^.•'.^:. (■ -v.- .iP>lte., ' ". BUik.'. ■ ' ...'Trtilte;'V . .' il'iok. .il,•A^f>:9:^: 99 (018; I e..i4 m id ' ■ -A/i^.t- Onnna br tds U»ieif , OsioKn.OLaB, OiNoiinfaTi.—In spltei of aU the drawbacks and dlicourigemenU of these "tnubfous: times," ^'we reoelve oocaslonaUy a gretlf>ing annonncemeni' that healthy sporte and manly amosemente are neither totally forgotten or to be whoUy neglected. And then, too, it thould not be forgotten th4t many of theee tporte have a direct valae al the preaont time, beyond whit they ordinarily possets, in view of the Importance of develiq>lng mutde, etrengtbenlog wind,. Improvlog ipeed, cultivating tteadlneas and qofchncsi of eye,, hand and Jndgment All thete valaablo polnte of phytloal Im-' f^i.""" ™or«^l*rgely qontredln and evolved by iny !~r,^PS?L'.^.''r!<''"'*i "'« 'rtm great pleasvlw. coni*- • — " iroldolnh*' perobanoe,. — ' WW -v. Bv «.uwauio a onmose. yj.'fS'yL^?,'""* opening of tho Union Olub, of Oln- cInnitl,for their season's play — —•— —' their grounds stEaetWf Uvely and enjoyablo day'i _^ but that was quite.snfllclehtl _ , .u..«.i..-,. firoltipn aooh ocooslons belng.stoo prolonged pursuit of the- sport under tho epur of a frotSly excited and pardonible enthu- sissm, On this occasion sides were ohoteu by Uetsn: BradshaW' and OooUdge, the latter taking tho Initial honon of theteaaon.. aa by the scon of partloulan hereto annexed:— maniy sport tnon orlckot; and It la wlIU great pleasvlw, < bUMjtly, that we shsU record Uie opening of any of our old for teaching and praotUilng thleiolnafiie gsme,orpeiol toe formation of any new tooletlei for tolaudtble a pni OAPT. BBAD8BUW. Bradthtw b Ooldlng'.,' '. 1 0 EUardl> Wheldon B Pleroy 0 OooUdge b Qoldlng.. 10 J'EUafdmnout...9 BrokeDshlreoLewlsbOooUdge 9 H Hsrvey b adding 9 Morrison b-Wbeldon 1 Boat not out..,. I,., t Whlimon b Qoldlng 0 Drewb Wheldpn.:..' ,' 0 Byron bQoldlng.B Byes....; 9 Total.. .80 , OAPT. OOoAdOE, ' OootldgooBr'k'shlrebQEUord 8: S Hsrvey b BradshaW 1 Qoldlng bOEUard 11 LewU 0 Brbksnsbire IP Crooke 0 a EUird b Bradshnw.O Caetldy 0 0 BUiid b Pleroy.. T W Berte b Bradsbair. PBertebFIerdy Porter bOEllird; Matthews not out...' Weldon b BradshaW. ,...'..-< Wldes.....;' , Total... .. OntoiR IN OiWADA Wsm.—The "nobloi gaina"i8 tobs prose*- (mted with vigor in and atonDd'Toronto; O.W., daring tht' coming tiaaon.'we ere Ibformed. Ths vorions elubt haveal-- nadylield their spring meetlnge/eltoted oiBoen, and.ireget.-. ting thoif'plavlogjronnds ihtb condition. The foU6WIng oi*' the nomet of the ofilcen Of two or three of the otubii— , ^ *t— . 1 ToBono OLtrB,-<-U0n, the Vice Obonoellor Bproggi Fraiidentp u> 0, Howard, Tloe President) Tteasunr, Benjamin PanonSF Secretary, F. A. WIset OomulUee, Messrs, Draper, PatUsoar Joaei; and Morewood. Bf. 'LiwBiHOB Oltib.— B. E..tfoQnilvray, President; Jamt«. Pttk; Vice Presldodit W. H. Duff, Seontary and Treuurer. . ' -Mina toav CLT)B.-0. Mobtrly, Fresldont; Btdena«b«, VtWiPrssldont) 0. BIsokbnm, Seorafart and Irtiaawr, ^. : rOMifiioOLT)B.^.^Uclob; Of WhUby.'O. W., are getting thfi^ gntitadi; tdjotnlng th« Tewii BaUi ia the best oondlUon for play.