New York Clipper (May 1863)

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-'T.i'^l 1 x oA-KS liiLii .' '' Bxr^UN * ]aO McCU^B iBB PAT DOTFBI, AT, TBI lOM., FOB «M. '.ThaiaiiieinliliiB uplruU to piigtllitlotionoi«m6tat Bluett's M the Utohfldd ro*l. on Mondiy. Aprtl »7; For »lengih ^Ujda tbstntloEtiMexoltedeonildtraUeintetcBtIn Blrmlng- hlmaportliig oliolas. ^th lidi ball from the Emerald Isle, slid SToomparallTe novlaea. Pat, who la no^ twenty-two years of u*. and standi UL'SIn,, lus flgored once preTlooalr Ih' a very flfft jbloed'frbm the abntb In tb* flnt taunt, and the down blow by a' rlgbt-hander on the. Jav In the thirds sixth iDnnd,Bmott retaliated by a straight one with the. the note, AA«r this, Uoaoleybad the batHeiU his « and won, by Feflding throwing np the 'Sponga for Elliott,OBi they bad been ilibtlng tS' nin., daring whloh twenty-flre rqail'da were fongbi all in faTor of Voseley, who flnlihed with sioaroaly any marks ot pnnlsbmant, with the exotottut .of one bUoXeye, The loser u one of the gamest men tMt .erer ahi tered (be ring, bat he was OTermatohed In all ibapefi.aabegaTe wth weight and length away, as well as six yean In taeT' We .'V stands some Aft. Hdi, or a trifle orer nls opponent.' On the ere of the battle there was a very strong moster of the representa- Ures of the noble art at Ur. King's, Birmingham, to wltnessLthe wslflblnA, and on the lads- gettlnig: to scale, Pat Duffey was fonnd SnMrithln the stlpolated weight, while HoOabe was 1 lb, nnder. This business being over, a referee was seleoted In tho person ot . a wallknown BoDUaoeof flstlooolebrlty. Monday dawned ans- pldonsly, and at a very early hoar, vehicle after Vehicle might Ceseen wending Its way to the "fole." On arrival, nearly two •Vioori were wasted In waiting for the ropes and stakes, and varl- nls Wieire the sormlses as to whether there woald be a fight at all, partisan's of Dat[ey standing ont for the proper and Isgltt- 'niate'artl(dss. In opposition to a proposal to salatltnto some strong stakes whico. lay In the-yara at the •■Pole." Fortunately, ' however, paUenoe was at IssgUi rewarded, as those Indlspensa- * Ues oame In hot hiite to tA scene of action a few .minutes be- fore ten, and, as a matter of ooarte, they were ijulckly posted in i adjolntn;. In ^e meantime, a large rlnf had been form- . ed ot the stakee above referred to, w^ob served as an exoellent enter ring. All being In readiness, uAthe reflaroa having taken gn his post, MIo's cap was Uirowi9>to the arena, and was slniost Immediately followed by Pat's. The lads at04d up amidst Such cheering, and gave the nsnal shake of the band. In whloh t seconds Joined, and at exactly jeno'clock commenced , THE FIOBT. BOUKD 1>-It was evident that the lads bad paid strict atlon- tleh'-to their training, as their condition Was superb, and thelt attitude, for novices, very artlatlo, especially that of UoOabe, ' whose demeanor was characterized by that ;^markable coolness and presence of mind only generally to be fonnd In older sol- diers. The tiicrougbly solentilo farm In which he held blmself betokened Us having been brought up In a good sohooL On the other hand, Pat, who la Ukewlae a waU-mada laiU looked the very pertcnlllcatlon of determined plnck, atfd the reeult of the light proved that be posaeased that requisite to a great denee. They sparrid for some five mlnnteaere a blow was struck, when Pat led off with bla right, but, Mlo being thoraa«bIy on his gaard, tha blow alighted on the mnsole of his left arm, whloh ac once ' •bowed that Fat had been there. Some very prettysparrlng now fbllowed when both countered elmultaneenaly, on the mouth, drawing blood on both sides. The lads now retired to' thebr ' oomers for a wipe, but were soon at work asoln, when sharp ex- changed' ensued, Mlo landlDg his right heavUy Jnat over Paf e left 8re. Patretomod on the ribs, bnt his blows were not so effeo- ve u hS opponent's. 0 to 1 wis now laid on Ulo, Before the tooad could be completed, and when the lade had been at It ex- aaily tan minaiss, a solitary "bobby" came to tho scene of ac- tion, and a hasty retreat was effected; and a move was at once Slide in a very drcoltous direction to Sutton Wood, where a second ring was at once formed, ^nd the toUotaof the lads In the meantime having been looked after, no time wis lost, and the round woe resumed at twenty-five minutes past eleven. After a little feinting and dodging for an opening, Mlo led off with a stinger on the cheek, aod right eye. - Pat, eomewhat riled at the liberty taken, ooontered heavily on the rlba. More sparring, antU both countered at the same Instant on the mouth, and as ■ Pat's mouth was bleeding, he walked to bis .corner for another wipe. They were no sooner together again than Mlo admlnlstsr- ed one, two, on the right eye, and made his right on. the ribs, but somewhat low. Some hot exchanges followed, bom coun- tering very prettily on the forehead, Pat, In gettlng back, alli>- ped and fell. Time, 17 min. In the two rings.- Fourteen more rounds were fought In thu ring, much In favor of UcCabe, who showed some very fine points of attack and defence, and, ttom the almcBt total eclipse of Pat's vision. It was evident that his pnnlshlng qualities were equal to bla edence. Shortly after the ocmmencement of the fifteenth round, the cry was raised, "The bobbles are coming I" and true enough It was, as two of those worthy guardians of the poaoe showed, and a further move was made for Wltton, where, for the. third time, the ropes and stakes were adjusted, and Mlo, who wis almost scatbleas, (if we except Us right hsnd, which was slightly puffed,) nimbly skipped within tho ^pes. Pat, however, being now totally blind, ren- dered It Impossible for him to obey the mindite, and Mic was oonsequently declared the winner, after a thoroughly game and aolentlfla contest, laaUng 'exactly <0 mln. In all—10 nun. In the first and 40 mln. In the second ring. Mat OoUlnson headed th^ •ubaorlptlon for the game but defeated Pat, and ooUeoted an ad- dltlonil Bovereign for thedad, who shed-bitter teare at his defeat. That he Is a thoroughly genuine bit of stuff nooneoan deny, bnt on the present pcoaslcn was certainly overmatohed In science, as Mlo Is a finlahed laotlalan, and atrongly reminded as of that devir pagUlst, Petar Morris. BAT.TIilH<a H ILL . • • B E T W E B H tOUSa POTIS ABD O. FLEIOBBB (DEBBT UO,) ■ » . FOB £30. ^ ■ On Monday, April 3Itb,' a mill took pteee between Tonng Potts, of Sheflleld, and Qeo. Fletcher, formerly of Derby, but latterly of Bheffltld. The match had been made somie time, and for the last few weeks nothing In the ralUlng otroles was qroken oIL bnt the one of whloh we now write.- Potts hU neve^ appeared !>•• ibre In the "maglo olrole," bnt he l&d made'iuoh short work of a big one for a small lom, that a cuatomer was looked oat for Immedlalely; and Fletcher having defeated Back ShortatObrlat- mas. In clever style, a match was made between the two, at aatohwalght,for£I5 a side. The match was lookeA upon by many old ring-goera as a good thing for Fletcher, who was a known game one, and a good general, although not by any mtoDS an effective fighter, the knowing ones arguing that the "Ud" (who, by-the-by<i. Is In his eighteenth year,) would be too weak and inexperienced for sucbaconl^t. The lad, however, expniued the greatest confidence, and everything went on with- out the slightest hitch. At the proper time, each repaired to training quartera—Potts, nnder the care of Joe Balley, not far from Bomeley, while the other Oeorge took , the benefit of the salabrlouB Nottinghamshire breezes, under the watohful eye of Boll, uid both were reported to be good boys at sohooL Accord- ing to the articles, the whereaboute had to be toised for on the ptevlous night, but, thanks to the kindness of one of the right sort, a piece of ground was offered for the lads to meet on,which wsg, ot,coarse, accepted, and there all repaired early In tho morning. On arriving, some little time was cut to wsste In the seltotlonof'a'rtferce, whonaneicoUent ring was pitched, and the lads prepared to. disrobe. Surlng this operation, betting wag languid at evens, at S to ion the young one, At ten mln- ■5, 1^, ''S'''' seoondsibavlng"orosscddad- dies, repaired to their respective comets, aniTUie fight oom- menoBd. It wis evidsnt. on the first glance, that the backets of Iletchor had mistaken Ihe dimensions of PotU, who wsa some }K'P°*"'''egef'n»«l8ht, as weU as being taller and longer in „Sn!?'°?i «ntlclti*t«d. In tho first two or throe SS5JS'.;f*«?.l°"8 o,"io.,took such a strong load, thatitwas ttouRht the flftht would be eoon over; and although Potts got the Si?^~??5'*'i'Tt'" > body blowlirthe aeventh round, the mouth In the foUowlng one, the Derby KS^l'*^?^' gradually galiiud ground. When twenty minutes *£^^^^S iS, {-"?L'?.''"7J"" •» olevorly did Fletcher wit too bo J» of Potts wlihout a return for some time, that when tohrly rounds had beon fought, 0 to i was hild™ Urn. Thi mt wS'wL'i^'* P'""fl>?">t on Fletcher, was tho left eye sadly whC P^I^Jin!:J^? "llflhtly swoUen, ri*«l:"i^''5??** of Ooorge's right on his left ae flrtl*oS'nH±5 on & sldo'of .esoh eyV hTinSSS.-■o"'o Without much change, PotU ftSSL'2""'!SS «J« 'rtlh his loft, which he oJi,»to'''^.»"° '''»«^'»*^»'le>'t on tSJbody. whltat iffSS? AtS,n?SJi°f«5?'S.'"' 'rtthou'tmuch with™„'i?''5.'4'''^''f*'»'''"""'' Pot" •'ognn to.UBS bis right Ita?n?iS,'S,"??'^ • ??*'«»"^ '•"'"8 0" petcepUblo Infho JSSS'.^f/in^'St"";'"I'llverlSa .lacked etoam} imd tte — h J?.°S^5,*?° «»lnod. forood the flghllM. Every fi Taa lauH piokbt. I'm shtandlng In the mud, Biddy,' -' With not a ipalpoen near. And sUanoe, spalohless sa the grave, . Is an the sound I hear. He gun Is at'a showldsr arma,' - I'm wetted to the bone, . And Whin I'm afther shpaUn' out, -. Iflnlmeseltslone. dii Bonth^ oilman's quare, Biddy, - - A qnare and bastely thing, . Wld Winter abtlntaU the year, ' AndSummer'lntheBprmg,^ Ta mind the hot place down belowf And may ye nlver fear' I'd dhraw comparisons—bnt then ° , It's awfal warrun here. The only moon I see, Biddy, Iioneinmallslar, asthora, ' ' And that's fomlat the.very .dsna . It waa behind beforei ■ - The watchflres glame along the hill . That's awellln'to the south,- And whin (he slntry passes thsm - I sea his oogly'inonth. It's dead fist shlapa I ami Biddy, And driunela Bhwate I'd be. If them cold Bebiela'over there - Would only Java me free) Bnt when^I'Iane against a ihtnmp And shtrlve to get repose,. A mnsketball be'a oonun' shtraigtat - Tohltms spadoasnose. ICs ye'l'd like to see, Biddy, A'sbparkln' here wid me. And then; avomeen, here ye aay, "Abnahla—Pat—maohreel" "Ocb. Biddy darllnt," then says L .' Bayt yon, "Oet ont of that •;• ■ Saya I, "Me arrnm mates your walai" Bays yOn,~ "Be daycent. Pat." And how's the pigs and docks, Biddy f ^ Itrs them I think of shore, ^ That looked so Innocent and shwata .> Upon the parlor flure. i' . I'm Bhnre ye're alsy. with'the pig ,' ' That's fat sis he can bei- And fade him wid the best, baUinae - I'm towld he looks like me. ' ' Whin I come home sgln, Biddy, . A sargent tried and thrne, It'a Jooat a daycent house 111 bolld . . And tint It chape to ybu. - We'll have a parlor, bedroom, ban, \ - : -. A dnok-pond naUly-^one, . With kitchen, pig-pen, pracy-patoh, 'And garret—aU in bne. Bnt,mnrtherl there's*baste,Biddy, . That's crapln' round a tree, -And well I know the.oratore'a there '. <To have a ahot at me. ' Kovr. Mlsther Bebel, jay yere prvyeit, .. And howld yer dlrthy paw. Bare goes I—be Jabbers, Biddy desr, . I've broke his oogly Jaw I WITT.T BXAQOBBATIOiVB. ThsiA. Is a spsolea of humor, peoullarly Amsrlcan, whloh oonslsis In grotesqns hyperbole, the carlcatore of tome Iu>t wlifch expresses it Irattar than a fklthfnl portrait would do. Some- people take the snake and kill it when they wiah to show it to us; bnt the lively Xankee humorist Just oatchaa it ^ the tall SB it passes, and airetchea it into ludicrous proportions, is actors in pantomimes do- the tails of those famous duetlle dragons, which so astonish and delight chil- dren.. Tniitanrwi of this vrild and extravagant hnmoi are as common as proverbs, Everybody hss heard of-the. weather whlc^ waa so osld that the meronry went out of sight, and which no dtnbt vrould have been a good deal colder if the thermometac had been long; enough. A similar exaggeration'waa that of ai young man- woe took oijomel ota-a morning so ooU, that the mer- onry tan doM'into Ills boots. Aqd spesking of baot& reminds us of the stage driver, who wore such large ones that he had to ase,thefoiksoftheraada8aboctJiok. The following passages arelUastratlona:-The man ont West whose legs are ao long, that he had to go down cellar to take off hlsahoes. The man who Is so large that he hia to go ont of door* to turn over. The man who snored so lond, he hid to sleep In the next street to keep from wakening himself, inio man whose nose Is so long, ttast he hss to step forward three paces toretoh theendoflL Tha man who was so large and heavy, that his shadow klllsd a Uttle l>oy when It fell on him. Tbs man who was so tat, that his shadow left a greasy trail along the road as he walked; and the nunwbowasgothlnthathehadnoshadowatall.* Amongthe# deserve to rank the horse that ran so fast sroond the ring, that the spectators could only see one continual ohrcolar horse; to- gether with thatother more famous racer, tnat ran so swiftly atwnt the arena, that he nearly oanght np to himself, and could see his own tall Just before bim, A fireman onto telited an ad- venture, in which he fonnd himself in a rich ssloon, sorroundsd by wealth and fine company. "I didn't know myself, until I felt In my pockets and fimnd 'em empty I" Some one Inferred that he wis onstomarily short of fonda. * "That's ao 1 if ateamboats were selling at two oents apleoe," said hs, "I haven't enongh to buy a gangway plaaki" We once heard a person, tell of a fright he reoeived itam a big dog. "I lost flesh," aald he, "at the rate of ten pounds • minute, till (he owner oame and called him off 1" Along with this, we may place the story of the man who. In consequence of a &lgh^ ran so fast andso far; that when he stopped It was more than twenty minn(es before his shadow came up with him. He was probably watched by themanwhose dlokpy was so high that he had to climb a fence to see over IL pA.TER801{,RACE8I PAXEMON RACESj-^(»rgo ^ Bently, tAM Adviser, is now In t M leulon of 'i^npoitant uformatlon tegardlng these lides, and win send the winner's naine for aar race on receipt of. 2S cents. The foil mestlog, $1. AdlMH.jenMMng stamp directed ttvel^ - P.O., Hew York, , •OiratlonalCiiuid''wins the English Derby. ■ - ,6-lt* THE BOBRORS OF WAR pan be greatly mlHuated by that tangtim raniady, EOLIOWAT'B' OraTMEKT, aa It will cure any wound, howAver desperate. If it be well robbed around the vrounded parts, and the* be kepttttwronghly covered .with it A pot of ointment ahonld be in every nun's knapssok. OnlyiaSeenuperpot . < 32T Bit Tor k HoaiO*A»f«riJfa.-i-/rhe tarf »pott« C?!* fomU«re a JoUy set, sad wlUbet most BbythUg wh«n,(h«argei oolng. A week ortwo since; at a raoe :betweea'twa hortMi' snnt King's Biver and Fremo, re»ectlvsIy/the'.fonner areMldJto 'have canledofr hnnarMaofidollara;b<8ldas.lnnant«|«U«'bM 'gums, loagJiOinsd catlIa,';ho«tsb-'.«tMep,-'ttd muatahjc^ .NuinMn'it oate abont balng -MakehQUMr under, •dob- ~ tttiuei.- ■ . ••: •■ • \ \ ■ B umiM i QoEgmwn.—To ask an nnmarrled'lady how shell. ■ . '• -" To ask-a lawver If he ever.told a lie. >' » To ask a dooMt how.miny paUentt he haa killed. . Ta'ask a-mlnfiter'whetber he ever did inythlng wrong. .; U To aak a merchant whether ho ever cheated a customer. . 'To ask an editor ihe pame of any of his oorreipondent*. To atk yodng Udy whether ahe would like a bead, i .' • To ask a snbscrlber if he has paid the pMnterv ' On or'tfkB O^.—The largest owl ever killed In.thatntiigh- Mneod,-was s^ot a'shprt time since by John Eent, of Newbury, IbsAj' It was a bl^, grey'AtcUo owl, measuring five feet and one tnohitMrn tlp'to %p of wings. This owl had been known to kOl several turkeys in that neighborhood. He woold come down t aweep, and bill (hem by uUhg theli' heads oft -. )W BOOKS I-NEW BOOKS I- IBE MBTBOPdUTAK PUBOHASIMO'OOUPAOT, . * OBOAtiiEZDnriec?. , Oodlsof allUndaforsale. Send for onr calalegues. Kallsd Meonajppllcatlon. Address METBO^LlTAK PCBOH. OO. Mm* . Box jWJSP.CKer York. |H (' B'HOYS t—Gay and festtre Photographs I— .Ociod, Bully, afid Jolly Photographs t They should be in the possession of every sporting gent Send Ibr one. Price, W aen&each;4for«l. Address -FBED FABMtJU, e-ie* * Worcester, Msoa.. THE. PHOTOTPPANSIOVIEWS.—Hare Gems for . QeiiBemaB..: Price. 60 cents each, or three for $1. A ljBZBiLSiBcbDiiTTonik.TBai>B. Address e-8t* . .E-M-'GEOB^E, Box ltl9, Boston, Maas. fDULLT PHQTOQRAPHS lijF M'andJO centB.eacL X) Mb humbug. Address e-it* OHABI^ EDWABDS, ' ^tOfmbtUge, ;riABD PHOTOGRAPHS OF HOGiRTH'S WORKS. yj The Bake'a. Progress, 8 PlatM; The -Harlot's Progress, 6 Plates; Industry and Idleness, 12 Plates; HKrfl^eala'Mode, 6 Platea; The EleoUon, i Plates; The Fonr Btage^'Of Ornelty, t Platea; The Times of the Day, 4 Plates; Beer Bircet k OinXuie, 2 Plates; and others, 3S cts. each, or S for $1. Bent to fifty ad- dress on receipt of price. Catolcguts sent on rfcebt orittd stamp, by W..O.WZMTSS, SIS Broadway, Mew Tork, t-1^ TOBACCO U^ERS, ATTENTIONl-dRAiONG FOR TOBACCO ODBED-and prevented by Dr. BIKE'S "Ann-. noTB." Bay it and rid yourself of the expensive spa dlsgastni{[ habile of OBEWiKa and Buoima the weed, .SenttS^ee, by malC a. Five packages for »1, by V,^ ■- ••. on receipt ot SO cants. a-Sm CHAB. H. DAT, Sews njen,.Ocn)&I ^ LNT.—RednoUon In PtIm. Oar Fu&buB Bl|oo iZX. Fancy Paokag^ with "additional sttracUonir' oontalnl'ng eanlches. Bongs, Jokes, Toasts, FIVE BOOK OStODLABS end a CQLOBED ENOBAVWa, sent to sny address of receipt ot 13 Oentl. KG HUUBUa. EDffAB, MOBPHT & CO., . fr-tf Bl Nissan Btrtet, Mew Tork. QAUE EGGS I- GAIME EGGS l-I can ftirnlBh to ail who'wish, freehEggs, for setting, from aU ihe Amerloao 'and Imported varieties of Oame Fowls at low figures. Address . " JAMES TTPtJl/lbM, .Mt* Sammonsvllle, Fulton Co., M. T. BOOKS, CARDS, &o.—Send foi mj C^ciilar, enolosliiK stamps. Addreas 0. B. 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The matolTiaJbLi^^f7,°i^* and orlglni&J In of " ^ifS^i?^"^" itoioting theears of their employed they «5^dSlif .K |My, he menaetuagi. fit as (hVo<3^a*S;'tff'MS^rTh2 Jo'"» Mo"«loy. wlio halla from Be(ffiBM«n Wohn fiuolt,of WhlteorcMstreet • TntSe^rttTaftS iffil £?.rfny.t 'o'Bht of.tlje men, McselsT bSLg WmyS'y tMohi the wel«fita being iStwnsS ■Vf hloh, with men ont of training, moit tell Ita ownlSr '>y'»ok Smith, of Portsmonth, aaTJ! Its Jnin*wS?^i"""' SC»'*''ii opponent, esquired liy Teddy "OMid Bill Felldlng. The fight commenced at Ave mlnotM' [Mn,^d, H iintn wore bnt few apscUtora present, no Inter- was npeoted. A lofig 4Worlptl0n of the fiaht'la iur r. fot Ucaaley hell (htlsM Ihiogghout. Be glonta U* A BiBaKOBBiBTEB.—The following Incident of Bontham life and manners, oocurs.tnanew yrork by a Union lefngee^the Rev. Mr. Aughey:— . Two of these seml-savsgea had resolved to remove to (he West, in hope of battering their condition. One wished to remove to Arkansas, tho latter to Toxis. The wife of the former wished to go to Texas, the olhrr to Arkanais. Blie hnsbands were desirous of gratifying their spouses, but could devise no plan' that seemed likely to prove saUifiotory, till ohe lay whan nonUng, finding game scarce, they Bat down npon a log, when the fallowing dia- logue took plaoe:- . ' "Kit, I'm sort 0'postered about DUsle. She'sweaia toBick- ensick ehe'll go, and nowhardse.- I allers hid ahankerin' arter Texas. Plague take Backensaok, I aay, Ef a man wir thar, ihe agar and'the alrthquakes nd shskehlmont on It, qulckor'n nolhin'." ■■Wen a woman's sot on-a gwlne an^har, they're a gwlns. It's Jest notlia to talk. I've coixediMlnnle more'n a little to go 'long to Arkinaas, and the more I coix, the mote she wont«o." "Well, Kit s'poson we trade women," ' ' "Well, Bain, what trade'll ye glnf" "Oh, a genUemin's trade, ot conise." - "BhaokB,'Sanl I 8'poeen I bad a young fiBy, and ytraanold mar, ye wouldn't ax an even trade; would ye T" . "Mo, It nd be too hard. I toll ye what I-U do, Sit Here's a shot sim that's wuth ten dollars, ef It's wnth a red. I'll give II and that or b'lr skin hangln' on tho aide ot nay ahanty to boot and salt's a trade" "Nuifsed, ef the women's agreed." - ' Home-they wont, and aUted the oase' to ihe women, who, after ,due dollbeVitlon, uoeded to the proposition, havihaalso made a sattifaotory amngemouttbout ue children, and uiey all vrant on their way-rnlolobig to thotrrespeoHve dettinattens in that "America's haven of eternal test; I --' Fonnd a little further West" A BoravuB 06iiTittr.—Twogontlemen of high birth, the one a Spaniard, anA tho oUier vOennin, having. TenderedTkadmll. Uan IL maiy aenjoei, thoy each, for teoompense, demanded his nitorol dauRhter Helena In marriage, Tho Prince, who enter- tolncd equal respect forthem both,'could not give either the Rf!?i;,?f*K' y.l'if.'"".,""!,* ^*'»y.»o.W«l!«totSat, from claims they both bad to bis attention and rogardThe oonld not give his assent for either of them to man» his daaghter, and thSy must dw do Itby their own prbwesa and addrqas; but Mho Ad not fight with offemslvo weapons, hehad otderA alargotag to bo brought, and ho who Was sucoessfal enonab to nnt£ls riVilinta It shouTd obtain his daughter. This i8§Sgo 5?ibat bShJSS two genUomen wis In thepreianoe of (be whoia imMri^nonrL andlistedhUf an'hoar, " At laat (he BpiSlard^ldrdtouS German, Andro Blhatd. BaHiii ot TetfisrS; wSo wh^ hIS iSS &AHE FOWL.—ffbe t/bdeialg:ned offen for sale his entire stock of GAME FOWLS, - ■ - - . . . seleetionskoim the best stock In America, and oarefolly bred oyhlmsdb AD Fowls sold by me, I warrant Dead Game. Befeience given If le-' quired. Addreaa PETEB BBANBON, MOt* 1009 Portland street, Pklladdphla. **TJICH, RARE, AND RACY." eald the " Five Cent XV VonUily," of "SATE VA0QH," (he Sensation Novelette. Bent free by mall, on receipt of 10 cte. Ten for 71 ots.' Eighteen bnndred copies have been soldi "Our Olrculkr" sent ftee to all ordering copies of the above. OHAS. HBMBI DAY, the Author^ pobllsher. Mew Baven, Conn. < ■ 44f QXTEER, QUAINT, ANi). QUEERIOUS. For a Baoy, Bloh, and'Bare Article, send 26 cents to Ht* J. 8. KINO, 187 WlUlsm stteot, N, T, GAUB, FOWL FOR SALE.—JoNATBiN Dowabt, I«ncastar Olty, Pa., Importer add Breeder of Game Fowls, Ferrets, Bat Dogs, and Biill Terrier Dogs, Qalia made to order, Also, Eggs ot bis Imported Fowls for sale. -^' >HB OLD EBTABLISHEQ BOOK AGENOT. (or-aOlMnlar. HEMBTBTEPHENB, Btniasanft. , 1-tf TO Bli .dOB'ilil|uBD* She quickly, thersfbfe, teaolnUcn made -1 . -TO t'''P^-'<''''i'<i'''onlheComet'aaidor» Damaioua was thi^ sietal of bis blade. But then his tMvi{< was nothing bnt "iq/lMieder." Bhe uA<i«r<d ^haetmng—bnt the words ahe aalA Bang in hls'eais like trump of oasile watdei-U With shock eleotilo from his chair lie slartedt. -' ■Beliada i^rai^t luaddAt-tai departed. ,- We should thllik It would be enongh to give any lady ( "drudfol headache," ss woU as heartache, to be the possessog of a dark, Mekledf Uanid, pimpled, sallow, or rough aUn^ A perfeot oun:fioir all these- evils, as well as all outanecas etnp<' &OBS, Is to be found InGOUBAUD'B INOOMPABABLEITALIAM MEDICATED SOAP^ OOITBA0D'S PODDBES: BDBTILE will positively npt6o(. aopei^flaons hair, without injury to the sUn. Bed, light or gray hair,, may be colored a baantiful Jet black, by OOBBiDD'S HAiB DTB. Pale lips and checks may have a beautiful and pennanent roelness Iniparted to them by QOUBi ADD'BsplendldlJQtlDOOUClE. ' DB. FEUZ OOVBAUD'SjiroD'arttlons can be had at his nav and splendid establlShmeniS 4K Bnfadway, three doors below Grand street removed flrom UaOld depot 87 Walker street^ estab* llshed a qairtcrof a centaiy. Also of B»8, Brooklyn; Batei^ UOWaahlngton street Boston; OtBandsr, philadalphIa;ltMaina' DnbOls, Pennsylvania Avenue, Waahington, :D. Crand B^ B> Hanee, Baltlmore; and others who oboose to Mid.«aah-ordeia> Forwarded by Express, and dronlars sent free, , v pHEIiAN'S mPROVED BnXIASD TABLES^ fAND COMBINATION CDBHIONB. 1 These Biniard Tablesbave received ihe nnqnallfltd apptofl^of the beat playua and moat competent Judges, who have nal- vera^ pronounced them dncqualled for general excellence afid *Beven distinct natents for Improvements In Billiard Tsblea have been grantea to us by the united States Patent OfflceisnS we have lately obtained a patentl^m the French govemmoatfoe our Improvements in.bllllard cnehlons. We ejnploy. In the conttmction of our tables, a variety of nia« chines SpeolaDy mUe for the purpose, by which means we ate enabled to Insnre a sdentifio and mecnanlcal accuracy hitherto unknown in bllllBiU manufacture. .'. Having a long experience and thoroogh knowledge of aHIha appliances of billiards, and conatanUy on handalarge.atodkof the^est and most thorongbly seasoned moierlAls, we are pre* pareBto fbmlsh everything required in the bllUard line with nn« precedented dispatch... ' The eminent French bllllsrd player, M.'Berger, has pnbllsIieS the following opinion: . .. "New YOBK, 2d Angnst; IBAL "On the eve of leaving the United States, I am happy (6 deolua to all amateurs of bUUards that after a tour of eleven montha through the principal dlies, I have been enabled to. Judge in • saUafaotory manner ot the superiority ot the Billiard TaUaa manufactured by Phelon ft Oollender. The system of manafiu>> ^ tore is. so superior, that I am happy to introdace their style of cushion into France. 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OnrsJoumaL :'-'- . ^ It-winbethesenroeof muchgood;belngpreparedwithcaHb. - and fi»m abundant knawIsdga."—Boston navellsr,,--' "It Is a book for the times, and ahonld be In every funlly."** World'a OrlUs, Boston. *. "An honest effort to dlfrosensefDl Information. Moetpopntao. works on.thls subject ate the reverse of this, and.ate iDtM.aA»- vertisements pf quscks."—{lymonth Book. - , > "A valuable additloa to medical llteratata."—Boston.Irna- valuable book for the afflicted, and for all whoiroais nfthtr- Ita oounsels are of great Importanoe to alL"—Boaton Congiega* «i ttonallst - . ■ »* "Contalnl practical Information that shouil be ICBOwn and aot> ed upon by parents and children, the married ^d single.: Zh» lead by every mother."—Munda, (H. T.) News. -^. . • • r. '■That this Is a snggeitive volume must be admitted, we thinly by either a professional or non-ptofeaalonil reader.' EngaaaS, aa<- we are; in' advocating a general reform of bur soalal'hablla sal- opportanities for ph;raicil Improvement wo hall with delight any ;esttve Influences that may be brought to bear upon out vorlce line of action, come firom what qoarter It n^y. ; We tlielai fore take great pleasure In recommending (heabove vcloue to'a- flalrand candid conBlderaOcn among all olassea; rEvatT.ehaptW-' la viJnable, and all thesnb>cotBor thcsschapters arevrellchoaakt Boaton Is <great In all good works.'"—M. T. OllppM.- * .! : • - Price TEBEE DOLLABa Sent to any add ress; <Bendoidai to the publisher, D. hETEBETI EMEBSON, 129 Washington street, Boston; Mali. For Bsle In New Tork by O. S. FELT; Sft Walker street, and bf* SINCLAIB TOUSET, 121 Nassau atieet jsr Uhubb oht o^Hxa Booic, thlswtn teatihthe reader how to prevent and permanently Cnnx, b^zbt ronit ot sexnsl dla^ ease and derangement without feeing or consulting any dootia whatever. No other medical book bis ever received moh ( n^dittonabomthePiess. GEx'TaB Bist*. .. .I*tt . RE AT .'BOO KSU ; . NEW. BOpKSI HEW" PPOKBI.I DONT FAa^'TO SEND FOB A OATALOaiOSi' OUB NEW OATALOODB NO? SEADX,,, " ■ lEirr FBEBr^roroAGB PAIDt-ON TBO- 0U> BBTABLmyD it^ bteL^ . \ .' Airo sroioiHO'fi&dDS^ Where ordttaara promptly andjbdthfailyexaaBt«d;'''*^^ ''J Addteai . THOMAB''i)BiimT; .iotabto IhiiUd^ i niAHD PIOTDRBS 6i BogsWh'a deatgna, BEFORE, \J AFTER, and SNUFF BOX. AIao,'Pletarea of Btattemen, Aoteia, and other'distinguished ohanotet*. ' Bent post paTd, on ncelpt of 96 cents each, by J, N. OOX, N.T. O-lt* THE BEST TET.—BeantUtal AmbroiypePlbto^ iVom Uf», set in fkooT metal Frames. S2' dedgns.' :taoe CO eta. each, BDOAB, MOBPHT k 00., 81 Naaaaiiia.. N,T. S-tt ■■ • . ■ . . LOVE-A-LA-MODBd-Oatailogues of. Books, aenl npon appllcaUob ■ A< GOBDON, Hit* . .;...'|- ,. - Wlhiantattieet^New^Tork,-.;: /^D PHOTOgBAPHdUtlend ibr ode. 'Prioo se^ VJ onti.Mob.,.,.. . pox, ; .'. ' .> Mt* **7-\0 Tdn WANT WHteKteRS OR^ vMOUSTA JL/OHBSt''—In lB62Ifltst asked this qnastlNirit waa a^ ■waiedby numeronaptople; andIaaklAanytittham'ev<trkM# myOngqehttofUllndolngaU Iclalmed fortt; namdyi IhlitU would oom'pel the-BiMid or Monstsbhe to grow npon the imoolht est Ikoewiflilii six weeks ttom th#'Cist appiloatioh, UkeaIlsno> eesafOl isventors, I have had to oonteod with a host of- iinltatdr^ some of whom even go to tkr as to oopy-my advartlsementa. However, troth Is mighty, and'wiU prevail; and you; my board* leas friends, vMll flpd that my Ongnent IB the only thln(rthal vrlll . really foroe the Board to grow, and wlU neither stain or Injdia theskin. 'I send It to any part of the oodntiy.firee .of postage, fbrU; ]i-a] ,r & O. OBAHAM, No.'109 Missiu street,«. ^-3 BOO K Bl B O O K 811 . B 0 0 K BUI ., BPOBTmO ABTI0LBB,,O4BDa AMDPBlNTa ; :> , :; ■ J, H. FABRELL, BootsdIalr,.l«Ann »topetV^^ BoAk^Of every tariety, either Foreli^M.I>om«|rtlxk fornla^ en appUoatton.' ParUoa deelrtog bocb of any deaoripU9ii< :br ■ending addinat, poet paid, win teoeM Immediate attentlen.. AO Books, SpotUng and Adcy Articles y«tt diiysoeadvarttMd, wfil' In funlthed to oMer.' Oatalognoa seaton application. AAiim,' 1,. H: 'FABBBUl dealot in Books aadFiaoy.Attlale^^ Mo, U Ana.. atoaW^'SawTork. ■ ..' . :0*r TO WIN AT OARDS^kajronr addreas ma ; twb (td ataaps to HOWABp yuaa^m. HewT^W: 01BDe.and hewill lnfi>m'yoo-«f,aBUBamethod«r.wu<. .. ..... ^ X*yliaad<»»aaant»ttlt blag at'ALL tba wWU Bamtt. tatannaU. ; Ma*-'