New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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« ...7 ,l«.7 .• '•...» .• (»..f|;tf 1*1 ,.7 ,«;„„,., :.<i,-v. !• I. v.WCI -V r.-i:.' 1IW--M |.„, H*"-' " •'; ".1 .*;>..'.- II').":'*-! . »» «.•>=•• !■<:■'• i<it rised her lips forthwith; she, sinning sweetly,- 1 lSerked ahe feared my work weald get on slow; ''liSittSi die elurugged her shoulders Tip so neatly TtlrtS w bsrjlobeli of driven too»— 4 WJSmaTmet. e Jn womanfind? ■ ifli.-jfliin other! .aDeioiied, j XXXVlU. beronmyknee, .sty'twas illlj; pSajnirt Mien to «e., . (women's evejy, so cent, look and .word ' ...Jied-^r<»l iW|^6oiroM.i«»yBrtoie':-. s power of lore knows not restraint or measure.'' nokeralded oome aU mlabepa and danger, • ■ vencennot gaze upon the mystic morrow; <*x.'72M>YiUnah«fkUt 6B the mountain ranger; if taimtvlw rldeiuponthewlngfofsorrow, < ijriatautlme* t»dlaok oomtt ss a stranger ■ ,AU unexpected; he contrives to borrow < ■'. Koi* salts In widen, to clothe hie ugly features, 3nau there ere creeds adopted by the Botchers. •.fort then, of aU tJmeeeUe, I felt secure, ' : ■ And gulag on.ntyloreht lady's face I dreamt of loves I thought would long endure— Imagine new tie* yen were In my puoe, .And oould yon platan happiness more pare I' - A pleasant room,e woman to. the osse; "" A woman too as loving end a* pretty 1 ^"anytobefotiiidlh'ltewTork^ty* 11 •1; "But suddenly I heard a footitep near, And ifSSm than it Uses tojell the tale, -.1 !■ I'.ll", iXhe.wrethyhuabend of my airing dear ' Stood In the room.. I turned a trifle. . -, Aid she, poor lady I trembled acmewhet' '—Here IrieaaL^bde muttered o'er a mug of ale:— «lf he came at yon tell ypurtale-rno faster— , Jou might have ran away from this disaster." , ' : - i*" 1 - - : '! : continued Kappa:—**how he came to'spot' , His win jut then I'm mre I do not know; j Bntspitwas,endIheven9'arforiOt - ■.; i .'. •-Tlielookheoaitnponua two. - Altnongn r ,. ■ J tried to braTe the.trouble oat, bat what V ATallsdU? Sore my eake thli time wu dosgh; : , ■ . And then, you tee, apparently to cap „ Joe ollmaz eh6 wai itul npon my lap: TTiTTT. <r Bat I had not the time to oontemplate> Vne torn alblra ao raoently'had taken; •' for nlzlng ma he etruok my tender pate '. A blow uut almoat tattled up my bason. ■ , . ■. That rooted me from mi non-oombatlTe aUte, •• .And raining on with howU that might awaken The dead, we dded and atraggled ln naroo atarlfe; ' JteanttmelwiaenoouragedbyhlawIXe, '»' " •■■rtxTf--- v.--- , .. '•Sheoau^dherownilegeloWahorrtdt^ . .. Bald he was lmbecOe, graj-halrad and orael; Inat ihe, how kind of her I. would let me ahoot . Him dead right there, withoot a formal dael- Perhipi liru well, her wbrdi bat added tael , To aogtr whloh at leaat waa floroe enongh, And made the blowe I had to take nwre rough.; "But after we'd had aomethlng of a ramie, • i I ■ Be had to knook from under, for my-blows Were hea-rler e'en than hl«. You aeemy mnjole ' .,J7aanpi he got a dreadtol bloody note. •, , I Itookadrantageof theenanlngbartle, 1 . . And ran away from aUproepeoUTe-woei, ; ' 1 ,Aod kept my manly form for many dan: I 1 . flAut op1 at home, eeonre from pnbllo gate,' ■ , *.-, ■■ "•' XliVf' ': , . ■ ■ ;' '. "W oonne the huiband'a bapplneu wu gone, ■ ■ i Hie honor lo*t,eudall thattort of tbinl; Sonothlngnow was left far the forlorn " . „ '..*. . -^dmanbutadlToroe. The marriage ring. 1 < K f . < *Told not orfalthfulneea, ae on that morn ' ■ wheBtohlahomehlafalrwUehedldbrtng: , ; The oldohip thought of it, then ewore and wept, . I '• ■ to aUttetiught atone. |ma^^ j am j . 'TJ«tdaThea»ir Ida oDnidenUal frtenfl, ■■ - ; 1 . TheJAwierOheatem, noted near and tar.,: > 0; .*. u .f° honMt man, he'd nerer band' • .— ■<..' ^lo-hrlberyi htt morals like a atar* - • . Bhonepnre and brilliant—perfeotmorab tend ' " ^o.BlT* men praotfoe at the New York bar|,..... ' ' ■SHtoneituiwyera are not Tery plenty,'."., .;. .! Si <•• ^%m.*nW.v^ih*imt?Wir. ... . i • t —; ' *yr.*gTTT [ ..■■.:,.! ,r '' ^tOheatemhadaoqulredarepuUUan, .1 - ;: ifjohoroh he.oooupled a high prloed pew; ■ ■••tt enjibbed no rfc» relation, 1 Ttt «fi^ffi 0, V heU » moiut elation, ; » ;' ; HI «^*^orehehadgra»pedalew: ! , . 1 \ -nii! ml i , *»'bland, his temper rather eunny; , , , ! - ..* toh »» 4 •*ooked w«h brains, Us purse/wlth money, 1 '.5*!" • . UTZ. .. , . an offloe down In Wall street, wher* , • ■ r A ifSL 10 ? of bookl looktNl oo* ot sheepskin binding! ' ■ **ttT^,fi*^Woonrojed people there, . • ,; Jjhloh, like the iplder'a parlor ttepa„was winding, . M ^iwereatiiiAoneTWothe/stalr- ■ . - «ftiS? toln .'- <0 oae to the flndlng • , »>»»ttu^toargaethl*ortnav *. •■ ii,-,^*^^y<u»rajmade copies of bis oases,-' . "<i" .A** 4 * weI « foil ofpleadlag<abd of points 1' „ B . ™«rallhad yellow hair and yellower Ohm?" • ' ttC?^™ V* 1 bodrery limber Joints. ■: ■.i^, 1 ^*fai«deeu^toktttoboy , ,sheplaoe» • - ■•• i'*Siri! ,l i n,tBQOni ' •>'J?laVfc.• , ^uok ue'eranotat* >■ ■ *' .SmSkSt' ** those wltbvibetellxlT'OU, ■ . , -Tbtebgivos mon bread and butter without toll. - :,. £\ ' • ;• <* •; n, ■ 1..,. ■, ! ' • Thfe^*?^ 4 ' bar friend; weil cailhlia' Jp'nes;! 'lUvfi&Sf) 7 M n0 '" to namo-tm Jo«t as,welt. B*MlaX DheaUm with fnll m.tur ovAna ~ - '' • Blew .1 Oheatem with fall many gtoanJ. . nirfj^ « ahprtoon\lngs-hqw, in fact, she fen,' 1 • ^a.TO ,rc i 1 ' io,toa '«h"*»^>»andtMans,"-"" I 'A-raiSJV f*^? 1 ' of tm tt-m^who shin tent ■A)W>l«n«glAdlT&k'theproffer : * iooanael^ whloh «tt Jones did offer. ' 4, . kit. ■• ■ • ■ ■ ■ 1' ■ ■X .'I^^aljwtyourtelagraphlefeatei ' a ^ thing aUiollow. ■If m'radrurJr.or aloki • ^eanreada lh*.infm.mau— *» *- **—*—■ 7a.l'S 4 '. *^lnf(itmilienUi»agh the streetsT ^vWhatJamq^ she rpteadglt on so thick. ■■: i .i.{^"*7 n ^ b «oomesthedyaenieryi 'i ■ •. 1 r ! .ii., . , . .•ii*#mor^sh»oalls ,a glaas of sherry;'.., .,. . 1 •"nMA fllhT " ' '• ' »J ' ' . j »' — . ... i l t *iuw 1'.• " ^w^S^l^'-*PP» ,, »^ ^ 07»P«paI» U ttf rei ions: :n i ;.i,*l>ic-m ■ :->: f:.*!* .TlilllK'*) ' '1 O i '! ■Illl ,> ><•• > "it.- ; : ■ ':;•> V .:U ,v,;„ ?- 'f f«;t *■: ,•*;:.:..*,( ;■. :la!"M :••( 1 * : . ; Vj.,j 1 Hi-i* in/iiv: It ijHflS'JW.lMW»htsrj J *!i .1 «f,-m sn |, llP0 i ■io.f-itclv.l-j ,„t, Jr •"^itni ni t |,( ■_'^7.iiU«;n!.| mH 0l l.-;v:l,.. 'iraogj.anxcrcSi* Ml-.. ■■ :i U.I) : it iv. ■• V.. at ' ,.1.1.1- .... :. •F.. / B.).bHA#f''KAU^'-- • ••- < ' ■ Eccnrraio QoiODiix. , .'','' i : ?oiBlographloal Sketch, iaie'tfu^wr Coliunn. v'.! XHB -LQlltETIBEAKD SIB TICHH; : m DOOB THE PBOFUGATE. 1 .. s 0 i a liTjEioFv:: THE LI0HT8 AHD 8EAOOW4 OF SEW TOBS : LIFB LOVB, AMD OBIBXBr- ; " '-''"'The TLwM&;tai£ jn^^inil' Bagnio.'' 'WBDXBT 1TTBBHT.T JOB TH1 HKW IOBK CUTFkB. ORAETES XVL—OournroBD. . Wtdima Bourl, for a few weeks, had enjoyed oonatderable re- pose; keeping up her connection only with a few of her seleot enstqmers whose pooketa she knew could well bear the heavy drainage to which she subjected them. She also derived con- siderable Income by the sale of -her figure to photographic art- ists, who In their tarn made large earns by the disposal of copies of the hendeqm'e Louise In a state of nudity—snob plotares be- ing eagerly ran after by fast young men, end old ones, too, and found oonsDlcuous places on the taHa of disreputable nausea. ' in'her elegant little chamber lay Madame Bourl lnallthe beauty of admirable dfenaWBr.whfle by her side reclined the form of a hoary-headed old sinner, no other than Mi. Blehardaon. the Mb^o/f*tnli»^ garrotting propensities, wrapped In. slumber, neither aware, shortly after midnight, of the preaenoe of a third' who had found bis way Into the room, and with curioaa'ejes Wis suln'ir on them.' Puzzled " Bin gating on them,; Puzzled, for a few momenta what to do, the Tlier stood Irreaolnte; In not be had notpreelaely looked for the presence of other than Madame Bourl herielf, and waa not quite' prepared for the emergency; but BUI soon set- tled with hlmaelf his mode of procedure, and commenced 1 by Ihbrbnghly Investigating the various pockets of'the- old gentle- man, whloh having emptied with Borne profit and aetlifaoUon, henest awoke the pair. vj . .•Sreatwea Mr.' Blohardson'a consternation to mid the predica- ment he was In 1 , and he lav quaking with fear,, .expecting every moment to be murdered In' the moat oraelmanner. Bl<4 could not help laughing at the miserable appearanne of the wretch as he ordered him to lamp out, and aided him conWdarsbly In hit exit from the bed by a Jerk whloh'depoalted him In the middle of'the floor, when he got down upon his knees and,, in- piteous aoeents, begged for his life; Bat It was no part of . Bill's polloy, to hurt him, so he looked him np In a closet, aa he was, warning Unvuader penalty of death, not to make.the slightest noise, and then turned his attention to Madame Bourl, who though dread fully alarmed knew better than to areato.a disturbance. 1 . "Vjl Louise, my dear. If I 'ad >' kaow'd you vos so pe.rtlck- Urly^engMed J vooldn't'a'disturbed yer;'°but yer seeniy bls- ness von't keep, an' I has Jlst to take the ohah'oe vera I gets lit— bat I von't detain'yer long, or that old ooveH get nla^eatho' -Bold;'.' . - - ••But what brings you here now? .1 thought you had prom- ised to leave me alone!" \ ; '80 I dld; but van I finds It needful In ooune I kin oome again, as there's no yon to 'inderme.'^. • 'Well I wbit do 70a' want now T" asked Uadame Bourl, who fanoled ahe waa aeoore from'any personal Injury. ••VeUiT:answered BUV^wot f vints la this—to-morrer'yer must leave this 'ouae, for a little;- and give out that yer has gone to the country for.a few days.":, .• •,- ' ■, . fButwhereamltogo to?" ■ ,. : ,. , f';VhUe, .and.youll flndont, Yer must meet me to- morrer night .at .the foot of Grand atreet. WJlllamabargh, in 1 ' then Wl get some one to show yer to yer lodgbis'— yer undir- standime!" .■.-, , ■■.!..■. •(•'Yesl yesl Ido." ,.... . •.■ , ' .' " 1 ' ■ ,"(Joodr then mind, at twelro o'oloak punptual; and, mind yer, 'ore's another; thing—see that that .old fellow don't blab any thin' about thlswlslt o' mine, or maybe Itll be the worse for him, - How, Just von kiss afore I go." And BUI enjoyed himself for half an hour with Louise, muoh to the disgust of Mr. Blobardson who, by applying hla eye to the keyhole, could witness all that went on, and then disappeared as mysteriously aa he had come. . After what Mr. Btohardaon bad heard and seen he was hardly" In .-the humor, after being released from lua confinement, to renew hla Intlmaoy with his fair partner; besides, aa BUI aatlol- sated, he hadoaught a severe cold, and .sneezed and shivered and shook to. snoh an extent was painful to witness, and' 'Alad was he to esoape with a whole skin. He mentally Jotted down his missing watch and money to bis profit and loasao- oount, and got aa quickly out of the house as he posalbly could. : Aooordlug to arrangement, Madame Bourl, who waa bewildered byBlll'a request and .knew not what to make of It, Informed her domeatloa. that she was about to leave town for a far da;a; .and-to .Rive color to. her statement packed up a small bag wilh things she thought she might need, called a oanlage, drove to an'acquaintances where ahe spent the day; and at the appointed time was on the epot, Indicated by BUI, who there met her, and by a circuitous route conducted her to the hovel attaohel to the oavesn where Med Barton had been oonflned. .1! 0 ...HenAeart sank., within her as she entered the place, but her consternation waa lnoreesed ten fold when, opening the trap, BUlMdered-herdown. Bbe hesitated and would have refesoa, out with. a ourae he. aelzed 1 her and bore iher to the oavorh. Here her terrors-were snoh that he "atop her !i?. wUl !5 n fo i* TO r'" un !!f5 ahokopt. quiet; bpt thinking tiat a UtHe reflooUonln eolltade would doner good he loft her for a Own medltaUona—and what were those» , , Aa. event, after eyentta her llfo passed .rapidly beforeher mental .vision, how -bitterly did she repent thi. bam or olrcum- stancos whloh had led to her present fate. That ibis lait'blow had boen. instigated solely by a oaprioe of Jaokaon ahe did not thlnk-by whose authority, then dldi he aot? Thore waa only one man to the oouutry to whom she oould, attribute the deed, ! nd ; , t , . h /! "J? 0 " tn » ^5* oneMJol. Prenot. In dsllyfear hertelf of tte' djiaojery of the bodlee of Mary ElUott and Llsette, she knew tbat^the Colonel must all along have felt a almilar uh' %£?^?%. U i,.'?iZ? t n »* ;«;->»«>«on, what would become of hlmf Fill or riaethey must togeUier-^that aha had resolved npon; but the Colonel Jad been too deep for her. and now nil was reaping the respite of her folly In not by some means or other securing her safely from bis machinations. 1 BUI toon gave understand that for soma Urn* a'tiaaaL this was _to .be her place of abode; explaining .to'her'tbat th5 waa theheadquarters ot the gang he wae^L^'-ltb «d tha> she oontent to^ke !ierwlfsa^mforUbk as iwMrJe^under the olroumatknees, as he-had. no bBttaatrom- ^S 0 ^Jt^?^ m ^^ tA *? i *' oommon property, and had to submit totheetdbraceaof every rufBan who choie ^ , r^rS,?^ v f^» pf ^ u » a '-« 0 "» tard floTof ^^^SS-^&W^- protMtta> andthe •^Btit how nluoh better was aim wiUrthe blarted home of ruined to^Sswer fM?" ^ l«e of more thanottApow orea^re li^^J^'^Sft^t^?-* 8 -WiMo the hands of a h^er^aoonndentlal. agent of bis, a letter posted, apparenUy. In a Western city, aothorizlng hhn to bUrpoiTof the fnTnUure end everything belonging to Madame. Bourl.. It waa .In her Mdwritlng,and had been forwarded by BUI to one of hla con- £ aM E. to8 ^J" (Uj ^* t0 ^ 6d »o that, in the eventofVny inqulriea being made; It oould be-produced, proving alsothat "■S?"^' m He w Iork . hut- hod gone to some other State to "•J* 9 -. J Tb i» «" accordingly done, and thedomeetloa dlsoharged and paid off. Bnt there were three parties who took as deep an interest lntbeaetransactlonaas'ths'penona morelmmsdlatelr engaged; these were Bill Hall, Sarah piott, and John Kunaon. They had not yet given up all hopes of finding Sarah's alater. and had kept a watch on afadame Bonrl'a movementa to aome extent; butter last escape, as they deemed it, baffled them to aooountj for - Bm made inqulriea, and finding' out the name of ■ ?.£ST .-?om *hlch the letter was potted, atarted for It; but neither on the route nor In the place could nil find the smallest traeeM her, and he returned with the conviction that It was another dodge of hers, and that In aU probability she waa not far Of£,';i. ■^..,.. > . .. .„ ' •..*-..*.- . ■ • '"■ ' OHAPTBB IVn.'■ lions ems at toe Ms^roLiias—BtnrMR' iBb buvsn do out . TOsrjDxu—Ban. oasucz aoant ana tux dixeotivbbuu- KSS8—" 'D«'8 HUMBU XVB"—*. SXSPZB1XI ENOODqiBB— . BiBUT T Dlip TBie'TDiS—BDBtON W0CTHDID—OOiULET 1KB '' ansa o bt h old Op a ■ tub ov . tmooinaoH '•obssK* 'okb"—a ' > ittan- the Buyr xB— mot so pbdidt. Awaa all-^a niob t»»v t .OBABljETAND UXSX FXIX naTBXB kiEAH—&XLXA6K OX COU' Lis—Bnx seeks bktuoe m-rk the ootjbmx and odiaths it. ' Ned Bdbtoit an'd /aci pilver still, conUnued their aearoh after BUI and Barney, though- not with aomaoh'anxiety aa at first They ;hsd not rgotalghtol. them or any of their agents alnoe Bnrton'a escape, and they now almost hoped that The villeins had quitted the city, or country and left them In peace. In suite of an efforts to the contrary the story of Burton's Imprisonment had got abroad, and at last, finding that oonoealment longer was vain, he allowed, a .full aoconnt cf it to be published. BIa : wonderful' preservation did notexolte more surprise than'the fact whloh It established that Barney, the aulclde, was etui alive and rweU. : The newspapers blamed the Coroner for not harintr been more parUouIar. by having the body opened to ascertain whether-he wss really dead or not; others asserted he muet nave been bribed not to do' It, and a great many equally rtdlou-' tons atoriee were put In circulation. . , • BUI and Barney, with the pubUc, soon learned of the esoape of their Intended vlotlm; andthe former set himself to work to nhd'other means to carry out the acheme of revenge whloh stfll smonlderedin, his breast, and whloh flared up,with redoubled fury %t being defrauded of its objeot. As .already stated, they had been aware of the search of the hoveli'sut bad been warned of it in time sofflolent to enable them >to' keep'out of the war' yet such waa BUl'e hatred to Burtqn that he was almost tempted to ahow himself and finish him on the epot; but that he knew' It Iras oertaln death for himself so to expose his precious carqaaa. Now,'lowover, with Oohslderabiy niore caution than before ho renewed'bit Attention to them; and, this waa done in a very simple manner.. : Barton,'after h\s recovery from the'effects of hislongfastin* and want of fresh alr>had retttrtied to the Metoopolttah Hotel to reside;. In such a large eatabllahment there are an immanse number, of servants, many of whom are oonstantly conungsnd going. Pat Nolan by hu'lnfluenoe, which' was growing more Sbwerful every day, easily got one of Ills tools a situation aa a omaatloln the hotel; and-ehe, with more conning and rouch lau chance of discovery than a male spy, conveniently not<d everything connected with them that came under her observa- tion, and whUe'they were congratulating' themselves, on their seourlty, .waa as busy aa.ahe' oould - be reporting all they said, did, or Intended to do^.to .Pat Nolan, who, in turn, Informed BUI and Barney ot all that transpired; or was llkelyto occur. : Devoted to manly sports of-all Mnd», Burton and Oliver had. made aoquaintanoe with all the • beet-known patrons of the turf In the, .city,, and among others with, Harry Weston, wholud a gnat regard for ell hcncBt lovers of the-field, and "was well pleased to recognize in the two Englishmen men who. like him- self, abhorred everything that was not fair and above board; his house was always open to them and at hla table they were always weloome. ' « One arternoon:the'y got an Invitation to dine at Mr. Weston's, and It being a fine day and a pleasant walk, they atarted on foot and reached, his nlaoe. ready todo Juattoe to the exoellentnue let before them; but It ao happened that Ned had left the note bf Invitation whloh'they had received upon- his dressing tablet and the' ohamberinaid, always on the ..watoh for aomothlng. to pick,up, oirrled It offand trananiUtedU without delay to Pat, Nolan. ThWworlhyno arone?'obeervodiU tenor than he com- municated with Bill, who lost no time In' taking advantage of the circumstance to promote bis own ends. Aocompanlad by threo.or four as desperate cbaraqtora aa himself, he eetcut after dark for.FJalbuah;' and, after reMnholteting Abont Mr. Weston's premises, ;6UkpjMed of Kls'men down npon the roadatalonoly epot nea,r the Beaervolr where he knew they would have to:paaa on their way homo—but they had '/not been nbobaerved.' Biro. Oakley,*, who had, been lndnlglug in a' plttein the cool of tho evening, had notlood one or two men turknng about his outer's plaoe, and ever alive to bis lnterektahe had dodged roond and round them, and finally followod them' 'diwn tho rdad; and by orawling along the high ground , on ofie sldo had learned with' some certainty how" they weio arranged and where.' Returning homo he sought his 'maator, who though he waa engaged .was always ready,to Usten to Bam., who never troubled htm without good cause. .To him ho, gavo a foil account of what he had soon, and then made him repeat it In presenoo of Burton and Oliver.. . , . —■ ■ '-lam certain," said the fomer,'"ttcm Sim's deecrlptlon 61 these fellows, that two of them are Bui And Barney; bat how they oeh' h'aVi traced uaiere le more than rean oesoelve." - '■U^tsriiy'oompwK64«tobt''*tiilalme4'01lrBr/ 'WeU, gentlemen," kteJ Weston remarketf, , - n thore's one good • -"^J oL get^oMhree men from tha-etablae. Then vAeMTfdes^nVr^ iiols ever the ^.^ovTSn'aW^ •gant.-jrou "ovght to te a" Oeneratln the' Army," remarked Burton; la reply to which coinpttrlent Satfi, Intimated that "If he had the chance he'd be blowa^Eheivouldn^. try." m.1' i M*i tor Bm ' B proposlrlonr oriedoSe _ of thegentl'emenat the table.' • • •> t;- «'• , fW'^■rt.'■^. l^dl.And'ir' wuheerdallromid, ,jv r* v Mostertngali the arms U the houe Mr^osW oo^tmDrt.BojMpfthem vrilh revolvers^an4 „ IBr9 'f number van I" be, criedi"'and. with".a ah?'i^L P ' 0 V?v ed hiamit .wlth'f"*e p£ ^"fiSkaii^ of the reBt,be,Ued hla arms aS e^ble. and pls^ m^ge m«~ untU they returned. On^earchmithCn.' and awhlttle were found-tbe latter, it fraVsuj But Sam. give, him no ^^^^ 1 irauaajwo nfHTj n id'nii atone,llreUedlnto shjuto,surrounded hun. Barney and the Teit'otme^ntoss. atetanoe, and * hand-to-hand fight of the moat a^aperate-Aane- ««tookp>Me. neither party willing to aise-nie^i^Strot injuring their own friends. » ■ : ...|^T^™-.t » —}SiL U Dec * me evident that the borgUH haflinattlMbr^aloh- twp of them were already/on- the vouna and iilnioned, when Bui Ethe signal for flight; but jnit before bS^^wuU 1 enslaving olscovared Burton, mad^Sah "tiW? and ; bat Bun. noticed the movement, and with a kfek.wSSch al- moat brake his arm aent the pistol firing In theatr, t But-tn-leav- inghls hand it went off, the ball passing nSSeh tf«fflesSpert M Burton earm,- and lodging in the- ohest of a man tnlnHtofree himself from another a Utile way!behrnd lilrai, Jh^m»iallto the ground, and in the exoUement Bill and hla reinaininaiiieuds wtb^ffit 1116 : 1 "^ ^ <ta Mr. Weston's slie the casnaiues were One woonded-Ned Burton, aUghtly-wh^they badseciu^threelirZffi ffifiST?, V 0 , °. n a f,F<>W> "hdoneuyA'oi "iiS&itb, for FS SJ" 11 ^Jound.'fis waT-utoBarne^unge^the waa fast dying. ■ Assistance was jfrdcured, but ereft'oameWliad breathed>ls last, without, a sign. Th>' two 1 ^^^? 1 !^ the ""dy wore conveyed to thehouae/sid besaeugars durtafthed to the OityHalL' The Superintendent and a posse of policemrrlved indue time, and the prleonejs were delivered over to thdr'oare. Tht nbnost regret wsa expressed that Bill had eaoaped, bdt un- der the circumstances pursuit was Impossible at the time. In Barney'apoaaesslon was found part of the note of invitation sent by Mr. Weston to Ned and Jack, which showed them .pearly enough that their hotel was not jet free of-spies noon them, for Ned. remembered of leaving It upon his tableTfrom whtbh it must have, been taken. Burton and OUyor headed handsomely ft subscription whloh waa collected and presented to Sam. far his valuable services.' On this becoming known In the kitchen, the cook and chambermaid, who were both deeply enanVored of Bant, became ao exoited over a dlaousslon aa to their' reapeotlve claims to his attention, that they nearly scratched'eachlother's eyet oat, and didn't speak to one another for e 'toodtk'slter- wards. . . , t :i,r ■ .'T:.*- Aa Inquest waa held-upon Barney's body, and to make* every- thing sure (Ait time, the coroner had it well out up, to see that no spark of life remained, for which.he was soundly.rated by the press, they declaring that the thing was already so dear there was no necessity for it—It was merely a Job got up for seme med- ical ft lenda of bis. ' ' ' . The three prisoners were committed for trial; on a. chine ot conspiracy to injure -Burton, and a great man yo that charges, or alternatives, only known to and understood by the legal crofea- Stan. ■■>' sr.' J°; •* VNed Burton and Oliver, after the capture of bts aaalsmnbi. Instituted an investigation at the hotel to toy and flndVnt who It was that had been the means of eummunloatlng with BUI, but they filled to do so, not the.eUghtest. susMoton being attachable to any one. This by no means added"to theln oomforti Obnbthey .ware, not to be frightened -by.trifles, and Instead of, leaving and going,to another place, as they might havedone; they aellhem- aelvertb watoh and endeavor to 'frspthesp/oy ilomemeansor other. •■• '' "> Seated In the ohsmplon's blfilara house one evening/ witching the progress of a game in the course of bemg pUyeS; smoking olgars and indulging in the small talk so prevalent'when'a>maa baa nothing else to do, Burton and Oliver' were, attraoted-by the remark of a young man at their back:— . . "Mike, I don't tee them - here, and. Bridget, told ins they had come down here, for she saw them go downetalraas sh'e^roasel the lobby." . ' ', ' •'' • • •* ' ''Hush I Charley, they're right behind yez';"' and aome'further conversation took plaoe which was Inaudible to^the listeners, add then the speakers rote and sauntered to another part of the room."' .>. -• • ,jr To an uninterested observer there was nothing vei/partsralar In-the above short oamersaUcn-worthy of netloe, but just at the moment ot. its 000urreD.ce Jack's mini waa wandering over the thing—we ere aware oftdelrpreiefibe, 'to'yon may as: wtllwb here all rag^ AhtTtuAt wut demat'fhth. plane.;" •" 171 " J 7...... . _ who with the TJrivUaje.aoeerdea ilf Vt liberty to e^eak, J't^ere't A ... master, ppt to a favorite servant better Vay than thkV rWhitaittuBamT" •! * i> — v'jl^a'fflrill:,/;)l>l' ■ ',1M .these-wereU.. Conjen blamed for his misfortune, In conjunction with Nolan. "An\ additional tntoreit was now attached to them from the dls- coveryi that they, with. the. eld of-Bridget'(on-toquiry If was found there were thirteen rntldi with that name in ttajtotial) were the parties whom they had to guard against- ;•> OUver bad told Burton of Oonlan's story, and he was not sur- prised when in a low. words Jack hinted, to.blm.who the".two fel- lows were who had Just left their Vicinity; but he was somewhat amazed, though not half so muoh so as Charley and Mik^mem- selves, when ho', got up' and; rapidly'adVanolng to ^hete they stood, addreaaed them with:—.. - t,\q ••Haveadrinkiboya?" ■• , .• .... 1 . ;i ,xm Now Oharleyandhla companion would rather not, butuudarthe olioumstanoea they felt it might look rather ewkwardto refuse, ao they advanced to the bar where they were joined blr.Bqrlon. and there and then had a "round." Ned foUowed ffilK WetfCfnirley and Mike, Oliver all the while keeping up a running fire'of guea- tlons on all sorts of unimportant matters in euoh sri easj) wte that both Charley end Mike were entirely «t thoir - easey conGlndlng that they were perfectly unknown to the p&rUesvwbo w.ate ad- dressing them. .Barton quickly .perceived what hla .frtend was up to, and sooonded him in his efforts to' gain the confidence of the tno rascals. In this they succeeded beyond thstr expecta- tions, afid when Barton proposed : to Charley to bkveiagame at bUUards, he at onoe aoeeded to the propoatUoo, an'4 (aptl they went. Burton soon found that he oould easily bsve'discounted his opponent but he allowed him to'wln one' game ana* lUtn an- other, after whloh he threw down hie cue in apparent disgust, and wondered what they coald do next to amuse themseJret. By this time Charley and Mike were in high glee, and they BUggestod that.lf the gentlemen had no objectltfns i^ey vtojOd go to some other plaoe and have aome .fun; This being agreed to tbey sallied out, and under the guidance of Charley fount them- selves In a gambling saloon near the head of Ann l stnat| l Mt faro was not what Bnrton wanted, ao they oat down to , cards, and here again he and Oliver .loata-UUle mon6*,;Althombj they knew all the time that they were belng.oheated, they topTno no- Uce of the fact, but seomed to.enjoy the'iiamb.ioMuUerably. Such a pair of "green'une," Charley and Mote had nerfir got holder. Barton and OUver vferenovgettlng-'knfn^oeled''by tho amount of Uquor they bad Imbibed, and wbile'bpparenUy In a vory maudlin etateOUver foundAlat he.'had.mnoutaf tnuU obango, and asked If any of them could ohange a.twenty doUar bill. Oharloy was not long In pulling but a bundle of notes and giving him small ones for hli XX Thcee Jack pv*l*nded to loruunlso with great care and then deposited thorn In his pocket . After playing a Ultlo loogpr,,end.losing aomo, further Bums In a> very reokleaa roaaner, Burton and Oliyer itum^te/r thejrinten- tldh of havihg e*'me - supper < onS : uen of g^tng name, ttTltlng OhaMet and Mike;' with whom they were nowon theirsest de< llghtful terms, of lntbnacy, to accompany |hem.> This ttey glad- ly agreed to do, having no IntenUon, of parUdg with ttent quite. ieiTMi they staggered tmt' ahd' along flroloway ;tni Oliver reachedthe'aaloonwhexeOonlan'had been<*0prehandeA For aome reason beat known to hlmieU, he would m PjvMheplaoe, but with drunken obstinacy Insisted on going In t± ere for their refreshments.'- Bo in they went' tad had a gay Brfie. 1 °a\t last they rose to b6 and Oliver would .allow no one to pes a, Bent but hlnue^. TaklnB out hla bundle of rdl^.b^i8^e,,walter a coupleof them, demanding hla ohangr. The waiter carried them to his employer; end took a OoniMettble tUetb come baokrantt .when he did' return it *a»to Wjhjmrlliat tie bills •«het?. but Bnrton Wouldn't heat cf torjWare-.jlo.W;!* close oontT 1 Uatiou ) ,»na;^vai. J aa. .tn\ nil D:to ,!ioUoJUaB«ni