New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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- At last the waiter hastily anaMlks oould stand U no longer, and ISsaede amah for the door; but Ned ^Jeokjiad an- jj^;airtitihir~* , ~* afS^viTnotlBi, T^ttoaaatotanoeof aome S^JMtlg ■^^K^XSlttSShS by a uuefactory ex- S^^antount^-bogua" material-wea found on M?^^»°o B f ^a^f,U« fcO BS OOITiM(|AJ>* i | fret T,., 1 1 1 h'' JcilJ« 1 yOBK OLIPPER. a^TUBDAT, PEOEMBBtt 6 t 1868. Ca a? i»rf « w a. Chicago.—1. Htt AnPoura thedealergiveshimself i»jl&iard*^eiera thanks la entitled to,thai* must be a new j ; r.rffiSi^Ji5 0 ihpartiH egrse, tttj»w«"as*r ■JStoW-tt* r iflBliiaMrffn - uThowevw, any of &• eatfs nave lean pUied, EffiJwdial mVrtonne wtthoutanIt -liUt-artto.fiSon. FirnfiffijsaltJ'tolOBtog It on aooonirt of a mUdeal, two customs itvi^tttofnai one, that the snme party Jeali ajaln; the otter, lo f'-SaVtWaon^MIaT. «r elder kaad, than take 11 himself or com- ,:icii^tB^nw»44aIeito:dial>egato;e>h« (elder hand) may deem r "1 Sooe>; HoyM sort nothing on question Ho.'9, so that the point ilnwffKS ha agtaail w—h before oommettdng play. ■■■ rai l^J.'tiiLl^Vii'.,-'inuiB, Va.—Had 0 dropped the baTiln< It then B.wottjd haTe been out at 2d baas, aa av*^e^ftoo6d from the let hue, bit as 0 . „ ayJ* irtf forcedto return to the Ut bete, and ') uiSaff -5tU K-TilvSit by the ball being held at'lat bate before B - 'osurse U *• waa touched with the bill while THf the M'bassmen. or "any other man," he ' .ere 'li' no. necessity, to oases of fly bans, to Wants: first; only on foul belli la it neoessary he Brat settled In the hands ot the pitcher, loe^ptBaaeBall. ~ 0.—Horace Greeley was barn to } JB£&£m*?!tto*. proprietor* of one of the three principal '^t^MMltm Tbethembote ofeiidboy, notlolngHorace'e he wanted no anoh auspicious loosing individual ; d»l«iMPJ»^>M Ptemlfaa.' US abiaMsBVaV Alexandria, Ya^-1. A "ronnd" li ended when the *i luiaMttta dOwAeaa both knees or laid out flat, whether by a throw baa Bjfletdown, or aooldental talL a. Joe Oobnrn la the reoegnlred .la iiaCSrJo'n'ef Aaerleaat the present dBy.'but were Heenan to •TaelaMatnand'-aet retire,.hewouldbe more entitled tothe-honor. liaqilSoY''-' • ■ oil ■D B in uliune .-We don't like the Idea of an extra bird being ct U^iiattl in the dealer's hand, when the oppoalte party haTe made '■ai^iBoiimjeev --The dealer surely might hare dlsooveredtheover- fttUyen* at an early period of the game. We Incline to the opinion - that the four points ahonld be aoored. ■hi'tt— — a etty ef Philadelphia la anppUed with water from ajJkUL 9. If }on bet ten dollan eaohagalnitthe W canlldatea, yo» win ten dollars, "dear ofaUln- " It's a onto way of making money, If you can Jl'g^'ew^ijttttedp, ci >. Haiaiix B"""»"« Jm Porte, Ind.—They ahook dtoe, U wetm- I iftaiiliiiil It eorreetly, to see which should bare the honor of, Vi liftlTMrtliri nnnrfl Aa B waa dolyeleoted, and apenthla money Ii6ijB5w» woald be nnfali to say that ks did not treat, J ' t ItoaB, Beoheater.—Yonr budget did not reach ns until ' kfteneon, rather late for ua to make use of It We jfer to hare the Items separate, ao that they could be k'ttelr reapeotlTo departments. if.|#. 1 lT.~l. The, lady' Is 16 yean of age. 3. Bhe has been -., gomefl'aiddlTeroed.' 3. 8hehaanerer appeared In any of the Waaiington thealrei, but ve bellere wu engaged at one of the ^, v ZBBllqhansther*^ ' o/l'-i-jJaVroW., Washington.—John Iforrlassy was Seenan's flrat H' i<,iantagpnlstlnaregDlarprlzenght;and It waa In this battle that <al w3anW» Boy emaahed his left hand against one of the stakes, * ninths not ronnd. ■'. •7/3>.iBtb^ttaiiiiiXo^, r (torJnJ4e]di^.-4 en Ja)iWM''last' week-rBi^eiiigot AM Mood from 'Heenan ln the f:.ll »mroisl c 'l-rr^^-lhr»e roHu^weroioaiht in Heenan and ar a^egja*jia7i?< ew&.ye.Vl %.u) -.■vvjT\ ,r.:,:-: i . ■ WaiA^ OV VBUB BI« tftwt'i ■ As the day approaohes for the settlement of the Wgmatoh [aenaiivand ^Ing, tha affairassumas a good deal of hWftt 4i ,a» lUteatsnj^ to U tHe talk of the. oonntry. Bp to within a'few weeks'past, Tery little was said ajiut^Voomlngjnatch eioeptln regular sporting circles, and eyen "among the admirers of puglHsm but little betting took plaoe. Within the past weaktr two, noWwrer, speoulatlon haa tmproTad, aBd totoos«OB.Heaiian meets with takers; bnt the friend ofBttlih do not feel disposed to giie anoh odds, exoapt la ran ones, the general tarma ranging about alx to fonr, and even this they consider a little too steep; but atffl, a pretty brisk bastnesshas been done at those rates.'By prlntolntelUgenoe from the training q.narten of the principals In this great match, we learn that both men are doing wen, and were well *d«n«d U their work at last aoooucta. ParUesin London, who are good Judges of ring matters, consider that the obanoes are In faror of Heenan, and that, barring aneeddent, he cannot lose.: They do not fear any Interruption, either from the blues, OT from the roughs, erery precaution baring been taken to gne^SBeinsta repetition of the scene enacted at Fembarough. Thto we hare from a source that cannot be doubted. Wo are glad that the prospects are so good for a fair end stfuw,jnul between the younVgUnto, and we sincerely trust that nothing may occur to upset these calculations., - ''■ . ■■ ■ It is probable that Jack XoDeneia wffl be one of Heanan'a seconds. He is wltthlmnow.supsilnteadlng his preparatlona. Who the otherwfflbcwe oannotsay atpreaent, TomBayers waa spoken of, and it la not certain that he wffl not be to Heenan'scornerontheday. He has taken c on slderahle t n t ereit in the American, and ire know him to be In ter e st ed to the main, stake. There Is one njan on this aide that we ahooMlfketo hsTe seen In John's comar, and that Is, Horrtssey; and we haTe no doubt that, had the matter been suggestedto him at an early day, he would hare gone orer to glw hit; adTloe and aaslatanoe to Benjsh, for there is no longer that bad foiling existing be- tween them that eilaltod during the Ant International contest, and nothing could haye better tarred to completely heal the old breach than the appearance of Horriteey In the ring as a aeoond to Heenan In his oomlng fight with King, atarlatty la betting bis money on the Boy, and as. he witnessed his flghtwlth Bayers, and has also tried him himself, he is a pretty good Judge of Heenan'e abilities. Tuesday next, Deo. 8th, is the day originally named for the meeting, but, as we haTe preylouely atated. It la probable that the day has been changed, and an earlier time fixed upon. At the requeetof parties abroad, we haTe abstamedffrom laying much about the training, etc., of the men, at some arrangements that were In progress might hare been totekered witharterthe receipt of theOtomta England/ Tun Heenan had arrlTed outanaafe, and the three brothers, John, Tim, end Jim had f ormed a Junction, and the. American represantatlTe waa haTing the "delicate" nnlanlig touches put on him. In our foreign department we glre thc latest items oonoernlng the match, culled from the London sporting papers,' BALL PL AT?'.- t . BASB BALL. OH THANKSOrVIM(J DAT., ^Tntrnly^eralld waeibir 1 ofr Thursday. lMt\(Than^DtgtTlng day) templed crowds ofVall playert to spend the principal por- tion of the day In the exerolae of their bTorlto amotetnent end ln:ooateo.ueiwe eyery. spaoe of P^lf*^^ r >,M fftfS waaooounled by playcrt, not only from regular dubs, but by parties who extemporise a match for the occasion. In Brooklyn there was outte a lively time on all the regular ban grounds, sad wa aWe below tha reoords of such games is we were enabled to attend personally:— ,^ , Tan Btix anoinros.— Two games were played on these popular grounds, one between sides chosen on the around early to the morning, and one between the oompoalton of the Safie tnaunton newspaper! of Brooklyn. The former game was one between fourteen on. a side, captained reepeoUTely by Hessn. Henry ahd Thompson, the Tiotory, at the oloieof a weU played gam<of nine Innings, being with Henry'a aide by a aoora of at to 11. As a general thing the batting waa rery good; the base pl*Jjon beth sides was first rate; the fielding, too,'was good. In bat- ting MoDlanned, Henry, and Oalpln took the lead on the win- ning aide; Thompson, Keller, Ulles, and Potto doing best on the other side! HoDUrmed, Bedell, and Idilea made home rant. At the close of this match, the typos from the abore newspaper offi- oes entered upon theirs contest but with one or two exceptions they failed to handle the ball aa ikilfuUy aa they do the types, and the result was s tyrolsh kind of a game, the Eagle boys prov- ing to be the greater tyros of the two; at any rate, they were out- batted, the final result being the suooess of the Unionists by a score of 48 to Si, in a game of seven innings. Williamson led the aoore on the winning side, and Berger on that of the defeat- ed party ;Atkto made the only home run. We append the toorei of ue abore games, which are at follows :— BiTTOlO. b.l. amis ....1 6 ....4 8 ....8 fi ....8 a ....3 * ....» 8 ....a 4 ....8 .■■ 8 Uhioh. Oooks, o Marnard, r f Stark, 3d b Keller, ss Adderty, 3db Tougean, If Taylor, p Willlamion, lstb.. Total ...3 ...8 ...a ...a . .8 ...8 ...a ...o mm kadb ik xi gh rjnanoa> 1st 3d 8d 4th 8th «th 7th ....1 .117 9 7 8 ....1 , 6 8 15 8 8 0 8th Eiaui. Bergen , Shepeid Hunter Atktas......... Tofls.... •••••«* fflotor ......... Vorton. «..'... aroes.. Total...... Eagle.. Union. Umpire—H. B. Bydntaomutoh, of the Unknown club. Timeof the game—two hours and forty minutes, Emf t Bidb. lenry, p.... •• loBlarmed, c Bradtth, Ut b Weeks, if Doty, s s...... eQhnton,t Brown, f Oalpln, 2d b... Sdb f, ' Murphy, f. Field, Porie... BedelL f 8 6 5 6 8 6 8 1 aa4> ..48 tth .-34 (3 ...1 ...1 ...a ...a ...a ...a l l a ± Total., 3 3 a l e a a 8 a i l i- a » Thompson's She. e.x. iutis Thompson, o 1 3 Flanders, s s 8 KeUy, p 1 Hornby, lttb 3 Potts, f 4 Bayard, 8db 1 Bammto.f 8 Wlea.f. TeUattf. Boone, f. HoTey, f. Kyto.f. 1 3 1 3 ......3 ,2it>',','^'.'.0 Total., 0 3 J 0 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 .u to $75 flgbt . After ooaeeWf^rXS^ teen minutes, whenboth were gatSnrud«- BennetthadthemUfortune toallpandfa Feull .Foull" and ™e waa (he .eigne! for a clami from'laartln'e friends, and the referee, in were W^SttSKJ?* to allp and fall without a bbVSfcil' loroua hoUertog of "Fenir felSf? the referee, totte exoihiL*!? 1 ! moment lttued hisjW, that Martin had won, art thethi£ at onoe takin from the ring amid the proteauTf SOZV friends, who insist that the fsfl was accidentalT A orr^S^ 1 * 1 raised that the police were to sight; when the erewr auiWa* every direction and got home the beat way tbVcoWHK^** 1 * eyes , were nearly closed, and Martln'a vimmmiTtSi uouded In blue. Bennett and his friends are not uutftau& Philadelphia. w 0T "wni. EonoBOuppD:—NotbelntfaattsBed with thedeoUmT?^- referse. we,-the backers of James, Bennett, wish ^m^2L*» ready depoalfed to remain at ItU, to^eTnoriaiS tfflH* "1,500 a side, as may suit Fetor Martin or his friends. Wtl °»' agned,, 7 . ,. .^..B.Huaja, Ur.Ohaffera,who returned from Phlladelphu' on^*Sn. aars tbi referee kaa made hU 'ontolal. <Udsibn that Smitti A without a blow: It Is said that the parties are to meet on tt. £? ."Tovsuwa"— Ukou Bill". nil 1 Busmm Baiu rr m wrii_. Oiovs Fioff. r -.MotwlfhtUm4|ng ( :tlis lowerUg- aklet and iidJ, "TMs,'lbe ptarrlSadof, Brooklyn ally, luraedonl ihetrfaUoML? id flW.t^ Temperaaos HaUou the corner of MeaS eeappIettreaU^laaT^ttday, (tJieMih ult.),untll Ib.erawuaeuta^ weets, "oeappl room for fcCfeWIn Baton or Dor 8anllago. 0#>»nBo^7wii» can hi pat hlmeelflnto u emalla h^eai any^odywe 4 ' ftliLlS depoelt belweenJOobatd Hollywood and,' AujR^ni^ijTSil paoy wluthogentloIizyLiranis and our reprfteotaW?. imirf ed ttralgbt to the Hall afur relieving Utmselvw of half a otwlry theYlovrBght'bVtwten theold WarHiiW'anffifr.liiSL^tl? that erect la. abbot the most prthM»'W J al)."^ rfb,ri5! glove-0ghbr didn't come off for rea& kt|dwn to. Ocas wja^J apiece, and Iraasrerrlng.the seme to blda report in.tffaito, and > same to, Mlllon lbs, Beooad. as the mly alfAoBSn V* gleva-flgU . .. , had been advertlibd aad carded M.e^ttnlyev—will Two Brua.—Fever having measured either Heenan or Bayers neweSith*'breast we can't ten you to agnafs eye, but.|ihouId JiotraosunJohnO.mtheblggerman everyway. . ft ml .iijnbnuii, BL Lpols.—A wlnt. Bayers and Mace never fought' > l'i.:4pHa^fwhtformodey inpubllo. Bwffl therefore have tb ftfrk" y^*Terhhil o.'U. * "' ii. n ^sivtfl n , 1 f^. K. l d,'Detrolt—Anything of general Interest you inayjse* -„'iSt^ Itfflni^ wLU rooelTe due attention. We go topretspn ,oa *Sjfo5dareveri'^ ■ ^ . ritfitalpVAi. JWtXoula.—If you Intend adopting the stage as. a pro-' >.i(ii*Mt^>yoji<atB>tj>Uher go through a regulaccourse of studies, )V a.«»iOj«tt)m^;attlieaoweetwund(jf the ladder. . ClJ ^v.fT^ai^.iBor/ott.-Va.—We cannot say when the skctoh wfll Appear; the picture yon tent ts we informed you by mall, waa ty H h tt iaWit'for ihe engraver to get a good likeness from. ijit '' prp.; i Fh^eiphJa.-Tcu : afe- right There are no rules to ,. n fnTem the.euttom, .which ,1s,certainly erroneouB. Outtom ,;,'!> xoakes people eommlt many.blunders, la); ,DaO».Bostan.—The popojatlon.of Clevsland, 0., at the time of tie taking of the last census, wa 18,417; and of Detroit Hloh,, 1A 'jdf.ei9, cUi, Hoirxn Bot, Springfield, 0.—1. The proprietor of the Sew 0!!> Tork 'White House wffl not be present at the Big Fight X , yl'ManlMtj It betttng on Heenan to this race. 'i\\ r ^ Fara Flit, Boston.—His real name was not Sullivan, whld ,, '(tmffWfflt to decide the wager. He merely assumed that hi _,^; ( a)ftBi.hU,arrival to .thle country. . . . 'i ■ult> r.iTowio Doidcellt, nth Mich, Vols.—Mr.Toveeaaya the glbv'eej v;ltaye been , sent by Adams'Kipreai, for which he has the urns) (Cstoawaatpfc c. : ;i.>:' O. B., Madison Bridge,. Maine,—There is a treattaeon thati :'isBlMto'"Walkar'aManir Exercises." -■ i ■' ' i U, D., JHWUU MlUgPi. ■■lift—iUW ' 'a«tjoot i ta'"WaLker'e Kaiily Exercises." „,' ':*ftiili6iix&tmtQa,^Th«Mrta<>t<il . ''''■aajffitaai:- ' ■." ■ '••••';,ri uB.B.rj.,Balem.T-An aotv deuce, tray, four and. Ave pose a straight In bluff, ahd you lots. ■ ..--r, .' •.! ■ .•., 1 [ B. L. 0.. Little FaUs.—Ton oan p'roomrathe"ivpry goods' you In- "J -ejpUre for through M. Helaon, wbaadTertl#6a to another oolumn. JaJttrat^Mfr. .Weils; rf.-?:..: Ftanly,.rs.'..v. >Mutphy,3stb: ,-, ' -.' i : Dotal..'.-. W^oYofTs'Side', ; ' W. FisiVmzB, Philadelphia.—"AU's well thatm'ds win," v «nd you were wise in holding back that challenge. Ton Bvdoax, Eastrlew, Ta,—Con. > : ,nVB»iin battle. >;iri'li.;. Ou> BroET.—Butler, 8 Peck Blip, published a book of that sort, •bnasj* believe. i challenge. Qninn, the boxer, was :tH.,HaahviIle.—The lady hat been married, but it how lo 00i •fto'wfWWI?; ■ i,-■ Jnon^O 'RaafBV-Donselly's flght with Cooper was on December' iiol ri^*:*, Ohioago.-t Heenan and Bayers fought but onoe as isaTttkmnltts.a,i0obum wUl not be present at the flght..';, | '.^ ^i-'iaJJOJ'Wi. Providence, BvLi-Yon are'sot obliged to ihow your ttandto any 'but the'player who called you. J 1 , 1 V .&'%'li<i:X\BlM,! [ . Waihlngton.-Wo hire handed your [la^ir to the pi^ 4b^,wfll answer you by huilL .ui»:'.''l««C Fortsmoitth..yfc—In'Playing;bluff, IfAigoefSB.oenk' o.. a l »"»d, and B atraddbs it it.talet 0 one J dol , ~ >~ --- '*■- i " ?ir ' ll'JH v { .... " jn " 1 ,, * i ^,-^ioB'Oobnin win give you lemons'eli He can be" 0. , ; D. W. Dattj, Hdqrt. 8d Brigade, Chattanooga,—We re/OTyoni wi Mr. Wemyst, who advertises photographs 'in our ootu^mj.' vffl give you letaoni 'either ip!spaitir« found at Ut 0rand'aS5iF. ,> ~T(TF.»n"..»n PhJUd.lphia.-We may sketch Uu.'^ n jii;j^e^ I'll V<i-, - iraUlii iiaA ■ol^._- OJ./wbTifta; .t-HfOOfl Hf/i !(' w,<i has no right to pUy it alone, - ,—We have no room Jast now. itL—Money to hand, aU right Thank yon,' > ., ||t| ^.^j^w. .^,i'0>r^Wi* , '-TherebelUonseemttoi^T« tiV'J«vxwxjii»ilfewi4 Wok, and the "rebenuous" leaders are looking. -li iajprtbe' ■TMsvtolked-of last dltoh, They occupied Lookout tM?piffil^^f%;'^ looU »«» nt *>**«• ,*<»♦ ttentjesof i frA &mifMA U <?W». ^*d.not laterrup ted them in their, ■ sMahptegnabto Todtioni" we doti't know what might have' hap> ^4jg^;<'^ tnii^^ifh^,%a'm^ t 'fj^fl,Vk» rebt.wero misted,'having i Jiggldissolved together>:axld<ofr suoh to the kingdom of Jeff, Bo l)3'i-it!i , W' f< ! r tb * .oYt^Souttwert Meade it off on another '■^ta^mmB^'^'^V^'^ti*!**-^ b * tomewhat fretful and f (Ud nrn^sarned, slnoe he left Oettjrtburg in such a hurry..' He may xltoafi^h' }^ 6 - ^ dtif^io*Mi : a)t'. Blohmond, If : Heads or some- oui.v^p^MW*' does not tdikt&fi&iijjfa him.,! Oilinore ltttm oliTOjtMiarlng away at flotnter,. ind> oooklng the Charleston goose oi»ff l^ittWk-nre.' AU ; looks wefl for'the cause of lot Union, the '. - ^^wrttlfrtiozi, and the Uwi.. A BumnBnrrem-Di referring to the Uto prixe fight a ear P hiladelpiiia, between Peter Mai tin and James Bennett, the In- quirer oi that dty has the foUowtogscurUDoiis attack on the poes pugUlst Af ter entertaining Its readers with a description of the battle, it proceeds to indulge In a tirade of spleen, ea'wjafnlly false as unjust Here's the paragraph referred to:— "If these worthies would dtopUy their valor by enteris*g;the ranks of the Union army; and fighting the enemies ot the coun- try. It would redound muoh more to their oredlt, but we <have yet to learn that a prize fighter ie possessed of that true oourage which would enable him to shoulder a musket and face death Id the service of his country." ■ The'writer of this knew as wen aa we do that to his own city a braver man than Willlairi MoMnllen never led a regiment toto battle, and*aKhough not a:profeased pugilist he^Js known to be a friend end'edmlrer'of an that Is manly and fatoUj aprlse flght We'TOppoM.It'wouid'io the Jn^r^r^|rheAr| e)o$l ^to/slt^ hla, easy dhalr and~wrlt««f'.the aUughtet of ajiymokme'n ( }iihose courage and sktU ib» eojiaTttaify^nerHep have done aa muoh for"the Union cause as an y cl ass of UtLesne In the country. Ar a refutotton of. this elaedtr, we wUl onljl rjat 'fig £ to, a few. of the tjue/jmd .tried patriobr amon^ the ptjgU: litiopioiessiou.w'holisTO glitter- ing sti'el without a rKprjrj^ New Fork City ido.nAjs'.ijpresent- ed'Iii^tte.'uii^n^arm/^KO^ouel Wm. WiUpnVCspUln Mtohsel ^orton.-an^HarrVlaiarUB, Oon Qoinn (killed.'in front of {the erl jnyj.a^ohael Tr|^'o>i;ijennU Honlgan, Michael Began, John Lararus.Higgtoei, and'young. Franta Bi anagan, or "Scotty;" 'Boston, by Lieut. CoL'Barry jinegwe, Lieut John Woods, Prof. Taylor, and Johnjcortia; Phfladelphla Bolme£,'af.. by Captain WUUam MoMnllen, and Alf Walker';' California by Enoch Paris;. Buffalo by OoL James Nelson, etc; eto. . Wh'en' the newspaper wrpt can muster a stmiUr number thty win be entitled to tslkibut not tut then. The"/liaiitrW hss, " jfet to learn, a great deal that it U Ignorant ot U it wo^ publish less false news than It has been to the habit of doing; it might occupy aprorninentpoeiUonamongthe'JOTOTaUofthedaj. ' t '' .. . ' V ■ 'a. ■' ..-<■, „i '. j ... PBXBnrranoH to a, Bhiuxd Piaabki—dta Saturday »vslnng, JSJbj ult, ;a numerous' gj^,'b^]|laJasU^'irof^^ IgenJUinen and others, ooourred .ai.tte ( atlevi L of^ar. d,' Q'Oon. ^erifn-Fourteenth ttreet'oppoalte the W^«Mti fl ten athfm» Tll fc- ^^t^Jud'faike. '^j^^mi^li^}*^^ I^ej jnd;m*triTe,aUTer'.pitc^r ta NeiiBryantf io,di'of the'tal 1 * m6ns4Br^U'Mtottreta; On .the p^tobet ii^modett but very, ■f^^^j^ii to'ihe^effMt/t^Tll ^prfi^t»lto!Mr v Bryant by. a. few,'of, hie friends' of thajblUitrdTfraterntty) at 'a. fesUntony of their esteem; for Mnttaa ,'a,'c«urt«otai; 'fAbie, and llberal|. genUanian, ,and. .wh^.jtbey^fobyfu^on.asTonp of. the .most .wortby,pati«ns,gi;th»fgan)e',tf.t(lfc oountry.' The preienUHon wrt •nlade^'Mldb'ael'Mehuy&qt,' to a n^VspMC^Km^'.'.fee^gl^^ responded to by..the recipient, to.whom; tbepiwnt^on'waai&l-, together a surprise,' and we did' ndt>»b'rJtottaaMht' nervonV: neaa'of rn^nnejn^filtfdto Usjwj^'ns), ^ch.^rijiijtly' otroe : from al haart^nitf.obaiged wltt gratltr^ pungefa^' oonvevea 1 through" to-'haadsbnle< a'gift, as well) aai frttf'^i)!^^.tt% r G^ersl ■At:.ahe4oan^ufamj of: the ceremony, qlid^altisT peaking! of^a, t'rrafuTiimiUtfb', the 'assembly organized fof ajboaUliilme; |'^b«g^^'.'th'e'''chalr, and'^lbJ; PheUn sV'We^rthy Vicb.fV wheic spetoh'i,maklng, and. some eioeUent^alngtogi^y l Messr'e!'''lj'eU 1 -Brjarii; : Bher. Oambiell, and' Henry, beoami tte- oldaet'of Wefeveifig/ind harnlo'ny fprniniiL' 4 %e .regr.e'ti that apA<a>fdrMo>tfsrgoing into detail of tteiprMesaJnga.' , ;■ »;, " '•' ■ ' , 1 ;'.-. ) ' * ' " - '■ ', —^' : ';., Thk'bwobd my$pa&±i$9\a'-m oapt i xuertity, after, a pNtrjwted campaign; has xetiied from the I a^td-'Is' now .teaching the ' citizens of' KempbJa>theart of : self- flefenoe .with, the ew'oid.'an'd' musket, ' Hp rao&ti how'to hindlt, .tluisortol.toolt, indweibopehe.w4Uflti4;14b^^ ' ,'iT'r,". > -'■-■■ ' ■ m li in, ," . ^"tJopBfMaTOB BrrwxxB- tbi rTiw'.Iokk BT. Awpi Ukiw.— A match between the .above-named cmos oame T ( Thanksgiving Day, on the grounds' of ;tht' kWre. Bui bornar of Broadway and Aator.Plao», and resqSed in the t .of the New.Xork club. by.47,ahots. There were eight pUyeWa ;slde, making .four rlnkt, and 51 ihots jp each rink. The filar on' both sides was pretty good, considering that neither dob has practised muoh ot Ule; OJbson, Kellogg, andl^adale. on'thfc' part of ,the Bt Andrew's and Waterman and Myers, or the Fork club, dlsUbguIehlng themselves by very line plsy. 01 (topred, Jtahots out of the 81 In the handsomest manner pb) Appended. U the eoore:— - jEUfb tuna n iui nnraroa. Ut^SSL 3* 'Atti 5tfi «th 7th 8th Oth Henry'a Bide 3 4"^<J 0 0 3 4 7 5-34 Thompson's Bide.. 1' 3 3\-3 110 3 0-U , Umpire-Mr. Boott ; . •r'Tnne of game three hours. - ■ ■ ■ -• ■ .Bomerana-7stoDUrmed,;L/. ,. ,' . Ai'the oloss of toll Utter matoh the oomposltors and their frianS adjourned to Oothlo Hell, when a truly splendid supper was provided for them by thlt popular caterer, Arenta. After futtinsttos was parUas to the Umptlng vlande set be- fore them, speeohea beeame-the order of the time being, and Mr. Cooke, the worthy foreman of the Union office, opened this ■part of, the proeeedlbgs with some very appropriate remarks, be, 'tog followed by Mr. Hayward, the local'editor of the Eagle—the well known "Howard of the Times." ' Mr. Hester; of the Eagle, also adaresaed the assemblage lb' hlsusual happy style; and then followed a weU sung ballad by-Mr. Taylor. In fact, there was a jolly old time of It had over the festive board for some hours; ThbZxoxuiob Qbduhtjb.— Quito a crowd of ball players were assembled on "thele grounds during the day, a match between Ides chosen on:'ttb'mnnd being the first of the day's proceed' jflawner, oi inrr -nwimiT-T ,iuuun, u, -.m-, niiinitvii. ,w un score on tht winning side, Wyckoff and Langley dividing the ionors on the part of the defeated nine. Bprague, of the Eck- ltd, pitohed a portion of'the time on behalf of WyokofTa party, o the termination of the gamb the whole of thoae present ad- journed to the club house;'ey were aU invited to partake of a capital brat phpwde^' .with .other' .palatable nxlnge, phnoh Included; artgWAwW, ttoe of it being had for ah hourlor two. \n\r.;.-a; i jKajtrmo, Forbes: IfflW IOBK. Watilrman., Johei;T7T" Myert. •»'» Holloway .,'aDBIBK..' BT..ANDBEWB;'' I ,! . 'lBT BUIS, ;:..i.i'.'io ..'.'.Una' ■•.MVf'V ortty far at Andrew's clsb-47 those on the bills shtar up, moot. uolhe'gMerof.Uirffalat 0^ who htdn'i a'smtis'oame on th»btllej;but Wllo^d^krtUhUy m*l lsedtogrWniuva-»legnp''fW the-wmter.- 1 - u -"^ic-Jr"™*' The ordor of bexlng. as Introdaped by the landloAfof 401 Ofa. bla street, Sir Philip Clare."'a gentleman from Ireland" as htvu once Introduced to ut by EJtBuras---wss-aslollQws':—i' v r 1. Jim Lynch and Paogeae-isallgri bayi of about, 0401I eallbn. who performed UUoo andrimi aallor'a hornpipe With lhe£hia.||J feet In Uuenautlealarjh)u'.i3vi Johnny HcQoJre and Joinnr Ugrrb the flrat aBrpoklyalte-s^thta»honiLa%BaUiaa^ evenly malched^a>»yraisi.twika«43ery.haaTyamaca^^ ont so mnehias uyJsg:'lts«vyeuyios.'i , oay/Bay;V' IffteH&i and Ed Lowary, both, (fi Ero^iyo^fln»frhrri. tba:a%aVioUiar t±j. the wert: astwoleadertpf tho faotlooB woult/Unth! gave each other biases anfuoil tellred-covered with glory • •> have beard thBt L Lprerr yttoUag-fas :afeWW,Jbauce at Niiii, when heUilBkVhe<^taieth>e^oh,of^of 'J]lhH«lbuJ andTojiunT-Meaktes^ilS »W>M^lwi»ePl«wllli the reputation .of ^,mfn r wnlaa I^ujral, oliis_. . % 6.K*U«(re 1U, Hanley exbllfjtea We, .tyo degrees of,b«liigWrp^llten(«ioj oooUtlvenes»--Hai!fiy'.would rail, fo' like.'thfl.'Huuurntill \imuL regardless of consequences, and '»■-»'—*"-ar-aaniia ->-i.-. -.--■» laid baok and waited to connlor, 6. Charley Walker 'ahd'anotfier neither man fell good. 7. Fataey Marlsy and BIlly Dwyer ipirrti for a little while, the old Btshd-by.tor 'Oan Prem "not feeling well this evening." A tenner a elde wei ^hA'Id Phil OtaSre's Wroworr's GtnL-,i'$iU.MVxa Wyckoff, a.n.~!.:\\ ..2,1 MoK*nzie,3db........2 Langley; oT. :.\ niVihl -.t8f . '•"TS^vBl i.' .v.'.ti.aic ..iKt.Sildr H.i.'.'.i.itr ,.v:.\i-.l'(. Coos's Bide. X!ook,o Fletcher, lstb.... BoftwiokAf...... Jepean.ldb Jewell, ss Blrdseye,8db...'. Whiting, r f MDnelL r a Raggett, of, Ollfer,p.... -V : -i- To'tai.'....,.; B.t,Bims 1 ....1. ....1 .,..8 ....1 ....1 ....8 ....a ....a. ....1 .1 ■ 3 A- 1 1 0 1 1 a .13 BUBB''tiasB-rj('BaoB nntoios. 1st' '3d ; '8d '4th : 5th tth ';l.'*V'*l 0 " 1 8 Bide!.::.a'• 1 8'" o ' o : a- a 7th 1 ;iUm$neVjp.'£ l Ho^, Wfhe.bcelaibr club, -' _' 8th »th .' ' .— 8 •••'' --18 ;t:n',.," :ui . ; , : - r;BL.oaq'rN'a; mill' ',;:;':,' "■ >.■=■■>• l.*''- .i.J^xn WFf°XI'. 1-■>:... / ..'ii .; ■ •.•«! v- - : -«BfEl .MjproW,^p' r irmi8HrINEIT, V • ^IOS : 'IWj I e«'lM^14[tt) WIXB'PltlLiDXXPHli. tni-Jiave from,tane'to *j^e»k«ptr,bBriWad»re posted of the moverMra'at'TlmleDntHtmf^Peto 'Martin, but IltUe Interest 'Is^aBtoed'to'then? battle; 'owing to the compaiatlve obasurity ..^tien;. Thfrflrsl knowledge the sports had of Pete Martin was hie wanting to make a matoh with, any man to the country for $300,or (500 a aide, at oaten weight, when Jimmy Elliott and <>ltfOiem were "entering'into artiolet or agreement" for the : baWe'*Moh, didn't come oft Borne folks ridiculed Peter, but •the 7 ybnsg 'fellow .meant, butlneta and nothing else, leaving money to our hands for anybody who felt disposed to oover It. ^ftpV&UdiWereilso made'for a wrestling match at side holds VeMtftn.Ttmatand Con Orem, but that fell through owing to 11s- for a matoh between tbcm, bnt whoo'toey arrived-ft our offlosll next dsy no definite agreement could be made, audit fell ihratl each oonbaValt gelling back bis ten tpot;« Li '•• •'— /.'■*' The grand jlaob was a glove-flgbt : eitraorOTary beJVMolharf doubUble BUI Twee and thepluctty JaAkWINsmf.-esdlscla aav ther vlctbryfor the old marl alo^mht. wW M jWViU! tbtvM! and determination of a Boffin TOls^eer.'bf^tHng^dBack'iipS porosity, and kneoklog blmtotho floor divers times and eft. aid till lyknoeklog him out altogether.^ Phil Clare B««radcd WlUlum,^! Ullage Oors'ell looked 'after the..vAsrsn<M:°C ..The affair fr>V Toreejtockup fifty per cent'. *'-v I ■• ,,. r. 1. ■-. John 0. Hsxitav's Lrmu to 8;D: KraoR-^n : ,tbValHhiT October, Mr.'aSD.'Kehoe.'the Iadisti war'dub. and *«- dumbbeUmanufarturV.'fcrwardea; pe^atypiF^ 1 "- 1 —* sets ef Us famous olubst-elbe,^ lirbs.vsi'd'MltiBl- Boytouse to'hU'trafntog.- 'Hdwtte : Msrloan'i gift to amoral andphyeii^-poW«>v(e*rJrayi the following letter from John 0. Heenan himself < . s copy of which we are favored; with for publication,'' document:— -' ,i ts-.':. ci'J !tt 7fr!J»%' . NewjnaakBtiEn4dtnoVBoVvl2Ui,19Sl'', Mb. a D. Kbbob.— Dear atrs^JCto JndUpi cJuba. wMohjoasi^ kindly sent on from,Hew YotktfozairJortiie during my tnlt-/ lug, have been forwarded farvlavdonby Oweriairlft, ml it- though acsroery a weeki kuAiralltiatdjainBlrJ.'havt .oonunpiel nalmithera, iheir beneflatal r f anit a;tre itneieutje^olaochoiiB-i mendatlon from. Jack MclloiialdtJtiM Jirs^fHndjsiiiQB tieptat As an aislstant for training purposes,' aMlfhpartlng ttrenruTlf.'• the muscles of the anna.-^wrtsw. aA^hJada, tagfUer with Ik , whole muscnUr system, fdo nottaow of tlelt eqoi by experience that th< BOpulaTtfyTn wbl by profetsora'of gymnastics Invar"""' try It fully deserved; and at no dls ofthelntlitutionso/Amerioa; At prove of immense advantage, and. the unsolicited interest you tut These clubs' need no recommendatli ... only to "tender my heartiest wlshesTor your 'pWrjerity. Itt Uthographlo prints whloh came with them, conUuUngmf por- trait are highly appreciated, and very fine apeolmens of tnrirl; they atbraot great attention from vUltors to ray" training {tit- ters. With many thanks for your ktodnets,'I reutatni' ''• i :.i •• • Yours truly," • JottO/^sriu, A DrsTTjrairisKb Exoush BinniSTiB attd Ei-Bfl|itu4»orPu- uimxht it. A BrABnma ExHiinTiOH.—Edwin' Jtnlffl, En, 4 0., was a looker-on at the beaeflt extended, to NCdffUional lie Broyvessnt Inatlrato on Thanksgiving' nlbht, iM TMemei» muoh plMssd at any-of the young felfowt.- wtypetteJb enjoy the fun crested by Tom the Boatman's oratory atostljj namesake, our sporting reporter, who is known to bet nr admirer 'and personal acquaintance of the gmt Tswjer, ojfv gentleman, having gratuitously tendered hit'serriotsito jf* case when he and others wore-eneated far' the ctjsvh being in'Bpnblio bar room. EdwlnwaaitheobaertedotaU*.. servers. His legal partner, the genUl>hMrtod;/Ihomai DO; pby.U: also said to have been present' After JMi, who aa say thai gentlemen will not be seen at a' sooUUe birdhg otktr Hollywood akd Ibattfo's rorxT dbWsit:— ThrfntrfdeMaJ of $50 s side between the JerteypubUoanandBrooiMBsAuB bet to bo tabled tt the Eagle, 333 Centre street, kept bylto I*J FaUtaff Ixzy'Lakarts. on Deo. let when: aiarge IfBSBdaao) U eipeoted,.nndi everything U sure to be doneid^uyaMB order. Thusifar,: Uty has attended aU;tlte. depot*, aM « boys know how to appreoUto suoh thtoga toD.weU w* «t»l"» them a.'eapi : Oive the worthy host a bumper.,i. 1 •.. Trait-rjr bi'Moohmoht -Aehort'tUt'WsVik/tleiJenTt«» (Billy Toal) and Young Ooatello had '• arr Wp^dptt n£« ' spot of turt' not many furlongs •from-WttWrlhlj Parade 0r»«» they fought some twenty-nve rounds before tbey.wan1 fered with, and those who saw the batUe say It wai a rtu f" one on both.aides;:: .'. 1 Tbb Ouabb ato Dwtbb MATOW.-A CsUfornU Mendi m arrived from San Franolsoo. reports this rnatch u;goiW»"J smoethly, although no farther mention Is aUde of 11 ifomis papers, probably for good ressoni. The rtiMi wbk have orlglnafed front BlU Clerk's saying on the' boatj*»J from Walker and Dwyer's fight that he could whlpDwru,^ was token up for that worthy by-Con Moeney, and a w*j*J£ iliieni'of Beptdnfbbr, wbfefi'hef e-'lteu«d Ms ohallengt from tiie; begging hard for a'dustomer.'and 1 getting one IB the; "peraonof Jim Bennett, a toagh'-looMr/g, Bcraaro built fellow, then ihouabt conelderable'of'In: the 1 oity of aquarss; Who kept a .sailor •boArdlng houto in this blty some years ago, 1.Bennett and Martin rnet a'few days afterwardt at'Alf. Walkor's'restaurant 380 South TiHli'street, and:* match was. made for $300 asldei'steatoh ■weight* and putting up part of the "spondollcs" In Mr, Lamb's Handit which was- subsequently transferred to BenNayldr, ow- tog'toUr.'Lamb's reroeal to retain the mosey. " The DTinolpale, after eaoh taking an exhibition, gave up the lusts of the flesh, endretlred to training qnarters—Bonnetiwith 'OhArley Lynobya short dUtanoe from Philadelphia, and' Martin oil LbBglsUhfl, with another tralner,;whero they hod occasional •'■vlllls from partlealntierealed ln lhe ieBult :of ths fight one par. ty oomlng all the wayYrom Philadelphia.'erpresaly to' take ttook oftlfo'NeW rorkman,''anditalfnh:thBbdai;wtlohw'ere greatly to favordf'Beitnett ' ' •' < ' Jiyr.'.-.t - v ■ »'^Earlt bn'the mornln'g.'of the'3alhuKraniortBof vebioles were oaUefl lhto rilay.'ftoin the WgutagVobach to the deUoato 'sulky, rhiakllg the- bert'cif 'thoiriway.toWaraB VaUey Grecb/abbht ton mpes &om Phtladelphlt;' on the iNo'rrlatown Ballroad. ' Between five 1 iAS wk-ttaOreUspeotitors wero on>the -ground. ■ The ' ring wa<pltUfWaito'arg'ddd'a'*laoe at could be picked out, but was at HnelTestwUbbery'siid muddy. Among the New-Yorkm* prosent •woM 'JluWOllottOaairy Clarke)'Dan and Jimmy Kerrfgan, •Hofy' USA* Iby.'Totnmy • OburchUL Johnly Morris, ■ and- nwny emeb^JriiaTos'webtaslar arfPBUrfoIphla.'but didn't get to the 'nirut -'The'QUakei City wat> rspreienteA by Alf Walker, Harry Hdns'ghan'/Of itheForrast Honsn/and hlsboftTOUard. Bennett 'was tho thorter' tad UgMest.snd'Bportoda'Wuilflrd't-eyefor his dolors.- He'-was"seconded byiKlt'Burns' andlOharley Lynoh. 'Hkrtto looked big sad'strong, bnt waBflvHoatly ln no better fix 'thah'llls wdvertary : ne lid-for his' sooonds -two friends whose 'named we havett't been'ablo' to And out and bad for his standard VgWdu'eaeh.t Frotn those who witnessed the flght it appears •ttiki very llrUe'seithcewas exhibited on either aide, bnt down- right bsrd : milling. Bennett gained arst blood and Bret fall, ■while Martin wsh' busy at knook-down'argumenls; giving Jim 's^jme nglythtracka about the head and getting It hot and' heavy on'his left tide, owing to hla exposing that part of his anatomy shore than bis head-piece.' Both dlapUyed great' pluck, and •were pretty equally matched. Bennett put in some uglyiblowi, batwasseveielypunUhed. Ths betting from $118 to $100 on ■snnalt at nrtt. veered ronnd after half enhours fighting to$100 up there and then. Dwyerto a detonntocd, gluttononiwr: and if Clark's superior science doesn't ensblo him U bUta »g the eportere seem to think Dwyer - wUl pnU tbrongu. w« flPAnBisor in Oaitjobwia.— A boxing entertalnmjM WUfj,, at the American Theatre, Ban Franclsoo, on the 19tt101 the benefit Af Johnny Walker, the Ute antagonist al^»Jgr ft resulting in a financial success and a crowded,'""""r, rt spsrring waa remarkably good. "The feature of a rattling set-to between Wm. OUrk and — ^Pf'Zt,ui the latter went to.grase. The hitting wu nvelyiM bi n»» the audience enjoyed It hugely. The set-t<'between Luarua-and Petar rDaly, was not to Uvely, botoJJMTC5 emberjwsstd at^thelr novel position, being, before ea*^ with the gltvet on.whllo the queiUon of whloh wai tat w to the ring,, .was stUl in abeyance. «n aMmplww v^ by some Indltcreet friends, to preato »M 0, S l ¥^pio»Jj[ QU6lt WAS OOSPuvu rrsusi uisa «.w» -v^-— at in™** Aars, the audlenoe was treated to a aught F" 1 *"^,, V .twees, the.Uto.oontostants In the ring, Dwyer 1stto?>ppearedfobotadisposed, and theiMj to «wJ» ^1 probably on that acoount Billy Dwyor wat alto to hart benefit at the same pUoo on Nov. M. niniW" Jaxx Bobim's Bia Biho.-Mt, J. ^™4 l L$Zit&\ ■ ■ of. the BaU Booms Bltuatjd »t JJg^tVjJ i roolplent of a monster gold tm,^*^, 1* nonJt. It.was protenV^WA^XtiE'l 1 * sndproprletor 'has beon the r< gamoohlpkenonlt. It was pre»9 n .«^, w v 7,*jiS»ltl» ul man, of Philadelphia, and we ahould think It worm ai May he Uve long to wear-ltl hafB»WS Nbd WnsoMfa BEHim CnowDSD 0«T;r w< ^t layotf' Interesting adconnt of this exhiblUon whIoMJ«» « next woek" It it good enough to keep,,howevw._ i .^V J*n HAwtxx to Ohablwt WAiJrxni-TJe "jst-nvj, d anxious to haves shy at Wslker. ^ »«*^ 0 1, rsa* * V woeks time, for $100 or $300 a side, the d» » was in town a few days list week, and "^^^^ tbtf* iSaii Data hajpilrohated theBOwUn 00tt Home, Utelyoooupied byPato Oa reoorded some months ago.