New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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tale of Babimont, and Charley Foster m rJr«lrtS',-lf. IJjerr, BeRte Mason mil Francis - — 1 _ixu\-f^ertoirunwt:o«inmencod eeoh Tte «w«nili»firott<M otok of the stags fourth tin,'by Harry Leslie. H«n7 wm - ■■ ■ mmio BA1XS. —... iSoy alsosxuuunoedtoTEfatai^'aifflo^"ita^MM)r." "SaUle MiSonJanTK^PeruVoyer ere also attached to this establish- sunt K»Urtip*rtMM-»fp6»i#4 at the Varieties with much » S^&*Slifi^£SvtacnrB u the Columbus Varte^hu J»- ft"Ortu»fasVOhio.ItlS fitted tip In handsome Mw ery.eto. LaUes and gsnUemen of talent who T2SJ1 o£ BitfttetfTOo*!, torpiiehoreen or otfier •MUUu before the, fOUUTb gdhmbnew™, should fonojr »'*»>ei*lument in these columns, et onoo. Iteppeers to be an opportunity that flow not torn up every day. ■^nrriTimM.ths Philadelphia mmgu, .^*^5J»" •~-YsTlettes, Pittsburgh, with » olevrr oompeny, tatfludtaglfhe Byro. t1_ -Aftb!otoonp« of mileand femelojugglersand contortonttto. Mtu AnS i BortweB, LtaleLene, NelUe Taylor, Julia Prlee, Sophie • '^eutbn, MlttGebler,BordweU, Holmes,Bhorey,Fllzgereld. to r-- tw.). ti'im- of amusement Is said to be a quiet end respectable ■ / 'weiVrrt for ell toveri of muslo, fan. and terpslohoresn beautiss. -' 'A^MlMipondsat."IndtiMndanV , <»ra: The 2tafrelti Troupe closed onthe 10th, the poorest week'* business ever tnr { Msmeotable traveling company in our oity. T think It altogether the liult of the manager, indliok of advertising, for the per- formance gave undoubtedutliftoUon,end wuwelluleuUtedto '' zdease. Bnthowwerethe people to know thatT.... ..The Hoi- ' mailOpen Tronpe open on the 21>t end I expect to sse the os* ■'- BMltyofthe hill folly tested; for It Is oheerfully conceded on - all sues that the Humane ue playing English open more sqo- - otofdlly 'thin uoy oompiny i,t the present time on the Amertctn I Boards. There hu been quite* little breeze In Chicago, oaused by somendsandersttsdlngbetweenHernindez end some of his b*l- '-ytfet troop.' One of the ptpers there pltohee IntoHernindez, oslls thin %libertine, says he nu rained several of the girls he took wJwrsb htm from New York, and then sent' them adrift. A private letter, whloh we reoetred on the ltth. gives quite another ao- '- ; fotrnt,'aud says that three or fonr of the girls got In with some abjrparj, wip took them where they thought they oonld make - ■oremoney thin they had been getting. The thing was finally ' brWghttooourt, one of the girls suing Hernandez for $100 > damages ; but it seems the parties failed to make out a case, s came off with flying oolora on tho 11th Inst. •omoDitca George F. Bailey's Circus Company left St Louis after a pros- ipsrpoa season, and steamed down the. Mississippi for New Or- leans, arriTing_ there in time to oommenoe the saw dust season at Spalding & Rogers' Academy of Muslo, where they opened on the M Inst., being the first equestrian perfennanee in that olty for three years. The initial perfonnanoes were witnessed by one of the largest audlenoes ever seen congregated within the wills ,ol that, theatre. The entire orps of performers Is very highly spoken of by the press of that oity. The foUowic * com- prises the list of performer! :—tQlo. Josephine, Robert EUlng- -tarfl, JamM W«a, Wa Carlo, Phllo Nathan, a. Bloman, lilvers, B Se^feUt6 Burt,' Bhappee, Wbilney, Jimmy Be Hottesno Boss. ^BavBjyWard is ''downing it" The dogs and monkeys will soon 1/Glnthe oonoern. They were left at Memphis. ' T; ■ BtUInley &Tan Tleok's Olrous conUouea to hold forth it Hem- B MTTenn., together with Henry Cook's tronpe of Trained Dogs SndMonkeys, snd la playing to crowded houses. nrrrsasbualnsjaislfted. of late, their hall b«lBj.P«a^y.^rpwileil. We w»c&Dtt8«ntpn'the8th inat Oa,«aterJiwwefounatboplaco and people etIU gplog In at the entrance; yet there were do usboia or inyb^yolseaD«utW6tfOthel»Mlat(en^ brons of the eStabllahmdhL Tile tlokeKeller ires «t hit- post, *°i the tlokot-Uker at bis, and although the former knew Ihat no fsore persons oonld be scoommodated Inside, he oonllnued to bou nu Uokels to all eomers, and the Uoktt-Uker did not addecelto the pur- obasors, who Just became aware of the orowdod state oMbenouio after Iholr Uokels were given up. We oan scarcely bellevo that tno muagora are oogDlzant of.|he conduct oflbelr employers In rront on the eTenlng In question, ehd v we take ihfel mode of oaUIng their attention to the subJect,so theUthay mayremody the evil com- plained of, for tholr^own-good. If the patrons of minstrelsy In rai- Iad«lpbla are not to be treated with some^sart ot courtesy, and hon- esty by the only company now performing there, they maynaveian opporlanlty at no distant date of oontrlbnflhg iovthe support ot .s rival oonipany.. . ' -._u\ ', Yankee HlU'a burlesque open tronpe, consisting ofievoraa very talented artists. Is at pnsent traveling through thewostern part of tins Btete, en roufs for OmoiimatiTsl lonls, »d^*r% olpsl western eltlas. The party atop »t.Ionkjrs opi tts1HU1M Ta^town 16U1, and Sing filxig 17th. Tan% Hinb proprielOT, Dr. Wm. V. Talsntlne, busines manager; and », K. Famnm, ao- vance agent ._ ; ninoBidiiAincovB* . i The Varlan-Hoffmin oonsart party w»l at Drnlra, H. Y., ii the 0th Inst . ,' I. Prof. J. M. Uaoalllster was at Brantford, 0. W., terse nights last week, closing there on the 9th. He then visited Quelph tor two nights, London three nights, and commences in Toronto on the leth, for four performances. . . ,.^„.. v .t TheBlalsdell Brothers put in fonr good nights Mwa" Baltimore, oloelng there on the 18Ul TWs J^tjey "* "J*J bells a ringing In Washington, and on the Mth Inst they open W ?arf!st < fllunn l assisted by Marshall S. Pike, a B. BldwelJenjl MrVHTForbS the drummer and violinist was announced to give a petfonnanoe at Utlce, N. Y.. on ttolOUrtos*. i The Continental Old Folks had a very good time of it of lato. TheU- iSosnt six nights stay in H"»^»?» »% d 0 e h d ^ overflowing houses, and they slso gave ^^!^ w i I ° h «T weU attended. Their last entertainment wu devoted to a «cm- pUmenlSb^eflt toMrs. Emma J. Nichols, one oftteaweetesj bSSd singers in this country, and the rash for seata torougb. out the day wu so great that the oompiny were obliged to euag tbrt ntaht to Otmcertlall, muoh larger than the Masonio. where toeyhaTbeenpeiformliig. Last week the oompany sang at«j. «l«^l^n theettand9th.knd Ohinioolhe 10th and 11th. This She? hSi RSStfm of Smith & Ditson'e HsU, Otoolnnati. AU Burnett the renowned hnmoristgave an entertainment on the 3d of Deo. at Smith k Ditson's Hsll, OtaolnnaU, and although Any party wishing to purchase six new clrous baggage wigons endtVo seoond Band (Concord bulltl wagona, can do so bj ad- ^ressina Dan Gardner, as per sdvertlscment ■ ' -WHaon'a Olrous Company in Ban Frannlsoo oonanued. at last laeennnhh to draw very large audiences beneath their pavilion. 'SaatarOrrln was doing the Zampitlaerostatlon sot, and Harry '• «dMona was throwing (it Is said) a doable somersault At Or- rtn and Sebastian's benefit on the 10th of November, hundreds . were unable to obtain standing room. ^ ■• Lake & Oo's Olrous pitched tent st Cairo, HL, on the 8lh tost, for one week. Onthe opening night the attendance was quite ellm. owing to the unfavorable state of the weather. Big Sebastian took a farewell benefit at Wilson's Olrous, Bsn Irandico, on the 6th ult, and was announced to leave for this olty on the steamer of the 93d of November. RIOBD Bill BXUHIiST < Ferdlnud and Solomon's Minstrels were at Princeton, N. J., on the 10th Inst, and were to be in Freehold on the 12th Inst The oompany now oonslsta of J. Ferdinand, bones: Frank Bolo- man. yloUn; H. B. LeavlU, tambourine; J. L. Bandford, Fred. ^■Uey, Ohss. La Borde, E. J. Hint and O. Swain. Dr. 0. T. •Caldwell is agent Wood's Metropolitan Minstrels were at Montreal, 0. E., three niflhtt llsfwsek, oloslnK there on the 9th, Dor res and Onen's Minstrels had a splendid ran of business last week. They .opened' is Newark, H. J., on the 7th, and re> named-Uure three riiibia, playing on- each"occasion to very erovded Iisitses. Tbe Votary, of that olty, in speaking of this my, says:—"Duprei snd Green's Minstrels met with a enthusWlo reception last night Long before the per- commenced, Library Hall wu Jammed to Its utmost a were turned sway unable to galnaoeess. The wan superior to anything of the kind we have had tfme,'snd woe highly applauded. Those who wish to must recollect thai tronpe i recollect that they will remain In town Stamford, Conn., where the attendance wu most flattering. On the 11th snd 13th they took possession of Muslo Hall, Nev Ha- ven, and they found thla Urge hall too smaD to hold the crowds that nocked thither to hear the black blrde warble forth their dsketnotes. New Haven wu the first town where they played *rtth tie mammoth poster up, and it created quite tfmrt there, -.vlhe Bebel prisoners now located at Point Lookout Md., have organised themselves into a minstrel oompany, and are giving oocwlnnal performanoes. We are in reoelptof a programme,' . from .Which we oopy the following:— t i PBISONEBS' MIN8TBELS. '\ ■ . ■ . SBaKD OFSnXO NtOBI, NOVZMBKB, 1888. - Manager and Proprietor E. H. Walters. ,. Acting Stage Manager B. Freeman. ' " Musical Director Mitchell. . ' Treasurer TomMlngen. ' The following Is a list of the performers:—Conrad, bones; Ohas. Stout temborine; B. Freeman, guitarist sad alto; Dwlre, binaaVand comlo singer; Qulgley, tenor; Winner, second tenor; Hazlop, basso profundo; Bag an, first vtollnlst; Sanches, second wlntinlat: Fogarty, piccolo; and Mike Mitchell, banjo, Thead- mlsslon'ls 23 centa of TJnole Abe's issue, or $8 of Jeff's "flimsy." Seoured seats, 30 cents snd t5. Bather rough on the "Confeds" ..w.ho happen to have a supply only pf their seoond love's our- ' renoT, Newoomb's Minstrels, are in Memphis, Tenn., meeting with Us said "a prophet Is without honor at home,' the aboveaU»ble Bostlewalt k Ohsdduok*s Minstrels are doing well at their op- era house (late Wyman's Hall) St Louis, Mo. The Morning Star Minstrela did a good business st Wheeling, ,,-: Va* last week, and this week warble In Pittsburgh. Pa. Sam Sharpley'e Iron-dads are eUll doing a good business. On the 11th and lath they were at Owego, N. Y., and were advertised to go thence to Ithaca on the 14th and 15th, Blnghamptonieth -. and 17th, Oswego 18th and 16th, Auburn Hit and 33d, anOJyra- - arose 384,3tth. snd 33th. . : the Oharloy Uorrls party of Hloslrels are doing • fair boslness . down east. 0. Bwalno Baokley has copyrighted his new song and danco, "The Hippy Octogenarian." Hooley's Ulnglrols, over In Brooklyn, crowd their beautiful little . Ball nightly by the rich Inducements tbeyhold out for fun and ■' 1 melody. Tho most unotuous jollity permeates Arcby Hsghes from list to boots, while Johnny Boyce, the Irresistible, In bis characters, "helps to keop the house warm with heilthfol enjoyment. Hr. Has. tarn, the Boebm Flutist, makes his ippearanoe here Ibis week, hav- ."' IrfrMen permanently engaged by manager Hooley. " —^*fhe Eureka Hlnstrela were doing a good business In San Francisco ,., •. e>t last soopunts. Ben Cotton has abdioated his tbrone for a while, • end us place Is filled by Walter Bray. H. B^Bomsey's Hlnstre's played a good week's bug In ore at Louis yille. oloelng there on tho 12th. •B.B. Sanford's troupe gave Its last performance In New Orleans on ' the' 2d lost, on whloh ocoulon Fnlt Myers took a benefit. Tbo "Qhost," as produced by this company wu, in a pecuniary, view a ■ great failure Samuel expected to rowh Cairo in tuns to open there 1 on the Zlst Inst., thenoe to Cincinnati, <■<■■ ; ' Famsworth's Ulnstrels are showing In New Eogtind with ooneld enble success. The troupe consists of Ned Farnsworth. Lewis WU- son, George R. Penn, Frank Preston, W. K. Lorraine, Arohey Ray, George Scott, Colin Mayne, E. Kendall, Charlie LoDg. K. D. Gillette ,,,. ,and 0. H. Braoe. ,„.' Tho "dark^ompleoled" Opera Hoase, Boston, of Morris Brothers. Fell and Trowbridge, Is a constant baven for fan and frollo. Their Born Is filled with plenty of good things, and their musical reper- ,■■<■>; toin extends through the whole range of bucollo, burlet|lo,'herolo, ><,palhetloUnnatlo,paragprlo and epllectlo, taking the fanoy of all. -.. and .'.giving all a return for their investment In "postals.',' Billy '' Morris has-resumed his old "poslsh," and Is ee happy an old dsrk . uever. The pantomime of the "Bed Gnome" has made a hit, and Is kept-on the bills this week, together with a lot of other good i- tbjngs.smoog whlob is a prlzo fighting scene a la Heooio and King The Buckleys' In Boston, on Summor slroet, Boar Washington, atfi oontlnne to draw drowdso homes. It Is a fixed fact they aro a fix .(urs In the''Alitor an creitlon," and inGeorgo Snalno's languago •«W0I lay their bonei.uur.V An average of elxtcoo hundred dol- llara per week, from the' tune they opened, Is not a bad bnaloess, we ■in Ink. Speaking of 'business;reminds us that Mr. D. O. Waldron >leavea the boya this week for bis. old position as Hanagor of the AlleghanlaoB, VooalUls, and PwlssBell Ringers, who depart from our good olty shortly on SO aUndtd Uur to, where, "deponont Bay- •eth not" In Hr. Waldron the Buokleys loose a ijnla from the hub, —thatue'Qguarantee,—"and they'.feol II"In good feollcgsaoeord- ( •" tag toour Itsmlzar's aooount ■•of .Ike: Complimentary Dinner given t -him on Saturday last This week..the.. troupe bring out the "Big Alng.On Ioe," at a great outlay of expense, filled with Z-10 slve sp> .. ^ointments, new scenery, bo.- ■ It will nndonbtedly have a long run. |,... '..^pSgasj ft.Djxey's UlnStreU/ln; lilWsfj^la,, have been doing a y.u>; .irii'fi ■ .' • ■.'"': i .■ 1 <;,.'. ,. A'. ,13.-:. • '■;'. .:•; , i.i- •>■ ■ Alf can prove ' n mm""'tH«-ii""H.M. Aoorrespondentaays.i —"The hall upon this occasion wm literally crammed In every nook and oomer, and hundreds who came laie were unable to ohtaln admittance. The doors were soon closed, every seat be- ing filled before the time of commenomg; and this, notwith- standing the price of admission wu raised. Mr. Burnett Is cer- talnly the most popular humorist living, snd the compeer of the elder Charles Matthews." The Cincinnati Qmmemal says:— "The talents of Mr. Burnett u a mlmlo and recltationlat ire well known to OinolnnaU, in common with almost every other oltyJn the West He possesses a lively sense of what is humor- ous, diverting and ludlorous, and has a rare faculty of repro- ducing the grotesque in el tuition and the eooentario In oharaaUr. A long InUmacy with the public as a reader and drplleriet, has gven him a power over an audience at once arbitrary and genial, is suooeulast night but adds another laurel to his wreath of glory." Mr. Burnett goes to Lexington, Frankfort, and Louis- ville this week. By the bye, Mr. Burnett's publishers, Blokev & Oarrol. have lust issued a handsome book by Burnett, entitled "InoldentsoftheWar." As Alfhu seen two years of army life, it must be something rich. Paper 73 oents, bound in cloth $1; sent postage prepaid on receipt of price. Address Blokeyft Oarrol' Pike's Opera Bookstore, OinolnnaU, 0. A purchaser la wanted for a magnificent panorama. Bee A. Andrews' advertisement for address, eto. Tne Flour Olty Harmonists—a favorite quartette—gave • oon- cert at Penn Tan, N. Y., on Monday evening, 7th Inst A grand Musical Convention wu held in Boohester, at the Academy of Huelo, last week. Rehearsals were had, and two oonoerts were given atWuhlngton HalL They were not well attended. « A grand Bazaar holds in Boohester this and next week, under the auspices of th e Ladles' Hospital Belief AssoolatlOD. It Is ex- pected to be a "big thing," and to inert handsomely for the sol- alar hoys. _ Goodwin & Somerby's Polyorama of the War wu In Nashville last week. The Heroand t r Variety Tronpe continue W do a good business st the Chicago Museum. Alf Burnett gave two entertainments st Covington, Ky., on the 11th and lata. The Continental Old Folks are at Smith & Ditson's Ball, Oin- cjnnstL this week. Oar ling's Bohemian Glass Blowers were "blowing 11 in Buffalo last week. '_'• , The Blalsden Brothers troupe of Beg Btogers-nre a t odd Pel- lows' Hall, Washington, an this week. ArtemusWsrd gave bis first Oomlo Oration to California on the 18th of November, at Piatt's New Hnslo Hall, Ban Frsnelsoo. In his "ad." Arty said:—"The •Babes'win be taktn early to Piatt's Hall, and the doors being opened to the publio at 7 o'olook, the Infantile wonders, under the care of their paternal parent wDl be Introduced at 8 P. M., precisely." The 'tickers were a dollar each, no reserved sears, and the attendance is Bald to have been Immense, If not •Immenser." The young baDad singer, wmiam Hayward. who has been for the past three years the pupil and associate of the renowned Os- slan E. Dodge, is now with Father Kemp's Old Folks, snd seems to be gaining golden opinions from the press md publio when, ever he has appeared. The press of Buffalo seem to be unani- mous in their praise of him, u will be seen from the following: —The Jfmiuw Exjmu says:—"The almost extravagant enooml< urns bestowed by the Eastern press upon Mr. Hayward, the bal ladlit were fully endorsed." The CmmmUl Adcatiteruyn;— "The ballad singing of Mr. Hayward was very sweety and he wu loudly applauded. His renderlngjof the humorous patrlpUo song, 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home,' wu one of the fineat things we ever heard, and he wu enthusiastically en- cored." The Daily Courier ssys:—"The solo,'What is Home?' wu sung by the young tenor, William Hayward, oharmingly, and wufoudly encored. In response, he sang the patrjotlo bal- lad, •Mother, Oan I Go?' which wu also enthusiastically re- ceived." The Dafljf Port says:—"Mr. WOlism Hayward is one of the most delicious tenors we have ever had the pleasure of list- ening to. In the ballad, 'Come this Way, My Father,' he real- lies a point In the pathetlo equaling Dempster In his happiest moments." Dodge, the vocalist, is now rusticating at his home in St. Paul Minn. GUmore's Concert Troupe, assisted by Oamllla TTrso,were very successful in their lour, in Maine. Madame Oarlotta Pozzonl, assisted by prominent musical art-' lets, ere shout starting on a oon cert tour through the Western States. Brant's EbU, Harrlaburg, wu orammed on Thursday evening, ith tost, on the ocoulon of Kathleen 0"Neil's first appearance, In oonnectlon with the Thespian DramaUo Booiety. Kitty wu in splendid voloe, and wu muoh applauded. She wu ably sup- ported in the musical farce of "Jenny Llnd" by Messrs. Taylor and w|"»fc«n, whose droll renditions of Granby, Gag and the Baron, caused great laughter. Kathleen performed two nights more, and wu up for a benefit on Saturday,'under the patronage of Governor Ournn, for whloh every reserved seat wu sold In advanos. Hoffman and Madame Varlan, who hare been quite aucoessrul Wert, are now en route Eut ■ Gnu's Opera Oompany wu at Syracuse, Boohester, and Buf • falo, hurt week. The Fakir of Vienna is drawing good houses. Next week he rives his/glft soirees on the line of the Old Oolony Railroad.. John W. Hutohlngson is also billed alongtbe Old Colony road. ■Don't taboo the pretty waiter girls. The Continental, Phila- delphia, adverUaedlut week their intention of carrying on the concern on the loglumate. Consequently they dlsohsrged all the waiter girls aha commenoed on Monday, Deo. 7th, onth o new system. In discharging the girls, it seemi, they also dis- charged the audience, for on Tuesday evening, notwlthslandln g the very great attractions set forth In the programme, together with a new company, the place wu almost deserted; therefore the managers had noaltemiHVo but to return to the old plan. Bo on Wednesday evening the waiter girls wero reinstated, whloh goes to show. ete. Ohas. 0. Collins,'tho Oure, commenoed at MoMamu', Newark, N. J„ on the 14th. One of the grand features at Fox's Oaslno, Philadelphia, la the >.i»i >bhiii« w Aitlav'»Royal Theatre. London, Is fliedfarJhe JdsT, whohenew'rMlomlnie Is to'bb'produeedr The manager (Mr. E> T. Smith) bis ssoufed Henry Loralne. Frank Matthews. Mlsk Craven, and sovoral other ariWa of note. Edwin Adams, the olown), who hais: not appeared In England for twelve years, will re-appear. HomiitoUl not be Hat eight of In the panlomlme, but appear to smasetioohlldreu. - ■ "" ". ' .' ■■■ VCbrurtir's Minstrels (the Wflsotn party) were at Limerick on the 24:bofNpvcmber;dologftgoodbua(nees , iH. ttjden wu at Birmingham on the 2Tih of November. > rs. Fanny Kemble wu giving readings at Cambridge on the 30Ui of November. ■■ ' ' Christy's Minstrels (the Montague parly) were at Cork, Ireland, <m the 2Mh of November. ' E. A. Bothern wis at Dublin 'on the 20th of November', playing Lord Dundreary. ';\ ■ s ' ■ Prof. Anderson tad his two daughters were at Leeds, England, on. iheS3thVNovember. • ■■■'<->- G. V. Brooke took a fare Well' benefit at Manchester, Eng., on the 27lb of November. - Jenny Llnd took a portion of ithe prlpolpal part of Mendelssohn's oratorio, "Elijah," at Manchester, Eng., lately, assisted by a band and chorus numbering two hundred' performers. In her staging. 11 .was 6bv|ons Tlmo, It Is said, bad laid a heavy hud on ktdtne. Llnd'e onoe msgnlBomt voloe. • An apology wu made for her, and, though she am* soyorB solos. It was painful In many Instancoi to listen to her. ' i ••' •'. .. , Hr. Henry"Drayton Is still giving his entertainment In England oatled ''Federals and Coafodaratos." . ■ ! John Brougham his written a new and original drama, In three aoui, enSUod ,, MlghtAgalnstRlght; or,the8onlof Honor," and which Is to be crodaoed at Astley's Royal Theatre a few weeks after the open- Ink.' n Is wtfUenrtl Is satd.ln thv author "s best style, snd worthy the tame oftoes^pteTof'TheDukVaJfotto." . Old Winiam well known telhe proferslonals of London, died at his residence, Bye-lane, Peekhem, ob-tho 19th of November, having nearly reached bis asventy-elgblh year>\ MadanMOeleeterjcstponedhererjgagmentstLlverr^opl for a week, u she wu oompelled to visit Paris through the severe TUnesa of her father. ' ■ \ Robert Hales, the Norfolk Olant, died at Yarmouth, Eng., on He 324 of Nov., leaving a wife but no family. The offlolal Journal or Recife (an Important Brazilian town) con- taint, in Its number of October (th, a very complimentary notice bf a lyrical company who propose giving a series of operatlo perform- ances. Including the "Huguenots." "Robert the Devil," "Luorezla Borgia," and "Dan Giovanni." Amongst the artiia are Miss Looy Escoll, Hidamo Rosalie Duraad, Madamo Oeorgtanna Rosa Hodsoo, Mr. Henry Squlros, and Hr. Henry Lonarton. The Manager Is Cap- tain Roberlson, formerly of tbe 2d Llle Guards, according to the Braalllu Journal In question, which adds 1 that sogood an operatlo company bad not previously visited the Brazils. They propose vis- iting Banla. Rio de Janeiro, and other Brazilian ollles. A singular case hu Just been decided to the English Dlvoroe Court Mademoiselle Vlotorla BaUe, a daughter of the great oomposer, wis plaintiff for divorce against her husband, Sir Henry Orampton, formerly Minister of Great Britain to the United States and afterwards in Bussla. Sir Henry wu married to Miss Balfe at St' Petersburg, in 1861, and now the lady olalms divorce on the ground of unoonsummated marriage, and the Inability of Sir Henry to oomplete his part of the contract The cue was one of unusual Interest and the celebrated aooouoher to the Queen; Dr. Locoes, wu called upon to make a medical examination: but Sir John deollned to submit During the trial a question was raised as to the right or power of the Court to order such examination, but It wu shown that the Eooleslas- ttcal Court had often dene ao in the oase of olergymen, and so it wu established. Counsel for Sir John then destined to offer any defence, and the Court declared the marriage null and void —and ao Miss Balfe is sUll Mlas Balfe, and Sir John 111 freeman. very splendid brass band, led by Mr. 0. Perry. Miss Kathleen O'Roll was to open at Fox'a Casino, Philadel- phia, on Monday, Deo, 11th. Mr. HItchoookhasleased sanford's Opera House, Herrlahurgh, and opens it for variety performances on the 19th; He left for New York on the 10th to arrange about fixing a oompany to com. menoe operations on that date. Madome Anna Blahop, assisted by Prof. A. Bedgwlok, gins oonoerta rn Cairo, HI., this week. The troupe are meeting with muoh success. The world-renowned AHoghanlans, vocalists and Swiss BeD Singers, who not longsiuce made the tour round the world, are again on the move. The troupe oonslsta of Miss Osrrle Hlffert, Mr. t. H. Boulard, manager, Mr. G. Galloway, and Mr. Bond. D. G. Waldron goes ss agent, and Mr. Berts u uslstant. .Quill pens, printer's Ink, endpaper. wtU surely be on the rise. That "Comical Brown," with Emma Marsh, will appear in Boston on Ohrlstmu. . ■ i — l niUIH DBASATIO AMD IHOW nWB>. A man wu killed at Wilton's Muslo HalLLondon, on the 21th ult by a alngor named Peter Milloy, who was Interiontod bydtseaaod Thomas Dunn. Dunn orled'out "shut up" several tlmes,-whilih'« Incensed the singer that be Jumped off the stage, snd struok the de- ceased, who wu taken away In a cab, but died on the way. (he prisoner wu remanded.' ; '' i 5<v.-i .a;-::!/ AMUSEMENTS. WOOD'S jSUfsFflUlli HAIiLu OFBH. •U BBOADWAY, HI Opposite the Bt Nloholu Hotel. HBNEY WOOD Bole Proprietor snd Manaaer. KOBE NOVELTY. GRAND COMBINATION. ' ' : HINSTRBLB, MENAGERIE, AND OIBOTJB. WOOD'S MINSTBKL8, VON BAM-BUG'S MENAGERIE, AND THE GREAT ONE HORSE OIBOTJB. MONDAY. Deo. 14th, and everyerenlng during the week, The Menagerie—Trained Elephant •■Biim," ta FBANK BBOWBB u .The Lion King. The Burlesque Circus—La Perohe Equipoise, &o. ( THE AFRICAN CAMTTXK, Cruelty to Johnny, Gobble Family, The Crisis, Flat Foot Jake, to Charley Fox, Frank Brower, A. J. Talbott Cool White, a ■emry, D. R Wambold, Glenn, Sohwlcirdl, Master Wood, Isaacfl Brathers, Patterson, Solomon, Lels. Lewis, to Mora open at 3X; oommenoe at 1% q/olock. Hokets 23 cents. Honor.—No oonnectlon with any traveling oompany assmintag the name of Wood's Minstrels. 38- ■OOIiBVTS OPBHA HO CtTK, BHOOHUiYII, Cor. COURT A BEMBEN 6TBEETB. B. M. HOOLEY Bole Proprietor. G. W. GRIFFIN Director of Amusement!. — Bv PBXNDKBOA0T Vocal Ztreotor. Prof. BTRATJB Irjstrumsntal Director. MONDAY EVENING, December 14th, snd during the week, TflE OBEAM OF THE PBOFESBIOM, HOOLEY'S MINSTBSXS, In the following new Acts, Bongs, Danoss, to :— The Stusbit, ', Dzkok or ran Woods, How Wi Biairo, WHO OAN FIND TJB NOW, Youno Bob Rxdlit, SOLO, BCEHM FLUTE, By Mr. E. Hulam, his first appearance. Thx Gjxlkbx of Fmg abib, And other new and original features. Soon open at «X; to oommenoe at 7X> Tiokets as oents. Private Boxes tS. 86 : - .AM:U.S E MEN T S TT '* OfaTMno'THiaVBl! 1 "''''' ' " '' ' T ~ r ~' ~- £S5SS«* ••••HP. JOHN WOOD ■Mreuwr.7i 3l'., .■;}. un ./.MB." urATrtyS ' altbbJtion of n B 5 wwr ' MONDAY EVENING, Deftember ltth. mm A. new P~«^»^e wm p^nt^™^ 1 ^^, tai^^bjmtrttog in.Fun and FroUo, In whlSt For the The KnUre Strength of the Obmp the'fl rst'ttm i NINETTE THE PRETTY BARBER OF'TBttvam- Orchestra underjhe ^toiZt^^jgffi*- " Of cnare Strength of the Company win u>m*i inninai ■' first time, as , The entertainment WIS oommenoe with t LADIES BEWARE. After whloh, first to » I ^ A »» a ^§«w *uo», eiuiua In whloh Mrs. John Wood will sing the new Ball^i . "THE MAIDEN AND THE IINNET"' MBS. LOTTY HOUGH, MB, W. DAvTDGK. , WDl appear to tke^ever f^fj^g 11 ^jj^bible Sketch of ^ . . Doore open at 6X; pertormanoe to oommenoe iiTi/ Boxbook open from* to*. Sealssecured three d^yslniSj,^ " TArTHCBKI BILL'S GBEAT BURLESQUE OPERA TROUPE, MONSTER MINSTREL ORGANIZATION and tS" BRASS BAND. The largest sad most talented Minstrel Troupe in exliw every member an Artist and a Star. Ths present season Si* their first eppearanoe before an American publio. after » SEVEN YEAR TOUR, ON THE CONTINENT OF BDROP* Acknowledged by the Press snd Publio wherever they han * . the honor of appearing, u the grandest combination ofAHtii? exoeDenoe ever before consolidated under one minmemJJt7 n i MASTERS OF THEIR PROFESSION. 104 Yankee Hill;... Proprietor I Frank Mumford.Leader Bran iu.^ Geo. Gray..8tage Manager Dr. Wm. P. Valentine.Bus.Dwi? Johlft 0, Wilder. .Treaaurerl Prof. Geo.WhlUng.MnsloallK^Sfi \ FORTY STAB PEBFOBxtEBB. w * otol Will appear at Getty Lyoeum, Yonhers, Tuesday evening, Deo. luth • Tarrytown, Wednesday evening, Dee. 18th; ' Btog-Blng, Thursday evening, Deo. 17th j en route for Otootanatf^BVLou^Ohlosg^snd the South. Vert, each evening previous to the opening of the doom. BY YANKEE HILL'S ^ UNRIVALLED BRASS BAND. Dr. WM. P. VALENTINE, Business Manager. T. D. BELL, Advanoe Agent. ^ N. K. FABNUM, Advertising Agent ■ 88-11* MISS KATE RAYMOND, The Beautiful Equestrienne snd Actress, supported by 1 MB, 0. B. COLLINS, ' The celebrated Equestrian Dramatlo Aotor, from the Old Bowery Theatre, with' MB. H. B. GATES' Horse BLACK BESS, the most baeuttfti] snd bsst trained Horse to America, Is now prepared to negt' with Managers for the production of HiZEPPA, and all i Equestrian Bpeotaelu the repertoire comprises, - . Thx FouHSLixa or thx Piina, m Tbi Bourn Spx, . . Thx Sfxotbx HurrrBKiK, new pleoes*written expressly for thli Troupe, by John F. Pools. Esq., together with ell the old pleoes. Oommunleatlons addressed to HENRY B. GATES, Business Manager, SS-lt* Qlufxb Oiticoj, N. Y. Olty. '^THJB^SaiBWOLD^^ AT TROY, NBW YORK, J7DIbe oompleted and opened to the publio on New Year's Say, aauary 1st, 168a. This spaolous Ball Is the largest public as- sembly room to the State, outside of the Olty of Hew York, and will seat two thousand people. It la situated In a oentral and densely populous portion of the city. Two large entrances lead to the main audience room, whloh is on the first floor. Tbi Han is brilliantly lighted from the oelllng, similar to the Capitol at Washington. The Proscenium bu been fitted up to modem style and at great expense, and lncledes all the acoessorlss re- quisite for operatlo, dramatlo and musical entertainments. Ths street railways in and about Troy radiate from a population all told of about one hundred thousand people. The Hall will be leased on reasonable terms upon applica- tion to WILLIAM D. VAN ABNUM, < 8S4t Proprietor. TBE SYRO ARABIC TROUPE) of Hale and Fsnab ACROBATS, are now performing for Manager AIMS, at Tria- ble'! Varieties, Pittsburgh. Managers wishing to engage thk Tronpe, the most attractive now traveling, muitipprr to JAB. CONNER & 00., 88-lt 28 West Houston street, New York, TOW BOWERY THKATRK. Sole Proprietor....: MB. J. W. LTJTGABD. MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, December 14 and IS. ENTIRE CHANGE OB BILL. * Fourth week of MB. EDWIN BLANOHABD, and his unrivalled dogs, CARLO and BBUIN.' First night of Mr. Bluebird's drama of THE DOG OF THE OLD CROSS. Revival of the powerful sensation drama, from Bulwer's oels- bra ted work, dramatized by Benjamin Webster, Esq., entitled PAUL CLIFFORD, THE GREAT HIGHWAYMAN OF 1770. The popular young Actor, MR. G. 0. BONIFACE, u Paul Clifford. In the second act THE MAIL COACH BOBBERY BY MOUNTED HIGHWAYMEN. The favorite Actress; Mrs. W. G. JONES. Geo. Brookes, Mr. Harden, Mr. G. Llngard, Mr. GlassfbTd, and the whole oompany. The roaring farce of THE JOLLY COBBLER. Friday evening. BENEFIT OF MB. EDWIN BLANOHABD. rcaMyrTaAKDHr? Leasee and Manager MR. WM. WHSATLEY, MONDAY EVENING, DEO. 14th. 1888. TRIUMPH UPON TRIUMPH. BtUl Crowded from Parquet to Oelllng. The Most Comfortably Heated Theatre In the Oity, . The Gnat Originals, MB. AND MBS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, Who will appear this, and every evening during the week, in TWO OF THEIR VERY BEST PIECES, Supported by a powerful Out First night of the capital Burlesque, THE MAGIO JOKE, produced with new Scenery, Costumes, Muslo, fto. The charming Burlesque Actress. MBS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, ' Will sustain her favorite obanoter of Prince Doloroso. The entertainments to oommenoe with, by parUoular request, the Legendary Drama and Speotaole, in two sots. THE FAIRY CIRCLE. Con O'Oarolan..Barney Williams. | MoIeshee..MTf. B. Williams. Seam secured at the box office three days In advanoe, ' ■■' Doors open at 7; oommence at 7X o'olook. " i 88 ,VX<8 OLD BUWkUlY THKVl'ltH. Proprietor, Director, and Manager......G^L. FOX. ' Triumphant Success of ' JAOK BHBPPABD AND HIS DOG, with the celebrated, sagagloue, and wonderful DOQS LAFAYETTE AND THUNDER, ' MISS FANNY HERRING, SURPASSING ALL BEB FORMER EFFORTS AS JAOK, ' • ' MR. a. L. FOX, In his original coml o orea tlon o f Bad nceas. : MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, Deo. It and 18.' TEH MISLETOE BOUGH, or, THE BRIDE AND THE GHOST. Sir Henry Lovell .,G. W. Thompson. Carlos Oraohet Harry Chapman. Lady Agnes Mils B, DttovU. Danoe Miss Louise Brown |Overture ..Orchestra JAOK BHBPPABD AND HIS DOG. m'ftiita!} MiuF«ny Herring, Ssduoees Oropsy, (alUs Sanger) a. Iu Fox. joe Btoeaktn o. Hi Fox. BlAokskin, (Jack Sheppsrd's Dog) .Lafayette TICKET OF LEAVE. VAUULKCKK. VBJRHBCKK. .VBI1BJBOKB. THE GBEAT BELGIAN GTMNaST, The Wonder of the French and European Nations, Having performed before all the crowned heads of Europe— PrassuTBelglum, Holland, to—hu arrived In America, for lbs purpose* of exhlbittoghls GBEAT SENSATION ACTS, Buoh m no other perfo rmer to the world renders, VERBECKB, who hu crowded the Continental Theatre, Philadelphia, to sntb- oetlon every night for to* put lour weeks, hu been re eng ag e d for a short perio d. In his thrilling and intrepid act on the THREE FLYING TRAPEZE, he hu been pronounoed unapproachable. Also in his gnat drum sot Managers wishing to negotiate for this GREAT SENSATION PERFOBMEB will addreu GEORGE LBA, box U83 Baltimore, Md. 98-11 PUBS KATE] FIBHEIBr—This celebrated Equestrienne, Comedienne, Danoer, and Vooallefhu been playing a most mo- cess fol sngsgement at Deagle'e Varieties, St Louis, and Dofaeld &Flynn'a Theatre, NaihTllJe. It will be a waste of time and paper for MansgeiswBO wish to engage this Lady, to apply to any one but toner sole and authorized Agents, . JAMBS CONNER ft Co., 88-11 38 West Houston street, B.T, BUS* FANNIE WfLBOM, tbe beautiful Vocalist and original representative of the Roman and 0redan Statues, hu been engaged to appear at the Newark Theatre, to open Deo. 7th Managers wishing to engage Miss WUsbn'.'wffladojea " '.■ JAMBS OONNEB A OA, ' "'' ]' 86M» . U Wert Houston street, rt.Y. NSW nSHPHIBI THBATRJB. MaDONALD A BAYFIELD Proprietors. O. BAYFIELD..,, Manager... Actors of known standing cin mke engagements byippnug BTB1RT BBUOH & ALEX. BROOKES' Private Dinouf Academy. 859 Broome street Is now open for lnstruotlonlnall the branches of Ethiopian Danoea, tooludlng Hert Seiton> oai- ebrated "Bsseuoe of Old Virginia." For terms, etc, xmhai above. . , liBlA'S HBHiODBOIf, BALTIMORE, MD., THE ONLY CONCERT BOOM IN BALTIMORE. First diss performers oan always eeoure good engigemesBaj addressing u above. ' ' J WABITBD—Any Information of the whereabouts-of 1H& ADA LOGAN, or LENNE LAWRENCE, WfU be thanXfollf re- ceived by their Sister VIRGINIA SHERWOOD, 83-tl* of Oinolnnat), Oak)- EDWARD BIAHAR, THE FAMOUS CLOG DASOYB, late of Buckley's, and more reoenUy of Hooley'a BtutrdMa open for engagements with first clan traveling troupes, aw- gen wishing to negctlate for Mr. Mahar will address JAB. CONNER & 00., ■ 88-lt 28 West Houston street, New Tor*^ WANTBI -An aspiring manager (who defies oompttltfa from soft Iron-CIad Minstrelsy) to know that Bam OurpBJJ Mlnstrels-the Original Iron-Olids and Zlno Trunk Uemcwan -will appear at Albany and Troy for eight nlghte^^meutiaj January 1st As this is on the Dmioi Roirrx VxsT.aBa- there are other good halls to both olttu, a rare opportunity fend of testing the mettle of _ YE AFORESAID IRON CLADS. How are you Buffalo and Boohester ? How are you Pretty BUI and Pretty Dog? ^p^j, 86VR Boss Ibos-OUJ^ WABHINQTOlf TBBATRB for Bent or I*?"^^ night, week, month, or by the year. This place of amusement will be rented u above, on epplloaw" the proprietor, 88-10?, 88-8t» OMB I.BO HUDBOrl^ThtoJnsUyoelebritedWW^ ne and Melo-Drsmatlo Aotress, having fulflUed the mw. M oessful engagement ever played at the ^^S^SVO*. any other Bowery Theatre, hu secured the 'l^f^Miaet LOLA, the beautiful Dsnseuse. and a very popular ™*%£ni, this olty, to aid in the produotlon of her pleessvitta pared-with Model Outs and Transparenolee, to n»go" ^ Theatrical Managers. AU engsoemente muat be miae Hu^ T JAME8C0NNEB a^OO.. R i, BANJO AMD JIO DAWCINO, Taught by J. MOA^,, any in the world, for eel*. — Three Written Lessons- oh the fianjo or Jii Taught ■ .i : .rjasoiigi