New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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Slkab thb track/ o«nvnOK MAT Of .WW AGE. •ffii'^wSSS Jjj jaage «»» "Jjwji OF JINNY (o» rax xxw w* bias about, truthful eplorsth* folly waived for a. . ^n-Uon play 'I" «o* to »k«MMJt«4 WO be ItU P**i?^Iitl" proprietor of It finds alwbte or hog pan dwrfJ^jfitoilS^ohir^otWmheioofrt. Ill ttSaK . . . puMD OUT PLtra UOLT; Of. „ tbb FaLlxh Snn-BL JbIliJ1(lng ua « £tw of the thrilling inotdent* In which It iWnW^nporo OF SOEftEBY. INCIDENTS, BIO. , »^^r eeu£M£ »oMUlnloirlooillty. The hero 1* ifMrfS?filESK Bundry.jtrtlolei, raliilng. Jack bort- ^i^n entirely In the ahade. A mnglo ctaer box. fl'^Jt^noUoeJ (For full account of oveSuintEi act, **?5iir^t record* of the time.) DraoBACxruL Tablbau. sea f^rSkimBg hu grows to the ilte of a man. A Men! i.7-rfon«m«nt for the put by • Ufo of honesty In the future, •*KC;T^irill -sallow In the-mlre. Hoax BnrarrjL Tbahbao- w ' %SSierobeoomu keeper of a low dire or flub ken In in* 8, a" 0 ,, 0(j o rbecomes ■ pnbllo nutsanoe, numerous ?ijSJt bTlM msde by outraged nelghbora. The Thing wpJJrfTf m own disgraceful name, uses another person's. !* 1 *°*" ( rL 1 y»a. qbahp Dxeoiirr bt xhb Polios. Smash up 2*A.Ti!hian. Discomfiture of the bawdy Frag Ugly. The £^T. mu to retrieve hla fallen fortunes. Oeta an army par- ^2!, la drink. A thrilling teene. Dragged liquor does ill n^ntlia^ter la robbed of hla pocAAbook. The Thing vatls escape. Fouox or tede Tbaob. Capture of the Sinn- £iSSr The plunder disgorged. Appeal of the Plug Ugly: SbJnniel spare me 1 fortheaake of my respeotable but. etc, ^SUtUt" Justice relent*, and the matter la bathed np. WjTmoe ere eeverel other lnoldenta of Interest In thli eot— iotas robbarlss, Ten tare some eaoepea, and various appUeatlona JH msfldtnoe dodge, winding np with the departure of the SL»n»l» In dlssreo* from Baltimore.) "Farewell, fellow-Bras- 2lf ffiereE pocket-book* and things In Washington. Light ^uufbrlsg the* own reward I" Aftxotdto Tableau. tZ ttt. a Jojx Bbop ta Wabbtkoxoh. The Thing tranaforms -„»t« Un«of tte mountain." One of her relative*, however. Effects k»r ndn,' Hl« lascivious appetite becoming sated, he tries to Suit her oil.. "Ho go, Blflyl" Dxopabtdbb fob Boston. A doable-bedded soene. The 8aw-er and hla paramour, Dnex- uoUd entrance of the amorous men's wife. Exorrnta Bonn iroOAtniLUHB Tabibatj. The Belle not to be shaken when Son, The Bnmerlesds ajnlaertble exlstenoe. My wife or mrwomtn. "How hippy oould -I be with either, were f other airohinner »»»T." Desperate reaclre of the remonfrstrloken ebfeker. He wants to sell out the Jdnk shop. Flndaapartr. nebuitln made. Bndden edict from petticoat government: iToat anowlt" The Plug Ugly pays forfeit "There goes note of my 111-gotten galna. How abk iou, 11001" Movrao fASLIAU* Act 17. AOAjmuKaHiu. Tlie Srfm er onoe more feela at bone anongrt bis former Meads, the Flog UgUes. He la re. eetred Ma worthy brother of the order. They an engaged hi eoenttrfeltlng postage cnrreacy. The box office offering iplen- jli fuUitlea for "ehorlnR the qneer," the BsiR^r nsnmea his (onienlal oooapaUon. "The pltoher goes often to the well, bnt li broken at lut" AnonxB Dksobiit bt thi Poliok, The Emgof Bum-era endeavors to get Matbxix, of the Police Quette, tolntenedeforhlm. Begi an editorial, bnt hla oharaoler la too bid. Hla same only appears In the orlmlnal llat Baulked I baf- SeTl eroahedl A life of crime la drawing to a dose. Terrible detptlr of the wretched Burn er. HiABx-BntDixo Tabixav. AorT. The convlctad wretoh mansgreto elade Jaettcefora time. Tries to catch a Fox, bnt getting his fingers In the trap, ]■ attlly wounded. Boras Labi of this strange, eventful drama. The end of a Bum-fa! life. To avoid the clntohea of outraged lav, the played^ont FlsgUaly skedaddles from Wubtngton In the night, finds a refuge In some low, congenial haunt of crime, and, haunted by visions of betrayed women, doped victims, plundered gilnB, ewmdled performers,oounterfeltmoney, eta, etc., he dies In denpstr, leaving nothing behind him bnt the memory of his Bnm-fal deeds, and tble morals- Be VnvtDooe, aid Too wnx br Hap ft. lead a life of Bran, and It brlngB It* own pnnlahment JOTFOl Tabluxi. Copies of this gnat and truthful moral play oan be had tor ten oants each, that amonnt being abort the actual worth of Its fmw-ral hero. The original of the hero would have been en- ■aged to play the leading oharacter, bnt having no obarioterof his own, he could not be trusted with It. Look out for It, and also look oat for mm, BOBS BT FOX, Aa|fcor-ei the Flay and Proprietor of the Copyright TflK LBAMHO TROVPH OF TRB WOULD. BO-PLKABB k OBBAM'8 BOOST POZRT ARD WOOH8O0KVT MK,TBO"OUT4N MIS- BTBEL8, BS&S8 BAND. BUBtiBSJUE OPEB A. ANQLO- FBBHOB BABD1DB PAKTOUIUa AMD EfMO __ _ TRUNK TBOUPB COMBINED, m Bter HAM-FAnma, m Bxar Hop Liqhtdb, asb an Bbbi Blowzbb (rw a smbm) xh ibb Wood. THE UOH OUaBIET, Cadeithecireetlonor BIOKOB QCOT-OF-WIHD, The Lion - (lying) MActger, ailu IBS WOOmeOKBT TA1LOB, . ALUs Do>pi4ue, the Dreamer, AUu The OlganUo Poster and hla Dog. This asnster tioupe, or troape of mom ten, has playedwlth greatnooess, eeMdsDyln _ _HEWiOBLEaNB AND ISLAND OF CUBA. r.ri?HL^? rcl * t * r ' Hu «-««w 7.000 cwrsons m one night £if?!S* ^""'Pt* reaohedthe princely sum-of tl;900-that telugUe«nnost«paolryori>eddleHalL In Oohoca It ta esU- n*tMjhat over 1,000 parsons were toned from-the door*. . nontnenoe'we wended our way St 3 {^?*!i. ClMn ''* 1 « I1 »< •smghampton. »ewoA, N. J., New Hneo,Provldenoe, New Bedford and Oanada. TbtN is no fonndatlon for the report that we-tarned tan and maway^hen we found . . ^ " ra OL ADS' 'Buffalo and Beohuter. We wen on our direst JrliJ.^e w «t, via New Bedford, and wonld'aot deviate from BtoeUlgenozine Trunk Demolishers. ,^K>OK OUT FOB OUB OHOBT. nw T??. 106 041 °«t of WaLUok'a. but la onrewn original (f) unom lmnduoed Into that old. well known, and time worn act, _ . THE BAOEWOOD8 E0HO, during the part eight years by many other oom. J™». wosftee they hid nothing else to play; xbxs la the only vC?^**!? K 0B 00 » bllla. adAn^I 1 ? !«-eonipoe«d of Sixteen Htukdana (except cm rWni*k: J »??. wi11 play ui out loko ih bvxbt town, thus WAwTOy**? 10 • a 003 outside show, lfnothuag elae. Hui»^~v 800d Performeraa Oomlo Slngor and Baggage 4hoBi?i2l ooul end, doBcnJo Boles, pUy net S^J r 7 n ?S n " Ml0 > eell tlekela, paste blUa, and pay aala- »nMdSS- 4 ' T ° ,non an<ane a Moderate Salary, bat Sure. ZUmtS,;?^! na <ra . ak > ■* tte Vanager will aeH him a splendid ^i^SVaoonslderableadvanoeonoost ?i*~» 0 ftonKMad need apply, femd. n.„' J \? M1(ltl Danoer, one of "Them Fellers" pre- a 1 i. l J I '°»'l» neat and tuay In his habits, and be able to ^eMaendhlainanagat'aewslhes. . se-lt L ** , 9 aUbUDVOlT. LATE BBUiEB'B. ^BOBIEA w. B, OATANAOH Aotlng Uanager. iwn THE MOST BUO0EB8FUL JnJ^Z BE LI ABLE CONCERT HALL IN DBIBOIT. "Detaland Judicious management hu made Hike Standard Plaoe of Amusemeat. ___ , OPEN BTEBT SIGHT, *a» nLP" 1(0(1 Tauku> Oohvabt in ihb Oocwtbt. ^j^WHormers of Ability will be treated with on liberal -~- 6w-»f .A^ivi i?"B"e.;m;b'n t s. ^O.OIUOVB n*l>«OBRti, And all whom It may oonoem. tSt xr-JjUB.BALS, Obeep. to a oaah ooatomer. . ?>» WW BAQOAQB WAtlONB, and also K4I Addrem Two second hand Oonoord Wagons. Sf OARDNBB. 211 Jacob/ itnet, Philadelphia, Fa. AND MINSTREL WIQB, OUBLB, Beards, OoodiiwSJ™ °'I»> *t0' Send for our new PBIOH LIBT. e^VST^^ all psria of the Union, Collection ondeHr- ^aureas PAUL DxflPonE, TheatrloAl Wig Maker, 1 west Houston • treat, N. 7. I WOOD'S MIMajTaBti HA.LL.IU BBOADWAT, may be hired for, any respectable afternoon entertainment not Inter- Wring with the performance of Wood's Minstrels In the svtning, Apply to the proprietor, 814 Broadway. m COOKK>« HtPPODRORTB. i . . ■ '■ The subsorlber, proprietor and manager of i OOOKE B HIPPODBOUE, now in ooune of construction In Fourteenth street, opposite the Abadsmy of Mmdo,-gives notloe that this • .' . flPAOTOUS AND ELEOANT i OOBBUGATED IBON 8TRUOTUBE, wm be completed on or about the FIFTBBNTH OF JAKUABY. First Olau aiders and other artlata desiring engagements for the opening season will please addiess JAUBS COOKE, At M. Greene's "Opera," Itth street. New York, Deo. 15th, 1868. 89-lt* OOLUBIBUH VABDfiTlKB —T14 manager of the above NEW OONOEBT HALL, respectfully announoes to the ladles and gentlemen of the profession that he hu fitted up the establish- ment In fine etyle.with handsome Stage, Scenery, sreaslng Boom, be., and wlahu to engage a company of known ability to open tt e ••Tarletlea"onorabouttheSSthDeo. 700ALI8TB, DANSEU6ES, and gents of the BUBNT COBS persuasion, will confer a favor by addressing the undersigned, stating line of business, terms, &o., with bill of any uUbllahment In wnloh they have performed. BS~ The city la thronged with atrangera and soldiers, and pros- pects were never better for amnaements in Oolumbus. JOHN HoKINNEY, Proprietor and Manager, 88-4t» Oolumbus, Ohio. BKFOHK AND BBUIND THK CVATAIH. Photographs representing the Advantagu of the Stage Box, Die- advantages of the Stage Box, The Introduotlon, The Subscribers' Privilege, Bataplan, Success, The Behearaal, The Audlenoe, Oentlemen'a Dressing Boom, Ladles' Dressing Boom, The Lobby, The Private Box. Price IS oents each, or ta the sett Bant, post paid, on receipt ofprloe, by ■* F. O. WATSON, Publisher, New Tork. FHOTOO&APB8 of Kate Bateman, Maggie HltohelL u Fanohon (t positions), Laura Keens, Luoule and Helen Western, Caroline Stoning*, Mra, John Wood, Mrs. Bowers, Adah L Men- ken, u French Spy and Mazeppa; Bnsan and Kate Denln, Fanny Brown, u Prince, Emily Thome, u Liberty, Matilda Heron, u OamDlo, Mrs. Hoey, Miss Henrique*, lone Burke, Ada and Emma Webb, Mile. Tea trail, In obaracter, Charlotte Thompson, Kate Fisher, u Arab Boy, Mile. GalletU, Cabas, Zanfretta, Zoe, Marietta, Marie and Augusta, Kate Pennoysr, In dancing coa- tume,Ed. Forrest, Ed. Booth, Ed. Adams, Wilkes Booth. J. S, Clarke, Dan, Nell, and Jerry Bryant, George Christy, Eph Horn, Frank Brower, and hundreds of other oelebritlea. Twenty-five oents each or fc> per doa. All the Ame rican and English plays, Send red stamp for Catalogues. W. 0. WEMY88,676 Broadway, Nsw York—WEMYB8' PCBCHABTNO AGENCY. Send oaah or- ders for any artlolea you want (Postage or Express charge* must be Included). Letters requiring answers must have stamps en- closed. W. O. WBMYB8,676 Broadway, N. T. 86-lt* CARD PHOTOGRAPHS Of MISS LEO HUDSON u Ha> repps. 8 beautiful positions, 36 cents eaoh, or tithe sett W.O. WBMYB8,671 Broadway, N. Y. Trade supplied. 88-lt* JOHN O. HHBMAir k TOM KING'S PHOTOGRAPHS.— Heenan in 8 positions—King in citizen's dreas, 36 ots eaoh. 88-lt* W. a WEMYSB, 676 Brosdsy, N. Y. DHAMATIO AJTD OVHKB IEUTTCHKI. Mfiiv>^l? A OALLRTTI, the premiere Frenoh Sanaeuse, "** «• beat danoar In the world, together with *»bail«,.i . MONB. TOPHOFF, Big^^^uAncer In the profession, are now playing a star abtunn.^1 v,WASHINGTON. to negorUte will pleas* sddress • QEO BOB LEA, box 1068, Baltimore, Md. ^irS^ 0 ¥.T5 lK *- T '« K ) OAIBe), TLLINOIB, under the "'•JeSK^.Av.JE? 8 MARY MowrLLUMB. ProfsMhmal* of will y'tiffff j*^^ ^^jn" engsaamanf tar one year or leu, BMW aiBlXa.—WUMBBa TBIBTT'HVE, Si i l I ' ll * llfll M liX^lCTI TBM nw vou aont DAVID a WlMBOLD. This gentleman wu born In the very remote village of Eliza bethtown, N. J., in April, 1886, and put on the burnt cork for the first time in 1819, with a oompany numbering four "indl- vlda," and took a short tour through New England, visiting many of the principal towns and dues, In 1860 he visited Phils- dslphla for the first time, and in company with Johnson, the oomlo singer, and Ohu. Jenkins, an old Ethiopian performer, appeared at what wu then called Winter Garden, located at 101 Chestnut street. He remained here about eighteen months, after which he Joined a party at Patterson, N. J„ calling them- selves the "IMsplans," and went on a short travelling tour with them. LvlBt3 he made hla first appearance in New York at Hope OnapeL with W. Donaldson's " Bthlops," Leaving her* after a abort reign be beoame one of Charley White's school-boys, and remained with him off and on for about two years. From Char- ley White's he bent his steps to the Dan Bryant and Ben Malloty party, travelling all through the Eastern country and bringing ■p anally in Philadelphia, where Jerry and Nell Bryant came into the oompany and Mallory atepped out The party refa-jced their steps down But, visiting Boston and the email towns east His next trip wu with the Baynor and Pleroe party, whom h* joined in 1867, and travelled through Western and Sonth-West- «rn towns and cities. Be turning to New York, he became a member of Wood and Christy's Minstrels, then playing at 444 Broadway. He remained here some time, and beoame a great favorite u a ballad singer. On the 11th of July, 1867, he sailed for Europe, u one of the prtnolpal members of the Baynor- Flaroe-Ohrlity party. They opened In St James' Theatre, London, meeting with great ancoess; thence to the Sonsy Theatre. Mr. Wambold remained with this company thirteen months, visiting all the towns in the Provinces. In 1869, hs returned to the States and Immediately Joined the Bryant Brothers, where, in a very short time, he beoame a great favorite. He remained with the Bryants only three months, when he took * short rest, and then we neat find him at Wood's Marble Hall; but only for a brief period, u he returned to his old love, the Bryants, oontlnumg there eight month*, when the veritable Lloyd, of high salary renown, burst forth upon the Minstrel world, and by promising everything and folfiulng nothing, he lnduoed Mr. Wambold, u he did many other*, to give up a sure thing for what afterward* proved to be a dead beat Wambold soon left this crowd and returned to Europe In 1861, and joined Brown and Templeton's African Minstrels, then travelling over the Continent He remained with them nine months, when he rejoined the old Christy party, and wu with them fifteen months. After which, in oompany with hla wife, he took a trip over the Continent on a pleas tire tourplaiting Franoe, Belgium, Frueala, Austria, Hungary, Italy, returning home through Tyrol, Bavaria, Baden Baden, to Struburg, returning to this oountry In July, 18SS, and u soon u arrived wu seoured by Mr, Henry Wood, for his troupe, where he hu remained ever since u a valuable acquisition to this already popular company. Mr. Wambold, aa a tenor linger will take rank with any in the Mm* atrel profession, and by many la considered the beet ballad singer at present In the profession. His "Blue Eyed Nelly" and "Brother's Fainting at the Door" are executed by him in a manner alone smnclent to stamp him a great linger. BALL PLAY. THE BALL PLAYEB'S CONVENTION OP 1863. Ibbobxaht- Obabob* hi ihb Bulks, thi booud oAia ooirrnruiD, » "^J? 8 ?- 0< S T * nU -S n ot J*^ M ^rera took place at Clin- ton Hall. Aster Plaoe, New York, on the evenlna orWednesday December Oth, fifty.five delegate* being p^eS a*T^enti tlvea ftom Uento-elght dilerent olube.^ooated In NewYorE Brjoksyn, Newark, Philadelphia, WuhingtoS^beuy. O^shen, and Newburghjtbe munaa of the olubsaia their delegates be^ag with t'againattT* ■"""•a voted for the fly game, those row you: ozubb, AoUve J. B. Paget. H. A. Bogersf. Beglb P- J. Ooasnst, 8, Fiiakert. Empire Thos. MLuei*, B, B. Selmee*. °o™n...... ....Judge Van Oott*. A, J.Iraplgnao*. Henry Bckford.. .Dr. Belle, h. Datton*. 41 Jefferson J, - - <- Mutual Metropolitan Hnlto-: O. H. Glorerf, W. a » '*?«tley*.E. w. Kirby. •8. Buraat, A. H. William**. . .X. H. Brownt, J. P. Laoonr. r.TH. trownt,. Horerr, 1 lewlottri New York G. T. Hewloti'Ww"B^^lil' In favor of the fly gaii; *^*t It 1^^' .„ ' ' _ BBOOXLTH CLUBS. Att,n - t, a"---- i £ Wij'+'r-^sn*. ... ..P. PigsonJ, W. A. Brownt. 1 .•.■•"S-^xKS?^?.'^.. OoniteHatlOD.. Eckford Exoelalor... Enterprise.. Hamilton... Olympic... Besoluta.... War ....M. M.KeUy*)'B Omtdw In favor of the fly game 8, against it la _ , .--,„ . olub* or OTBXB rucrxg. Union of Moniaanla... W. OanVii>Sia n - Hudson Blver of Newburgh. i "Si Kiamf jl' Newark of Newark " " S^ r ' •Tl Enreka of Newark. "t 1 £Jfi Ib A M i'?- J - Beigena, .L. »>rnt,A. M*lvllIet. iwaltef. •Jvf-£»J?on*.i , .Pent. n'., R Jfc?f?»*lO-aLTto Atbletlo of Philadelphia noL «tl*^^*VA?? ( ^ M V. Keystone otPhlUdebhla...... j^Dufl^H^D 'uJ^ 71 ^' Krlokerbooker of Albany. ... .ft m$m£»- # » no S ,aa J- National of Washingtcn' c. o«3S} i p'oK'. Aftfl UU rlAUlng T oT1De'BilinitM of the tsat-ttonventtonf the report of the Treasurer wu read, showing • balance la the treasury ortlStsaV The Committee on Nomination then re- ported m favor of the admliilon of the Active club of New York end Monitor of Goshen, both of whloh were duly elcoted. The r iport'of thBOomroltteeon Bute* and Begulatlons being next L i order, Dr. Jones, the ohalrman, read the report, and u eioh s nendment"*** presented to the oooventton, for endorsement, Uwaajsromptly acted upon and adopted almost without sdsa* sentient voloe—with the exoeptlon of the mU In relation to the fly game—so ably had the committee dlaoharged . their duties, and so well did their sentiments aocord with those oXttw major- ity of the memberK • ; When the question of the fly game came up for action, tt elicited considerable, dlioutsion. In whloh Messrs. Gorans.) Kelly, Page, and Judge Van Oott took promlneht part': On putting the ques- tion to vote, It wu decided in the negative by a vote of 36 to 23. Itwu a noteworthy fact that all, or nearly all, of those op- posed to It belong to the mumo fraternity, whose fun the fly game would put a stop to altogether. The oommlttee, in their report, heartily recommended the system of boo ring detailed in Beadle's Dime Book of Base Ball, edited by H. Ohadwlok, to the attention of scorer*, u by It the facilities for arriving at oorreot date In making np the averages at the olose of the seAson would be greatly lnoreued. A vote of thanks to the committee was unanlmoualy adopted, for the able manner In whloh they had dlaoharged their onerous dune*. : The election of officers of the Association wu then proceeded with, the following gentlemen being duly ohosen to take charge of the affair* of the National AaaoalaUon for the ensuing year: — President, J. B. Dawson, of the Newark Olub; First Vloe Presl- dent F. Pldgeon, of the Bokford) Second Vloe President, A, J. Duplgnao, of the Gotham; Beo. Secretary, J, Boss Postley, of the Jefferson, (address, 183 Nassau street New York;) Cor, Bearer tsry, J. Beaver Page, of the Active; Treasurer, P. J. Oozana, of the Eagle; all of whom, with the exception of Means. Oosans and Duplgnao, were unanimously eleoted. In the cases of the above, Mr. Miller, of the Newburg Olub, received 18 vote* for Second Vice President, and Mr. Brown, of the Metropolitan, 10 for Treasurer. The following olub* being in arrears over two yean, and no effort* being made on their behalf to reinstate them, were erased from the roll of membership. Most of them have oeaiedto exist, the majority being merged into other organizations:— Putnam, Exercise, and Powhattan of Brooklyn; Social and Alpine of New York; Liberty of New Brunswick; Adrlatlo of Newark; Equity, Wtaona, Benedict United and Olymplo of Phil- adelphia; Quickstep of Bergen, N. J. The New BoohsHe Olub, Baltio of Belleville, Continental of Jersey City, the Eacleweod Club, Union of Elizabeth, Bowdoln of Boston, Bxoelslor of Baltimore, and Flory, City of Boohester. The Baltio, Charter Oak, Continental, Harlem, Independent, Knickerbocker,Union of Brooklyn, and Victory of Troy, all of whloh were represented at the lut oonventlon, failed to *end delegate* this time. Unless they are represented next year, they will oeau to be' member* of the Association, and therefore not eligible to play in matches with olubs that are. In addition to the above, the Jefferson and Metropolitan olub* have not played in matones for a year or two put neither hu the sTamfftnn of Brooklyn. Whether ihey are in existence or not we cannot say. The following gentlemen were appointed to acton the several committee, viz:— On Nominations—Dr. Bell, O. E. Thorcu, and W. H, Murtha. OnBulsa and Begnlattons—Dr. Jones, P. O'Brien, F. Fldgton, W. A. OauldweD, H. Ohadwlok, B. Burns, A. Sogers, J. B. Psg*, and 0.0. Walden. J udiciar y—Judge Van Oott, Dr. Ball, D. tnntfc.n, T. Miller, B. H. Brown. On Printing—P. J. Oosans, E. B. Wilbur. J. Bou Postley. The usual vote of thank* to the retiring officers wu psssed, and on motion fifty dollar* wis allowed for the publication of five hundred copies of the nues and regulations. Great com- plaint wu made In referanoe to the non-reoelpt of the book* due eaoh olub. The Beoordlng Secretary, in explanation of this mat- ter, stated that it wu owing to the non-receipt of the addresses of the various Secretaries of the club*. Those club* not receiv- ing th( ir book* after having aent their addresses to the Secreta- ry, will obtain redress by writing to the Treasurer on the subject, whose address la, P. J. Oozans, 108 Nassau street The sum of fifty dollar* wu awarded u compensation to the recording secretary for his services during the year. On motion the convention then adjourned to meet again the second Wed. needsy in Deoember, 18S4, at the ume place. Section 6 of the rules wu altered so u to read u follow a:— The pitcher's position shall be designated by two lines, four yards In length, drawn at right angles to a line from home to second bus, having their oan tree upon that line upon two fixed iron plates, at points respectively fifteen and sixteen yard* from home base. The pitcher must deliver the ball u near u possible over the centre of the home base and for the striker. Should a pltoher repeatedly fan to deliver fair balls to the striker, for the apparent purpose of delaying the game, or for any oause, the Umpire, af- ter warning him, shall call ensbaD, and If the pltoher per- sists In such action, two-and three balls; and when three balls have been called the atriker shall be entitled to his Hist base; and should any bue be occupied at that time, eaoh player occu- pying them shall bs entitled to one base. Section 6 was amended so u to insert the words, "nor off the ground" Immediately preceding the words, "at the time of de Bvering the ball" \ ■ Section 16 wu also amended by so wording the rule u to allow s player the privilege of trying to make his base after returning to the bue he left, In oases of a fly oatch. SeoUon 19 wu ohanged by substituting the word "touoh" for "make," thus requiring players to touch every base; and If he fails to do it he must be declared out by the Umpire. t^etlS ^n»& ttl " rising B^ . Ifb* Ou*-tt 1* rep^-tuPdhV^^ynob hu Mffierheada with Mm* of hla old m»e^mia£ ro^ &2 1 wnoMt-unet are uwall netmertanedTWehiSthL i.tSl ej, u Charley i. to f^etTilrS^'xaaM whoa* hand* It may have .been extended. , ■ ; «»»»•« u iflxwiraiTiw Tow*.—James Bennett, of Philadalnbla 4a m. • visit to this eitv.snd on the 13th lnst'e*B*u^our' offer* cdmpany with Kit Bums, Flory McCarthy and Johnny Mmta* He bears an exoeUent reputation, and seems to be a fins, dam Wiung piM - ... * ' THE RING. TO BE RAFFLED FOB ON ITOW YHAB'B BVB. A fine, young, dark grey mare, afast trotter, not yst six years old, and|sound u a doUar.splendld new light Wagon (Bafferty's make) and an elegant sett of Harness—all oomplete, making a tip top turnout lOOohanoeaai 8 6 a ch ance The stock belongs to Captain SAUNDEB8, of the WHITE HOUSE, 118 Grand street, a gentleman who has assisted the sporting fraternity on all oc-. oasiona—where numbered tiokets miy be had at the bar. P. 8.—The Mare, Wagon, and Harness to be seen at the White House, one week before the raffle take* place, whloh will be on the evening of DEOHUBEB 31st, Jobs 0. Hxrif ah's Oolohs.— The Amerlcan'a standard la golu* off like hotoake* iand nnleu applied for early wm soon Aout- of the market. Oapt. Saunders, of the White House, 118 Grind sfreet, hue, supply on sale, whloh wiU be sent to any part of the country for $!. They are Just the thing to ornament a bar- room, and purchasers will have a ohanos to help the gaDanfc Benlola Boy by aeouring one at once; . • Iiatiho'b TBArnmv-Jlm Dunn hu been (eleoted to look after the young Brooklyn feather-weight, and wu to have gone to Fort Hamilton on the 14th Inst. Fathxb.— PhD. Clare's nephew, James Dunn, per- £52?*?JPl? jto»> duty of following his lamented snd respected father to the grave early in the past week. *> ^raiSBraa.-Bin Clarke, of Sports man's Hall, 808 Kearney ■treat, Ban Franolsoo, la making out Up-top, aadhaa aent for a cart load of boxing gloves aud Indian ofubsf Pats| Mablxi in PHBABBXPBiA.-Con. Orem'* old opponent, the redoubtable Patsy Msrley.las landed ta the QuaKr^nrA and will give a sparring exhibition at Franklin HalL Birth a treat. wJSJ/n 11 ' m J*}*' ?S?''S t f/J , ««y writeTthatOobuTn. Elliott, Orem Kerrigan, Alt Walker, Brock Graham, Jim Be* ntrt, the Belfast Barber, Tommy OhurohlU, and the Twin Duffy's, who are said to be 8 feet 3 lnohes in height, wiU assist. The wind-np between Patsy Marley and Pete Martin. A Hons!, Waoow ahd'estt or Hasbiss job $6.—Cant Saun- ders, of the White House, 118 Grand street, offers all of the above- far |6, providing you are lucky enough to get the highest throw. There are 100 chance* at tt each, whloh wfll be eagerly snapped up, u the Oiptaln hu a heap or friend* who only want an op- portunity to do him a good turn for onoe. The raffle take*' place on New Year's Eve, and tiokets may be pur ousted at the White House bar. Bee hla advertisement elsewhere. Old Joz WnmowAWD Billy Dwtzb Matched —At Dwyer'i benefit in San Francisco, Nov. 3d, a challenge wu Issued to the effect that he would fight any 186 lb. man In California for 11000 a aide, and'the veteran Joe Wlnrow, who seconded Tom Hyex and fought Tom O'DonneU, la aaldto have taken it up: 160 » aide are posted. According to this we presume Bill (Harks and Dwyer/* match must have fallen through. BiOBurrnfo.—Lieut Patrick Branegan, otherwise Beotty of Brooklyn, la now hard at work reorultlng volunteers for Gen Frank Bplnola'a Brigade. Scotty** office 1* in the Oity o' Churohee, and he la filling up the regiment very rapidly with gooflf fighting materiaL He wu on ■ visit to this dry on Thursday, and took a look In at the menageries. Job Cobubh va Jrx Duiif,— "A little fire Hndleth a gnat heat," somebody says somewhere, but what kind of fire he meant we cant tell. The idea we want to get at la the late for- feit between Sunn and Oobum, u announced in our last When Phil. Clare wu well enough td get up from hie couch, he said that it shouldn't go forth to the world that Dunn forfeited, ani", fortius reason he la about trying to get up a fresh match. '▼/*.. have no doubt that If Dunn makes the fight for $3000 a aide ij^g: the obampionahlp, Ooburn will agree to meet bun, but not, air- less, as he has too good a hnalneea to negleot Juat now.r .nv— •■ the amount will pay him to da so. Bhlngfalnl Let the marinh goon. Jut Cofubk's Fibst BrjtanT r* Yowbzb*.— On Wtimetatv, Deo. 16th, Jim Oobum, the brother of. Joseph the C^iatlon, Is to have a sparring exhibition at the Armorial Brjjiing,, fan- ■ kera, when Geo. Booke, Mike Ooburn, BUlyDonr.elly, and Han- ley, will go upfrom this olty and spar. The v/inj uplsto be between Jim Oobum and Johnny Willis, of Hartford. Old BD1 Tovee win offiolate u M. 0, • $100 to ISO Lam OR HexhabI— A few night* sgo, in Holt's drinking saloon, on the comer of Broadway and Brooms street, a red hot partisan of Benlah bantered any of the oompany pres- ent to take 1100 to $30 on Heenan. Not wishing to let such a ofaance u that slip by, Harry Jenkins took it for all he had about him Just then, viz: three times, and the money is up on it Another prominent aquatic ■port—a great friend of Hesnan'a— also took It a few times, because the offer was so tempting. Thlsreokleu better next offered to bet 11000 to $100 that Heenan - won, and a forfeit of U00 wu staked—sill the money to b* up by - a oar tain time—which he subsequently lott Ibronfih not runH- - ing bis part of the oontraot Mr.Holtu*aMtoholdcver|l(f.59 ttj ' In beta on the big fight CON FlrzalBALS AMD HU OOWBSB* HKABD FBOK.—The Only - three sport* who went dlreot from this olty to see Heenan and : King fight—Con Fitzgerald, Frank Holntyre, and John Ooope— have forwarded us a letter, hsaded "Atlantio Ocean, on board the steamer Canada, 160 miles from Queenetown," giving no ' date, probably because they had loat their reckoning and didn't' know one day from another. The boys ssy: " In tie morning after our first night out from Boston, we found a man dead,' end* he wu put In Mr. Molntyre's room for a few moment*, '. Frank got Joked about It, and swore he wouldn't sleep in thed^—d plaoe any more. Con got a little sqnesmiah, but aoon got over It All of us had pretty at vera oolda from the way the boys used ui at the 37th attest d<pot We hare had very severe gales all the way over, and the veuel la pitching end rolling around like . an inebriated Irish washerwoman," Being on the ooean, they hadn't muoh news, but promise to write to us Immediately oo their arrival in London. They send their respect* to " all that" are worihlt" whloh Is very expressive. Next week we may give another and more interesting latter. - Monitor of Ooshen.lf. Y B. B^ tamiiont £ 2? mui 1 In favor of fly game 13, against iti5 ™ wo »*. & Dikemanf. Total in favor 37, against 36. Of the above Ave Were absent at the takics of ih* „« fly, the vote being 36 against to 31 in favorT ". . * on Drath of Jxhht Maebit.— Weollpthefolldwloff paragraph from the Hamilton, (O. W.l Aawfna Tina or the 8th Inst. :— "DraD.—la this olty, on the 8th lost,, Mr. James Harney, agod 39 yean. Friends snd aoquslntanccs aro requested to attend tho fune- ral, from his late residence, Harkei Square, on Thursday, the 10th Inst, at two o'clock P. M," — *' As Jemmy Massey left this olty to start a saloon In Hamilton, and the above notice corresponds with bis age, there oan be little doubt or the melancholy faot Magaey wat bora In 1834 stood Ift. 31n. In height, and In fighting oondltlon weighed but lUlbs. Hla career bu been previously. ppbUahod In the Currxa. Jommy wu the hero of twenty battles, winning fourteen, drawing tour, and being de- feated twloe.' He arrived la New York City, aa the 8th or March. I860, slopping at Mr. William Hastings', No. 90S Centre street, until his benefit here,' on March 24th, at Hoym'e Iheatre, In the Bowery. After giving a sarlea of exhibition* In the ptioolpal oltles, he settled down lu business to. the Bowery, near Houston street, afterwards kept by Harry Qribbln, now lu California'. Owtog to a shooting Borape with a polios officer, Jemmy had to outatlckTbr Canada early In 1861, roosting himself at Hamllleo, 0. W. 01 his bad qualities we have netting to eay.oa ltwu only when under the Influence of liquor that he wu over known to do a wrong. His fighting qualities were unsurpassed; and u a second, for consummate Judgment and .experience, he wu not excelled, either here or la England, Poor Jemmy I Hay the sod lie lightly on his grave I IbM Widow Huosbs Tbhb«owul.— tt needs no coaxing from us to make the proposed complimentary exhibition for the widow «f the late Jim Hughes fully equal to that or Yankee Sullivan's mother, or the Widow Harrington, as when It becomes an act of philanthropy and oharlty, the sportlog community are sure to exort every nerve, Tbe gottlng up of the beneUt has been uadertakon by the Cbaniplen of America, Joe Coburo, whloh Is a suBolcmt guarantee of alreV olasa entertainment, and which reflects honor upon his generosity arid manliness. In soon a cause, wo think the services or If r.Wm. Hastings, l« conoludo ths entertainment la a display of aolesce with JoeOoburn would constitute a vory attractive feature. Mr. Bas- J^" 88 tna Prime mover In the betcut for the reliefer Irelwd, and Bulll'fan's mother, snd wu never known to turn's deaf ear when ret jueated to ass let In a work of benevolence The testimonial ukes pi ms on Saturday, December 26th, at tbe Olty Assembly Rooms. i sad the admission Is nnly to eonls, tloket* for whloh may be had at 1 ill the leading sporting house*. In our next tho list of volun- teers w Uibe given, Arm tutiAH Kxllt Shoots Bux MoDadi— the wen-known pugiUat, Jem F «Uy who fought Ned Prloo and Dan Kerrigan, hu got himself lntce a.uglysorape by Shooting Bill MoDade,a yoODg fellow ofien hear 1 of at sparring exhibitions, snd frequently mentioned In our oolo gins. We cannot sscertam tho preolso nature or the "emeute," bnt ,tt appears that a row took place about midnight lut Friday, 11' it Inst-, In tho liquor store kept by Kelly, on tho cornorof 19th| tt not and Avenue C, betwoon a number of men congregated thore, " sd^durlng the fight MoDade wu shot In tho right shoulder by a svolver said to bo In the hands of Australian Kelly .receiving a vory severe though not dangerous wound aloDade was conveyed to tbe rtellevuo Hospital to have his wound dressnd.and Kelly Immediately fled and had not been arreBted when we wont to press. A worms Tjottdow Boxaa abbivbd.— We hear that a prominent member of the London P. B. hu landed alnoe our lut Issue, and win probably get on a match with Marley. He has not u led ■upon us, so that ws oannot vouoh for him from Oahthb Challxhoe*. —Harry Jennings, of 83 Portland street, Boston, offer* to match Hughy BUey'a old- yellow dog, Turk, at 341b„ against any other 34lb. dog in America for $100 or «600 a aide; or he will fight Turk against Tom Bergen's dog at Mttlb*; or if either or these propositions don't suit, BL J. Will install Turk at oatoh weight, Bergan'* dog to be 961b*. for $1,000 In fives" or six week* from signing articles, the Qllvpbb to be stakehold- er. i Vac TWO Bun B's, Bralsted and Baasford, Jnnlors, both pro- prietor* of billiard saloons, are to play alternate matches, 600 points up, at their respective places, the flm to take plaoe this- week, but the precise date hu not been fixed. THE MAQIO PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, with 12 X 8V Photographs—Just, the thlngfor the pocket Sent postps7donreoelptof $8, by ~ 86-lt» F. G. WATBON, Publisher, New York, AGRAND EXPOSE OF THE EOEENOE OF OAMW- LIKG, containing a oomplete disclosure of the BecretaoK the Art u . practised by Professional Gamblers. This booh la a - full exposition of all games played for the lut twenty year* and' at the present day, Msldea a full expoaltion of an Confidence - Game*, now played, by whom, and where. It is written so plain - that any person reading It may beoome as expert u the most ac- complished gamblers, l vol., bound In cloth, sent post paid on • receipt of SO coat*, by 34-lt» 7. G. WATBON, Publisher, New York, At 8 P. H. the oonventlon wu duly caliod tn «^>.. v > the object of the - ■ as1 he had been info 5TOSHfti. convSion ^SS^S^S«SW> tag, in doing whioh, he remarked ths»°aa h2Saa »J?»V'? thathewouTd be renominated fiV^P7*i?aent hs^SSS* oline In aivanoe the honor that wu to bs offered \uSS?*l in favor of rotation In offloe. Col. riefs- mee. ffmed to de" M WU pron lut He has not u yet called ■upon "us, so that ws oannot vouoh for him from ooular knowledge of his phis, but he will make bis initial bow at Newark next Monday, for the Lazarus and Smith testimonial. How siotou, "John Harsh t" Pen Maktxbt Oeulustobd aoae* bt Jni Bunraxr.—Johnny Murray, of the Fourth Ward, will match Jim Bennett against Pete Martin for from $506 upward*, at oatoh weight, the fight to oome off this slds of Philadelphia in one month from the first deposit A* Bennett'* friends oontlder he wu not fairly dealt with at ths last fight, It is very likely that Martin win glvshlm a ohanoe to try and retrieve hla laarals. JUST PUBLISHED.—GEMS FOR GENTLEMEN.— 138 pages, and (0 LUustratlons. '"The Gayest Literary Feast that ever regaled the human mind," Price 29 cents. OVID'S" ART OF LOVE and Amorous Works entire. Hlnstrated , 36 cent s. THE KISSES OF BEGUN D08 and BONNBFONS, with BPITHA- LAkHTJH in fuU. Price 36 centa. Either of the sbbvs sent, post' paid, on receipt of price, Catalogues of Books and Photograph*- aent In aealed envelope, on receiptor red stamp, by - ss-lt* F. G. WATBON, Publisher, New York.. r> OXING GLOVES.—Heenan's New Style. $6 a sett of l» 4. Fenolng Foils, $1 a pair. Masks, $3 a pair. Fenctng Sabres, $3.10 a pair. Gauntlets $360 a pair. Pooket Pistols,! gslr, case and flxruree, $3.60. Sporting Goods of *11 kinds, aent 7 emMsa anywhere on reoelpt of prloe. Give fuU> directions, sndado^eaiplaliuy KBYBTOSB BPEOIAL AGENCY, 36-3t« Box 1190, Philadelphia, Pa. BOXING ILLUSTRATED AND EXPLAINED, with Fighting position* of Heenan and Bayers, sent by mall on receipt of 16 ots. KEYflTpNB BPEOIAL AGENCY, 86-3t* BOi 1130, Philadelphia, Pa. MAGIC CARDS—Whloh upon holding flvo of them in your hand you oan change color and suit without deteo- - tlon. Band Moonu and get a paok by return mall. Address 88-lt» * J. ABTHTJB, box 7e», Lookport, N. Y. rHB EQUITY PUBOHABINS AGENCY. HIGH PRICES DEMOLISHED.' Books, Cards, Prints, and _„ ,. Cartes D»71slte, Supplied 4 At ons half the old prloe*. ^'"^•""''OBUBH MONOPOLY!: J. W. BYBNE8, 167 Winiam street, 86-lt* New York. THE CHEAPEST PLAOE TO GET ' BOOKS, BONOS, OABDB, to Bend for a genuine circular.' Enolosetbree oent stamp. ■' Addreu TBANK EDGAB, oare box 18», - 86.3t* . " Ann Arbor, Mlon. FEMALE BSAUTT.-riTno three forma ; of'Female Beauty, seat to any one for S6 oent*. Address ■!>& W. ai^nTsoxM, BrwBdway, P. O., car* afsvafW, N.Y. 86-2t»-