New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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■ - 'J-- ~~ ~i fi TT* TIT TH TiT *P a , .......... - . - ■ , „, t ^^jftg^...... . JtHnitutltrttt Mutagen and PiofcrtoMtejwhowlrt Wtttlwtf Ibeexteiielve circulation ol'«» »■»?«« fisWrhsAtHoel Orgin of America, io make knoinUiA i, wuts, eto., to the following schedule of rates for ad- ""' .^'i^MAbHiaeTaiTliiMrtioDitodnmalto r pepar*, lnoorporated 1* -1 deduction, will, however, be made for mtm- OH piUl NT WIWO W w*mv i i» » — ' : ' ill byMonday morning, at latest, Of Batordaylf VAX AaBCRGH eVOO.'S . . MAMMOTH MHNAOEEIB, U - <3BEIAT: MOBAL EXHIBITION, v-. > ■ . . : AND EGYPTIAN OABAYAN. HTATtraOOT...;. ...MANAGER' '•«■•• "° u Ko«. .639'Mid. 641 BBOADWAT, " ; OBetween Prthoe and Bprjng streets.)' • I i in i i i ... i 1 . l i .. li . ' l i ' laUWAHTO 0FKRA- HOTJBBV • •. - : ■ ■ MMl)«ll«' W«ll, AT> Headway, *V«rra IHlrf Street BBTAHT BBCTHEBS, Proprietor*. JOHN SIMPSON,Treasurer. • WINAHB inlTOOHAlUN, Ushers. A.BOB8,OfflC«N_ MVEH ' l ' M TBAE OF THE OBIOIHAl IfOBLD-BENOWNID BRYANTS' MINSTRELS,' ' THE BXOELBIOB TBOUPB OF THE WOBLD. . Th Oompany U oompoeed of the following Talented Arttfta I— DAN BRYANT, ■ ' HRTL BRYANT, NHJSB SEYMOUB, DAVBBEHD. * J. B. BIVOB1V. GBOBGE B. FOWLER, FBAHE LESLIE, ' BOL UH HO WARD. - ■ • J. W. B3WOH. _ 1 •"" V. GBOTKG8.' 1 "> JAMBS MORRISON, j JAMES GABATAQUA, G. B. OONHOB, ' W. L. H0BB8, BAH BHKBXT, end . to t new variety of Bongs, Danoes, Burlesques, FUntouon Menu, fro. For pirtlinilars, see bills of the day, ! . Ticket* of Admission 26 oenta, »■« Soon open from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Performances it 11 J«* A.M., 8 ml 8K P.H. ADMISSION TO Ali PABT8 OJT THE HOIftoD,." ',, ' TWENTY-FjVB . ■ -HohMftitoe.;;;;, ■ • . ->i .• ■ ■ • 8U0aE8SFIJL , 'WKJK - - : ' ' ■ i/. or ■.■ .. ■ THB LABOKSt ASD MOST YABIED '..cV' miiinmoH'.i':':. •-or: -i .V.. iuyiHa rai ahimaib, «Ter'off«r»4 on eihfbltion to theAmaricui pnhUs. -. . THB FINEST ZOdtOOIOAIi BDTIDINS ln'.'thewoiia, ,"[.''■' [STBIOIIiT MOBAL and BEETHED BOHOOL TOB TBS BTDBT or ANIMATED HATtTBH, •. ■ ■ \' ■ . • .. The Huugmnrat regret beis^ nnible to ■ Mooinniodtto the thomudi thit ooold not obtim idmlielon on ThutagMaf Day, and would oin ptrttoolir attention to the MOBNINQ FEBTOBMANOE, to those wlablng to avoid the arowd. It being being ipeolallr atxanged for the aooonunoda- tlon of , : T.ATj tfgH AND OHTLDBEN. '. THB MAMMOTH WAB ELEPHANT, HANRXBAX, iBBOADWAT AfcWHITHVATRB, /. . So. *B5 PBOAPffAT. ; t L, B. LENT...........r... Him««. ThU elonnt and popular EtUblUhmeiit la noir open i JEVEBT XTBBINO, ON WEDNEHDAT AKD BAITJBDAT ATTEBNOOKB, with ^ THE FINEST OTB CUB TBOUPB, And the moat iplendld oolleotlon of HIOHLT TBAINBD HOUSES, PONIES, AND MULES, ' , . In the coontry. TmMOBraLI^ that nave been witnessed m NewTork tor maiw ye«. . Fer patUoolarB of etoh nights entertainment, see dafly PBiom-Dreaa Olrole and Parquet, tOoenta; OnlUrea nndox Ten. 2£ oenU. Fanallr Olrole. 2B eta, wlthoot dletlnotlan oiaga. Orchestra Ohalre, 7J ota; PriwU Boxes. W. . Taar-Voon open at 7; Grand Kntree at a K of 8 o'doot Grand Performances for Families, Wednesdajs and Batordm, oammenolng at naif-part 2 o'clock. 8fr win be Introduced Into the arena at each en- tertainment; al»», that most wonderful of . \ PEBFOBHXNG ELEPBANTB, . TIPPOO BAD. byF. HABH. At each entertainment, PROF. LANGWOBTHT, i will enter the . SENS OF TRAINED ANIMALS. Also, to be seen at all hours, TEE ONLT UVrNG GIBAFFB- m Amerloa, THE ONLT LI7ING BOTAL BENGAL TIGEB. In Amerloa; . ;; . .TEBEB LIVING WHITE BEABS, . . the only ones on exhibition in America., ■ THE ONLT POONAHBEAB In Amerloa, and the teoond erer Imported. THB ONLT BLACK AFBIOAN OSTBICH In Amerloa. ' The only' BILVEB-8TBIPED HTENA . DPWABDS . '.or TWO HTTNDBHD ' other ' " • ; : ' ■ LIVING SPECIMENS from Allparts'of the'world. ALL LIVTKG. ALIVE 1 ALIVE I ALIVEI ; THICK PONIES, i OOMia MULES," * and , ■. EDCOATED MONKEYS. tU appear • AT EACH PEBFOBMANCE. POfiTJIVKLT; NO FBEE LIST, I1W MBHFIUI THBATKK, '•' MODOBaLD fr BAYFIELD Proprietors, • • This beautiful Theatre li now to the full tide of suooees. Tint cJim Artljta wlahlng engaiemensi will address as above, or to . > /AMES OONNEB <f 0&. OMmatlo Agents, tW M West Houston street, N.T, M «K3HAIBBWO HERD." CHAIB-BISKY, the Chair Ma- ker and Wire Walker, we understand, ha* opened a shop for the . aborabnimea In Boston, AAAnssesisentfai . -vTWi-' . H, GIBBONS A Go,, Boston. .... ', ,:: ± ... AflUIBIOAB THKATBUS, 4MBBOADWAT, - . THB GRAND BBSOBT OF THE METBOPOUB. A Saooeadon of Crowded Houses Greet BUTLER'S GREAT COMBINATION TBOUPB, Xrery Night The nuMt unanimous tokens of approval, . • The Press and Public, ■ Unite in declaring It _, „ . THE GREAT VABIETT THEATRE OF THE AGE, • The oompany la Perfection In all Its details. THE JUlMMOTH ETHIOPIAN TBOUPB, THE GREAT PANTOMIMIO TB0UTE, . - THE SPLENDID BALLET TBOUPB, Tn abort, aB ***** goes to make up • THB GIGANTIC OOMPANY OF THE 19TH CEHTCBT. An Estirft'ObAnge of Programme Every Week.. ■ B, W. BUILEB, Manager. : MON9 La TRORNE, Biage Manager. j. AM MERMAN, Treasurer. PAUL HBTLLIANT, 'BaOet Master. „ F. VAN OLKEB, Musical Director. «S-H SKIFF'S MI1ISTIIKL8, aim ABMOB PLATED GUN BOATS, ' From their Opera House, Washington, D.O., Are now on their JTR8T GBAND M1N8TBEL TOUR, • Through the Eastern States and Britten Provlnoaa. THE BEST OOMPANY NOW TRAVELLING. 18 STAB PERFORMERS. ' Tbtdicpbabt Abovs All Othxbs. Talented Artists and a responsible Managraent, nuke thli Com- pany the Finest Band In extstenee. No outside Performers employed; none bnt the very best Talent enga ged. , . ' M* T. SBTFF Proprietor. If, ATNSLEY SCOTT Stage Manager and THrftfrt^r f?f ArnnserrifiTitr, Prof. J. TANNEBAUM Mruloal Dinotor. HIGH DADDT, The above named Oompany consists of the following well hnown'and truly talented Artiste:— First In the ranks stand the unrivalled and onapproaohable Clog Danoers, • TIM'HATES and SAM HAGUE. M. AINSLET BOOTT, late of Duprez si Green's Mlnstrela, LOW GlTLOED, SlOX OOLXTHB, . Johr PrmcELL, J. H. Rxtxolds, J, H. Oabls, J. W. OiunLEa, W. H. SOEAFFXB, WU. DkHABT, Prof. J. TimraaAT/it, W. Tatlob, i' P. Annxixa, - T. Smith, F. B. Bbowh, T. Williams. Win Perform In Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, New Ha- ven, Boston, and all the' principal olUea In the Eastern States, for a short season. In order to give time for the repairing of their Opera House. SICK O'NEIL, BualBesa Agent HABBT BPBAGTJEV Assistant Agent to- Ah, Orpoamoa Pabttxs, unleaa BED HOT, take a r^searT ., , . 89-tf. " TT fl T! lw E' tT^IT ST OPER A HOUSE, BOST ON, MAB8. •. ... r ■ MONDAY AUQUSTSd.. i vT T AOBRO BBOTHKBB, PELL A TBOWBBTDGE'B MXNBTBBL8 Consist of the following Gentlameni... LOH MOBBIS, N. LOTHIAN. . I BILLY MOBBIS, & M^OAR BQLL, • JOHNNY FELL, i. QUEEN, J. A TBOWBBIDGB, ■ V. WILMABTH. 1 B, W. PBBSOOTT, B. FBXSmOKS, J. L. GILBERT, J. f. HTL LIARD, ■ I 1.1. ENDRE3, .• •■ : . D. J. , MAOTJINNlB, AUGUST BCHNBTDBB, • , ;L. A. ZWISBLBB. ! D. .W. BOABDMAN, i . ■ JAPANESE TOMMY, i The *fy«* g**w««fc osll r^Ttiffi 1 *? P ft^ftf to theslioTSjdlftln* fUshed amy of Talent •. , . , Xtoksta U oentai Beserved 8eats 60 oesta. BOMB LOS MOBBIS, Managsz, VBB UOAOIHO UmOKh TTtOUPBl OF THB AGB. . T W EN T T-F O U B. ! BRILLIANT ETHIOPIAN STABS, Defying and fir aintilHng an competition not even excepting soft II XBOBT OLAD MTJVBTBXXST. THE WOBLD O DTD ONE : ■ By the famous and ever popular DUPBSZ A GBBEN'B MINSTRELS, ' BURLESQUE 07BBA TROUPE AND BRASS BAND, 'The largest, oldest and aiost complete Troupe ever organised and brought before the' pnbllo, introducing four, unequalled Comedians In the persons of Charley Reynolds, Lew Benedict, 3, E. Green-end Harry BtanwoodV A MAMMOTH ORCHESTRA, of Fourteen Arustto' Muatotans, each one being • soloist and master of his peculiar instrument. __• . • THE LION CHAMPION QUARTETTE of .the nineteenth century, core posed of the renowned Signer Gustavo Bldaux, J. E. Green, Edwin Holmes, and Gonaalvo Bishop, admitted by all good Judges and critics to be the best Quartette ever heard In tbe profession.. t - A BRASS BAND OF SIXTEEN PIECES, Led by AJpbtmae Bergeron, the Royal OoraettUt of Canada, pro. nounoed to be the most extensive and finest. Band traveling, ,, ' The whole of the above combination of talent appear in an orlgtnal'and i MAMMOTH ENTERTAINMENT, nightly, before crowded houses—In many Instances hundreds of people are tuned away team the doors.' ' The largest Hall* In the country will not hold the Immense todlenoes .who rush to see end hear this unapproachable organ! . • THE GIGANnO POSTER ■ . need fw advertising by this Oompany Is the most magnificent and gorgeous pleoe of design and arUitlc work ever seen. It Is fourMea feet high and twenty-live feet long, worked In fine oplors, being the most oostly (and nineteen sheits larger than any) bill ever before printed In the world, and which cost nearly two thousand doUan. The first two of these Posters were put up In New York, In the Central Park, for the pnbllo to gaze on and feast In Printers'. Ink to their heart's content It oovera nearly four hundred square feet surfaoe. Large Mammoth Boards are erected ■ at great expense In every olty to put up this ornament, and every body Is amazed and lookupon it with per- fect aslonlahment as such an enormous enterprise. • The-Troupe are again on an extensive tour through tbe East- ern Country, Just before their departure for the Canadas, the great West and the South. For full partlculArt see programmes of the day. On the arrival at each dry the Brass Band will march from the depot to the hotel OHAB. H. DUPREZ, A. S. PBENriSS,l SAM POND, 85 jUaUXOH'B OPERA HOUBB, BAN FBANOIBOO, CALIFORNIA, THOS. HAGUTRB Proprietor and Manager. JAMES DOWUNG Stage Manager. J. L. SOHM IT. .Leader of Orchestra, W. STEVENSON Treasurer. THB STAB DRAMATIC COMPANY. MISS SOPHIA EDWIN. MRS LULU SWEET. MBS. W. 0. FORBES, HUB 0. HINCKLEY, MISS NELLIE BBOWH, W. O'NEIL, FRANK MATO, CHARLES THOBN, WILLIAM BARRY, D. 0. ANDERSON, HAB BT CLIF TON, W, H. HAMILTON, F. B, WHITE, a STEVENSON, W. B. TATLOB, 610., &o*. Ao« Stars visiting California should bear in mind that Mr. Hagulre Is also proprietor of the Metropolitan Theatre, Sacramento, and the MarysvUle Theatre. FAAHWHLL TOTJR ' OF THE UNITED STATES. The Great Original, and only SAM BHABFLEY'S MINSTRELS, BBASS BARD, AND BURLESQUE OPERA TROUPE. Tbe Uahhoih Tbodts or Ttm Wosld. SUPERIOR TO ALL. ; At the termination of the present season, : They win appear In : FEW YORK, BOSTON, i pHLLADELPHTA, BALTIMORE, and WASHINGTON, BAM BHABPLEY, Sl-tf Manager and Proprietor. ' BOBIIIBUK ii HOWEB' CHAMPION OTBOUS, caiOAGO ILL. NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION. The undersigned want to engage Ability, and are prepared to treat with performers, EQUESTRIENNES, EQUESTRIANS, . . GYMNASTS. OB CLOWNS. The Building la comfortable, the Dressing Booms commodi- ous, well heated, and possessed of every convenience. . STABS can arrange for Two, Four, or SlxWeeJu, and Bland- aid People for Stock, for the entire season. , AdAnas, with business, terms, and time, ' . ROBINSON it HOWES, 8Ht Box No, 1345, Chicago P. 0. . BOSS KATE) FISBBK, The Distinguished Young American PROTEAN AND EQUESTRIAN ACTRESS, Has Just concluded one of the most euooesaful and brilliant engagements at the Varieties Theatre, In St Louis, ever known In the Dramatio annals of that city. Her MAZEPPA Is pronounced the most ArUeooand Daring Female Eguostrlan personation ever seen upon the Ameiioan boards. The Stage Horse DON JUAN—trained by William R, Derr— used by alias Fisher, Is the best in the world. Managers of Theatres wishing to make proposals to Mlu Flaher for Engagements, must address GEORGE J. DEAOLE, Varieties Theatre, St Loula, or, JAB. CONNER & CO., 83-tf 38 West Houston street N.Y. COirrilf BHTAL THBATKE1 . AND MUSIC HALL, Walnut street above Eighth, Philadelphia. AILfflON A HTNOKEN......Leasees and Managerf. Infuturo . NO WAITER OIBLB. NO WAITER GIRLS. The Largest and Beat Oondnoted Establishment In Amerloa. NOW IN THE FULL TTDE'OF SUCCESS. MAMMOTH COMPANY OF 100 PERFORMERS, . Who are greeted rJglrUjjb*' ' '; vfjiffiwBB AUDIENCES, In Pantomime, jMnHZprlesque, Ethiopian Acts, wjMlfot the Opera, Oymnaetlos, to., ftc,, . Whloh are preacdteWJsT the. pnbllo In perfection In all their datalla. •' :. ' ny.Comprtent Artists can meet with advantageous terms by' applying aa above. W-tf JAMES PILGRIM, Stage Manager. l'HH WttBat HIWl'IflHS, - . • MISSES EMMA AND ADA Managers wishing to engage the services of these very talented Artists, for STAB Engagements, will address them care of gl-tf . Cijitxb Orna, or 33 Henry street, Brooklyn. TO MAtTAGlDRB AND PBRFORBIKBB.—Again and for the last tl me, we call the attention of Managers andPerform- en who are IN SUB DEBT, FOB MONET ADVANCED. FEES, fro. If immediate attention Is not paid to the forwarding of the money, we will give the r^esof parties oonoerned. ' ..>.. JAB. OONNEB £ 00„ Dramatio Agents, 8Mt .:38 West Houston street, Sew York. BPIlKLKY'8 NEW MTNSTBEL HALL AND AQUABIAL GARDENS, Bummer street (near Washingto n) Bos to n. 1 THE LABGEST, FINEST, BEST VENTILATED, Holding twloeaa many People as any Minstrel Hall In Boston, Not withstanding the Fact, Hundreds are Turned Away from Its Doors Nightly, 49- THE BUOKLEYS, -& THEIR STAB YET UNDLMKEDI The world renowned • B, BISHOP BUCKLEY, FRED. BUCKLEY, G. SWAINE BUCKLEY. JAMES BUCKLEY, ■ Surrounded by a OonsteDatlon of ■ UNEQUALLED ABTToTB, EACH PEBTOBMEB A STAB, And every Star a Brilliant one, Including The Queen of Song. MBS JULIA GOULD, ' Supported by e Corps de Ethlope of 30 Professionals. t& The Buckleys' Repertoire embraces many fresh gems of Vocalization, New Acts, Operano Burlesques, and BHABDOMaNTHIAN PECULIARITIES, i Done in their own peculiar style, and not outdone by any Troupe In the Profession, for whloh the dozens of Boston and the press have lavished upon them the most flattering demon- strations of approval. to- THE AQUABIAL Is open Afternoon and Evening, ^S' Admission to both Exhibitions, 38 cents. Beserved seats, 80 ota. NOTICE.—Persons visiting the Gardens in the daytime are en- titled to a oheok of admlsaaBn to the evening entertainment ■ ■ SO-Bme ORBAT CODIBIrf ATIOrJ. NOVELTY SUCCEEDS NOVELTY. MARSHALL S, PIKE, The Celebrated Author, Comedian, and Delineator of Eccentric Characters, W1B play a Farewell Engagement In the principal cities durinc the Fall and Winter, assisted by . M*LLB and YANKEE OLUM, The Great Prince of Yankee Ecaentrloltles, Thus forming one of the Greatest Combinations of Talent that has ever appeared together, Onaraotejlstlc Dinstratlons of Beal Life; Fun, without Vulnar- lty; Mirth, without Alloy. ' Look out for Marshall S. Pike and Tandee Glum, ; »4* GEO. K. GOODWIN. Manager, VARIBTIH81 VABUBTTBSII VARIBTIBBIM Pennsylvania Avenue and Ninth street, WASHINGTON, D. 0. HAHBLIN.& Co Proprietors. FITZ SIMMONS Stage Manager and Advertiser. HONS. BAPTISTTN Maitre de Ballet 49" GENIUS OUR GUIDING STAR. The First Class Muslo Hall of Washington City. Endorsed by the leading Journals of the Nation's Capital. Their dally oommendaUona prove our assertions, GRAND CLUSTERING OF ART AND ARTISTS. Cards of Admission, 60 and 36 cents, Private Boxes, 86. 0f Professionals of sterling ability, and STABS of merit «nd reputation, wlahlng engagements, will address . SO-tf HAMSUN A Co., Proprietors, WASHINGTON, D. C . THE MOST MAGNDJIOBNT MUrHO watjt. IN AMERIOA, No Walter-Girls employed. Ladles and OenUemen of known ability always wanted. : no outside performers employed—none but the very best tal- ent engaged. ... ' Address to WILLIAM E, BTNN, ; Sole Proprietor, ^^L^^-^^^^^^^^'--- -'- Washington,,D.O. EXOHANGB PLACE, ' BOOHESTEB, N. T., • Will be Bented for Oonoerta, Leoiuree, EibiblUona, io. Address W. A..BETNOLDB, ; !»to« ■ . 69 Arcade, Booh ester, N. Y, •WANTBD.—Two or three first olass end men. None but strloUyflnt olaas need apply. Good salaries win be paid, and engagements made for one or two years. No traveling. Apply Immediately to B. M. HOOLET, Hooley's Opera House, Brook, lyn, or 140 Broadway, New York. XM1 .-j- --. - .. FOX'S CASINO, CHESTNUT B TBEET, PHILADELPHIA, THI ONE GREAT MU8I0 HALL ,s , OF THB QUAKER OTTY. BaT Artists of acknowledged ability can Invariably And good engagements by applying aa above, personally or by letter, , ORRIS, NOBRIS, BoAinass Manager^ • W. N, BMTTH, Stage Maaager, tiH ^«|»A«*-i50Ma«i|f. ,T A . • '*^raA^BEIai ono, Ti^HaunmKt^^roTth" Bftm *«* Mhti .Eants; and whlohSSLny frleSo^andtte'pur^^ wfflseeataglanoe. embodlestne taleht to varS^T * T^iLL^raEDIFFEiENT PHASES OF d arbW tT _» | • '. ... and whose brillia nt Maax "*>, SOIREES D'ETHIOPE, gained fortoem with Presa and Publlo, the till. ~. • THE ETOELSIOB BAND OF AMERICA? !«W Bead the names:— M, 0 CAMPBELL, Proprietor and Manaff«» RED DAVIS, Comedian. " JOHNNY BoSer7(Jbi»i«*i— JOHNNYWH1TINO,Comedian NED 9WjBSLKm'S2 BtUu * N.- W. GO ULD, Qoltar, Tenor, T. WADDSETTnolw.' MASTEB BDDT, ' .. OVlSSkSSSvU^. • Surnamed •.■Onbas," J. BAILIY, ComeL WQni9 > A. rOOHOIJ^, Leader, J. LIVINGSTON. J; FBAUNIOHT, Contra Basso, " Vlohn Bseim*, J; H. WARD, Tenor" . A. STEWART, BeoondCmSl : THEO. JACOBS, General Agent^^aJ 1 iiaaii^^^ /w ^^^^~ Wrt ^^" .Eavec i JOHN A. FTcTflliHR Manager and Pre The enly proper and Popular Building In theffltv fniru. certs, Leoiuna, and other ExUbltIon*7\lan be rented night or weak, duiiur the months ot Jnlv l.^Jro™.."/."* Company, 18-tf AB applications directed to " ^ 'DnmiHs . JOHN A. KTiTWiER, Jr., Cleveland. 0.. or O.A.WAONBB, OoTomQ a VXUMOia OF WAIJU8 THKATRBj This truly elegant and very beautiful theatre^^ 1 !^'*™ lng the wholo of the year. a—am ~ AMERICAN STABS, of acknowledged position and talent, negotiated wtu for lone as short eugagemeua, aa mutual lnteresta raay reanlre. Addreaa, ALEX. HENDERSON, Utt ' - Bole Lessee and Propristoi. DBAQLB'S VABJBTMB, ST. LOUD. THIS VERY POPUL AR ES TABLISHMENT, Ann thb Labo xbt a ran Uhttzd Biahs, n now a tmm FULL TIDE OF SUCCESS. First Class STABS treated with at all tames. None »n— need apply. JAMES OONNEB A Co., Agents, 80-3m« or GEORGE DEAOLE, Bt Louis. ACADtUKY OF M USIC , CLEVELAND, OHIO, JOHN A. wr.vJT.mi Manager and Proprietor. The best and most popular Building In the Olty for OonoertL Lectures, and all kind of Exhibitions. It can be rented by the night or week, during the months of January, February, and • March; also, July and August 188a, the remaining menus be*' lng ocoupled by my regular Dramatic Oompany. 18-tf Addreaa JOHN A. FXL8IAB7cieveland. Ohio. ST. OlaAIR. BALL,, PADUOAH, KENTUCKY, 107 by 68 feet; Stage 86 by 67 feet Appropriate Scenery for Dramatio Companies, seated with an. ed Chairs oene bottomed, lighted with Gas, License paid, Polios furnished. Liberal arrangementa made with all drat class Entertainments, None others need apply. Population of Paduoah, Ky„ 10.000. 804m BIOEMOND A JAKE WAT,. Proprietors. OAldFOHRLA THEATRICAL. AOHITO* .—SEEM. DAN OOBBTN would raspeotfolly Inform members of the dra- matio, Musical or Equestrian professions, that he has established en J " " * menu Cession. . N. B.—All letters requiring answer* must ooctaln a stamp to pre-pay the same. ... 14 HADAfflB LOUISE TOUKWIA1RB, the well knovn Equestrienne, can be found at ell times the coming whiter, at' Newtown, Long Island, where parties requiring her services ou apply or address by letter. SMm* HR. AND HRN. BARHKY WILLIAMS, THE ORIGINAL IMPERSONATORS OF IRISH AND YANKEE PEOULIABITD9, Will Inaugurate their Winter Season, at NIBLO'S GARDEN, on Monday Evening. Nov. 33d, la a series of those pleasing and arnatlo perrormcnoea, which have gained for them the soubriquet of the most attractive STABS In the profession. SMf ■OTlUafi KXTltAORDIrlAttV.—Maiiagers,ProprIetoii, Stars and other*, wlahlng to seonre the service* or a thorough Showman of over twenty years' experlenoe, who, from ocutaat travel la theronghly posted In regard to the Press, Hotel* Routes, Proprietors of HallaVTheatres, eta, In Europe, CaUlbr- nla, Australia, West Indies, United State* and Canadas, In the capacity of either Agent advertiser, or Manager, will please ad* dreas J. L. E., care of NxwYobk Ounn, The advertiser, be- lieving himself folly oompetent in the above eapaotuei and fa> valuable to any entertainment that la or may be brought befors the publlo, soUolts an engagement at a moderate salary, whtsh, however, must be sure. [83-tf] J. L, & UWW^BIlluroT^ THEODORE DUTTON, Ben to Inform his old friends. Managers, and the Publlo go- ailly, that he la now located at the • WM-pmm STEAM PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, 18 SPRUCE STREET, NEW TOBK, Where he will give his personal attention to the prodacuas, « any style, of all kinds of SLAIN, COLORED, AND LLLUBTBATSC SHOW BQIA Particularly adapted for CRAVELLTNG EXHIBITIONS, OTBOU8E8, :MENAGERTBS, ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCES, _ : GYMNASTS, MAQIOIABK fRAOK CUTS OF ALL, KINDS, TBOTTLNO TO HARNESS OB WAGON, DOUBLE TEAMS OB BUNNLNO HOBSR POLITICAL CLUBS. T. D. trutta that bis many year* experience In the tmilsM we very large asaortment of Outs at his oommand, any of wmj' tan be printed In one or more oolors, the servloes of the bsn Designers and Engraven for new work, win secure to him a oo»: Unuxnoe of past favors and a trial by new patrons. Van PBOPLB'S HALL, • IN NBWBUBGH, N. Y. , . This Commodious Hall having been re-modelled and enlugw, now open for the use of 0ONOEBT8, LEOTURE8, to. No pains have been spared to make it complete tn an rtMr- rsngementa. One of Oannan A Fanoher's best Pianos has »•»» added to Its furniture, and win be rented with the Han «* reasonable prtoe, . Any further Information can be obtained at the Book •» Muslo Store of OHAB. EBTABBOOX, Agent . . 87 Water street, Newbnrj*. Hdtlxb Mtllxb, Janitor. Sept 31,1868. .itJIlL. SHOW BILL PBINTLNG EBTABXJSHMHNT IN THE WOBWI OLARBY A BBILLEY, (Buopessors to John & Bmob,) PRINTERS AND bNGB A VBBB, 19 and U Spruce Street New York, Pay parOoular attention to getting up aU Unas of _ FANCY SHOW BILLS .^j For traveling oompanles, and have on hand a large and spisw assortment of large and small WOOD CUTS ''flfav Suitable for Clrcussee, Menageries, Ethiopian Perfcrrfleri,^J nuts, Maglolans, Ao., Ac, wfiloh can be printed in one or sp- oolers, to suit customers. JO-A deposit required on an work ordered. „ ■-fiy, SorderTaddretsed to "CLABBY A BBLLLEY, ^SStnt lng and Engraving ealabllahment 13and 1*Sprucertreej"' York, wUl be promptly attended to. OHIOAQO VARIBTIBB, r i 116 AND 117 DEARBORN STB EOT. 0, M. OHADWIOK. ? GEO. F. MCDONALD t Bt*ge [stor. wow a Tn wuhh wd« or WOXWSS; (H And nightly visited by Crowded and Enthullastlo Adoisaw of Ladles! and Gentlemen. Xhli place having wioommudatlpna for lOOOPEGPLIl^ .. . ssskse* bnot Urg* enough toaooomodate theerowd* th« '^"p'ertfeners oan always meet with good WW*** W ipplying to the above Proprietors, or to "w?* JAB, OONNEB A Co,, ...^ «.f. ■ 47An J6 West Houston itxestB^L. MBTROPOL1TA1* TH^B ATRB, BOCHBSTER, N. Y. T. B, "vr/ra , Aotlngand Stage- First Class STABS, Opera and Ballet Troupes, Hi eaUberal terms. Address es above. ' ■•>■:,,. . :.. ■