New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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AMERICAN SPORTING IfD-THEATRICAL JOURNAL. :-.;.r,-,p;n Cdltor IHE OHASMB OF THB FAIE; OB,'; ■. OALIiTOTM WITH fkm OIJU. WJB LrVB.," YIOIB BmBI 10» IB! awr tOMK curtsa, - • By the Arthur of ..flTJBIB KHIOHT.*' JABT BEOOHD. • XL <oo« alfhl «ub ehinoed to go apon »•bam,' ^ftottofether. TwuifertoonuB&t. is novelists would ur; no stars had ooms linen the sky's blank Imt ane'f sharpest tight, tj JSned by whiskey, oocktaOt, or try Tom. ■ vyMKhi by • mm to guide him right i nftt neither of oor friends ¥H tuy It&tUkt, NEW TOBK, SA' , i' Bat nsttlisr of onr friends was tut inUBt when they left Hew York the hour^u-tate. ' " xn, 1 Thar staggered borne, OonsideTibly "cooked,' ' Just aatne church bell toUed'the hour of one: 1Mb found hie own door, ee he thought unlocked, •*"•?■ Ai he, In nights gone by, had often done, lad therefore entered. Neither rang nor knocked, But crept to bed oontented with their tan, »ad never thought—the mleereble rakes— girt drunken rnen an apt to mab mistakes. «Bat I win eey, eTotdlag ell dep.trap, Which storytellers do so often use, Oetrw two beroei tell Into ■ nip, g^hirttfc the other 1 ! wife. It vu no tw, Sot simply »n rurtortanete mishap— Bid they been sober they might not refuse Theohsnoe, But bed tt u for am'roue plans ,„ Toiwapene'i wife for eny other men's. nr. •Tbsslmplefoot 1*, being tight, they'd blundered, And entered by mil tare each other's honeeet And hid Ton Tilled the place jou had not wondered, For L Uke these men, fresh from my carouses, Oould hardly ten them hid they not been numbered: And then the bed rooms of their loving spousu Were moan alike In ell their forme end feefuree; BeildeJ, their wivu were both molt lovely arastures. ST. •■When morning dawned, end He who rules the dey Hid lent ue greet fitn on his wonted million 1 When night had, with his bUck ghosts, sunk awey To bleu John Ohlnimin with dreams Byelin, The wives tamed orer. In • lorlng way. To klu their lorde—when, Hesvens) whet e vision t It oouldn't be I yet, there e neighbor'! feoe Wu pillowed snugly In the husbsnd/s plane I xvt, "A women when ihe'i frightened always lareemi— It glTee her solid oomfort I've no doubt; infl to thli lady woke my friend from dreams, By en outrageous yelL He tamed eboat, Awake alert nrprlied, end then, It teems. He eew the reuon why he'd heird the shout: The whole troth bant upon him In e ruinate, Hejumped from bed u lively us linnet "A servant girl li often good et hearing. That Is, when anything anaeael'i brewing; And one of thete most metal persons, fearing ' ■ Tint lomethlng worth the looking et wee doing, Oime quickly to the ileeplng room, end 'MtHu> :; Bight throagh the keykelecew^e sifl&llb* ^ miiue t saaooemwadinnBaragirat Whet thli moot angular rumpus wu eboat. •Then, with e look of hoaeit Indignation, She hastened to the kltohen, there to teu The etertllng newi; end it the Information, The other eemnte, fearing 'twee • ttH, All harried np the italn, end took their itctlon CDoee to the door. Hy friend raehed oat pell men And, helf nndreued, went harrying down the itelre, Tut ei foot reotre ran at Irleh nlre. "He reeohed hli own eweat home In time to lee Hie neighbor jut emerging from the door, Ardmataeleiplenetlone followed; he Then hutened on, end found there wu In olore VOr him eiooldlng from hUUdy: ehe Wu engry end Indignant, bat he bore Her frowns with dae humility and patlenoe, Whleh Is the beet way on ell eaoh ooouloae. "Tht matter there might qnletly hire died, Without lis being known unong their friends. Had not the servants epread It far and wide. Bat It got oat, end when my hero wendi Hie wey flora town, his oomredu wound his pride By stkua If he tuailly ipends HU nights In bed with other people's ipouies, And If he's apt to enter itrenger'o houses." m, And here the story ended. We arose And took a drink. Then Lambda palled a paper Iron eat hli pocket; blew hie good slsed nose, And iild that he bad burned the midnight taper * •writing ma long. qeUhe:-"Arosi iweeter muoh than this tobacco Tapor; w «tap yonr smoking, aleo stop your noise, AalheslfTJfjnj inamorata, boyi." 7^ DEOEMBBB 26, 1868. I VOJU. XI^>He. 3T5 new Kmerald House Wai Ughted^ip to 11a foil ratenCand a grand All the prlncdpal polltlslans of the ward were pissed off, u the papers said, with great EMMA J. NICHOLS, Ballad Sinoeb. For BfognpbJoal Sketch, see another Oolamn. THE JJBEBTHE AHD HIS VIOTIM; • "• *. . ob. THE BOOH OF THE PBOFUUT& ATALBOF tB3 LIGHTS AHD 8BAD0WS 01 HSW TOBK tOE UOVM. AND OBUUll ,' The Toeatre, Turfi Ring, and Bagnio. vum aiwuTiT roi thx row toek oum ' * OHAPT£B XX lax. Oinxr aid bill hall | iau a "dbof o' utiqiut"—a "BOCOH OUSTOHZB—DISOOrSBT OF IBS TUP—TOBSOH A 00. VlfflT TEX CL1TXBH AHB HAZX BSTISAL 01PTUB1S—AISOUZ OF bill xra Tiars-iuiiAici boubi is mieoB— fob osob a worun bolus bbb toiioob—how bill ssaiFB) fbox bolab*s —FAX. B0L1H OTVIS A "BLOW ODT"—BILL'? bbvxbob— B0BBIBLB DEATH OF MOLAM 1ID HXS WTTX—AlOTBXS rlAS ABD FIBAL BUT OF THX BMXBALD H0C8C / .1 my Jolly ptpWn; veU If this ain't a runray go! Is yer, BUl'ADi wherd^a' thought to see yer orer in this bleated plaoe t Oome on, all'one; to mast 'are snmmat" Suek wu the eilutatlon vdreesed by Bam. Oakley to BQ1 Ball, on meeting him one erenlng In the streets of BrooT" BUI replied he 'Tea u right u e triret," and after ahi hands together for about aye minutes they disappeared wll a door oorered with gseen oloth, within whlofi the euppoMd "sommajl" wu suppoeedto exist, of wnlob. Sam. had united B01 to partake.- •'An' wot'a the news, old *unf" asked Bam., after contemplat- ing for a brief space the Interior of a pewter mag with erldent eetlsfeotlon. •Nothln' very gaeis you're ery pertloalar, u I knows on," replied Bill; "I 'eard the resalt of that 'ere last mill 'tween Tom .., llTOHABstBB. Ohl glfd ebold I wander by Aoheron'i stream, • Below with the girl that I lore; lorgreater the bibs of that region would Mem Than the glory that dailies shore. Her hair Is u black u the wings of the night, Andltloeeih itself In Its ourb; and her bright haiel eree are my sunshine and light. And her bosom is purer than pearls. Ofall of her sex she Is trust and but, , Bhe opmforte me when I would weep; AndpiBpws my head on her snowy white breait, uue^ours when the world is asleep. l*yot chained br the form and the art That gortrns the groTeuen of earth; My ioui hii no home sate In her lorlng breut, And my joy is to sing of her worth, Tta> glsd oouM I wander by Aoheron'i stream, Below with the girl that I Ioto; *w Peater the bliu of that region would seen Xhan the glory that flaihuabore. . ' (90 BB MHTDmiB. ipleton and Harry Oreenway t" •Yee, air I an' a fair an' square stand up nght It wu,too, and although 'Any wu beat this time, It ain't no dlagraoe neither; he ain't quite fit for Tom, bat he doooed soon wilf be." ••That's eisotlr wot I think, Sam.- Tom wu too 'eery for him, and wouldbare beat him easy the fait time, if It hadn't been for them ouieee—bat their goose wu oooked nicely at last" "Bat, Bin, wot are you a doln' orer 'ere, any 'owl" > "Vy, I Just took a notion to—rlthout anythln' definite to look 'arter. I'm bothered ebout that ere case o' Sarah EUlott'e in' I'd just Uke to find out rem that ere Madame Bourl 'u dlsap- peered to." "Veil I so would L I goeu your gal woe dreadful out up' about her sister." "By jingoes, yes I Te roe s goln' to be married Just Ten It wu dlaoorered, en' now it's pat off, an' I dont b'llere she'U fMl'appy tin that 'ere roman's found; an', poor thing I she's In suon low iplrlts I don't like to press her to be married Just now." ••Blsrm that Louies Bourl—or woterer hePniine is I Vouldn't I list like to 'are the putUn' of the rope round her neck rloh woe to 'ang 'er—be darn'd If I rouldn't r Bam. had soanely oompleted this sentence when s rough' looking customer, in a seml-lntoxloated oOndltlon, tamed round end with en utterenoe almost unintelligible from drink, exclaimed:— "Who the h-l's a talkin' about 'angin" Louise Bourif She's a 4—d fine woman I—d—dl"—and u if suddenly reooUeottng himself, end appearing to think he had laid too muoh, he stopped short and, paring for his drink, wu about to leare when Bill stepped in front of him sndask'ed :— "What do yon know about Madame Bourl t" ■ "Ws-none o' your d—d business I" wu the emphatto reply. Muoh to the surprise of ell, Bin Hen stepped qule'Uy to one side end allowed him to pus out As soon u he wu gone be seised Bam.'a arm and, whispering a few words to him, they followed him. "Now," said Hall when they had reeohed the street "Bern, I oould a knocked that feller down but I didn't ratio; It might a' rplled suthln'—but I'm goln' to see that oore to his crib, u I foUeri him for a month, o' Bnndsys. Wot does yer say T" "I says. B1U my boy.'t'm rlth yer; If s a little in my line, an' I rather Bkes It en' if we doei any good the old boy ron't And no fault I'll ewear." As they antiolpited, the man they now followed called In at Tarlous saloons and imbibed freely, thus rendering his locomo- tion not only rery unsteady but slow. With untiring patlenoe, howerer, our heroes followed him, and finally found tnemselres iklrtlngthe walls of the Nary Yard on their way to Williams. wos yer erer at the old 'ouse re re the man Ured wot tookoareof Id. Burton t" "No I I nerer got the ohanos." ' •Ten, 111 bet a river jouU be there to-night That ere ohtp'i a' steerin' either for that plaoe, or sornethln' near It I rent orer ronoe to see lt| lt'e the damdeet plaoe you erer seed—but I render rere that eirsra Is wot Barton wu locked up In eo long; the ahenoe of dlstugulshing themaelres by bearding the lion In bis* den" "Thaf a the ray, BUI; an' they can't git out of it neither, no hew they owns It" . "Veil, I knows a fast-rate chap-yobson, one of the deteottree —he is raytber a good hearted feller, bnt he'd attack a' tiger, I b.Heve; let's go to htm, end then p'raps re canjlne In an' 'ere a little fun to ourselres, and ohaw the periloe 'ombags awfully," "Vm rfllin'," sail Bam; "let's mtezie." "The sooner the better; I guess I knows rare to find 'im— toddle along." And baring "mtzzled," they proceeded to "toddle," and in half an hour, or little more, were at the door of Job. Jobaon'e Srlrate resldenoa. That worthy wu reoslled from the lend of reams in whloh he wu et the moment roaming, and welcoming BUI Hall with unfeigned pleunre wu Introduced to 81m., who "«u proud to 'are the honor of his acquaintance." The detective listened to their story, and wu delighted at the prospect of s dlsoorery whloh would make up for his disappoint- ment in not apprehending Bin Jackson, and freely expressed bis sense of gratitude to them for their kindness In giving him the first opportunity to explore the unknown and muoh sought after cavern. Selecting a oonple of men In wbom he could place confidence, "and acoompsnled by Bam. and BUJ, the detective started earlr In the morning for Williamsburg, and about daylight reeohed the>lu>TeL The doors and windows were closed and firmly feitaned, but they were provided against sll'dmergenoISi, and 7 soon removing these obstaoluwlthu Utttenolse u entered the hut This they found empty. The press wu nexl examined, and after considerable trouble the spring wu found and the trap wu raised. AH thli had been aooompuehed with the utmost caution, and without disturbing the Inmates—If there were eny. Jobson descended first, accompanied by bis sldk; Sam. and BUI, at his request remaining up stairs to set u i. guard. Advancing to the extremity of the passage the lroudoorwu found; this wu snobstaolstheyhsd not looked for, and were dtUneraUDg what coarse to pursue, when the dUBoulry wu solved for them by the door being thrown wide open, and BUI the Tiger and a companion stood pistol In hand threatening to shoot the first man who pat bis foot across the threshold, en- ds on ted, Jobson with a spring rushed at him and BUI died, but missed his aim, and in a seoond the two were roulfag end struggling on the floor. His oompanlon, startled by the sudden onset and probably not yet recovered from his drank, was easily overpowered by one of the others, while the third assisted Jobson. After s protracted struggle BUI wu seoured with handonffe on his wrists and msnanlwi on bis legs, and lay cursing his captors and all around him. In the nulee one figure, though not unobserved, wu permitted to leave the cavern, and with haste She eped on her way and reeohed the floor of Ue hut only to be received in the arms of BUI Hall and Sam. Oakley. "Let me go I" sheorled; "I have been Imprisoned here against my wllL" "We oannot" said Halt ••Why?" "Sarah Elliott has found her sister I" said BUI with measured emphasis. , With a moan she sink to the ground, where they lit her re- main till the rest should make their appearance, whloh they did shortly; but Bin Jackson refused to walk and had to be dragged sjong, while bis pal followed In snUen silence. Oonreysnoes were obtslntd and the parties started for New York. By thli rime the newi of the disco very of the cavern and apprehension of BUI and Madame Bourl had spread, and hun- dreds had oolleoted to see them. The excitement wu so great that the mob threatened to take the prisoners and lynoh them on the epot One carriage oontalned Jobson and an assistant in charge of BUI; the other son talned Madame Bourl and BlU'a pal. In charge of Hall and the other offloer. Bern. Oakley baling gone home. When nearlng the ferry an attack was made on the vehi- cle' which oontalned Madame Bourl. and it wu overturned. Jobson left bis place to aid In securing her iron rloleioe; this he effected by gel ting her end the other prisoner into a building protected by a body of poUoe and respectable citizens. The other oerrisge wu t>y this time some way ahead; when he reached it he found the driver In a stupefied condition, standing at the carriage door in a itate of bewilderment; the offloer he left wu lying in the bottom of the oonveyanoe with a wound In* flioted with a knife in the region of the heart, and BUI the Tiger wu—gone. The story of the driver was that two men mounted to bis seat, one on eaoh side of him, and dragged htm down; he then receiv- ed a blow on the heed and remembered nothing else. When BUI wu last notloed he wu In the Iron room ot Pit No- lan's house, and that lr. dividual and bis wife thought, and con- gratulated themselves on the olrcumstsnoe, that no had been eonsumed in the oonflagratlon whloh they had just got up for hisspeotal benefit; butBUlwuitUl alive, though they did not know it till the newspapers gave the aooount of bis oapture, end their horror at the discovery may be Imagined, the more especi- ally as he had again escaped. After Nolsn left him BUI wu by no means easy; he knew he would do almost anything rather than part with his money. After s UtUe consideration he pro. oeeded to fasten tbe doors of hie place of oonceslment more tho- roughly, and while so dolrg first deteoted the smell of smoke. The thought of Nolan's diabolical treaohery immediately orossed Ll_ -_ Ji ,V~ I 11 . 1 11 _ _ ■ J. things of this life. present end#verj _ _ edat Never wuPst Nolsn insuoh high spirits, and for oroe he actually dispensed with his pipe and sported a cigar, Gradually the guuta took their depsrtnm, snd u the last one took bis leave Pat, with a sigh of relief, dosed the door and, exhausted by his tabors, retired to rest In s room built for tbe special sonommoda. tion ot himself end spouse In a retired part of the premises, He had not been long uleep, when he wu awakened by a heavy lund bid on his breast; snd, starting up, he beheld the hsgiard form ot BOI the Tiger standing over him. "Oet upt" said BUI In s voice of deep intent displaying a firm, ■tea not to be trifled with. . . . . w ^ BUVlbegsn Nolan to remonstrate- . '™ upl-d—_n youreui tnterrupied him with, and draw- SSitrSP" k . f *?. fallfe from hla breast, ho took-bold of Nolan snd SSa*. 1 * ■^?, th ? ? 00r ' HMe "ok" • now »° » disposition to B S • » to !le blow from bis fist deprived him of all senses. He then with a handkerobtef aioced him, taking care to leave his nostrils free for respiration. snS\hei1boundhS hf™ JR d !r™l "f,""? * 1Ul » wpe with whloh he had provided T!!?L . h *'?' , hld this seoompllshtd when Hn. Nolan gave signs of awskenlrg; but with a bound BUI wu at her bed- £Z «be had time to open her eyes her throat wu out rrom esr to ear. tJn^^J^ V^?. u 5 n< ^ ( L c * re Mleevored to restore Nolsn to a 5rfif2S5f 1<m 01 Ul , k? 11 "" i «H» he wu not long in doing,ftd SS^Ti^li'^If °*fS rt '<* Ufe snd freedom; but as his tr kKwfS.*? bed ' bftbeathe blood-stained corpse i JzZKZiH . F* w u !i d ' nn « e dt0 P > 0 ' perspiration stood upon Us brow, and he would hare swooned had not BUI dashed s pitcher of odd water orer bis held, end applied some fragrant salt! to his nostrils. Nolan struggled haxd.^t«urL»ke4»S. lyon. At last s fiendish smile Soke over ki oout3«™sn4 aalaing UajmUe, ^ norrt bls denbenttofa', lie fustasrsred the tendons of his legs at tbe knees, snd then performed s almi, lar operation at his elbows. .... "Bo, Pat Nolan, blast rer soul I yer vould hare roasted me la the iron room—and yer thought yer did it too, didn't yer? Yer thought BUI reuldn't trouble yer sgln, but yer wu wrong for ronoe. It'e a pity yer warn't more keerful—next time yerTI do better, ront yer ? But It'll be In B-U, Pet Nolsn-lt vont be in theBmeraU'Ouw, u I knows on, for yer time 'as oome. an' I 'opes ye'M ready—and ihsf s more peril teneu than rer sboWd ter me. An In case yer rUI be lonely yer ySWm aQ resdy to go rlth yer—but yer ront need eny mopuuee there, so 111 take ears of 'em tm yer needs 'em—hal ha I—ven rUI that be, I vondeni" and BUL getting hold of iome keys from Pst's pockets, opened an iron safe and took possession of sll the gold snd ipone'y be oould find, which wu considerable; snd continued:—"butpVsps yer may vsnt tbe eafe rlth yer, eo yer may u veil 'are' It' on yer back;" snd BUI drugged him towards it snd bound him to the safe u erect is be oould, oonaldsrlng the oondittpu! he waS tn— •■and now I thinks ye're about ready—hal hal—arid 'yer vould 'are routed yer pertiokeler friend B111T—veUI vtrli good (am deserres another, ao veil see 'ow rer llkea It yerselt" a And BUI, oonttnulng to talk in the same taunting strain; now and then Interrupted by a wild laugh and ohuokle -at the fright, ful agony Nolsn wu enduring, busied himself. In pUmg around him aU the artlolea of furniture he could gather. He*ibsa'<took Hrs. Nolan's body snd threw It an top, eloee toberhuiT fooe; snd from ajar whloh he took from bis pocketed quantity of tar over them both and over the furniture. .. thing completed, he again set himself In front ot Nolsn; and^iL banish glee glostod over the antulib he wu '""'^"g on bis rloi tun. At lut, either tired ot this amusement or . dreadlngthe approeah of day, he concluded by seizing Nolan's hand and wish* log him a safe journey. He then let fire to the pile in various pleoes and. watching it for a few seconds, tosee itfklrly^oniis wsy, he left tht room, fastened the door on the outside, put the key In his,pocket and escaped from the house. The mysterious second burning of the Emerald House, wfih the desth of Pst Nolsn snd his wife, was a matter of wonder'fot a time, particularly in hte ward; bat no one ever found out-the true t lstory of the affair, and no suspicion of the reel- origin of tbe conflagration wu erer gueesedat 'It was siaply ascribed to one of those accidents which often happen and- are unaooount- able. Tbe only article which, was secured from thi ruins wu tha safe, wrUrns-doOTSoper^.i^U'suggfsW the — nothing oould be made out of IS, and rery soon It spoken ot After the death of Nolan, Charley and Hike were Induced to speak out end corroborating John Oonlan's story about the hns of the two hundred pounds, measures were taken forttsrejm. bursement snd it wu recovered with Interest troxi fundi wbiah Nolan had in tbe bask. I ' Nolan's lotions, snd bis oonneotion with BUI and other' ensr> ■olerscfthe sort were also rentUsted; end it wu how quickly people discovered that they had been bunded? bow rapidly nls name went down In his ward. -Had he oome to life again, he would eertslnly h ave been Baked out of the plaoe, - 10 BB OOBTOflUBn. r DRAMATIC AHD OTHBB numSWM,' , NEW akatta.—NVMBEB TniBTY-aixi * Ul FOB TBI BXW rOXX OXOtBB,' 1 UBS. EUHA J. NI0H0L8. : Tbh lady's maiden name wu Davis. Bhe wu bom in LowelL Hau„ February tth, lBiU At the early age of six years'she sang st a oonoert given in 6t Paul's Ohurou,TtoweB,a song called "I have no Mother, now," composed expressly for her. a$. the Se of fourteen she became a pnptt of Mad. Arnault of B^eV>n. - ,e continued with her u a favorite pupU, until I18SS, when she made her debut at a concert given by Qmtive Batter, at Ohlo^er- Ing's Booms, Boston, u a prima donna, and wu. highly su e p as s fat Bhe continued studying and occasionally giving oonoerts, until 18J8, when ehe made a tour through the Oansdu ssprfisa dm no, with Hall's Boston Brau Hand, In August IBdsV she marriedThomu J. Nlohols, of Boston. ' This Udy is at present the greet feature of the Oontuentsl Old Folks now traveling through the principal Western towns and cities, giving oonoerts la the oostumea of old laog syne. Mrs. Nlohols Is by birth s New England lidy, and from her earliest reooUeotions evinced a strong desire for muslo. Our fintrecol- lection other wu In 1860, when she often participated In m^ny of the prlnolpsl oonoerts given In Boeton snd its vlaui|iy, siwjyi being rtoelvcd with muoh favor, snd gave promise of foture exoeuenoe. In the yesr 18S0 Mrs. Nlohols first''joined Father Simp's-Old Folks, with whom she traveled sll over the United States, visiting all the principal dues, and meeting with great nceeu u a-ballad singer. Bhe aooorspented the troupe to England, in Jan., 1840, and ssng before a large number of the nobility. Returning to this country after a chart visit abroad, she took a brief rett and then joined Father OuUck'a Continental Old Folks, and with that party she visited sU-ihe principal Western snd Bonth-westera towns snd cities, meeting with unqnallflod praise. Mrs. Nlohols is one of the sweetest songstresses that ever warbled the aire of old, or New England. One must bear this lady to comprehend snd appreciate the solid- ltr the rlohneu, the liquid luiclousness, the pathetic osdenrl of her golden voloe. Her Intonation Is as true as steed, ana her 6^0^0111^ dear and unusually distinct There Is a purity i her tone, beside whloh distilled water would run sallied. Her roosl organ posi wees all tho sweetneu. flexlbfllry and mellow- ness of tone; and her execution all Its clearness and finish. Others rosy come near her lo these things; but It lain her noble snd beautiful simplicity, in ber oontempt for every frivolous or- nament In her faithful adherence to tbe text of the composer, snd the parity with which she reiders It in the grandeur of her oonoeptlous, snd the depth of expression whloh penetrates every beart that ehe Is unapproachable, and leaves evtry other oojn> petltor In simple baUad-alnglng far behind. While ehe wu In London, ebawu presented by the Hon, Lady IUtbbun (one of the lsdtoi of Queen Ylotoria's Court) with- an Im.!...* feo.tro Vuvw-.i^a .Mk riNUU. vhfnh v*a winched htll