New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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TIE NEW YORK CUPPER AMERICAN SPORTING AND THEATRICAL JOURNAL. FRAMK gCBEIf, ) gdltor ul Proprietor. / NEW YOBK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1868. « VOL. XI_llo. 34. {PBJOB BIZ OBBVSt THE CHARMS OF THE FAIR; OB, BILL YIN OB WITH THE QIBli WB LOVB. nnna iipuui to» the rcw tobx aurras, By Ihe Author of ••BUBIB IHiaiT." THE FIH B T EVENING. XIXVXU. i'I tossed her lips forthwith; the, nulling sweetly, Bomarked ehe feared my work would get on alow; lad then ahe ■bragged >>er ahoulden op so neatly 1 pertly eew ber globes of driven no*— j own that ihe hid won my hurt complete!?. A bearing bait, * pretty foot below, A sonny temper ut > wUllog mind — Hun thue whit other thlnge In wonun and ? "1, ill excited, drew her on my knee. Her UUle hind lay like • fluttering bird Within my own, and I sou Id plainly ise That ehe wu thinking of whu had occurred, lon'U uy twu silly; but Jul then to me Tbit womu'i every accent, look ud word nil valued—7ei I wu hoarded ui treasure: TM power of lore knows not reetnlnt or measure," unx, TJaharalled oome ill mlahepa ud dinger, Um cannot gue npon the mystio morrow; Tea inluohe falla on the moutiln ruger; ni fortue ride* npon the wlagt of lomw, ^ it ill Umee bed look oomc iui struger ill unexpected: be oontrrns to borrow ■ere nib In which to clothe hli ugly futune, nu there ue oraedi adopted by the Beeohen, •laitthen, of all time* elie, I felt locrin, lid gating on my lovely ledy'e face I dreunt of lovu I thought would long endure— Imagine now that yiu were In 017 place, Aftd coald jou picture hipplneu more pure ? A pleeiut room, 1 womu In the caw; A woman too is loving and ai pretty Ai uy to be found In New York olty. "Butnddenly I beard a foolabjp near, And quicker than It tekee to tell the tale, Ihe WTatbjhaebudof my erring dear 8lood In the room. I lamed a trine pale, And ihe, poor lady I trembledtomswhat"—Hen Friend Lambda mattered o'er a mag of ale:— "It he came ia you tell jour tale—no falter— Ion might hire ran iwir from toil dlsuter," Contlnoed Xippi:—"how he oime to 'ipot' Hli wife Jul then I'm lure I do not know: But eo It wu, and I have ne'er forgot The look he cut npon as two. Although I tried to briro the trouble ont, bat whit Avtiled II? Sure my oike thin time wu donga; And then, you aee, apparuUy to up Ihe ollmaz ahe wu mill upon my Up. "But I hid not the tune to contemplate The turn affaire 10 recently had taken; For seizing me he struck mr tender pate A blow tntt itmoii settled np mr bacon. Tin ronied me from my non-eombitlvo state, And rushing on with howls that might awaken The dead, we olosed ud straggled In neroe strife; Meantime I wis enaouriged by his wife, I LTV. "She ciUsd her own liege lord a horrid brote. Bald hewu Imbecile, grai-halred ud cruel; That ihe, how kind of her I would let me shoot Him dead right there, without a formal duel— ' Bot I'd no plaioL therefore didn't do 'L Perhaps twis well, her words bat added fool To inger which it leut wu fleroe enough, And made Ihe blows I hid to take more rough. "Out after we'd had something of a lassie, lie had to knock from under, for my blows were heavier e'en Ihu his, You aee my mosole Wu np; he got a dnadtol bloody nose, I took advantage of the ensuing butle. And ru iwir from ill prorpeoUre woes. And kept my manly form for auny days Shot op it home, eoonra from pubilo gaze. ilvi, "0( coane the husbud'e hipplneu wu gone. His honor lost, ud ill thit lort of thing; Bo nothing now wu lea for the forlorn Old man bat a divorce. The mirrlige ring Told not of faithfulness, u on that morn When In his home his fair wife he did bring 1 The old chip thought of It, then swore ud wept. And wonoininelllhttnlght alone he slept. ILTU. "Next dty he law hla confidential friend, The lawyer Ohealem, noted near ud far. He na in honest nun, he'd never bend To bribery; oil monli Like • stir Baone pure end brlUUnt—perfoot morili tend To glvo menpraolloe at the New York bir; Tor hoaeel lawyers ire not rery plenty, They do not arenge more than ten to twenty. xxvm. "But Oheatem bid icqnlred a reputation, At church he occupied a high prtoed pew; Wu very metk; he snubbed no ricA relation, Aid priyod • creed that wu most awful blue, In poutlcs he held a modest elation, Of ottoe honors be had grasped a few: Hie smile wu blind, his temper rather sonny; Hie keid wu atooked with brains, hit parse, with money. 1LIX. . "llo kid u office down In Wall street, where Loog rowi of books looked out of eheepikln binding; A lengthy stairway convoyed people there, Whiob, Uko Ihe apldtr'a parlor atepe, wu winding. nwalgas wore alack on every other itilr— 'l OboitenV—to uilat ono In Iho finding pr thit timed room wherein the lawyer ait, la reealneia to argue this or that. L. "5"fw> eoody clerks made ooplea of hla cues, Tbotr huda wen fall of pleading ud of points; itiy ill bad yellow hair and yellower faces, - laok lustre eyei ud rery limber Joints. "Jin Fata dealns to kill a boy, ahe places uuninjutsuchaiuaoe. Lack ne'er uolnls nioh heads u those with thit ellsir oU, "™cb gtree men bresd ud batter without tolL H. "Jell, tblther went onr friend; we'll call him Joneei Jreougb tbit wu not bis urns— 'tis J uit u well. «•WdT Obeitem with fall miny groans Bn wire's ibortoomtsgi—how, in fact, ahe fell, "»lawyer chnokled at nla oaths ud moans, i°d thought, perhips, of feu then—who shall tell; X»»y rilo ho gladly took the proffer « being counsel, which old Jonei did otter. "Too (ilk about your telegraphic teals, 1 JJ.'l'nedlnB newi ao wonderfully quick! ' hu jou that a woimo'1 goulp beate thing all hollow. If you're drunk, or alck, °" •breads the Information through the etroete; Jwi. what la more, ahe apreade It on ao thick, •uiercry pain beoomes tho dyarateryi ftitsunido the calla a glau of sherry. TO UB O0HTDIDSD. ^ ) fl 0 ^«n.-Kppi ain tb»t dyrpepil* to lh» lemorse F. 8. OHANFEAU. ECCXNTRIO COMIOIAN. For Biographical Sketch, gee another Column. THE LIBERTINE AND HIS VICTIM; OB, THE BOOH OF THE PROFLIGATE, A TALE OF THE LIQHT8 LSD SHADOWS OF ITEW TOBK LITE IjOVB. ARU OHLBLE] | The Theatre, Turf, Ring;, and. Bagnio, wnnnx sxraisaxT ron ran mw losx aurm, OntlTEB SVL—Coirmrczn. afndime BonrI, for a few weeks, had enjoyed considerable re- pose; keeping op her connection only with a few of her select customer! whose pockets she knew could well bear the heiry drainage to which she subjected them. She also derived con- siderable Income by tho sale of her figure to pholographio art- ists, who In their turn made large coma by too alipoaal of copies of tho handsome Loutie In a state of nudity—such pictures be- ing eagerly run after by oat young men, ud old ones, too, ud found oouplcnou places on the walla of disreputable homes. In her elegut little chamber lay Kadame Bourl In all Ihe beauty of admirable dJ>MUU',whne br her side reoluuh. the form of a hoarr-beaded old alnnar, no other thin ktr. Biehardeon, the aoKlue of Frank Beverley'agamhUng hell, ud the victim of BUl'a garrotting propensities. Wrapped In alamber, neither were aware, shortly after midnight of the pruence of e third party who had found hla way Into the room, ud with cartons ejoi wie gazing on them. Puzzled for a few momenta what to do, Bin the Tiger alood irresolute; In fact he bad not precisely locked for the presence of other Ihu Madamo Bourl herself, ud wu not quite prepared for the emergucy; but Bin soon set- tled with himself his mode of procedure, ud commenced by thoroughly lnvullgiHng the various pockets of Ihe old gentle- man, wnlon having em piled with aomo profit ud ullsfacllon, he next awoke the pair. - Oreit wu ktr. Blohsrdson's consternation to find Ihe predica- ment he wu In, ud he lay quaking with fear, expecting every moment to be murdered In the most cruel manner. Bill could not help laughing at the miaerable appearance of the wretoh u ho ordered him to Jump out, ud aided him considerably In his exit from the bed by a Jerk whloh depoaltod him In the middle of tho floor, when no got down upon nls knees ud, in piteous eooenu, begged for his life. But It wu no part of Bill's poUey to hurt him, so he locked him up In a closet, u ho wu, warning him, under penalty of death, not to make the slightest noise, and then turned hie ittentlon to Madame Bourl, who though dread, folly alarmed knew heller thin to create a dlalurbuoo. , "Vyl Louise, my deer, if I 'id 'a' know'd you vos so pertlck- larly engaged I vouldn't 'a' disturbed yer; but yerseomybls- neu vou't keep, an'Ihu Jlitto take the chance were I gets 11— but I ron't detain yer long, or that old cove '11 get hla death 0' cold," But what brings you here now t I thought you had prom- ised to leave me alone." 'So I did; but van I nnde It neodlul In course I kin rome sgiln, u there's no von to lodes me." "Weill what do you wut now?" asked HadimeBourl, who fueled ehe wu secure from uy personal Injury. "Veil," answered BUI, "wot I vanU la thla-to morrer yor must leave this 'ouse, for a little; ud give out that y jr hu gone to the country for a few days." "But where am I to go to t" "Veil a voile, ind you'll find out. Yer tnrjt meet me to- morrer night st the foot of a rind erreot Wllllimeburgh, in 1 then I'll get some one to show yer to yor lodglna'—yer under- stands me I" "lesl yes I I do," "Ooodl then mind, at twelve o'clock punctual; ud, mind yor, 'are's mother thlng-sco thit thit old fellow don't blib inytbln- about this wUlt o' mlno, or msybe ItU bo the worse for him. Now.JuetTonkleiaforelgo." And BUI enjoyed himself for halt an hour with Louise, much Ip Ihe dlsgul of Mr. niohardoon who, by applying his eyo to the keytlole, oould witness all that wut on, inl tbendluppcared u mysteriously u he had come. after what air. Rlchardaon had heard and aeu he wu hirdly In the humor, after being released from bla oonilnemeat. li renew hla Intimacy with hla fair partner: besides, u BUI ulicl- pated, he had ought a aevere cold, and anwzed ud ahivered ud ahook to anch u 01 tout that It wu painful to witness, ud glad was beta eaoapa wlth a whole akin. He mentally Jotted down hla trussing watoh udmonoyto his prodl and lou ao. count.and got u quickly ont of Iho house u hopoulbly could. ^ Aooordlng to erringement, Madame Bourl, who wu bewildered by BUl'a jequeat and knew not whit to make of It, Informed her domestics that oho wu about to leave town for ■ few dan- udto give color to her statement puked up a small ban with things she thought she might neod, called a carriage, drove to u aoqoalntuon whom ehe spent Iho day; ud at the appointed time wu on the spot Indicated by BUI, who tbero mel bar, and by a circuitous route conducted ber to Ihe hovel attache J to the cavern where Red Barton had been confined. Her bu/tauk within her ushe entered the piece, bat her consternation wulnoreued tenfold when, opening tho Inn BUI ordered her down. She hoeltatsd and would have refuaed' but with a curee be aelzed her and boro her to the oavorn llem ber terrors wen anch thit he threatened to "atop her howling for ever," unlets abe kopt quiet; but thinking tint a Utile reflection In solitude would do her good he left htr for a lime to her own madllationa—and what were thoio f As event after event In ber llfo paued rapidly boforoher mental vision, how bitterly did abe repent tbi train or olrcum- itucu whloh had led to her present rite. That this last blow bad been lnstlgstsd solely by s caprice of Jackson oho did not think—by whose minority then did he set? There wu only one mm in the country to whom iho conld attribute the deed, ud ahe bit upon the right one—OoL French, In daUyfear horaeu* of Ihe discovery ofthe bodlM of Miry EUlott ud l.taolle, abe knew tbit the Oolonel muit ill ilong havo toll 1 elmllar un eulneesi for, In cue of her dotoorlon, what would become or him? Kill or rlaethey must logelber-tbat elie bad resolved upon; bul the Oolonel had been too deep for her, ud now ebo wu reaping the reaulla of her foUy In not by eomo means or other securing her surety from his mschlnaUons, BUI soon gave her to undentud that for some llmo, al lout, Ibis wu to bo her place of abode; eiplilnlog to her that this wu lbe hoednnatteraof the gang he wu connected with, ud ,f, B " ut b * content to miko herself u onmfortablou posalble under the otroumstancei, u be bid no better accom- modation (or her, But what was her honor, whan ahe furtbor ,b ? ""Wued butu common property, ud had to submit to the embrace! of every ruman who choee totikeafanoyto her I V7hat a change I from tbobedofdowa !!S, , ^i!^"M , k , 5 ,w " J, ^^ ,w,o ^ u,, un4 ' t ° hard now or rock from which ber llmbe were barely protecttd, ud lbs foul canues of the vilest of the earth I But how muoh belter was she with the bluted hopes of mined virtue on her eonl, ud the life of more than one fellow creature to answer for ? In a few daya aflerwarda Pit Holm put Into the hands of s broker, a confidential agent of hla, a letter posted. apparuUv. In a WMtern city, authorizing him to dlepoio of tho furnllure ud^everrthlng belonging to Madame Bonn. It wu In her handwriting, ud had bean forwarded by BUI to one of hla con- federatu to bo dispatched by him; so that, In the event of ur Inquiries being made, It could be produced, prorloz alio that •he wu not lu Aew Tork, but had gone to aome other State to reside, Tbll wu accordingly done, ind thodomeellca dliohirted ud paid off. Bul there were throe parttea who took a> deep en Interest In Iheae transactions u Ihe persona more Immediately engaged; Iheae were BUI Hilt, Sarah BlloU, and John Munaon. Ther had not yet given upallhopuof finding Sarah's alater. •nd had kept a watoh on Madame Baurl's movements to aome extent; but htr lul escape, as they deemed It, hauled them to account for. BUI made Inquiries, ud finding out the name of the oily from which the letter wu posted, alerted for It; but neither on the route nor In the plaoe oould be and the amaUaat tracitot her, udhe returned with the conviction that It wu a.D(*Vf (Ms* thaima prvusmuiy iho wu not far off. ..nLJfi^? «' Mb luewhoto lot or 'am. to berate." ..»IYJlfi!!! l ,. bam ilmultueouly from the Una of alL ..vln SinS*.' 00 propoutodo IhatV' aakadhli^nuter. m« fSmTt?.^ 1 "Sy *"l »» " can git two or three Smu intimated that "If ,- vouldn't try." " the Uble, ■ Br °P«Wok:" cried one of Iho gentleman at "And L and 11" wu heard ill round. M^uSSSflL,™! i^aJS •■•»•»»» >*r. Weston found that ho Mold supply some of them with revolvers, and the remainder r-Xd^mi?, ™ce^'. ! " " ~ »»»P™Uy uSu wa. On leaving the main gate leading Into ton grounds, a sun was S2.S^ °,l ~^,S"P»«. S"-.wlUioutTwort of warning, attacked the fellow, tripping him up In a twinkling. 5*!? namowjunr'he orted; "and with a eonl be had .. " a purpose, ud wllU , B ana thin htA Kim conveyed to the atablu and planed In charge of fa omen left there, until they relumed. On searching hlm,.a-hUly, loaded with lead, and a whUUe were found-she lilterTu wu supposed, to be used In giving u alarm. Bat 8am, gars him ni time to use either. . At a certain point the party divided, ktr. Vealoskakfnf charge °i 0 "»ing, and Bam guiding the other, being bettuuqualntad with the locality than any of the others. WUh atxtraa? cautlan each approached their appointed stiUou, but Sam, who wu the 0l . th<l f" 0 ' "*>h«<l his hifore hb muter; ud In his itrfZJ 0 g * l J! I"?*" o{ the enemy, wut too near tht edge of the rock on whloh be elood, ud displacing • atone, II rolled Into Bn.5 , J?.V™t 8m "'"Sdowu aloniwlSilOu 'i&jTfiZil It B .o' f 'l >,wh0VM t>y. With an ImprecaHooibe rushed liSlE* ^iJ"^! "*° h him the rest of the patty, with ahouta, aurronnded blm, Barney ud the rest cameiolbla u- frJKS!' " d • """J lo-hand Ugh! of the moit desparalt cbarac. \si^ssx^ maUB ' " At lut It became evident that the burgura hid met therr match; two of them were already on the ground ud plnloned.ihenBlli gavethealgnalfor flight; but Jut before startfng d>. Mew oaU pistol and, having discovered Barton, made 1 ruah al him ud Bred; but Bam. noticed the movement, ud with • Uok which al- T'J™^»™«'th»t^iolflitn(itath»ilri Bntlntoav. oeaptkb xvn. atoii srixa it tbb amawpouiaii—snaron am ouvu ao onr to DDWu-aui. oazLET loam Tanu the nrrzonvs nun. mas— '"mi kuhbu von"—1 nupuiTE zxcoosnn— iubrv DXan Tun tihb — buktor wotnrDtn— OBaiLzr asm inXBOBT HOLD OV A PAU Or UNCOWIOH "OaBJUl 'O.VS"—1 BTBEa— the anrrcn— hot ao nanus uru ai.l— i mice tup —CSIBLBTT aiTD MIKE FKZL nATOU UEAH—EXLEiSI OP COM- uu— bill sua Bxruas with tods ooLoinx Aim onr una it. Hid Btraron ud Jack Oliver atUl continued their eeereh after BUI and Barney, though not with eo much anxiety u at Drat They bad not got sight of thorn or any or their agulaalnce Burton'a teoipe, ud they now almoat hoped that the vUlalna had quitted the olty or country ud left them In peace. Inaplte of all effort! to the contrary the story of Burton's imprisonment had got abroad, ud at last, finding thst conooalmut longer wu vain, ha allowed a full account of II to be publlahea. HI* wonderful preservation did not excite more surprise than the fact which It utsbllahed thit Barney, the anldde, wu elUl alive and well. The uowapipera blamed the Coroner for not having been mure particular, by having the body opened to uoerleln whether be wu really dead or sot; others asserted he must havs been bribed not to do It, and a great many equally rldlca- 10U9 etorlee wero put In clrculeUon. Bill ind Barney, with the public aoon learned of the escape of their Intended victim; and the former ul himself to work to Ind other means to carry ont the scheme of rovenge which still smouldered In hla breul, ud which flared up with redoubled fury et being defrauded of its object As already elated, they had bo*a aware of the search of the hovel bat had been warned of II in tunesuulcuuit to enable thorn to keep out of Ihe way; yet inch nu BUl'a hatred to Burton that be wu almost tempted to show himaolf ud nnlah him on thoepot; but thit he knew it wu certain death for himself ao to expose his precious caroau. How, howorer, with considerably more caution than before be ronowod bla atunUon to them; ud Uilawu done In a very almple munor, Barton, after hla recovery from the offecla of bla long fuUng and waul of treeh air, had returned to the Metropolitan Hotel to roaldc. In auoh a large oitabllabmont Ihore ere u immense number of serruta. many or whom aro constant];- coming and going. Pat Nolan by hla Influence, which wu growing mom Sowerful every day, easily got one of his tools a allutlon u a omeeUoln thehotol; and abe, wlthmoro ounning ud much leu chance of dlaoovery tbu a malo epy, conveniently noted everything oonnoclad with thorn that came under her observa- tlu.ud while they were oongratolallng thenieelvei ontbelr eecurlly, wu u buy u iho could bo reporting all they said, did, or intended to do, to Fat Nolan, who, in turn, Informed BUI ud Dirney of all that transpired, or wu likely to occur. Devoted to manly sports of all kinds, Burton and Oliver had made acquaintance with ill tho beat-known patrou of the turf In the olty, and among others with Hirry weaton, who had • gnat regard for all honiat lovers of the Held, and wu weU pleated to reeognlie In the two Engliiumu mu who. Ilka blm- ■elf, e»u Jired everything that wu not fair ud aboro board; hla houM wu always open to them ud at hla table thoy were alwaya welcome. One afternoon they got an Invitation to dine at Mr. Wuton'e, and II being a one day ud a pleasant walk, they started on fool and reached hla place ready to do Justice to the excellent faro ■ol before them: hut It ao happened that Ned hid left the note of Invitation which they had received upon bis dressing table: ud Ihe chambermaid, always on the watch for something to Blrk up, oirrled It offudtrsnsnllltd It wllhont deliy to Fit elan. This worthy no sooner observed Its tenor thin be com- municated with BUI, who lost no time In taking advantage of tho curcumaUnoe to promote his own ende. Accompanied by three or four u duperale obaractcrs aa himself, he eel out after dark for Flatbuh; and, after reeonnolterlng about Mr, Weilon'i premlau, dlipoaed of bis men down upon Ibo road il I lonely ipot near the Itaurvolr where be knew they would bive to pau on their way boms—but they bad not been unobserved. Sim. Oikloy, who hid boon Indulging in ■ pipe In Ihe cool of Ihe ovenlng, had noticed one or two men lurking about bla mutor'e place, ud ever alive to bla lulereata ho had dodged round ud round them, ud fluUy fcUowod them down tho road: and by crawling along the high ground on one aldo had loarned with aonie cortalnty how they were arranged and wbero. noturnlng home ho sought hla muter, who though be wu engeged wu alwaya ready to listen to Bam., who never troubled him without good cauir. To hltn he gate a foil account of what he bad aeeo, and then mado bin repeat it In presence of Burlon ud Oliver. „ , M "I em corlMo," uld tho former, "from Bam s dsserlptlon of these fellows, last two of them aro Dill and Barneyi bul how Iboy can have traced ua here le more than 1 can conceive." "Iibcatamyoomprehenalonl" oiclalmed Oliver. "Well, gonUeinoo," Mr. Weaton remarked, "there's one good thing—we aro aware of their prcauoe, ao you may u weU atey hero eU night, ud that wlU defoat their plus." »Vr, niuhr, put In Bam., who with Ihe privilege accorded to a favorllo aervant roll bluualf al Ubarry to apsak, "tuire'e a belter vay Ihu that" "What la It, Bun I" the ground, ud In the excitement BUI ud hla nmamlng frlenda made ttelr eeeepe. The laulhoms which tad been provided were brought ud UL On Mr. Weaton'a aide thsouualUu were one woundsd-Ned Burton, oUghUy-whUe they had secured three prisoner!, one st tho house two on the ground, and one Idled, or nearly so, for BUl's bsU had found Its wsy Into Barney's lungs, ud he wu fut dying. Assistance wu procured, bul erelt came he bad breathed his lut, without a sign. The two prisoners and the body were convoyed to the bouse, ud messengers dispatched to tho Olty Ball. The Superintendent ud a poeu of pohoTarrlved In due tlmo, end the prlaonore were delivered over to their care. The utmost regret wu oxpnued that Bill had wutped.' but un- der tho circumstance! pursuit wu Impossible at the time. In Uirney'a jioaseaalon wu found part of the note of Invitation sent by Mr. Wtelon to Ned ud Juk, which showed them clearly ' enough that their hotel wu not yet free of spies upon them, for Ned remembered of waving It upon hla uble, from whloh It mul have been taken. Burlon and Oliver headed handsomely s subscription which wu collected ud presuted to Bun. for hla vsluible acrvicee. On this becoming known In the kitchen, Ihe cook sud chambermaid, who were both deeply enamored of Bam., beceme eo eiclled over a dlaouulon u to their raaptoUve claims to his stlentloo, thit they nearly scratched each other's eyes ont, sud didn't apuk to one uothar for a month after* wards. ■ An Inquest wu held upon Barney's body, ud to make every- thing sure fail line, Iho coroner bed It well cut up, to see that no spark of Ufo remained, for which ho wu soundly rated by Ihe press, they declaring that the thing wan already ao clear there wu no neoeaalty for It—It wu merely a Job got np for tenn» med- ical frlenda of hla. /.<.', TJu time pruoneri were oeuanltud for trial on a oharge ot oouplraoy-to Injure Burton, ud • great tuny other oherges. or allernatlvu, only known to ud understood by the lsgal profen. sion, j Ned Bnrton and Oltvsr, after Ihe capture of hla asaiatuta, Instituted u lnveatlgitlon at the hotel to try ud find out who It wu that had been Ihe means of communicating with BUI, but they failed to do so, not the slightest tueplclon being efteohabta to uy one. This by no meus added to their oomforl; but ther wero not to be frightened by trill ea, and tat teed of leaving ana going to another placo, u they might bare done, they setthem- selvei to watch ud uduvor to trap the apy by sons means or other. . i <■ Boated In tho champion'! billiard house can evening, watching the progress of a game In the couru of being played, smoking cigars sud Indulging In the small talk so prevalent whan a sun bu nothing else to do, Burton and Oliver were attracted by Ihe remark of a young mu at their back :— "Mike, I dent au them here, and Bridget told ni they bad come down here, for ahe airr them go down stain u ah*, crossed the lobby." ' ■ • "Hush I Charley, they're right behind yen" ud some further conversation took plaoe whloh wu Inaudible to the listeners, and then the apeakera rose sod sauntered to another part of Iho room. . To u unlnlorealed observer there wu nothing very nartleular In the above abort conversation worthy of notice, but Just at the moment or Its occurrence Jack's mind wu wandering over the put, ud had Juit struck upon theiemombruceof JonnOonlu, who had beu Imprisoned for five yean for, p&satng ba4 money; and u tho namee of Charley ud Mike nog ha his tan, the recol- lection flashed aorou him that these were the aamemen whom Oonlen blamed for his misfortune, In eonjunetun with Nolan. An additional interest wu now sttiched to thorn froaklhe dis- covery that they, with the aid of Bridget (on Inquiry It wu found there wero thirteen maids with that name In (he hotel) were the partiu whom they bad to guard sgalast. ; Oliver bsd told Barton of Oonlu's itory, ud he wu'not eur> prised when In s few words Juk hinted to hltn who Ihe two f«l- Iowa wen who bad Juat left their rleinltyi but he wu somewhat amazed, though not half ao muoh so u Charley ud Mike them, aelvea, when he got up and, rapidly advancing to whan they atood, addreued them with:— . . i< "Have a drink, bora)" Now Charley and hla companion would rather not, but under the elrcumatineca they felt It might look rather awkward to refuse, ao they advanced to the bar where they wen Joined by Barton, ud then and then had a "round." Red foUowed an It, than Charley ud Mike. OUver all the while keeping up a running flrrrof ques- tions on all sorts of nulmporlant mallen in auch u euj war, that bolb Charley and Hike wen entirely at their ease, ooaeroding that they were perfectly unknown to the parllca who ware ad- dressing them. Burton quickly perceived wbat bla friend wia np to, ud aeoonded him in bla efforts to gain the conldenoe of the two rascals. In this they tuooeeded beyond their upecte- iiona, ud when Burton propoaed to Charley to ban a game at billiards, he at once eoaeded to the proposition, and it it thoy went. Bnrton aoon f»nd that he oould eeiOy have discounted his opponent, but he allowed blm to win one gime ud then an- other, after which ha threw donx hla one in apparent disgust, ud wondered whet they could do next to amuse themselves. By this time Charley ud Mlko wen In high glee, and they auggetted that If the gentlemen had no objections they would go to aome other plaoe ud hare some fan, This being agreed to they saUied oat, ud under Ihe guidance of Charley found them- selves In s h ambling ssloon near ibe head or Ann atnat; but faro wu not what Burton wuted, ao they ut dawn to oajrda, ud hen again he and OUver loet a Utile money. Although they knew all the time that they wen being cheated, they took no no- tice of the fact, but aeemed to enjoy the game conaHerably. Bach a pair of "green "une," Charley and Mike had never got bold or, Burlon and OUver wen new getting "obfueoalod" by the amount of Uquor tbey had Imbibed, and while apparently in a very maudlin alale OUver found that he had run out of email obauge, ud uked If auy of them oould ohugo a twuty dollar bill, Oharloy wu not long In pulling out" a bundle of notea and giving him amaU onu for Ills XX. Thau Jack pnlsnded to scrullnlao with great can ud then deposited them in hla pocket After play log t little longer ud losing aomo further anma In a very rockleu manner, Burlon ud OUver Intimated their Inten- tion of having aome upper ud'thuof going home, inviting Charley ud Mlko, with whom they wan now on tbe moot de- lightful terms of Intimacy, lo accompany then. This they glad- ly agreed to do, having no Intention of parting with iheui nilte yet, ud they ataggered out and along Broadway HU Ollrar roaohed the saloon wbero Ooolan had bun appnhuded. For aome ruaon beat known to himself he would not pua the place, but with drunken obatlnuy Insisted on going In It ere lor their refreshments. So In they went ud had a gay time. At lut Ihey rose to go and OUver would allow no one to pay a cut but himself. Taxing out hla bundle of huts be gave the waller a oouplo of thorn, domandlng hla changr* Tno waiter carried them to his employer, ud took a oonaldanble lime to come back; ud when he did return It wu to led him Ibat Iho bills wen worth nothing. Afters good deal of run, ho produced othor two. Charley and Ullo now began lo grow uneasy ud would fain havo lefti Indeed, Charier offered to peylne "abol" but Buxton wouldn't hur of It, The waiter and proprie- tor ware bow In dote counltiUon, ud Oliver ud, Ned were