New York Clipper (Dec 1863)

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266 NEW YOEK'OLIPPBEJ edcs^y watching thdr companions. At last th* welter hastily laltthepUuTohirlwudMIke conldstand U no longer, ud inmplngupriade a rush for the door; but Nod Mfl Jjck hid an- tiorDeted t£u tod, throwing off their pretended Inebriety. Mind ueTnVcheileyabowod fight bnl found himself *prawUng on hi* back In no Urn*. With the auiatanoe of eome other parties In th* nlac* they were quickly eecured, ud ue »Um arriving In • low minutes, thefour were marohod to the station hon*e,wbere OUver ul Burton noon oleand themsdves by a uHafectory *x- T i...« nn. Akrgownoootof "bogtu" nuterlil wu found on ud Hike, ud Ihey wen separately confined to the do- lectebleeoUtuoeofecell, when they no doubt in the course of their meditations ted the satisfaction of discovering to ■ oertaln- awho the "green 'nne" were, ud of calculating it iholr ltliore i (mount of plunder ihey bad dean od t hem out of. to ni oominuiD* "BW YORK CLIPPER. SITtJBDAT, DECEMBER C, 1663. *MWanHI VO OORIlirOIDBITi. B. W. H., Ohleago.-1. If el AJ1 Fours the dsaler give* himself audi, or more Ihu be !• onUUcd to, (here nut be > new deal: or If bolh parties agree, the oppoille pert/ may drew the (urprni oarda. If, bowerer, uy of the card* here been played, than i new deel muet enne wllbont en U. 3. In regard to the one whoM deel It In losing It on account of » ruled Ml, two ouatoma sue In vogue: one, thatlhe seme party dsala sgsln; the other, that the Son-dealer, or elder hand, a bill take It himself or com- pel the non-dealer to deal again, u be (elder band) ma? deem proper. Hoyleeays nothing on quutlonNo. 9, ao that the point should be agreed upon before commencing play. Natiowal Zooate, WUton, Ta.—Had 0 dropped the ball in- stead of catching II, Iben fi wonld bare been ont at 3d buo. a* he would then Save been forced from the let beae, but m C ought It on the nr. D waa forced to return to the let dim, and oouid only be put ont by Ibe bell being held at lat baM before B retained to it Of rourae II be wu touched with Ibe bell while off the base, either by the 3d beiemen or "any other man." he would be out There la no neoeeetry, Id caeu of fly belle, to peM Ibe ball to the pllebcr flrat; only on foul balla la It neceaury {hat the ball ahould be drat Milled In the banda of the pitcher. Get Bendle'e Dime Book of BaM BalL Btjoetail, WMhtngton, S. 0.—Horace Greeley wae born In the Stale of Vermont, ud did Learn the printer a art uterlor to the time you mention. Whu he flrat came to ibla city ho need to call upon a fellow towns-boy, than employed In a atore, tout now one of the proprletora of one of tho three orlnclpat dally papera here. The then boaa of aald boy, noticing Horace? . green appearance, asked who he waa: wlndlog up with tbe remark that "he wuted no auoh auepldona looking Individual frequenting bla premises." Beeebvb, Alexandria, Ta.—1. A "ronnd" la ended wben tbe nu la down on both kneea or laid out flat, whether by a ibrow. knock-down, or accidental tall 9. Joe Uobura le tbe recognized Champion of America at tbe preaent day, but were Heeoan to return and sot retire, be would bo more entitled to tho honor. S. No. Brnomctn.—We don't like tbe Idea of an oitra card being found In the daeler'o band, whan tbe oppoolte party hero made four tlmea. Tbe duler aurely might bare dlacorered the over- plus at u early period of the game. We Incline to the opinion that tbe four points abould be acored. B. B.—1. The olty of Philadelphia la eupntied with water from the river Schuylkill, 9. If you bet ten dollars each agaluit tbe three Mayoralty candldatM, you win ten dollar*, "dear of all In. cumbranoet," It's a onto way of making money, Lf you can get enough of It to do. Hunt Ricmuse. La Porte, Ind.—They ehook dice, lf we un- derstand It correctly, lo aee which ahould bare the honor of treating the crowd, Aa B waa dulyolected, and a pen this monoy truly, It wonld be unfair to e»y Ibat Ac did not treat. Inn Hissn, Itooheater.—Your budget did not reach ua until Honday afternoon, rather lato for ua to mako ueo of It. Wo would prefer to here tbe Items separate, so that tboy could bo placed In their respeoUve departmenta. F. W, F.-1. The lady la 10 years of sge. 9. She baa been married and dlTorced. 9. She has never appeared In any of the Wuhlngton thoatrei, bnt, we bellevo was engaged at ono of the mualo halla there. Lome W.. Washington.—John Morrissey wm IlMnan'e Ont antagonist In a regular prize fight, ami It waa in tbla battle that tbe Denlsla Boy amassed his left hud against one of tbo stakes, In tbe flrat round. MoOuixah Bot, Springfield, o.—1. Your first query wm to- ■wared Uat week—Bayers got drat Mood from Heonan In tho flnt round, 3. Forty-three rounda were fought In Heenan ud Bayers,' battle. Foolish,— Tour question docs not sppear to be very clear, bnt 'If Ibe wager waa on tho better band, It la plain enough that D, with hla "lull," beeta bis pah- of aces, ud therefore tahu the aide bet. Two Bills.— Never hevtogmtesurod either Hoenan or Bayers auras the biesat we can't till you to a guat'a eye, but ahould reckon John 0. n. the bigger man every way. Framm, St. Louie.—A wins. Baysrs ud Maoa neror rought • prlu fight for money In public h will therefore bare to fork orer his L 0. U. O.K. 0., Detroit—Anything of general Interest yon may see HI to Itemise, will receire duo attention. We go to press on Monday ereslngs. & A., St Loots.—If yon Intend adopting tbe alago m a pro- fession, you must either go through a regular course or studies, or commence at tho lowest round of the ladder, TmtsriAK, Norfolk, Ta.—We cannot aay when the sketch will appear) tbe ploture you eenl, m we Informed you by mall, wm too lndlatlnot for the engraver to get a good likoseM from, F. P., Phl!adrlpb!a.-Tou ere right There are norulMto govern Ibe ouilom, which 1a certainly erroneoua, Custom xuakM people commit many blunders. Dial, Doalon—The population of Cleveland, O.. at tho time or the taking of the Lut census,-wu 43,417; udot Detroit. Mich.. 45,010. Hobteet Dot, RprlDgflold, 0—1. The proprietor of tho New York White House will not be prwent at the Big Fight. 3, Morriaeey Is belting on lieenan in this raoo, ram Flst, Boston.—HI* real name wm not Sullivan, whioh Is sufficient to dealde the wager. He merely Msumed that name after hla arrival in this country. Yotwo DonnLLT, loth Mich. Vol*.—Hr.Tovesuvs the gloves nave been aont by Adams' Eiproas, for whioh be bss the usual reoslpt. O. B., Madison Bridge, Malntk—There is a treatise on that mbjoot In "S/alker'a Manly Bienlaoa." Svbscbdb, Tannton.—The seran of olubs should ban takes tbe deal. H, B. 0„ Salem—An aoe, deuco, tray, four and nro do com- POM a straight In bluff, audyou loae. B. L. 0.,, Little Falle.—You can proooro the Ivory goods you In. quire for through M. Nelson, who advertlaoa In anotheroolumn. W. Til-roiES, PblUdolpbla.—"AU's woU thst ends woU " and you were wise In hold Ing back that cbsllongo. wXiSESS: Eu,Tl,w ' Y, - Co,L Old SrosT.-BuUar, 3 Peok Blip, puuUShod a beok of that sort, wo believe, K. E. H„ NasnnUe,—The Lady baa boon msrrlod. but Is now divorced. No Naax—Donoolly'a fight with Coopor wu on Decembor 10. IB10, Z. X., Ohlcsgo.-l, IToenu ud Bayers fought but onooaa antagonists, t. Ooburn will not be present at the dghl. O. 0. W., Providence, B. I.—You aro not obliged to show your , hand to any but the player who called you, B. H. M., N. H. Bat.. Washington.—We bare banded jour letter to the party who will answer you by mall. Uoo, Portamoulh, Va.-In playing bluff. If A goes 39 cents blind, ud B strsddlM it, It lakes 0 ono dollar to see tbo blind. . aJtWjlDavis, Hdqra. 3d Brigade. ObsttuoogL-We refer you to Mr, Wemyss, who adrartUoa photographs la our columns. Tiro.—Joe Ooburn will give you lesions either In spsrrtng or wrestling. He can be found at 118 Grand etreet. ^•{^0,, Phil*deIphle.-Wo mar akelohthe lady In some fu- FmucLLrnii.-B bu no right to play it alone. DninuoxE.-Ve hsve no room J net now. V. B„ OlnelunaU.—Money to bud, ell right IThuk you. Fbooqiu or nr. '•Oboil Win."-The rebellion seems lo bare taken tbe back track, and Ibe "robeUoous" leaden are looking ap lbs muab-Ulked of last dllch. They occuplod Lookout Mountain for a long time, loosing out for tbe beet avenues of escape, ud lf doners! Urint bad not Interrupted tbem In (heir "ImpregnabU pmIUod," we don't know what might have bap. pened. The "light In the clouds" wm more than they bargained for, ud when the mist raised, the rebs. were missed, having all dUaolved together, ud of aucb la tbe kingdom of Jeff. So ouch ror the armies of the Soulkwcat. Mcado la off on uotber incursion after Leo, who appears to ba somewbst fretful ud , nnseUled, slow he left Gettysburg In audi a hurry. He may fetch np behind his defences at niobmond.if Meads or some- body elM dots not retch there bolero him. Ullmore la atlll peppering awsy at Sumter, and cooking tho Charleston gooie with Greek flro. All lookawell for tho caoio of tbo Union the Constitution, and the laws. ' V/HAT- Of THE BIO FIGHT t As the day approaches forth* Mttlementof lb* big match between Heenu ud King, the affair aasnmoa a good deal of Importance, and It la st last beginning to be tbe talk of the country. Up to within a tew weeks put, very Utile wm aald about tho coming match eicept In regular sporting elide", ud even smong the admirer* of pugilism but Utile beltlog took place. Within the past weak or two, bowerer, speculation hsi Improved, end In lo one on Heenan meets with takers; but the friends of Banish do not feel disposed lo giro such odds, eioept In rare cases, tbe general term* ranging about sti to four, ud even this they consider a Utile too sleep) but 11111, a pretty brisk bualneu bu been done at thou rates. By private lnteUlgeuM from the training quarter* of the principal* in this great match, we learn that both men are doing weU, ud wen well advanced lo their work at lut account*. Parties In London, who are good Jndgu of ring matters, consider that tbe obanos* an In favor of Heenu, ud that, barring an accident, he cannot lose. They do not fear any Interruption, either from the blues, or from th* roughs, every precaution having b«n taken to guard against a repetition of the scene enaclad at Fernborough. This we hsve from a source that cannot be doubted. We an glad that the prospect* are so good for a fair and squan mill between the young gluts, ud w* sincerely trust that nothing may occur to upset these c a lcul a t ions. It Is probable that Jack MoDonald will be one or Hunan'* ssconds. He Is with him now, super Intending his preparatlona. Who tbe other will be, we osnsotuy at present Tom Bayers wm spokon of, ud It Is not certain that hs will not be in Htenu'e corner on the day. He bu taken considerable interest In Ibe American, ud we know him to be Interested In tbe main slake. There Is one man on Ibla side that we ahould like to have seen In John'a oorner, ud that Is, Horrtsssy; ud we have no doubt that, bad the matter bean suggested lo htm st u early day, he would have gone over to iMt$ it "Mce ud assistance to Bonlab, for there la no longer MM bad feaUng existing be- tween them thst eilslted during tbRarst International contest, snd nothing conld have boiler served to completely heal the old breach than the appearance of Morrlatey In the ring u a second lo Heenan In his coming light with King. Morriaaey Is betting his money on the Boy, snd as he witnessed bis fight with Ssyers, and has also tried him himself; he Is a pretty good Judgo or Heenu'a abllltlM. Tuesday noil, Dec. 81b, Is tbe dsy originally named for the meeting, but, u we have previously stated, (t Is probable that tbe day bu been changed, and u earlier Urns fixed upon. At tbo request of parties abroad, we have abetalned from saying much about the training, etc, of the men, as some arrangements thst were In progress might have been Interfered with after the receipt of tbe Cuvfeb In England. Tim Heenu had arrived out all aafo, ud the three brothers, John, Tim, and Jim bad r ormed a Junction, and the American representative wm having tbe "delicate" finishing touches put on him. In our foreign do parlment, we give the latest Items concerning the match culled from the London sporting papers. A Slamdeu RanrrsD.—In referring to the lat* prize light near Philadelphia, between Peter Mucin and Jamee Bennett, the In- om'rer ol that city bu the following scurrUlou* attack on the poor pnglllal. Alter onlerlalnlng Its readers with a description of tho battle, it proceeds to Indulge In a tirade of spleen, u wilfully false u It Is unjust, Here's the paragraph referred to:— "If these worthies would display their valor by entering the ranks of the Union army, and fighting the enemies of tho coun- try, It would redound much more totholroreiUtbntwe bsre yet to learn that a prize fighter Is poueued of thai true courage which would enable blm to shoulder a musket, ud face death In the eervico of lit* country." The writer of this knew u well u we do that In his own dty a braver man than William McMulIon nover led a reglniont Into batUe, ud although not a professed pugilist, he la known lo be a friend ud admirer of all that is manly and fair In a prize light Wo suppose it would do the fnTiifrer nun's heart good to sit In his our chair and writs of the slaughter of all ston 1 men', whose courage ud skill aro equal to any emergency, ud who u a body b eve done u much for the Union cause u uy clue or dtlzcns In Ibe country. As a refutation of this alandor, we will only ro- tor to a few of the true ud tried patriots smong the pngll. letlo profeulou who bsvs faced tho cannon'e mouth ud gutter. I ng steel without a murmur. New York Olty alone Is represent' ed In the Union srmy by Colonel Wm. Wilson, Captain Miohael Norton, and Hairy Lazarus, Con Qulnn (killed In front of the e nemy) Michael Tralnor, TJenula Horrlgu, Miohael Began, John Lauras, Biggins, ud young Franks; Brooklyn by Lieut Patrick Bruagu, or "Bcotty;" Boston by Lieut OoL Harry Finegsis, Lieut John Woods, Prof. Taylor, ud John Morris; Philadelphia by Captain William McHullen, ud Air Walker; California by Enoch Davie; Buffalo by Cel. Jamee Nelson, etc., etc When the newspaper rerju can muster a similar number Ihey will be entitled to talk, bnt not UU then. Tbe Inquirer has "yet to learn, a grut deal that It I* Ignorant of. If It wodd publish false newe than It hu been In the habit of doing, It might occupy a prominent position among the Journals of the day. BALL PLAY. BASH BALL ON THANESOITING DAY, Tm truly splendid weather of Thursday lut (Thanksgiving day) tempted crowds of ball players to spend the prlndpal por- tion of the day in the eierolM of their favorite amusement, ud In consequence every space of ground Bailable for a ball match wu oocunled by puytr*, not only from regular dubs, but by parties who eitemporiee s match for the ocoaalon. In Brooklyn then wm quit* a Uvely time on all the regular ball ground*, ud we give below the records of auch games as we were enabled to attend personally:— Tea Stab Oboohds.—Two games wen played on thaw popular grounds, one between sldu choean on the ground early In the morning, ud one between the oompoattors of the EaqU endt'fifon newspapen of Brooklyn. The former game wu one between fourteen on a aide, captained respectively by Messrs. Henry ud Thompson, the vtotorr, at th* dose of a well played game of nine Inning*, being with Henry'* side by a soon of 94 to 11. Ae a general thing the batting wu very good; tbe base play on bolh eldee wu flrat rate; the fielding, too, wu good. In bat- ting MaDlarmed, Henry, ud Qalpln took the lead on the win- ning aide; Thompson, Seller, Miles, ud Polll doing but on lbs other side; MoDlsrmed, Bedell, and Mile* made home runs. At the dose of this match, the typos from the above newspaper offi- ces entered upon their eontut, but with one or two esceptione they failed to budle the ball u ikllfuUy u they do the types, ud the result wu a tyrolsb kind of a game, the Eagle boys prov< Ing to be tbe greater tyros of the two; at uy rate, they wen out- batted, the final result being tbe success: of the Unionists by s scon of 43 to S4, In a game of seven Inning*. Williamson led the soon on the winning aid*, ud Berger on that of the defeat- ed party; A thin made the only home run. We append the scons of the above gam**, which an u follows:— EaoLX. Bergen Sbepard Hunter Atkins Toft* Sloter Morton □rose Total UATTDIOi B.L. BUMS ...1 6 S t t * 6 4 3 .34 ..4 ..8 ..8 ..3 ..1 ..3 ..9 TJmoji. Cooke, e Maynard, r f Stark, 3d b Keller, sa Adderly, Sdb Toogean, 1 f Taylor, p William son, 1st b.. Total 8 ...4 ...3 . .6 ...S ...9 ...0 S 6 7 ..43 Btrri* sunc m baoh nnrmoa. ' lat 3d 3d 4th 5th (th 7th Eagle 1 1 1 7 9 7 8. Union 4 0 3 IB 8 ft 0 Umpire—H. E. Dydntnomutch, of the Unknown dub, Time of the game—two hours ud forty mingles. 8th fJth .—34 PBsjanrrtTioM to a DnxiiBD Patuoh. —On Saturday evening, 38th ult., a numeroue gathering of bllUard elan, profoaslonal gentlemen ud others, ounrred at the saloon of Mr. 0.0'Oon ner, In Fourteenth etract, opposite the Wuhlngton Monument, to wttnu* ud take part In tko presentation of s very beautiful, large, and maulve silver plloher to Ned Bryant, Esq., of the fa- mous Bryuts' Minstrels. On tho pitcher Is a modest but very suitable Inscription, to the effect that It wu presented to Mr. Bryant by a few of hla friends of the billiard fraternity, u a testimony of their esteem for him u a courteous, affable, ud liberal gentlemu, and whom they look upon aa one ef the most worthy patrons or the gamo a/ billiards In this country. The presentation wu made by Mlcbad Pbelan, Esq., In a neat speech, most focllngly deUvered, which wm M neatly responded to by the recipient, to whom the presentation was si- together a surprise ud wodld not wonder si a alight nervous, neu of manner exhibited fn bis response, which evidently oame from a heart fully charged with gratitude for (be aentiments so pungeutly conveyed through eo handsome s gift, u wen M from tbo llpe or the General In Oblef of the billiard world. At tho conduelon of tho eeromony, ud after partaking of a bountiful t-oUation, Uio sasomhly orgauheed for a social time, Mr. Woolrldgo In tho cbalr, ud Mr. Phelan u "tbe worthy Vico," when speech.making ud aomo cxcoUent singing by Messrs. Nell Brynut, Bbcr. Campbell, ud Henry, became tbe order of tho evening, ud harmony [prevailed. We regret that apaoe forbids our going Into detail or the proceedings. Tui Bwonn acd McauET.-Our old correspondent Ospt Ham. mortley, after s protracted campaign, hu retired from the srmy ud I* now teaching tho olUzons of Memphis the art of seir- derence with the sword and muaket. He knows bow to handle that tort of tools, ud we hope ho will find liberal patronage, Qcorr Match mrrwani tit* Nrw York awd St. Atmnrw'e Olom.— A match between tbo above-named olubs osmooff on Thanksgiving Day, on the grounds of tbe Messrs. Dunham, corner of Broadway ud Aator place, snd resulted In lbs defeat of the New York club by 47 shots. Tbero were eight players a side, making four rinks, ud 31 shots up each rink. Tho play on both sides wu pretty good, considering that neither dub has practised much of late; Qlbsoo, Kellogg, ud Drysdsle, on the pert of tbe St Andnw's and Waterman and Myers, of the Now York olub, distinguishing themaelvea by very One play. Gibson floored 94 shots out of the 31 In the handsomest manner poaalbio. Appended is ths score:- Forbes. Miller.. Waterman. Jones Myers HoUoway... nsw ions. 1st ami, 3n iumi. ...31 ...10 Waterman., Dodaworth. 4th. ntNK. Total. .to Kollnoir., McCralih., Smith.. Archibald. Drradalo.. Lindsay... Olliion.... Fergusou.. ST. ANDREWS. lSTBINI. 3d nmi. ...10 ... 7 34 7 Trtst.. Msjorlty for St, Andnw's dub—47 shot*. .110 Hikbt's Side, Henry, p McDIarmed, c 1 Uradlsh, 1st b 3 Weeks, If 3 Doty,'* * 3 0 ChUton, f 3 Brown, t 9 Oalpln, 3db 1 McCrea, 3d b 1 Duny, f 3 Murphv, f. 3 Fldd.f. 8 Povie 1 Bedell, f 3 BATrxna. Total., B.L. BDKS ..1 3 3 3 1 0 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 9 9 .94 TnoairoOH'a Bros. Thompson, o Flanders, s * 3 Holly, p 1 Mumby, 1st b 3 Potts, f 4 Bayard, Sdb 1 Hemtaln.f 3 MUea, f 1 Yellatt, f 3 Boone, f 1 Hovey, f 3 Hyle. f 3 Clark, f 3 McCuUougb,3db 0 Total., B.L. BUlfB ..1 9 0 9 0 3 1 0 9 1 1 0 0 0 0 .11 nuns aiAsr th zacb rmiMos. 1st 3d 3d 4th 8th Otb 7th 8th f»b 3 0 0 3 4 7 0-94 3 9 1 1 0 3 0-11 Henry's Bide 9 Thompson's Blde..l 3 Umpire-Mr. BcoU. Time ol game three hours. Homo runs—McDIarmed, 1, At tho close of thus Isrter match tbe compositors ud their friends adjourned to Ootblo HaU, when a truly splendid eupper wm provided for tbem by that popular caterer, Annts, After fnU Justice wm done by all parties to tbe templing viude set be- fore tbem, speeches became the order of the time being, end Mr. Cooke, the worthy foreman of tbe Union office, opened this fieri of the proceedings with some very appropriate remarks, be- og followed by Mr, Hayward, the local editor of tbe Eagle—the well known "Howard of the Times." Mr. Hester, of tho Eagle, also addressed ths assemblage In bla nana! happy atyle, ud then followed a well aung balled by Mr. Taylor, In faot, then wu a Jolly old Ume of It had over the festive board for some hours. Tni Excumos Oboohds.— Quite a crowd of bsU players wen SMembled on thsre grounds during tbe day, a match between auloa chosen on the ground being the flnt of the day's proceed- ings In the morning, tbe mult being a victory for tbe parly commuded by Captain Cook, the score of tbo game being 13 to 0. Fletcher, of the Excelsior Junior*, of Fort Hamilton, lod the aeon on the winning side, Wyckoff ud Xugley dividing the honora on the psrt or the defeated nine. Spraguo, of the Eck- ford, pitched a portion of the Ume on behalf of WyckofTs party. On tbe termination of the game the whole of those present ad- journed to tbe dnb bouse, when they were dl Invited to partake of a capital brat chowder, with other palatable fixings, punch lndnded; a right merry time of It being had for u hour or two, The scon of the first game wm m follows :— WvcxoFr'a Side. ill. buvs Wyokoff,s h •..." 1 3 .... l McKensle, 3d b Langley, o Relmer, of Bnragut, p Howlud.lf.... Faltoute, 3db.. Wells, rf Fluly, ra Murphy, lstb.. Total WyokolTs Side Cook's Side.... .3 ...1 ...3 ...3 ...3 ...a ...9 ...1 ...1 Cook's Bmz, b.i . bums Cook, o 3 Fletcher, lstb., Boatwlck.lf.... Jepson,9db..., Jewell, s * Birdseye, 3d b.. Whiting, rf.... MoneU, r s Leggettof.... Oliver, p Total .1 ...1 ...3 ...1 ...1 ...3 ...3 ...3 ...1 RUNS MADE tM KACB- TKIfTJfOe. 1st 3d 3d 4lh eth 8th ...1 13 0 18 ...3 8 0 0 3 3 7th Umpln—C. J. Holt, of the Excolslor dnb. 13 8th nth .- 9 . .-13 THE RING. SLOGGING MILL BETWEEN PETE MARTIN AND JIM SENNETT, Fon WOO, on Novxsretn Jtrn, xea* PniLADBuniAa UAltllN WINS ur A tVVL. We have from time to time kept our readers posted of tbe movements of Jim Bennett ud Pete Martin, but Tittle Interest weu attached to tbelr battle, owing to the comparative obscurity of tbo mon. Tbe first knowledge the sports had or Pete Martin wu hie wanting to make a match with uy man In tbocountrv for $300 or f MO a side, st csloh weight, when Jimmy Elliott and Oon Oram wen "ontering into artlolea of agreemont" for the battle which didn't come off. Bomo folks ridiculed Peter, but the young fellow meant buslueu ud nothing elae, leaving money In our banda for anybody who felt disposed to cover It ProposlUons wtn sin made for a wrestling match at side holds botv<*;n Petor an J Con Oreo, but that fell through owing to dis- agreement about tho terma. Dlaturbod In mind and dlaoouranod at tho backwardness of the New York brulsere In oomlng for. w *S' M „* rt,n . w , ,, ". 01i t t(,Pnlu,d « 1 rhi»,and bad • benefit tuen on tbe 18th of Seplembor, when he re-laeuod hi* ohaUsnge from tho stage, begging hard for a customer, ud getUng ono In the poracn or Jim Sosnolt, a tough-looking, equsro built follow, then iboucbt considerable of In tbe olty or squares, who kept s sailor boarding bouse in this city some yesn ago. Bennett end Martin met a fow dsys ailorvards at Air. Walker's restaurant, 380 South Fifth street, ud a nialoh wan made for $300 a side, st catch weight, and pulling up part of the "apondnllca" In Mr. Lamb'* buds, which wm subsequently transferred to Ban Naylor, ow- ing lo Mr. Lamb's refusal to retain the money. Tho prluclpds, after each taking u exhibition, gave up tbe lusts of tho Hush, snd retired to training quarters—Bonnet, with Ohsrley Lynch, a short dlalanos from Philadelphia, and Martin on Long Islud, with uotber trainer, wben Ihey had occMlonal villi* from parties interested in the result of the fight, one par- ly coming all the way from Philadelphia, expressly lo take srock- oft he New York mu, ud taking tho odds, which wen greatly in fsvor oi .Oonnott. Early on ii« morning of (be 34th ult all sorts of vehldce were called Into play, iruu IU.L1 J atego coach to the delicate sulky making the best of their way toward* Valley Green, about ton miles Irom Philadelphia, on the Norrlatown Hallroad. Between five and all hundred speotaton wen on the ground. The rlca was pitched in u good a place aa oould be ploked ont, butwuat tho but slippery ud muddy. Among the New Yorkers pnsent were Jimmy Ullott, Harry Clarke. Dan ud Jimmy Eerrlaan Flory McCarthy, Tommy OhurobUI, Johnny Morris, and manv others—Jingles went u far u Philadelphia, but didn't set to thi flint. The Quaker City wu represented by AJf Wslkor. Hsrrv Mossgbsn, of the Forrest House, ud his bodyguard. Bennett wu tho shorter ud Ughleat.end sported a blue blrd's.eyefor lili dor*, lie wu seconded by Kit Burns ud Obarley I.vnch Merlin looked big ud strong, but ware vldintly In no better fix than his odvorsary: be bad for bis seconds two friends whoso namca wo haven't been sble to find out, and bad for his standard a green sub. From thoee who witnessed the fight It sunean that very little edence was eihjblted on either side, butXru. right hard milling. Bennett gained first blood and flrat fall while Martin wu bu»y el knock-down arguments, giving Jlni somo ugly thwacks about lhe head and getting H bot ud Scary on hla left side, owing U> his exposing mat ]«rt of hla anatomy more than his head-piece. Both displayed gnat pluck and were pretty euudly matched. Sonnolt put In some ugly b owe but wuaoverely punished. The belling $M iS lioo on Bennett at first, veered round alter hair u hour's llghUng to $100 to IT) on Martin, udalockswen up and down aU tkn. fight After con tee ting forty-alx rounds in one hou tun mlnutu, when both wen getting winded udeJ Bennett had the misfortune to elip ud fall without a bk>» wu tbe signal for a clamorous hollering of " Fonji from Martin'a friends, ud the referee, In the eiclUn«J moment. Issued his fiiu, thst Martin had won, ud taut! at ono* taktn from the ring amid the protests or I friuds, wbo Insist that the fail wu accidental, a or. raised that the police were in eight, when the crowd ,il every dlreottou ud got home the best way they oouIAjl eyes wen. nearly dosed, ud Martin** peepers *T shrouded In blue. Bennett snd his friends are nei «.»? the referee's decision, ud we hsve hem requested the following card:— Philadelphia. Nov, Esitob Oltppeb: —Not bdng satisfied with the de_ referee, we, the backers of James Bennett wish us ■ ready deposited to remain as it is, to be Increased!.' f 1,(00 a aide, u may nit Peter Martin or hla friend*. Signed, Wm. h. Who. Mr. Chaffers, who returned from Philadelphia ce says the referee has made hla official decision Ihxt without * blow; It Is said that the psrttM an to meat oi wben tbe stakeholder bu been notified to be pitaau match Is talked of. "Toveeuia"— Uvota Bu, das a 8zASmwo BEnm inl fliova Floor. — Notwithstanding tbe lowering skies sail streets, tbo unlerrlSed of Brooklyn olty turned col tiers, sad Ailed the new Temperance Helton tbecornarorn l'loeapple streets, lest Tuesday (Ihe34lb ult.) until ibm aw. room for a Calvin Edaoo or Boo Sullsgo Gibbon do las, t£j put himself lolo as small * bole uauybody we know of. s dopoall between Richard Hollywood and Jobo Keatlsjcj, put up tho ume night, made a double attraction, as 0.1 h l. nrma P*oy with Ibe gentle Itzy Liiarue ud our ropreseauawj 2 g ed straight to lhe Hall trier relieving thomulrea of sail apiece, and transferring tbe aamo to Hilton the SeoxH | bide report in eztflus, snd u tbo main attraction wyj the glove-flgbl between tbe old War Horse and Mr. ^« that event is about tbe most promloeot of ell. Tni a glove-fights didn't come offfor roaeooe best kDowul«a_ bsd bteu sdverllssd ud card ad so cxtsulvely—neltariai those oe the bills show op, much to tho grief cf tho Fa wbo bsdn't a single osms on tbo bills but who bsd U Ised lo give blm s "leg up" for tbo winter. The order of rrtxlog.u introduced by Ibe landlord Sa- ble atroet, Sir Pblilp Clara, "a gentleman from Ireual'il oace Introduced to us by Ell Buros—wu u ioIIcwi k- I l.JIm Lynch sod Psugene, eallor boys of abostMl wbo performed latuoaod the Bailor a hornpipe with!) feet In true nulled style. 3. Johnny Ucdulre and I tbo first a Brooklyolle and tbe second a Bostonlu : las,. ovedy matched ud gave and look aomo very bearyei out so much u Mylog "yes, yea," or "oay, nay." In snd Ed Lowory, both of Brooklyn, ooe from tbe cut,a Iho west: tboy bsd It u two leaders of tbe radioes a: gsve each other bisrse sod then retired covored 1 have heard that Lowory Is Itching for another <' wbso bethlDluhocantekelboalarohoulor blm. and Tommy Mcsklo's sa lo was In good style, i Uio reputation of the men,which Is firM class. Hanloy exhlklled the two degree* of borlog-n , . cookulveness— Quley would ruth lo like tbo RotwaU regardless of consequences, and u Ibat Forterpolttksi laid back and walled to counter, thereby gcltlog a is, 0. Charley Wdker end uotber Boston chap bad a ft. nollher man fait good. 7. Pelsey kfarleyend BUIyft fir a little wblls the old for Con Orem "eon well tbls evening " A tenner a side wu put In FaflOj for a match between Ibrm, but wben Ihey errlvsd ala next day do definite sgreemenl could bomsdo,sBdab each combatant getting back lita ten spot. Tho grand gsorewMa glove-fight extrenrdloaryblt doubtable Bill Tovm eod tbe plucky Jack Williams,*) Iher victory for tbo old man eloquent, who fooibl si and delormlnallon of a Union volunteer, upielllogOsaji porosity, end knocking blmtolbo lloor divers Umessalau ly knocking blm out altogether. Fbll Clare seccodtdle] Milage Carroll looked arter the voleran II. C The a! Tovee 4lock up fifty per cent. John 0. Heexah'o Lrrrm to 8. D. Kebob.— 0* 8 October, Mr. a D. Eehoe, the Indian war elal dumb-bell manufacturer, forwarded, per Olty ofB sels of bis famous clubs—8lbe.. 131b*., and lolbs- Boy lo uw In bis training. How tbe American an gift in a mord ud physical point of view may bel tbe following letter from John O. Heenu himself li a copy of which we are favored with for publication. I document:— Newmarket England, Nov, 1 Ma. 8. D. Kebob,— Dear Sir:—The Indian dubs i' kindly eent on from New York for me to uw del Ing, have been forwarded from London by Ow though scarcely a week hu elapsed since I hi using tbem, ibelr bcp U aUl veanlts ere tb* «*rdi mendalion from Jack MoDondd and my fnou As u assistant for training purposes, and Impat the muscles of the snns, wrists, snd hands, tot whok) muscular system, I do not know cf their e by experience that lbs populsrity In which you by professors of gymnastics In various parte of a try la fully deserved, andat no distant day therm of the institution* of America. At tbla particulArtl prove of Immense sdvutago, ud I cu not but f tbo unsolicited Interest you take In mywt" Theae duba need no recommendation at my I _ only to tender my heartiest wishufor your i Ulhographlo prints whloh came with them, cod trait, an highly appreciated, ud very fine ape,' they attract gnat attention from vlaltora to i ten. With muy thanks for your kindness, I r Yonra truly, Jc A DisTTHotnsED Ewoxjsn Bahbtstkb amp Ei-1 lluisht at a BrABBirro Exninmon.—Edwin I 0., wm * looker-on at the benefit extended to Ne Btnyvessnl Institute on Thanksgiving night, i much plsssed M uy of the young feUowa, ' enjoy the fun created by Tom the Boatman's t namesake, our sporting reporter, who Is kn> sdmlnr snd personal acquaintance of the c gentlemen having gratuitously tendered bis I case when he ud others wen amsted ' being In a publlo bar room. Edwin wu theo. servers. His legal partner, the genial hearted, I phy, I* aleosald to have been present Altar H uy that gentlemen will col be Been at a sociable k Holltwood aid Heattno's keit deposit.— Tl or ISO a side between the Jersey publican and Bit hu to be tabled at tbe Eagle, 933 Centra street, k FalatAfl lajy Lszarus, on Deo. let, when a tall, expected, ud everything Is sure to be dons 4 order. Thue far, Izzy hu attended all the <' boy* know how to appreciate auoh things too « them a cap. Give tie worthy host s bumper. /rSf"!;^""""nnr —A short tune bad,0 (BlUy Tod) ud Young CoaieUo bsd sn Impress, spot of turf not muy furlongs from Tompklaift Tboy fought aome twenty-five nnnds before us. rend with, ud those who uw tbo battle uy lis one on both sides. The Clabe and Dwvzn Matcii A Califortlirj arrived from Ban Francisco, reporle this rostra el smoothly, although no further mention 1* massdl Hernia papers, probably ror good reasons. Tasra have originated from Bill Olark'a uylng on In* k from Walker end Dwyer's fight, thst lio couMxbr wm taken up for that worthy by Con Mooney, a* DI Vr.1£? 'Si 1 tbo,L Dwyorls a detcrmlrcd,|L, and if dark's superior Mlenco doesn't enable Mori tto sporton soom lo think Dwyer wilt pull (hi ' SjAnnnra in Oalipoiuiia.— A boring cntm— at the American Theatre, Bu Frondsco, on lkell-_ tbo benefit of Johnny Walker, the leto utegoaUta'l resulting In a financial auccras ud a crotddT sparring wm remarkably good. Tbo feature of If a rattling set-to betweon Wm, Clark and —6ol the latter went lo gnu. Tho hllUog wm Uvely » tbe audience enjoyed It hugdy. The set-to M Leiani* ud Peter Daly, wm not ao lively, bouj embarrMsed st their novel nosliloo, being ' wltt ths gloves on, while the qunUon of whirl to tho ring, wm still In abeyuce. An alteBpH by some Indiscreet friend*, lo create an eiollaaaa' their respecUve favorites at each blow, whk* < checked by Ddy, who stepped forward and rn* ence to remain silent while tho spsrrlng prouer 1 quest was complied with. After several boots I slars, the audience wm treated to a alight pr' Jsreen the Isle contestants in the ring, Dwyer i~ '•Iter appeared to bo Indisposed, and Ibe aelto' probably on that account Duly Dwyer was aliof! benefit st the same place on Nov. 3d. J* ee rtooBE'a Bio rtiEo Mr. J. Booms, lbs » ud proprietor of the Ball Booms eltueted at slfL bu been tho rcolplont of a moneter gold ring, <f*l game chloben on It It waa nroeenlcd to Jake W| man, or Philadelphia, ud ws should think II sural May he live long to woar 111 Ned Wilson's Benefit Osowdfd Oct.— Wo •*1 Interesting scoount of this oxblbltlon which ar next week, It le good enough lo koep, however. Jess Hawlet to OnAnLKv Walees.— Tho flrtH",, aniloua lo have a aby at Walker, at calch wilgklj weeke limn, ror $100 or $900 a aide the match to h" C'LiriEn office, All AnoAnn rox Ttolakti l-Jerry Quobu Blake of PiUeburgb, ud friend ud backer of' wu In town a fow daya lut week, ud enjoy ed bis Sam Davii. ha* purchued the Bowling Saloon coU House, latoly occupied by Pete Odlagher, st* recorded some months sgo.