New York Clipper (Oct 1864)

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,!.Mr >i:( H'l 2SrE3T^ YORK,; SATU:E^I)>^Y, OCTOBER 1. 18^4. MY DOQ. WMMBTWaAl OblaalWlt ' Tli«ri«iByrt»jj|^tob»l' ■■ M<B*r«»fnBa,«liMnIkiiiww«U ^''-x- ■OnoU Anft<nn>Uutdog t6'laK>' " W*>* toMk flm MandJ^ nj Oof off**, TdUtoto««lTODer»llme * WkeDmwm both In nlilli blA wntt fraTtUu ftppwTM lo ilijiuOf Tntlnmjjtmmmi^ltmjaj, ■ Wbn fttm injr borne wa matttfw ftftt*- ;4tUttiAa4o(uAtoiutlii(bCT, •' JjlL: Ilu«a«bMuidW«it,teBO<IIinaBMk. Bit«hrtiawoli*iindioda4rinMllMa: . Aj lew jobttfal frienteen seoe— ■■ Ir —'~ Oklv^^f tIMCbiiael],lata*brOM.' AH? llel«bnn«irAlTnr*°ai< Tliilme hi^ iiiilrtii M i U rt iiiii I|yollB<tleeUl,aUhfiilbaua, . wba BOir mj ealr Utad akin ba. Oomran fiuuua) THjE^PBIDE OF THE AEElfA. VTALEOE tOWH ANli oOUNTBY. . ■■II ■■■ TfoB m nw ion oumBiv n m .AxrcBOB or ihb "buok Bua>,* '"<'.': ' OHAfTEB THE SEkTE,; A mfi Taiar int «BM oAn or IT." . .'■M,don't Jo6t'Uaap,'irr.I>a1to«iilio:'I dldn^ know the mat vbo U( y 6{b Ob, let m« go, and I {(rcmlM y on I vont bs In the ftnat again." ••Ooa» alongrTon blamM itnunpat, Fll shev-yos what It ts to tramp'the atiaeta wlUi yanr loaAin, Uybi'' fUrOwMotpaoplSijonma^betl will." ' | " And salUng the aotlsn to hia words, PoUoanuB Site, tte Tigllaat aiM IndtfttlgBbls gnArdlas of tbe pnbllo paaso,aettllod In plain olothoa for the parpoae of amat Ue the onrortonaba {irasumptlrelr plylna their oalllng la th* obaoorltjof b;«treeu~la-an ap-towB'prMtnot, setiM TlalBt taanda npon a weak, ooTToas bnd mire^tat- laS'fsmiileilbd drafged her reeklaal^ along tlie bnriled ^Se^walk iDUe 'dlnoUoD of the station house of thJU t1- oinlty. ■ "Oo, don't drumb to," entreated the woman, alarmed nt the vehemoiM of the peaoe offloer'a moTementa, while Talntr endaatorlng to prevent the almbet tola) aqnlblln^ tlon'of the taw arUoIea of tUmaax ooataaery.wbleb:o<iT' «red hershlTertng person. ' ni - -.1: "ifwpKUitnt tMta '■tuitn'^fno/BtAr'.iiiMf^^y^b had prio^^ dentv eSDoted his esoape before the dtt^lM'metropol- itan had tboroaftlily reoorored from tbe sorprlse of the sadden asanlt, "ir I onlj had that loafer of yoar^o here, wonldnt I train hlmr ■ "F4 bet 70a two to one 70a wogldo't, if he was more than half 700* slie," Intarroptod s alalwart'7anng:man< 'whoea drab oloth orerooat and red-flannel ahlrt denoted him u one of the working oloaaeej Mtaohed'ta'a.|lre oom< 8an7 looaled In the Immediate nelghborhoiod of the po' osmSn's Mat; "ron are onl7 fit to light .women, or yog wonldh'tbeonthlslay." Hthoajh the' ovdning was' for adranoed; the atmos: phore nolavand haty n-om 'ddtluling rain, and the eoone of tho nmnls's anprelieulon In a oomparaUTely esoludod it, lUntl7 UsHled bv sparse lamps, quite - a knot of Vstroev. iwuki/ «pi..Mi«. ■w..vb,.c _ oasaai"paasers.D7 had'been attrsoted to the spot by the noise ot tbewoman's sapifllaalions end of tlie nulleeman'a imirdonanolatlons. 'Tho epeotadle of a female's lll■trea^ mant; eapeolBlIr-whon tho p.-Uonernppearod both aobor and of a deoont oondltlon, naturall7 erokod aoiUmonta of oootamptfromthe molo epootMoit.ond oonsoquontlr the remarRB of the contloman In dnb laoelTod ample oommendAtlon from the Indignant orpwd. "Hay ( oak what tho woman haa done 1" lnten>oeed a Rontlemao,handsomely attired, who hadateppedup and: aoftitlnlied 'the pnle and haggard-featurea^of the girl, whoeedownooat eyoa and evldant auflerlng had'prodaoed' a string itnpreaalon In herbTor; |<she,'a«emA;te M'lU,i """flheT dr^i'Ue d^ —'," 'sadrPolIooiniui ?lte'ta-^ dnlgad inlha appjldatlon'of a tBoat'oppirobrloiu oplthet; "aooomo alongi-whlle I take 70U In.'.' ^freU.tfsho was," again said red ahlrt, "'taint no oae tntreaUngherxoBgh.'' ' ..• • "Qallb oorroot," remarked-the gentleman, in a more emphatic tone orrebnker "And I tell 70tr what," added the llreman; detanUr,'"I know your gait belbre now, m7 tulip,'and you'shan't troallBleglrrroUgh,! tell you." ■; 1.,. „ "Mind your own bnalneaa," maltered the poUoeman, "or I'll take yon Ip." "Ton will, will you," rotnmed the rod ahlrt, aaroaatl- oalW; fbr, oonfldent of hIa being In the rlght, and of hav- ing done nothlng'to warrant hla arrest, fie eaponaed the f .male'a eanae Willi bitter Tehemanoe the more deolslTS- ' / to humiliate hla antogonlat, "maybe It dont lie In yoilr /voota, old top.'.' "That's the talk, Bli. BeU," Inlorpoaad a iuTenllb ad- mliw or the cbamplOL, "maybe he'd like to take yer from, inong the bunkers, oh I" "I wouldn't' glTe-<mnah for his snoot," added a oomer loanger,who hidlolned the group wlthont any olear per- oeptlon OS to the'prime oanae of tlie'dlapate. bnt who felt 'Strangely IneUnod to proM)ce taattaM' to^ho«tlle termination far the more aake ,of. hsoltement,' "If he tooklad one ofmy weight" "Come 'long," muttered PoUooman Elte, who had re- laaaed hla hold for ths moment, as the prognosUoatlons of a oontsst grew better doflnod, "don't be hanging baok, or I'll rap for aaaiatanoe) oome along qniet I" "Why didn't yon talk that way before V quoth the In dMdnal In'red, now nnlTeraally reqognind by the hall, lar UUe of Bill Doll; "If thf glrVa dine auylhuig oglo.the law, handle her easy; and havo no muss," "The poor thiiig ota't. walk," ejsoulated the well- dreased gontloman, wboeo tono end manner oxorolsod a aoothlng Influenoe over the angry poaalons of the rudo, hnt oairneaC 87mpathli«is with hor sod oondltlon. Trtfe,aa the-straDger'romarVedi the womun, relenaed trom the offloer'a supporting grip, whiie making a ntio- lute elTort to obey Ua mandAtoa, roolod from side lo sidoi End thon toltoriog, sank soml.unaosaoloua la tho arma 61 a b78tandor, whoao preeonoo alono saved bor &om a heavy bll upon tho molsl and ellm/ pavomonU With n deep drawn eigh and a quivering Up, hor form grew rigid, nnd gavo every appoaranoo of ono strloken by tho aoU. den advent of deBtD,8e muoh eo, that ovon the InHoilhlo and relontleaa Kilt'stood In oomparativo dismay at tho nonpootod ahook.: .Instantly n willing aaslatanoo oama to tho anpport of the: hapless fomalo, and bono Ip the et\ird7atma'6f theHreman find hor former neraadutor, 'WbOfflutuidl7 aaalated In tho Iranafer of.thelr living bur- '''Sardiosa of prior dlfferonoae, she waa Carried - ra- pidly. Into tho proaonoo of tho protldlng gonHu etthq nearealslaUenhonss.' ■ ■ '' . ';iniitVa all. this linbbnbt". Inonifed tho mMtistIo Bor- gMbtJdibbbia.'anaatiltABnd ttaBtdal-MpklngfuqoUonaryt .who,h(tv'Ifig'lMsil.'An qutjrall dayiA fttton^Jng 4'suburban f|>o-nlo,.WRa. .(>p'Da|doraI||y .Bpooyed at-being awokonpd rom a fUrUve doaetrefroshlng .to his. wearied'Sonsosl "order .in 'the'-ooun^hnt thoio. dooiai wbat'-la 11 all aboutfi Drunk and dlaordorly^ eh.iKltot >Ob|'one of yoljrahoblrdedftught, eht" <■ ■ • 1 ' • ' "KirthWg 6f the kind, I oaanrf you.eir," Intnresod tho geptlfittalf lll- blopki'who had-aohompanledtUV oortote lU^ In-blook: who had - aohompanled tUfe oortote hito iht^oil|^^4uirt«r|a 'V.'^ui^^uirtt'^o^u^Bg ^il^ ^ °- —w Hvipwu VuwaMfSH ■^•'•HwovBw T''""Q *flb WttDU ofthBtfdiiowhauirerdrJjtWjiU'yBltende^tt. '". "Who apokeito>yout: Wbal do Sou waniihere t». retort* oa 'the mogiatorlBl llabbami robbing his eyea and elaml JAlag hla.flat on the deBk| behind- whiehHhe-jwu'seated^ ■J ,VO] i'DBlWI^' ; -'.llidi oil oils - V- JOBK.B. OWEKS—CouDiUr. For Blofrapliloal Bksleb see anothor.aolnmo. •---i->, -,,.1 ;:_J gnaided frasl popolsr protaontlda by en Iron rfllllog of ponderons ,'oonatraoUon; "apeak when' yoti are' apoken to; or go'OiiVpf'here.". The gdnueman turned hla ey'oa upon the apsakor and smiled oompasBlonately. for ho oould not fUl to percelvo that the faoultles of the obdurate, sorseanr. bad boon slightly befuddled b^the potations he bad been forood to obdurate, sorsean'. bad boon , jtatJona'he bad been forood to In^lbo to anatjilntlia iab'oraof's aorvloo. Upon the reeolate Bill Boll hla olamor produoed ^ totally diuor- ent elfeot, for tbat prnoUdal IndlvlduBl, roinrdleaa of tho * ■■ • • • ■■ |(„ • ■ • • ^ uor- funotlonaiy dignity and brass hnttona, almply IndnlKod InaDelaonlatlonofi "OhI dr/up." By way ofmaaklug hla annoyanoe at.thlB 'Slgnlnoant anggeallon, Bargeiuit Nnbbem oontentod blmaelf with beBlowtng. upon-the offender a Crown of the most dismal.Ire, and,-lB a anlten voloo ordered, the. priaoner to'be looked up, after whioh' he feigned to relapse Into a tranquil doso. --/'Qhidon'.t look me up.'.' Implored the girl,.who bad: been restired °t6' aomotolhg like, aotlvlty through tho oaroa of Bill BeU and tho attending atrangor. "Oh, don't pat'meiln priaon, oh, no, sir. I have never been In pilKn. Ob,nol">. But.tho oibortallons of mlsfertuno foil uqhoodod npon the ear ofeeveraloBvlBla, trained to tho oontomplaUon of jioTsonal atjsotlon, so Bergeant )<hbbom, with the Ao- lidily. of hla olnss, Derely roapon'ded to the prayor .of tho - ■^' ' ■-'-,.that.a ■ ■" I Uk< he Rreata hls.snbordlnateR,'whohiiigh«d heartily at tho Jooundlly woman by'lodolgenoe Ina ooano'Joke, .that, every Ihlng liadfk beginning, and thore.waa nothing Uko being used to It, whloh sally be delivered to the of tbeir master's wisdom. "8bs bAint dene on/lbing agin the law," resolutely In- terbbSed BIDBoll, voInnteeHng aa eitomporanooaa advl- aor. "Ask Kite, there, what Bhedld," ir« Aa& xuw, uivBU, iviim duo uiu. "Look boro, Blil Bell." rotoned tho eergeant, vindlot- ly, "don't putyoiir oar'ln ir"-"' i,wlU see bow I'll fix you." Ivoly, "don't putyoiir oar'ln what don't oonoern you, or yon wlU see bow I'll flz you." : ' . ' "tlx me l^' qjaculatod tbo redfihlrted ohamplon, wlth:a slgoUloBnt anap of hla llngor, "I'd like yon to Jaw In that atyle »n\ od the bunk bouao, and well Booi\ aeo who'a 000k of tns walk, yon had better believe Itl" ^en PoUoeman Kite oame to the reaoue of hla aupe- Tlor, and entered a fonhal oomplaint that he found the girl walking the atreets, and, hiviiiii no donbt that she was a proaUtulo, wBs'abont to arrest bor, when some male oobredorate suddenly roabed upou^hlm opd dealt hlntAblow.fMmtheoireotaof wblou )iU hoad allU suf- feied,. illniortanAteTy for Hr. Klt«!s,revongo, his myste- rlqns: assailant bad eaoaped, but be bad the satlaboUon of apprehending the Indlraot oauae of hla oalamlW.: "Now look here, Kite," tntormptod Bill Boll, "I'll hot yon wontod to go homo with her yourself, and one of the Ibliara guv yer a galangor aldo orthe head," "Sllenoo I" , roared too presiding oSolal, ahookod at BuohonlmputaUon against tho oharaotc.' of a policeman, ospeoiallr obaxgod with tho aupervlalon of popular mo- nully within thalpreoloot. "Womao.what'ayour oame T" "I'd rattaor not toll It," muUorod the young woman, taming aside her face. "Tou've two or tbroo, at least," demanded the ser- geant, huthorlUUvoly, "ailhoagb you ore new In tho bustnpsd; I dare s.iy; BO givo na ono." "I have'only one," roplled tbo felrl, bursting Into tears. "Ka'to Eiialmuo.".' . "Where do you IIvo t" oontlnued Kabbem, In n tono of IndHrorDnoOi OS bo insorlbod hor name on tho polloo sheet •fWhera'syour bousoT". ■. ■ "I bavo no house," -rosponded Eato, and she stghod most poignantly. "Tbd h-ll you htlntl" rotortod .the oOlolal gruffly; "woU, wo'Uprovlde' you with one Id the'morolDg—six montliB on the Island," aolalel Blely. 'If tnal's too abort," quoth the Immaoolato Nabbera,. 'Jooolelfi "we'll fautke ft a> twelvemonth. Il'a a olear "Bni months hi prlsoii I" maAnnred the woman dlsoon ■ 5 lely; " oUm, Kile, Efo toko her down, ' Upon hearing bar doom, Eatd Easlmoidi oaatonlmplor- Ing Uanoe'abPP BUI Doilana tho stxingor, as If to tnvdke thelr.Ultiifdeaalun thatabd (nlabt'Uhabari^d'Utd Igntihilhy. ofai^ullUeaaiAoarooraUon; .TbS: genuenuin wouId:bftva. Advoeatod beremanoipatlon, but :lhe fireman.-motioned blm 16 preserve allonooi whllo:h6.eourtooualy addcosaod thooulnrlt.- . ' ^i-'--:. i ■ ■ '<"Oonn>bs down-hoartod, uy-good'gal," qnoth'BIII, "hid BaphAad heio don't amoubt'to a row pf VInai-koop a'stlff upper Up aad |t wliruo . hll right lb the mo'rnUgi and, OS for Jroii; Kite,", ho oohtli^uM; leanlng ovor tho slatcwAy, dpwa^-vhlob that iUnoUonanr qonduotod bis« iubteinasonn oeili "If yea don't basdld that gal«Bqi«J'llfpUt'yDU,Burel".." ,1' ..'' I ,:. J. .' '' "Sate'auwaAi't'naraared the' i^aagef, in a semi- andlbW tono of ^olao, as he, wlU) the Mat of the'^wltnoas- «s to the girl's dondcmoatlon, omergb^ from tbe ataUon oham'b'er,,"and fUlen to this wmlohedoondlUonl. Uy QodI Isthsrono Unit to human baMneas—ho bopo/or tboDoor girl In tho Aitnrel" ' -. ■ "!»' be auro tbora Is," Intorrapted Bill - Dsn, who had oaaght'tbe oonolnalon of tho 8enlenoei-"lhat gal aint bad, ilomnn,.and.l'm ameohanlo; onlwhen you"knobk'about as I bavo dona, you'll 90 tbinga In Iboir realJIgbU When:! first olapt eyos on that gal, I'kntfw -she i want a tramper." .■ I ■ ■ ^ ■ '■ i- ...:. ' "Thon yon think tbBt ale Is not pi atreet walker," re- marked the stronger, not mg that his new aoquaintanco Was a person of more 1 ion ordinary prircoptlon, "and you doin't believe in the I uth of.thb poUqesiMi's qbarge; agalnathorr' ),, ' "Not a d—d word i" 1 ispondod the fireman enorgetl- oally.' :.'!rvo got Kite doi Dto nspoCi'for.TousssI'm'sla- tani fbreman of tho mnol lie, and all oor'bunkors lay for him, and wo know,hla II :t a book.' Ths-Aiot Is, Ulster;" and BlU Ibwored bit void to a oonfldontlal whisper, "I Snve blm that'ore bnt!l ■£ side ;t]lf'bead; bQ( tho pud In'heod didn't see It-It fas a r- —'— "Tbbn you bavo had a ^uolni foret" I ^ ujUyou." rttib woman'be- „,.. , .. 1;: '1.. I ... ■'. 'Never In my born im," replied -Uio' nsslatiint Ibro- man eamdally, "only wienlaaw hofr op this beat, I.saw bv her noUona she war 1 used to tbe thlAg, and thought she might be driven to ie strpotr^fil-'many a - Worklhg 6lrl tinfos to tile bit. w in tlm'^' aid hard. Bo -I piped :Bte,iand'when be epo e to biff I-Hivrthe"wU gnta (\nd dasy:t6 bo-handled, ani as he's a dajld boat auro, Istruqk ont andblobk'edhlsgt o,cortiiln;''-' ' ■ homo, Then she was rigid wbon she . said that she had no reiharHd tt( stranger, .who. fiillbd'not to. bo struoi by Blll^ praolal pbllosophy-r "I don't doubt ItsL', rojoinbd tho'flronidta . ^.laslot. Ktoly; "she's boon tu sod out:of doors, and aentona tramp after men by lobe old otrmudgoon of. a-'boarding house woman;' thbreldiots on/em who do tbnl thing whOn gals oan't pay tbeirboird. EJto saw what she wosjind mado for hor; 'twoudbave been all ilhht If ho'd a bilked hor, but you'soe I sjll bis obani^e, and so be run hor In outofpurosslio." .1 During Ihoir oonviliaUon,.the straAger had lUgrcsscd ttom tho dirooUon lilad been bIslfatontUn to toko, for being Interoated In do probablo upshot of the mnglato- rial pj'oooedlngaithsbommenoemont of whioh argued 10 unfavornblr for KaUEaslmaii'a future woal, ho waa loth to loae tho oompanfnsblp of one who might bo enabled to render hor ponnpont aervloo> Besldos, thoro wns a flmnknes) and spin of rude oblvalry Id tbe fireman's language and notlM whiob oonvlnoed aim of the integ- rity and rasourooaa that .lod|vlduBlV obaraotor; oon- soquently Inhlmpo cqncludod Ifi ^commit bis trust. Beabblng a waysldjooITse saloon, thegoiitloman romnrk- id be bed need of refreshment, oom- her'flromBtu'Tliig,,)ritooihe's't4thjit,nntlt.'ab'e oon got work, and She looks Uk«work,b«iue-',','biilBVIsU>PDed: abort, , ' ■ , .,1...-, -'.'WoU,outwlth'lt, my/rlend,''8ald ttaoistraingor, en- oouroglnffly.' ' -. • . . • •.'.. . ■ .i: . • n "I wns thinking that If sbe turns'out the nloo goJ I think alio Is, ns I'm'llrod of bunking," resnmod the es- alBtnntaroman,'sorlouBly,' after a sbcohd's modllatlon, "and my old moUipr'a deU, she night take a Ibqoy to me, and t'jon she and I might manage to got along togotbor.'' ^'Blli Bell, I thought y:.u sinoare,*'. quoUt .the: gentle- man,-.wllh wtkrmth,:!'butaow I porchlvaiittaatyouwould' take advohtoge orthe glrl'a'Oalamltle*,'.' '^ ' :1 '•"Sloes your Boul.'Blv'yospqnded'the flrsman, 000II7, yet energotloaliy, ''If abb aald-Ao,' I wonldh't barm a hair of ber.boadi that I wdaldnH'; but don't you see that bIo mldht eomo to wofaot. It woijldn'lbo mo who epllpd Kbr first; that's bdentho work of aomb flnb gonlloman whd'd eaofn to own bor when onoo on the town. I'm but q mo^ ohaialo, yet oan earn enough'for two..: I want n homo ab, well as any othor nan t> no fino, educated girl would pick meoutataflrBtohanpv/pndiri'g^orio to love mentid. have roe nt aooond hAnU; whiifa toe odds', I say." -' - ' - Hiony wns a prndtleal nbllosop^ and n sound splrlt'of pbUaDtbroiiy ln DJJj Belt's obsor.v^tlon wbltib Improved thebtrongor.B'p fiiTprably tbotbb.atoi^ob opologlzod,-fpr biB.rormor kutplolon, forhs was.well nwAre..6f,Uie tel- flshnsssof moatmortaIs,ond,iTlewod Jn a niorai.:l)g6t, tho sslfishAos»'or'Aefireman wnSiln some<dogtee'imodl- fled'bv-bla'doalro to roiKi.iio KHKr-fl-om a ourrianb- of tnlq- eirwhloh mIDhtnlllmataly carry bbr boyond bor dopth-. '' T'It tn>y ho so, Blll;'*'fi»td tho linknowh, dontompisflvo- ly; "bat as von will Ihsb'u day's work, QndyI nm tbttor hieisbd yfltfi worldly drpsa than '>;buai'a, I cannot sufftir youroharge lo bb a Iiurdon npon you, .Ojii do onb thing, .DUIr.l: " ■ - ' • " - • - 11 so.') irost tbo girl with rospeotriuul If you'wih her,.'bo 'I dbot want your spona/'Iliatbr," roplled'tho fireman, pushing aside a wiillot, whinb the etrangor londored him, '■and as'fbr tho gnl, sbo'il iiovcr fooAorri' that shc'tbll - conUmied, BfUir, a, know, what'A .yo'^f' Ing tbdtlt was lat({ poll! polled his new aed "And what will) remarked tho Bti oablnot, for Ma 1 rootlon, muoh to I n'ji - " ■ ntanoo te Join with himlnasuppor comoof tho girl on-tho morrow T"- jor, nftor tbey had entered a privato ghia Bcomed (0 turn over In that dl-- I aurprlsb and grttmoatlon of Bill.' "Bho'U bo all rilt, you ropy bet on it," replied tho Is- sistant foreman I 1 tone of dspjoad prodlbllon: "tliov'li take bor boforo t Judge In tbe .mornlhg, anil, oa iLoy alnt'gotanythlnf gin her, sho'U be<aU bank, sure." "Butt'' Intern ed tho stranger,: after a moment's Sanaa, "he nny 1 pnjudioed against hor, end she may Bvo noons theilotiiko hor. pirt."' ' "I'll Bb thbFo, gill nnd lively. I tell you," ejaoulatod 1111 ii<iiii I'tiKiS rf(li.knoir mo, Ulster,, but I'msomobody Dm DsU| .''yBdd( t know mo, „. Id this hero war< f0\i may. bolliivo me, I got, that 'orb girl Into B arauo nd I'm naturally bound to get hsr out, and I'll do it, by that's holy |. pid Kite's soared oleon out of hla boots, r the bO}-s would, knook epola out of him If laoldlbi ord, nnd oa /or the'Jiidgo, olbottun'a ooming shortly, d it wouldnil do to ran foul of our ma- oblne."' •• , •''• ' . '■ "Bofhr, very ll,"r(!aqmedthh strani;br, whp with difflbullyroprcc duerollo at bis companion's ofPhnnd fiiBposl^pnof olwongo. "but as mo soys sho had nO oifao, h(Ir liUerrwilionWtpo4i;b6rto ftcih tompU- Uond; Ibr wbntin tho forlorn Afcoltiro do, looking/od sho muit,'fobd,pmD ond rollttfAtt'.'v " - . "Well,'' respflod the flrpn^fin, diila'ihglyi for this view, of b«r finanqlBlasillon was B.nattec: which baffled bU. other oonsldersoD, "I've thoughlbtthal, and am rather, stinokritell yl I'll give beiiiilrhiMlDgbrenktast In the morolog, boUoi meJ vUl, ond'Pire irade'onough to koo|i lo Ipvo with DlirDbli; But say,'.' ho conllntlod, aflor. a. moment's bosltatlon., "I'd Ui»,:u> namoi" ■ - I.' 'litis'a matter of no ooneequonoor" returned the strpn- gor,-evaslvoIy, "to you I oommlt tho pobkot-book ositho girl's friend and trustee." "I'll dp tho right thine wlUi.bey," reanaed the fireman, tellyoiirdld; >oJUBtq#n up. Yoxardi-',' '.'1 ' Who, lo tho namei afrbeuvenat" punNUjr Inqulipd' alrnngor, oolering «r' IflmuatsayltCIwII tbealrnngor, oolering tipj' rill," rejoined the'fireman,.trlmn- LuuBk omj t^f, A.wiiit--xu^wiiieu Miu ' ureuiHn,.inua- phnntly, while n smile of pleasant mafloe pldyed' upon LlaUpB,"Uowaroyon,7oe JollIeI" 'r ; - Tbo Stranger aroso from bis .seat, evldontiy- annoyod that bis pronisslenal oalllng boll boon deteotodi then lio shook Bni'a hnnd warmly; as he nadod— "I used to bo Joe Jolllo,''the olowo | but may I pray you to koop thatasooret;" '.. - "If mum's the word/^ said Hr. Bell.onorgeUoally, "I'll kobn It)you may believe rae^ I oon. Lord bless yer/ you usoo to DOgay-,''Ot-eourso yon did."' "I'll niootyouttgoln—" but tho further words oftlio oz-Joilor worb drowned by thb Otnniing of a lionvy boll, wlilob broko.upm tho oar with 0 suTlbn dlsmalnceii.' 1 ■"Lann i" shouted Dill DoU, starling In his fbot with onMike MUty,'"ona—two—tbroo—four," and tho poal ceased.. -"That's my distriot, old foliar I To-morrow.-w any timoftlthobunk-bpueo; nowlatbbrroll.l',' .' ' ' ' 1 And wltlibut fUrUibr udb, the fireman, who„ho)d:thfl wallet abslraotodly in bis hands, obllvloiia to all ,tbliig^ aayo this summons from tiio doi dutri proolpIlAtod blinsel/ from aavo Ihia summons from tiio doon sounding monl.tor q^ " Ityi rroolpltnlod himself from the supperobaaljet'. "Of 0verity." so|l/o(iulMd tho cx-oloi]r5,'."lh*^:iro mbrbmaryolelnroallim Uinn can ^a.,oa;UnroA'.' Cagllbsiro and bis Diaglo." . . '.-'■.,•., .i:;'''. ' And with this piiiosonhir -''— * " tlio bill and emerged Ir nlgbt'Jiad by this Umo lie.Bban gained a londln/t -tliorobghfai the gibom of nildilKlils betwbbn ihi there fiUted the rarma^bf dtr^gH ii'flh luigo of hours/ mols,. redolent, to human nnturo...-, ,.„ n , ■ • "0)1, tny aod.|'.'fer*inily'q)a taolo of femplA dapnTttyrn^'gra not descend to tUs.asptb:oi;Tn( 0 forms; 6f dlrfagllnjr. bntiols, : with tho Aimes of IntoxlaUlbh, liMr ardzod, shataeldsbi aocosUhg ooob botat«il,p^f-by,'ln,fin>lciIf olldinatel ODlroalyand of viluporMloii,. oohowing ond 'ebooi to human nnturo... [ ,.„,ft .. , . 'qjaoniolod Joe At'Ihll uantthat.Eoto iptb:o£lnfiuii7>'i'. With droo^LDgJbeart ond sleepless oyei,Eata; sat upon the well-worn woodon shelf wbfah forns'llh* only tomltare .of jtbOiWhlto-wasbsd oell Int^ whlobfiis hod Uen Umst^byUielndsMlkkbleEite, itioJlMt the eight or ber Tolnntoor oompanlona, vented » Aaal ouraa upon that baplesroraatore,-whom he hadbetbie daalgned to oater.ito hla Bnlmal.paaalon. Astbedeor plosed upon her with a oroakbig' noise, and the benr bolt shot to Its ftstening wlth a oloag, stnkhiB^MSS her very a>nl. Koto orooohed to the hirthermost ooraer of tho narrow prison rUdilse, and thoro endeavored ta olose her eyoa ngalnst tba.frlghiful apootres generated b» «uovprlM6d imnglnatlon. Tho girl waa not alone to tbla^andomonlum df preparatory trial, nt, aanilseMi* InooesalVely arrtved-idronkards, howling'nat«VM"W baoohanallan chants; thieves, bswallinit thatPmlihlmiW oaths and hnprecaUons against their oaptorat street wat ken, venting their spleen In ribaldry and obabbnllyi OBI tho other doUobmenls ft-om Iheitrmy of-irrongdoeis- thenoiao ahddin erfnftimy's Dnbolnnnounobd tbo pres- ence of msnyoompanlons In Ignoble onptlvlty. Aslha boon.wore slang, the dlbSbnaatntitseg'of tbr rseUaM erew.ntdaally huabed, for tha boUtnoV nslofketoiki>i^ lelllilg themsolvee to tholr position, opnilod av -' - - osigr,'while others,'wearied hy dolqtuqh.'En '-'loto 0 profound sInmVer.' One sIon^'ddpttibL Batman, eonfUlied and rendored;<iUloIik,ra,Ult>, flt; tho pla(lo,'ill»ntJy aWaltod jlfie .)66i^M)of ^ aawn,nourlsbIng stendb'' hopes of an einanolpaHoB>'i - -. 1 ^PoB .three long and wbarr ^bMhaTad: the iwretebM Kaleibssn'nn Inmate of u ohorUy, hqsti(lBl.'>.Tbe'sIngriir manner of horarrlval <nt tho notel, tho terrlb'to fiiainer In whtbh aire itvoldod tho ImporlunlUeseflMiltiilhy.f^ naitaqUb alory of her wrongs and sorrawn,ud4n%ra'li, Ihe-ierions nature of her lr\|urlo.i,' bad Intnostsa idal* dtishU friend to humanity, who asonred her traiMmllmi to tbq hoBpltal,;whonob she emerged, oared sa-bf b«^ bnt dot AtMi^n. Three months npon i slok-bed tatf r ps^d'toher an ago.'duting the' flOotlnuapee ef-irk ei|e,txpeModan Ihoproduolsot beror ' Jswel* and reiqalDing otothlng! but at t •hd: walked Into tho world, sad |nd alllr VeoatiniI,pd ty-strloken and yet resolute, for ahoiiodgqitik unj lirat oot In tbo groal drnma of life. ■- i-j. ■ From the hoipttnl Eale ^tman went , boldly to irotk rooms and mingled with Uis great olass of toilsn. liMBr -and Aontsntod, who subsist upon, broad ;esrtud^V' •weat of honeal tabor. 9be'endeavored' ta BdQn<'<^'Lr^ them, a priodariousplttanoo.'bBt the fatbi^'' * £En* fiifawod;'ahd shbpoibjf *3rnat her fngress/hi) wani»- '.1. / "*f** ^f"* brand of Infamy diol"' ^, -<"7ns n'om pisoe toplsMtlw Sfirtbe'unfo?^ ;-i"? •">'" ijKvitabirfietpnli&u;) Bat j|uv>u. ^i^r- 1^ Rate was 1etsSrlrtaonsa|tihrtHiSiB " iZ^.'? "i* Mo*e'ftvoredof her 'oiiiAdtfarIt'iruthe ' ^SS^^'f '■^r bnvblg .slonbd, klthgtuA tHiM|iti^ thrbjteMrbaSoD, tbot rbmlaiqd;%, lDlQ(^£S%itdd •teA>W,f«r Ide^titrt. In'tgu .iaise nVjtbfiWtM^ h« li lS*"lnSults'of )lbi5Koba em l*"' ffil^^ •ajr^!^ to pr«ate,,Bod prootataod'K?lft5fifil5,t»,be » JWitoD, Whoettpiesenoo.was OoataglDna..i>i!. .:;ii...i • MV vree long montbe, ever seeking worki and giilning]he denied of its fruits;Eata-Bastanan-'atriiEriel ylgoroMly.-nnlJI Iheoxlont of her.moana booafflo.enaiiF ted,Jeaniig hsr In acnarvaa to-her.boardlag'heuMkAp- enoonraged the girl In-foroed IndolenctfiWeMr* MWrely ta barter her dovoted body' Into-lw * a well-pajrlng paramour. One bv one had JQW' 'lAoakdry ■ tnd' shnsie, Tfb«ed :.on tnhfr ilfi, jHi be^rUoro, Kate reoalvod^thn finst subimbna of naijiy'i linA hMltftilnir nft.thiiip**: mHt, \ 'AnaUiiri it tottj qiialntsnbe bondsoffiOt Miey inari, .dp tsypu row morning, ,1—.,_ <^v-i ^>~.«).~.>i>t.vibiwi houao. If you are tito proud tbidojiB the gtrbbtvaaoM bofore:you,yopoAn^(l|va,'';..r - '. r,- 1 Tba sorrowJng I?ato pnusod nc>7bnx»r.' thbrowottpber no houso of roAjgo, no osylura of dospnlr—no fUtun nSL log plooe but tbo atroeU. Bhenorved ihirpelf; ffWiwiniw age, tbe more rolonlieas to rcndot boci ImniplaUosii (uL upon tho traek; aurrounded on oil (Idoab'y ttoimEu ofthoso'preoodlog bor, her forQtudo/pyaoqk her anllha wandocod hlthcrflnd>blther,>unoDnBOlaus'otlicirAiHlcB nntll Policeman Kite, Inspbotor ofinazallty. kinalBfntek £|o itbe imyslerlsa tfm ibnouatnde.i . ..: r .. . .•,' , At length tho Ilgbt of the morning inn pleroadithfOM^ 'the gloom of Kato'B'iptlaon.oaU; ool.wannedi Jiat wn' newedlifoi-iPreaenUy the massive liron daai\:tarBs4AB Ita hlnicSjOnd the gruff voloo of Follosmao-IUU'Oin- monded bis- prisoner to. prepare fbr appsartiiQObMroTs ths polloo matlstrata,.who,.u bo BaaareOi ber pOraiMaU Icnily, wnnlod hor sorvloca most parlloalari7^avi4be IslBMl - jAlthougb •wooried/hangtyi and fblu(ad.(ont by •1114 diperlonos ef a night of nngulsb,. tbe-Miile girtifav- ried to bor nlaoo amid the line of nalofiiolorroMl^ tyanls':abent?etaHlur. on/'.ithtihTlH of looaliustloe.- PooriKate; wltb blinohed'Oheilka andind- doned oyos, with dialiovcllod looks and draggled sMbls, >ths 'ifdrieiii'. imanof-her /oRier. BaUL 7jel MCefUlvana b'satitlful wllbnt)-4rndgod" by. the 'smp'Ofc'ibeD'ontal. gnordlon, pained at ovary stop, unoonaolons ofittirbea* Pf nionablp of evfl^uumindftal of tho-dogradatlos wronght apott 'her.'JtiwoH only whsDiabeiroaoheditUa^BallMk olinmbor and cost hor oyos upon liie orow-efottleaMMKil. dsbauohoos.'shAtinit hbr-bupUvlly, that henbearlftUed. her,'aild •borcailtcdlbo'desolaUon'of hsi flliiiidHsrwsi ditlon. Thon In sllenoo and ogony sho InwardtrsMMSil tbaldsiUh hilghtoome tothe'rallerbC'OBaio.oriMUMor> . sakon. .-v .mi]) .ii/.■.TT^Ioi^j '' BoMed'I'n tremftllh'g liiid foof, Kato'iitotdfavd th^'ad^nt of tho Judgo, Pt pompoy;, austere nur; Whd'ttid eMdMt- ly biher^'froin!s( Ibw soelo) posIUoa/'Ibr he tktMtitfded hisdisoourso with fiimi1lbritlM;llhtr>tnt>eMd'bf>tfi»«s- Unlos of Ih'dWbvbuih't baforb bln> wub« slngu]a«'adalx<- turo of bud low and worse brsodlDt|:- -'Bavlng-stttl«d<ttia doom-'of sevorol. aiBdoers, the Junatlonory prontUBoed tho numb of Kate Bnatman In eUeh a tbanilorlng ibiatoof volbo-UatshtfatHrUdupln-paroaSHght. - . .: .'1 ,;j ■ "Here 1" roapbnddd"* stout -masouTino voloeiftanitta body of 1 tba sparM. auditory, with tho dlallnstapaa «( an answer to roiroall, so muoh ao, that the luaUM.lj(Hium hUpycs aa If lo rebuke tbe bolatoroua. r«vi))idar,-B - "I snid Knte Eastman," quoth ttjo JusUoe, wlAMHBd- . "ioii boro I" retorleil^p:mUQ{ij|^e[ lii'tiHi^r, and here I am, Judge. to.Me^tt* thing. rlghtj,Jn»l ask Kdlo, thoro, If I uln'liUiwyMr."' ' ^'^' and be^rUoro, Kate rebblvod^Uin finst ..landlUy;'opd haalthliDg no longer; s11i» ddopt«<''tb»'< ija.lWpnd, rsBdy to .apoomip'odatt.or-™-'—' Nudged by her offlplalguardlailjWbpsq oqaan(qil^)rWl sorbly .dlatiirbod ,hyjttj'glviftldpttd oppurluSn ?* ' prIsonbr;s doljiaqbl'; jDtt<i;^taian tDanajrod, wUb' dlBIouiiy;h»»rt»ei',' III imotai guardian,w _ Wrj** ,^«»li>pmd oppiirlUffi' o)'bli ah iQttO Bilataian tnanaMd, wflb'ftne ,. ','tditteBMteMeUsringirmlA^lhlbthe Iron railings, pl^dta (MntQf tha.proeidUUiltlg)lUa?y> testil''*'*'*wyor,iny.imii»J,'.' Inqulrqd flf.».'WWHI>f«te, <;DoL)ooHlilico'nWyorVAa'yt"'«eoil(>ritul^^^^ In- terrbgatod, -"WoU; I ain't; I'm only Bill Boil, 'siatont f(Komu, Pf Ohloarora, Numbpr Bundrod and Two. I thaUbht you knbw'd nb, Judge, fC^rmon'tSB'Noralna tlnJf'^Comalltoo' fdh tlio noxl bIeoUoii->rsgdlar' Uoket- 'that'-lom." ■■ ■■':-;-M:-,\r- ,-.r/l I iltwquld.havb .boqn oxouaobla laiOOqbrKlteersny -1.. V-J ^ - jfr. Boir bvcr illghVto —.,, iBdIvldurtI bed dfitaH- cd hla usual gnrb or -drab ofil'^ad.and now appeared In B:fuJI|botlume of bliiok,,wltb' »:'shlrt' of Irioproaohobla SbltonoES, fusloaud.tablanttok by a blrds'-oyo Ue or Cor- Idablo dlnonslons. Wkspbot wns nAurodly rbsptOtt* bio, bat wiien •hb'innnlonoed hla ofilolal fUnoUontptha JuBllao'«vldaDtly.'raganlad hira lis n parsooi)gs.,p( SW* '.'"WhB"s".tl5)',(W)','oinoor KKoJ" onqulreit<lf*ri)Eiar tMlri;'B'uthorltJUvoly. ','. i^" ■ . The-IHdsfii'tlgBbls imiorrorof moraUtaJhodlntdnded iAiqduljS: lp:,uft qlnCoruto 'l<'V'jJt,y'}BiO{|l!»tp'ajBllOe; ?«*o^^fei"brru^» IgmivAlod by n whlspdr nrom'.UIt4;dofi6hty gentbowv iHind-what you soy, Kite, «/y»A;4(pi»'^ w»nl,;}H,>» Hi the-nbiiosmonii ■mtMf^ttiaoh»tau»il>^*' lOi'obUMoas toiadoli IrltitiM* ;tiMVitl)«4l|lft<W '.;> /.' ■ .:. ',. om-jMiml