New York Clipper (Oct 1864)

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THE NEW YOR^OLIPPER. 19fe . ' . M^tohM Arruifled. '^i'9T-EoidrViLienti^ Aehira sunsitMawulL 98—AcUTe n. IMopilw, At BnUoid. •. • Oct. »-AedT* n. Bnpli*, tt Hobokeo. . ' ; . 4_Ua((Ul m BctiupguiMi ttBoDokca. aim omsD international hatch at RooHEStEO. OixADi Ti. Cnm Bimi—Tm Tum Bon TictDii0Iit.r T^ronroaAMADiAN of woodsiooe. ayi. ts. atuktio 01 Biibou.m N. T. TBSAiuirnaTB>Ticto'iitniuou<)v1tnlt ri'<':Diaarli>ino(tlulOUi nn%i*M,tt^»etUu Toona Cutdlu Olub «f Woodatook, 0. W., • Iowb of the Toong — . •lAtttad on tlM gnu Oaudi BftUwir, tMtvMn London a adftxi m^ tboul MTentr*flTO mllu ttom Kliein FiJia, udwe then nftncd - to Uw' bet Out UioToaog C4n<dl*ni wm deflnni of raulTlni ■om&pnoUcal Inittocilont to tl>» pme *i Ui« tandg of ttonotoJ Atluac Clab, tlie now mogalioa ohimplon dob or uo Dnllod BtatM for ISM. m odor to Mblero this objoci, ■ kttor wu Mnl to m to bo Ibrmidad lo tbo Atlantic Uub, whlob oonliUud • filgndlr eJuSonie lo tho AUuUn to sieot thom it Bocb«l«r iui- Infttia Uao of &» State Filr at that dir. ond than to plaj a nme 'oiunttr Uu flbamplonahlp of ths Amerlian Oonttoeot xhla 'latt»aiil7r«ahedllade<tlnaUoii.andtbecbiIli>Dgowaapnnnptl7 ttrrt^t maoh to Ibe iB«dlt of tba Atlantic dab, aiid Iha game took pUoo on ttaa Jonoa Bfoan ball gnuiida, nocbmar, on '''Thrnidaj, e«ptMd,UM> tbennltbolDg (ho atgiiBl moctaa of ttia Atlantlo Clob bj a aoon of 7t to 11 In a ftill etma of thno 'toon diuatlan. Baton we ptocaed to glra tha parUcnlan of thia matcb wa wfll bilalr rafat to tba nooaaea obtained bj lha two contaatliig oloba In tbs gamb Tha Tonng Canadian Olub ni Ant crguiliad In leu, ilnoa vUoh ttma np lo tha nd of B«t-i tb«T had not aiaUlnad a'itigle Oaftat, and Ibcli mcccaa aay ba aalinaled bj lha aggngab aoona of tha laat oeTtn gaioea tber haro pwrad, tha aama balog 9M agalnatSL Thcr detalad tba iMaat clA to Canada-ltaa Uapla Leaf of IlamlUon— Intlmagamea, tha laat one by a aoon of W to 3, and the/von a lallflom Uw I>etnltclsbb7aioonlontoe,andlbelaat gaoa thsrplurednawanbjaacoraof Sftoll Itoonldthuabeaocn ihaltkalr pretooilonBto the tllla of Ohamplona of Canada wen taaad on no all<bt ponndL Tba ouaer of^lha Atlantlo Ohib, ol Bn»Ujn« la wul known to orair nador of tha Ourpn, and Huntan an thatsead ba old about Iham la that they haTe Ihoa larwonaTOTCnmetheyhaTeplaTad. Thaaggngalaaomaoftha gamea lhay had plajcd op to the 94th So^, todadlng their nmeawlth tha'Canadlanaand Bochtatar Olub, wan 809 to 9ia aba laigait aoon Ihe7 obt^loedto a matehwaa In that with tba flanadlana; tha aotham Clnb, of New Totk, gltlog than the aarareat mb of lha aeaaoa and toe Emplrea making a tla game vllh (hem to one match. Thej debated one club—ifia Baguolaa —by a aoon cf 18 to 1; toe beat game the dab era ban played feeing tbair isaUh wlto toe Kiaaa, to which they Bfosrad 41 to T. ■ Tbey defeated tha PhlladalphU dab—Ibar gamas iMlng playad— by a lota] of 330 lo t7, and to tha two gamea tbay hara wyad on their laat trip, toey won by totala of 139 lo M, They baTO Ihla aeaaon won ntoeteeo gamea and ioet nooa, it Ming tha moat brilliant aoaaon to Ibe annnala of lha dub. Bboitly after noon on Itniaday cnwdi of peopla began lo collect at /onea* Bqoara, and by tha time tha pUyoa took their postUona to oonunenoe toe game, avsy available apaca for Tlewlng tha pro. oaedlnga wu occupied. Qallo a bmj of ladlea wen pnaant among toe qieclaloio, the aaaambliga altogether embnctog orar fnr Ihooud. Tha Atlantlcs were the Aral lo go to toe bat, their toiae flrit atitken aoorlng rana, Otana botog wall pot oat •t home baw by Pascal, to bTtogloaeounbla run, Bpngueaod 'Bid. Bmlth bctog aeoond and ihlid out from well taken (lyballa by Doualasa and Iladsely to toe outer Add, OalTto and Pmt prenonsty arooitog toeir runs, to« AUantloi gatltog flTe for tbdralianofthetonlng'aplay. Tba Oanadlana than want to toe bal^)rto•Snttlffl^ Fucu and Hoindnna bdogwell put out atHnt baaabySpngna and /. Wilson onatipbouuLUldgelT betog left on the biae. The AOaotloa toon bigantodrumnd tontoga, and bavtog got the range of Clyde's ulcbtog, tba way ther went to to MtonUb boto natlTea and foialguen by todr bamng was a outton to ye conntty duba. F. O'men b«mn It. tndtwelTemnahad been aoored ithn thellntmanhidlKen pot oil. Chapman batog tha TictIm of SouglaaSiSromallycaloh. Cnno followed Cbasmsn, being put onfat Int baae, Oiane pnylenatrplsobigabomamntolilacndUonlkaBcon. Belon the third hand waa pat out nine mon rana woo added to tha wt«8prag«e babig the laat man out. ha betog caplmid brJ WUsoaateeeondbaaa. P. O'Bilen, PearcaandlniiiE'e«di eand thrts rnna to Ihla Inntoga. As an offset to this, tha Oinadlana woopatmlltad to make thalr Hist nuiSonglaasMlnstoalock* man. toe totals at toe olcaa of tha aeoond ton^a Mng In ftnrci the AUautla by a aoon of twan tt«u lo one. lUs resnll ct oomie daprlTad tha contest of all fOrlhoE tolareat aabraathaTlotaiT «M coneemed, torltwia pldnly apiarant that tha Oanadlana had not a ghoet of a chance. It to worthy of nmark thai tola hatn aeon against toem did not lead Uum to relax Ibdr afforta at all; on toe contnry. It acted u a tpa to todr moramants. and to tha nait two Inntoga they made toe AUanUca dnw iSnv. whOa they themsalres added two runs to toeIr aeon, to toe Itmrih and fifth Inntoga, bowsrar, toe compUoont was hsnd- ■omely ntumed; the AtttnUos, to toa tololm, addlmr faarl«n lo their soon, toe total at to* oloao of the sato Inslui bdnTtotr to Ihna. to the aeranto Inntoga toe Canadlau&d sUSla lha bastotll,scoitoifoarianstolhaAtbntlcalhrea,butto thelist two innlnn thn champlou made two mon bmilant dsahes to baittog, adding no leas Oisn Ihlrty.two runs lo tbdr alnadr iK?" "?5j;ffe O""?;™ Jnwablankand soondton? the grand told bdpa aeTanty-aTa to aleren to fsTor of toe AUu' ttca. ThasooM of toe itotonwonld probably hare been nearlya hindrad, had not toe Csaoa bonuUDg ihe oalsr Held manSi ih. (ftolof tbelr batting conddarabty, only oao k-^^^^^^iSSfLSS A» Ml that under ortfnaiT alrcanutaocaa would baTeytelded .■ThoiddlngofthoAUintlaB, though SRchu to eirdi tha ■^"'''**'"^nnff iptctiton, la not by any means up to their hlgbast standard. It b&a>. ^ bejnr lha : mark of todr CsmouaNaaasa game. BoUlli played ipiraSidly m . hUposdUoD, u did Cnue to his, and Bpngno did his duty at fint basa, captnnog eight pisyen tncr«, Cnne aocurlng four. Fntt, too, pUywl Aooly. Fiaeal's tTtnMiig ud tlio f ifi ldin g of DougUai wen toe moat noUouble features of too fliTiadlan diaplay, bat their Adding, as a whole, waa vary good. J. T7llson potout Ato at second baae^ and If oKhlnna aaran at Ant baao. At toe doae of tha match toe ildbn wan hospllablr entarlatoad by lha Booheatar duba, and qnlla an enjoyable time waa spent daring thaarcnlng. nsfoUowInglathaicDreortoomatob:- BalTIRO. ■. Zk n. I OiXiSux, pnach of nto neoesdtatod ths honytogjip of inattan In order lo play Ihe Are Inntoga requlalio to ooniittiita a game. Tha Allan- fioi Bgato wanttoue bat, knt toey wen well pat oat to on^ two, thraa^ikr, and toair opponeau wan aboat to follow enlt, when Uia nin eama down to toironts, and toe matoh bad to be giron np;'gnUyto'.toa'dlappolnlmaniof aBpioaant TheUllcaaub taadagMatMmoul,andlhey wnodeauoua'of dotog bollorlhan Ihalrbnlhrsn ofOanadaand Docheelor bad done, and no doubt todr display woald ban beau a oradlUbIa one bad toe game been dayad' to a cicae. Aflor lha game wia orar, toe AtlanUca wen iharedplentaol too usual honRallUee eitondodtoTlslttngdnbs bj tha ganefona momben ol too Utica Club, an degant coUallon b«tog pt«parad tor itoem at toe Oenttal Hold, and the/ eilojod themsdrea right merrllr while In that totarattngllllleTlllaga. Wo g(n too aoon of this luAnlahed game. In order to place on noord toe names of tha DUca Olub memban who took part Ip It, aaltwasagoodbeglnntog, mud la worthy a place to toe annals of too dab. - UTTna. I Vnci. a.L. Forter, 1st b 1 Anurna Festca, c Smith, 3db Chapman, 1 f,.., Cran^3db le.lstb.., ,a a Fnll, aamll B.I. ....3 ....3 ....1 ....1 ....9 iSi,Vt."'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.i ..1 p. O'Brien, o f., Tctd.. Hoaher.3db 1 L. M. Thompeon,p—1 Callender, o. Horaao, If U. J. TtaompaoD, 9d b. Blohardson, of French, r f Bsrding, a s.-. ■ Totol...,'..'!>... ma lUSK n xuib imcnK tot 9d 8d <to AtlasUc .-..0 •1 0-« Dtlcs ; 0 0 9 0-9 Ihe AilsnUcs left CUca on Saturday and arilTtd to Albany toe same erenlng, and toktog too steamer toera, ratomad on Sunday morning, dl safe and weU, and highly graUAad wlto toe resulla of todr second ooontry tonr this aeaaon. The following la toe arerago play of toe ntoa to toe thrao^games plsjed: B.L, Peaice A Bmlto T Spngua A Fntt A OalTto T 18 17 lA IS lA Chapman 7 Oiana 8 F.O'Bilen..-. 10 a. Bmito 0 The AtlanUca drew four blanks to toe three conlaals, while todr opponcnla draw twain: and toey soorad donbto Agorca la An Inntoga W toe two complalad gamea. Thar ban now played -• '—■—rntoaleen, twenty complete gamea tola ass im, wtontog ntoaleen, one bdng a tie game, todr total acores In the wus being 803 against 390, ananngaof tOtoamatob,tbe anrageto an Inntoga batog four and om. This to toe beat aToraaa erer acblSTed by any dub to thooounliy toaaetaoa'a play. The Atlantic Olub acknevledga thalr todebtodneas to Alert HosoOompany Mo. I, of Bochestar, for kind and lioepltahle allontlon during todr Tldt, and alaoto Ur. Thompson, and otoen, of too Otica Club, for todr aadduoua efforts to make their trip a olaaaanl one. The beat of feeling pnnlled throngbout too whole aaries of gamea, OTarythtog pass- ing off to a mannor credltsUe to all parUea STAB, OF BBOOEIiTN, Ta HUDSON BIVEB, OF NEWBDBOH. On Saturday, Sept 17th, toe Star Clob look tha momtog Into fbrNewburgh-and on too altemoonoftoatdayhadatrlu of akUl with too BBdaon BIrer Olub of Newburgn, Ihe rraolt bdngaTlcioryfortoeBniOklynjitoebyasoonof 97to9A- The game was DUyed aoeoidlng to toe Ay ruio, and It pnred toba quite an tolereaung and well plsyed maloh- Tha Hodaon BInr Club hsd out todr elnngeat team, and played a Ana game throoghout, thalr AeUlng batog aicdlasl. TUe Btaia, howcTor, wen abort lha aarytoea of waddell, Norton and Elp, all thrao batog out of town- Thoy neTerthelaaa had a good ntoe out, and earned toelr ildoiybygoodplay, todr batting, eapadally to toe laat Innings, being done up to Atlantlo etyle. The game opened fkyorably for tooBtarOibyastonofttoSto too second Innlnga, a lead toelr opponanta did not eioeed until toe alito Innings, when toe totala stood It to 14 against toe Btaia. At toe doea of tha alghto tontoge, too Newburgh ntoe had scored 9S to 18 on toe part of toe Stan, but to toe laat Inntoga toe Stare scored 11 rana to 1 on toe part of thalr adnrsarisa, tons wtontog by one nn. Attba dose of toe game'toe Ttolton wen eecorlad to toe Newburgh Bold, and handsomely enlerlatoed, toe parly arrlrtog home early on Bundu momtog. The nezt game toe Stan day la that wtto toe Bcaofotas, on toe Capltoltoe Oroand, at Bedlord, on Sept.9eth. IhoAoUowlnglalhsaoonofBatarday'sgama:- toeoonlesUngparilaa:—BtooUya ntoalCcok,! t, olUcOleUan; Duller, 0 f, of Oltotoni Began, 1st b, i4 HtUano; Son, 9d b, of Blari HafltOB, aa,ofOrTatal; Fargoson adb.of FrouUn; Htnet, r I, ot Irlendsblpi Olan, a of Bunuldi; tolUnn, p,oroitotoa: Neftis, r s, of Ironddea. BnbeUtatea-Wddi, of niniUer; Dli* on, of Cnalal; Jamoi Kennay, of UcOdlan. The Mlowtoi la too New York ntoe: Eelobim, e, of Haien; UtrUn, piof Irrtngi Doconn, 1st b, of Unknown; atoekn)an3db,olIrTln(Vin; Hun), a a, or Irrtog; miltoSd b,of ahampl(ti; Clut, rs, otPutaam: StamfonL r t of Orlanlal; Smith, o i;!of Uiriom; LUn. I t of AcUre. Sabatitotes-Minigao, of Pniuun; Ford, ol Floneor; UIDor, of OrianlaL Tha game li to olmmacc predwly at 9 P, U., and all toe plsyoa'an reiinaalsdto be on hand a early u 1 :iO F. U. J A HuTT WnoatT Btai Bill UtlcB-BiaoiLiii n. New ToaL-Ihs retam game will laks pUa on THday, Sept 30ih. at Bobokah. Oams to begto tt pradady 3 o'clock, this nil bo one of toe moat eidttn« and siOojabIa gnaSL no donbl, ol toe sea- son, and will ba toll cfgoodhimoru^ good play, If sckht Is a ortlerlon of merit Tha algbtoeu manwdgh Ihlriy-dihundrad pounds. . Huwaxu VB. KiOBJIO.-Tfeeso tall dtbs of Uilo. N T a naloh on Sept. 33d, which toe Ultowou by lacon of Tenth AnnuAl RaoaHs or THE NBWBOBOE BBOATIA ASSOOIATTOK a MKWBimaH, TUI8DAT, OCT, 4n, igM. Tha Newburgh Begalb tasJirlatlmi offer tht fcUowtu Prisos, to ba rawed for to Newbaigh Bayon.Taeaday, OotoberUh. imT* Fust Bub.— nr Fonr-MndBods; (119 sffl be gltnL* FlralFiisa I mo ' Second Frlie I tg° DlBlanoe^A mllea, tore* or nonlMato to mite a rac(L SaoOBD'BiOB.—Hingis Soolla; lUUlwill be giren. Flnt Frisa I |ioo " Beoond Fills < to, ■ Olslsnos, A mllM. I Tmnn BitK—Stogis 8eoIls,fbr bcfs nnderlt ycanof age; 180 wlUbegtnn* ^ j Fust Frtoa < |m, Beoond Mia , ^ Distance^ 8 mllaa. i FoOBTB Rtdi.—For FlihlDa.Bkll&; 131 (111 be ilTea. First Frlie it"^ ......|JJ. BeoondFrlsa ]q IMstanosk 9 mllsa. The boals to b tnalUodi* this nca must ban bean aaed to Aahtog daring to last flshlaff eeuoa. ENTHANOBlO AU Tl E BAOOFBEE. Bcato canbaentaradbTMtsrto lu Becrotan, it D. B. Oddl's National Hotel, Nawbarni, on toe i orntog of ihe nu. OAITAIN BEN IT KOBINSON, TraldcnL 9. B. ODELL, ^eaaanr. laiio Wood, Jb., Becrstur. <>vit QBEAT BOWOtO IfATCH TBO UB A If J) DOHaSs, Buna. Wlche)], rf HanlT, 1st b Hauls, 0 Mscdlarmed, 3d b.. Worto, 9d b Porta, of Flandan, a e Tbomsoo, If Sdly, If. ..3 ..a ..1 ..A ..1 ..1 Totol., 3 3 A a s 3 1 4 4 .97 Bon HUB n ucB awaat. 1st 9d 8d 4to 8to Ato 7to 8to Mh Btar 0 4 1 ( 9 9 3 0 11-97 Hudaonninr 3 0 1-1 A 4 B 3 1—91 PassedbtUs-MoRls, S; Boyd, 7. Fly catohea mida-Hapea, t; klUlspaogb, 3: Adams, 9; Kelly, l-toUl,I3. Eeltj, 9: Manly, 1 dera, 1-total, 7. Futoalonbaaea—Btara, 11 Umee; Hadaoo Blrer, lA Mmea. Pot out on foul balls—Stan, 8 llme& Hudaou Blnr, 4 Umaa. Time ^ game—Two houia. Dmpln-Kr. Waidrop, of tha Hudson Blrer Club. -BQ&tB-Masn Harwta and Beott ^CELBXCB VST Orv. UDUnon.— ~ : las match between toe flntnlue of IhaEioaUlarOlab and nine playen of toe Bl Ocorgs Qob, named for toe toird day'a play ol JOSHUA WABD, or ConwuL, IKS WnUAK HUtVKNS, or FotromxEmi, At PnigUatfilt, Seit. SOU, 18U. WA up T B B V 1 O TO a. Time, 88 mto. 13 sea Tba great rowing maloh tor onethonnnd doUin bdireon toa two tenoaa oarsmen, Joaboa Ward, of Comwdl ncarHewburab and William Btenns, of Poughkesnde, which has asled a nat dadot aidtemantto aqoatlodrclaa since toe tone u ar- itnged, cams off at toe cttstOfflir7 An mllr couree on the Hudaou rtni at Poughkaepde on Tuesday, 8tpt 30to. nis match oiiginaled under toe folowtog dienmstaoces:—On Ihe day that tha match between 00- Ward and Btenns waa Axed le be rowed, and subaeqaeni to tha anBOuncanont thai toe fomabadndd forfldt to lha race, toa Manda ot Btenns dccuk somewbit eidled to eonseqaeace, and nanttoglr dcdsred Ihd Ibdr Cham- pion oonld not only beat GO. Ward, but hlabtolher Jeah. toe ax4hamplon, hlmseU Ibe late was not prcaenlittoatliae. bat two of ua ataonchest backen and penond Mnds wan there, and they toqtilred for bow much noney the Foubkeopde oarsman ooold be malobed agalnat him. 6 tenns'^ckar ex- pressed his wUltogneea to make tha alakes in bandied dollan a dde, for a An mile nee, to come off on the Fooghkemde conrae. •good day and good track." This lustsulted Uabooksof toe ■ niy, and 1300 a side, half tha imount of toe atekea, at once; toe rumdnhig half io be foitocomtog toe week pnrloua to toe nee, wUbh waa Axed for Tncaday, BodI. — 90lh- The backen of toe ex-chamnlon, being dealnus or "put- ™*' " ■ UngmonsT to his ptm," toen oirared the Fonihkeepaleiutr tlw to allow toe race to be rowed at Oonwall, ilu wuoh Saoa Josh, keepe a pubhc house) ao that he mlgU deiin toa beneai, to a bodneea pomt ol rleW, of toe numarona concotine of specteton that would naturally ba assanbled on toe occasion; Don Mpedally atooe Josh. Ward hlmaalf bad always named Pougbkeradn u Ihe place tohla numerous prerlons mitehea. Thlapiopcid^ BinzBO. I HDseoHBim- '' ma. r f '.. imispaugh, lat b. Mapaa, If.. Ulller,8db. Flaher, a a.. Boyd, 0 BsIseT,9db. Leonard, cf. Kelly, p ..-.8 ....9 ....3 ...3 ....» ....a ....3 JMfilmSCi:"wS!to,°9: Htt-1 S55 toe StoTons p«W, with i wntof llbanUly^SIStefy .lu^iuiuou, X, nmui, J, riH that ws did not oipocl to 000 thsm maulfMl, podttidy reftaod to igiee to, and the race waa Aied fbr tha Pougbkende eouroe. The betting ruled to fkror of Slarena erer dace toeiulch waa made, owing to the tact that ho was to Ane condition, baring bean to regular littotog for eomettoio prerlonsifor bis ma^u wlto OIL ward. In which, aa bafon stelad, he lecelred tcrtdl. Ward. £^££irSSIrmffit^l!:^J^*^ wia to blspraparallon wMtoeraaaanoftoeaang»iiK'«.y*i Hi* iha.coneaniml«m-. parly to IhstrrepresentaUn, and which waa expreaaed to thalr - An^KTi^ Feaice, c -Bmlth. Adb: .... Chapman, If Crane, 9db. Bpngue, litb... OdTln, s .. Pntt,p .Sid Bmlto, rf.... JO'llrien,or.... r ....9 4 « 3 3 9 .....3 Total.. Psacsl, c. kledgcly, of...... U^wntono, lat b . J Wilson, 9db.... Clyde, p 8 Wilsoi, 8d b.... Dooglsaa, I f aa5,ri BIll,aa... aL. ....9 ,...3 ....4 ....8 ...,4 ....8 ....3 ....A ....1 fianr Wrtgbt'a beneflt'matahes, did not come off owing lo toe betUng 1100 to IMon bla winning too nee: odds which wen snnnvlUoos weatoer. Kotwltostandlng the nto, howertr, dur. ttecly tak* by toe New Toik nrtiaana of toe ex.Obamplon. In/tooaRarnoonaulteannmbiirorplayanweDloatlienoanils, xiisrnas<iii*dlliat'''odi''kaAaIm;>d«r«><ad SlormaonoTBT ISlTe ratosr prartog mon bTorJEde after 3 P. U., elSas win ooculon tbey bad nnred teMUnr. and ihal alUioiuib toe teUar ^Si^ udanmawuptayed, toe oontestenbbeln«ntoeBicel- hadyontoandcondltoui enbUtSaf, 1h»H>ptiimiSmot too lor- SS?^nuS^Sodd™HMSf them Ant ntoe mc«t^*antoo on marwoAMwiabtehlmtodo tlMda How far todr ludgment tho^«whl3itoSadedfouroftooQolhamAnlntae,oneoftoe waa borne out by too result wl^ era to too report o|too race. S!^£"e or toeChamplon dab, of Jensy Oily, and tone BL Tha attendance of apocbto>ia Was n«t wry terse, tow ^to« P*- o5S55 Sea Ntoe iStogi w«n pUyod to tto hours, acoordlng trons of aqoaUc aporta from this dly fctag oujhsnd. Ihla waa tofsTSe, toTsSSSs wining br a aeon of 98 to lA. to? owing tolSe disappointment erporienfcd on the two test occa- ine nj rm u™ J., j.—y„2*nf | boat race at Foughkeepdo, aid which made hundreds Townenrtogotoeiesgato Ibr a stollir purpoaa There waa A Caiwci »0B HiuitL--Aa toen aeema to bo a gnal dcd of teto coming tnm toe Webb Bna., to oonaequonca of wlunlna lha UtonoacmHariamBlrer, we, toonnderdgned, willrowlbma A niUo nee, to IT feet bcala, lor |100, to two weeks from dsnlna arttdea. So pat op ur shut up. noB■BTBxll^ „ _ „ .., . . JOBB llBAWinoiH. fl. B.—SboQldtbtobeaooepted, mea and mooey reidr at P iBTanagh'a, 33d street, B, & A Fon-OABID Bou Bum wa motaibly take pliee bolweea a- Plltahurgb c»w and Ihe omw of the Strugtr of PoishkeoDdo tbtettll. JameatBd John HamUl and BsKh are tone otTbo Pltteburgb four. INDIAN OLUBSI INDIAN CLUBSII^No bfttsT nmiatto appUancea exist for almpUdty of oset or tending more a fleneraldeTelopmantandaliQnflthenlag of thephydcBlan- tem, toan toe Indian Clab, and It te Ihst oomtaig tote pnbllo tenr as a means or einidaa. Iir.&D. RSHOB,toepitodpal manutec^ turer of Indian doba to Ihla coantiy, Issow to recetolof otden ftom an aoollons, and he to Allhig tocm upas npldly aa poedblei Hr, Kahoe made too dabs ased hy Joan a Emiii andJoBOo- ■m, toa PuglAsttoChtmpkiiia, to their tialntog. Alao toDDS- ui KsTiaioB, too Billiard ""'iTlt", and Jius H'wit» t^a Cbani|Hon. Oluba,Ate Alba, AAurnlr DumbBdls,from....- AStoa " " TcrtJ^in^il^lSiSute^S;^** ♦««>''<»*<»«. NO" xon, win ncein iipmftTiisw aitc^nBon- AU etdcn oatalds of New York dty anal ba aceompaalad wlto th»m«nar. . • 9S-tf HARRY JENNInQS' PATENT UAOIO im riT.T.Tpr.t; SOAP. For the destiuoUon of PXBAS, BUQS, and ill Unds ofTaimto, EABBV jENNDfOB, 81 Portland ainet Boston, A Bote Proprietor and Patentee. THE NAUTILUS BRAN^H.^THOMASaBURNS his nmoTod from toe Old HomeslesdonBtstonlaknd to thte dly, and can herealler always be found at No. 1 Bibcliy stsBBr, en toe comer of Brood way, wberehe haa laid to a aton at toe Oholceet WInea, Uqnon, Ales, and Clgaie, making hte bar uninipaasod to qusUiy, Mr. BumawlU dwaysbe bappT lo aeebte Mends and toe public at too Branch, wheie an Ihe abore loxurlea can be en- joyed to Oriental s^la, 1A-3IB BOXING GLOVES i BOXINQ QL0VE8II—OLD BIIXIOVER UasterofCoiunonleaof theBtog-wUlaandperes- pnaa a aupetlor sett of OLOVEB'S BOXHO OLOTEA, to any State now to toe Colon, on reodpt of (A. 0L0VB8 OLBAMED at the ahorleatncltoa Addnea - WTLLIAU TOTEB, 14-tf No, A7A Second ar., oonw of SAto at, N, T, dty. "ED WILSON," Haa Attad up toe degant and axtamln pniBlaet at No. lA LEBOI PLAOi; ' Oornar of BleecAer and Qreene abeeb^ aa a fint daaa Bar and dub Boom, when the wostoyhoat to rdady to bid a hearty weloome to dL His Wtnea, Uquon, and Clgsn anonsuiipaii 1,andereiTthtogteoltheliestmaiUT. Aaplandld FOBXBAnOALLEBT on exhibition. "ED'S" Coonln Boddeocei "TBI BCIN8," Weebawken, te alao open for the Bummer BoBaon- THE 0HARLE8 H. MARSHALL HOUSE. laoHAEL HENBT Frooleior. No. Ot FULTON BTBEn,BBO0KLlir THE onoioEsr ALES, WINES, LigUOBSl AMD BEOABS. 9»- THE X-IO-U-S. ^ Na 13 Eitr Eoosna BABBT LAZABDS Pri) i »to lo r Enrylhing "Prq,Bono Pnblico." Edibles, BltaOOes, and Smok- sUss, an "noB com fantna est," Ihim wdeoms>a0, taasrUy walocime entrone. ~ FBITAIB Ttyloriiid Xanr toen made toelr appearance, and want al It toBboTd_udtongBltdilon, UwaaaUi^and'tekfk't bonee ware broken or frieadaUna sqiantcd- tSt Uirry Jenninga- BH and toa Nrwaboya' Pel Owo Wng waH to* BeiTaaMnsts Ibr pnbUo mRriaoe. and, faul*Apeaa» lug, tbey "kidded" one another to too antlreaailaMlonarthA audience, irno»tol)i«lrown. . Inmadtata)yanooaedlnatbtec*B» tho neaiereiif of ihe orantog; betwagn Jkck Tunor, of tondon, and JoMpb Bnlto. cf 8t John's, New Btnnswlek. Tbey entered ISLjZftP''^ ''**'^'"» toe osfl of Um« S5™,"*/,*<»aoliasir!to. Turner looked Uke a grnhooBd, fSf JJ*-^S'?5S f V»'to• hat aton; hat Joe. wfio iomS SJ^j55!?*'JfS!* pnltyllnVatwoTk dl hte time. Kaor WhSSfSlhei^itir^d'S?*^ between tote Damon aSS zJ^SSjIs*? "''?«*>?^JtoJ%SS!lSrer^p3GS!d by Honest Bone, to whoee exartlona the tery orderly maaao of the enUn cntortatoment has to bo aUrlbnl^ niMuior w 25^." "toe ""liteu, to come off at New TomnerKdoe HaOi Brooklyn,anWedBee4ayEnnlug,8«pt93to. LoUofJoodlSr foimr'S sie to mear, and an mtartotolng pngnmmo te oflM- J-lJUkohtnB&lhoaee. The itod^'^SBbe beliomtEi AtsVlciirtn ipi eomtr of Brooklyn, wlto Snde BOI ToneHll!a Tbb Ftn lin VmmKaTOH— APobimit.— Weban to an nounos too Aifltog throngh of the match between Fite, of PrcSS* denoe, snd John fiurphy, of this eltj, owtog to toe b»^^|£ teUer binna (died to "oome down wlto the dual" on toa dn sdnled fbrlto Anal deposit of (100 a side. FIte oosaeoumili became oaailNl to, and hat reedted, the atekea down, AM to S. It waa no bult of Uniphy's that this aignt oooiimd, aa he wm bard al work In dty.attoeUma, 01 nnipny's that una ennt oouaned, uhe was hu tnlnlag qurton, aoinl dltymllaeoaloftha ^ He bad tent toJameaMoLanfbUn'a to enquire ^oul too pulttog up of toe last deBoatl auf reodred a tele- mUe answer that ll waa "sn rlght-niTi surprtee may be Im. SS? he WIS telegnphed on Tbnradsj test to retora SJ^^l" ""^ 'o"" were fbtfdted. Murphy's pitodnl 0™a5r«'»«'ten, who hu reoenllygoi^mamLito JtaSSt iS^tf.'iTjWJ <>"*<>l. and bto oto« baokl^Tb^ JSiSi hid no oni toft here to attend to htebS locAad to sturdy, rahuit beslth, sad prime oondltiXiSd « preeool LU delermluillon nof'lo gin linu eo," buTmS^ rangamenta for anotber match wlto FIte u soon u pc^MsT cnen Day snd NtehL I LESSONS OIVENra BFABBOia. Hirry HIII'a BiOHANOB OLUB BOOKS AND BESTAUBANT, ' MO. 3A EtB;r B0D8I0N SIBISr, Ne ar Broadway. FAHOUB FOB ITS OFUHS BEFBESHHKNTS, WINSS, LigUOBa ALES, AHD OIOABS A NO. 1. THE HBADQUABTBBS FOB ALL BPOBTINa ON Dim KABHONT, SOOUBILITT, HUBIO AND DAMOINa. HABBT BILL to also Proprietor of that Subartisn retreat, known u Ihe PABK OOTIAa^ cor. list iL and Ad Are. lt-3m IZZY UZARUS, Eiota BhtdM, 333 CENTBE STBBET, One Door bom Qrand at Oholoe Also, Wtoes, LIqaore, and Begsr B, Oh ops,Slea>a,Wdsh Bsrautei^and Odd Cute, at bU boura. BEEB AKD lABx Kon- dayaadBatoidayBrantogB. IZZt LAEABDB, Proprietor. [A4f SADDLE ROOK OYSTER md DININQ SALOON; '-j^ljPA'ntsv ^ ■ ,S4 m THB ABT OF^agjFDggjaj "Old House at Home," „ _ •-^STATEfrnrir, MOOcanBB, x^T^^^ bandaome sUrer'annHboi, presented to him by a gsntlsmu, as a substanUil tokeu of his esi«m and admlnHon Ihr hte manly snd stralghMbawaid oondoot alike to toe ring tad out of ItTttooehto arrlnl lo thte oountij. The jaesentetlan took place at Kr.ohaa. OoUlni'a, Mo. 180 lAnrena.itieoL ABOma F0Bniz.--Jamea Turner, who nsmaAehadtoAabl llcQaads,atl331ba., (or lAOO a side, callad U ont offlu on Ute 3ito Sept, and declared hte intbUlty togstto toenonlred wetebT snob betog toe ease, to autooriaed oa to hand toe atakmtooai poeaeadou to UoQuade. ' CstLLBSoi.—IbmebyobdleugatoAAhtasjltApoanlmaBla the State of HbodoUbn^ atdralandopAglil, acoordlng to lha rnloaoftbeNewYorkP. B., to eU weeks from time of dmlnsar. tides, for 1000 or II.ODito Aghtwltoto fUty mnea otPioridiaoa. Han and money at Bob Flynn's, Bddy street. Jou Oosiau. Will Fioitr Foi a OooL TaoDURn.—Baker oaBed'OB as en September 9>lh and slated thai be waa ready andwUltoatoAAt Hartto of Pblladdphli, fbr |I,000 a dde, wbatoer Uartin.wtoror looaea wlto Doonsy Harris. He, Baker, will bo al Tom Woed'ik to Second street, Phllsdelphia, all Ihte week. PnB UAonn'e Tumia <)siBrBBA—Pate Hartto te Inlnlaff at Tom Chaffer's, wuntmsbonh, when he win bsplMasd'to aea hteMends. Ua baa arldeutly been taking care of himself and also ptenty of exenlae, for he looks u tough aa a hlokonknok He glTss an eihtolUon on October loth, at Stayraaant InttQnle. Jnt Doiia'a OULiuoB.-«Ikrwehan reodndnor« au oM» to JlmDonn'a cbdlongeto A^kt any man to Amarioa, ana bla tlOOasanearaeatof uatotenttoua an sUl on d^poauwUhna. Jimmy thloka hte xoonoy has laid Idle lona moagli, and wO. toeroMe wltodnw It tola weak anleoa aome oneooren llaAoneSb and win oondder himiolf tor toe time being. Champion of-Amar. Ion. lutoewoida of a Dritbh nnglUsllo onlor, "VfhBebef* boys; beye steered tooomeouD" Piionrr, tub OuKnos WufrLO.-Wo are gl^ tobeabi* to etete that UsSe Prlekett, who wia ao dangenoi^ stabbed by Ihreo cowardly rlllaLna on toe night of hte exhlblUBa Anr- weeha tgo, te gnduaily allhoagb aUnly reeorerliiK lha wpnad to not entudy healed, but he te abtelowalkaulUewltotoeaM of • sUok. NoUitoAhutnnaplred to laadtotoaaneatof Ihesoom^ dnla, bat PrIoBelt stales uat ho can reoognlie aU three shAiild b* come aonea Ihfn Wbo Wuns TO Bn on tbi FisBit—Any sanUamsn deatmoB one,)ltatlfteewhtpa Ooborm aooommodaled to ue^Maoiuil oranypartofltnotlaaalhaa ll,OM, te ready to tie toToetod on Oobum at toe odda mentioned* Anyonewlahtogtoapeoulatoeanapptydlhar atoaroOM; or at toe WbMs Honae, Orand street, Bmoio oa tbx Obbst Fnn nc laBuas—A fSmwat Oiru—A sportlM gentleman, wdl known to us, dedrss to say toreplytotteboUliigpropodUonofasplata John FlynB,toJast week'a CUFm, toatlftoelatterreaDr meant bustosss^ snd nob a ohoaply oblstoednotorloly, be wouu hare made en oftv IhaA toanwaaaomepnbtblllly of being tooopled. EaoOantobet AAOeachon Ant blood, Aral Idl, Aral throw andthaAdi^aBA llOOeiob on time bete thatno aenstbte maA wnldlUuottefe Ing. EetewlIHngtobet bfan llOOetdi cnlheAnflbaraTeoi* thai bo oyer was h««« to hJs lift. BsaataiiD UoUma.—no last diposlt of (w sslAiL'ihl^ maloh, wasmadsattoohonso of Mike IMnoronthealaiaM Wo hare now toe entile amount to be fongbt fo^ tU.* ttoA ■ JJJ 1i7-3b>* pteT and SrtJto«'Wa'AeldinB*iih"t«^^ to letting, Blnj T7ri!hnS^he itecn. On toa otoor Mf, DaUn^ gooA pltehliig. n5*Se olM ot too brotocn Bnmard to todr podlTons was SisSSJtK MoSe and Olysa making toe two beat Ay catehoa. ] inAWnwun/, asavw ^t-^T^-il^ ^AlmmMA tn that ninli vavima toal^of Todd ft centea fild, wu' noteworthy, aa waa that of but Utlto mjcutoUon » tof. "j! °3 ihadar tratsubddod suffldonUy abOalO o'clock m too aftor* noontoenabte toe competllon to start. Josh. Ward rowed to a. now boat bulll A>r him by Tim Dooohuo of Newburgh, and named the "Sun- Oateander," alter a well-known warm patron of aquat- IM and penond Mend of toe ex-Ohamplon- ItteAUVtolengto, SteTtoTmiowas oior, too paillee adjourned to the dubreoms, wbmahSStebl.»toruJom^^^ Totel.. Bon lusa iH Baon imnHoa. lal 9d 3d Ito Ato Ato 7to Ato'Pto AUaatto.. 0. 0 1 1. 14-78 ' 4-U PiaaedbaUa-Fesioe,4: PiecaLlO.' - ' Bomb runs—Onne, 1; Pascal, I. " Btrack ont—Clyde, 1; Clark, L ' FITcatchosmade-Pcane,8: FO'Brien, li Orane.l-tolBl, A. B^tess, 9; Medgdy. 9: S WUson, 9; PaMl, l-^itJ, t. Oaubesmltstd-Bmllli, 3; Onne, 3;-Paacal,.!: S WUson, 1; lIidjrolT-1: Thmfllf ^ Put out on basee-^ltentte, 14 times; Canadian, 14 times. ' pat-oatonfoulballa—Atlantic, once; Canadian, 4 times. Ban ont-dark, by tongue. ' -TlmA of guie—two houn and BO mtoutoa. i;mptee--ur, MoUabon, ol toe Katoal-. . Bocn!r^lCeeara..Uowtem aud Lakoman. > Letionbaaee—Smlto, 1; Bpnguoklt OaMo, 1; Citne, 1; Obap- :aan,l; wmte,X , ATLANTIO VR ONTABIO OF BO0HE3TEB. aMOTBBS sioasL laioicrB. ' Os Friday Afternoon; 8eiit'*93d, toe AtlanUca entered npon a Mwiilly gome wlto toe Onterto Club of Bocheater, wbo, toough a dub oompond of yeiy good maleriaL lacked practice too much to outer upon a matdi with such a dub aa toe Atlantioa wlto any- thing but toa suntylofa defeat, sndthteof couno toeysustatoed, toodiffoxeneeto too aeon betog greatvlhan In toe malch toa day pnrloua, aa too AUantlcs won by a score of At to A, oyer lea to one, wbereu too Oan^Iaua were only defeated by a soon ot sercn toons. Tbte tamo ojlnedpnmlstoigly for bolter resulte for the Boohester plsTen, too scon of tbo Aral Inn toga being only A toS ■agatoattoem, but to too next foortontogs toey tiled torato to Boonreaacitoer 'run, only two dngloa bolug aftcrwarda allowed them, one to Ihe Ato Unlnn and one to too sih, Honyaaonrtog the one snd SnlUna toe ouerj rantete and Porter betog the'only olhsnot Ihe nine to aton rana, Harey taktogtoelaedby seour- Jsgtwa The Atlantioa Bcerad doable Agores to Ihe Bth and test Innings. Pnit gelling two to toe tth, and Ocana, PntI, Bid, Bmlto and 0. Bmlto two each totho gih,Pcana Ihte time teUng the lead attoebst. The foUowtogte too score of Ihte game: Nbw Yon. H.WrigU,aa 1 Olbnoyi3<l b--? ' O, WitghliO.... Beadte, latb .. Winis,p Todd, of Bcolt,lf:. Pomny.rt.... Johnson, Sd b.. ATuma. Peoree, o Bmlto, 81b Chapman, 11.... F O'Brien, or.... -Onno, 9db Pratt, p Bld.Bmlto.rl... .. Told........ B- I. ...9 ...4 ,,.4 ' ....4 :...\ ,...9 ....3 ....9 ....A UTmo. Omtibio. SuUlTan, 0 f..,,. Mony, adb WUUs,p Dantete,9d b.... Foiter, aa StehbtoB,rf Cromble, If Uoahler, o Donedtel, totb.. 84 ILI. A ' .....9 9 8 a 4 .....4 Totel.. 0- xnn HUB n biob imnHoa. lat 9d Sd 4to Ato Ato Tto Ato AOanllc,. A 1 A 7 10 9 A A Onteito .'.8 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 Struck ont-4Ioahlor, 1, Flyoatcheemade—AUanUo, II; Ontario, 7. Put out on baaea—Atlantlo, ISttmoa; Ontario, 4 times. Put out on fool balls— AUsoUo, Iwleei Onterio, A Umes- Bqn ont—Benedlol, by Smith, Time of imme—three hours. UiAplre—Mr. UoWhton^ of toe Young Canadian club. Booren-Uoaiia. Uowlom and Ward. Durtog too sojourn ot the AUinllce to Bochestor, thsy were es oortod to in the totaresting loodlUea of lha dty. and raoalrod courteona sHenUon: from aO, toe deportment of too Champlona -atoo^toey tefthome.bdog u credltebte to toem aa momben of ''« npatebb dub, u lhair dteplay to too Add was aa tot leaiding eismplanolbaeebaU. . ' ATLANTIC8 IN UTIOA. On Frito anitoui, they toft Boohester for Dtiqa, and on Btlur' dty QOnlna, BepL Mlh, oomounced ptey wlto the DUca dub, ol the dtr Btiranuadi, orarrtotog betog taronblo for a Urely and inteceaUnroonteat,anryUrgeasaecubiageof specteton being preeent The game opened to tanr of ndthor party, boto dnw- {ngblanh^.Pearce being weU pat ont at borne bsaarBmlto at Ist^ end Chapman on ue Vi to the AUanllo Inningai and Porter the fly, frooher al 3d biae—boto by Omn»-ana L, Thompaou Oh^man. on the boood. In toe seeond Inntogs, toe AUanUoa secured thrse rnna, Oh^sn, Onne and Bnagua being toe laoky mto, tha UUoa ntoe agdn dnwtog a blank, thnudi Ihe good Bsldlng ol Onne and Bpnne, to the third untoga, toe Allan- ttss scored but one ran, Bmlto msUng II, todr opponeste getltos 9i toe lotate at the close bdng A to 3 to tiTorof the AttanUcs, ^s WM nihsr a dllhnnt oommenoemest from toe pfsrlous gious,aiia lh« Btloh pioml^lo lieagoo4nie,wIiasllieaik on too oocadon. Excdilon wluntog by a aeon of 98 to lA, toe | owte of toe eto tonlnga sUudlng 98 to II. Of toe don u, Willis' pllchtog, Jobnaon'a third base play, tow hand. The OAlirornla Exchjnoe. , .. NO. 439 BBOOMB STBEfer. a«r Broadway. . JOHNNY LAZABDS .-- -V™"-"F"*™"". * unani/ jjjgu MIOHT AND DAY. IWhltci Hauta Whita H0UA«. lOECOBDBN h CAPI. BAUNDEBaPnOraipOnB. No 113 0BAllDBT„nearBB0ADWAY. ETarylhtog SthefeSrt bnnd.' Wtoea, UqsoTi, /^j,B?g«fi Total.. New York... Excelalor.. BxcnoOB. B.I> A-Brdnard, 9d b 4 E.Bnlnard,o 3 Cook, r-f 9 Langley, 3d b 1 Patehen,lf 4 Hoon, of A Dakto, p 4 dyne, tot b 3 Hdl, a a 3 Total.. ' 3 A A 4 3 1 • 3 3 8 2 nteygotoffpnttye^TurSr. Steren, quickly abowlng ^de^^SyWSibl?!?U??%toe lind ahimlbiif a length, ■•d tote , No. 206 Eighth AvAnus, i:SD1U UiVB IB UOB UIHIJUS.- lit 9d Ad 4to Ato Ato 7to Ato Uh 3 3 A 3 0 1 0 0 4-lA A 3 A .1 4 4 3 3 0-98 Pused bdls-A- Brainaid, 8; 0. Wrlghl, 4. Home rune—WOUa, 1. _ • .. _L_, , £orttoptey-ByDaktaand01yne,sndD^aj^ft«lnsrd. ^^dohM ma^-Patchen, 9; A. Bnlnard. 1; E, Bntoard, 1| LanSlnli HooR. 1; Clyne, 1; Daklu. l-toSl, & O. Wright, A; OtoS5?9V^ WrighC A^Suriy, 9; W^^ 9; Beadl?i-tiU ft. Steh» mtesed^wnitei li H. Wright, 1; Olbnoy, 1; H. Brdn- "pit'ott5?baIlt-Ex«HOT; 10 ttmea: New York. 17 times. Clioubaaes-A, Bnlnard, 1; Langtey. 91 Pttoban, 1| Hoon. DiJd". iToiine; liHdM; H^wSgk 1; WUlte, 1; Todd, 1; '"pnUiul OB tool baUa-Bxceldon. 0 ttmea: New York, 4 timea. Bun oul-H. Wright by A- Bnlnatd- Tlme of game—3 honn and A mtoutoa. Umpln-llr. VdL ot toe Knickerbocker dab- Bconrs—Heatn. BUren and R<AL OoniK n. Anjume.—Tbo retnra matoh beiWeen toese dube Scvnt BOBTBB, Proprietor. ''%*£^S5£*Aro'V(^^ lOtSfNY LOUDON hereby tofbrms hte Wends end toe aporl- MJM. fsmoS boddrle la joj g^jj^to noujto Ftoturea. ahcsd'aTwal half a length,-and tote nodit about three-quarteisof a mile. Ward'a rowtog waa to hte asnd flne, powertal and gmccful atele, hte long sweeptog stroke caua- Inahls (call shell to Ay tonngn toe water. Storena' style some- ,..,„„,.„_ wutteaembles that of Ward, toough Inferior to It to grace and itoched and toa cooloat and beat effeetiTonsea. Before toe; hid got a mOa, Ward olosed and got u.^ on OTcn terms wlto hte opiMmcnl and then dnwtog gradually ahud. he opened a gap at ereiy alroke, despite the must rlgoroua and determined eieitlone et Bterena, and turning toe upper slake boitAOKeeoondsehead. Secamohomeontoerelararetetotog toe aame nftmii ?f'^'"g lead, aad woa too raoe amid the cheering of hte (rienda by thirty or forty Isngths, to aSmto. ISsec. "— wMdi he ooold uto oonaldenoly rediued had he not, tool tow acna to It before toe arrinl gan was dred. The winner f,^;™ wu warmly oongiatuteted by hte party on hte rloloiy aa he re-1 3I-9m> tamed laihe ahore- ' TnMiwBOBOBBBoaTU-'—The pre^t summer huandoabl> edlybeeo toe most brllllaotteaaon tor aqaaUo sporte that bis bemknown fbr maayyoirs. Among Ihe moat Imporlast and memonbte ennte ban been toe great rowing miteh for the cbamplonahlp of Ameriein waters, between Jsmee HamlU of Plltebnrab and Jbdi Waid or CorawaU, toe regattas at Beaton and at Wotoeiler. when, tor the flnt Ume tor yean, toe Tate boya—thanks to the plqdcal culture snd syatemaUo tnlniua Ibeybadnndergcae—ulumphodonr Ibe ropreaonteUrea of old _.JIKQhy JOHNNY U)! UDON. THE "STAR OF THE WEST" a 903 CBMTBB STOKg. • WIHBB, UgUOBfl, ALES, AMD OTOABa ,.OAMIME BP?BjfE?Sff^» E^S- ^cyoMho^lt gnttetor^^tteman tot^to^c^^^ BSrfIrt;ThnSufoiiii»«d mitdies on the Hudion, belwocn I ,yS*'niHL''miEEr&'FBbil!D g?SS; SMEpiUsbu.,h.bca^^-rwlllghl'' an^ | D»dL, ud^gljB^^ '- tooonwa .... Brown" of New York, ami too Mia omMen Mr," and toe "Btranger' ot Pongbteepstei and, atlU mon ro- e^tly. toe gnat rosing nnleit for supariorityaa oAmen b> «ojr'5=;7t iiSd£ii-on8«t.\«^ I siss,i!'i.m*'torpSSCsi°£aJaiS^ aoareVfWtol3,tasgaiaeotdgbt Inntogs. toe deL^^ SSSaTeSdoeasodi a brSSul aaaon Mndup wlto s innd Bins the. matoh prerenting the Ato tontoge trom betog ptefod. {EjSJd^JwbuS^Ihe tosn m bmous tor Ite boal-baOfen, B^ parttes were rtiwrt-tanded, the '»2SL°„'^'^^I JSSSi uS entouSiltotonaad pateonsge of squstica to erew Btert«CS4ne,andtoeaolhsmabetogmlnuatooaerTtoeaot too ^^^^tam. The tanlh innual reStte oTtoo Newburgh two.Wri«hte.,TO_ei4ay_wi.^^ ■ - Oyslan to 34-91* thai ot the Oothama espoclslly so, snd thorelOn II te not worto while to comment on toe detaUa. We at once refer to toe full score betow tor paitloulan. The Gotoama wen hoipltebly enter- tained al toe dcee o; too match. Amimc Pearce, e Bmlth, 3d b ■ Bpragao, latb... P. O'Brien, of... Chapman, Ad b.. Odrto, a a Bid. Smlto, 1 f... Fntt, P......--- Jaa. Bmlto. rf... Totel uTino. B.I. m. OOTBUL B.I. 1. ...3 4 T. TanCott. If A 0 ...1 A Btokem,of... 8 9 ...A 0 Thorn, p 1 9 ...I 7 Olbney,3d b..., A, 1 ...9 ' A Cohen, Ad-b 8 1 ...9 A BquireSgSS 8 1 ...1 A HoOtaUl,Istb 3.' 3 ...4 3 Dockney,o 1 9 ...4 9 Beadle, I f 8 1 ,.88 Asaootetion takes |daoe on Tociday, the 4ib Oct, when tbur wlUbenwodonl&tbeautllulporlian ot toe glorioua Hndacn known aa Newburgh Bay. IhciArst race te for looMared for which the Ant and secoEdpffioa are IlIO and t7A. TbtewUl ntoduce a moat eidling conltet, aa It wUl bring logetocr toe I Siebniod crews of toe Oeome J. Brown, Ihe Biraiiger, and a Mewbnnh crew-oompceed ot Joah. and OIL Ward, Donobuo snd anotoer; dtetenco An miles. Tbo aeooad noo tor atogte ecaUs, I oBhn tlOO tW too wtouor, lad lAO fOr toe sooond. In tote wo ihall hare an exccllut opporlunlty of Judging ot toe reteUro { mertte of our tone most roaownodNow York Slate Jo* co'hum Joe Ooburn, aoe *'''P.''"''_B,™nN OF AHEBIOA. A Bptendld FOLL*L™OTH"pOBraSoF »<« OOOTM, tn FIOSSnO OOSTOME, cent bieiprcM. to uy 8p«""'9,VJ2oS!&oBj; w. m^. (9d door below BteeotojteieM MtW.IOBK. Uoun <iom T to 10 tfclook. UounftomTtoloo-ouoB, « J. E. BLABCA N k C o's ^ —-no won AKD BBOIT BTOBE. Total.. . ams HiOB pi BioB nniBaa, tet 3d 8d tto Ato Ato 7th AUanUo 1 * 4 1 11 7 9 Ootham 0 0 0 9 9.9 A PinedbaUa—Pearoo, A| Dockney, A; Odien, A. Hcmenns-^Cbipman, L Blxuilk out—Odnn, 1| Sqalies, li UoOnto, L ' Ply oatchcamtds—PeaK«, Si Smith, 8; Pnll, 8; P.O'Drie Ohannan, 9-tolal, 18, Btokem, 9| Thora, If Ottney, 1; oSltlT&hon, iTkcOmth, l-Sial, 7. •Oatebes mteiM—Ileadl^ 3| Stokem, 9: Van 0-" Oret 3A-tf I joiSrand oil. Ward 5d wnuim Stovana wUl teha part to toe race, I betap wto'Xi his Menda' and toe pobUc gononUy, at all which te Ave miles, and (nhtbly John BIglto and Badfmlot Ihte ijQ^itlSahonae, .™^.k .i,^ dS will dao enter, TbS thlfd nee te for dngle acuUa for boy; """^ lu aYEHUE D, corner o« »^'^ bo bad, to- mia 18 yoin of agej torw mUej the wtonor taking 140, and where Wtoea. Aloa, *^ eto., "L»«45"SJ7 »U toe Bocoud 130. The tonrto noo te tor Ashing skUb, the priies ,,u,or wlto the bteel aporUng nowa ol toe oay. betos A9B and AlO, dtetenco throe mOes. Ins entraneo to aU I " 1 — I .t -?_T_._ ,_ Wl. mmHa (■ alMva AUIInmilal,^ fnn Ihn I JIOHTA TO OOHS Bronmia FDanana Fob Sua— A o oll e nl l on <( beaailfully eiacutod photographs, twenty to avnher, lugOlsts, comprldni Msec, Bayon, T s n g h a m , Oar' 'iddook, Oiunt, Noun, BntUo. Bhsw and olhsn. large ilie, and snltablo fbr bamtog, Addraas^ for fko I Uoutere, L. W. Ouma OmUk I m KrnsraurasD Tunrss Umis..-Tfaemnib4tweesih^ twovojrlUste Ajronetooossnddoltenaald^waato eettsc^ Tuesday, Uo anh Beptomber, Ibe parties wen to nssl to ? Ion lbs day boton and toaa for choice of gronni We hanS'i board ofany betting to thte dty on Ihe reault We ntre*', «tehsd a special nnortar to toe econo at aolioo, aodahiUp \ UhatuU report otueSgbt to noil week'eOunBB, ' > FnnB FioBTIB UueooBL-A correnoadent wdUng flpm Hi nibal. Ma, nTa>-"Wo had a morry llitte mlU hen on the lAt Beplembar, tor tlOO, between Jamoa Bnnnon and Jeaa»; BedAvdv both men wsuhlngibonl 180 pouuda each. Ilwaab'sliiMallklrk onlylaattog euht naods,' Bcannongotojcdowutoeaobroai^ ' ■ gdnid Ant blooilbraaeTCrebli r— —'"- Bedford eye. "Tho Aght waa ended biBranncngoliig down OB the repaid . and hte pirty oUAmed thai while , dowd BodtedhllhtoL lb* atekea won oonaequenUy awarded to Bnanon. .The wtonorto u iriahman. who naa fought seronl prlie 'Aghia, and slanda A tootSU toobea. Stdlord ii a kliuouiiah^hu nsrar toafhtlte Ihartogbofoio, andteabontlji luchoa tellar than hla opponiaL They an mateuDd to flght soato to Areweekatlm«,lhr A90Ob aide." OV oomspondont asks usiAnl^ If a man fliUi wuhouA haTlnanedTodorJtnn atilmdowhsnolIaH_toef^Mt 3, Ua BuTuAoaC' " ■ -• 8, Its man t InnouS^quOT'Ariit.'lho tliirleuihluloaa^.•'thatUelihsr nan uall wlmiUy Uirow himself down wllhout reoalTtiK a blov> whetoer blows shall tano pnrteudybeen eiobaoged ernoLfe* ahall be doomed to han tost toe battiei but Ihal uds rate ahall net apply to a man wbo toadose slips down from toe grasp cC hte oDDuneDl to sToldpnnIdimaul:ortoom obrlons scddaoter woshneM/' 3. Ba does ool lose Us Oghl if ho Is knocked s Dusbed out ot too ring, bat if to s rally sfthfarooes. ho slope ool- sUo tba rtog to ouspe pngtehfflont or stoM Us.mMous^ fe* Srtdtelhe^UI*. 8.1Ieean alrike hte oppooeiirwhile on tba 10^ ncorlded no part of tha body cf Ihe UCter te oh tol gnosd. 4. Two onplrea, dSu adocled by eacA mu or hte aAMflda, rit^ne. TOO teller mutt wllbboM au oploloa UU appeilel to bj Ibe umplna, aodtlien bte dedalon must bo abldsdl^ ta lual. WTOaoTRlTon amowaooauenotiow uo i^air us lAhe Agnt whotekooAedorpuahedoutof the rtogt Ahuartihlto atrtoe hte opponent white the tetter u lef 4-How. nuoy.ludgea there ahould'betoaAghtt Ato Oto 9 —88 8 19 jo.Cobornn.J.tol^a^lrS^Si^i''"'"''' d-Blk. N^« Ml*« B'--^' • Ooio) wdghL 'Drien, 3; Tan 3l Cohan, 3i luhei^ ll Olbney, 1; Obapman, 1| Pnli it Jaa. Smlto, 1, Put out on baaea—Altentlo, 8 timeei Ootoam, A Umea. Put oat on foul ball*—AUautio, 4 Umeei aotham, A times. Bnn out—Sid- Smlto, by Oobsn and Olbney, Time of game—Three hours. Umplr»-Hr. Westondl, of the BmiAre Clob. Bcoren—Heasn. Howlem and Daronport, Left on baaea—Pwne,'3; Smllb, 9i adrin, 3; Bid. Smith, It Jss. Smlto, ll YanCotI, 1; Thorn, 3i Otonay, 1| Oohsn, It Sqnirea, 1; Doekney, 1 . ^ . A OBADD JUNIOB HATCH, NawYoimBBaoiLTB.-Tkeflntof a eertesot mattaisb*- tooseraoea te tno. Thte reiatte Is dways dlittogutehed tor too good management which te displayed by Iho eieeulire. CiBD.—Tsa Ouisi m New You Htna.—Toronto. 0. W„ Bopt 99d, lAAL— Hb. W. Bisnni In anawu to your propoalUon of IhoMhtoik, topulltoonceataonan, ao tar as we are con- ceraed. It te not pracUoahle; wo hare not toe AwUlUos for teklng a boatlhal distance. II would cost aboat |ltO, Canada money, to take boat and onw toan; aboal could be ttkeumnoh easier to New York. Under lhaae dioamstenoea, wo must dedlue your offer, Yoamoitundantendthttwe eonalder yoor propoaltton teir and alrdgblfbrward, bet aawa add abore, we mustdeutoe. The season te now too fa adranooA, hot we hope that tome plan will bo edopted next nnmer whereby your onw aud onn eeu meoL II te niT llkdy that you wSl see tu to Poug))koepdo next iMacm- aa that fa ourinlenuon.' •"T^ . W.DBXoa, tor crew otPrinoe Alfred. W.Br»ra.a,andcnwofBlrenger. • \^SS^J;^l^l!^^^S^'o>^'^^''^-*^ Boimoa'PamnmPBU-MiTOa nai a aialu aOfoniriin> Dutlmof ijewe« »«»^™ "^ U^^TtebMhuanoutoeBahaylkai an awdientog. Btooe »yJ^,*^'Jl|^ "Atm" tS^mmoM^ bjtween faamU and Ward cm those ^^fewtoeBskmy"J5^ ,1 toe aa- wSanLboaUng, aa thru ndng te oonoeaed. hubeen at a atond Aowod •^^'^^SuSmSSouiSej aid HcOtttr, ot toe sua ButiTrtSnAetetobetoaugaraledmLThuradiy aftamo^ \ ^S£\^^^in ^^t^ tnUmtat ntj waa llien toe StosSt Mrahad«s«reeduiKmbytheOndlnB%.O.topid Jart &d-2^»««7JI««^^«J5«™^ in'sihlblUon wlto SSt^^S^itmVulLuttS^ili, dt-oandbarmOygutl ^SSu'saTW dS6a.^B5^»»»oSg«>"<»»"Ift ot.^h,^pSolP^^^^9fi^C?.'•?,^Hf:.^^ w djhL ^ ,, ... I ; JACK TUBNEB'S DSJ!™?, i! oK2!""' gi£SSiB?«ir^««;d^ GREAT QUOITiMiyrCH.': ;:-; New York sg slnAt Kew Itrwi, : THE poBaEB vicnotaone.'. On Taeadiy allenoon, September 90to, l^great'fonr^BBM. QUdt maleh between Now Vork and How Jew-toe ibinuc Atete Mnr lenrsienteA by Meian. Olbsou and-EtfogB (lh» ^^'ohsS^ quolVpteyer of Amerte^ nO^^ hr 5™S.Madsrenrof Newark,and Smlto.oTiatoMS),mala<* mtiu Odedmito Qudt Onund at KemrL^.imafMwatam ,S^ ^i.iif« to witoeas toe match, whtoh'.ni .toflOA a ddSh among whom wo recogiilxod _llean HoAod. BiMB, Hl^aa. HcOoy. Oeorge Dunham, Bim SonUmd,. OniT. OUrtsg, Potter. Mlh. and <>lhcr wdl known toran of tu-game. .The game wa aioScteunaoft eterends, and lA'TklOa dtetknoo; TbeRsr TcAMReaonteUToe wan UiftJkTarltca In the betting, two to os» bdtea bet on toeir wluiliig.' Oej kept pretty ersdy logelbei at iKToomfflonoensil ot iSo'gams, onUfaome8pdotehad baaa aoored by eoobi whan the Champion and lite partoer want ahead. andacoredaa&sklMMto.lwu betonlhom.sna uretglrtoc Uelr opponmto • Ahanob, won too mitob to .<h« eM4st msoaet potelble by 8A VOtAte, tha game atesdlog MtW .Xott At Haw It^ Nnr YoiB. ,. ■'. Olbien-l « 1 O'l 0 3O0O1911OO0O0.0}10,l'40193A» ooooi9aiiiioooAioo9iii. , .'.V Kanogg—0 00 0 900100310000011103011 A30ito 111019O1O0A00O0011001L Total Al. • ' Naw Jaaaai. 'Hadann-Ol«0S30 01 lOOAOlllOOOOOl 0010001 1 OOOIOOOOOOOOAIIOOOOOOOU . ,,»,««„.. Bmlto-OlOlOSOOAOOOOOlOlOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOe 000 0900 000 00030 0000 0 0, ':Totel3A. A cbaUenie on toe salt of Ur. lyoDa ot Jeney 0>ty> to playjA mitoh for iIa wtto tfiTKellogg, " " Sg'ona or toe|*iyare to theiniTl; • •&e <to»U"Pll*jg'"^^i 1 eame amouut waS; then ateda l» Iween Ihe Jonlon of Now York aad BneUyn, to to take ptece on of toe (MkaOlly fl, O, JJ* 9lSSLiiV^.V.riw..ii». nan on I and wieiooa ua -Mf^ «i«iiu». i.— —r .-.—sr_-«i# FriSirB»iriOto,on the 0»j(totiaa Onunda at Bedfad, on te looked toward to wlto madjtotonirt^ •SSJiBiolhen, ol BoiUh »eton,were toe neU to ahow.ytt ^!MS<KaitaaSnnia\mS5 mttdi,pteyel aoeordtogtothe Uerinr.aatosaAirettoeUnllaebatttthai^teUoaofbdBl 'Jj^^S^^^J^^u^^ lynlij tat/betanyutUptted; XtutoOowtotinilUBamN oH ■'hiidtotMal,'', *™7 , ' . .' v . - ■ ' i 00s matoh, wu aecopled, bnl becked ont. A Dalch fbr toe eame amo.-. -—^ t.i.—c twoonIIosara.AUo8aand, Bmlto. holt °''^gyg™?.?. too Buno lua( eoadoSed. It was '<»T<*»^™«5Wkjt.'!I^ tog BetasteaalUfUy <flose and soconte, nnW thmTf^d A* ssjAu EatoggUico'ast JowBta«rn»slto »S,"JJ^S-SftS hte opponent a chance, scored »™SJtlSR^?Sjl£L^ casaloiiandwInBtogtoe game-toe More atandla|,EeUag| AI> EtadtoSt. jeSSToio^^-rai'S^^SfiS^^ «Jgo;^^;fA.ark,ttrr»Mox»iaaAld* Thenatek esnbemsdeslsny Itoio. ■ ^.m aesecd. ,• .. • ■.' • | • ' ■ .'• " . ■ . ' •'■ »■ I • . I- I'll!'. fcW . }.;,! . „ Ml.- ,■ -r v:- ti,:>fr.,n -.Uy