New York Clipper (Mar 1871)

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•V-: ■ ■• -. w < . and Proprietors I NEW YORK, SATimD^Y, MIAROH 35, 1871. PEUOXS TEN <3EUfX9, wna ros nr vou nirm, fir B. B. B. Vrt atoM lollVi foil ooMUd* boox^ n* Ufh DtridllD of lU dU— iDd, rpro tUicuad-pelQl, sto togiM ■ackwkrtud rorwwil»'«ru« vv* kck«»H Um md la Mn^l ud pbla lad ftU lb* IB lb li et«tr (e Tit VI n* wnlu HoUf bl Uaon ni, yvmmluaowcntau huMdibadtv. WbBt b«pr • rolJ UMmu, uirar wta. In nsMT portal Hud o«Dplel& rinaal ibiiptlboT UftbubecB- ntBcrelai w>lk.tb*nDatr lomn: yoc^di bin riara lo eblU tb* air. Or tftai ib« iMou aoralnf bom romrttrt EBa bik* t look— ihal ibtdoudibftTaalbcnd lb«n; lad ill ib« nr ftbnrw rauUu, Bid la ib« ibbk «ad dM^ tir. BailBuloa,tboa|^ duk lb«w*r ixdftUnnkBOnCba pubdolb Im; Tbvn^i U^i tojoBd iboM (tnUog d«tid*~ Boi for lb« innkr br tod bf. n«d0Bd«Mr dtkr.uoo Ifo, iad bB iba nr b« p4lo lo ilKhl; OrjbovM tbff mU Id dtnaU immj^ BBibmdlDf D ■IBlfhll __ ._. _ nur I nttVj of Uo tlWB III Till lb* dir. doaliif, brfna Biloft iwcti RpoM ua 1 OK sum WINGS. R rm AOTBOB OF "joroi oobmbb'S" btobt. CHAFTEB TTn. IT rim. Ua Fjecnit, u bu bean reltt4!d, tufl reURd fnm b>r (opedUJoii dlicanillUid ud doeplj grieved Uiat UfDsumidseasof clniusnaDCM btd n combined iiltmidtr II, lo orcrr point ol Tleir, t complete ii At bid uknoffledged to betaell, btr mind wu UltniKbDoremjiUOedaute wben ebe left Blaaor Nol^ cotuge Ibu vb«n abe but entered It, ud It tookNnediijt'eludjiogol the P/ecnit pedigree 'ere ■hecooldctlo the pciturbsllon or berre«llogsol pro- piletT-lor Ulta Ffeoroft did not dlagolaalrom oe^ lellUul bei pnpilatr bed boon In a manner outnoed, ttinogb thai natural veaknea or mortal! oalled^eu- itatir.vblcb wnkneaa tUas Pyecrolt bad (laUered bndltbat abe eoared above; bui,alaal abe bad pain- taB; eiptilenced tbet abe waa not altogetber eiemnt iroffl tbb lalUu of bumanliy. ■ . Kha UUrud Ulaa Sopbia had been In a etate orneat eicUeneM daring tbeir elater'a abaence, and bad men- lalT acoompaniM ber ererr etep of the war. '■Ho* die It tomlog the lane," tald Leuj, vbo bad wiitbedberftom tbg window u fitr aa It waa nool- Uetoaeelier. ■■8be won'lbe long, tben," anawered Sophia, ^jebemiBl hare reached tbe great .maple bj tbia "Tea, Her hand It npon tbe latch ol tbe gate," ■We It In the garden. I wonder U tbe has iioOeed uatoUplTte." ■^ebuknookedat the ooUags door," eiolalmed BopUa, then came a pante. "Oe door la opened-abe hat gone In. Bbe la ikiMpg handt wlCb-al leaat, do tou think Bebecca 'fft "i"" Signer f"atkedLetty. TM onlj bovt to blnL" ' BoSSf*'* "tonied ■■Ab^nll, perhape tbe might, Bebeoca alwan toowtal once what the onghtG) do," ^ .JSf Hr "S**to aar at tbe rtebt mo- ■Btf-wUcb la, of couiee,tbo noat dlfflcultaing In thewotld to do,'" answered LetltIa, "If* wonduJBl." JSl'JK, '"S* ¥i» 'V^.'!' qoeeuona and aammou," returned Hits Bopbliu "No one JoeldeTergiiesawhalahewaadrlrlngat UUsbesud- S^^TTrz wuo wim ue toit uuui one thoaghtle hare kept ijnlteaeerot.' -■jn'in. aliSJ'lfilS .''I' •»'<'I*«Ti "asking won Wert about ber camaUona and totHMOses, In "—."-"""o WW ■ u»«w; iQri oaro mf uie Bur- SS^wffie^S""" ** J^JtiSf-J*'""* SopbU pimed their SSJ»i>*."'« wore In with {be iaw colored ol MtaPteoron-slSrlbw p^ gjjmm U became a brtlllanfsacceanlnthalxli T""" Pjoofoft retoraed, and, KihSi^'!?honr andtben'^auddenlj uSlu^rJ.^P"''? "oUment-"!don't beUeTsUiat "^ii«f<Wngat all la 1^ Ibey were quite mIuST ■i,'."?? ""^J"' o^wrraUon Mlta Precrolt ronohaaftd Wi lit mbjeot; and LellUa and Sophia hud to JjitJr?^^"" "PO" "lb priralloTand dSnceu «N«Md% fto toplo waa evldeoUT w lar Saiaawd 'Z^^S;' ""Wf IniondeJ UkliJSS i^ih^""Jf'"i ^""o "il Sopbla mlgbt dlnent JSJ:?'? "ftPOMd to put Inner tuth than e?orln her ■P™; la the conrae or the following weot loWrt l^ffijy*' fouowlnfireok, Mia. Omw- igteasiiSitS:" ™ IhSJ.rJSi*?'"'^"^Sophia, u abe taw yi^'&."'»^.'"«'''8''P»l>oganfelL tt^t'J^S,",?';^'^""" her work! ibr •wSuuSSh.l'li!',? P^'trollhouaaboldneTMto mTlSiiSi.5l'".,5l'jS'.eoraor-be was going „,„ „. urawiord In Ibe erenlng of Ua cban^ tCM. ditanpolnlment It Is to me can W beuaJHOn^JululV 'iLr' "">'>''»■ "il»«" " W(bu«■S^k,^l1''J^J;»'»»n'lPVlDga cniate to 'It Mm. 1?'L'W •"•ngement was moat ellolble." Kirn. M.1 ^, .'^ocrolt, "to condder no one bot them- tt>Umh»/'°,f? °<'l°l'><>>eut bow Uiej dlatorb "iStw 5."■"•'ire jean," •iKkT"M;H:ll^'°.?''*'°"S'it himself so exceedloglr "lUe MTSml? ^ CrawlOrd, Id a plalnUre Tofi* •» KftSlS5?i?wUlorJaIn wfiooalaMlIl^ndi •Wbl^^Il,';,"5'>?'»»«rttolhat our own^ <»i« honl f?fy°'*' **■ onM to do IL And Kr, Cai^ "I" nnil^m.^'' ^' Indefloueume, taraM ffh.Vi' '"'i I '"PP"? UiI»«"g»g»B»nt "wSlwiiiLVi* "•'hoitlookljjcunorsome- '•'S'"iSf'toX'f'?P""> l'««4"t>'» •"Ulfc-eyiriTSf^h.™ "»'««»MT-Itnaya»jr,mor- •^iS^Smm lil"??' oreeplngin ereiywere:'' '^tt(SJi^-^^'*^!S^J" *"> <» thinking oi «»•> e iJi, ,?'°w2'„''? l»o* out lor lonelbliw to k">,«J.'.?"?L J»«P" told mr «*?«to tbU tbe Oaiterets hare 'SheeiDMr.u.n."!'*'' •'!'!« "Mti »the young man »«» beij?ft 11'?.°', S"* '''»"^ •"WM.'n'bt "4«d doM "rCl. ■">"»' "It, Orewford. P^ktaiSnSIJ.' /t"«'ioo »t hor alstor, as '*U'l«bid(SS^S'.'?,"»'''¥'"'ir<lu"Uoni, DutMlis Wlwnd Iran ui J52 "IHU^*"' Ibteutence to be «Uon^ Ctawlbrd's unaialttei oomnunl- """cllJJi'Sir'^,,,* ,"41? gra»«, certainly,"replied "weitlng of all bltpUns-lboughwhy, I do not know—that I dan say be leals anilons aboot the lotura. Indeed,! ataonld not be nnch Buipttsed ir be didn't go lota theohnrohatalL" "Poor yonng man I" ejacn latedUaafiopEla, "Hnob aar might deplore It for the Inconrenlence It has oc- oaaloned Dr, Cnwford," Bald Hist Pfeorolt, dUMUiig a aec- ond alae glanoe In the direc- tion of His Sophia, "I an not enre that a young' man like Hr, Carteret would bo a gain to the chunb. Bomn or bla Tiewi, aa I bad an opportunity of eliciting iremhlmaell, are ol a deoldedly lubreralre nature, lodeed, one may Judge of bis general views from the fact of nla obolce having lUlen upon Diana EUla as a wife. No yonng man of orthodox bias conld have so lar lost light ot his orthodoxy BB to think for a monent of a gtrl who has eo muoh of the neathen about her; and, Indeed, with even leat reverence than a heathen poweaaes, I have had tome Utile experience In these mat- ten," she went on, "having had brothen wbote InterejU of this nature I have In a manner conducted—perhaps I should rather aay proleded— menol the moat contommata orthodoxy; and their choice lo each oaaa waa such aa night be expected ftcm their prtocl- plce " "And then." Inferrapted HIas Sophia, warmed by t£e recol. IccUon ot thoie olden dajs, "Bebecca has badagooddeal ol experience In her own case. She might have been married many Dmes U she bad only found ber standard; bat It used lo be one of po:raear Mft'B jokea, that tbe reaaon debecca never made a match was bc- oante she was more than a match lor any one that over asked her," ■'Frloolplea," tald Hlat Pye- cnit, with a deprecallog tmUe, "most be earned out at any coet. But there Is no occasion 10 revert to tbe past, Sophia." HIas Sophia reUrM Into her shell; and ulaa Pyecraft turned to Un, Cnwtor<L "I do not like enthusiasm. One never llnda llln well regu- I lied tamUlea,orlnwell regu- lated minda. It luggeils a waotof balanoe." "Well.-' repUed Un. Crew- ford, who. In spite of her dla- sppolntment, had a aUght partUllCy lor John Car. teret, "there are different kinds ofenthualasm. No doabi, Diana's enthualaam bi veiy ditagreeeble, and unovln(,andwhlriwlod-Uke,and resullain nothing .'PiF'.?"?^* " i^lte differenb he's more ol an en- tbudattln theway of working away at wbalhe cootld- erablsduty. without looking to anTtblng ulterior. That lBDr,CrawfDrd:tO{ilnlonorolm;andlntblsengiJtemenu Dr, Cnwlbrd sue that be doea not think that he cared about, or ever thought ofmoney-thoogh bow people are lo get married ^tbout It I am tureT don't Vnow, For untU people cone lo keep houte they have no Ideaot what the ezpeaaee are-small aa wellasgrat Items; there seems to be nothing bot a perpetual par- , ng away one's Income, And If people have no Incomes to pay away ttaer have to go Into debt; and I ehouldnl besurprlaedlf IIr,Cartenl'8seen lomething of that, for bis mother's a veryoxtramgantwoman. Audit may be, at the eleventh hour, a aense of thlshsa oome over hlin," . "I^P^'*>'7 °>o*t have noticed how fond Diana Is of decking heneU out In gay oolore, with her rings and ber bracelets, and ber pegan decorations—to lav coune she would: that vrss my reason for ollmog' U." 'Tee," ' "I offered some ol Anne's monev, and It was reAued," tald Jasper, as If speaking lo hlniell: then he added:— "Tbeo 1 did DOt think It n> eestar^ to explain It to Mr. Oar- "And John waa really gnte- All, Jasper, I know he wos- only—" ''ODlr be waa very proud,' said Jasper, imlilns. ''Ha most take care, Dli Pride often getsalUL" "Yon dont think be hss done wrong, Jasper t" said Diana, altera Utile besltaUon. "In not accepting amatriage settlement r" _ ''No. I nean about Dr, Cnwrord." "II Why should I> Each one baa a right to do as he 'leases; and Mr. Carteret on- INTERIOR VIEW OF ELLIOT'S ACADEMY OF MUSIC, WILLIAMSPORT, PA nolhlnsorherldlewaya,and notbelogsblela hem a atrip or trilling, It would lake mora uian ~ keep her," •'flbe'a not worn eomuch|ewelty lately." obiervcd HltsLelltla. «'8he;a In mourning," aald Hits Pyecrolt, shortly. But Miss Leillla, Though she anawered not, had an- tedated tbe mourning lime. ' "Andahappvtbloglils that she Is In monnlng," HIas Pyecrelt Anher remarked, with some asperlW; "for It prevents her looking like an Indian queen, whlcbl am sure the aohool culdren must have taken ber lor, I was alwaya at my wita' end wheo abe came iote the aobool-room on Sundajs, for mr olaaa did nothing bat stare at her uudi ahe went out again." Hn Orawford nodded acquleaoence, "Then do you think the engagement la at an end V aaked Hits Sophia, her horns oi curiosity once more emerging, "well, I would notilre a deHnlte opinion upon Ihe point, Iboogh I should not be maob surprised ir It were, WbelherltlsthatJasperhaaseeuthefollyollt, and baa put a stop to It; orwdelherltwaa never any: thing more than a flirtation that baa died a natural death, I oan't say. But one thing la certain, Hr. Car- teret baa not been even day atlbe Honor Hoose, aa be nted to be; and Hra, Beaton has been more distant with him; and, altogether, It It etiy to tee ihat.tbUigs arenotontbemott pleasant Ibotlng In tbe worid," Again HIas Pyecrolt bowed her head eomplaoentlv. Itwastomeoomlort to ber to feel that her aagsclty bid iDShiaated doubts and dlOonlUes, In contunoUon with the Pyeorolt pedlgrao, It waa reinstating ber on ber tlirone ol InMlbllliy, "I wonder II Dl will lake It-\aob to hesrtt" said the softhearted Letty. "Pshaw 1" returned Jtlis Pyecrolt; "girls' heitts noware merelysbuUle^ocks, tosuii about by even bat- tledore that oomca hi the way, Toey're as light as Ikatherai" When Hiss Pvacrolt bad made a simile, she genenlly became parlloiuarly gmdous; and tberlore the lorbora tolrownat Leltys remark, ss otherwise ahe might have done. 'Then, anar all," aald Hits LeUtla, medllailvetr, "I guldnt be at all inrprlsad If It were to be Jaaper," To which aonewnat enlgmatloal sentence Hn, Crawlord responded, In tome nirpriie^- "No, I thUik you miy batolerably certain upon that point. Neither Jatper nor Dl have a thought lo that fflreoUou." Whereupon Hiss Preonft again moved her bead oemplaoenlly. It might he In ocqnleaoenca with Hre. Cnwiotd's statement, or II mlgbt he In eeif-gratulallon at her own superior wisdom ond discernment. That a almllar opinion to the one enunoUted by Uloa Letltla bad occurred to benalf. tbe did not deny In tbe reccese* or ber heart: but ana woUd,on no ao- count, oomprenilao hereell by any expression ol It, Tims would show, Until then. Hiss Pyecrolt would simply shake her head, with a pieuUiide of meaning nnlithomable aa Lord Burtelgb'a—which shake of the haod Hlat Leillla and Ulaa Sophia, In due course ol time, came to regard aaexprewlveol everything that bad happened, or that waa to happen, at Broadmead, Heanwhile they bulled themselves In sipping what honey they could nom occtslonal aourcea-always, however, aooredlUngIt lo Ulat P/eorott'a account Thev never met John Carteret and Dl together again, though they frequented the lale bauula or the lovera; theratore they presumed thataeoolnets had sprung np, ' "ExaoUy what Bebccoa's words had loreihodowed." Once thev mcl John Oaterel alone, and be waa so sbeorbed that bo did not see them unlll they had al- moat pasted by. Thou he turned, made a lew commonplace remarks, said bu waa going sooner than be bad eipooted and ehould be quite unobie to call at Drterly Uouse. Would they convey bla apologlea tnd adienx lo Hlaa Pyrcnn t "It Is pisia that be does not oara to meet Robocca't ditcrimlnatlng eye. And perbapt be la altald of ber taving eonething to bin,'' Hits Precnit drew benollup, Such a total disre- gard of euqnotto and social propiloUes did not orgne muoh In tbe yonng man's laror. From this epiiode UIss Leillla and Uiaa Sophia gathered little, but Ihey were more Jorlunale In an- olhor episode thit oooumdahortlyaitor John Carte- ret'a deiiortura. Then, In one ol Uioir nmblea, lheyaawDlana-"nale 01 a ghoit" was Hiss L«tty<sdcsoilprion—liming In and out omongst the trees In nyohlii copse: the very loot pikoo tbey hod seen her with her lover. The loavoa wen beginning lo fkde and change tholr color—some oven were falling. ■■Like blighted hopes," snggeiled Hiss LeUUft; "Ihe hopeful green patting Into the sere yellow, or dingy brown. Poor Dl i-I loppoee It's sll over and that lE. Carteret haa backed out ol the engagement, Jatper mlgbt have done aometblng Ibr her; though, If It's money that la the trouble, ahe'a better without him than with bin. Poor thing, It^ o neat pity. Butaha'a very young: and lint love aeldom cornea to anything' '— here Ulas Letty gave a aoit memorial eUh—"and, as Rebecca ays, It will doubtless strengthen herchane- ter." "Well,''tald HIa Sophia, "Bebecca was rigbtai utnaL She saw tbe beglnmng before anyone eue had an Idea ol It, tbongli I mut say I didn't believe In It at lint" And BO Hits Pyeetoft once more stood Arm upon tbe pedestal tnm which ahe had lor a moment tottered aodallbutfUlentothegrannd, And having regained that the greateat wladom upon any donbtlol point lies Is complele and orooular alienee. CHAPTEB XIT, TBI nairsmt or rai loxo ruswiT, Every one wts right, and svery one waa vrrong at Broadmead;and every one, u It alwaya the caae, „.v„^„_ „„„^_„„ .u«,.ai> knew a great deal moretbao there waa lo know— cartenl'alulure, auamslhut several curacies and of- Would death part them lonver t She tiaited, Sbe had never thongbt of that before. Bo thott 0 lime, even tbe longsM lift on earth; eo long a lime In elemlty. Were sools made lor each other butlorabrief iffMpaor And waa the bereaAer nolb- higlo them? Ob, death—death I No wonder mortals shrank fhin It NO wonder that tbey feared to pass tbreugh those dork portals thst opeoed Into obscurity, ir people could only live lonver on the earth—live among thoee golden hUls and volleys that sbe Imagined alkr In ber Dllis^reoms, when Ibe rest-time of eonb ohould comej and abe and John Carteret, having aumountedali their treubleo, wen rolling out their Dvee like o river, that coiTled Ireabneaa with It wherever It sped I Deoth l-hounHog shadow or a life of napplncss. And she remembered tbe words the bad tpoxen to John Carteret:—"If the day of our manlaae tnould be the day of our death I" and the felt that, 11 her woida ahonldcoma to pass, bow onlaUlled her life hope would be. She tried lo drive Ibe aubject tVom ber Ihougbts: butthe Ikrther she tried to drive It the closer It drew lis shsdows round her, nntll she seemed hemmed lo on all sides, Imprisoned In a darksome tomb, from whence there waa no escape and Into which no lav of light penetrated. Jaiper baa oppwed wonderinlly kind and tbongbt- lul during Ihe ust few daya ol John Carteret's stay at Broadmead, He bad taken unnsual Interest In John Uis real Iscis of the oate. Even Dl, alUleif hi her Pamdlse, ss she had called It In tbe aunsy daya ol btr eady ooqualnlonoc with John Carteret, comprehended Ihe altnaUon aoarcely better than the rest ofthe Broadmead world. She waaoruahed down—bewildered; and lUe, that bad danced ao gillv fbr her since her aun arose, now moved slowly sua with halting steps, and her heatt waa flllsd with gloomy foreboding, Bope, that had abowed ber fairer lanil- seapea beyond than even those that were bloomlog around her, had mown dhn; a veil ol mat had lailen hair way and the knew not what might lie beUnd It There might be brightneat when the cloud diapelled, or there might be the blaoknets of midnight She hod ported with John Carteret Indelnltely, Sbe btd promlaed to kieepberfaltblnhlm. She bad not listened to hla pntetis—which gave her, at our mo- ment, Ubeity to withdmw Irem the engaoeraent "Unlll your love oeaaea, John, I willnot be releaied ftom my promise,' Diono had told, "Hy love will never cease," he anaweredi "but, my darUng,you do not know kow dark the path maybe; now long, bow crookedlr It oiar IwM and turn ere It brings ua to one onotner again; how fhlnt the heart will grow with wforr wolUogi how heavy—" "Not If we trust one another," "Dl, sometimes separations bring wont ol fklth; ooUons ore mlsconsttued, ond words perverted. It woott rtnng hearts lo keep nniwervfng through a long engagement, inch aa con la Uiely to be," "louhave lesa filth than I have, John. When are all your teachings and talking, that have given me new strength since I >newyoaT Do yon wuh me to throw every tbing aside, and have no belief In ought bevond the pasnng hour r I could not U I would, ror I reel thst I sngrosphig ot something that Is nota sbalow—something more reel, greater than nur ven being, though I canuot see It Sooo doylahoU nndentond It and shall know whot It lo, John, when you ond I tit down oftor our trUl-tlme In the pleasant Ibture, that now s«mi laroffattbelandolBoulob," "Dl, you ore growlog eloquent" told John Corteret, ' ■No;lamonlybealnnlag(oeee,lounderatandthela- vislble,'' she npilea—"and that very, vorylodlatlncUy: lor there Is a haze befhremr eyes, and only now ana tben a rilt In It let's mt aee the lUnt glimmer ol the iky beyond, John, when you oxplslneoto me what Iiopo waa. It seemed a hopeless Instead of a bopeftal conal- lion; but now It haa coma to me all at once, and I know -that hope must be waited lor with patience— with, perhaps, mbulatloo, I can wait, Can you not mat me, John V And John Carteret Ibougbt of the first day he bod scenher,llkeo bright flash of goneons color, doaiUng bim In tbe dingy organ-loft; and be gaied on the Utile flgure olad In deep mourning, with the veUow hair wound round ond round her need and the resUess face trying to oalm'ltself down. ■■Con you not trust me, John r Why ahould be try ber Ihua In the lost low momsnta they would have tegelher, ke knew not lar how long r Ibr ne had on Intuition, thongh Dlooo hod not, tbot thelrporUcg would be a longer one than abe dreamed of. The dllEoultlea of the hitnra wen oloar lo hhn, though he had no donbt of his power of sunnonnUng them; besides, he had provisions ol evU that be tell he bad no rlgbi lo oommunlca'e, Pertiaps, too, the haU fecUng ol Jealens; that ho had experienced with regard to Jaaper might cauio bIm lo be retentive and moke blm aentltlTe of letUng Dlaoo think that he In any woy dlatrutted her guardian. Or he might deshv to trust h:s love enUraly and uadoubtlngty In the bonds oftbo one with whom alone It rested. At ony nto, he was illent upon tbo tublect ond Uins the two ported-lo meet the; know not when. As Dlnno sot recoiling every oltcumiUuice ol that last Inlcnrlow, a vague misglvlog overpowered hen they mlgbt hovoT moot agaluT Who know! Forlbore was 0 time upon earth to orery mortal being whon the last good bye sbould be Bald, and this might linnpon at any moment Lllo vrns lO uncertain; the dcetlniea or man were so unroreseen, Bonetiilng might occur to prevent her f^ ever Bceing John Carteret ogain, Perhaps be know that It wis unlikely that they tnould in thb find meet,. No; ho hod promiaod Ibnt tbey ihould SCO each olbcr agolo, N'oUlog bat dooth would ptevoflt II, Tholr Itot parting would be with dcolh. But John Carteret had declined It, Diana thought, a lUUe brusquely. He liad uvlled John Carteret to dinner aevemi Umes, and had almostosteotaUoiisly smoothed over Un, Be^ ton's eridcnt nowllUngness to give an InvUoUon her- self: Perhsps he hsd dons It almost too osteotoUondy and that had prevented John Carteret from acoepuog, Urs. Beaton had quite changed Ui her manner alnce she had made tbo discovery oi ber tont ntato of Ibel- Ing, Uke moot weak women, her laoolcs bad no moderoilon In them; ahe took no modUed riews; she Uiveeted evei; one wlUi eoUra viae or enUra virtue, aa tbe case might be, and Uked or disliked actoidlngly. And John Caneret'a alandlng—as he did st the pre- sent time—In lier son's wot wossufllclent to obliterate ereiy symptom ofhtvor with wtUob she hod hltheito regarded hhn, Aotoolly be wos o penon whom she hod Inlultely prelbnedto I>lsna,aUice he was poUshed, dlgnUed and oourteous—Jual what abe thought a young nan ought lo bo: whereas, Diana was almost tbe rereree of her Ideas ofa lady, Neveitheleas, ber present phaae led her to exalt Diana on Jaaper^ asoount and to deprecate and dl»- Uke John Carteret for a almUar reaion, Tbe change Ui Hii. Beaton was not lost open Diana—who, nowerer.vree quite unable lo account lor U; neither waa Jonn Carteret bUnd to It though bo almplf ngarded It as part of Hn, Beaton'a parti- tanablp lor Dr, Cnwlbrd, JasperScatoncame nearer thetraUi,thoo|ibnotlallB luUeat extent He beUeved that It was bis dlaapproba- tlon of ths match that b<d regulated bis moUiera man- ner, Neverlheleas, be saw, too, the oiher construction Uiat ml|^t be put npon It; and resolved to tnm 11 to his own purposes, "Tou see, my mother feels Dr, Cnwfoid's dlup- pohilment,'' be said to Diana, "Wnpped up In the rector, aa abe has been fbr so many years, anrllung that annoys him onnoys her. And perhaps this sudden change In Hr, Oarteretto plans Is o llllie capriolous,'* "I don't see that Dr, Cmwioid baa onv right lo be annoyed," answered Dlano, wamlr, "It was o very tolfltn atnngoment ot bis—Uko oU Dr, Crevlord's u- nngemsnla, and oil meant for bis own beneOt John woe to do all the work for nothing." "Some men ore glad onongh to get a Utle IhoMroy," ntumed Jasper t "besides. It woso mutual otiongc- ment" "John would not hove ditarrongtd It If he bad not had some good reason." ■'PnhobTy not "Pray don't thlnklblome him hi tbe motter, I merely By tbot It mokes tbe rector's dUopoolotnsnt rone Ibe less; ond I suppose he fejt qnlte secure ol Hr. Oaiteret, on account or bis other engagement And I own I should have been guUty of adopung tho same line of argument mysslC" Diono lelt Irritated, though Jaapet's reasenlnr; was, apparently, qnllo nolurol. BtllL It touched her, as sn Indnnailon or the doubt be bod before expressed | and U mode her leel nneomlbrtoble, "John hi not 0 rich man, Jasper," "He does not seem to wish Ibr noney, though," re- tuned Jasper, nedllallvelr. "Jasper,'' sold Diono, ''he told me whot yon hod oflbrea to do," "Did he r' npUed Jasper; "he sbonld't hove done that—It was o private matter," "I am aurehe did not think It private, or he would not have told no," answered Diana, eageriy. "Per- hape I ought not to have repeated U. But U was very good of you to oOlgr It And—" "Not at ail, Dl," Inlerrapted Jatper, "What do 1 want with more tnin I hod before poor Anne's death t And I am aura It Is what Anne would Uko me to do wilh some of her money," "I knew It wai that—I told John so-tbil Hodomo do Uoullno—" Ilcra slie stopped, lor Jsspei^ eyes wen llxed^pon ber with o searching expresdon, "Thatwbotr'he aiked, ■■That yon would think that Hadomo de HonUno would hove been glad for yon to give me soms of her money," ■■res, yes t of oonha abe wenldi" npUed Jasper, re- covetlnig liom bli mometitary Ipprebenslon. "01 pl denlands his own oBklre beu t«r than I do. Why should I Judze him r But Dloiu was illMtHIM. In spite of Jupei^ dlsdsimer. She felt that every one did bhuno John Coiterel; that Dr. and Urs, Cnwlord, and Jsa, per snd Hn. Seston thought It strange that he should go away when he was engaged—that he might hove walteda little long- er. And she almoet beganto think benell tbot perbope, It waa 0 Utile odd; and abo lound beire'J woodeilag whether John COrtctet was beginning to think tbe engagement a roolisb one. He oul offered to give It op. But that waa be- couaeho thought It bis duty to do BO—nothing else. But then, were people wUllng to do iheb duly If It Involved anything very difficult or un- pleasant t Tbe answer came, "John Carteret would be wUllng." But aUll tbe onawer did not eaUsly ber aa to whether doty or UicUnaUcn must be the rul- ngnotlve. Was sbe beginning to nl • trust olreodj t No, not of ber- aelf-sbe knew tto'; bjtihe Innnendos ol otbera wen not without eSM. lihe felt that tben were turmlaes afloat re- speclUit John Carteret that, b some way or oUier, damaged blm. She irltihotlt loy with hertoreAita theee Impalpable ohoigeo. let bow was It pos- slblo lo relble that which was hot spoken—that was oerely to be gathered ftcm bolf expressed utterances r By beUevIng In bin herself-Ihot was all she conld do and Ui thne people mlgbt come to see how false bad oU their ooneluBlons been with regard lo him. Nevertheless, Ibe Insldlout seed planied In her mind would aprlng up and ibe was more disquieted than she wss willing to admit It was Btriv; she had but token the flnt steps In tbst long polhwoy ol which John Coiteret bod spoken; that pouway through thorns ond nettles Uut she wouldboveto tread. Truly, the neltlet were begl> sing to ttlng already. She mutt crush them In her grasp and trample them underneath her fteet; or they might choke the potb ood prove a deadly {lolson. what bod sbe promised' ■To keep Arm lUlh hi John Ostteist" And so she would. Until I- Oh, why hod that proviso been mode r Should It not nther hove been nr ever and ever t TO BO OOHinniXD, WnxUUEJ ITER IXo3uz] WAS. wiitiu voana nv voia Gurvu. "fraUr nmUim. cbMki of ra>, Lilt u bl. m DMuula fW ma T«U B. wbm lonr bant mir IiKUillQlbikM, Of .on. thidr. Imlj «Md, wiih ttt tuum itei inSmn i llrr.WirmUajaud, Pimr (on. U. KO.I Ml." fklnr b«a Um Dmr «ii I nim lorn 1 b«tvm»1 "tM a. vbtn yoor ban* mr Nl ..a. lutrt.Toa ooa MorT' o iiud uS dnir4«iir— Yon'U t od Dr. I rroa laqsln. At oamtaTHTto F.rtjr'aafiijl" J.B.B. ELUOrS ACiSEKI OP KDSICr WILLIAUBPOBT, PA. The elegant tbetire, btaring lbs above utle, of wiildi we present an eagimTUur or tho mterior,wat loaognnted on fWoember tin, itio, by a dninauo perroimuee under the mtnsiement or Metin, Lowell A BImmoodt, wlih jubo Collua, lbs Irtidi comedian, u the itar. The edldoe la locoled upeo the oemiror Fine and Fourtb tireeu, li thiee itortcsbliihaidballiol briel. Tbe osittae waUa on nbbed with mmrat, mikug a tmooib ■nrttc^ which la piinied a itnwoolor, wbll.the trlmmlnia are painted walla. Iiiadny ftet high, city-iwo rwt wide on Pint ainet and one bnodred and ihmy reel deep on Fouih alreet In the aiory level with ih. aiteei an alx oapt- clout and elrgsot atom, two or which have eDtiaoon from Fme sinet tbe temaloder from Foorib itnet, ill barioR onimeniil Iron fronla. In the lecond iiory are two floe offlcea fronilOR on Floe street, and a ticket once IbrlbeunoMbe thtatia. In lb. thud alor/ la o Bna naUdttednpaaoloJieroom, TheancilortamIt divided into a psTquei, paiqoet circle and biioony circle and It teventr leei drep irom tbe eotrance to the itane, by flftr- two wide. The pirqget eoouins iM teou, tht pirqoet cinlesaosnlaand ih. balconycirele SMtealt, makut a total aei(iDgoaptciiToli,ooa All tnosells In ine aaei- lorium an or the latetl InptoTcO pileoi folding chilr piittrr, elegantly npiioHtefed. Tbe tUla are covered with cocoa maltlpg. Toe Interior ol ihe andllortna Is Bl rwt bigb and to neitl/ fnacoed, to. wolia helni era Ushl tmu netrDniortbebaiconrlsooopoMdorointmenlti wood work, elibbnttfy dcojialed, i tirn leoeowr and . ". "ufl/ oeUlDg. Toere^areaiio oVumbeyor tide lUbtiln the bal- ly ohaadeUer.wllh alxt) bumrn, and prftiiFl/ oretmenud with glaaa pendaoia, la in.ptnded Inm ihn ocmn or the oonr olrele, Tbe andllorlaoi, when Ufbied up, praaenta an extremely neat and cbcerlnl aopearaoce, Tbe en* irasoe rron ibe ilreei to the aodlioriem ti by a dlabt of atain ten leei In widlb, on either side of which. In the street, is an elegant lamp. Tier, art tone Coon ror ami punoow In Ibe aodltoriam, wbioh. It U offlnDcd, when enUnly flUed, ctn bo emptied la flve mlonica. The Hue Is toft deep by I] wide nod M Mih. The opanlDg at the pntoahlum la la n, U haa on eleganlly palmed AUONO TfTTl SBCOWMXnr. ■aiiiu vet tarn www vou cumt, Br Err olabke, ..i SJ ^'y^ • freit nany ahowmao ue oanmnllng In Hew Tcrk, and whw they come hon they hove,llle on otoer olataea, ibeir tavoriie hanata Thin ore three plicee In tbla great oltr where .bowBaa moat do eoDgreaate: Ibeie ore Qonnon^a aalooo, corner ofFouruenlhatRet ind Third ovinnti tbe BL Ohartet and MeiropoUtan Holdi, both on Broadway near Boaa- tonelreet At either of theee plaocamoybe aeeo ol all boon 0 nnmt>er of our tented beroea Oome with ma, mr conntiy Inend, and let na Uke a iboU together and tnSpeel tbate haoaia or the bnthnn or Ibe tnnM. Wa suit trem Ihe New Tone ciroos, on Fourteenu stnat which baa made Lew. Lent a weaimy man, and whieh u the only pennaneotiy euohiuim lint siaaa olreos to Amerlcs. A few tieps brings na to the ooraer or TbM OTUiae, and lo John Oaonon'a Boui. Panlna tbnnia the bar room, we .nier the blllUid room, thrre. na aee tbai dipper lllUe gntleman with a mooaueSe oa bit face, a tall hat on bli head, a big chain around bla nccxaod abllilaid coelD hi. hindl Well, ibal U Billy Dolton, Ihe bare bach eqoealrtu, ud that pittiy tttua borbende him Uhiawn. BUly does not cUUn to be the "champion or the worid." Belt loo modest rorlhoL ysl It wonld be hard lo nenuon two penons who are bit a> periora. Tbitgeotlemanlnibearm-chilr, wliha heavy dark moDiUche aod black eloibre. Jut pucUiRa pair it ■luiea before hit ejta, la old JoePeolUod. Belore yea and 1 wen born, mylrlend, Joe waa On great clown of the'conniry, and now that we an votere, Joe u aim a great dowa Bla Itioiiy Ungb, which very mueb reiembles an elepbaot'i cooRh, may be neard nubUy al the New Tork Olnoj, and when he ateps Into the iinx suofltilne rellowa him. What did yon Hyl—Certaloly. Thai la Prank Kelah with tho roll Dean and pialo oloihea. Qe It ao exeeilent naeager, aod naoallf mas the New Tork Olreoi when It travels. Be Is a very modni, nniisuning UiU. genUe- duo, and, hoowliw his boalneta, like a mao or boemcaa be altcode to bis Duilneii, and Iota other people'i bul- nwfl alone. Thoae two genUemen coDveralnx togeiher are Kat AoaUn and James UelvUJo; therormerlsone of tbemoaiienlilofmenanda "JackoraUtredea"ln the areoa. wbeiber ridm^ a pruapal or dooble act, leap- Ins, tnmhIlDg, or pUiIni down, he It alwaya at noma Everybody knows Jin Ueinlle, and what a woDdertol boneman he la, to I need not deacribe hUn. People uy that JUn II neb new, and llvei In bis own biown^toas rnnt All orhia boraan'to ihe miooer bora," and one or ihera, who made hi. deOrjt a abort Ume ago under tbe nom d'orena of Oeorge Donald, may one day become champion of the world; aa It it, lhaeu probably no bu* nun belogothuagewbocaneonaltalm. Bat eamt, let'a go down Broadway ud aee what we can aee. Here we an at Hood autet, ana thia la the fit tlhirlea BoieL Ton tee that bindiom. uuie geoueman takmg the itifflpal Well, he Is manager or Aocm Fore, paegh'a great abow, and his name la—well, twogreolmeo haTaoonirtbnledapoitloii of ihFir namea to gTve blm a tltle-EtWDu Darwin Ooivla In Ibe tummer he la on tbe road, and In tbe winter he It cashier at Ihli hoieL That tall, aloot maa over tbeie, with tbe black chin wblt- kera, u Dooior Jamra U Thayer. When he got the utie "Doctor" mm I do nol know, bot bell 0 "brick," aa o general IblnK and a ihoit Uoe ago, whUehewaiat Waah- logton, oneorthoBonorablealnviied ODrDootoroMolba floor or the Eeaate. Bow Is that Ibr higbt One of our ahowmen on ibi floor ol Ihe Vnliad sutca Hen- ate I FnKygood. alnilil WelLwedoti'ttnowbowthey do It, but they do. ir o Benilor onbia great RepabUo bonon 0 thowman In thu manner, then we ought lo reel proDdor onr proTeasioa. Bat lookl yon aee that nun who bu Inet coos mto the room "ill ra a aweai," and bRatblog hard I Wen, tbal'a Oharley Coatla, agant or John O'Btlen'a great ahow. Be bu Jnat oome np from Olany A Blley^a, when be haa ordered a mllUoa ctroolaia Ohartey la Uke the Wandering Jew—he U nerer at ttn, and I veriiy believe that nnoaa of ra- benioua iandiorda baant bU ilnmben ud osme to him ■ In dieama. Bare oomeo Joel Wataer-ooe ol the betv hearted men in tbe bnUseai. Be uyt he bat mide money enongh ror other people, and U gcing lo nakt acme for bimaelf now, ao be tiaru a flnt-ciaia aliow thli aeaaon. There go fiowtto, WooUen and Andy Ball hi, Inat oome up nom Ihe AUauta Andy It pnttf well known In the raileeit, bni tbli la Woollen a tm adventure, and I hope he does well, for It stialghtfor- wardnaaa and honor deserve aacceaa, then be doei. That gentleman with Ite light apneg overcoat on and lbs onbrella In hla lund la John lannay, wnlle by hia aide la hli partner, Den. Stone. Ueaara, Btone A Unjraf belong lo a claai ol men which ahedsaluitrenponany aoclur m which iher nay nlogit, and among all ths shows lo tbla oonniiT there Is none men rtspeoled than BionesndHuiray'iflrotu. TerTqaletandmodeillothett wart, tbey have won the reipect oi vl who koow ibem, dome, let nt go down to the Ketropolltaa Hotel. Ah I here comee Uyail Froit. Joatirom Carthage, nUnoli^ and boond rorBnwaterSutloa, eon*, you're born. Tweotf yean ago, tir, Fnataod Den Btone worked loieiberia 0 ctnnt that conuiaed Hx people now ibey hoih own model ehowa Hr. Froel woin a nill beard and a inll or "pepper and talt," and doa not look aiUhabadao, Jonrecd lo "thIt nwrui vale" a half a oaqiory. Ibat big man with the bUr black beird and the tilg diamond pUi la J, U. French, oooe proprietor or tbe OncnUl tirooa Hr. French haa gooo out of Ihe boslnw, though be sdU owes a One lot or animal), the Horn at the Oeniial Park, and "Jim Flak'a Eiephani," belog hii property, Ue hu retired with a rorluDO, bet aim lores Is vUli a plase ot amaaement oocaaiooaliy, and alwua lakea bu "with a Utile augarUlt, Ifyoa plcaae." That Utile atoatman, wllb a ruddy oomplealon end a imoolb fioe, who U lean- ing back In tho am bhair over ther^ U Aveiy Bmllh, Ilia miuionaue. Be U one ol Ibe praprletora of the Eo- ropean otno., and miy oflen be icea it ibe MempoU- tsQ Uoiel, thongh I believe ho realdee aiNewark, H. J, Well, let ua go oat Into the open air, and morallta a Ut- ile on tbla inbJeoT, for then la pleotr ot room to do It, 1 amore you, Uoir lew, bow very few know what a •bowmaa'a Ufe la. Work, work, wort, and a few abort yeara enda all, for wbde one meeU wuh ancctaa and be- oomea wealthy, twenty go down to ao early grave pen- nUeia Haoyof them, too, an Uke Arthur Pendennl^ their own wont enitalsa, upping the exitttnceoraUfe, ^ by the thnleit miani ever placed drop curum, worked wlUi barrel and wheel, aa la cno ternary In large Ibeolrta; three groovet lor toenery, boldlug alx flau each, with winge. It la well aUMked with aceneiy, borden and dnpory, bit fool, bonier and wing llghia The oaia are aliteen feel high by ten wlda There la on elegoot eirpot covenog the enilro etage, and o floe aot or pinah fnmiion for atage ate. Tbo proaoen. mm la uiUlnl and elegant and to eenatraoud that it doei net Interfere wtui the view from aay part or the aadiionom. On either tide of the alagr, and on a level with It U a room lor the nee or aiars, whIeh it csrpeted antlenpplird with all qeceeaary oonTeotenoca Beltw tbestsgearetwo Urge drrealng.roooia, one for gentle, men and the olher for ladlea, each ooolalnlog waah bowUand water cloeet minora, and the ntual aocommo- daiuna or Boeh plioea. Theralaalioaaepinteroomon tbla floor lor tbe exdutlve nae of miotirel treopea— which pievenu Ihe toUing or the other roona—and a pataage reaarved for Uio nae or the orchnuai. There U anaralagoentianor,aeveareet lowMib, and a bateb- way ror euvaUog ihe biggsge of iroopea to the elage flour. The aooaarlo prapeiuca ol Ihe hall are aUd lo he exeeUent Toe ben of order la preaerved, nol only in the audllerinm, but abnnt the eniranoe, a mnoh dealied Eilut u tbe imaUer eiilia. The nroptietor, Mr, W, 0. IUot,whohuaddedaoehabeaaillol onaoeat lo the oliy of WlUlamaport In leating Ue Academy, fonubes the diy Uoenie and lU tho baoda neo<a-ary to work the aiait; oad toklngtuio cenaideraUon hia onuay or eap- llaTand Ibe courenlences aecnred lo performen, Ihe rent chanted u piononoead maonable and siiltiaoioi/, WliUamaportlaoheutifnt rliy, or some ! inbibli- onu, situuud on the Itn bauk ol ihe Hiuanetannib river, and Is essUr reached by rail mm Uaiitabnrr.Pa., or Xlmira, N. T., ooniaina a awl hoi.l, a bacgago ex- aiidu . IKt?utiarr«p"Sbler»W<^^^ to renderlhair visit both proflUM. and agrwabti. Our ao- navlog u mm a pbotognph by John F. Nice, or WU- Uamapoit Wbiob a WBisH.-Old trMf, who niaei piga and sab- ba(OtoMapaeounty,Oaliioraia, appeared beroreJodp U-^—uai'ltnna. QaraUon—Wlut la your nimet Aoawer—Tell, I eallt Dite:t Fred, bat moy-be-io-l don<ttn"W—ItliTawonp. Ten tee, Bhngi-, mine mod- der ahe bare two leette O05t| o-ie ot 'em via me, and ob» vat my broder—or one vas my broder, and I'oder vaa ne, Idon'tkoo'viohiaadlvai thott to old aa my broder vaa young, or my bndcr vat ahuat tooldas me, I don't know vlcn, and my moddi r ahe djn'l; and oiio ofua vas filmed Fred, and t'oder Tawcup, or one via named Yaw- cop, an:< t'oder Fred. I don't know t|oh, and one otu got died—but nlae modderahe never onohl Mtvadder It vaa meoroibe brod.r vol eotdledi loShnge, t don't anew va>ider I la Fred or Yaweop, and mint moddor ahe dou'i know. nntlooloagattbeb . wltoUi Ihe reach of nan- Baxt wrek I wlU me-andwawlilpaya vtau to my old friend But enongh or tbU lor tba pra take]onwrihma,andwawlilpa. ^ Eg, Uowta, and lupect theee wonderful aaoendbig i, good ulu poatera, one dally and one weeaiy paper, a repined lobe a good ebow town, noupea vlall- bil cliy wUl tad lit. Billot a oooneoaa genUeman, cnariou and the dena ot perlbrmiag hjenu aod Royal Bengal ligeie, of whteh we bore heard lo mnoh, Bg., by tbe way.u tooklag lamorfcably well, and. perbapt, some day I nay give you the ttnry he related lo me rrgardmg ibemauner In which the Elngoriuiypreaeotedahen oro9meletoJlmHrer^ the thowmin, Bg. Uowea, by the way, U coireaponding with Victor Boiann-l at the prneni timOL endeavortDg to teeure a number ol ele- phaDU In hla Uwimit poaaaalon, Beds i ben'e Char- ier Fith. I tappote joo know him, ror mott ererytMdy doea Charier alwaya wean yellow kid glovra and Ka IK boota-amall foot eh r wdi yia, hot tben you i Uhirley la a imaU fellow—not Ui prtndple, but In ab while 10 bUHaida, ha U Ilka piilr Datloo, unnrnaa. The neat tine "I Uke lbs pen Ui hand," I may tell jon lbs ■terror a ihowman'tlbe,oneweltnpki<he pnftaaion, and! ihUikyonwUlflod liasfnllofnmantloandexolUoi Inddenu oa will be r»und In a modcn novel. Be la o wealihT man now; but the aiay ot hla Ufa lilnaBolea ths old adage:—"Train la tiringer ihtn floUoa." Down IN FaoKr.—A genUenan wrIUng of o "long" aoouiloUnco, aaja that then U among hla aooaabitanee one, at leul, woo envoys a "bIgb" npntsl:oo, rot be itands over icven leei In bli aiookuga; and thongh a ulenud member of lha bar, he it a (ood naturad, modtt: oliUtn. Somi yam ago, whin lha Broadway Theatre >aa iftt theatre ot the town, he uw flt to wltaeaa Ibe ptrrovmuee fi«im a promlo.nt aaai m the panoet Wneii the eartalo toae ond the octora advanced lo their viaiUon. 0 cry of "Dowj la froatl'' beotma i IhreagbonI the audleooe. Their attention wu d piiaiUon, 0 cry of "Dowj la froatl^' beotma general IhreagbonI the audlenoe. Their attention wu dinoiad loaaras ths tall u—, who, feeling hloaell lha ob- leel 01 remark, ihonghi ba wu rsqaired to aeiueo lltUst Looking u If be would lite i ' —— > to aeiile urengh Ihe flwr, he proceeded to niae hloaeir to a ataodlog poeiUoo, lo tuoh 0 manoeri however, aa to convey an imprenon hit there wu no end to him. At lut be did getilrilght. 10, ilowly at Ihe uionlahed ondjanoe, he very ' - moited-,—"QentlemenL lo oaluiy you Uai I wu aitUnj enrd oni to hia loll leogth, when, ilowly sUodagaronad ■ — ■ ' " He very delibeialely re- ly you Uiai I witaitl"' down, I will now itind npl" A bent of lanebler i appuun aaoeeededi Ihe audlenoe and aoturi became co< vulaed; iho ouiUln deweniled rapia>yi the maoaaer. wiih beaming faee, oame lorward, aod imldii the wUdan applauae conducted it:e gentleman to a prirau box. 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