New York Clipper (May 1856)

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Vol. IV.«-No. 2. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MY 3,1856. Fonr Cents. MB. MAORBADY, AS MACBETH. lUoBiiB—" Two trnltu u* told, u titpp7 pitloimi to tht mlUsf ut of tt« Inptilii that."—An 1, tcatm t. Obasus Willum 1Uouu)t, bon la London, Ifarob S, 1793; fuA9 his fint appMianoe on ui^ itegd aa" Ro- om," Id BlnaiDghaiD, Englud, in 1811 {jnade hie flnt ftpp«anBoe On tbe London ataga on Septonbcr Ktb, l8ie; u!' Qnitea," in tbe Dlitreuad Uotbertnode madatli £nt sppearanoe on theAmerlotn stage at* "Star," at the Park Ttieatie, in Now Tork, nndtr the nanagement of.Moe a&d Blmpua, aa " HaobeU)," In 1826 ; retanad to England In 1817; re-Tiaitad Anieriea In 1843, noting In all thaprlnolpal thtatrca of the United fltatea; on Ootober 4;* 1848, he again qipeaied In the United 8tat«B, bnt on aooOsnt- of the ilot at the Aator Place Open Eonae, on the lOth of Ibj, .1649, aooa lAer ltttIilevJrorkJloi.aTei. 1 '. THE BAO OF GOLD; Or, The Xytteriou IliTee. Tka following we)l-told atoiy, by the poet Rogera, '^11 be lead with Intereit eren by those who have seen ^li Wore. We etenld deem It Bosoeptible of aflneef* ■'■ftit from the stage : V ' There lived, In tbe fourteenth centory, near Bologna, 'ft widow lady of the Laabertln family, oalled Uadonna f^tmtit, who, In a reTolntton of the atate, bad known tli'e bitterness of poTerty, and had even begged her brtad ; kneeling day after day, like a statne, at the gate <'|'of the cathedral—her romry In her left liand and her ' right held oat for charity—ber long Uaok veil conoea^ Ing a fece that had once adorned a oonrt, and had re- oelred the homage of aa many aonneta aa Fetraroh had written on Lanra. Bat fortane had at last relented;' a legaey from a / "^stant relation bad come to her rellel: and she wal ' Bowthei mistreta of a smKU Inn'at the' foot of the Ap* ';'pennlneB, where aba entertained as well as idhe ooold, .'and where those only stopped who were contented with a little. Tbei hooae was atlli atandlog, when In aiy ^ yonth 'I paased that way; thongh the aign of the White Cross, the Croas of the Hoapltallera, was no longer to be seen over tbe door—a aign whloh ahe had taken, if ' w6 Biay-belieTe the tradition there, in honor of a mater- ' nal uncle, a grand-miuter of that order whose aohteve-' Bents in Palestine ahe wonld lonetlmei reUte. A mountain atream ran' throngh the garden; and ai no '^jpeat' dlatanbe, where the road tnrned'oh'Iti-'way to ''^■b^-i.U>oiMyBt&e- OAaliH,' inir^tfrli'biBp ' iiraya burning before a ptotare of the Tlrgln—a plotnre of great antlqaity, the work of feoma Qrdtk arUat. Sne abewaa dwelling, reapeoted by all who knew ' jier, when an ereat took plaoe which threw her Into the ' deepest affliction. It was at noon-day,' In September, that three foot traTellera arrived, and, seating then- lelvee on a bench nnder tbe ▼Ine-trellls, were snpplled wlttr' a flagon of Aleatico by a lovely girl, her only child, the Image of ber former selfl The eldest spoke ■ like a Tenelian, and bla beard wae abort and pointed after the fiahioa of Yenlce. In hie demeanor he affected i-great conrtesyi bat his look inaplred little confidence; for when he smiled, which be did-contlnnally, it was ■ with his Hps only, hot with his eyea; and they were al- ' ways tamed from yonrs. Bis companions were bluff ' and fhuikin their manner, and on their tongaeawere many a aoldier'a'oatb. In their hata they wore a me- ■ dal, anch aa In that age was oftrn diatribated in war; : ud they were evidently aobaUems in one of those free bands which were always ready to lerve in any qnarrel. If a lerrloe it ooold be called,' where a battle was little more than a mockery; and the alaln, as on an opera- alage, were np and flghtlng to-morrow. Overcome with the heat, they tluew aside their cloaka) and, with their ^ glevea tucked imdsr their belts, continued for acme . time In earnest oonveraatlon. > At length they rose to go; and the Yenetlan thus ad- dressed their hoslees: , " Excellent lady, may we leave under your roof, for a ' day or two, tbia 'bag of gold t"., "Toanay,"aborepliedgayly. "Batremember,we fttten only with a lateb. Oars and bolts we have none In onr vlilage; and, If we had, where would be your ee- onrityr' "ti jonr word, lady," <'. "But what If I died to-nightt where would It be . then f 'ptid she, Unghlngly, "The nioneywonldgoto stfaecharoh; ftar none ooald claim it-" "Perhapayoawlll favorns with an acknowledgment" '' !«lfyon will Write it." ' ; An acWwledgment was written acoerdlngly, and aha signed it belore Master Bartolo, the vlilage physl- olan, who had jnat called by chance to learn the news of ■ the day; the gold to be delivered when applied for, bnt lobe delivered (Uuaa.were the words) not to one, nor to two, bat to the three; words wisely introduoed by »■ those to whom it belonged, knowing what they knew of i^^eaoh'other. The gold they bad Just released from a :>lser»s obeat In Pemgla; and they were now on a (cent that promised more. . They and their shadowa were no sooner departed ttan the Venetian returned, aaylig," Give me leave to Ht my leal on the bag, aa tbe others have done {" and Oia placed It on a table before bin. Bntli^itbit u> ' Bttt ahe was called away to receive a oavalltr, who had : .hrt dismounted from bla hoMt; and, when ihei came i H vas gonel Tbe temptaUab h^d proved Ineilit- ulai acdthe man and the money iad vantihe4to|eth<r. . "Wretched woman that 1 am I" ahe orlcd.aa In an agony of grief she fell on her danghter'a neck; " what will become of na7 Are! we again to be oast out Into, wide world? Unhappy child, would that thou badst never been bom 1" And all day lonir ebe lamented; but her tears availed her llttlis, Tbe others were not alow in retnmlDg to claim tbeir due;, and therp were io tid- ings of the tbief; be bod Had far away With hip plander. A prooeas against ber was Instantly begun In Bologna; and what defence could ahe make—how leleaae herself firom the obligation of tbe bond I Wilfblly of Inxiegll- genoe ebe had parted with one, when she shonld. have kept It for all; and inevitable ruin awiilted her I " Go, Glanetta," said she to her daughter," take this veil which yonr motbe^haewom and wept , ander ao often, and Implore the conosellor Caldtflno to plead for us on tbe day of trial. He ia generous, and will' listen to the unfbrtunatt: Bnt, If he will not,'g4 froM .door to door; Honatdl cannot jefase us. Hake:haste, my child; bat remember tbe chapel u yon paaa by It^ Ko; thing proepera without a pnyer." ! . Alas I ahe went, bat In vala Theaa ware relatned against them; thoae demanded moie than they W .to give; and all bade tli«n despair. WhatwwtobeldoBCI ^0 advocate, and tl)e cMie to some on to-Boiroif I r i Mow Olanetia had a lover; and ho wai a (talent pf uelaw—ayoflognon of great promise, Lor^uo Vu- ielU. He ha^ studied Iong:iind dliigently, under tha learned lawyer, Giovanni ^lisdrea^; who, though little of atatnre, was great'inlianownrandby bla contempora- ries waacalled the aroh-dpotor,' the rabbi of docton; the llght of the world.' Under blffl he had studied, dttlpg on the same bench with Pbthiieh; and also nnder bla dangbter, Moyelia, who would often lecture to tbe Boho< lars when'ber father won otherwlae 'ebgaged,.p|aolog heraelf behind a small curtain, leat bar bill'aly Aoold divert their thoughts; a p^ntlon. In.this Instant^.'ii^ leaat, nnneteasary, Lorenaj) having lost his htfxi to sffij oHiw' V' ., ■ To blm she flies In her neoesslty; bnt of what isslst- aneo con be bp 1 . He bos Juat taken his place at the bar), bat he baa never spoken'; and how stand np alone, nn- praetlised and noprepared as he Is, against an array that would alarm tbe moat experienced t . ,:" Were I aa .mighty as I am weak,'! paid he." my feiiHa foryoQ would make ae ay nothing. BotlwUl^thtt*, Glanettai and may the Aland of tbe ftdendlesa give me itrenftb In that hour I Even now nsy heart blls M} but, cone yrhat wlU, whUe.I U^a lipal to share, yon and-yoiirfmother aball aefw wiai .1 will beg ihrpogh the world for y:en.V . ; ■ ,ji ; 3ht iayjBTlvei,.and the tfot ^mmhlea the olalm lsiUted,ana the evidence given. And now the de- fence U called fprrbnt none ly made; not a syllable ll nttered; and, after a pause and a consoltallon of«)aM minuter, the Judges are piocaedlng to give Jodgmeal, silence having been proclaimed in the oonrt, when h> renzo rises, and thoa addresaea them:' r - ' ' t " Beverend slgnor8-;-Tbtiiig aa I in; iniiy 1 tintue to speak before yon 1 iwodld ape^lii lMhalf of one who hu none.elae to h^lp. her;^ and I wUl.not keep yoa long. Ifach baa been said; muoh on the laored oatoN of the obllgatlan->-8nd we acknowledge It in ItafiiU force. Let it be fUflUedi and to the last letter. It li what we solicit, what we require. But to whom li the bag of gold to bi delivered Wbai aay^ the"bonAt JVdt to oni^nof to tm-iui lojfutkrite,'. tftiiifij^u stand forth',and olaliinjt,'.'; From that day, .(for who can doubt the IiBaet)noii8 were sought, none employed, bnt the mbtle, the' elo- quent Lorenao. WealOi fbllowed Um»\ nor need I aay how soon he sat at his marrlage-feait, or'^ho aat twslde hi.m. _ ; '. ". .'• ;;;; MOZ AKT'8 NOSE; '! Or, Kualo Kade Baiy, '■ A GOOD etory If told of Uozact,'the great oompbaer, at the.tlnia he was a pupil to Haydn. Haydn cil^ day challenged hie pupil to compose a piece of Dn4|R,that' he could not play at first sight, Moaart aoacptiid tbe banter, and aaapperand obampagne wutcbefbifeltel. Everything being ■rraaged between the two eompHWti^ ilpajitfi^loolr-blB'pia/ and iit tvirttlnii^at^ plebb'bf Mstb, and, mnoli, to'fbbrtiprlle.of Ifjfjdn^ banded it to blm, saying;, , '.' There ^ a piece, of, muslo which ypn.oannot^play and X can. . Ton ate to give It.the l)ial tilalJ' :> mii Haydn smlUd contemptnoaaly at the vUoaaiyipr^ sumption of bis pupil, and plaolngthenoteebefore him, struck the keys of tbe Instrument. - fiorprlaed at lie simplicity, he daabcd away until he reached the ftAddle of the piece, when, Btbppiaji''a11 at oboe, he tzbfiklmedt " How la this, Itpaart! how Is.thls t Here inj^lendf are stretbhed out at both ends pt tbe pUpo,. yet there's^^e' middle key to bis toaQhed.' KoHoj^'eaii playiaoh mualo—not even the composer blnuelCV Uozort smiled at the half-exolted IndignaUon iff the great master, and, taking the seat he bod' jut 4liittetf, - struck thb Inatmment wltb such an air of oelf'Miiiniiee, that Haydn began to think himself duped. Bajmlaf along through the single pssaages, he came to thf part which bla teacher proaounoed in^poaalble to be played. Ifoiart, as many are Mrare, wae endowed with •n ei' tremely long noaer-4 prodlglpu noie, ,whilf;b„ln dem parlance, "stubk.oatafcot."''BeaeUBf UiedUS- cult pusago, he stretched both handi to the'eilreme end of the piano, and leaning forward, bobbid hie HiMe-y protabmnoe against the middle key,' which •'nobody could play r' Ha|dn, at flnt aarprlKi^, sow burst Into an Immoderate fit of langhter; end,after ae- knowledgtng the "com," deolared that nafuf^jm ei^ dowed Moaart with a capacity fbr mnalo whloj^ he haA never before dlacovered. Haydn woe eoReet^^fDr Mo* aart's name will ever be lmmorlaUsc4> :. ASTHMA IN DOOS. ' Thc Canine Asthma is hardly ever ebMrred 'te at* ttok any but eld dogi, or those who by 'eobfln4b«Dt^ te fall living, and want of exerclie. may be anppAid te have beecme dbeued by tksae devlallotu firea i atote ef natpre. Jt la hardly keep a dog veiy^st, far any length of time, without brlogbig it on. TUji, bough b fircquently confonnded with the eongb thaipteoedie andaocompanlee diatemper; but It may be readily dis- tingnlibed tttm tbla, an attention to dieuaiianeee -i-as the age ef the anlmal/lu not alKtellng tha gineral btalth, nor producing immediate emaciation, and Its lase readily giving way to medicine. The cure lb often var^ ^ dliBoult, because the diseue hsi In general tttk hp( nbgleoted before it Is sufficiently noticed by Iheowijtft. . Aa It Is In general brought on by eonfiaemeat. ^ miNb warmth, and over-feediog, so it is evldenl.jtke euro must be began by a' steady persaveriag oltaNtlen la these partteulare. The mcdIelBaafflMtwiMtf* alter- atives, and of (boas, cooasionally. cia«t% ^ beet. One grain of tartarliad antimony (i «. tartar ^^Mie), with two, three, or fear gralne ef eeleml. Is veiy lee* , feland valuableeaMtlc TffhtTdoee M fHMeit for ft ,/ emaU dog, and may be re|t|p!fwlbe a WbekirUhpeM' w isise i l wijiwKbpe m itifd : V NATtmiii i^i»iieaenrir.p-It Is tbgidafp A* blUi bfbome 4ne» their aeeeptere baeoat alii,