New York Clipper (May 1856)

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NEW YORE CLIPPER. • THE aAMB ALL FOUBB. r'''rm -!0m'^.}miSIV pii|7«db]r f(rar,ilihft«oap{*i« [ |«A^-d«F|v«r;Hi itM frtn Ik* f«w ehuM tbmlB. ftr r)lit^8|i;<»lil^ •pobtiffeored, aimtlf.JHfA, thi Nit '/^nBiipN(; iw»tb« ■mtUat tnmp inii; Ja^r^* '■ liiT««r tnapi; fame, the mijoritj of plp«f vckoaed ' IMd noil of th« fbUovlBg wcdi h the r«Q«<tfra pUy. iit|«TtlatbilrMoki; Tli.eTa7BMliMnttdu4; ^ Jtog. t; q«MB a; tattve l; ud tm lor 19- Iiow U al' ktoNdl^ the p«noa towbeiin/Wiaduat; but jMk b«b| thtproptrty 0/ wkentrfluirla «r MTalt,tlie fOMMorlapCTBlttadtomob ukI tramp with thtt '«lilt iBl when toned np uiimp thedMlw hoim) It to •Iw.tUolfsUs fov tiit^n who down « Ugh •r low tramp to ootolre/t tht time wluthn the atmt teUi^orlow* >>' AftMr ehttlBC ilinj^i «t wUeh elthir the highest or livwt «ud wlt^"^ prereovelj Died, six Mida mre to %e gfrei to. eaid^ pUyer, either bj three or one at»timet ' Md the in* toned op fbr tramp; then If thf eldat dew ; Mt Ut*)^ Mrd, he wy, f»r ooee la e bend, nj, i ieg, i|hw the! deelir nut either giro • polot or three more evde to eioh,«adtnni op the Tlhfor trnnpt batlfthat lleoU .prove of the eame anlt aa the flrit tuned opi than three oarda mere tre to be glveni and 10 on tUI a ^firnt aolt ooooia. The oarde rank aa mt whiat, end . ' Moh ^yer aheold alwaya itrlTO to aeoore Ua own tern Ikd benrt eardi, to Uke thoee of the adTonsiy, toelrtaln " '^•Utt; luept wbea eemmandlag oarda t» held, it la o< Rill tbplej a low one to throw the lead late the oppo< ' Mt'ihaal. IeaoreleTeapoiBtafi>rmthegama,whl«h aay be iat opu atWhlat,thoo|haT«r7onatomti7 • Iwthbd la to dinr two oardi flran the peek, and lay thtu 1' •MaB 'the elhtr,ao u to eihlblt only the nombetof ; rip* tlMPlVwU gained. I Wheo the dealer dlieoTera any af Ui adTeraarT'a , ;^Mrda a bew ded may be demanded, hot la ehawing hie •WB ha mat eUde the lame. If dIaooTered, prevloae to playing, that toe many earda are gtvaa to either par^.afrcahdeal maybe [ dataud, ejr the extra earda drawn oot by the oppoaent; v tatahooU area a alagla oerd have been played, then thertaiaat be another deaL ^ Wjlth itrlet piayera the adveraaiymay eaore a poiiit < whanarer hla oppoaent dote not follow nil, aadeaoh adoolatea hla game wlthontlaipeotlng thetn'c^.whloh when erroneooely'iet np mnat aot oaly be takea down, ' hot also the aatagonlit either eocrea fourpolaU oiene m he ahall have agreed on. SPEAEINO JA0EDAW8. Iif modem tlm«a,parrot8 are almoat . the oaly blida : that haya the gift of epeeob, though eoanelasenn are aet ^oraat that atarllags aad Jaokdava have good aUUtba ia that way, when properly cdaoited. The Wjeleataoonld at timea make them apeak to lome par- . pen: EaerobloB tella nsthatwhenAngaatnaCaaarwaa ^tetanlng la trtnmph to Bome from his victory over Mark Antony, there appeued among the crowd which welcomed him, a bird bome on a man's hand, which ' pad ita wlaga, and orled oot, *' heavea soTe the em- yepror, the vletorlona Oeetar I" Aagnatns, delighted to hw himself aalntad by this winged sp4keenuui,g^re the ewntr a haqdMmp^nnLlftic^tbaJilrd.-. The owner P<(6ket«i tite uioaey, retaslng to share any of It with an aasoelate who had aided him in training bis Jackdaw. ' nis man. In order to be meaged, and to abow the loyalty which had animated hla friend, bronght to the *' emperor another brld which they had la Mnlag,. and ijUeh ealled oot, "hearea saTe the vlotorlooa llark Antony.^ Aogoatas, whose good aatore Is wallhnown; eaIyIanghtdatthejoke,and ordered the ccnfederatea to dlHda the money. After Us Ubeiellfy la thia Instanoe he had a aomber of speaking Jaekdawa nod pairrota' "' hroeght to hlq. One poor fellow, a shoemaker, took great paina to teaeh a bird which hehadgotftirthepnr: poHi hoping to mike his forlaneby it. The bird, wh6. had no aoeh prcapaeta, wu hot a alow tohclar; aad hla Batter, In the mldat of hla leaaoaa, often (J|acalatad la dtipatr," Vail, I hif a lost my labor P' Having at last. . howdvtr, and with mnch pains, completed hla edoootlon, the daw wu bronght ont one day to aaloie Aogostns, •ad repeated hla <' heaven aaTe the emperor," with great dlatlaetneu. "TotP'sald Angostna, "Ihaveteo ■aay eoortlera of yonr kind." « WeU," orled Ihe dtir, who had at that moment remember^ his muter'a e jaoi' lalioa^** well, I hare lost my lebor." Theempeior wu •oaaohManaed with Ita answer, that he booghl ^the IMkered wit ftr donble the upeoted anm. BXTRAOSDINABT INSTANOE OF GAll- JBUNO. It la well known open the weitera waters thatithe V haada employed open the boata spcad mnch of t^elr Idle time In playfasg ouds^ Of the paaslon for gaadog, thas eielted, an fautanee hu been narrated to os, Opoa ' ;Mst oradltabla anthority, which anrpiues the higheet-' wrpiight flatlona of the gamblers fhte. A oolored Are aai),.«a a ateemboat rannlng between Oladnnatl aad " New Orleans, had lost all his money at jwA(r with his oempanloaa. He then staked his olothlsg, and being .';;,ittill nnfortonate, pledged his own fretdcm for a small . aaMoat. Looalag this, the beta irere donbled, aad-he laally, at one desperate huard, ventured Us fUl valne eg m alave, and laid down hla free papera to repreaent the stake. He lost, snftred his eertifloates to be de> atroytdij and wia aetnally sold by the winner to a ilare dealer, wh4 hesltatad aet to take him at a small disoonnt opon his aiiMiiiil valne. When laat hnrd of he waa sUn paying la leitltode the penalty «f hla orlminal fol iy< DIBORIVaNATINa OOURkOE. "At tuMSse, eu mwaiatt la fOiHai thrasslk torn, , t aailBlasltta«Eerif|kM«kUIU«WUI devB." >^ i «>ev^thl(t"eMttM(uI. uwtv.lutalthtattht|u<ei, 'I>ria'«,y*or*«i*.kia'<j«i,M«aat«7Mb«iarteal ■ Bi^'4*wlt*9teu*ir«aht?* B*til,mjWr- -'. ' ; ' 9n» iflrittaa «»in|«, ib4 I yos J07." ' ' * aiy loit Pi NtlM Hnl«r, ttlU nla of bU "Itmt ItMiblp ul I hiov v«U vhea to bnt» of tho Baroary.eap^lrnt ■ „ . lltUeof It; aadsii theeeatniyiopeet hot llttU fair weather when It pnltea feir shortly after the mereoix hai rlaea. . , lafM weatkar.'whea the asareory rlaea ma^ aad high, aad so eonUaoeifbr two or three daya belbn the fbnl waather la over, then eapeat a ooatlanwee of fair weather to follow. ■• • '■■ , In &lr weather, when Ibe aiennry ftlla mnehand low aad thns eontlaoea for two or three days beforetkeraln eomea, Ihea eipeet a great deal ol[ wet and probably high winds.' . The oaaattled motion of the metenry denotes unoer* tola aad ohaagiahlewtiather., The werdf eagrsved oa the reglater plate of the bar • ometer, U may be obaerved, oaniiot bo atristlr relied open to oorreaptfad eieetly mth die atate of the weath- er ; thoogh It win la geaerai agrel with them as to the meroary rlslag and ihlllag... Whea the thermoaMter aad barometfir rise together la Buamer, with r^ la large dropa, a wbolesome state of the atmosphere is at hand. A great and sadden rising of the buometer, that la to say, a great aocoHloa of atmcapherlcal preasnio, will, In tome pefaons, oocaalon a slight temporary diffienlty of hearing and tingling In the eirai dnlllar to that which la axporlenoed la deeeendiog from high monntalnsr or frcm the air la balleou. fSE BABOMSIBB. Taiaaa le ae Inatnmeat BOW am generally used fi)r aaeertablag the eemlBg weather Oaa the berome-. ter. It may howavar borer marked, that It ia mere from Ita' rlaiag oz fUliog, than from Ha height 0? low* asas thatweue to iafer lair or fopl weather. QeaeraUy apeaUag, the rlaiag of the meteiuypreasigeaelaarfkir weather, and llafalllag, fbnl waather, asriia,aaowihigh wjads, and atorme. In vary hot weather, the fUIiag of the merenry Indl- oatee thnnder.' In wlatar the rising In- dloaUa frekt, aad In treaty teathtr^ if the metenry fhll three or fonr dlvislona, there will fbllow a thaw; bat Ib a ooatlnned froet. If the merenry rise, it will snow; ORVILLE GARDNER, dressedta homeopna han- Whmi '•■i'rf^ifP- Bettarknown In "AwhlGartner." tl!?^!^:,'!::^^?^,''* peas aoea after the ftlUag .. . *^ ° meec a afaed, earrled a long . and KHNTUOKY SHARP SHOOIEBa A eatn&ans writer. In apaaUag of the ahaip. ahooiars of Keataaky«savs: BarUag off sfolrreu Is oe- llghtfU aport, and la mj oplaloB atfolrea a greater degree of aoeoraey tbaa any other. IlratwltatieedthlB manner of proanrlng ifalr- rels, whilat near the towa of Vraakfbrt. The perfor* mar was the eelebiated Da- alalBooae. To walked oat together, aad follow;ed the rooky marglat of the Kan- tao^ river, until we reaoh- ed a piece of Sat lead tbla- ly covered with blaok wal- ants, oaka, and hlekorles. As tiie gereral mast waa a good one tkat year, aqolr- rtla ware aeen gamboling on amy tree around ns. Hy conpanlen, a atont, and heavy rifle, which as he was loading it, he aaid had proved efioleat la all hla ibrmarnndertaUafh aad whieh he hoped wodd aet lUl oa thIa oceeaaea, as he Alt prond to show me hla ikUl. The goB waa wiped, the powder aMoanred, the ball patohed with slxrhnndred.thread Uaea, aad tta ehtegoieothomewltha hicko^ red. We moved aot a atep tnm the plioe, for the sqalrrds were ao aamarons that it was uaneeeaaary to go after them. Boone point- ed to one of these aalmala wUoh had obaerved Pf, and oronehed on a branch about flf^ panes dlstaat, and bade me maik well the apct where the bell aheold hit. He rtiaed hispleoe gradually until the bead (that being the same given by the Kentnekiani to the sight) of the bar- rel waa bronght to a line with the spot whloh he Intead- ed'to hit The whip-like report resonnded throngh the wooda aad along the hllla ia repeated aekoes. Judge of mj anrprlio when I perceived that the boll had hit the pleoe -of bark immediately boaeath. the squirrel, and shivered It into splinters, the ebnonasloa produMd by which had killed the aalmal and imt It wUrlIng throngh the >lr,ealf Ithadbeenblownupt^theciplo- alon of a powder magasine. Boone kept np his firing, and before many honrs had elipsed, we had proonred as many squirrels aa we wlabed. A oBocaa Is supposed to get his living by various MR. HARRISON, om or TAB snionoBST lutH iw thb woblb. Tbb above engiavlng represents Professor Eairjeon, of London, u he qipeaia la his Indian Olob exerolaea. It la aald that Hr. Eanlaon flist began to nae the olnbs abont ais or savea yeaia ago, at whloh time Us mnsqa- lar development was regarded as yei;y great, hie mea- Boiement being than; Rennd the ohtat, 87i:lh.; round the vpper arm, I8|ta. | and round the fore aim, l>ilp. The olnbs wlthwUdi Mr. Hatrison oommsnoefweighed about 71b. each; ha advanotd progreselvelyi aind In three yeara he oonli wield with perfeot ease two olube, each weighing 87 ll)h, and hla heaviest 471b, Thoeffnt of tkia exenlae on the wielder'a measvement wasaa followa; Bound the oheat, dlJlBi; the upper aim, Uln.; and the foioHum, 14 In. At the eame time hla shoulden had Inoreaied Immensely; ind this mosolei of hla loins, wUoh weie weak when he first naed the oluba, were largely developed and powerful. In ahoit, all the mns* oles of the trunk were muob improved by this exercise. The Prpfeasor la now boat of the Oheshlre Oheese, Lon- don,, when hoaatonndi his vleltoraby hlsastonlahlng feata of atrength, among whloh Is that of lifting a 70 lb. weight on bla little finger. Wepniposo, In a fatnre number, to give a desoriptlon of the Indisin Olnb Eier- olse, with rata lllnatratlve of the variona positions, fto LioHT Axo Saaijn.—A gentleman while walking, la his gaidaa,' e^ngiit iiu gardeaer asleep undvr a tree. He sMded hlal eoudly ftr hla lailneas, aad ended bg^ tell- laglUta tkttaaeh iihggaid wu net wortl^ to aajey tht Ughlfef the sua. " It wu ftor that reaaoa axacUy Xtald tl^ gardeaer), that I erept Into the shade." A uiiB of the law. la pasalBg a ehsp ag4ad la poet- lag bUlt, addreiaed him thaa I " Uow are yon, WilUsa ?" 1(7:^0 la aot WUlieia,'' .,; ••Ab, I thought your aame wu WiUtaa, «I have beard then; oaU you BUI StUkiH" I AND WE^A NAUnOAL LAT. « Oobb; Her tae «Mh, j«at alaety-tnr I" (Thai'atirtti tuptaln nirvan mm •• T* M kli ovMif u4«ntaad Wbr he wu thta ta Bila'f lead; roTtehadhlidtptrtmia'in' ^ VraBfilmoitli, bonnddlnttrorBptla.) - "flaedtliiiipon thtSnteTlUr /|0t tk» Bt» onltr wtlsli; taSM alisi tk« B«sU<k ilim, Weallui'd the Wolf • lii|vt or mot*; 7f«aad tk* wlnl noDi of till bnt— /(kiptd mj MUM 4b«nt uath-wut— Xmm e tumI 1i«t* Ib ilslit— ImMit ill eliu to hm « S|lit— / Ita Dp on bl I VMthiT ■!<•— Jnuy lUlfiil taoktloki farltd— /fooskt hlB for aa boar orto— / aid* him ittik* bla colon low— - /Mnt aj priz* to Pl^moakb aoaad— I alou'd than u bj oidara boond— i foud tha wtad draw fomrd Bat*— / btacad ahaip op to kaap off (ban— /foud tha gala Isataaiiiig tut— /laat'd tha uJIi, saooiad at«h nut— /triad, bat foud iba would aot lU/.- /woia, bnt aha mida maoh lu-war— / prleb'd ou oauaa opoa tba nup, Aad faaad giaat daasar ofBlibap: Bo aallad all baodf who aooa basia Ta trr thair bait la ataj a pUa | Bat all la T*la, for, tralh to TVS lost tba lUp In Bantrj Bay." INVENTIONS, DIPROTEUENTS^ Ae. Haw FiBB-Aaas,—The National Intelligencer dea oilbea a aet of spaolmena of flre-arms, aU of theni net models, Invented In New Toik. The flnt spisolaen li nHagulne Repeating Needle Onn. It aolvea the pi*. blem of the appUoatlon of the ^barging needle to re- volreiB. A oyllndrioal augaalne eontalnlng forty ca^ tridges Is attaohed longitudinally underneath ^e band olthegnn. These cartridges are sncoeaslvely find ai iiut as thegun oan be cooked, and the mechanism Is sooh as to seonre a most perfeot loading. Also, aBovolvIng Needle Gnn, without the msgazlni, having the advantage over all other revolvers, that it can be used with cartridges. The laat gun we saw strikes us as being a most im- portant Inveatlon. It la an old United States ,iaaekel oonrerted Into a breeoh-loadlng gnn, and this ladone b; snoh almple and Inganlona means, and the gnn opeiatet with snob tkolllty, that we oannot bnt anticipate th< beri resnltsflromlt. In all the attempts at piodaolngbieeoh. loadlag guns that have Utherto been made the great difllonlty wu to keep the alldlng sorlaoes of ths bteeoh and barrel so oompletely unlojnred by the oombastloi of the powder u to Insare onlform nicety of operatloa. This gun huBoontilVanoe whloh, effecting the opening of ihe bteeoh by the discharge of the bullet, pioventi any deleterious aotlon from gases on the breeoh by pie- dnolng an Instentaneons draft of fresh air thioogh tht barrel and breech. The Inventor olalms that the.lattei Improvement poesesses great advantages, espeolally b a mliltaiy point of view, that It eoables men to ihoot from five to six times more rapidly and to obtain 1 greater range than with the present musket^ aad ttht U !»bvlateia all danger from piematnre dlsoharga - Tax EoBBs' Lock Pioxbo.— The nilnola Independ ent of this week userts that the Day A Newell Lock, manalutured at New Toik, commonly known u the " HolbbB Look," hu at last been ploked by Llnna Tale, Jr., ofthe adjoining ylUage of Newport. It says: "The exaot niodut operandi of picking the lock^ of .conne, Is not expeoted to be made known to the pnbllo jost at present; bnt It Is snlOolent to say that by a stngnlar and Ingenious method the aotlon of the key npon the onrve of the tumblers of the look aie mapped ont and from wUoh a wooden key It made, wU^ anlooks and locks the lock, and In all leipecti operates It u peifeotly as the true key. In thii man- ner the look wu opened In the presenoe of the cash- ler of the DaliTman'a Bank, Newport, N. T., and of the President of the Fort Btanwik Bank, Bome, N. T, and within a few weeks wu so opened, (a i|SM look on a jeweler's safe,) In Wall^tieet, New Tork—fMai all of whom oerilfloates to tUs efEsot have been taken. This statement, of course, will astonnd the world, bnt it Is even tme." ANECDOTE OF AN AOTOB. Uasaisb BoxxAir, who died In 1769, In the Hvenly- fifth ireu of her age, wu a principal dancer on Cbvenl- gardaa stage in 1781, and followed her profimslon, by prlnte tsaohing, to tiie lut year of her life. 6|ie had so mueh oelebrlty In her day, that having one evening spr^aed h«r ancle, no leu an utor thin Quia wu err dfral by the manager to make an apology to the audi- enee for her aot appearing in thedaace. <lnla,wlu looked upon all danotre u " the mere ganlahjof tht atage," at fint demured; bnt being threatened With for- feltnre, he growllngly came forward and In hls'ooarse way thns addressed the andienoe:—" Ladiea and gea- tlemea, I amdeilred by the manager to Inform yon, that the dance Intended for this night Is obliged to be postponed, on uopnnt of Mademoielle Biollan having dl» located her ancle: I wish It had beeo^her neck."' CIGAR RACE. This Torletyof eportiagmay baaeir tosomeof oar readers. The conditions an, that the rider starts with a lighted elgar in hla mouth, oontlaues to smoks It da- ring the raoe, and Obmes In with It lighted; mitoh,of ooaise, depends on |the goodneas of ths olgar, bat sUU more the tut of the smoker. If hedou not rldeftst enough; he loosM the race that way; if he ridu too ihst, the air may either blow it oat, or eanse Ittobon s^ fiercely thatltwlil be entirely consumed beibre he reae£ee the winning-post. Ihe fkstest olgar-rue on record wu rail In December latt,atKlBgstoa, Jamaln; rnOo htatt; Time, the firet hiat, two mlnnlM tea aacoads} tiiaatooBd heat, two mbwtea twelea aeeokdi. .taaate aad other eireumitanoes Mnsldered. It mnat, In ersry seue ol the expressloB^h*** *" ' y smoking raw. v \