New York Clipper (May 1856)

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A FEARFUL FEAT. SarlBg Seed of Eoraemaniliip, The following sketch ofaMezIcaa feat of lioneman- Upii tentfleallj fearfal even In Its peraaal ;et, what iflt-liave been the feelings of those who witnessed the itlit;. It leeilia hilrdly creditable that enoh a hit oonld i(«ocoinpllshed,'althoog'h eqaestrlaolem In'Mezlao ex- lUta some mliaoalons performances and balr-breadth iMp(k>'Bat to tbe'sbetoh^: iryoafeeldtsposed'^tO'ilBkva doubloon'—-I ttm bdt 'a' loorhnnter'and oannot'pisdi'jiiDie—I sta'Sll attempt what Duobaoltd of ten yeare would consider aftatyperbaps. indwhatiniaytbat be, SedSr ClboIeror* asbed the fleer, Boeerlngl^. " I will obeok my horse at fall gal- on tbe brow of yonder cliff 1" " Within two lengths ma tbe brow t" " Within two lengthB—less-^tbesame iitinise that: is traced here, on tbo banks of the Zeqaall" ntt fu^rlse creatediby this annoancement held the byr lifdffs for.'Some moments In sllencei; It was a'prop'6- il o( laoh wild and reckless daring that' it was dllBoalt 0 believe that the maker of It In earnest. Even the ro oOcers wore for a moment staggered by it, and In- Ustd to fancy the clbolcro was not serlqus, bat mock- Dgtbem. The cliff to which Carlos had pointed was part of the loir tbat bemmed In tbe valley. It was a sort of promon- pry, however, that jatled oat from tbe general line, so to be a consplcuoas objeot from tbe plain below. Its nv was of equal height with the rest of tbe precipice, which It was a part—a sort of bnttress—and the may tarf that appeared along Its edge was bnt the gnllnaation -of the upper plateau. Its front to the valley u vsrtloal, wllboat terrace or ledge, althongh horlEcn- seamairaverslDglts bee showed a strallBcatlon of ne.and sand«l;oQe alternating w:Ith ,each-0111.617 . From le eward upon the valley to the brow above the heights u,l,000 feet short.. I^o it was a trlal to tUoate. iierves, to look down pat the etootest. to tbe roof. *. * * All stood watching him wlth anxloas jtii Ey;ery ;novement was noted. He first alighted nm^the saddle, stripped off bis manga, bod it carried sok and placed oat of tbe wtfy. He next looked to bis pars, to see that the straps were properly buckled. After tbirhi re-tled his sath, and plaoed the'sombre- fionly on bis bead. He battoned bis velveteen cal- vBeros down nearly to bis ankles, so that their leather attons might not flap open and discommode him; Bis nntlog kuife, along with blswhlp, he gave to the charge if Don Juan. His attention was nest tamed to tbe horse Itt stood all tbis time with bls neck carved proudly as koagb he divined that he was to be called upon fbr «me signal service. The bridle was first somtlnlzed. Rie.great bit—a Uameluke—was careftilly examined, est there might hstioins. flaw, or oreolc in tbe steel. The lead strfp yfffi baokled to its ph)pet.tightness, and then berelns were minately scanned... .These was the hairs ifa^lld horse's tall, closely and neatly platted. The addle'bad :iioiy Its turn. Passing ttom side to side, )ulo^ jxtth gtlrrap.leatbeis aod exatplned the great >oodei)blpp.l(4iwhich formed the stirraps, .Tbe girth VIS the last as well as the most Important object of.his uUoltude. He loosened the backles on both sides, and iben tightened tbeiq, aslog bis knees to effect his pa^ rose. ^.Wheq dra<trp to hit liking,' the tip of his finger ioala net have been psuad nndsr the strong leather band'. , ;• No wonder he observed all this oautlon. The snapping o(a^rap..oi;.fh^.allpplngofa buckle, might have har- ried l^tn into eternity. Having satisfied llmself that ID was ilgtrtr he'^tberedop the reins and leaped lively hto the sadJUf'tie Utst directed bis horse on a walk (long the ollff, aod wltbln a few feet of Its edge. This natb slMDgthen both himself and the iantmal Pres- Otlyth* Walk became a trot, and tben'agentle eanter.' Bven this was ad exhibition fearfal to behold. To these ^jwd/ng It from below, It wos a beoutlfol.bat terrible •PWUisle. . AjWr a. :Whlle he headed back toward the j^d'ttien st^etollTbg Into a fair gallop—the gait In »Mch he Intended' to approaolT'tbft oUlTr-he sadde'nly Mbed upagaloi'so OS to throw his horto!nearly on his EDWIN FORREST, A.S„ a A.MLET. ISn. EnwD) Fobbest was bom In the city of Flitladel- phia, on the 9th doy of Uarob, 18D6.. ^e piade his first appearance on the stage at'the^Walnbt ^ire'elf TbAatre, In thai city, asToung Morval, Id'Doaglas, on the 27th of November, 1826, we believe'. First acted In New tliu Park Theatre, Uibello, for.tbo .^one.Qto* Mr! Wopilbpll, July, 1820 ; Alterwards.trayeljed tbxoagb the United '3iatrH .'Ba.,(k, "Stiic."., yjiilted,.Eoglaod la. IfSti, iiud ogala io.l845. .naS 'jiist.conoladed a most sudcesaruleiigitgemcot lii hlsnatlye .clty. .'.'. iUnka : - ■ r - ---—^'^ -Again be resomod the same gallop, and sgalf rslnad' »i and tbIs maneover he repeated at leas Uoes, sow with his hone'sbead tnmed toward <p; and tbIs maneover he repeated at least ikdoien^ . ad tnmed toward tbe ellffli,' ttdnow Id the direction of the plain. At last be ■Ma to tan his horse toward the cliff, and take hi tanest seatlntlie (addle. ■ The deterinliud gtuce of Useye showed that the moa(int h!i4l,ooae|'fo^'the final W»I., A.itfBbt toijioh of the tpitf set the naUe brate In aoHoD»Md iDonbthb^ Mlio.i)ainiliihaiM&f^iii' nl^ht have fancied an eqnestrlan atatne of Wliti^ pjgdestol ths pinnacle of the cllffi Absiroi or HiRp.—A Drlend of onra rolliog at nlne- Bs ihe other d^y^ |ave the ball a qold of tobacco w^i • A FL'v'Atrjt^a CITY. , The "Mlttreas^of tbe SeBs,",,u the London papers name tbe monaur ^ttamiiblp, now ijolldlpg cf |iroD, jnear Lonflcn, Is In thi^.^lfape, of, plates, icodrsly. ilvettid heading directly for,the cllffi The.snBpense>wa!):of short duration. Twenty strides brought bprse and Uorae- man close to the verge, wltbln balfa da^en lengtbs.. TbQ rein BtlU hang loose—Oorlos.dared not tighleo it—a touch he knew would bring his horse to aba1f,,and ll|a^J^-:';^^^^ a failurt),; .•• >.. i ■ , Anoth'e^ leaph-another—yet aoiciber! Ho t he lB4nslde. Great (|od I he will be over I Just ^s the horse appercd aboiit to'aprlng over tbe bortid brink, the reins were ob- served suddenly to tighten, the fore-hoofs became fixed and spread, and the hips of the noble animal rested upon the plain. He was poised.atscarce three feet from tbe edge of the dllff., , While in this at lltode, the ha;semao lalsedbls fight hand, lifted bis sombrero, and ^er w,ay- ing it round, returned it to his head. Aspl<|ndldplct)]re ttom belbw. The dark forms of both hors»tmdrld»<: were psroelrsd as they drew up on the o}^(, and the imj^ojs^ iugand giraoefbLaltlliide was faMjTdvrelbped a{(a)l>ft; theblae btM)k gronnd ofthe skyr' j^be arms,.^B,]j^fijy the oval oatllnes of the steed, even the very trappings oonid be seen distinctly; and for the shorf poHod'In whloh they were poised and moltenleis, tlie'^a^^Sdttln' flb^liBB a doable .side fore and .aft, all the way.op to wltbln a few feet of tbe toffrall. She has also doable decks. Dy this means great buojopoy and strength Is imparted to the vessel,' as the Bpaos...between the desks and sides is filled with air. She Is built , jn elgbtqoia* pArtmeots, nil'air ind water light., li«jt, registered toDDsge la 28,000 tons, with cipaoUy for coal in dd> dltlon arfrom!li|,000 to 14,U00 toss. Ber'draftof water whan loaded will, be 28 feet, and when unloaded 18 feet Her avtrage speed Is .oompnted at 23 knots or miles Ptr bqdr. She will be prope)l«d by a gigantic Bcr«w> 28 fsiftin dlamjiier, fear paddles, and'by, falls. Her n^m* ~' jtmaslii will beseTSD, threeufiwbighwill bseros^d li yards, and fqaare-rlgged, as in a llne>of>battl« is1il|>,sDd tbe other n>||stB will hare. fpre. snd'sftsails. iBer namber of hollars win be isn.'flfs oneaoh kMcsDd eaok havlnf teq fflVA^ees, She fttl carry, lo addition to a snffiobAt.f HB^liBent of spall boats, no Isss than sightsma^,^ew•st«•nMrSi :e«oh;.110> fest iD lebgth, placed fear on M4b; S.Mfi.9( the v<shL nThtss stsanirs will Isod aad sa^baik b«th psyiagsrs iddli^fga. The pMieBg«ra!;)iisr(ks are plBOtd:O0,botb.'aldil.>tbiBtotift leDgthof^,|ths^Bbl{., The.])aa>bsrj»f;..dachs lslrar,aBd tj^B bslgbt tf ibs pilaolpsl ssIoodi, which ats .'U tks comer. Is IC feet. The number of passengers sbewUl' be able to carry Is 60O firetolass, l.sbo sbsobd clossi and ib.OOO troops with field cqalpments. Her length la 090 feet, her breadth of beams SS'fe^^.'dBplb f^om de«k to keel (8 feet; iggrtgate length of salons 40Of(tit., Etii eomnander will be Oapt. Harrison, with a craw.o^oll) inolndlDg'searoen, ebgiiieors, stokers, Sio.f'ffocp 860(0 OUO men, ooaeeqaently, with all on board, she wUl.cem* prise within herself a popalai ion of a large town, or eveaolty.Bay 13,000'persons. Nearly 1)000 men ai« employed in ber oonstractlon. The ebntraot ber batirllog is £320,06)9. ' There art then tb^tipeues of her engines and tbe flttloKS, vlotnallog, io, Iba . mere expense of lauchtng ber Into the water, wlitii. - completed, will be no lois tbaa £40.000, as hydraoUl : power will have to be tised for tbe pnfpcse, and4hf ■> maohloery employed of a peoallar' coostrtiotlbn;'<'8k4''>' will enter tbe water broadalde 00". Her' deck Is to M'' flush, except for cabin entrances and 'similar pnfpOHl, ao ibat a promenade more than twice the length of the'' Great Drltslu'e deok, will be available for the pM> aeogers. Tbe floor of the ship is psrl^etjy flat, the keel being tamed inward apd rhetted to the Inner ship's.- keel. These several skins are Joined to eooh other by- longltbdinal webs or girders, formed df plate and angled"- iron. There are 17 of these webs'on each slde of ths' ' ship, whloh rnn the entire length of the vessel, and they are placed at such dlstsneea as to extend apword, ' at Intervals of about three feet from tbe keel to the mtln ' deok, and they are again olosed up In length varying . from 20 to OO feet. Thus the outer and inner ships art ' Joined together by means of a great number cf watsv- tight weba or belb of extraordlnarj strength, givlagilit' veasel a )ti||Idity spoh as has asver bBtaeohuaalMlid' to.a iblp befojrc'r^Tlie mtln iieicU Wtated^ iii'ii^tbBil"^ manner for a width of 20 fbtt on'eidh itfjltf, Ud lnii girders bind one aide to the pthert to' tBat'^'ibi vitlri'' Tesssl bcoomesi'ss It'were, a tMstn of, B^j|j|i|^j1ki4 iHe whole fabric may bs deuomluted ;a wob'^Tf^d^rea Iron,, the riveiB forming the fastenings ra^ , boney-oonb' cells becoming an IndlMatli|,blt',sttaptnre,. ..^ The oompartmeiits between the outer and Inntr skia., will hold 0,000 tons cf water ballast; should ^'be ra- qulrcdi Tbe wtb.plates are,of inch Iron, and ihs'tttiav <.< and inner, tklns ore of tbree<qnarter 4D6h if on. Kt - vessel will hays 20 porta on the lower deok, iKbK ftai'^''^' square, to receive Mil way wsgoBB. SbehesaUofip'ptrtt'' on each side, 2 feet 0 inohes sqnare.'for vcntibtfony.tnd "2 an abundance of death' lights. lbs lower pofti urei<|| feet above the water when tbe sbin is loadsd. EXTBAOBDINARY AB8TINBNGB ^ FBoif FOOD. :, l.:^^ T^c more that animals enjoy tbt ^aoUttts «f jcqtli^i) strength and aotlvlty, iht greater Is the Ineretss tnll '< development of their parts, and the grester the aaeat*' tity.for SB abandant supply, cf fiwd.. Of - many IndM^' ' duals eipoeel to an' abtdlals' abetlneace of naily diijnV'" tbe ycnBg ars always the first to perish,' .6/,' this'Ujf hiatory,' of ws^ sod shipwreck offers In'isll si|ts.tooBsajr.-,ii|^ rrigbf/ulssamplcs. Thtrt sra tevcrsl Isstsaott oara>>ir\ui cord of sn almost total abttlotnce from food fo^ iv'tx*''' " traord|nary length of time. Captain Bllgh,'i«f <1l(|'^ Bounty, tailed nearly foor theuud uUw is att?iijfii&'' bpat, with oocasloaallya riDglt'itaaU'W^,Bet Btny '' ' canoes in weight, for thsdally SottaBanos of atywttsa ' ptople; and It Is even alleged, thst foii'rtatB ai^" uX'" '' wobitn of tbe JuBo,'having snftired shl^wTtok ' dkk Uw " . ceaist of'Atotcata, lived twenty.thres days wlthOBt oB/''''^' food. Two peiple. first dltd of wsitt (ni,,tiha .fiftliiday.;! In .the opinion of.Bbedl, sain»li lappcrjli wsiit.qosh .j- longer than Is generally bellsved. A sivtt oatUTcd Um.<m days w;tbpn|^ fo^, on anteldpe imn*f, and » vei^Isica:» «ll'd,eatalso twenty; an.ssgis ssrvlved twenty-al^t ' da^st Of badger one month, and itveral dogs thlrty^lt" ' dajs. In tht mtmoirs of tbt Aosdemy of Sdtaset, tbereis ao aoeoant cf a bitch, whlob harlpi been seel-' dentally that jdtp aloDS In a oo^ntry-hddfis, existed for j j forty days wititdiity.ny other nourishment thsn Itattiiiff,«.,, on the wool of tbe mattrtst which she htd ton te„ placet^ A «r»BddIle will live two moatbs wlUioiit^^;:^^ iplbn three, a bear tlx, a chameleon ,tlgbl> a^d^lk* • >,t attoi Ip^v ita. .'Vaillant had a tpldsr that Uvsd a)My:»- y tar *ltho«t.focd, snd wss so far from btlsg WMtttad' v by Btttlatnee, that it Immediately killed sMlluir'la^ga '' spider; SCiaslly vigorous, bat not so baDgrf ^ Whleb wu ' pot in tlCB|wlihlt. Jobs Banter Ineiosad a load bs* tween twb stent fiower.potf, and fonad It ss Uvtl* aa'^ < tvtr afitr ioarteen monibs. lanijl-.tcrtcltts have urai . vltboitt'foed for elgbiten monthat and^twi;,.,.. to have kept a beetle la atUtcof total abstlbtncs M ^ " , tbrts years. Itaftsrwards BMdalts ttatpsL DKUiiM^ .1 giTss 00 atoMBt of two strptata which llVsd li a boMf' wlthcBtaBiyle«!dftrCfay«M. " : . .. ' .':'' «<.«:»<