New York Clipper (May 1856)

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clipper:. AVOIBU 'SOS WAiri BAOKIX , k.'^O^ - ^ nmuki of tb« Old S«rgetBt [•marideiiUylfctxenltof ta orWdoM of IpeMO 0r (MdM;'aaMfd'ligrmmepoiretnil wtbutlo, for I 4«> qOltf nie oidluiiy iellbrt oonid have broight fofUk to ■iah Tile dug m h« Jiu-deemed fit 1o befteir npoo «few nma^'Omm butUy together (or tbeOurm of m SUh Qlt In np'7 ptrtJiOhr to bis of the 12tb. ; ,. Bafbr« gtUig farther, howeTer, I lake boA v'/o^f** la t«to, the cotUlBdlng puamph of that corfdoiucatlrat iMglMlng "I mm. plMSfitomeet» 4a, ai I» •« q?'te ert- dent I ma enlliely mlstakea In the callbw •haaeter of you corree^deat; that'4 i ki^wii hjr hlf eart, (keep on your h»^ old Ikifmitn get tteoagb with your tnrecd InaeuloM, bad gtUttW ud that, TOO wOlfii 7<'^ "'■^^ indeed Ten* fowdw tnrbolantwater*,wMhatery, Toryftallbaik; aod-whennertiM too lata, fUo Hod oat that lunU Im^ wqn't.MTo yoa, laaoti leas* bare plMk; bnt with planl^ nUeir,'idiU *nd all, w»te up aome one morning and find 7<tatiwiOnnoIog befitfO'the wind for Davy'i Loeker. vraan Hu devil IiOi*y'aI<ooker, Ur. Edltorf ah, yea, 1b jSu^gunf 0bokjolgefl from my wrlttn'ga that (one- My alai aul tsjteVl, owning Eogllih fowu, are ohnma C" ioiplelflptiwaya haonla the goU^ ndnd;") and fhrtber iBlMlHlMt I am Intereited in the lale of thoM Eagliib fowlfl-f wlll riaiplytay 'tit/cbit Conatme that aen- taiifi^iIianUy.iOlaOoek. I:amBot now, nor em wee, lnti i ei t e d ;tOiibe aaonnt of one cent in the aale of anybo- <(yM!9«Ia t-ao mieh for that part of the aotdeoi • Mr. Biwr I hare no donbt wonld feel oompllmented at ■lA^tHbdfe Mid to the qnallty of hla fowls f^om a reepect- Bli|(|. |[i^Uoe, rat I donbt Terr mooh whether sooh eneoiAl- uoi 'fei 'the Old Sergeant Cook has deigned- te bettow, w«a]d>beneelT(dwith any but feellngaof dligait: to ndjdtforiliat lU Old Beneint Cock goea on to eay that " allhbagb ft giMtwrltar,! hare a Toiy bad memoiy;" well, now,' thwvay all be, aa I h«Te never studied pnenmonln, my BUBUVy Ottj be bad, veiy bad, ai^d my peroeptlon nay aMtp qnlte clear; perhaps It will appear so, when I eay, ^liproeroAndto aoataui.hls allegation la no proof at "Ulf^aatient reader, be good enoagb to review the Old OogHra ommonlcatlon: begin for Instance at " Toa have lnaeitMIn:yonr'last,>rAa, tc, and end with the third peitedraee what a garbled statement from beginning to end; all for ftejim^si, as I rappose, to prove my Very t«tfjU(te(>^ ;U the proof oonoladvet I wonld like yon, OUilPtak^ te'^lht ont Van precise spot In my commdnlca- tlcftiMnUliilBg the language yon attrlbnte to me, via: " tMBttUab fowls ate the best" I have said In reply to «Mii|neittuit games of Bngllah duoaU are thd beat TOtam-te-flghtlng, Aa, yet yon assert I have a bad Utaotji jW'iStiMiUf, to attrlbnilog my Errors to the he0tt«Mt^toib» heart, la certainly not Intentional: loetrff,!^ Old Oogk. I.kmngt done wUh this i>art of the *B]ffi9j!«ij let neadvlie yon. Old Sergeant Occk, before •mmpBng again to orltlolu any one's writing*, to refresh jMt^uumypf % revision of grammar, (rolgr to yonr AV|twl).iOT ineh blonders I have rarely met with, lirly lathe' colomns of 6 retpectable newspaper; yoaiaonmnnteatlon recalls aehoblboy days when once a wetir^Mh uttitln.prcdnced "composUlon" lor "Old Dofn^^'.lqspeotlon and correction; It Is to thjs class yoor loniwl properly belongs, and It Is to Ur. Qneen's coi*iilty'eiily,'that I attrlbnte its admission Into the oolntiii of a paper clrcnlatlog, as the New Yobk Cuffeb doe^lBftsphereof intelUgenetf aod dlfcemmenL . IHatd-to what wonld appear to be yonr legitimate trrf||,«; TlBt fmng fish I do 'em np brown. Old Cook; bnt neVeraqkIre to anything above a Backer or a Ondgeon; it jot" ODtoh a rook, chnck him In;" bait with Scalpeens ml'boy and try yonr hand. I can ezonae yonr Ignorance, Old Cook, bat year pre- Rusptlonlinnpaidonable. Hear: ', f Bit 'tU MBM Suttf to.uerlb* to ab*an' '' Xk* «loa|a on* mut «sBut from Inoiue*: MtM-oaBlta« n«aU«of wtli aiuuoB aheon, W* ttmfcn.uo^ au'a Igvoruut ommo i Wh«* ben lov'to iMcli at thlap nbUao, . ./T^lft^attftOlraOtaitaaethaalAalrari^ Heir,lWi '*|M tUak'aol, boaaiM at yoar ¥oid« I ai'ar frowa, ''' "TIM ru titr oa« ifiik of ngiid to ;ob lend: Wa natla at tta alllti ant Jok«i ofa olowa— '^"■^llBst thlfik aot of taikloi tb* ftUow oni friaal." nnch for- that part of the sabjeot< Now wake np Old Oook, wake npyon Old Blp Van Winkle and pott yoittjNU; leftr to the Oistfsb of Uaich 16th, yon will, then,fiBfl the followkg, vie: "The. Sefton fowls stand wdNpoB leg, giving great advantage in battle, and an htallhy, a MM oiM tun. It wonld be best to obtain from thiaiiook fowls-nlsed m this oonntry; If itbenotlm- poqptip to obtain enoh. It will then be necessary to apply to nil* lellahle breeder, each a man for instance ai Hatt ^ Suk,.^ nUadelphla, who has the beat breed Af native game fowls I know of, and with whom a pnrchaser mar deal with o(»adesoe. * I an iMeui 4ML ttUn Jrh^ diiM at Vtha papar Old Cooki open yonr eyes, Old Bin Yah 'M Tte ay I Atrgoi to mention your Lord Seftons ^imilft W^ee; poet yonrself Old Cook, I have liA the Seftooi and White Hackles In nearly everv nlMtlcn; they have been the theme of my contrl. hiiSoni; look to it. Old Cock; aronse to the leall^ of yonr jredloament: behold tiie abyea that yawns to engulph yon and year barV: helm hard to port, Old Oook. 7oa haVe tin^frtakea to give a learned dissertation on flM whyaod wherefore of the Nova Scotia Cock; yea, eU ehkk.o-Uddy, jrbn have raised a qnestlon and answered It rt^ffsU} ho^ magnanlmona 'Yoa also say the three foqln X iNNght oaanot be all English; perhaps they oan't whid itttebt How ftinnyl Ton can be aasnred of one thii|r,r: however, thty are neither of the Ball Calf nor OnHterfelt stock, tfnt BImon Pore's real; are yoaoon- valesMnt, OldCookt Yen (tirther say, you did not think tiiete was to much eeUahness under the garb Of so mnoh tot<Ulg«aoe; yon think I am aelQsh because my fowls axe notfbr'tale: well now that is ftmny Indeed; now many In ooTjinldBt own fine hor8ea,flne dogs, as well aa fine fowli, who won't sellT Axe they to be atyled selflah on that aoeonnt t . Try again Old Weather Cook, and point to the glat of yonr eonimanioalion jur-Fowu KB EUu 9S A Paib. It If Air to presnmo (him your long alienee, that It W6t in oouiqaeaoeof having fowls of your own for sale, that yon nejrfr ontil the pteaent moment thouBht>lt proper to mention the.namea Old Hoaa (Goat) and BQl Blade ; eeonre that plank, Old Oook, hanl aft yonr main sheets. Old Ohap. ' When and where did I ever mention that Ur. Buraliowla wete hennya! or ttiat he would fnroleh egi tothoae wianltng scrow-dookst Look to It, Old Cool, your laagnage la about aa Intelligible as was Paddy's to the Fr^ohnun when he asked him to " lind the loan of a grid-irqa;" gat lever's wbrka iand poroae that yam, Old Odtk, aal theni 'look over hie "Out-waid bound and Home-ifird boand" and learn how Paddy got to Flngol; and theli turn to Aope' (able of the Frog and the Oi; appljtthe moral and get same IVlend to write a panegyrick on t he /•ttnos ANO TBUU or TBI OLD SmOBlMT OOOI. Better lock neit time, old fellow, bnt take my advice, monldyou at any flitare period undertake to criticise tba^wnUnn and motives oraqy one, flnt, itudy well the eaUeot, then look over yonr grammar, be ante 700*10 light, and go ahead. Them's oy aentlmenta. _lowoan apolop to yonr teadera, Ur. Bdltor, fot harlsg ]ronwst«rhafa:bi«B. elbrtitokaBail{(^ ietlng ■e,-4arlagBy amble, story.; ■ wom m n» oim.' ^ ' a nil nota li aMelaUlr JadltptaaMo, ai WUta'thiaatt^ U' »alothtBttb*.«M|n, V(i4l(h'<f9U4a«|ik BOLWokl TO TBI FOBtTlOin. JAlIES SMITH, THE PEDESTBIA.N, Tea abore pedestrian (whose likeness we take from a daguerreotype bv Clark, 69 Court stteet, Boston) was born In Troy, N. Y., In 18S9, is 6 feet 11 hiohea hlj^ and ffelshsieolba. ' He made hU ftet ^ppeatance, aa a pedeetrlan, ,wlntor ht the flrouB ,in the 'BoijMAtbr in a' tw;b uHS^Hte- fvia JTohn fitetsbn,: irt^h« ' feated-tlnlB,l6xnln-S4ia. ''^^'. ..' , His next appearance was In a four tilde irnce atOIatrlei^ town Neck, on Thanksgiving Day, 18M, with ten entries, when his was again defeated by John 8tett(n^21 ttln.— he being second best - In the snmmer of 186^ wae beaten by JohA Stetaoa In a five mile race at lAwrenee—time, VI mini 40 sec Bttotft-,. Q QllJth^ JLtOBYU ■WhiU. . fmt , ■ lib ■4tk(t>*it) ■ . _ W*iU, ,. I Blaak... txSK4lhorB4tbV:(«..QQtth(- ixSBtdlbtrt). |S..Oz()^ 'jwhiJ:-. 'BUik; WliHe, aQBSUi^' KmoMi t..PKKtllbz Ksr(tj«it| ~ QKBIIhx. XiQ 4:.BQM I..Kt4lM.*I|:aWBSe. WUtt. .BliiA. - In the winter of 1866 was beaten by George Brown In a five mile race at Lyns, Uasa.—time, 28 nin. 34 sec. Beat Wm. Sheehon, the "Boston Buck," and John Hatcherson, In a one mile race at the Natlcwal Theatie Olrca^ Boston, the same winter—time, 4 mln. 67 tee. Sane vrtnter beat the Boston Buck In a two mile r^e %i the National Theatre Clrons—tlme,.10 nln. 38 sec nie same winter at the same place was defeated In a 'flva mlle.race by John GrlndeU-^tlme, 27 mln. M eeo. . Won two half mile races at Lawzapce the same winter .;.no time kept.'.: ' These are about all the pedestrian eontitta which SmlUi has been engaged In with the exception of the Ten Mile Handicap race at Lynn, June 17. andhonettyi too, upon any suhJeot; none of as are In- iUUble; ,bat when a windy Indlvldnal, with more conceit thai), tealna, nndertakee to step beyond the Jlmltii.of oommdh deoe^oy, and br way of orltiosm, Impn^s motlret, and makes a deliberate and wholesale attack upon one's dncerity, I think It time to waive all ceremony and pitch in; this u a bee fight, gebflemeti; gouging not allowed, and I rayihuf guess the Old Sergeant Cock, like the man in Kentucky, who got bnt one lick, will exclaim— OOKBIDiailXODTl How, Qatin or tht Uurria, fiM all haadt od 4iok, . A aUiueo tall drawt Blfti, noagbt li mo but a apaik 1 Bm, mo ! bow aba fllai,.olrI luriWial leatiti, . OU Oaak, tha iblf>p*r, wm 7*t tf^iB fsaitaia. 'OU snnaat Ooeb," tUatal- ■ Batavall, Ikzawall, > OffUak" ni "nldtt" taka tall itaak,- A aall'i fti thaa, tnm f-IUn'a loditt;''^ Wa'U ahaani tky.ibia, ob, OBoaa aaoktr. . BboaM otbaia etaaaoa tb/ ooana to bj, Xba^, too, sv l**n bow fl<b to (17 i Vat wanilDt iIt* to hlai tbat llsina, Ltat fitilai iu Bl(bt kuia bla loioa. AiAntw.fOU Oo«k,>'whato'arUirwldiMt . Look oat fat ihoala-Intaaofflibtet ■ .With ftrisrfaa, aad soah Uka taaUa, . Takabaella tlna, Aaa - Yonn, PhUalclelphii; Aug. 26,1866. Hasib. These last words caught his ear; a frown gathered on Ms htim ; itlth his hand he waved her away., '" Begone; you distract by yonr Interference." She obeyed, we were Bloa& Bat those words," there Is yet hope," re-echoed still In my excited mind. I strained .my aching eyes to discover the hinted way of escape from the labyrinth of eombhutien before me; for a l()9g time mv search whs draltleea. A light Boddcnly broke upon me, the secret waaon- folded:' By a series of " eonpe de repos," my advereaiy waa foreed to play himself Into a hazaidoos condition, which, though not seemhigly Indefensible; yet might ena- bleme to draw the game. . The diagram reptcsents the ^tlOD Blaefc-GMf'""> EXTRAOBDINABY PBDBSt]^AN>FBAT. AeteatdealoflnUteetbasrecentlybeetteitoItedby tkft . MifMmance of a pedeatrlan feat of a somewhat remarkaUe onSiBcter. . A man named Allrcd Helson (or Elston,) a na- ilvia of Melbonme, and well known In the neighborhood of Castle Qonlng^n, undertook to walk on six saOiesdvo dayt the distance of 70 miles a day. Hecomfflenctdhl8pe^ formanoe on Uonday, Jnly 20, and completed It with ease on Satorday, the S6th alt, doing It within the specUtd time. The seventy miles were usually walked-in abont fontteen hours, bat on one of the days they were ooa- pleted in twelve. A neat variety o( ophilon was eotat- talned as to the posalUlIty of his encceedlng In Us at- tempt Ifhllst on travel he took very little food exeepi beef tea, or a saall bit of mutton half cooked and a little etlmnlant oocaslonally. In statnre he Is about the mid- dle height, thin, extremely moscalar, and having a aome> ' what Intelligent countenance. On his reachug Uel> b^nme the streets were thronged with people to see hla pass, who rewarded him with a conalderaole amonnt of moiiey. Taklns into consideration the rough country roads which he nad to traverse, some of which especially near Ohellaston, have recently been made—the olstknce which he walked and the apparent ease with whlth .lt wait accomplished, his feat was certainly very extraordt. naiv, and we ehonld greatly qnestlon whether many hctats could be found to perform the same diatance In the tame time. 'When on travel Eeleon had a alight swing with ' his arms, and appeared to be going at a steady rate of some three miles an honr, and It was only when aay on^ attempted to keep np with bim that his real p^ee was perceptible. Hla usual pace was probibly.frcm ^ox'to six mUes an honr. We hear that he has now nndartiken . to ran a (Hendly match of ten miles against tin of the best runners In Melbourne: he Is to start and ccnilhia ' rling the whole diatance, whilst the Uelbdnnie bob' to be placed at intervale of a mile apart, the fint of whom Is .to start and mn until he comes to the second, who then takes np the running nntQ he reatdies tlie tUid, and so On to the end of the distance. He alao expecta te accompllah hie ten- milea within tiie hour.—[Leicester shire (E^ig.) Uercuxy. MY CHESS MITCH. A Tale at the Iitut CeatHiT< - waiivM son na aaw toaa OLirrtn, ... OOMO^OIUO. This waa his object, as he apparently pnrposed to leap evelr Into tny queen's side andmake war on my left wiqg. I wasnotnaprepared for this; I had determined npon my oonne^ one which I Imagined would startle even my glim adversaiy. No sooner had he laonohed hla Snlj^ta over my pawns on my qneen's dde, than I rapidly changed my.plaa of operations—I Immediately dessrted my en- trenohments, and commenced an attack pobting directly at the Sable UaJestyhlmselC It requlreo all the care and the Intlenulty of my opponent to save hlmselfihls position was extremely delicate, as moat of the snperlor foroea of Black were far from the scene of action, snd It was not possible to bring them to the assistance of the fated HhIb defence thronghont the tetrlble attack was admlia- ble; at one moment I would fliney that chsokmate was Inevitable In a few movea; but by some moatarlv eombl- natloa on his part, he wonld extnoate himself from the hnpendlng danger. At last, to my niter disoomfltnre, he anchored' his Uonarch aaf ely on bis king's dde, behind his pawns; now, I remained in the aame condition he had been previously; I had a almUar attack to repel, though one not quite so dangerous, I imagined. I little expected what followed. His next moves came upon me like flashes of lightning. After acme'strangely executed manaaavres he won both my Books by divergent checks with the Qaeen. I groaned In de^ialr. A tmlle oftrlainphillamlaated hla ghastly featnrea He spoke: "Boea Ur^ M consider it fit to eontinae the partlel" Theee words stnnlf nie to the qalok; the excessive bit- terness with which they were uttered oaused my blood to boll within me; vrith an effort I swallowed thelnsalt with the beat apparent naoe, and was about to reply alone, by reslgaing the matcb. . ' ; At this very moment, however, a door opened In the ooroor of the apartment, and how was I astonnded to be- hold Eugenie I my luti Eugenie, enter, aooompanled by two female attendanta; (that roadside inoldeAt waa then a reality I) she grew pale as lier wandering gate met mine. Olamord's dark eye fell on her'a "80 you have come hither to witness your boasted (Champion's defeat." "Nay, my Lord, hla viotoiy." "Behold then," he replied, motlodnB her to the Oheas board. "This la the last," he added. . She came to my aide, uid dlently examined the game; those lips approached my ear. 'f OeoTge?' die irtili^aed," tot Hearen's Bike lennoti ais[happlnesidepends npon It," . . , - , ORoa thjlt Wad patience, with an article of ao m^a1englh,'Uddoabtwlththem.the polloyorthto1^ Abo sontlnlaed the podUon again. «<naBk--— "«'y^P^.toaUomutemscrltiolsffljdidbalfexdatmei,"thmiskope;Geoig»Blneom»|]y, w«t*«7'<«i*nid*timopen5»ettmaydll(hrlno^ontind White— Utbku. It was my play; eome bold and Immediate ocUao on my part was indispensable. At this Juncture my antagonist exhibited vldble dgns of pertorbaUon. Hla eye teemed fixed on vaoaney In one portion of the apartment; now and then a wild frantie speech would rum ftom his lips. At last he exclalnted: " Haunt me not, young man; I am not yonr'mur- derer." The words horrified me—my companion had been his vlctlffll his language betraieid him. At this teiy second a heavy boomhig sound nook the floor, Aposderoas bell was dowly tolUng in mid air above ns. The hsUs reechoed five tlm^ to its r^eonndbg strokes. " Uate 1 mate t"' I exclaimed in mad joy," mato In five moves." . ' '- He shook obnvuldvely at the annoanoemsni " By the Infbnal powers of Hell," he thundered, "I dull not lose her." He «hdfaTOced io nieh tern the room^ but <M power held him. ' He staaned thrice on the door; -the apann)^ beieame clothed In darkness: then sonnds Ukd'the raah^ Isg of eagles' wings were heard, and thiok black forma appeared, bearing Bagenle In their loathsome arms.' I sorted forward to teue her. A hundred swerds fladied above me. I shrieked and——aWoke. I was In my own room, in the old arm diilr. Granger wasbeddeme. "I've been dreaming," I mattered,as I rnbhed my eyea " And yelltag too," added h^ ' -' ,. . . I laughed. "But how about tiiematdli,'«'IaAsd. . - <• Ob t that Is postponed tlu' to-morrow evenlag. Bnt 'til twelve o'clock; let as resign ourtelves, Into tSe ^nsB ofMoiphens." . 1 :. The next momhig, said my Meni ib as: " Yon remember, of coarse, our griok, aanielees friend. Well: he hi no lem than the Barl, whose soiree we attended," ..'•:. Here was the sclatton of evioy mystery that tronbled me. It appears that the Barl was a man of geniality and beneyorence when really known, bnt he always preserred a reserved aspect before strangera. It was one of hli oany eeceatrloltlsa, I wu told. '-' I'muflt tell you, we were rlotcts la the Chess match that followed, and that onr worthy .opponent, was .no iBUgUiar^ fiend, nor iras Ids name (ilanM^ . Ndthecmastlendhete. . loannotrafralnfroalnlhriD' log those who ^ve ka44te'.iiatlii|u>ft't»:«^^ 'fl^ iUt'BdiriaSto looki tfMT^^ the tstriUedieaa I aa toeerillog j while a roqr ihseked THE LITTLE JOZEE. In the good old times In Kentacfay, when " sabetantial justice" was administered In a log cabin, after a very ftee and easy manner, a suit was brought to recover eertain moneys of whldi It waa alleged pUlntlffhad been defend- ed by the ingenloas operation hnowft as '^tiilmUe^g. ' glug." In the Course of the trial, plalntifi's connsel, who happened to be an "expert" pndertook to eallgbten the Oonrt as to the aiodua mamdi of the ptrfonaaace. - Fattlsg ' hhnself into podUoo, he produced the three cope and the " Uttla i-ntm ^U-MitfTfflmwil a l, nu U ttig-ttfl WtlQh to the word: ' "Then, may it please the Court, the defendant placbg the cups on hu knee thus, began ehlfUng them «, offering to bet that my client ooald not tell qnaier which onp was the " little joker"—meaning tiiereby. may it please the Qourt, this ball—vrith the Intention or defrandlng my cli- ent of the sum thus wagered. For Instance, when I ralte - the cup 40, your bonor.nppoeea that yon see the ball" : "AwpoM I seel" Interrupted the Jndge, who bad close- : ly watoned the performance, and was sure that he had de tected the ball as one of the cAps was accidentally raised, " Why, any darned fool can see where It la, and bet on it, . and be sure to whi. There ain't no defhindln' lAor." " Perhapa yonr Honor would like to go a '7 on It," b- alnuated the counsel. "GoaVt Yes, and double It, too, and here's the rhi- no. It's under the middle onp." "I'll go a Yon that," said the Foreman of the Jmy. "And I, and I," Joined the jaroreooe after another, ontll each one had invested his pile. "Up I" said bla Honor. ;"Up it was, but the "UtUe joker" had imterioiady dliappeared. Judge and jarr were enlightened, ttsd found no dlfBcnlty In bringing u a verdict m flvrar of the Slalntlfr, on the sround that It was the " damdett Und o* efteudln'." Bis Honor adjourned ths Oonrt, and " itood for drinks all ronnd" In oonddetaUoh of heing " let off" fh>m his wager. TARN FOB THE BUNK BOOM, BiBMBs (who is Barnes t) tells a good stwr of the ipower of the Philadelphia engines. In I860 he wu one of the "Old BlUv" boys, and as sudivery freqatnUywia honored with toe pipe. On ene oceaaon Bamea was playing a stream " down the gntter," which attiaoted the attention of a large NewfonndUnd dog. The dog thooght he would play with the stream, and oommenced Uwog at IL > Juat here Baraea got a good ehot at blm, and Bent' a full stream down hla throat, and with such force that It jiBs^ clear through the quadruped. Here Barnes wta reqoested to " raise the stream." Ecdld eo, and np went tiie dog too. He endeavored to slide down, bdt It was no go. Every tline he gained an Inch he. lost a foot. At last the boys were ordered to stop playing. They ob^ed orders, when down came the dog from a height ,o( some:, forty feet The moment he alrnokthe ground, bepnl-' for home with a veloolty that conld not have been InsretBed. 'had you fastened a Datcb oven and eight pie pana to Us ' There! Bring out yonr "bdIyInlIns'' noWi iuiliest tiiM ere "maaheen,".lf you "kin." The dog.part of the' story we don't believe. T 0 L 0 V E B 8 b F t B 0 U T. It Is aa:ah to cook treat, u well u to catch tkaai. tiotk lAo have the heit^ to '* hook " the respleidiat CTtatntea tUs season, and wiio wish to make them n- primely palsitaUe, shbolil pburre the (bUoirlBg:: ^Irst wuh and clean the fish, wipe It perfecUy dij, ftitt Into a stew-pan two onnoea of latter, diedte In, as t melts, flCur, and add grated nutmeg, a JItUe maee. anid a little cayenne. Btew well, and when fluid sad thpi "■ thbrbaghly mlxsd, lay In the flib( which, harlnit snflta- ed to sTigblly brown, cover with a pint of teal navy-. Thr6w in a little salt, a email /agot of paidey, ana aibir. rifts of lemott-peel. St«w slowly fotty mlaat4s»'4hniv take eat the flab, strain the alavy clear, and poor ii»0t'. tbt Ml./ It nair bosttained over It^ Befoi^htwwerf' It U pouted over, a glass of bnoellu may be oddid to ths gravy.