The New York Clipper (July 1903)

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434 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. July 4. M155 CIipper'5 Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, CONCKKMNQ STAGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS BY JOSEPHINE GBO. A popular theatrical man recently enter- tained In this ctcnt metropolis bit node from tho South. While the old gentleman enjoyed the sights he was taken to see, and the pleasures In which he took part, he sel- dom refrained from expressing a comparison In favor of his South, which he, as a loyal Southerner, felt In duty bound to do. Es- pecially proud was he of his city, Shreve- port, La., nod this be praised far beyond Its deserts In his desire to do It full Justice. "Those buildings are somewhat higher than those at present In Sbreveport," be was forced to admit on being shown the sky-scraper district, "but, you see, there's so much more room there that we're not obliged to climb Into apace in order to spread." It mattered not what wonders he wit- nessed In the North, he declared, or at least Intimated, the superiority of the South. The manager took the old gentleman to view New York Bay from the Battery, and on that day It seemed especially alive with craft. The ferries, plying in all directions, almost running Into each other, the larger vessels which moved more slowly, the noisy little tugs, the laden schooners, the ocean liners, the tramps, and shipping of every description were so numerous and so busy that the sight on tho bay was that day un- usually animated. It made a deep Impres- sion on the Southerner, whose thoughts turned to bis own city, where the river, with Its comparatively few boats, is the greatest show point. Turning to his nephew, who was curiously awaiting bis uncle's verdict on the grand spectacle before blm, he said, In the tone and manner of the one generously conceding a point: "Do you know, dear boy, that your city, With this wonderful display of shipping on the bay here, so reminds me of home that it might be called the Shreveport of the North I" la a production on Broadway, where stage money Is a part of the properties, the prodi- gal use of It has necessitated a frequent call upon the treasurer for real money to pur- . chase the play money, . ; Tho property roan.has within the space of two or three weeks made several calls of this sort upon the treasurer, who aston- ished that useful member of the stage upon his last requisition by handing blm a twenty dallar. bill with the order! , "Here, Sam, go and get. that changed Into one dollar, bills and use toe real money; It Is; .cheaper In. the end, considering what you're spending for the. bogus." ' V A facetious actor, suggested the other day that the. "walk of the ghost" might be aptly termed a "spiritual promenade.' 1 ' 9 ■ ■ The. following Is a short conversation beard the.other day In one of the corridors . of the Knickerbocker Building. The Jra"' malls jxYioriod were two young actresses,;* oue exquisitely dressed In the latest mode,*; and the other In very ordinary attire. . '•'•'*•> Maud. —"I saw your show the other night. I thought you were going to have such a' great part, but you don't, seem to bavo much to do oxcept to act as 'feeder' for the other people." . .. '■ > .. Sadie.—"Well, It's something to be able to 'teed' well, Isn't it J" . Maud. —"Yes, but after the manager's promise to give you something really good, and not making good, only giving you a small 'feeding' part, I'd throw It up If. I were you, and try for something better." Sadie. —"That's easy enough for you, who have a bank account, to say, but what could 1 do, who have only my .salary to dress and to pay my board with? A part even as 'feeder' is better than noue—you see I have to 'feed' to eat." usual hard hit the long suffering target remonstrated, saying: "Yon and I, after all, are of the samo craft—we row In the same boat" "Yes," assented Jcrrold julckly, "but not with the same skuiit, my boy." An English guest of one of the club mem- bers beard the story, and finally seeing ■tho point, after 'a minute's thought, broke Into hearty laughter, vowing at the same time to spring the story on a friend, which be did half an hour later, though greatly wonder- ing why his listener did not appreciate his telling of It, which was the same as that ot bis friend up to the real point, which he lost. Here bia version was, "but our beads are not the same size, don't you know, dear boy." 9 A son of the Emerald Isle who Is night watchman at one of the Bowery theatres recently saved himself by bis ready wit from being discharged for neglect of duty. Several times when he bad been wanted he lias been found fast asleep, either from the effects of mixed ale or fatigue. One night the manager needed bis services, and re- ceiving no response to his call, went in search of Fat, whom he found asleep In the property room. "This Is the last time you'll have a chance In my employ to sleep nn your watch," ex- claimed the manager angrily. "Sure, I wasn't ashlepe on me watch," was the quick answer of tbe Hibernian, "how cud I when It's 'round tbe corner at Solomon's place I" 9 At a rehearsal not long ago the stage manager was berating a venerable actor who had failed In one of his scenes to reach the height of nnger that he thought neces- sary at a certain point. The old actor, whoso method was strongly convincing rather than melodramatic, Anally, after two or threo attempts to please tbe manager, said: "If you will kindly tell or show me ex- actly what you wish me to do, I'll try to follow." "Pace excitedly up and down tbe stage," directed the manager, "tear your uulr, swing >our arms wildly about your bead, gnash your teeth " "I will do everything you euggCBt," In- terrupted the elderly thesplan, "everything except I bo last. I will not gnash my teeth— my gnashing days arc over—I'm wearing store teeth." Ilnclinel, tbe great French actress, once said to Dumns: "If you could rearrange your life, whnt would you bo?" "That Is onilly answered," said the gront writer: "up to tho ago of thirty I would be a handsome woman, and from that age to lifty I would he a great genera); after that I would be a cardinal." 9 At one of tho New York club* frequented liy players and playwrights one of them re- lated a bit of conversation that was said lo have taken place between Douglas Jcr- rold. the playwright, and a lesser light whom .lerrold frequently n:Hdc tho target for his hrllllnnt shafts of wit. 'After a more than SIR. AND Mils. II A It It V S, HA 111 l.i: II. . The above represents a- new musical act, which Is fast coming to the front'by reason of the cleverness and originality of the team, and tbe brightness of the comedy and music. UaudCD.lle and minstrel. — Manager ' Jos Oi-pbnhbimeb writes: !'I closed my season with Miss New York Jr., at Buffalo, and must • ssy that It' was as good a season ns I have bad In years. Con- sidering tbe fact that I played mostly one night stands, tbe result of my season's work has Indeed been.encouraging, and as a result of tbe pronounced success of Miss New York Jr. as an. extravagant* I Intend placing this attraction In the best class of night stunds next season, under the manage- ment of the team, Marlon and Pearl. The show will be-mounted and played as a high class musical comedy. The Fay Foster Co. will be under my personal supervision. I have already engaged for this attraction the Cosmopolitan Trio, Terry Elmer and com- pany, Moeher. Houghton and Mosber, Prof. Crane, and Cunningham and Grant, who Join hands next season, after a nine years' boparatlon." Clarice Temi'leton, who played South- ern Park, Pittsburg, Pa., last week, la this week at West Park, Homestead. She Is now doing a single turn, and Is meeting with suc- cess. 8he gets many return dates. Shannon and Lucieb are on tbe Shayne circuit of parks, and are meeting with suc- cess. HllYANT & SAVILLE'B) MINSTRELS are In their ilft'h successful week, and have made a decided hit. The Novelty Comedy Four. MoDevItt and Kelly, and Robin, Bryant and Savllle are all enjoying good health and a pleasant trip. Bryant A Bavllle'a baseball team defeated the Tumbling Hun Park team by a score of 8 to 0. John J. Subfpabd, who opened June IS on the Casey circuit of parks, was last week at Palmer, Mass. Remhuy and Uradiiau, who are doing well on the Pacific coast, opened for two weeks at the Cesur d'Alene, Spokane, Wash., and are now at the Crystal, Seattle. They are booked for thirty weeks on the coast. Tub Kates Bhotiidiis, who recently closed with the Qreat Barlow Minstrels, are play- ing dates. They are booked up until No- vember. Nellie Buckley, who closed a successful season of twenty weeks at the Howard The- atre, Boston, June 20, will spend her Sum- mer vacation at the seashore. Qbnaro and Bailey state that they have been exceptionally successful on their West- ern tour. They will produce their new act, "A Cigarette Case," next season. The fol- lowing year they will be starred In a new niUBlcnl comedy. Edith Hart and Rudy Raymond have separated. Miss Hart Is now working with tor brother, Willie, and tbe team Is itnown as the Harts. They have Just closed Ave successful weeks at Wrlghtsvllle Reach Ca- sino, N. C. Beaumont and tlAYWARD have left the Queen City Gardens, Blmlra, N. Y., and arc now playing a threo weeks' engagement at Ontario Beach. They have signed with tbe "Foxy Mrs. KntzonJnmmer" Co. for next season, to play leading comedy parts and do their specialty. Fiu:i)i:nio La, magician, has Just closed successful engagements at Linden- wald Park, Hamilton, 0., and Glendale Park, Nashville, Tenn., with Olympla Park, Chat- tanooga, and Lebanon, Annlston and Hunts- vine, Ala., to follow. He has signed with Alfred Dnvles, ot Minneapolis, to bo one num- ber of an exclusive lyceum course, opening Sept. 10, touring the larger cities of the Northwest. He will be associated with J. R. Gagnler, who will fill the capacity of assistant and also Introduce his Juggling specialty. Notes mom the Al. 0. Field Gbbatbb Minbtbils.— "During the coming season tbe comedy contingent will Include the names ot Al, G. Field, Harry Shunk, Tommy Donnelly, Doc. Qulgley, Billy Murray, John Black- ford, Tommy Odell, Tommy Hyde, Less Fair- man, Billy Cawley. The vocal corps will have among Its soloists Beese V. Prosser, Joseph E. Blampbln, Matt Keefe, George Pearce, Wm. H. Atkinson, Tom McKenpa, Benson B. Batbrlck, Frank L. MIncb, with Paul La Londe as vocal dlractor. The specialties: Tbe Lelgbs (Percy and brother), billiard cue performers, their first American appearance, and the Parrentos, eight per- sons, In a classical statuary act, "The Sculptor's Dream" (also their first American appearance). Among the American contin- gent of specialties are the names of tbe W al- tons, six people, In their new specialty. 'Foxy Grandpa,' and the Four Mignanis, In a new musical feature,. 'The Electrical Track Layers;' Burt Cutler's Military Band and Orchestra, Burt Cutler, Ernest Mlgnanl, August Mlgnanl, Hannibal Mlgnanl, Aldo Mlgnanl, Alonzo Mlgnanl, Burt Stuart, Mack Close, A. P. Snapp, Harvey Miller, Billy Cawley, C. A. Poorman, John Baker, E. A. Schulcr, Dean Jackson, C. A. Wolfe, Andy Dumont, Thos. Hyde, Paul La Londe, Ben- son B. Batbrlck, Lester Falrman, Joe Fletcher, Wm. Jordan. Will J. Donnelly, general agent: J. E. Hatfield, advertising agent; Edward Conard, treasurer; Will Con- way, secretary, and Al. G. Field, proprietor and manager." A birthday party was given In honor ot Agnes Esman, youngest daughter of Harry Thomson, on Monday, June 22, at which quite a number of friends and children fathered. She received numerous presents, nstrumental music and vocal selections were rendered, and Harry Kane, magician and ventriloquist, also amused tbe children. Baby Ldcile, of the Four Bullock Chil- dren, who Is only four years old, was a decided hit and a drawing card at Llndley Park. Greensboro, N. C, and was re-engaged by Manager Wertley for eight weeks on the circuit. Howe and Decker, who are In their ninth week with the Great Barlow Minstrels, are meeting with success. It was recently announced that the Em- pire Theatre, Seattle, Wash., was opened by weston & Herbert on June 7. Messrs. - - Weston As Emmet, the proprietors and mana- gers, write that the house was opened on May 22, and the business bas been to the capacity every night, with a fair attendance at the matinees. Morris and Dai.y closed a successful sea- son with W. B. Watson's Orientals, and are playing the Oblo parks, with Pastor's, week of July 0, and the Pennsylvania parks to follow. J. Herbert Mack and Lotus Robib have offices at 1,430 Broadway, New York, from which their various enterprises will be dl- . rccted. , Hathaway- and Walton, who opened at the New Empire Theatre, Portland, Ore., have a ten: weeks' engagement on the coast. Including the. Empire, Seattle; Chutes and Graumhn's, at Frisco, and the Dewey, at Oakland,-after .which they return to Chi- cago and. open on. the Kohl A Casle circuit In. September,', for four weeks. Tub waonkr Sisters,. .who are In tbelr fourteenth week with the-Swallow 4c Markle Floating Theatre, doing their <specialty and meeting with success, are enjoying a pleas- ant engagement.- ' » t- - -. ;i ..»'■, ■'■ Fickbtt and Kino, who are presenting their new comedy act, "The New Bartender, with the' Jones ft Harrison's Circus, In Can- ada, arc meeting with big success. Mr. and Mrs. James-P, Leb, assisted by little Madeline, produced their new act, "A Turning Point," by Wm. H. Daly, for the first time at Tony Pastor's, week of June 6. They .received a i flattering notice from Tub Clipper, stating it was a beadllner of par excellence. ■•.:■■•.'■ , Lew Ai.nERT.bas Joined hands with Harry West, late of Leonard and West, and will do a Jew' not. '— i.. ClIAIILKS .11. i OSIIOHNE AND EDITH DALY report}the Shay Bummer show bouse, and. will not go on tbe F. PlncuB circuit until. July 27. y.m.MA .WHhemjr, of La Pell and Wheeler, and Marie Heclow, of the Heclows, have Joined hands. -Dockrtadbr Minstrel Notes. —Lew Dock- stader and .bis great minstrel company are -now, rehearsing and will open their season at Elizabeth, N. J., July 4. The company will number about eighty people, Including the Im- perial Hussar Cadet Band of thirty pieces, tbe American Military Band of twenty-two pieces and an operatic orchestra ot twenty pieces. Lew Dockstader. Carroll Johnson, Nell O'Brien and Eddie Leonard will furnish the comedy. The-vocalists will be: Fred V. Powers, Manuel Itomuln, John Early, Harry Kills, .las. Bradley, William Hallett, James Wallace, and a chorus of male voices. Also Eddie and Max Ford, the soft end wooden shoe dancers. ' Francis Wood hSB Joined Fields & Han- son's Minstrels for the Summer season, doing his hoop rolling act. Keyb and Eva.vh report that they are meeting wltb success In their new comedy and acrobatic act. After a successful en- gagement at tbe Chicago Opera House they went to St. Louis for a return date. Tbey will appear at tho Olympic Theatre, Chicago, on Aug. -3i. Scott-and Leando, aerlallsts, have again Joined bands and are working under tbe name of Mildred and Mabelle. Bubto, Wilson and Lowande have fin- ished two weeks' engagement at Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can., with tbelr novelty act, "Tbe BIJou Vaudeville Circus." Harry, contortionist and ring per- former, late of Rlngllng Bros.' Circus, Is not with the Wizard Merrymakers, as reported Jim Gibson, of the team of Gibson and Nash, writes that be attended the district convention of the Knights of Pythias, domain ot Minnesota, Eleventh District. It was held at Luverne, Minn., by Luverne Lodge, No. 118, at K. of P. Hall. The convention was a great success, as lodges Included and out of the district of Minnesota were there, many bringing their families. He belongs to L'dgerton Lodge, No. 08, Edgcrton. Pipe- stone Co., Minn. Master Willie Baum, of John and Willie Raum, musical comedians, Is making a big hit singing "Just for Tonight" wltb Tommy Donnelly's Minstrels. The Golden Gate Theatre, st Virginia, Minn., reopened Monday, June IB, with the following people: John Fox, Minnie Wilson, Lou Doiithett, James Mulligan, Lizzie Young, L. A. Schldls, and the Zimmerman*. James Mulligan Is manager of the above bouse. Hi Tom Ward In engaged for the Sprite In Hewlette A Black's revival of the "Black Crook Jr.," to open Alvldo A Laesere's new Standard Theatre, Houston, Tex., June 22. Mr. Ward has been featured at the Stan- dard Theatre, Fort Worth, Tex. Raleiqk and Beard closed a successful two weeks' engagement at Crump's Park, Macon, On., and are this week at Wildwood Park, Columbus, Gs. The finishing touches on Watson's Cozy Corner, Pearl and Wllloughby Streets, Brook- lyn, are being put on and it could be opened In two weeks. Mr. Watson has definitely decided, however, to give the opening per- formance about the middle of August, and nearly all the boxes and half of the or- chestra are reserved for the opening night. Next month Mr. Watson will commence re- hearsing his various road attractions at bis theatre. His now theatre at Paterson (a Stair A Hnvlln house) will be completed about the first of November. The Three Malvsrn Brothers, who an playing a two weeks' engagement at Gorman's Theatre, San Francisco, Oal., have played steadily for the past twenty-five weeks. Notes took Fresbodi Park, Newport,JR. I.—This resort opened for the aejMOD.June 22, under the management of M. R. Sneedy, who has spared no expense in beautifying the grounds and Improving the theatre. It Is located off Bellevue Avenue, the fashion- able society drive, Vaudeville is given after- noons and evenings. .The opening company Included Kenno, Welsh and Melrose, the Sully Family, Taylor Twin Sisters, Job; Zlromer, L*'Roy and Woodford, Weston .and Yost, the Female Drummer Quartet, the Twin Nlcea, and Leonora Hcmsey. The or- chestra of twelve pieces la under the leader- ship of Prof. T. E Allen, the past season at the Howard, Boston. An added attrac- tion this season Is the Japanese Village, erected by T. Suglmoto, where a score of Japanese entertainers are engaged. Curtis and Hunt (Billy and Jack), comedians, parody singers and dancers, are with L>e AIvos' Bully Boys. They are booked solid for tbe Summer season on the Pacific coast. . At tiib homo of tbe manager of the Southern Amusement Co., at Greensboro, N. C, Ed. Wertley, a new social club was organzed, and It was christened: "Mucilage Club," with tbe motto: "Stick, but Don't get Stuck." Tbe charter members were: Edw. Wertley, worthy president; Harry James and Mark Davis, promoters; Frank K. Williams, secretary; Edney Kidney, vice- president; Slg. Gnllmettte, Arthur L. Von Deck, and Misses Adelaide Garr and Bertha Dorian. A beautiful charter, with all the photos of the members attached, was writ- ten by Prof. Von Deck, and presented to the club. __. . Ardelle and Leslib were obliged to can- cel all dates owing to the serious Illness of Miss Ardelle's mother, who resides at Roches- iiuoH V. and Bessie Lei, while playing Proctor's Twenty-third Street Theatre, weeR of June 15, were presented with a floral offering. After playing Proctor's circuit they will play engagements at tbe Summer parks. ■ Grace Childbrs, who was doing soubrette parts with Hyde's Comedy Co., has been re- engaged for the Summer season. Claud Kelly, who recently closed a very successful six weeks' engagement with the Ethel Tucker Stock Co. at Council Bluffs, la., will Join the Hoyt Comedy Co. July 1, for a season of forty weeks, as a special vaudeville attraction, presenting his wax or flesh automaton act. Luella Cross, now with the Great Ray- mond Co., writes us that her specialty Is being featured, and she Is meeting with suc- cess. Maurice F. Raymond is en- route to tbe coast. W. W. Stoker, baritone, bos signed for the vaudeville feature of Harris A Parkin- son's Stock Co., and also to play some leading parts. Vina Campbell Is n her fifth week at the Standard Theatre, Houston, Tex., doing her vaudeville specialty, and Is meeting with success. . ' ■ j Clausen Sisters have Joined Watson's Brooklyn Theatre Stock Co. for next season. Charles anp Madge Hughes, who have joined hands again, have.good time, booked. Edward Leslie has signed with Ollle Mack for the Weber A Fields "Holty Toity" Co. ;...-■ a- '. Mr. and Mns. Edward N- Hoyt have .gone to Marlon, Woyne Co., N. Y., to spend, their vacation, v - •: .. ■ ' •'. '•* ,, Anna Caldwell is:spending a delightful vacation at the home' of her mother, -in Winchester, Moss. ' • : •■ • , -i ''.'•■*'*£ Tom Powell has closed a forty-eight week's' engagement as character, comedian with the "Railroad Jack" Co. -.Next season. heOttpubles with Chas.. Ivers in »■• newelngHig, idSujfclng and talking acit. They Bjpe, engaged BJenext season with Harry Ward's Magnificent Min- strels; . . ."■ I. ,.'. S r'AS-nJ taft : Fred V-- Bowers .ihas ..heth ".engaged by Manager .Jas. -H. Decker-"for^/Lew.r.-pock- Btader's Minstrels. •*«•*>'•« ' John E. and Rena Sanders will-close a successful tour of twelve weeks through Vermont on July 8. Mr. Sanders will, on ■Tilly 0, assume the management of Bronson Park, Painted Post, N. Y., making bis second season there. OUR LONDON LETTER. (FROM PUB OWN CQBB BaPQNDEM ) Clipper Bureau, 48 Craubonrn Street, Leicester Square, London, V c. Jum: 17 Madame Borah Bernhardt opened l, • 11 don season on Monday night at the -imwSS" in "Fedora." She is already well n< ?£i to the London plsygolng public l« tffi •>lece, and her representation of it «! londny night showed that It had !,,- 1 -JS MURPHY AND WILLAHI). J. A. Murphy and Elolse Wlllard have been presenting their Irresistibly funny "Dough- nut" act for the amusement of the patrons of the Eastern vaudeville houses for the past five years. Mr. Murphy's quaint humor never falls to score, and Miss Wlllard, be- sides uelng a clever comedienne. Is an excel- lent singer. She possesses a high soprano voice, which she uses with much effect In ballads of the better class, ber rendition of "Klllnrncy" being a feature. The bookings for tblB team are already far advanced for next season, as their services ore I n demand. Latoy Brothers, who recently closed a successful season with HI Henry's Minstrels, are now on the Joke Wells' circuit of parks, with Jay J. Cardiff's Pan American Mln- strels. Frank W. Brink writes that he has dis- solved partnership with Geo. Strobell and has organized a new quartet: Ed. Esberger, first tenor; F. W. Brink, second tenor; Chas. Bishop, baritone and comedy pianist; and Wm. Running, bass. They are known as the Enterprise Comedy Four, and report Buccess with their harmony singing and dancing act. Huoh, Connelly, of Connelly and Rowe, was called to bis borne at Philadelphia, Pa., on May 31, on account of the death of his sister, Mrs. Charles Tuggert. Ernie and Honboqer, who Just closed a season of twelve weeks over tbe Gorman circuit, opened May 24 on the Shields park circuit for ten weeks, They are featured In their dancing, equlllbrlstic and acrobatic act. John B. Sanders, Lew Strono and Nbd, members of the Harries Meyers Co.. were recently Initiated in the Order of Knlghta of Pythias, at Morrisvllle, Vt. Adelaide Garb, of the Southern Amuse- m ,! nt 1 c ,°v Ore i ,1Bbl>r0 > N - c i m ade quite & hit with her lire and serpentine dance. Harry Lbiohton, who has been re-engaged & r S&LnS" SI Tocal director of John W. Vogel's Big Minstrels. Is spending his vacation at Mt. Clemens, Mich. Denebourg. The chief iiremler of this week ■ ill k. that at the Haymarket on Thursdnv' ...? log, when Messrs. Harrison A Maude'nnnS "Cousin. Kate," the comedy which ti,.- h ,J accepted from that fortunate yonna nS2 Wright, H. H. Dayles, some tlmi HurHE production of "Mrs. Gorringe's Necklae*" Mr. Davles* new piece will have a shoi i r-ort beaded by Cyril Maude and Ellis j' rtrew snd Including Carlotta Addison, li.-uri™ Ferrar and Rudge Harding. ' " trlw ..JXi J ree """JSifceB the withdrawal or "Trilby" on Friday evening, and that on Saturday evening he will .present a trim, bill—"The Ballad Monger," "Flodden rieEr and "The Man Who Was." The next M. event at His Majesty's will be the Autumn revival of "Richard II." One of the linest features of this play will be the tournament scene In tbe first act The drama Is to be played In three acts Instead of in live aa was the esse when Charles Kean gave'hli famous revival at the Princess' In March 1857, and It Is proposed to omit the roles of the Duchess of Gloster and tbe Duchess of York, thua leaving only two female parts, the queen and the maid. Mr. Tree will of course, appear In the title role, Lily Bray! ton will be the queen, Oscar Asche, llolllns- brooke, and Lionel Brougb, the gardener It Is no new experience that tbe announce- ment of "last nights" ot a run draws sucb large bookings sb to compel Its extension ana the most recent Instance Is with "Th» .Light- That Failed," at the New Theatre! To meet the public demand Mr. and Mrs. Forbes Robertson have been compelled to curtail by some two or three weeks the short holiday they had arranged before their Amer- ican tour, hut the run cannot be extended much beyond the present month. Mr. Frohman's theatrical record In the way of traveling organizations and reclame was. made with complete success in the single performance of "The Admirable Crlchton" for which the Duke of York's Company went to Paris last week. The trip, which must have cost a large sum of money, was per- fectly organised, and Mr. Barrle's amusing glay was naturally received with enthusiasm y the English and Americans who formed the bulk of the audience at the Renaissance But. as might have been expected, the French critics appreciated tbe fine acting of II. R. Irving and bis colleagues much more than they did the play, the peculiar humor ot which tbey seem to bave hardly understood, while tbey found Its fantastic pantomime Just a trifle puerile. B. G. Saunders, In addition to the play- house be Is building la tbe new thoroughfare, Aldwycb, Is arranging to erect yet another new theatre on a site Just oft the Strand. "In Dahomey" is drawing the best all around business In London Just now. Con- sequent upon tbe success of tbe cage wait Introduced Into the piece since Its opening, Messrs. Williams and Walker have not only received Innumerable engagementa to per- form at private houses, but also to give private lessons In the steps. Everything points to a revival of the cake walking craze. Marie George, who has finished her engage- ment at the Palace Theatre, bas decided to rest until her engagement with Arthur Col- lins commences at Drury Lane, and so hai refused nn offer to appear in musical comedy. Mr. Tree Is negotiating with M. Lo Ilargy, of the Comedle Francalse, to appear at His Mnjesty's some time during July, In "L'Autro linnger." "Les Deux Ecoles," tho brilliantly cynical comedy, by M. Capus, which was Intro- duced In London lost year by Mme. Granler, with the assistance of Mme. Mngnlcr and M. Rrasseur, Is now given by ber at the Garrlck Theatre once more, though without the support of those Invaluable artists. As for Mme. Granler, she Is as delightful as ever In her rendering of tbe many moodi of Henrietta Mnnbrun, the heroine, whose heart softens towards her divorced husband after her meeting with blm In that exquisite droll restaurant scene which constitutes the most humorous passsge of the play. Arthur Rourchler's Christmas programme at the Garrlck will consist of the stage version of Charles Dickens' "Cricket on the Hearth," John L. Toole having generously placed at his disposal the adaptation made thirty years ago by Dion Bouclcault, and originally produced under John Hofllngi- bead's management at tbe Gaiety. Mr. Iiourchler, who Intends to restore all the fnlry element, and to make fresh additions to It, wilt be the old toy maker, Violet Vanbrugh the blind daughter Bertha, and Jessie Bateman, Dot. Mrs. Patrick Campbell will start a seasoa In London, under the direction of Charles Frohman, at Sir Charles Wyndbam's Theatre. on Wednesday evening, June 24. She will § resent, for the first time here. Hermann undermann's play, "The Joy of Living," using the translation made for her In Ameri- ca. The play will receive the same mount- ing as was given to It at the Garden Thea- tre, New York. Mrs. Campbell's season will be a limited one. Martin Harvey has accepted a new piny by a new author. It deals with the period of the parliamentary wan of tbe seventeenth century and Is written by "John Ruther- ford." This play will be produced at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle, during Mr. Har- vey's Autumn tour.. It Is at present called "Ihe Breed of the Treshams." "Aubrey's Sister," a new farcical comedy, by Roylston Keith, will be produced at tbe New Theatre, Baling, on Monday evening next. • Sir Henry Irving, will end bis season nt Drury Lone towards tbe finish of July, to make way for the Autumn drama, and makes a short provincial tour before proceeding for America, , The one hundredth performance of "Old Heidelberg" takes place at the St. James on Friday evening. La Belle Otero has been appearing nt a small Parisian theatre as an actress. Her French elocution was found, however, to be much less eatlefactory than her Spanlfh dancing, and little encouragement seems to be forthcoming for her new artistic venture. , Gurrero, who was out of the cast of the Alhambra ballet last week owing to a family bereavement, returned this week. Frank Lincoln was one of the entertainer* nt Blenheim Palace, at a dinner given by the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, last wet- k. George Fuller Golden has, • I. hear, been signed by the Palace directors for tbe reht of this year, wltb the exception of six weeks which he had already signed on the Barn--- ford tour. This, I fancy, will make a record run at a single house, and Indeed Golden * success In London bas been a record In >■ self. Last week the Guards dined tbe kit.. • and Golden was the only entertainer presen . He.managed to make the king, laugh van-- heartily than the cares of state have per- mitted htm to do for some time. A lett; • received by Golden afterwards from V* colonel commanding the Guards said th j >