The New York Clipper (July 1903)

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JULY 4. -the king dec arcd hlmse f greatly pleased," dock, manager) — rca^T. and rarely enjoyed anything more. week when theTi«S « i» ll0Ulie '' r, " C(l Horace Goldln will be on the TaJace bill turc LnSii nl k a ,,0K, " l w °" "" »„t week, and again three American acta hit with her «w^ e „ h . a „"7 8l ' orcd w "l have the top. bottom and middle of tho Iv enured o'nl"„ B ' UR B , Da , won great success with tola J£ r J"" w .«* U>« bill names: A. THE NEW YOBK CLIPPER. Horace Goldln and the motorglrl, whoso sue o»B9 rootlnuea unabated. The latest development of the walking <jr»*e, which haa caught England firmly Is i be attempt of Mile. Florence, a little Ameri- can Indy. to walk to Brighton from Lon- don, a distance of fifty-three miles, on n Elobe. She started on Monday morning, but owing to the terrible state of the weather did not succeed In doing more than cross the bridge at Westminster. At the time of writing, however, she ■" cress and bids fair to on ber behalf that she Id six days. ■ xt. J. O'Brien, of O'Brien and Bucklev, In- foro'S me (hat he has taken his second de- cree In Masonry. Tho ceremony took place in Clasgow, In Lodge Dramatic, C7I. My ,-ungralillations to Mr. O'Brien. O'Brien and Buckley are at the Duchess, Balharn, this WMEi ■ Len B. Slosa writes that he has secured the American rights of the successful Kng- Ilsh melodrama. "The Masked Intruder," which he Intends to produce In the United Males during the coming season. Itosle Eaton's last English appearances arc announced on tho Moss tour. She goes to America shortly to enter musical comedy. . Delmore and I«ce opened at the Palace, Plymouth, this week, where their net la billed as a special and extraordinary attrac- tion. They como shortly to tho West End for a long engagement at one of the best houses with Ihelr new act. 435 Herbert roles. — Harry C Morton, manager for Trlxl* Monroe, write*: "My arrangements for next the Reason nro practically completed. Tho com- ormerly pany will consist of over twenty people, l Grand and will prove nan of the strongest attrac musical lions of Its kind on the rood. Although m mmmm mmmm Willi the Soldiers' haii • - 1 ' '— - 5g • 'r"i,:' '.'"' viumeviiic (lepiirtnien Isnnp * Ackermun. will tie used during the close attention and will I B'lainior. The comminy Includes sixty-live ' a Mining feature sinking goXoro' ^fiP^^'&^mtoteg /'M*-NffiSK"™15*38* can do the distance Robert Jackson, Marshall Tn.l orralne' < ""' n on *■ Kohl * «>»»"« circuit jonn G. McDowell, the Bobbin* li' " te'raST^' ^WC5| Kellyi Sfi'vi, lo , r .* to ' "'"mru Dyllvn, Mar M i» <r*!K "HSFfc Crawford and Manning, Mile, 1'heo, nnd the klnodrome. ' ufluul " t " World of Players. -KlNjoner Brnmatlc Co. Notn*: Wc tin- tSSfJm^^ ^"'"y-d^eliy; -d l_ ■■Y'Vii' ""■ klnodrome. Btrels enter upon the third and IKS 22* fiSS Hu to hl J? u » 8 "ieBB. *Thc company won of their engagement ifinLTIkM'offer l a ,T» thro ughoiit the engiiwment. 'aIIIo Ing a change lu Hrst part and vnud^vlMi * |KH ," ler l,a , established herself ns Houston's programme. The bousewill close forS 35* EMS* ao, , ri ', 8 " nnd * oc,ai 'avorlto. seuson July 4, •-----" comes with the Heals and Jos. GLICKMAN'M . business manager) - special engagement I'.llas Kotbslelti, sin Yiddish Stock t" Ham T. Jack ., huson, manager).—J I.-„"7 W i!!!!r., 1 "' Yo " n " Wl,ed f, ' r "«"!«••. nnlTlue special I **'«p.» •linn* Ju. j i, ij-i.tJ win i -s^LJ 8 *** riH, "honser »"«« «<•"« to Mil- Chnmberlnln w wuukoe. — Clara Coleman sailed for Glasgow, Scot- land, June 20. — Al. Lipoma Is engaged to play Jim Illinium' nest season. — wmtBin Crnno sailed for Knrope Juno lo. Martin J. Dixon, manager of Avenue Theatre, (his city, haa bit... the Messrs. Udder « Co. the right.. term of years of "A Gentleman of France, clever child iierforiiiers and will do their 'lies. In addition to this, Not lie In advance, nnd l'nif. I.. J, fill lm In charge of the cbnl lengo band and orchestra, of sixteen pieces. Tk* record prof. Chnmlcrlnlu mado Willi waller I,. Main's band nnd cither noled musical organisations places this department. al the very ton of the ladder. Tho I line, Mr. Morton adds. Is pmctlciilly all booked ,r ih. Thiwi ?.'"' "". '■ .'" ."""illness to open In Western ..., "L ».,™ ' "'""ylvanla. In the latter imrt of August." „m- t . !"" „ — «»t»* '«•'» the Ciiatlo Kipmre T^tock of l.'rsnce" » ' i ' ri "l K!n,;<, n week's eiigugeuicnt mill proprietor: I'earl Allison, Jnek Bar- rett. Mi Middlesex hit They lime .Tt Is to be opened Aug 37 '"' ""' &U^^?>i^^St0^mi'^SSnSa ** 'iSSj^SK* .... I/>tidon wilV foTlow.'ntiir then s'h'o'wliV Fred Herbert and his dog Dink were Dlka, and Delia Ordler, chief of a llv log uU> ,„uT.;± na , K,;r lnmf « I. , " , V., ,n " ™W«I »"« 1'nrls and the Moath of Krance. She arrested yesterday for furious driving on ture group. K ^ L following to support the Kllnore Sisters, lu return In lime to entor upon rehenrsnls for K£a«i"=U'l ■.-"- EEL— ' a motor car. The case will come before the Sans Souci Park (Alfred Russell mana " lel , r ..'"« comedy, "Mrs. Delaney, of hfew- "Mrs. Wlggs. of the Cnubnge j5J3? In y il.. B ^H J N r.", ^'.''T.V ?":'. r ' . , magistratesi toworrow, but I expect that ger).-Great crowds were l«fal endanc? iS?t CP rt : *™ nk "'"Thy. Frank Hall, Kd. A. which she will play llcivev Mary. Mrs. ,.~ *w 1 Iw f ^'^L 1 '" \'* ;l "I 1 ' 1 ?"" ." n ." DliiK will be discharged If his master pays week, attracted t"y an alliirine enterti'In h?"\ ''harlcs C Barrett, Elmer Jerome, Madge Cnrr Cook taking the title role iVti; ii.i iih 0x . t .. H n* ao,, L , ii" , .* ,,, # ,hnt only '',',' ,be . flne .-, „ . . a«aSB«l^«t^«S5!^TB5TBMd V 1 ", 1 ' os . ( artm ?."■ «-R«dle Morton, Claudius "Mrs. Wlggs" will have Its 111 Ua I .resent a- hV/Ui,,*' , T"?.!j l, ?ii. ot W ?.'* rM . wl " Jas. V. Marron, of Marron and Callaghan, weathct. This weeks vaiidwlflc aim. Zeb « '''Bhtncr. Albert Green, Andrew Raymond, tlon In Louisville, Ky., Oct. fi. i r «"»" g.wtfflwd^ A new, ptay, with th« slory was a Bureau caller this week. He Is over^ and Karrow, Heeley andI Mee ey Atartlnettl JJ nrv , Ma , d * l(, °' ' nura H . nlrl »' Francfne Si , — Fwnk C. Ilnrrls'ls nt I Ih home In St. 3 ,T''lli"to SLSSSf' r", " M25? n , here on a holiday, and tells me that he is and Rossi, the Troubadour IVnr and tin J!" r ',' , "V IV""' n V yn """' Ii9tcr Mantell, Ine« I^uls, where he will remain for a few weeks g ll g' 3g!."t GJBff!S* , HS p "" ,,, "" !,, * " putting in a very enjoyable time seeing all «co. II. Adams Co It needs on 1^warn , M . a , r i luw fc Mn . mlp i. I V , . n>l p ' An * v]n McBermott, and then rejoin Elmer Wnltcr'a "Mlllloimlro aL^'HJSJt^^iftff^SSSJS Sfi the sights of the Old World. B weather to realizeTthe InS.i hL! ™ Mllhin Bnylls, Mablc Hawthorne, Mablo Law- Tramp" Co. ™ wi"f* : wnn-lieH ami pillllary evciliiWouB-will rence, Helen Crelghton, Bessie Colin, and a chorus of twenty-five voices. ilnrcla Rdlth I-enurd, Emma Itallnnl, Kmlly Jewnl, Besslo Keyes, Andrew (iliissford. Harry Moore, H. II. Htrouf, llniiry in Iho Murray, Chns. II. Sherrlir. Mat Cowen, Mlsii L " A rn«»". Jack Cumpliell. Chns. Nelson, Mrs. . ...hi '''"*• NbIhoii, and Bohlile Nelson, our iiiiih- iu t.11 V!".-. ™" 0, ' n reaches ua every the sights of the Old World. "Bbroso" is this week nt the Palace, Ham- mersmith. The act was so successful last w*ek that it was retained for a second week st the top of the bill. Tlicy go to tho Moulin Rouge, Paris, next month. .1 regret to hear that BIJou Russell Is suffering from an affliction of the throat. Hhe Is, however, preparing a new dancing act of n startling and novel character. .Radford and Winchester arc In town thla week.. They go on the Moss tour again next week, The New Gotham, are at the Stratford SSWS.o^'bl^^^^llS l.mplre this week. They continue on the comedians. weather to realize,'"the manVgeriar"bope8"for big business. ' ? «erJ^a T ^^u B ^^„^% M a?: &^A^&^Jg»%fV & wrnv^r^mu™'r^inm;^^*?. 0 * lr !" , -Marshall and Ermine write that they So" gam r. B 4d t0 tt Um comedm 1 n C s I . and 1 'at ft* XHsHhf ^ fr ° m 8WP,,Cn attractive. oUo will pecede tho burlesque, featured In he role VefaHartc, Marie Thcaresa, May Billiard Tlios. MarshnliI will i uth bverett are leaders among the They Intend playing Moss, Thornton and Stoll tours for six con- necutlve months. •T. Nelson Downs Is still occupying one of the most favorable positions on the Um- pire bill. iConway and Leland are on the Royul bill this week. Water Ciiutks Park (W. II. Strlckler, general manager).—This resort had Its share of the crowds last week, am' the Improved weather conditions will prohuldy further through the West — The Bngllsli melodrama of Life." which was successl.... at the Third Avenue Theatre, this city. Inst season, will open that house Aug. 3. Frank In August — Me penlng essle. the bnby daughter of Mr. and T. Klntzlng has booked the piece over tho Mrs. Claude Bonrdmnn i l»in-tIn Morris), pnpulnr price circuits, and promises two died at Farmer City, III.. Juno III, of mem Nlanlslaus Stangc, Iho llbndllst, uiul Ids wife mid sua arrived hero from England mi Juno L'.'i. ..... .il r I' .'* B . "W", (Ajiua M. I in i iliii i SKg" ftfiiyqilgW 1 !l^.^ggP t q!lL»fc i ****!** sensations. An unusually strong Ijrnnoim croup. She hod been III only two lY,??'"'." 1 ,,ur h,,,in » ui1 wll » u ""» boy on oiiies. 'luing arouna inc. ilgure eight, east Is being engaged. days. B, ay }■•• *»» OVR CHICAGO l.i; ITKll. 11. (FROll OUR OWN CORtlBSrONtlBNT.) Western Barenii . Of the New York Clipper, Boom 502, Ashland Block, Chicago. Hummer threatens nnd otit-ot-door amuse- ment providers rejoice, Munugers of then- Ires, who have been proHtlng because of the 1'iiHcasoniiblc weather, found their audiences decreasing as last week drew to a gradual I v warming finish, nnd thero Is a prospect of ijotoe genuine Summer before the Fourth of July. The current days bring a change of attractions and novelty to Powers' Theatre In-the engagement of Honr loonlDg the loop, and enjoying the laughing gallery arc among the popular concessions, and C. II. Nlemeyer's vaudeville bills at- tract goodly crowds to the tbeutrc. London Dime Muhkum (W. J. Sweeney, manager).—This week: Foslellls, Dan Hu- ber, the N'orscland Giant, and Prof. Frank are curio ball features. The stago show will be given by Nellie Small, Blllle Wilson, Madeline Kalrchlld, Babe Wilson, and Hull's motion photographs. Clark Sthrkt Muhhum (Geo. MMdlelon, manager).—Prof. Herdlnbcrg, u hypnotlsl, who dwells In a den of snakes, Is the rurlo hall feature. Whalo Oil Gus nnd Llttlo Monday will <cll of adventures In the Arctic zone; Marin Dell, human clock; Mamie Mc- Kay, armless plunlst; Prof. A. Moore, colored magician, and Iho llulnnlds SlBters, nil around athletes, will be tbc other curio hull K. Dlxey, who iluslc," preceded by attractions, .while the principal theatrical r a Welsh Rarebit.' features will Include Kennedy and I'dell, tho McCarters, Bessie I*e Voyc, und Frank Gnl- vet's performing bear. A i-ill; mat it.—Grace Cameron has retired will play "Facing the Musfc.' Ihe curtain raiser, "Over a W( I he Tenderfoot," at the Dearborn; "When •lohnny Comes Marching Home," at McVlclt- *r>i; "A Chinese Honeymoon," at the Illi- nois; "Out of the FoId,' r nl the Great North- ern I "levers nnd Lunatics," at the La nolle, and "Hnbes In Toylaud," at tho Grand Optra House, continue. Han Bond and water Chutes Park Increase In popularity as he weather grows warmer, the Summer liur en'iuos at Sam T. Jack's and Trocadoro are immensely prosperous, vaudeville at the Chi- cng" Opera House und Masonic Temple nt- m*;, , l owa .?— anu there you have tho amuse- , m?f?.[. s '"i H tlon In a nuts hell. But there Is T. C. Gleason will retain tho management of EX? ™ nlnB hcieuliouts in preparation for tho Bush Temple Theatre next season, and „,!n ,i 1 nn ' an . d "Vy companies are or- the Players'- Stock Co. will remain in pos- f..> . R h ?X°. w,,b 'h" Intention of starting nesslon of the stage, with Grace Heals lend- out rrom Chicago about. Sept. 1. | n g Indy, and Joseph J. Sullivan, leading J I'Inois Tiibatrb (Will J. Davis, mana- man John A. nnd Alexander Davld- seri.— a ChlncHe Honeymoon" enters utsm its-seventh successful week June US. with "|™ ng„ssld aliout closing. On Saturday night Mury Conwell will succeed Estelle lug engaged. —• Notes of the LHIger-Cornell Co.: We opened one week's engngement at the Rich- ardson Theatre. Oswego, N. Y„ to a packed house, with extra seats In boxes and people standing. Ilusltiess kept up to the top notch. The opening was due to our bustling agent, Wltlard Grohamc. We received quite a number of letters from our recent "ad.," and the cnmpauy has been tilled with some of the best talent available. The company was Invited out by both tho Fultou anil Oswego lodges of Elks, and tho boys sny they arc all right. Everything looks for- ward to another successful season. — Edwin Maynard and Bnra MacDonnld write: "Wo opened our seventh season July IU, at the New Colonial Theatre, Peeksklll. N. Y. Wc play three night stands nt good prices, presenting 'Pygmalion nnd Galatea.' 'Caste' and Mr. Muyniird'g new comedy, 'The Girl You Love.' Wo nro engaging a strong company, having already secured Msry Wy- man. Mrs. Wm. Mb Hooker, Utile Hunt, Win. E. Hooker, Albert Wymnii, Bert It. Carpen- ter, und are negotiating with a well known — Brondhiirst & Currle Notes: May Vokes, Hie clever Impersonator of "slavey" rliurnc- — Notes from the Olliney Stock Co.: lVn will ins'ii our season Aug, 24. Tho com- pany will he stronger I'luin over, Willi u new lers. having signed with Broadband: & Cur- r,"r y w . Hr ™' l «'' r !! ,mn Wi wl "' " " vw He for thcTr A Fool nnd Ills Mouey" Co.. I 1 /", 0 ,' P h JB! cxcdletit apeclill iicntirry uiul for next season, Is spending the Bummer nt SKSS*"] EPSl.* ]"'?. .'■ | v J i K i'«»"P"' , - v ."' her home on Lung Islnnd" Norn Johnson ,,,:l " r > "■ ' nfl list of Jilgli cln«s vaudevlllu hc'lphr and will V reJuQ 7' c".k Vy. "r y frfo^™^^^*?? will while lltllu Qabrlol, who Is under two feet pHy " ""' ' n 'r wsoks In siicccshIoii, Ihen will high, mnkos love to her. W«l three; night stands, playing nn far Hast "" Peiiiisylvaniu, and as fur Went us Nebraska, IXit Knrr'oll. "iho following atan ?<!" nrYt S"! 1 ""'y' 1 " u "'' h ' Bt U )WB » aji'i'citleM jii season.- "Th. Lion andjlie 1 U ."My !^^*2ffiL*3B&* MS ho Blink Dlamoiid Express." u ^ ,,urr / «• «H« ««» engaged Harry i U. Baker, known lu thu West H t"l'' !, "." SHS"? U \»"»K;''. and lldllh Per. trlrnl ngont, announces his mor- , , i h . 1 ' J ;,!",, l, igeuim, fur Ids "Darkness nud Huy- from "When Johnuy Comes Marching llouie," and popular comedian. Homer B. Day goes ''Inge, on Juno 1,1, to Ornlee Benedict, of "" m J Vj. ,, i.nd Bertha Dnrel has replaced her as Cor- In advance." Minneapolis, a nonprofessional. — ST * T —I «,* W—, JWP .Wal IWJMratl In a Lady Nell." "Nnvada, or The l>evll's Mine. 1 ' "The Kldnapiiers," "The Benl f^ird Len- nox,' "The Light on tho Point," "Resur- rection," "A Night In Chlnalown" and "Cinderella.' Manager Welsh recenllv pnr- chsscd "Tho Black Diamond Express." —Henry I, us u theatric mi- ....SMOtlll, Kansas, Iowa nud Nebraska. M»rgun Hlbiiev In Jt present rusticuUng lu Michigan, wlillo Win. Stanford Is playing n Hummer sngnge- ini'tit with C. W. Purks 1 Ills Stock Co., us n specially feature with thut ntlrnoMon. Hurry M. Clark bus engaged Harry della Allen. Mlln Boyle has assumed Miss Darcl's former role. Miss Cameron retires to prepare for her starring tour, under thu direction of Fred C. Whitney lames J. Morton, who has been In town for u fort- night, linn gone, to St. Louis to resume play- ing dates. Ho will continue In vaudeville William A. Dillon, manager of "Tho uJiin ills, Lake a buy fell from Hie gallery during tho automobile scene, but was not seriously hurt. Tho roster Includes: Nell Hlckey, Phil — Joe Bowers rind Lillian Curtis are jffH3Pwff'l ?f ,. ?B 'A"^jfe iff*"*'."". P a K Hi: -'i_'i'.?_'" , ! ,n lV , L"." 1*" y 0*1,,and Joined al BulTnlo Tragedy" Co., writes that Hie show hooked Willi lloyt's "A Railroad King." Hi' "" " ,0 lumpltnl cm May Jill und Join Is a phenomenal succcesa, and Is playing to which 0|iens In Chicago Hio Inlli'r nttrt of "'" "i?' v " iy .,"...Murpliyslioro, III. S. II. 0. nt overy performance, At Bnrunnc August, nnd will piny to tho coast. n~i "i.i'm '1 H US slgmal hs music nnd has most of next season booked Maker, Hurry Stafford. Vera Elfreinovlnn, Mlnnio Oorden, Chns. Wliltclinus, 1<M. Kerr, F.dlth Wlllshere, Howard (lorden, Mario Austin, lOnii'Hl Seliniibel, CI Ind Altkliison, Lawrence Wllley; William Dillon, manager; Blnomlleld & Mitchell, sole owners. — W. B. Watson, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. writes that he has purchased u plot of Lin ' — Heat rice Gamble*, soprano slngnr, has neon engaged lo piny tho Ingenue part In Murray k Mack's ''Shooting tho Chutes" Co. next seiison. — Blennor Ciilhniin. nn American actress, was married on Juno 1".'. nt the Greek church, In liondon, Eng., to Lnsnr I^wirovlleh, u Sorvlnn. — J. Martlh Tree Is writing a new Iliren rt l.kll.ii,.,, I ,1., __ . L . I . . L I . . ■ S S-^_ d reel or with the Arnold Block Co., making his third season In that cupui'lty with Hio show. William (.'aiming Bites will lm In advance. MAIM IMC. son, of the Davidson-Marble Co., were re- cently discharged In bankruptcy by Judgo hind on one of the mnln streets of Schenei Kohlsnat "Tho Tenderfoot*' Is sched- tady, N. Y. The size of the land Is 70x1 no. Hied to leavo the Bcarborn for Its road He will build nn olllce building, two stores, tour on Aug. 28. Tho Shubcrt Brothers and ft theatre to seat L'.noO people, It have u lease of the house, which begins will be a popular priced house, anil will he ,„„,. Sent. 1. and when the present occupants placed on the Slulr & Hnvlln circuit. Tho wcHckkr's Ti'katrb (Sol Lltl, business vacato the work of alleratlon and repair company who will build nud operate ihe the- , m 1 H , n ,« !!<"•> .—Tho M'hltney Opera Co.. lu ."ben Johnny Comos Marching H " I'Mworth as Princess 8oo Soo. Last week's tiDM' s ' wai) oa ,l,e «" B »«ity nl0Bt; of the ,, wan Marching Home," en- ei« upon the seventh week of a highly pros- n,2n , u 1 '." 1 8"»doy night, and will remain ffM'SfW*' 15"a Doyle, the new Hiibuii i"i (ham, has won favor. ■J&9? m ■, t "K*trb (W. W. Tlllottson. man,iger).—"Tlie Tenderfoot" Is out for n ord. its hundredth performunce will be 'i iiirated on Monday night. Statuettes of ii" 1 '',' 1 '", Carle, as l'rof. Pcttlbone, will bo in™ i tc ™ t0 orchestra occupants. Business Jnili; n ? Mt \ «owflrt pitch, and the lively w ertnlnment grows In popularity. hn«i" ND °™* "ousis (Fred li. Hamlin, f', l "'' s , 9 ™ a . n »ljer).—"Babes In Toyland," en- ['""e.. 11 ? third week Sundny night, bus won mJinediate favor, and Is crowding the house. tnvi=i? ors< -' oll8,,eHS of 'ta costuming and tho " "hness «f Its siNinlc Investiture arc mostly commented upon—a small fortune Is therelu '^presented, and bIiowb to advantage. „ '" WBn ? Thbatrb (Horry J. Powers, man- inL, lleu 7 K - D| xey Iwglns on indetlnlte pnuigemcnt Monday evening, 20. "The Little ' ncess closed live weeks of good business hniurday night. -2HS Noai'HBRN Titi.'ATRHlEdwnrd Smith, S 1M ' l 5 er )'—"Out of the Fold" enters Its ■crnno week Sunday afternoon, with n record of u, i 0 "" 1 * 10 * 1 fhus far. Seldom are players v ,i„j "'evenly artistic ability so well pro- iwiiro won i ted with a vehicle for their display. Thco- Arthur lllgby and wife, Cora Strong, were ™io llabcock and Sylvia Bldwell, In tho lead- hero lost week, spending a part of their Snm- 'ni.roles; Maurice Wilkinson. Frank Nelson, rocr vacation. Mr. Rlgby will again he feat- WW Lnngdon McCormlek, the author, are urcd with John W. Vogel's Minstrels next uiiisplciionaly clever members of na evenly season Sim Williams, of Williams and "'client presenting company. Adams, writes from Hot Springs, Ark., Hint '<* MLM Tiiratrb (Mark G. f-ewls, bust he Is enjoying his vacation Immensely, and Incldeiillv transacting business for next sen- son ..Duncan Clark Is summering in Chicago and organizing Duncan Clark's Lady Minstrels for their llrst road lour since tho railroad accident which put him out will begin nt once. The house, it Is said, aire will be known as the Schenectady will bo changed lo u ground floor entrance Amusement Co. (In corporal cd) ; W. 11. Wal- ler tho parquet, and when opened under son, president: Venelte Pellatreaii, vice prcsl the new lesseeshlp will he called the New dent; Louis Hurlwllz, secretary, nnd John Gurrlck When "Babes In Toyland" ends Nenl, trca.aircr. lis run at the Grand Opera House It will —Notes from Rcntfrew's Block Co.: Tha go direct to New York to begin an extended experiment of running a Summer Stork Co. engagement at the Majestic Theatre at May's Theatre, Pliiua, O., was looked upon Anne Siitherlnad and members of tho Co- by many as a foolhardy undertaking, hut liimbus Stock Co. are making a tour of. success has crowned our efforts from the Lake Superior towns with Iho product'on very (Irst. The excellence of the different of "Du Burrv," which lately closed the productions, tha artistic manner In which I'oriliiu.i. (ism Thiiitre, Peak's Island II. W. 'I. Godlng, manager I.---Tim stuck nt net musical comedy which litis not been '"Is house Is meeting with much favor. Tho named as yet. Tho feature will be "My offering fur the week Including June 1W-H7 1'relly Vuller Girl, l.l/.u Jones," Introducing •"■. •"« King's Prisoner." lo whlrb full Topekn lii her original Indian act. justice wuh done, anil the snmn was wit- nessed by good Mixed nndleiiccs when tho wcalher was nt nil suitable for Hummer je sorls. For the week of 2I»-Julv I "Held by Ihn Kneiny" will hold the Ocm patrons' close attention, MirClllXtJM'H TtlKATtlW, f.'.inj CllTTAIIU Park (llariley McCiilliiui, maiiiiger). -Th« Manager Hurry C. Morton writes that .loo Lyons. Leruy Lyonnell nud Frank DiVOfl have- not liecn engaged for the Trlxlo Mon- roe Company, as lias been announced. —Mnnager Robert II. Harris writes: "Tha llnrils I'lirklnsun Slock Co. opens Ihe sea- son nt i^xlnalon, Ky., Aug. IT, nud 'Slaves >lf llln (1> nil!' ••■■11 .._.._ _C •»_* .. •■ . of tho Orient? will open at Palersou, N, J„ iiiaiingeiui'nt nt this resort engaged Ihe Sept. 4. W. K. Beat man has boon steadily publics attention In large mennure Inst week, at work In Bloomlngtnn, lnd„ building anil ~r -?• wl "M' Ihey placed npen the linnrds painting scenery fur hold al tract Ions, which thu Inlereslliig nnd mirth provoking comedy, will carry everything complete.' Two white I'lidd'nliead Wilson," The capable pliiyers ponies have tsen purchased and will be used were must happily easl In.theirresia'cllvclines In several of the plays. Among the people and In Ihelr second week's imgHgeiiiiMit gnvn already engaged are: Marlon Marcb, Mario assurance of high class entertainment, In He Truce, ircnn Lnchmsn, Mrs. II. II, Howe, follow wllh liberal support stock company nennun ut Hie Thlrly-llrst they have been handled, nnd the speclsl H. II. Howe. Havld Lachman, Street Theatre. It had been announced that electrical, mechanical and scenic effects have Crocked, Al. Evans, William II. f Miss Sutherland wculd spend ber vacation been heartily endorsed by (he amusement L. Hlgman, Felix Kant us, James Le In Europe, ...Samuel V. Steele, who some lovers of this city. As h sequence, our iu-l™iw .. " ■«"""" o.v i lieu. r. li| l f K J H Jl y . B,, icd by this cast pond yder, Helnrlch years ago was Chicago's lending musical and dramatic newspaper critic, died at his home in this city June 31. He was widely known, and prior to coming to Chicago had traveled much In the orient. Among bis personal friends were Charles Blckens, Thackeray and the elder Solherti. Among Mr. Steele'-i souvenirs of Thackeray wus a pipe presented to him by the novelist Manager John J. Murdock has engaged Ibc well known minstrel, George Primrose, for twenty-live, weeks In vaudeville. Mr. Primrose will ap- pear under Mr. Mordock's direction, tngcther with two young dancers. Ills llrst vaudc- vcllo engagement will he at the Masonic J. N. Ilentfrew, and n select orchestra, under 'temple Theatre during the Summer tho leadership of Anson Mont runs. — W. II. Harder and Emma Myrklo are nt Holland Bench, Port Huron, Midi. Roth of Ihe Myrkln nnd Harder attractions have had the new scenery boxed and nhlpiied to their opening points. — Gertrude liloii Mnglll's performance of Maslovn. In "flesiirreellon," with Ihe Bur- lington Stock Co.. St New Bedford, Mass., was praised liy Ihe press snd pi.hllc. This Is Miss Mnglll's second Summer season as leading woman with Ihn company business Is now it|i to the top notch. The plays so fur produced, "Soldiers of For- tune," Midnight in Chinatown," "Moths," "Hast Lynnc, "Hooligan's Luck. Puree Musketeers," "On the Verge of fluln" and "Fiiust," are to bo followed bv "Resiirrec Hon." "Lurellu Horgln," "Flglil for a Mil- lion," "Hon Cinsar He llaxau." and others. The company is ss follows: Wllhird Bohmc, Fred Bnrtlett, Curl Fleming, F. N. Murphy, Hempstead Prince. Chan. Arnnlda, Wm. Ham- ilton, C. S. Smith. Harry King, Baby King, Katherlne Stnndlsh, Nellie Lyons llenly, Carrie Ijiiwe, Grace Ilentfrew, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Harris, Clara George, Hold. Hvinnii Will V. Stokes, II. . ..iifflnr. The specialties will be among Iho best to ho had, nnd will Include: Ln'Hene, sensations! fire dancer ; Liichmnn's moving pictures and Illustrated songs, llymnn nnd Be Tracy, Will Crockett. Evans and March, and Iho barb tone. Will II. Htokos. The stock roinpnny 2»-Jiilyl, Insures largo audiences for "Ca will produce all new royally plays, and the rulHo." management Is looking forward to a banner Riveiiton Pauk (II. A. Nnwinnn, miiiiii- seasciii. No expense Is being spared In send- (Wl.—TBO wentlior has boon rnlhor In- Ing iHilh companies out la mad shape. I rteinenl for ouidoor cnterliiltiineiil, although will niuniige tho stock comiisuy, while the average of sllondaiice for Ihn week 2'i ■J7 was very griuij. Uormun's Imperials a meritorious aggregation of players, ...,i|H)rt and appreciation from the patrons. T|p> offering for thu week. SB July i. will bo "Cgpt, Rwlfl." JBKrniiKfi.M Tiikatrk, (Calm A Grant, mun- ugers). -Tho Hiirbiiii iidwni'ilM Stock Co. hnvn thus fur met with most Haltering suecc'sn here. It would ho hard to Improve or crllbbie "flanch 10," as Interpreted by tho . 1!" 27, Iwfore gvod alli'mliince, and the Week, company, the nrlvauce sale of Heals for SL'^'aple , Dave Lewis; Lieut. Geo. Rich \uZt Robert Mansfcld; Nellie Blcbmnnd. g aytM qi hrue; Nellie Huntington. Adelc li»^ n " t0 . n: ^rnella Dlnkclsplel. Frank R. llJ32R: Nell, Black, Carrie Lnmoul; Richard la "I?' (, «>rge Beane: Otto Rone, John Tomn'„ No l>°leon, C. O. Wolf; Cxar, H. W. v' a p ' ln 8:.Censar, C. S. Barklnnd; Carrie j, iJffiJJj W. Jcott. The run of the piece Mabo«ic Tkiglb Tubatm (J. J. Mur- lending III G. Slider writes: "Am In the of business three years Rgo. At Hint time seventh week of my Hummer engagement several members of his company were kllbal and Mr. Clark sustained personal Injuries nnd damages to his car for which the rail- road has since la-en compelled to settle. Mr. Clark has spent the Interim light lug the case In court, but having won the decision Is now turning his attention to the ad- vancement of his well known theatrical enterprise John M. Ward's pro- duction of. "A Human Slave" ia being built wllh the Carner Stock Co., at Niagara Falls. Am also engaged for the regular season with the same company, playing heavies." — II. W. Taylor, manager of the Cook- Church Stock Co., has signed Eugene Orel- way, for Juveniles: Joseph Mnssey, master 'Slnves nf the Orient' will ho lu the hands of Frederick K. Mount." — Maude Adams returned (o New York on June I'fi. She has been abroad since lost March. Two and a half months of Hio time have been spent ut Cairo, on the desert of Egypt and In Constantinople. Miss Adams was never In bettor health than she Is at the. present time. The long vacation has restored her strength and put her In excellent condition for Ihn work ahead of her. Hhe Is now ready for her season's en- gngement, which will follow that or John Drew si the Kiuplrc Then I re. — Belle Stokes was married lu HiIh clly on June HI, to Mr. Austin, a nnii-profc.ssii>ii- sl Miss Slokos was a sister of the late Mrs. John Stetson. — Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kullmsn sailed on June 27 for Glasgow, Scot. They will visit 'he contlnont and also spend a short time tig: Col. nruuHi Siulrl mid Kessner, Jggregatli Ihe acts Introduced Including nnd great Dun,, dogs: Slulr] . Mclnlyro nnd Biro, the Maclinns, and Iho Ijuuker Clly Oiuirtct. »♦+ HKUIICRU IIATKN TO ATLANTA, OA. Via I'eiiiisylvunlii llnllrpnd. Account Null. .mil Convi-ntlori llaptlsl YourtK People'. Union of- America.. For'I hi; bencllt of .those desiring lo attend tho National Convention of the Baptist. Young Peoples Unliiii of Aliioilcn, lo be held nt AHiinln. Ga.. July ll lo CJ, the Penn- sylvania Rallrfwil Couituiiiy will sell round- trip tickets from all stations nn lis linn lu Allnnla, July « In (1, Inclusive, gond mdng on those dstc-s mid gimd to return until July —.. ID, Inclusive, ut. rule of n alsw/c Inn; lur thr with ther friends, Mr. nnd Mrs. Maurice round trip, ptu* $l.oo, . By (&l Ing ticket Grou, In Paris, returning lo America late wllh special agent at Atlanta 9 i,n "r before n Aiigiiiit. July. Ifi, and payment of llfty cents, an ex- TZJ™*^* t **2S!St.J H *. "f„ ( hariea A. tension of Una) roluru limit may bo obtained of properties, and Al. Des Roschcr, as stage Stevenson, has concluded to try bis luck to reach original storting point nut later carpenter. at acting, and Is now traveling with his than Aug. ID For sneclflo rates und fulliln - Mrs. M J. Jordan Is very III at her mother. Ksle Claxlon. and pluytng a part foPmatlor. concerning "to'JCovers consult residence In Mt. .Vernon, N. Y, In "Tlio Two Orpbana." nearest ticket agout.