The New York Clipper (July 1903)

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436 THE NEV YORK CLIPPER.; July 4. THE N EW YOKE CL IPPER THE FRfcNK OUEENPUBUSHtNQCO. (Llmlt.d,) , PBOPBl*IORi. ALBEBT 3. BdBlfi, Editorial aud Bphihbbb Mamam*. SATURDAY, JULY 4, 1903. HATES. AdT«tli«mrtt»-»2.80 per inch, **••* UB Advertlaeinettta iet with border, lb *< cent..*!* MticnipVlo1l , Om jenMn advance/Hi all month* V. three months, *1. Foreign £•»*«** Single copied will be neat, poetp.ld, on re- ceipt or. 10 cent*. our Term* »»• Cm * h ' M . THB CUPfEtt I. Issued every W^ D "™» morning/ The la.t fouMadvert sing) page* GO TO PBESB on Saturday at " *•«••«" "he other pages on MONDAY and TUESDAY. The Forma Olo«|n« promptly, T»«- day, «t 10 ••clock A. M. Please remit by express, money order, check, P. O oX or registered letter. All cash en- closed with letter la at the W*""f* Address All Communications to THB NBW YORK CLIPPER, 47 West 28tll Street, New York. Registered Coble Addre«, "AuTUOBitr. '• THE WMTERl- *UI«AU ot th» cuppib la *»*L* , K0 ° m , r ;",t A.niuud Block, Chicago, Walter K. "ill. manager and correspondent, where adver- UKinratn and .ubscrlptlon. are received at our.regilarlatea.,; ,^£ J.JfllJi.i THE LONDON BUREAU Located at 48 Croobouru Bt, London, W. C, J PCoughlsu, manager and W rte*poua.«. where advertisements and aubscrlptlona aw received at our regular rates. . TH» Cl.lrl-H CAN BB ODTA1N10, WHOI* Balk and bbta.l, at our agents BrentanoiI news depot, 37 Avenue de I'Opera, Parle, See; V. L.lleuthn.Er edrlch Btras- 101 (Terminus Hotel , Berlin, N. W., tier- many; Diamond New. Co., Vt PraOo, Ho, »aua; Manila, Uook and Stationery Co., 128 Kacn.u. Manila, V. 1.; Albert & Son, 187- 139 King Bt., Sydney, Australia. TUB NEW *ORK CLIPPER poblle»a« only one' edition, aud that la dated from New Yorte. _i___ , QUERI ES ANSW ERED. No Replies liy »litll o r Telegraph. AhniiKSafcB on wiifcnKABouTB not oivbn. All in oukst i». ■BCll Biioui.i),wiirr« to TIIOHB WlUtkl TlfKt HKBK, IN CAM UP Tl II CI ll'PEl PoHT OTMC* AM. I.KTTBHHJ Witt UK AUVlilltlMHIl O.NH WBBK ONI.V. 1» Mil ItOuX W ANY TIIKATIUCAI, 001WUR IS HOUUHT. lIBrEM TO OUll LIBT OK II0UTK8 UN »Bwh«S 1M<IK. WB CANNOT B.ND 1I0UTKB BY MAIL OU TH UWIIAI'H. . DRAMATIC. . . M. F. MoN. Elmlra.~-We have no knowl- edge of the present wherenlmutH of I lie Piirly. Address a letter, In our .rare oml we will advertise It In Thk Cl.ll'l'Kli letter list. 14. II. T.. Mill.Ml, II. H„ llrooklyu, P. T., HI. Paul, ■ y ... Miss I,. P., Phi mont, ii. A. tl., TmiipKlii.vllle, '. P., Niagara Kails, A. J. n.. Chicago, K A. !.„■ Worcester, M. H. B... Boston, i ■• : \V. ,W. II., Charleston, . II. 11., C, Allegheny, ni|u ••lNi.«itMATUiN, T ' see uuswor to M. I'. M j!"e! it.. LlnwiioM — The Cohiptoroelor niid CompttiKtaiih (adding uini'liUM'S); ore Holil nt Il^t) llnmdway,, Now %m City. ■ 0. It., Clinton.—New York Sinmp nnl Steiioll Co., 100 Nassau Hlreet, New York ,T.*C. M., Hoehester.—Address MmlInkn & Co., 41>:i Mlxllt Avenue, New iork * ">'• . \V. It. S., West • Haven.—-Address M «• Seliener, l^tl Hoiilh Htroet, Phlliidelphln. Va. ■HiliiHT & HWKKr.-'-l, A New York bus- tles, dlteet.iry will funilsh you a st. -. Addrems .eeeretary of the Ariora tinion. « Union Kqimre, New York City. 9, Wo do not kU j* h") VSiYlHe.—<Wo huvc no means of ^"rsiV'V^f; Montgomery.—Address the NiHer- pi-lsv Music, Supply. Co., ,•»« West Tweuty- eluutti Street. Now York Oily, who can proh- M % "IVfpilwlu.KJ-WIMiout reoommetid- lnit iioy lu pnrlleulHr. Wo refer you to I'Vuiikllii Sargent, Umpire Theatre Ilulldlng, % a,'Oliph'iitit.-l. Yes. i!. Yes. a. The •""^Nxlotm-I Al the Knlekerl.o,.ker The- atre. 2. At the Onrrlek. :i. A Is right. 4. '"'jl'lc.! Charlton.—Address a paper devoted to voice culture. , ,, ... M. J., Cnrdnor.—Their vnluo would be rteteiinltieil by the olio who wished to pur- chase them. They have no (Uvd value. W. C. Minneapolis.—Watch our routo list eneli week. A|l(ftny _ Wa|t , h our v awlevlllo roulo list each week; or, addressi ■ letter to the party lu our cure, nml we will advertise It In TOR Ci.ilTKU letter Hat.. "CtiKTos."— t. We nut oiily answer yoti thai Ills published statomenls have been that lie will mil. at present, take out a com- pany. 3, See answer to M. I''. SluN. J. 8. I',, Plllsbi'ig.—Watch our routo list M, A. li.. New York.—The classification runs: Tragedy, iiielmlraiua. drhntn, roinedy drama, comedy, farce mid farce comedy. CM Micletv, riirnl, jomantlc or any other drnmu must belong to 'one of the above. The mu- sleal comedy Is what Hie Kreneli call n vaudeville. The musical elassllleatlon Is: (Hand opera and light, opera. Ilranehes of tlleso are the roiimiitlc ols'rn, I he comic opera, tbe extriiviiKaiisn and the hnrleslpie. W. D. W., IMroll. -Julius Calm, publisher of I'rthli's tlulile, Kmplro Theatre ltulldlhff, New York f.ty. BABH|iul(> J. F. Ii,. Itonloii.—A loses, as his team failed to nccoiaplUh that which be claimed " W "" UI •'"• CAU»«. E. E. H.. Hay City.—Whether the game Is private or uiieu, each player must show his entire hand to the board whenever n .■till Is made. II, |>,—According to your statement of the cose the winner ot the pool was entitled to the money. • .1. (I.. Waterhury.—It, Who needed but one ■mint, won with high. ,, , „ . ,1. W. II, , Hiiffolo.—Not having been called, the plaier Who opened the. pot wns not reijulred to show mure than openers. A. JI. V. Jr., Penn Yon.—Can not under- stand your query. Write again, and be more explicit. HllVti. ■ 8. A. C, Du Dols.—The reforeo of the flglit between Jim Corbett nod Peter Jack- son, In SnU'Kraiiclflco, stopped It, declaring It "no contest." , D. anIi A., Dawson.—Each bettor should be returned the money be wagered. When a light Is declared a draw all belH on the result of the contest are drawn also. MtsCELLANK'OUft-. 1'. McC, Pawtucket—B wins the bet. A. J. .11., ArgdH.—We have not Men any fltiidi announcement.. . ' .. - To CorreapOTidentM. ' Wtt. Rchafkr. —r<'ot doubting that you and others would like to see a good Rpecl- men of how* Stamina's problems huvc been ovet'hapled, we nreseut Enlg. 2,4^0, as It appears In "Lewis' Stainn'ui. 2d ed., 1810." Alexandre, "Utuutiet, '40,". gives Mr. Allen's version. We more than ever regret not buying Stamina's own work. ,. hlajL dg, KR7,KB.6.UR6, m, . 411141 I t ()B3. 8, (JKtst, 0.3 QUO, OKt4,l(U2, KZ. White to play nml mate In four moves. Lewis does not give the problem—possibly he found It faulty, as you did. Mr. Alleu presents the version found In Alexandre, No. 18, p. 20». W. A. Siiinkman. —From the numerous reproductions of your stupendous mil. In 240 moves, we bave seen no claim of a shorter solution; and as the lOuropeun masters have had ample time to demonstrate n flaw. If any eklsts, we will give the solution when you ore sattslled no Daw can be found. Iliio. Khiirny.— No. ft, "Special Herlen, Monte Carlo," with title, p., tin I v received, thank you. We ore bound to shy that your "Itevlcw of the Openings at M. 0." is the most complete and valuable ravume of the kind, with tbe lenst redundancy, we bavo ever seen. We Intend reproducing It If— well, you know how It Is uhout space your- self. H. 'L. Jieki'e, New Orleans.—Just tho friendly note we appreciate: walk right In, here's a new chair at our round table. L. D. UlioumiTON Jr., Sec. State Ch. Ass'n. —Thanks for timely and welcome notice. Our Statb Cit. Association. —We ore In- debted to the secretary for a card announc- ing the forthcoming Summer Oiltlug Tour- neys. These will be held at Hotel St. Charles, Sylvan lleacb, Oneida Lake, N. Y., Jm.v lid-'.Ti. Tin, chess features of the meet- ing will be: The 2d tourney for the Pro- fessor Itlce trophy, now held by tbe Brook- lyn II C.; the class tournaments. Involving possession of Farnsworth and Wright cups and other, and other events. We hope this year to sec the breadth and generosity of Professor Ulce's offer more generally ap- preciated and acted upon than was the rose lust year. There are always various social enjoyments connected with these outings. 'I'h Ik hotel Is nine miles from Oneida City, mid bus made n rate of $2,T>0'per day for will come en time—a proud record for the Jamaican Club. That warrants) us to cell the record "remarkable," (is things usually go. In addition to this, the personal score Is very remurkablc, aa see the standing of the leaders: J. J. Koblnson, won 10 'A to 5%, 2 to piny: C. P. Weeks, the same: V. V. Hoblnsou. 11 to 0. 1 to play; It. A. Breckin- ridge, lO'/j, to fl '/j, 1 to pla y. Solutions. OF PKOBLEM 2,411. BY 0. I.. OBLLINQ. In the position reached by 1.. B to Q Kt so. P to B 7: 2..B takes P, K to bis 8; Il'.Kt to Kt 0, K to Q 8!; there appears to be no mate, and the problem Is tberelore demolished. After 4..K to Q 3, P Queens check: r,..B takes Q. K to B 8; there re- mains a mate In 11.. thus: r,..BKilll KtoKt* I «..BtoKtS K to Kt s 1..Kt-B4+ K-R7 10..B-KS P-117 8..K-Q2 K-RH |lt..Kt-R3, mate. Enigma 2,421 has received so mnny pralsM that we wish our.solvers to show that tbey have enjoyed It. Problem 2,421.-4..K to It 4, K to his !l (a) : 2..K to Q 8 check, K takes B (b) ; :i.. Q mates. (u) Black con do a number of other thing), but a pretty mate awaits him. (b) If 2.. K else: :i..Q still mates. Development ot Chess Problem., Continued from JI. C. it. BY .1. W. ALLEN. *Two other examples of a, class of Prob- lems, fashionable In tbe £0's and early .'to's, are also glveti. It Is clear that such prob- lems must have strongly suggested the de- sirability of freeing the direct mate from I he trammels, of plausibility." ENIGMA NO. 2,42,-i. an wit. lewis (1827). * E H IS t t 5 KRsi|, KB»,KKI8,KB7,i 2, KKt'2, K2. i I 4 i i i hlsRl, KKI2, 3, 4, 6, anil8. White mates with B, or It. P tu 0 moves. FNICMA EXTRA. .by nn. c. p, xocn (18:14). * « I I ft glt7,.KKisi|, (Jll.t, OB3, UK.V1. * I i I 4 I I QR2,' 3, 4, iiikUi,QB3, 4, amir,. White mates with P In 13 moves. "In the ri'Klnii of direct mntes Memlhelin made hut little nilvouce on the nrohlem uf Siiimniii ; but the advance he loaile was ini- portaul, lieranse lu the right direction. He sought for a higher degree of brilliancy and complexity than had characterized the Slum- ma problem, lie loved to sacrifice almost all Ills pieces and mate with n scant re- mainder. He delighted In curious driving play. In forcing the Black K along a front ot his own Pawns or driving him in a sort of circuit, as lu the (Problem below). He sought, moreover, for singular mating po- sitions. Stamina made nothing of the male itself; Menilhe I in wished the mate to be as surprising as the. process by which It was readied. Pure and economical mutes nre News of tlie dame. The siimes In. the late match, for, the. woTld% 8 champlon S hip. between,, U. ■ Jordan and H Freedmnn, will be pubUibed klmul- ?"neously l ™ The 'Falkirk mml MMW Mercury Mr. Knight, of Albany, «. V was recently a victor to Springfield, Mis. A match of couelderoble .local Inter- cit Is w># going on between John Steele and Wiuiam fclchW nt tie offlce of H. M. Smith. .117 Main St., SprlngUeld..... ,0nr. lonir time local .expert, Jaa. McKnfce, has gone to Providence, It. L. with tho expec- thtlon to sttty there permanently. Dr. Sehaefer, In commenting on the trip, bovs that Jim will prove quite nu addition to the ploying strengfh of the town,^ond should, mnke the Rhode Island champion. Mr. Shef- field, hustle to retalu Ills laurels.... ..Dr. Sehaefer has given up the gSqJwofJjntn. pionshlp by default; In regards tliereto he savs: K As The XotUuahamiMre Quardlan stiites that Ferrle Is the champion, and that n precedent was established when the late Yates resigned the worlds championship and Wyllle was tacitly accorded the title. We waded through The Turf, Fie Id and Farm for 1870, Tf and '78 and find that Wyllle clnltned the title by default after be had l»eu defeated. But the mass of vituperation we were compelled to peruse In search of facts has been suiBcleat for us to be satis- tied to let matters take their own course. A team match Is on tap between Paterae*, N. J., and the N. Y. players In the near future. Solution ot Position No., 17, Vol. til. BY S. DE LIMA, FOOT WORTH, TKX. Ill«ck 12 10 20 K 1 White 14 ; 24 27 K 22 White to play nnd win. . no 17 15 !• C 5 1 24 II) 10 10 7 51 22 20 0 1 17 13 5 1 0 9 10 14 10 « 1 « 10 1 B 20 31 1 5 II o in o is o i io n 1 5 10 14 r. 1 27 23 •■ » n H r, 1 1ft 17 20 27 in U ft l 7 2 1 D ill 24 10 20 14 W 11 17 22 10 » 18 White wins. Itlimlla neons. . NOTB8 FROM THB WILLIAM TowlilH^Z We opened on May 2, and business lias b^ good ever since. The high excellence "fTg perfonnnrice a,(d the flCow's equlpi„wV|, making n laatlug lmpresslou at every stand The .flow wll tour the South next Fall UU( i W titer, making an unusually long "'JSP Tlie rosteA'.lB: William Todt, Mrs wiiin Todt, Cliaa. York aud wife,' Lawreuce u i.uuii ,.*iuo. iuik uuu wiie, LAwreiii'i. i« Vaughn, O. W. Deltlno and wife ii nr ,* Rose. Anthony Bruxll, Cube M\vlm\Hi'J Huhnlh, Win. (Jasklll and Frank "ieuiy Tlie Rice Tho exciting battle over tho supremacy of Attack or Defence In this gambit goe. merrily tin. From all we are able to gather from public reudlng aud private correspond- ence., we should say the preponderance of opinion leans to the Defence. The Immense popularity of the proposition to Investigate this during gambit .practically Is shown by the greut Isxly of entrants In tho Plllsbury t'orres. CI). Abho'ji Tourney to promte this Imjiilry; but when it comra to solid, convinc- ing weight ot opinion great deference must lie paid to the outcome of the substantial test being It In the Manhattan ft ('., iieeause ut the carerui work expended on the ipiestluu by a body ot masters of .such etpinl aud lilgh skill, tip to our lust Informa- tion i lie score was a tie at six each, with no drawn games.' "Aud this, despite the fact." says Tin- Fault, "that tho Defence udoiited femirnlly as the most etllclent move, 10., ' to 11 II, on eivcli occeaslon." This fiirnlslies a rather remarkable com- mentary on oiiu of ISco. Ouuslierg's recent titiernucim. "The advance of these l'uwus by I he Defence seldom effects much good In . thin (It's), or any other gambit." At present this appears to be a cardinal point In ilil« Defence, nu In the Mlddlelon (J, (i., whence It probably caught tho Inspiration. See oue of tho newest games. (Ploy the.8 forming moves.) Roellilng. I'hiiiipH. is! 1H..P-UU Kt-'ott jo..i'-Kt j 1'Kn •21.. K II borne p.ain 22. ,U H-liome Kt-K 4 '-';!..!! V.I-1 KI.-OII I W..K HXKt HX 11, anil Itoethlng. Phillips, 0..KtoKsq OloK.2 10,,I'-BS P-B0 II. P-K Kt 3 u llrU 4 Kt-K 6 X Kt U II X R 14.0 1'XH SX^I' 1A..U-B4 0-ltJ in.. Kt h:i Castles ia..i'-04 in.. K K .7..(I to bee 4 KtoKsil 8..K-U2 P-QB3 WHITE. White to piny and mate In ten moves. tiiiiiH' No. '2,'i'iH. Played In our "Couuter-Oauihlt Tourney," between E. W, Llbatre and Dr. Carroll Chase. LEWIS COUNTER. White resigns Directly after this vl< tory Mr. I'bllllps, playing tbe Attack, tie- teateil Major lluuhom. The Vtciiiin < . The London Timft gives the following table ot result. 111 tills most chess like of tourneys. OtuoMt*. j\o.Wii.l»:lMfiitmlilln, lfa.Wu.Or.lKl Bishop's... 35 14 0 18 MORlO 5 1 U 4 KKt>.....31 IS 7 10 Kles'ky.... 6 3 12 Aiiguier... 11 0 3 n Isalvin 1 o ti l iilvine n totnl of games plnyed, 00; won, .'lit: drawn. 20 ; lost at). Now, "on tho face of the return.," that's a .'lone call to eipialltv ; the Rlnhup's and K Kt's vindicating the status ot Gambits to the entire satisfaction of the lovers of the tieiinilfiil nnd anterprlsliig. In chess. The other Oninblts fared badly, notably tho dash- ing and always entertaining Allgaler, But there Is one line of observation which no one seems to hnvo token into account. There nre two kinds of gambit.—direct nnd counter: nnd why are not the latter a. worthy of being, tubulated and having their results shown its the former) A really cor- rect estimate of the whole question In Its bearing on actual play ran never be arrived at till this Is done. The present Imperfect nomenclature of tho openings will always leave the results befogged. Ono writer has complained of nt least two ot tho Counter tlutiihlts "violating, lu spirit, at least, the VleliUa Club's proposition.' We don't see It. All that was stipulated wan that the two opening moves wero to be 1..P to K 4. sumn:.2..P to K R 4, K P lakes P. After thin "the field In nil before them .what lo choose." Now. If the Defence, entering Into the spirit of the fray, chooses to offer a C.-O.. who shall say lilin nay? Per- haps that writer would like to have the 2d player compelled by role to adopt some ot the .humdrum, exploded defence, de- nounced by bluff lleo. W'nlker, nnd so give himself, bound hand and foot, over to the Attack. . If we ever get a full .core ot all the game. In this iQtiruey. we will -Include the C.-O.'s In the tabulation, utid see what share they had In the Until result. White, l.iblllre. l.PtuKI ■1..K 8-114 3..r oiiu 4..KBX P f,..0-R4-|- I1..BXBP4- 7..Q-B4 + H..t)VKll ti..q K3 10..KKI-B.1 Black, Dr. Chase. I'K.KI KB-B4 KKt-B3 Mi Si KXB it B-K 3 l) Kt-Q '2 ll-Ksi, 0 lt-K I !• ll..Kt-his5+K-Klsq 12,.P-Qa 13..P-KR3 U..P-KKt4 15..KIXB 18.. Castles l'-KR3 B-R4 B-Bl KXKt P-K Kt 4 While, Black, , LlUulre. Dr. Chase. (7..KMOQ2 P-qB4 KKI XI' KR2 18..0-K21 tu.Kt (,K4 20..P-K R4 'JI..K -Its,, n..K II Ktsi| 23.. P-K B 4 •J4..0.IIXP 2B..OI'xKt au..P-K6-f U7..KI-OS 'Jn..Kt-BC-f- K-honio 2Q..U-KBB R-Qs(| 3u..Kt-qe-f K-hiM'i 31..B-KI 6 4, and male "in about seven moves." P-ll Kt I w KtP OK Kl'VP KtVKP Kit 8* K-hlH2 O-Rsq K-hor The Fiiini Unttle In the senior division of K'i nnd league chninplolisblp tourney, Helms vs. II. C. Sftlbvcr Jr.: Q'8 GAMBIT EVADED. lUr..llelms. Mr. Selover.l Mr. Helms. Mr. sciovcr, Q'b Ch. Heruiaiiii to' be found In his problems, but only occl- ehess visitors. Addrem L. D. Broughtou Jr., dejotully. He did not aim at producing sin li ■ v i' "' ' '* 18 ^'a"'" 0 " •"•■ "rook- mates, he alined simply at the uncommon: I vm, N. i. „„,[ | D order to nttatu bis ends be mude a partial sacrifice ot plausibility. He made It. ' ,,:, tentatively and timidly,, aud therefore Incompletely—olten taking trouble to equal- ize forces even In a very implausible posi- tion—but he took a step In the right direc- tion. This position Is typical ot Ills work," PKOBLEM NO. 2,425. • - BY JULIUS MENl.llltlM. BLACK. 1. .1*1004 ■J..T-Q 114 3.1) Kl 113 4..0lI-KtD f..,h.Kt-ii3 11.. P-K 3 7..0R-llsq H..K 11-0 3 0..l|B-B4 HI,. Hustles 11..KI-K6 U..O-K2 13..K R 0 s(| 14..P-KK3 l•,..(( li II j 1H..KUX Kt I7..IJ.K14 18.. 0-K'i 1D..K R-lisq •J0..P-B.I 1I..KRX 1* •it..O R-B»i| 28..0HX II «..l'-l(5 k J8..P-KKt1 »8..0-Kt.S ll.l'-Kkt •M..P-R5 . r io o I P-K 3 K Kt 113 11 K 3 OJCUQI lliutles P-B3 Kt-K sq l'-K II4 0 Kt II 3 K Kt-t( 3 11-1(3 11 -K aq. l'Kt-K4 K Kl-K I II P X II K II -II 4 lt-K II si! Kt-113 K p x r x 11-0 3 BxKl ll-KI 3 K R-B a O-KS lt-0 sq K-14-i II-(0,0 . -.1)..I J loKl5 30,.1'X Kt 3I..PX0 32..KXB 83..RXR 34..K-B3 its., 11 ati..ii-H(i! 87..K-B4 ■W..ll-Ktf. 30..KXHP 40..K-K.H 41..Kt-K 3 43 . Kt-K I hi, 43..P-KI1 44..KI-R3 4fi..K-Kt3 IU..KX P is 47..K-U3 4B..BtXR 49. l'-K 4 50..KXP 51..P-0 8 62..KXP 03.. |'-Kt & 54.. I'-II 0 U..PX P, u«. .1- «. » t ">*^ sploudlil UltUe U-JUJIi BXK ■go KK-B4 KPXR P-K Kt 3 P-KI4 P-Kt 5 -l R-K3 KB I P-fttl n-It3 P-Kt 7 K-lll. 3 m lt-K Kt K 1)4 RXII KXKt I'Xl'H- KX,P K-kti l'-K 114 PXP I and win. a Q.'s Co,, T„ I., Tot'tiMET.—A remnrknhle Dnish Is on here. Of the 00 gntnes on the ucbeduio all but u arc plujed, nild they To <ir*nd HMfilds IHrect. Through car iiy the New Yhrk Central and Mlcblanu Celilrnl leaves New York dally at 4 i*. tt. for Detroit aud Grand Rapids.—Adr. New Orleans.—West End (Jas. Corco- ran, manager).—The iisnol big business was dime at. this lake resort week of June 21, when Venule's. Concert Baud pleased, as did Win. Reed and bis vltograph. Young nnd Devole, soft shoe dancers, scored big' for their second week, while Hanlun and Singer, 1 lie new attraction, nre proving big' favorites Willi their splendid Hying ring net, and will bold over week 28. tieorge Austin Moore will be the new offering. A'rm.trfic. PiUK (EiT. F. Scomons, mana- ger).—While business continues good at this betuitlfu) Sulhniet' park, still Managers Seninous & Mitchell nre determined to glvo the lovers of opera.still better attractions In tho shape of operas for which large royalties nre demanded. Manager, Muchotte lins returned from New York, where be com- pleted iirrniigemeuts with Wltmnrk & Sous, oh well as A. W. Tmns & Co., to furnish whatever operas the Crescent City patrons demanded, also clorlng a contract with Eunice i .11 rite Drake, late uf the UontunbiiiH and Anna Weld's Co, She will inuke her nppeur- iiuce week of 28. Another new member Is tlie concert singer. Curl Haydn, who will slug tenor roles, He replaces E. L. Weston, while Miss Drake will nlterniile with Lottie Kendall. The bill for week of 21 wag "lilrolle (llrotl'i," and pleased large audi- ences. "Isle ot Chnmpague" will be the bill for week of 28, and an elaborate pro- duction, with new costumes, etc., la promised by the management. ., Notes. —Unas. E, Davles hah returned to the city.... ..Joe llerhnrd left week 21 for Fort Worth, Tex., nnd will llalsb the Sum- mer season with .the Fort Worth Stock Co. Morris Marks, treasurer of the Grand Opera House, l.s summering nt Bhy St. Louis. Gus Weuar, the St. Cluules Orpheiim's treasurer, Is now filling a similar position with the New Orleans llnscbnll Club, Gus also travels around tin; circuit with the Pelicans. Notes, iiiom tiir Wizard Merry Makers. —Wo nre In our tenth week and have not had.a losing night or n losing town since starting our. We hnrc hud seven bad storms, but our water proof top has with- stood the storlns. Our rnBter Is: Colonel L. C. Hnviscr, proprietor and manager; Ross Kellar. comedian : M. A. Acker, lec- turer; Vic. Havlser, prestidigitator and card expert: Mart Acker, musical, fancy ride and pbitol shooting, add the Havlser Bros., com- edians, singers and dalicers. The company Is featuring tbe play, "Killing the inhe- rent," In which Mart Acker does some dlltleult rifle and plslol shooting, assisted fit the Havlser Bros. The Moblielm Sister. Joined nt Oil City. From our "ad." In Thk t'bii'MiK We have gotten together a first class company, Kknnkiit ash IlATtw hnvo ployed Spring Lhke Park, Trenton, N. J., ami were at Kernan's Lyceum Theatre, Washington, D. C, mat week, with Hie Lyceum Theatre. Philadelphia, in follow. They are booked for six weeks lu parki, Chas. Stewart lla. charge ot tbe canvas with Ave assistants. The entire months 73 July nnd August we will show along the sen shore. , ' Notes FROjt the ' Crescent Stock— flu lluauclal cyclone which has been our lili-hiJ visitor since our opening, live weeks " Ku suddenly did a lightning change uct ,., Keene,N..H., June 12, and became a' fully «e veloped understudy for his cyclonic utahini of destructive fame. Kecpe, like every ,W„ stand we have played this season, wusidrlua us royal welcome, and the canvas theairS wis thoroughly packed nightly with pleased auditors. Friday (unlucky Friday) tuuriiln. rain and wind were our early visitors, sn r denly, about three o'clock In the ufternouu the.wind became a cyclone, and the deatru,! Hon ot the big wbltu top wus lerrlH,. Nothing was left hut a bunch of cimvaa rags and rlbl-ona hanging to tbe roue, With characteristic energy Mauager Kaitletai kept tbe wire hot after auotber cmivus mitflt, ond without losing a perfoniHioS (for we played lij tbe Keene Opera House three shows, add two lu tbe Ctan-mant Opera House), we opened under our uew 1 liiivos theatre four days after losing the old one. Business has been capacity ut Clare iiiont. and Buslneas Manager Devlae prouilses ub the banner buBlueBB of the seasou | u Lebanon, N. IL, this.week. Jkhb Uraniio.n, who has been contraction nge,nt. with the RoHar & Mason Co. all seu- siTrt, closed with the company at Keokuk la niid returned to bis home at Benrdstowii! HI., for the Summer. The company i n ,j a successful season Had closed June 11 Lester and Mack writer "We ore in onr seventh week with the Whitney ttuillj shows and Ore making a success, adding new tricks (md features every week, also Introduce our kneeling forwnrd somersault's We have yet fourteen, weeks with this show'' •Moral prow Tuttle's Olympic Snow — We are touring West Virginia. At Kiiig- wood not one half the people could get lu ilic tent. We were there for two days mntlnee and ulght. We llml people of West Virginia very liberal, and Intend staying in West Virginia for two months. However Howard and Eurl huvc Jollied. The fni' lowing people nre now with the sbow: A, !•', Tutlle,, Mrs. A. K. Tuttle, Jessie Troy, contortionist and trained dogs; Stewart Bros., triple bars, traps and rings; I'robiism, comedy tramp, juggler; Charles lluebiier, comedian and dancer; Howard ami Karl, citiTylng perch, wire aud sketch. J. l>. Moore, violinist; E. P. Cnlrell, organist ; K, S., George, cornettlst; Geo. Hhyriick, ehiiudr- Iter man ; Butler, boss canvas mini, with three usslstants; Johnnie Nell, props; "Wbllle" Cook, Kred Leonard, Imiss hosller. The show is doing a big business, and every- thing runs very smoothly. Notes from the East Inihan Remedy Co.—The big drought of Oftyejglit days in Northern Vermont Is broken, and 11 delugii of ruin bos fallen for Ibe lust fourteen days lu a steady sfrcrim, without a ray of sua. shine to relieve it. But lu spite of Die mia we are doing a good business. We booked Into Hubbard!own, Vt., eight miles off Hie railroad, und went by team. On our urrlvul we were astounded to llml that Iluhlainl town contained but a country store aud |Hist oUlce. and the storekeeper's, residence. On Monday night we bad the hall half full (it seats three hundred und titty), und Ibe rest of the week we pluycd to tbe cupiicily of Hie ball, with not even ataudlag room. Wn wero at a loss to (hid where tbe people camo from, but found they wore all Summer board- ers from New York nnd vicinity, and onr live ci.iri'Kiis, which nre sent to us from a newsdealer In Bustou, went tbu rounds of the city folks, after we read them, iu ex- change for the dally New York papers. Everybody Is happy with the show, uii kicking and nothlug to kick about. We nlay Salisbury, Vt., -lone a2-27. Every- 1 Isxly sends regards to the only "Showman's Bible," tbe good old CLlI'l'KIl. N'OTRH I'ROM IlAltBY DH EoIIEST'S NEW Show.— We met with our llrst bud night on Suturday, Juno 20. Tho show was by Hie side ot u river. It rained so hard we sturted to get wagons ready for a quick move. No trouble came until live o'clock Sunduy mora- lng\ when we were In four feet of water. We started people out of sleeping tents for places ot safety. Wuter today (Bunduv) Is six feet high. We have all mir trunks aud clothes safe, also dug's aud monkeys, but we can not get to our repts, and seats are eulug down with I he rushing w.iter. We will try to show In bulls next week, but It will be ut a big loss for HUb little fhow. T|il. Is our llml losing stand. Salaries have beeu paid In full to time. 'Mr. and Mrn. Ten Uvea's double danc- ing was a success here. We get our nam every week. WtTTi.Kii Snow Notes. —We are touring New Hampshire and Vermont, tiuder can- vns. ■ Have Wet with nil kinds of ruin storms, and huve not rolled up a dry ciinviis In three weekB. Business is good, aud wn await Thk Oli> Rkj.iaiilk every week. Ros- ter: M. Y. Wittier, manager; tbe Mee/.o B00I111. 'Troupe ot Hindoo magicians and con- jurors, Wlttlor's Vaudeville Circus, the Tee Troupe of acrobnls, the Botlys, aerlullsts; Pooslt'kncM and Wittier, bur teum; Hie Up|i- ley Sisters, wire act. Concert: M. Baus- giinie, secret cabinet; Lute Rumvllle, come- illiin: Iluck KgglCBton, Hinging clown, and the (iiibers, juggler.. Ciiandall Snow NoTHS.—We are doing a big business, despite tbe contluiied rainy weather, and press nnd public nceord us Hie praise of being one of tbe best vniidevlllo shows under canvas. Ered Berlow, Ohnni and Wntton, and Tom McAvoy, with his high diving dog, Patsy, nre the latest ar- rivals. We nre playing the principal Sum- mer resorts in the Adirondack Mountains. The roster: Milt 3. Crondall, nolo pro- nrletor nnd owner; Mrs. Ella Crundall, Baby Loin Crnndall, J ere Kennedy, business mou- Jger: Harry Roberts, stage manager: Tom McAvoy, amusement director; O'llara and WntBou Tessle, McAvoy, Ered Berlow, Crnn- dall and Crnndall, and Eriink Bosworlh. Mexico ha. charge of the canvas, with four nsslstunts. Notes prom CApr. Stbwabt'b Bio Snow, !l,', 1 . 0l '„ t,le management ot John Shoot.— Ihls, tho "Bnrnum" of nil Bmall shows, has been out tbtoe weeks. We are In the oil fields of Indiana nnd doing flnelv. Our big tpp Is 00x00, our cook tent 20x40. We have six lengths of eight tier blue seats, six lengths of seven tier folding back and foot rest seats, and a 10x10ft. elevated stage. We carry twenty people all told. Copt. Stewart is at his home, Fort Wayue, Intl., fitting out a No 2 show for fairs. .It will be one of the largest and best equipped vhudevlllo shows .tlmt ever ployed fairs. Ills tent will be 50x80, cook tent. 20x30: tire..tog tent, 20x110, arid will carry eight lengths of eight tier seats. He will carry about llftcen people, mole nnd female, and give both.stago and circus acts. Mr. Stew- art has got some of the largest and .best fa rs booked, 11 ml a. be I. one of tlie ablest fair groupd showmen In the country he khows ..where oil the good fulrs are. He will open ,the lost.week. In July, and pluy Hie Northern fulh until Oct. 18, then go South for the Southern'fairs.